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Second Prime: Audible Silence
By Angara


Part One

Raina sat in her room, leant back half against the wall and half over the top of the thin twin sized mattress. Her shoulders and arms were bare, exposed by the military issue tank top she wore, not to mention the corresponding blue flight pants that hung over the bulb of the toe of her boots.

They were all still 'grounded'. Recuperating from the last series of incidents on that Jaffa overrun planet from Hell.

The NID investigation had been done, as had the damage. However in some odd twist of fate the entirety of the situation had merely brought everyone at the SGC involved… closer. Though defiantly not without repercussions.

For the moment things were quiet on the home front. All SGC runs had been postponed until further notice and all the proper services could be held. Most of the SG teams that were put on mandatory leave had done just that; each little sect going out together as their perspective unit saw fit.

Even SG-1 had slipped out from the depths of the base and made it into their favorite night spot for a round. Though at the time the hearts of the team just hadn't been there. They had all split off and gone separate ways then, Jack to 'fish', Daniel to some archeological convention… something Jonas got propositioned into tagging along with. Even their temporary team members had managed to vacate. Samantha known to most now only as 'Sahar' had taken Shan`dr's body back to their rebel haven for their mourning ceremonies. A ceremony Asherah wasn't permitted to attend. She was to remain as an ambassador of sorts, that and her body still needed time to heal more from their run in on P3X-666 with the respondent Jaffa.

Raina herself had opted to stay behind, underground for the most part. At the SGC at least there was a hefty compliment of warm physical bodies to surround her, whereas her apartment hardly offered that comfort. In fact it offered a chilling emptiness in comparison; either way she'd be alone and the base was less depressing.

She glanced over at the clock along the side wall once again, noting the time at a little after three. Her eyes fell a second after, body straightening away, the book straddling the woman's stomach forgotten on the mattress. There was a series of pops and crackles with the stretching of her arms above her head before she stood, running a hand through the unbound length of her hair in her way towards the door.

Three Weeks Earlier

Raina stood on the porch of the Fraiser's home, she was dressed casually enough. Worn boots, jeans, white t-shirt with a wine colored button up over that, the bi-layers surrounded by the fit of her biker jacket. Her hair was down; tousled by the wind, face lightly flushed from the cooler rush of air against her skin, key ring laced around one finger, and keys themselves nestled in her palm. "Hey listen... she finds out and I'll be the one in the infirmary. Knowing her, that'll be a permanent thing and I dunno 'bout you but I'd like the keep the use of my legs alright?"

There was seriousness to the older woman's tone, interwoven with the playfulness of it all. It was something Cassie found irresistibly cute and well suited to the brunette's demeanor. "Yeah, yeah I got it. Our little secret." Janet Fraiser's one and only daughter frowned in a mockish manner; her tone was laced with an equal amount of mirth. "Course you realize this will be harder to keep when mom gets out. Wanting to do all this whenever I see you again."

Raina's brow rose slightly, the corner of her mouth lifting in a mimicked gesture. "Are you threatening me Cassandra Fraiser?" The major stepped closer then, tipping her chin up so that she could pin the girl with a look down the bridge of her nose.

"Propositioning is a much nicer word I think." Cass offered with a grin, impish at best, in nature.

Raina could only shake her head with a breath of a laugh, her features relaxing and gaze dropping to her occupied hand before flicking back up to the one in front of her. "You're sure you're okay?" She shifted a little, her free hand thumbing back behind herself in a general directional gesture. "No problem coming back to the base with me y'know. "

Cass grew a bit more serious, though it was mixed with an amused exasperation at Raina's efforts. "Rain…" she stepped closer to the older woman, causing her to straighten a bit. "I'll be fine. I swear. I just kinda need this y'know?"

Raina watched Cassie carefully, studying the depths of her eyes and the youthfulness of the eighteen year olds visage, allowing her own green gaze to convey what she knew would be unwise to speak aloud. After a few more beats Raina allowed herself to nod, "Kay… I trust you." Her choice of words had been deliberate, their effect easily seen on the younger woman's features.

In the time Cass and Raina had first officially met a few years ago they'd, over time and a lot of mishap formed a great relationship. However Cassie constantly needed to be reminded that she wasn't going to be abandoned and that she was trusted. If she felt that people could genuinely trust her then perhaps she would begin to trust in other people… especially those that honestly cared for her like her own mother.

