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The Science of Interruption
By Mabel Syrup


"Jill, I need you to check... oh..."

Lindsay Boxer didn't bother to knock on Jill Bernhardt's office door at this late hour. She'd marched right on in, all privilege, entitlement and presence, as she'd done on numerous occasions in the past. This time, however, Jill was caught by the intrepid inspector in a somewhat compromising position. The blonde DDA's eyes flew open when she heard the inspector's voice and she jerked herself upright in her chair, her right hand reappearing from under the cover of her desk as she quickly drew her splayed legs together. She then covered her face with her hands in mortal embarrassment.

"Jesus, Lindsay! Ever hear of knocking?"

"The hell? Are you in here doing what I think you're doing? In. Your. Office? Really?"

"I thought I'd locked that door. Give a girl a little privacy will you?"

Lindsay's mouth hung open as she stared at Jill not quite believing the chutzpah it took to even contemplate manual er... relaxation at one's place of employment, let alone having the courage to act upon it.

"Just be thankful it was me barging in here and not Hanson or worse... Denise. They're still roaming the halls, you know," Lindsay said while quickly adding as she moved towards the open door, "Um, guess I'll leave you to it."

Lindsay made to exit Jill's office post haste but hesitated slightly at the door frame before turning back to look at Jill over her left shoulder. Her face was full of question and noticing the flush of Jill's cheeks and her not-quite-under-control breathing, she felt the stirrings of her own arousal after seeing her friend in such an intimate and personal position. She turned back and stared at the door while working on her courage for several seconds before tentatively raising her eyebrow at Jill.

"Um... what brought this er... mood on?"

"Lindsay, please! In case you hadn't noticed, I'm feeling rather uncomfortable here at the moment."

The inspector noticed the attorney's flushed neck and face and realised her hips were still undulating, albeit only slightly, while she sat in her chair. This did nothing to quell Lindsay's curiosity and growing arousal. She had caught Jill pre-climax and the frustration at the incompletion of the act loomed large in Jill's eyes. Lindsay turned back to the door and after only a minute's hesitation closed it, locked it and then made her way to the vertical blinds and awnings making sure they were secure. She then turned and moved towards Jill's desk.

"I asked you a question, Councillor." Her voice was now a semi-tone lower, more gravelly and ardent as her own growing arousal betrayed her.

Jill found it near impossible to make eye contact with the laser-vision Boxer was beaming her way. She squirmed uncomfortably under the scrutiny before finding some courage, raising her eyes to Lindsay's and offering a shrug and an exhalation of breath as a response.

It was then that Lindsay noticed the photograph of herself in The Register's evening addition splayed in front of Jill on her desk. The photographer had captured Lindsay from behind while she'd bent forward to slap handcuffs on a suspect before hauling him off to the precinct. Lindsay's backside, while not dominating the picture, was shapely and prominent enough to notice and to look at twice.

Registering where Lindsay's attention was at that precise moment, Jill snatched up the newspaper before her, folded it and threw it on top of her briefcase on the floor next to her. She then resumed her earlier mortified head-in-her-hands position.

"Please Linds, you're torturing me. I'll never be able to look you in the eye again as it is but questioning my motives is traversing dangerous territory."

This amused Lindsay to the point where she felt compelled to figuratively rib and tickle the truth out of her friend. The photo of herself on Jill's desk was a dead giveaway but she wanted to sway Jill into revealing the facts herself. There was something incredibly erotic about watching her squirm like this.

"That's a picture of me you were looking at, Councillor, specifically at my ass."

Lindsay left little room for alternate explanation in Jill's court. She watched closely as Jill became more and more flustered causing a definite tingling between Lindsay's thighs. She watched as Jill struggled to come up with an adequate, non-self incriminating excuse for her behaviour. She was surprised when Jill, in response, started chuckling.

"Okay, you got me. I was masturbating because that photo of you is incredibly hot. Okay?"

Never in her wildest dreams had Lindsay expected such a direct and honest response from her normally coy friend but she recovered enough to arch an eyebrow and flash her dimples at Jill. She'd, in the past, considered Jill in a sexual light but this new information stoked the flames of desire very much into the here and now.

Jill had overcome her embarrassment enough that she was now defiantly gazing at Lindsay, challenging her to match the honesty she'd just exhibited. Lindsay gulped. All of a sudden the room seemed airless and restrictive. That Jill had admitted an attraction turned her on but she now felt claustrophobic and breathless. She sat on the edge of Jill's desk not trusting her now shaky legs to adequately support her. After a few deep breaths, she felt sufficiently under control enough to continue this flirtatious conversation and she decided to take a gamble given Jill's admission.

"Specifically, what were you thinking about me?"

She posed the question in her best bedroom voice and delighted at the arch of Jill's eyebrow and the lopsided upward tug of the corner of her lips. Eye contact between the two was now unwavering. Jill swivelled in her chair so she was facing the Inspector and moved her hand to her own thigh and smoothed the material of her crinkled skirt. Her fingertips then lightly traced the line of her thighs upwards toward her hips. Lindsay's gaze followed Jill's fingers as a whimper involuntarily escaped her lips.

"I was thinking about how perfectly proportioned you are and how attractive your ass is in those jeans."

Jill continued the self exploration of her thighs. She saw Lindsay riveted to the direction and movement of her fingertips and felt keenly the moisture returning to her already pre-stimulated groin. Her hips undulated ever so slightly with the anticipation of putting on an erotic show for her friend.

All the while, Lindsay had become incapable of responding verbally. She merely continued following the movement of Jill's fingers while her mouth was slightly agape and all of her intensity was focused on willing Jill to continue her self-stimulation.

