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Say Uncle
By Karjens40


"Okay Seven, that's the last straw." B'Elanna Torres said, glaring at the lanky blonde woman sitting across from her at the conference table. The morning meeting had just broken up and B'Elanna was fuming. Again.

Once more, she had presented a suggestion for improving the propulsion systems, and once more Seven of Nine had criticized it in front of everyone. Once they had been dismissed, B'Elanna indicated that Seven should stay behind and Seven silently acceded, her face not showing the slightest flicker of surprise or even curiosity.

As soon as the last officer had left the room, B'Elanna turned her glare on the former Borg.

"You are angry, Lieutenant. Explain."

B'Elanna rolled her eyes. "Yes, I'm angry. I'm tired of you trying to make me look incompetent in front of the rest of the crew. I'm tired of you knocking down every idea I bring up. I want to know what you hope to get out of making me look like an idiot."

Seven cocked her head to the side and looked speculatively at the angry little engineer. "I am unclear as to why you construe my suggestions as an attempt to make you look like a fool. I was only trying to point out that your suggestions were…"

"Flawed. So you said," B'Elanna grumbled. "You know, I've gotten used to your barging in to Engineering and trying to assimilate everything…"

"I do not try to assim…"

"But I will no longer put up with your calling me flawed," she continued as if Seven hadn't spoken.

"Your statement is inaccurate, Lieutenant. I would never call you flawed. To do so would be untruthful and I do not lie."

B'Elanna's anger faded briefly into confusion. Was that a compliment? She shook her head to bring back her focus. "Well, as you would say, that's irrelevant. You call my ideas flawed and that is basically the same thing."

"I apologize for any insult, Lieutenant. That was not my intent."

"Maybe. Maybe not, but that doesn't change anything."

Seven sat looking as self-possessed as always and B'Elanna wanted to pull her hair out. "This is getting us nowhere," she muttered to herself.

"Lieutenant?" Seven looked at the flustered woman across from her. She found herself trying not to smile, though she refused to show it. B'Elanna was the most volatile person she'd ever met, but the quick temper intrigued and amused, rather than intimidated her. However, Seven wasn't about to let the Klingon know that.

"I don't know why I try," B'Elanna said.

"Try what?" An ocular implant lifted slightly.

"Arrgh! You absolutely drive me crazy." The increasingly agitated woman rose from her chair and began to pace. She turned to face the source of her ever present woes and nearly tripped over her feet when she happened to catch Seven of Nine, Borg extraordinaire, right in the middle of a very blatant and very hot perusal of her person.

"Hells bells," she breathed, startled and a little bit of something else.

Seven heard the muttered comment and her eyes flew upward realizing she'd been caught ogling B'Elanna. She suddenly discovered a new aspect of humanity. Humiliation.

"Are we finished?" Seven asked retreating behind her Borg mask.

"Hm?" B'Elanna's brain had stopped functioning. "Oh. Yes, I suppose," she responded half heartedly. When Seven stood and moved to leave the conference room, B'Elanna regained her senses. "Seven, wait."

The cool blonde sighed audibly and turned to face her nemesis. "Yes, Lieutenant?"

"I have this sudden urge to hit something and…"

"I would strongly advise you resist that urge," Seven warned sounding more like a Borg than she had when she first came aboard Voyager.

B'Elanna frowned until she realized Seven was assuming she was whom B'Elanna wanted to hit. She let out a small chuckle. "Not you, Seven. At least not at the moment. I was just thinking that Tom recreated another one of his twentieth century hobbies on the holodeck. It's a racquetball court. It sounds like a pretty vigorous sport. I thought you may want to join me after our shift."

Seven looked at B'Elanna in surprise. "You want to spend time with me. On the holodeck. Why?"

"Because, I think it will be a nice change for me to show you up for once," she replied knowing the literal woman wouldn't know what she was talking about.

"Very well, Lieutenant. I will meet you after our shift." With that proclamation, Seven turned and left an even more disconcerted Klingon to follow after her.

Immediately after her shift, Seven went back to Cargo Bay 2 to research 'racquetball'. She was quick to absorb the basic fundamentals and find an idea of appropriate attire. After replicating the necessities and changing clothes, she headed for the holodeck, still puzzled over Lieutenant Torres's strange request, and still flustered at being caught staring at the other woman's body.

Seven entered the holodeck and looked around. She was apparently in a small locker room adjacent to the holographic court. Hearing movement to her left, her gaze followed the noise and stopped short. All of her motor functions seemed to quit working at once as she caught site of her opponent. The Lieutenant had obviously done similar research as she was dressed nearly identical to Seven, wearing what the 20th century records had referred to as 'biker shorts', tank top and rubber soled athletic shoes. Seven's eyes involuntarily zoomed in and locked in on a pair of slender yet muscular bronze legs. What was unclear to her was why she was unable to look away.

"Oh, Seven, you made it." B'Elanna turned when she heard the holodeck doors swish open. She turned to face the other woman and, as she had in the conference room, caught a pair of intense blue eyes staring at her in a very unBorglike manner. She couldn't help but return the favor and take a long look at pair of strong pale legs accented with the occasional implant. Those skin tight bio-suits hid more than B'Elanna had thought. She shook her head to clear it. Slack jawed gawking wasn't part of her plan.

