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Right Angles
By Ann


Closing her briefcase, Tracey walked from the courtroom with her head held high despite the loss she'd just suffered. This one was a little easier to take since she'd never truly thought she'd win against the insurmountable odds; however, as usual, she'd given it her best effort.

Kelly, on the other hand, believed her boss would somehow pull the rabbit out of her hat like she'd done on so many other occasions, and the assistant was devastated at the loss. She slowly gathered her things and bided her time returning to the office.

Thirty minutes later, Kelly practically shuffled her feet as she walked into the room with her head slung low, and Tracey watched the young ADA as the blonde moved to the couch and sunk into the soft leather. Sighing, the brunette turned and opened the cabinet behind her desk.

Pouring a couple of snifters of brandy, she detoured towards the door to softly close it before joining her assistant on the sofa. Tracey extended her hand forward, making it a point to hold the glass in the blonde's peripheral vision and, soon, Kelly looked up and accepted the offered drink.

"Kelly, don't take this one so hard. We never really stood a chance," Tracey offered, leaning back against the couch and sipping her drink.

"I just don't understand how some days we can have a slam dunk case, and other days we can barely get our foot in the door," Kelly complained as she kicked off her shoes and made herself comfortable.

"It's kind of like geometry when you think about it," Tracey replied, totally confusing the blonde even more with her attempt at an analogy.

Groaning, Kelly said, "I hated geometry. Please don't tell me practicing law is an application of geometry. I was the one who always asked, 'when are we ever going to use this stuff?' I bet Mrs. Anderson is rolling in her grave laughing."

"Mrs. Anderson?"

"Yeah, she was my geometry teacher. Poor thing never understood why I couldn't catch on. I was a straight A student in algebra, but I just couldn't grasp the geometry aspect. I guess I'm just spatially impaired," Kelly explained, turning and placing her glass on the nearby table before she stretched out on the couch and laid her head in her lover's lap.

"Well, you do know that geometry is the study of properties and measurements, not to mention the relationship of points, lines, angles, and figures. We deal with points of law, lines of questioning, figures of speech, and we're always discussing what angle we're going to take with a case," Tracey replied, smiling at the frown forming on her lover's face.

"I don't think I like your reasoning skills today, Tracey."

Chuckling, Tracey elaborated, "Well, just think about triangles for a minute. There's the scalene where no sides are equal, sort of like when the judge is pitted against us and the defense. We've got the isosceles where two sides are equal; I guess that would be when the judge has ruled in our favor. And, the very rare equilateral triangle where all sides are equal. To be quite honest, I don't think I've ever experienced that triangle."

"Oh, you're a real riot, hon. I do think I see where you're going with this though. I do remember the angle classifications. Let's see, an acute angle could be the sharp point you make during your closing arguments, and an obtuse angle could be, um, . . . Branch!"

Running her fingers through the blonde locks, Tracey laughed and replied, "See, you do understand geometry. In fact, I think you've come full circle and speak volumes with your analogies."

Smiling, Kelly agreed, "Maybe I do know more than I thought, but I also remember hating proofs. I'm so glad I don't have to deal with them anymore."

Placing her glass beside her lover's, Tracey leaned down and lightly kissed the blonde, and lifting her head, she said, "Ah, but you have to deal with proofs all the time, love. Remember the burden of proof always lies with us."

Kelly reached up and pulled the brunette back towards her, whispering, "Let's forget about geometry, Tracey. Let's do something else that'll have Mrs. Anderson rolling in her grave. Why don't you just shut up and kiss me?"

Taking the right angle to the offered lips, Tracey gladly gave up her math lesson for a much more enjoyable activity.

The End

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