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By Demeter


"What is this music?" Lindsay asked curiously, as her mind wavered between the demands of pleasure and the sensual feast Cindy had prepared for them; scented candles, silk sheets, music, and a certain kind of drum beat that sounded Native American.

Her knees were weak already and they hadn't even made it to bed.

Cindy smiled up at her, her fingertips dancing just below the waistband of Lindsay's slacks, teasing.

It had been a court day today. After arresting a man who held a gun to his ex-wife's head, that is. In a good moment, Lindsay would shrug it off, but she couldn't deny that long workdays and extreme violence would leave their traces. Somewhere. For both of them.

And Cindy, with her vast knowledge and surprising superstition, found solutions that Lindsay would have laughed at a couple of years ago, but would open herself up to these days, if only on days like this.

"It's earth drums," Cindy whispered, her hands finally sneaking lower, beneath the fabric. She smiled at Lindsay's blissful gasp. Fingers exerting soft pressure. "They're special ones. Sacred."

"Sounds like it's kind of blasphemous to use them for this... purpose."

"Well, sexuality is sacred to many cultures. And imagine that, many shamans exhibit what is called a two-spirit identity, which means they assume the clothes or the role of the opposite gender. Sometimes, same-sex relationships. For example the Chukchi, Arapaho, Cheyenne..." Cindy didn't miss a beat in her narrative, as her fingers were busy as well.

"That's very... interesting." At this moment, her hold on Cindy's waist was the only thing keeping her up.

"I could introduce you to the gay shamanic community of San Francisco," Cindy said. "Bet you never knew such a thing even existed, did you?"

"I like learning from you."

Bit by bit, they made it out of their clothes, their bodies naturally falling into the sensual, hypnotic rhythm of the music. She wasn't drifting, Lindsay realized, just focusing a whole lot more on every single sensation, the warm skin under her hands, the soft moans, the slide of their bodies against one another. As she felt Cindy's breathing catch, she pulled her closer into the shelter of her arms as she trembled and then shook, finally slumping into Lindsay's embrace.

"I guess," Cindy managed after a while, "we learn from each other."

Lindsay kissed her softly as the music began to swell again, and Cindy gave her a smile that was promising the world to her. Sacred, Lindsay thought, it kind of fits anyway.

The End

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