They stood a beat in silence before Cassie suddenly rushed forward, throwing Raina off-balance with a hard 'whu-oof' of a sound, wrapping her arms tightly around the other woman's form and quickly reminding her that her ribs were still healing. When the brunette felt the hold tighten with a need to be reassured Raina finally came back to life, her own limbs encircling Cassie's torso, hugging her close. "hey there kiddo..." Her voice was quiet, hardly above a whisper.

The taller woman let her chin rub against the top of Cassie's crown before allowing her features to fall off the side at the woman's temple where the apple of her cheek stayed to rest. "thanks…" Cassie's voice was muffled against Raina's chest just below the hollow of her throat. "mom."

Raina stiffened slightly at the word, though she didn't relinquish her grip nor immediately voice a correction. When she felt Cassie's grip tighten again, the girl's features turning so that her ear could press against Raina's chest she found her voice again. "Cassie… hon… Janet's your mom. I'm... I'm just R-"

"No." Cassie interrupted her abruptly, the side of her face nuzzling the flat of Raina's chest. "Not just…. Not to me." Her fingers curled against the thick leather of Raina's jacket, her eyes focused low so her lids could fill with tears before ever spilling over in time for the other woman to see.

"Cass…" Raina started again, tipping her head back to try and get a better view of the girl, only to have the grip around her torso tighten and a wince to be stifled.

"What were you going to do if she hadn't made it?" The younger girl's tone was almost biting, cocky, like she had already anticipated the answer and refused to take anything else into consideration as a possibility.

The damnedable part of it was that Cassie was right in her assumption of what Raina had very much intended on doing a long time ago were something to happen to Janet. There was a long moment between them before Raina caved with a small sigh. She let go of Cassie's frame then, hands capturing the sides of the girls face to lift it up while her own body bent away slightly.

Cassie's hands released Raina after a pregnant pause, holding to the slats of the other woman's pockets running along her jacket. Her eyes were bloodshot she knew, veined with red and reflective with the tears that'd pooled up there in her gaze.

"That didn't happen." Raina pressed, thumbs smoothing away tears as they broke past the barrier of Cass's eyelashes. "Listen to me, and listen carefully. I care about you a lot Cass, more than I should given my position and all in the matter." The girl drew a breath to protest but Raina stifled her words with the pads of her thumbs against the girl's mouth. "There wouldn't be a second thought in my mind about it… but Janet is your mother and I have to just be Raina okay?" The dark haired woman offered a sad smile, leaning forward enough to press a chaste kiss against Cass' forehead. "But I'll keep the word… the meaning inside. Just for you." Her words were a faint breath of a sound, and after they were spoken Raina straightened away.

"Now..." she began, clearing her throat a moment after to remove the emotion induced gravel. "I know Topher's with you and I'm only a phone call away." She studied Cassie for a long moment before giving a small nod. "Maybe we can have breakfast tomorrow."

Cassie had crossed her arms over her chest by that point, merely for something to hold onto and keep the warmth of Raina's form from being stolen by the night air just yet. With the other woman's words she smiled very lightly, giving a nod back, her golden retriever would protect her if needed. It was the mention of breakfast that pulled a bubble of a laugh from the girl. "Breakfast... you?" Her smile broadened the depth and seriousness of the prior situation drifting from them both. "Breakfast is supposed to be before noon… not at three in the afternoon even if we are slated for IHOP."

Raina made a face then, in good nature of course. "MMmmhhhmm… okay maybe lunch then." She countered, Cassie knew her too well. When the privilege came to take some forced downtime, Raina had always used it to catch up on sleep. She let out a small breath then, curling her fingers around her keys. "Get inside… I'll wait til you set the alarm."

With a small grin Cass turned and made her way in, the dog O'Neil had given her was still nestled on the cold tiles just beyond the threshold. Now his tail was wagging behind him with the sight of another person before the door obscured his vision. Raina waited until she heard the beep of the alarm set, "Night Cassie." She called through the door hearing her own fare well bidding from the younger woman.

A deeper sigh left her, doing nothing to shift the weight that'd fallen to her shoulders when Cassandra had called her mom. The girl didn't even know what she'd unhinged inside Raina's brain; a Pandora's box that the dark haired woman had so hoped to've finally locked away completely. It wasn't from Cassandra or even the possibilities of having a type of parenthood thrust in Raina's direction. The scenario that so blatantly displayed itself into the fore of her mind's eye was shamefully directed at the girls' mother.

