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By giantessmess


Lou crossed her arms and waited. A prisoner crossed her path, going for her garden stroll. She didn't look up to see who it was.

'How's it going Miss?'

Lou nodded hello, but didn't make a sound. She might have been too late.

'Penny for your thoughts, Miss?' Someone, one of the Julies, asked. It knocked her out of her daze.

'I'm just a tad busy right now, sorry Julie,' she said. Her eyes strayed from her target briefly, before flickering back again. She was watching the potting shed. She watched as Pat ambled past it with a load of gardening equipment. Pat paused, hefted the door open, and thrust the equipment in clumsily.

'Right-o, Miss,' Julie said.

Lou didn't say anything. Didn't care. She wasn't too late. She turned her eyes upwards to see the sun was coming out. Julie S looked up as well.

'Just that I was wondering, Miss. About re-opening the beauty salon, see. We had one awhile back and…'

Pat was taking her outer garments off. The green gardener's vest went first, then her long sleeve top. Her singlet rode up over her stomach, over her chest, exposing her bra. Breasts. Pat tugged it down absentmindedly, she wiped the sweat off her forehead with her forearm. Lou didn't move from the spot.

'So it's a yes, then?'

'What?' Lou didn't look up, couldn't see the expression on Julie S's face.

'The salon, Miss.'

'Hmmmm,' Lou said. 'I suppose I could…'

Pat was bending over, doing a few stretches, which exposed the small of her back. Among other things.

'Oh thanks, Miss! Thanks ever so much!'

Lou finally looked up, then. Julie S was talking a mile a minuite.

'We'll be real good, Miss. We'll make sure nothin' funny happens with it. Keep it clean. Be our responsibility. You won't regret it!'

'Oh God,' Lou said suddenly, running her hands through her hair. 'Did I just say yes to G-Wing owning a dog?'

'No, the salon,' Julie enunciated.

There was a pause, where both of them took stock of the cause of this conversation.

'Yeah. Right, fine,' Lou rolled her eyes. 'I'll look into it.'

Pat walked past then, with her discarded clothes draped carelessly over her shoulder.

'Afternoon, Miss,' she said.

Lou swallowed. 'Hello, Pat.'

Julie grinned, 'Good to see you mate. Remind me to give you a free makeover when the salon's on its feet.'

Pat didn't answer, she was too busy watching Lou as she walked away.

The End

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