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Second Chances
By Ann


Kelly walked swiftly through the park, the unopened letter burning a hole in her jacket. Taking a familiar path to a more secluded area, she couldn't stop the painful memories from tumbling forth, and she had to stifle the sob that threatened to escape her lips. She quickly picked up her pace so that she'd be able to release the tears and sorrow in the solitude of the lonely bench, the bench which was once looked upon as a place of sheer and utter joy. It was the one place outdoors where she and her lover could be free.

Rounding the corner, she headed for the small grove of trees and the granite bench located in the center of the sturdy oaks. These trees had been her one source of comfort the past six months, their branches offering a warm embrace in her time of sorrow.

The brunette took a seat in the middle of the bench, not daring to sit on either side as it was too much of a reminder that she no longer had anyone to share her space. Placing her hands in her lap, she looked out over the empty park, remembering the events which led her to today.

Sabrina had surprised her with a romantic dinner, complete with fine china and scented candles. The evening was filled with a lovely atmosphere, a wonderful meal, and quiet conversation. It was one of the most enjoyable moments the two had spent together until Sabrina uttered those last words.

She'd stated simply, "I want us to move in together."

At first, Kelly thought her lover was joking with her, and she laughed in response; however, one look in the dark, pain-filled eyes, told the brunette she'd made a huge mistake.

Quickly trying to rectify the situation, Kelly offered, "Bree, we can't. I'm not ready to come out to the others."

Shaking her head sadly, Sabrina replied, "Kelly, I'm beginning to think you're never going to be ready. We've been together for over a year, and I'm tired of sneaking around behind everyone's back. I love you, and I don't want to have to hide my feelings and emotions any longer."

Reaching for her lover's hand, Kelly explained, "Bree, I just need time. Can't we just continue as we have?"

"No, Kelly, we can't. I guess I thought you loved me as much as I love you, but I see now that I've been fooling myself into thinking you'd want us to be together always," Sabrina answered, pulling her hand from her lover and standing.

Walking to the couch, she retrieved her jacket and turned back to the stunned brunette. With tears in her eyes, Sabrina whispered, "I can't do this anymore, Kelly. I really do love you, but I can't continue living a lie."

Without another word, she turned and walked out the door, leaving Kelly to try to figure out what had happened and how she could possibly fix the misunderstanding. It wasn't until the next day that the brunette realized she'd made the biggest mistake of her life.

When Bosley announced that Sabrina left a letter of resignation on his desk, Kelly quickly excused herself and headed directly to her lover's apartment. The minute she opened the door, she knew she was too late. Sabrina was gone.

This time, Kelly allowed the sob to escape as the memories continued to flow. The hurt and pain were just as raw and fresh as the day she'd discovered her lover had walked out of her life. Ever so slowly, she finally reached into her pocket to retrieve the letter. It was the first communication she'd had from Sabrina since the night she'd left.

Running her finger over the postmark, she sighed; San Francisco, only five hours away. Sabrina had been so close the entire time.

With a shaky hand, she slid her finger under the flap, giving her access to her lover's words. She grasped the edge of the parchment and gently pulled the letter free from the confines of the envelope. Taking just a moment to steady herself, she unfolded the stationary and began to read.

My dearest Kelly,

First, I'd like to apologize for the way I left. Leaving was the right thing to do, but I should have found another way to do so. I could no longer continue our relationship behind closed doors, only venturing out to our special place in the park. My love for you was too great to keep hidden, and I felt it was easier to live without you than to live with you under those conditions.

These past six months have been so lonely. The loss of not having you in my life has been unbearable, and there are days I can barely climb out of bed. I know what you're thinking as you read these words. I only have myself to blame, and you're right. Yes, I'm stubborn. Yes, I'm hard-headed and driven. And yes, I still love you with all my heart.

I'm sure you're hurt and angry, and you have every right to feel this way. I only hope that you realize what a difficult decision it was to walk away from you. You see, you are it for me, Kelly. The one I'd always wanted and always hoped I'd find; however, I never thought I'd have to hide my love for you forever. I truly thought you'd come to terms with our relationship and want to share it with our friends and colleagues. Oh well, I guess that's water under the bridge now.

As you can see from the postmark, I couldn't bring myself to leave the state. I guess I held out hope that you'd try to find me, and I know you could have if you tried. Your investigative skills are surpassed by none, myself included, so I held onto that tiny possibility that you'd come after me. Pretty arrogant, huh? I guess that hasn't changed either.

Anyway, I've got the opportunity to take a job on the East coast, and I'm giving it strong consideration. In fact, you're the only reason I didn't grab it up when it was offered. I informed the agency that I'd give them my answer in two weeks. So, I'm enclosing my number with this letter in the event you may have changed your mind and are interested in trying again. If I don't hear from you in the next two weeks, I'll know your answer.

Please know that you will always be in my heart, no matter where I may be.

Love always,



Quickly glancing at the date of the post, Kelly calculated her time frame. She had ten days to make the call, ten days to decide whether to contact her love or to make her unfathomable loss permanent.

Rising from the bench, the dark haired angel walked away from her secluded haven and headed for the entrance of the park. She had no idea what Sabrina had in mind; however, she knew that she could no longer live without her. Even a long distance relationship sounded promising as long as she could be reunited with her lover.

Arriving at her car, she buckled her seat belt and pulled from the curb, making mental plans as she drove down the street. First, she'd call Sabrina, and then she'd arrange a meeting with Charlie, Kris, Bosley, and Tiffany. Smiling for the first time in six months, Kelly accelerated towards her apartment, her broken heart already starting to mend as she neared her destination.

Stepping into her apartment, she quickly closed the door and headed straight for the phone. She slowly punched in the number she'd memorized on the drive over, and on the third ring, a familiar voice answered, "Hello?"

With tears streaming down her face, Kelly whispered, "Bree? It's me."

The End

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