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The Séance: How it should have been
By JaneDoe231


"Kelly, try to understand this. The bridge is out, we're gonna crack up. You can't wipe out Beemish without destroying yourself. Kelly, you're gonna kill us, both, and that's what Beemish wants, she wants us both dead!"

Jill Munroe was desperate at this point, she was scared out of her mind, trapped with her best friend Kelly in the car and there was no way of getting out of this situation. Kelly had been hypnotized into thinking that Beemish, a nasty nun from the orphanage in which she grew up as a little girl, was in the car on the co-driver's seat. And now she wanted revenge. Revenge for what she went through as a little girl, back then in the past, when she was so frequently locked into the dark closet as so-called "education" by the old hag. Education for little things that she had done "wrong", things like reading in her bed at nights, when she was supposed to be asleep, and the old hag found out what she was doing and locked her away. She didn't do that to other girls in the orphanage, but whenever she saw Kelly do something "against the rules" she would quickly find a reason to punish her and pick on her for it, and only her. She was obsessed with Kelly back then without a real reason.

As a consequence of these actions the now grown-up Kelly had developed some sort of claustrophobia and also heavy trust issues in relationships, and it was impossible for her to for example use elevators without being scared that they might stop at full speed and crash to the ground.

This was all due to the things that happened in her childhood, and Kelly was determined to make Beemish pay for it. She wanted her old enemy to feel the same fears that she herself had felt all these years, which made her life miserable and difficult until today, up to the point that she hadn't managed to build a real relationship yet.

That's why she asked "are you afraid, Beemish?" She didn't even care about the answer; she knew that she had what she wanted, and this was the only thing on her mind right now. She noticed from the corner of her eye that Beemish's lips were moving and that they were trembling, as if she was about to say something, but didn't really register the words and their meaning didn't kick in, until…

"Okay, however it is. I just want you to know that I love you. And Lillibeth loves you. And Sabrina loves you…"

"Sabrina?" There was something about this name that startled Kelly and made her snap out of her haze. As if the fog that she had been in suddenly started to brighten up and things made sense again. "Where is Bree?"

"That's right, Sabrina. She loves you, I mean she really loves you, Kel, she told me that she does. What is she going to do when you are dead? We have to go back so that you two can talk and tell her how you feel. You have to give her a chance before it's too late. Kelly, hit the brake!"

And Kelly acted almost out of nowhere and without thinking, as her feet hit the brake hard, so hard that it hurt, and the stop at full speed shook them both to the core. At the end of the road the gaping chasm stared at them, and Kelly couldn't hold onto herself any longer. She broke hysterical sobbing. "Jill… I almost killed you," she cried and threw herself into the blonde's arms. Jill, who felt like she was recovering from a deep shock and still heavily trembling, was glad that she had found the trick to bring her friend back to this earth and soothingly caressed her back. "It's alright honey," she said in a tender, caring voice, "it's alright. We're okay: we're still alive, nothing happened."

The obtrusive sound of a ringing car phone interrupted them both and broke them out of the state of trance in which they currently were. Jill picked it up. "Hello, is that you, Bree? You won't believe what happened with us." Her voice was still trembling from the shock, and she leaned onto her friend for support. "Okay…alright, we are coming over." Jill composed herself and focused on the task at hand again, and quickly traded places with Kelly who found herself unable to drive at the moment. Somehow they made their way back into the office where Sabrina was awaiting them both.

There was only Sabrina who was present in the office at the moment. Bosley, normally Charlie's assistant, had gone out to take care of some business and left Sabrina there to watch over things and pay attention to the newest developments. Kelly rushed to her and embraced her deeply. "Oh Bree, you don't know what happened, I am so thankful to see you again." Jill stood close-by and smiled to herself watching the scene. Kelly really DID love Sabrina.

"Kelly," Sabrina whispered to her quietly, "I love you. I have loved you for a very long time, and I mean I am IN love with you."

"Oh Bree, I love you so much, more than you can imagine. Today you were the only thing I could think about."

They embraced passionately and Jill turned away to give the pair some space. But when this embrace seemed to last a little bit too long, Jill started to clear her throat, and the two of them turned towards her slightly embarrassed. "What's with our thief now?" Jill tried to bring her colleague's attention back to the case they were on at the moment. Sabrina quickly filled her co-worker in on all the details she had witnessed, including the fact that the old lady had been hypnotized as well into making her diamonds and jewels available for the thief who had brainwashed Kelly too.

Their next action was now to rush back to the old lady's house and catch the guy before he was trying to escape with his goods. Kelly did it by pretending that she was still brainwashed and about to shoot at him. So she used the thief's own trick against himself, which made Sabrina incredibly proud.

Though still a little shy about showing her affection in front of other people, especially the old lady who had hired them in the first place, Sabrina suggested they get together on a date in private that night. And they did, and so Kelly filled Bree in about everything that had happened this afternoon, to which Sabrina said:

"Wow, I really have to say I'm honored to have been the one to bring you back to reality." Kelly smiled to herself.

"Maybe if it wasn't because of you, we would be dead now, Jill and me, poor Jill, she was so out of her mind today. But in a way it was you who saved our lives. You should know that I did not have a lot of luck with relationships in my life, and that is because I have a hard time to trust people. I want you to know that YOU are special to me though, and that I trust YOU with everything that I am."

"Oh Kelly, I am so sorry that you were hurt so much in the past. I would be honored if you let me into your life and give me a chance, so that we can make up for the past and live the future together. I love you Kelly."

"And I love you, Sabrina."

The End

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