A scenario that had her pulling up in the driveway as usual, slipping inside the house without question and making a beeline for the kitchen. She'd rummage through the fridge, careful to be quiet given the very late… or perhaps very early, depending on how one looked at it, hour and come up with the half gallon of chocolate milk. A shift one way then another would allow her to glance about the kitchen and adjacent living room for any other occupant. When she found none she'd lean back against the island in the kitchen and drink directly from the carton.

"Y'know I've been waiting in the laundry room for at least an hour now..." The low timber of a feminine voice in the dark behind her would cause the major to jump, nearly choking on her hefty swallow of the thicker liquid. With a slight duck to her frame the cuff of her jacket would be converted into a napkin and the figure would slip from the shadows behind the lip of the laundry room door.

The moon through the kitchen windows provided the only light, leaving them both in cool and comforting hues. "You could've killed me." Raina would let a small cough echo her mock self concern as the distance between the two women grew smaller and smaller. Somehow her hand would be relinquished of the carton, the line of her jacket held and then tugged until their bodies were a breath apart.

"Oh darn... my plans to dispatch you with the aid of chocolate milk have been foiled yet again…" The tone was always mockish in Raina's mind, the kind with a dangerous undercurrent to it. As if to reaffirm that there were plenty of ways the other woman knew how to kill someone without even trying. She was a doctor after all.

She saw the gentle smile on the other woman only as she leaned closer, as well as the intent behind it.

"Jesus Christ Raina." She shook her head hard, clearing it of the vision in her head. She really deserved to be slapped, even if it was by her own hand for thinking over such things. With a forced exhale she started her bike, letting the sound of the engine drown out her inner voice before speeding off down the street in search of her quarters at the base and a cold shower.

Present Day

Raina sat on the medical bed with a quiet unease. It was so late, twenty til four and she nearly swore the only two people who'd been alive at the base were herself and Janet Fraiser. The major honestly hadn't meant to bother the still recovering woman, but the instant she felt something needed to be looked over on her; Fraiser had practically fallen over herself in order to get out of the bed. She was on light duty, which really meant nothing but tons of paper work all too willing to be caught up on.

When Raina had mentioned headaches and the occasional bout of blacking out Fraiser wanted her tested, given the late hour she chose herself to do the testing. Rather than wake up the presiding medical officer that temporarily held Fraiser's place until she was officially cleared.

So, here she sat, slate blue military pants, black boots and corresponding tank top, her jacket was hanging from the back of a chair nearby. With a small smirk she had settled into watching Fraiser. "She's so concentrated." The darker haired woman thought. "She really should've been sleeping or something. " Before Raina could completely register what she was doing she'd already grabbed one of the Doctor's hair sticks. Too late to back down Rain followed through with her intent, plucking the wooden pike from the depths the other's hair. "Comparing and contrasting or do you have a theory?"

Fraiser had been reviewing the details of Raina's injury report, as well as a history of her prior missions and each resulting check up with her returns from the past six months. The end of her pen had been in her mouth when Raina had pulled the hair stick out, leaving coppery brown waves to tumble down and partially hide her face. With a blink towards the Major, she tucked the hair back behind an ear before turning to face the other woman with a sharp look. "You are proving to be a bit distracting, Major," To emphasize her point she twisted the pen around, pointing it towards the woman. "I don't exactly have the benefit of total recall like certain others in this place. " She was referring to Jonas, Raina noted, and continued on. "But with the extent of your files… especially your medical ones, maybe I can find a reason for your problem without having to torture you." She was making an unspoken deal; if Raina behaved she wouldn't poke her with any more needles or worse. "Much." Fraiser pushed the word, the end of her pen thumping lightly against Raina's chest.

If there was one thing Raina loved, it was a challenge… why disappoint now. "Do you not like me to be distracting?" Her tone was genuinely innocent, Fraiser might've believed it to have been were the woman not weaving her hair stick over and through the backs of her fingers from index to pinky.

It was a talent Raina had perfected in college in her lecture halls after boredom had set in. "I figured you'd enjoy the opposite of your usual run of the mill patients that probably just sit or lay and stay absolutely quiet."

Fraiser frowned lightly; it helped hide the small smirk that'd threatened to show instead. "I work at a military facility Major not a med lab. Very few of my patients stay absolutely quiet." With a slight arc to her brow Fraiser glanced lower, nearly mesmerized by the movements of her hair stick through Raina's fingers before straightening enough to put on her best 'Doctor Fraiser' glare.

