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The Safest Place
By Angie


OK, so I'm in the secret lair of a super-villain. This in itself wouldn't be overly strange. I've been on plenty of assignments that have resulted in me ending up in similar situations. However, I can categorically state that this is the first time I have ever found myself lying in bed with the aforementioned super-villain listening to her snore gently. And for some reason, I have never felt safer or more at home in my entire life.

My overriding memory of meeting her is one of complete confusion. Up close she is alarmingly attractive. And really quite terrifying. And I remember being confused that this combination should arouse certain…feelings in me. So much so that I could barely remember the Miranda rights. And then we started talking, mortifyingly, about my thesis and how it was all about her. I don't remember all that much about the conversation. Just the strange, empty feeling that came over me when she disappeared.

I watch her sleeping and my heart quickens. It should be in fear but it isn't. It's just her. She is so incredibly beautiful. Shadows play over the sharp planes of her face as a cloud covers the moon outside and for the thousandth time since I came here, I wonder why. Why did she come after me? Why did I come with her? Why am I still here?

I'm still here because I want to be with her. It feels so right to be with her. Even though it's so, so wrong. We're on opposite sides of the law. She's one of the most wanted people in America and I'm the poster child for the forces of good. Those same forces of good are most likely searching for me right now. Of course they are, I've been kidnapped by the infamous Lucy Diamond. Little do they know that it was less of a kidnapping and more of a voluntary thing.

I kissed her. This was surprising, both for me and for her. And I knew after that first kiss there was no way I could let her leave without taking me with her. Which was fine because she seemed quite keen on the idea anyway. I felt the spray-painted message was slightly unnecessary. They probably would have figured it out without seeing 'I have the girl' in foot high red letters on the wall. They are trained spies after all. But Lucy seemed to like it.

I must say, my first experience of kidnapping has been great. Nice digs, good food. Doesn't hurt that the kidnapper is a pretty good kisser either. That was facetious. I shouldn't joke about things like kidnappings. And it does really worry me to think that people are worried about me. Especially Max. I'm sure she's blaming herself for letting me get taken and here I am, living the high-life with my new girlfriend.

Well, isn't that a phrase I never thought I'd be applying to myself. 'My new girlfriend'. How strange. But I don't think I could call her anything other than that after the week we've spent together. Who would've thought the world's foremost villainess would be such a goofy, romantic cornball? Not me, that's for sure. But all week we've done goofy, romantic stuff, and I've loved every minute.

The best moment of the week for me would have to be when we watched the sun set together. We'd driven out to a point overlooking the city. She sat up on the hood of the car and pulled me back against her, her arms wrapped securely around my waist, legs dangling by my sides. She leaned her chin on my shoulder. It was just so perfect. And I knew then that I loved her.

Lying here with her now I am suddenly afraid. Six days I've been here. It can't last much longer. The DEBS will find me and I'll have to leave, go back to them, pretend I've been kept in captivity for days by a cruel and devious woman. I sweep some dark hair out of her eyes and she moves closer to me, draping an arm over my hip and burrowing her face into my shoulder. I bring my arms up around her and hold her tightly, savouring the feel of her against me, and the feeling of security it brings me.

She keeps asking me why I can't stay with her, why I have to go back. Sometimes I give her the standard answer: I was selected to be a DEB, I'm good at it, I believe in what I do. And sometimes, mostly when I'm looking into her big, soulful eyes, I can't think of a single reason in the world that would make me not want to be with her. I swing wildly between the need to fulfill my 'duty' in life and the desire to run away from it all with Lucy in tow. I need to decide. I shouldn't really be stringing her along like this if I intend to go back to being a DEB, which will entail me hunting her down. I need to decide.

But not tonight. Tonight I just want to lie here and look at her, and remember that sunset we shared.

The End

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