"Are you ready?" B'Elanna asked in a voice that made her wonder when she had started coming down with laryngitis. She cleared her throat, and gestured at the racquets and balls lying on a bench by the doors leading to the court.

"I am," Seven replied evenly. Without any further comment or heated looks, the two women selected their equipment, entered the court and began to play.

B'Elanna served first, and within thirty minutes was feeling a lot better. Most of her objectives had so far been achieved. The constant running, and the power used to return the ball allowed her to release most of the stress and frustration she had been feeling since the morning meeting. Her ultimate goal of running Seven ragged was also close to being obtained. She smirked as she saw the blonde's usually perfect hair, coming loose from its restraint, and as she wasn't wearing a bio-suit to regulate her body temperature, her tank top was plastered to her body. Plus, she was completely destroying the perfect Borg with a score of 14 to 5. Now who's incompetent, B'Elanna thought with an evil grin.

It was Seven's turn to serve, but the engineer wasn't worried. Seven couldn't serve worth a shit, so she knew the ball would be coming back to her soon enough and then she'd finally win something over the oh too perfect Seven of Nine. Wondering what was taking the blonde so long, she turned her head in time to catch Seven lifting her human hand to brush her damp hair from her eyes. Then B'Elanna nearly fainted. When Seven made her initial move to serve, B'Elanna witnessed the most bizarre, unexpected and erotic thing she'd ever seen in her life. The delicate tip of a pink tongue seemed to peek out of the corner of Seven's mouth as she concentrated and then served.

B'Elanna jerked to attention and turned to face the wall, just in time to stop a rapidly moving blue projectile with her face.

"Lieutenant! B'Elanna!" Seven called out, rushing to kneel where B'Elanna lay curled up on the floor clutching her eye. Seven reached out a tentative hand to gently pull B'Elanna's away from her face so she could check the damage.

"Go away," B'Elanna groaned. She admitted the pain was not particularly pleasant, but the humiliation of facing the cause of her newly forming black eye was far worse.

"Lieutenant Torres, I merely wish to ascertain the severity of your injury." She tried once more to grab the small hand.

"It's fine Seven. But I think I'm done for the day."


B'Elanna moved to sit up, disgusted that Seven had managed to show her up again and Seven quickly reached around with one arm to help her. Inadvertently her hand brushed against something it shouldn't have and both women froze.

Seven had long desired to touch that something and the feel of that softness so close nearly sent her eyes back in her head.

B'Elanna gasped when she felt metal encased fingers brush the side of her breast. She jerked her head up to look into blue eyes that had nearly glazed over with desire. The taller blonde had one upped her once again, but this time, B'Elanna had an answer, so throbbing eye be damned, she spun around and with little effort pushed Seven onto her back and took her mouth in a stupendous display of one upsmanship of her own. If there was one thing she knew for certain she could beat Seven at, it was passion. She gave hers free reign now and relished the timid but enthusiastic response coming from the woman under her.

B'Elanna's busy lips smiled slightly in triumph as she felt a continuous shiver coming from Seven of Nine. She moved her lips down Seven's throat and across her shoulder where her desire soon overcame her senses and she nipped into a strong shoulder causing a shudder and an incredible half cry half howl from the normally placid woman. That inflamed the Klingon hybrid and she took Seven's lips once more in an attempt to capture that sound and any other the blonde chose to make. Her tongue slid into the other woman's gasping mouth and her raging desire suddenly turned into tender need as she heard Seven's small whimpers and felt strong hands slide up her back to tangle in her hair as if she was afraid B'Elanna would pull away and leave her wanting.

"B'Elanna, please," Seven moaned. She was unsure of what she was asking for, but knew that only the dark haired woman on top of her could give it to her.

B'Elanna did manage to pull back slightly, her breaths were coming in gasps as was Seven's. "It's okay, Seven." She had gone from wanting to best the other woman to wanting to soothe her. "But I think we need to move this from the holodeck to my quarters." She shuddered as a Borg enhanced finger slid across her swollen lips. She took the finger into her mouth and felt a surge of…something flow through her. She fully intended to give Seven what she needed, but there was something B'Elanna wanted first.

Growling lightly, B'Elanna took Seven's sexy, meandering hands from around her neck and placed them over her head. She leaned forward to nibble softly on an earlobe.

"Say uncle," she whispered huskily as she investigated the implant below Seven's ear.

"What?" Seven's brain wasn't even close to functioning.

"Admit that I win," B'Elanna explained, now practically cooing into the other woman's ear, followed by a slow lick of the skin underneath.

"Oh B'Elanna," Seven groaned, wriggling underneath the powerful and very hot body of the fierce engineer.

B'Elanna's growl became more pronounced and she could scarcely control her desire, but she forced herself to stay the course. "Say it," she ordered, sliding her hands down the side of the taller woman, stopping to let her thumbs caress the underside of her breasts.

"Uncle!" Seven cried out in surrender.

Seven had barely finished the word when B'Elanna jumped to her feet, grabbed Seven and fled the holodeck, taking only a brief second to end the program.

It was nice to come out on top of the former Borg for a change.

The End

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