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Runaway Bride
By Demeter


"Lindsay Boxer, I hate you!"

Jill hastily stepped aside to avoid the vodka bottle flung her way. Her luck that the aim of a drunk and depressed Cindy was way off, and the object crashed into the flull-length mirror instead, shattering it. Jill mentally calculated the costs. Oh well. A lot more was broken than that, and for the moment, she was just glad to have found Cindy before she could do more damage – mostly to herself.

It had been four hours since Cindy had made a spectacular run for it from her own wedding that rivaled every movie. Unfortunately, there was no movie ending in sight as the - kind of – responsible person seemed to have fallen off the face of the earth also.

"I'm so sorry." She moved forward to embrace her, and Cindy pressed her tear-streaked face into Jill's shoulder, crying harder. If they were ever to leave this room, she'd have to make Claire get clothes for both of them. "You're going to be okay."

"I'm never going to be okay!" Cindy claimed with drunk conviction. "I love her so, so much." With her words still muffled against Jill's chest as Cindy clutched her tight, she was blessedly unaware at Jill's jaw literally dropping with the confession.

Not that it was just a big surprise, but Jill had never thought it would be spoken out loud, especially not on Cindy's wedding day.

"She kissed me," Cindy whispered, like an afterthought. Jill rolled her eyes, which was more meant for her current AWOL friend. Of course. Trust Lindsay to choose the worst possible timing. She really had to find her and have a word with her – after she'd manaed to get Cindy to sober up just a little. From the vodka anyway; there wasn't much Jill could do about the rest.

The door opened again, and over Cindy's shoulder, Jill gave a smile to a relieved Claire.

"You found her. Sweetie, what's going on?"

"Let's find Lindsay next," Jill said grimly. "I'm sure she can explain most of it."

Claire didn't look surprised at all.

The End

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