"You want to watch me, Inspector? Inquisitive are we?" Jill correctly surmised Lindsay's specific interest and the opportunity to involve Lindsay, however indirectly, in her self-pleasuring was too much to pass up.

"Yesss," Lindsay breathlessly replied without any tentativeness or embarrassment. Her response was now coming from a place of pure lust.

Jill's gaze never wavered from Lindsay's face as she used her fingers to slowly raise the hem of her skirt past her knees and then gradually past her thighs. She watched Lindsay watching her hands as she raised herself off her chair briefly in order to hike her skirt around her waist so Lindsay had an unobstructed view of milky thighs and red lace panties. Jill raised a leg and threw it over the arm of her chair offering Lindsay the darker shade of crimson indicative of the wetness at the apex of her thighs. Lindsay's groan in anticipation made the blonde's heart race and sent another jolt of electricity directly to her crotch.

Lindsay was transfixed as Jill ran fingertips over the inside of her thighs. She looked Jill in the eye briefly and smiled silently encouraging the exploration before returning her gaze to Jill's fingers. Those very fingers were now exploring the outline of labia through the barrier of the thin lace material of her panties. Jill's head was thrown back as her hips began to undulate while she explored the valleys and plains of her own pussy. She cupped her sex and used two flattened fingers as friction against her hardening clitoris. It turned her on to know that Lindsay was staring unabashedly between her legs while she touched herself. She turned her attention back to Lindsay and happily noted that Lindsay herself was now squirming slightly under the weight of her own arousal.

The hornier she got, the wider Jill spread her legs for Lindsay's benefit. Still in her near drenched panties she continued to rub herself through the thin material while every now and then affording herself the luxury of checking Lindsay's attention level which she happily noted was unwavering. She decided to up the ante by sliding her hand down past the elastic waistband of her panties and past coarse hair, groaning loudly at the sticky wetness she found inside. She again commenced rubbing her clitoris with two fingers while using her left hand to pull her underwear away to the side in order to display herself for Lindsay's benefit.

Another groan escaped Lindsay's lips and Jill was pleased to note that Lindsay's left hand had commenced some stroking of its own.

"Oh that's it, baby. Rub yourself too. Are my fingers rubbing up and down right here turning you on?"

Lindsay's sharp intake of breath was all the answer she needed. Jill halted her clitoral stimulation briefly in order to remove her underwear completely. She then repositioned her legs over the arms of her chair resulting in an unobstructed, glorious exposure or her pussy for Lindsay's benefit. She revelled in electric jolts to her own clit in sympathy each time Jill's fingers worked their way through swollen folds. She marvelled as Jill used her fingers to spread her lips wide and rub and slap at her clitoris shamelessly puffing and panting and undulating her hips as she did so. Her pussy seemed to rise to meet her fingers as she rubbed in a circular motion across the hardened clitoral bundle causing moisture to pool at her opening.

Lindsay by this stage was moved to action. No longer was she content to merely watch. She stood up from the corner of the desk and approached Jill, immediately falling to her knees to get a more concentrated and closer view. The entrance to Jill's womb was contracting open and closed as she rubbed herself and Lindsay was mesmerised. She reached out to assist Jill with her ministrations and, unable to resist, eased two fingers directly up into Jill's hot and wet opening. Jill threw her head back in ecstasy and begged Lindsay to fuck her.

"Oh yes, lover. So good. Stick them inside me. Pump me off!"

Lindsay pumped her fingers, slowly at first but gradually building up the pressure and pace, in and out while Jill rubbed at her own aching clitoris. She panted and begged Lindsay to bring her off as she felt the tingling of approaching orgasm deep inside. Lindsay hiked herself up off her knees, leaned forward and crushed her lips against Jill's, opening her mouth and kissing her deeply and passionately. They groaned into each others' mouths, their tongues fighting for supremacy while two of Lindsay's fingers continued to plunge in and out of Jill's drenched pussy. Lindsay added a third finger and a twisting motion on re-entry. Their fingers intermingled on occasion mostly on the down stroke and Jill was lost in ecstasy, throwing her hips rhythmically to meet each of Lindsay's deep thrusts. She felt the tension building in her clitoris and tugged and squeezed and rubbed at it before clenching her thighs together in an explosion of orgasmic ecstasy effectively trapping Lindsay's pistoning fingers inside of her. She groaned her orgasm into Lindsay's mouth while her body shuddered and fluttered uncontrollably around Lindsay's still buried fingers.

They remained in this position for long moments until Jill felt together enough to cautiously release her locked thighs and allow Lindsay's pruning fingers some freedom. Their kissing downgraded to gentle, mutual swirls of tongue and swipes of tongue across lips. Their kisses became smiles as Lindsay held Jill's still shaking, sated form in her arms and their smiles became shy giggling.

"Wow, that was..."

The exclamation came simultaneously from both women and resulted in another fit of mutual grinning. Lindsay smoothed back an errant lock of bleach blonde hair from Jill's eyes and gently cupped her cheek.

"It's late. Come home with me and I'll see what I can do about a reciprocal performance."

Beaming, Jill readily agreed. "You don't have to ask me twice, Inspector," and as an afterthought, she added, "Wait. What did you come here for in the first place?"

For the first time in her illustrious career, Lindsay spoke the unfamiliar words,

"Nothing that can't wait until tomorrow."

Jill found and squeezed Lindsay's hand and as she rose, smoothed her skirt back into place and then dipped again to retrieve her errant underwear. She handed them to Lindsay, switched off her desk lamp and led her wordlessly out the door.

The End

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