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By allie


Slowly licking the mint flavoured ice-cream from her partner’s upper lip she deliberately teased until the blonde gasped in surprise at the sudden entry into her mouth.

She trailed her tongue around the mint flavoured pearly white teeth and tasted every inch of her lover’s mouth devouring every succulent inch of her.

Trembling with unbridled passion she trailed her hands across the abundant breasts beneath her and hissed in surprise as her partner grasped her buttocks firmly and pulled her more intimately into her grasp.

The Klingon in her threatened to rise to the surface with a barely suppressed growl as she tried to rein in her lust; the overwhelming need to claim this woman was driving her crazy.

Shoving gently with her left hand she found the sweet spot of Seven’s pulse and bit gently. Hearing the sudden hammering of her heartbeat and the increase in her breathing B’Elanna shifted slightly until her thigh was pinned neatly between the other woman’s legs.

Soft, warm heat enveloped her thigh. It was warmer than her own skin which was a testament to just how hot she’d managed to make her partner. It was after all a well known fact that Klingon’s had a higher basal temperature than humans, even ex-drone humans.

Kissing her way up the leonine neck she savoured the silky flesh she found until she reached the classically shaped jaw line. Placing a tender kiss on the gently protruding bone she growled. “You better be serious about this because I really don’t want to regret this in the morning.”

“I have never been more serious about anything in my life.” Seven whimpered. “Make me yours!”

“Mine!” The growl exploded from her throat with the impact of a photon torpedo at maximum velocity as she sunk her teeth into the tender flesh of her love. “JiH’Oh.”

The low growl Seven emitted mirrored B’Elanna’s own passionate cry as she responded in the traditional manner. “Soh’Ho.”

Gasping in surprise at the sudden tears attempting to escape Seven realised that she had everything she had ever looked for in her life right there in her arms.

She had someone, whom, everyone, else, tempted...


The End

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