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Saving the Day
By Ann


"I don't like this. I don't like this one bit." Sabrina peered through the binoculars, watching Kelly being assisted from the car by her date. The brunette angel smiled and took the extended hand, and together, the couple walked into the club.

Sabrina grabbed the nearby walkie-talkie and raised it to her lips. "Okay, Bosley. They've just entered the bar. You and Kris should have plenty of time to search the house. I'm going to go inside and keep an eye on things."

"Sabrina, you need to stay in the car. I don't think...." The sound of Bosley's voice ended abruptly as Sabrina fingered the off switch.

"Not this time, Bosley. I'm doing this my way." Leaving the walkie-talkie in the car, she grabbed her purse and hurried towards the entrance.

Inside the club, Kelly laughed nervously at yet another dirty joke. Her date had become more touchy-feely since they'd arrived at the club, and she just hoped Kris and Bosley found the stolen microchip soon because she wasn't sure how much longer she could play out this charade.

Sabrina slunk through the door and moved to the shadows, canvassing the surrounding area for any sign of Kelly. Her eyes zeroed in on the brunette just as a hand slid up the angel's leg, and Sabrina had to force herself to stay hidden, especially when she noted the panicked look on Kelly's face.

A waiter arrived at the table, and Sabrina breathed a sigh of relief as the hand was moved to point to something on the menu. Kelly took the opportunity to shift in her seat, trying to slide the tempting leg away from her date's reach, and her maneuver was successful; however, her hand was grabbed instead. The angel took solace in the fact that when their meal arrived, they'd both need their hands free to eat.

The dinner conversation only served to make the brunette more nervous. The innuendo was now brazenly out in the open, and Kelly almost choked on her wine at the suggestions that were being made. She was ready to chuck the case out the window. Charlie could fire her if he wanted, but there was no way she was going any further; microchip be damned.

Finally, Kelly was able to excuse herself to go to the ladies room, and she stood on shaky legs, somehow managing a smile for her date. Her steps became steadier, and she lengthened her stride the moment she spied the restroom door. Pushing inwards, she headed for the sink, passing a row of stalls on her right. Just as she reached the last stall, a hand reached out and grabbed her, pulling her inside and sliding the lock into place.

"Shh, Kel; it's just me."

Kelly melted into Sabrina's body, and the hand over her mouth was released. "Oh, Sabrina. You've got to get me out of here. Please tell me Bosley and Kris found the microchip."

"Um, I have no idea. I've been inside the club, making sure that you were okay."

Kelly turned in the other woman's arms. "Well, I'm not. I've been doing the Texas two-step ever since I got into that car. I've hand to fend off hands and lips, and I've had to sit and listen to what was going to be done to me. I can't do this anymore, Bree."

Just as Sabrina pulled Kelly into a reassuring hug, the door to the restroom flew open with a bang. "Kelly, you in here, baby?" The distinct sound of metal sliding against metal filled the room; the barrel lock had been glided into place, the door was locked.

"It's just you and me now, Kelly. What do you say we get better acquainted, baby? C'mon out and let's get this party rolling."

Kelly clung to Sabrina, burrowing her head into the other woman's neck. Anger filled Sabrina as she listened to the words being spoken, and she decided, right then and there, that their assignment could be damned, she was going to take out this asshole once and for all.

Turning so that her back was to the door, Sabrina slowly released Kelly and placed her finger over her lips to signal for the other woman to stay quiet. Sabrina took a deep breath and slid back the lock of the stall. Opening the door, she stepped out.

"Hey, who the hell are you? And where's Kelly?"

Sabrina stood tall and glared at Kelly's date. "Who?"

"Don't be smart with me, you skinny bitch. I'm looking for my date. She came in here a few minutes ago; I didn't see her leave, so she's got to be in here. Now, since your stall was the only one closed, she has to be hiding out in there."

Sliding her purse off her shoulder, Sabrina suddenly moved forward and swung with all her might, her fluid motion completely catching the asshole off guard. A loud thud was followed by complete silence, and Kelly waited for what seemed like hours before she heard the sweet sound of Sabrina's voice.

"It's okay, Kel. You can come out now."

The door slowly opened, and a dark head peered out. Kelly's mouth dropped open when she saw Sabrina standing over the larger woman with a smile plastered on her face.

As Kelly drew near, she noted something in the palm of Sabrina's hand. "What's that?"

Sabrina grinned widely. "That, my dear, is the microchip. When I hit Stella, here, with my purse, I knocked out what I thought was a tooth, but, lo and behold, it was the microchip."

Kelly stepped over the unconscious woman and moved into Sabrina's side, putting an arm around her waist. "Well, then. I'd say our work is done. How about we blow this joint?"

Sabrina smiled and leaned down to kiss her lover, but the sound of moaning interrupted the quiet moment. The two women quickly unlocked the door and headed for their car, and the couple pulled out of the 'Dykes-r-Us' parking lot just as the other woman slowly pushed herself to her feet and walked to the mirror. Squinting, she immediately noted the gap between her teeth, and a loud scream reverberated throughout the club.

In the car, Kelly reached for the walkie-talkie. "Bosley, this is Kelly. We have the microchip; repeat, we have the chip."

"Oh, thank God; you can't believe the things this woman has in her bedroom. Why don't you two head for the office, and we'll meet you there."

"Roger, Bos. We're on our way." Kelly switched off the communication device and reached for her lover's hand.

The operation hadn't gone according to plan, but the goal was still achieved. All Kelly knew was that she was so very glad her lover hadn't followed orders. No telling what would've happened if Sabrina had stayed in the car like Bosley had outlined.

"Hey, Bree. How did you knock Stella out with just your purse?"

Chuckling, Sabrina nodded towards the purse in question, and Kelly frowned as she reached for the small leather bag. "Good lord, what do you have in this thing?"

"My gun, a set of brass knuckles, and a small brick."

"Were you planning on going on 'Let's Make a Deal' – the weapons version?"

Sabrina squeezed the hand she held. "No, I just wanted to be prepared." Turning onto the agency's street, her voice filled with emotion. "I was worried about you, Kelly."

"Hey, everything's okay. You saved the day." Kelly lifted their joined hands and kissed the back of her lover's. "Now, let's give Bosley this chip and tell him we're not coming in tomorrow. It's just going to be me and you and a bed, that's it."

Letting out a laugh, Sabrina asked, "You going to explain that last bit to Bosley?"

Kelly smiled. "I'm going to tell him that we need some time off, that we're both exhausted, and that neither one of us plans to get out of bed for the entire day. I'm just not going to tell him it's the same bed."

The orange Pinto pulled up to the front of the agency, and both angels reached for their respective door handle, loathe of letting go of the other's hand. Sabrina was the first to let go, and she winked at her lover.

"Kelly, I don't think Bosley would understand even if you did tell him we were sleeping in the same bed."

Jumping from the car, Kelly started up the walk. "Well, c'mon then. Let's tell him."

Eyes wide open; Sabrina struggled to get out of the car. "Kelly, wait up. Kelly... Kelly!"

The End

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