Raina nearly grinned, she'd struck a nerve. Then again maybe it was just delirium creeping up in both of them given the hour. "Oh I see... So they what? Squirm and writhe and moan?" Raina was all focused on the Doctor, her fingers still rolling the stick over the backs of her knuckles in fluid strokes.

Fraiser 'hah'd gently, pulling a smug smirk from Raina in result. Forcing an amused breath to flare her nostrils in response to the major's questioning accusation; Janet blatantly ignored the annoying strand of hair slipping over her left eye. "Oh, right," she gave the other woman a 'listen here you' kind of look, "They bitch and complain and usually tell me how to do my job." When another strand fell Fraiser gave in, setting the pen in the grasp of her teeth she reached up to yank her hair back and attempt to restrain it in a make-shift knot.

"You shouldn't do that y'know." Her statement was gentler than the ribbing mirth they had both allowed to flow beneath their tones. Raina had noted a few things that Janet shouldn't have been doing and kept her statement open, as if knowing the doctor was going to ask about her observations sooner rather than later.

Fraiser continued right along amidst the added commentary, displacing the other's words for later. "Or tell me how I can improve upon it." Initially her correction had been spoken with good humor, though the addendum had been anything but.

In fact it was a personal jab that forced Raina to take note of just how certain 'comments' affected the good doctor. The smirk that had befallen the seated woman's features so easily had waned in brilliance with the tone itself, her eyes busying themselves with studying the doctor's movements. "Bitch and complain huh?" Raina's voice was a practical hybrid of statement and question and she made a slight shift forward and essentially closer to Fraiser. "I can assure you… I've yet to complain… and I don't intend on starting or picking up 'bad habits'."

Where the Major's sudden honesty and concern had come from Janet wasn't sure but the movement alone had pulled the doctor's immediate attention. Her ensuing words had only caused a brow to arc towards the doctor's hair line, amber-brown eyes resting on the other face seriously amidst retrieving the pen from her own mouth. "Oh? So you intend on sitting and laying passively still for me? Or moan and writhe?" Janet had intended the comment to reflect what Raina had insinuated about other patients but she quickly found herself wanting to retract the latter portion of it. Then as if by sheer luck the minor scolding from earlier suddenly prompted itself to be explored by the doctor's brain. "Shouldn't do what?" She's a woman, she was curious, and Raina had baited that trap all nice and neat.

The brunette pulled in a breath, still edging closer to the other woman every now and again, wholly making it out to be a nonchalant and very absent movement. Like nervous suggestion impeding upon the conscious body unconsciously. Fraiser's little slip had indeed caused something to rise in the Major, her competitiveness slipping back into the fore. "Tie your hair in knots... it can cause it to break prematurely and deaden the ends." Her tone wasn't exactly 'matter of fact' but the edge of it was still present amidst her quiet concern. "Nor should you hold that in your teeth..." She gave a nod towards the pen in reference. "Moisture could seep inside the cracks of it if there are any and cause it to corrode…" she kept her expression and tone neutral even if on the inside she was grinning with a feral cadence, she wouldn't back down so easily.

Raina gave a small tip of her head then, a ghost of a smile tugging at her mouth. "And you shouldn't tempt someone with moaning and writhing when her hormones aren't in check. " Despite the entirety of the conversation, Raina had yet to cease rolling the hair stick in her hand. "However, you are my doctor; essentially I'm obligated to do whatever you tell me to."

Janet blinked at the woman's pause, or more at her words. "Getting' a little bossy there Major." She pointed out, "I wouldn't have t'tie my hair in knots if you didn't take my hair stick." A muscle in the line of Janet's jaw jumped, though other than that simple movement her expression gave away nothing. She tipped her chin back again, eyeing Raina carefully, "I didn't bring up moaning and writhing… you did," she reminded the major before lifting the hem of her scrub top to wipe her pen off with, exposing a swath of olive tinted skin in the process. "I'll get you something for the pesky hormones getting all your pheromones out of whack... A good shot of testosterone should help." The smirk on her face couldn't be helped.

Raina arced a brow, "Bossy? I'm a woman in the military… and I'm at a higher rank than most. "She offered with a small smirk of her own. "You have a pen light." Her smirk only broadened. "Besides... maybe you should look into something like braids or hair ties that can't be plucked out."

Fraiser waggled her pen at the Major. "If I use this to put my hair up then what will I write with?" She pointed out reasonably, though it wasn't as if she couldn't get another pen rather quickly. "I could always use a voice recorder but I figured you'd actually like me to talk to you." She continued to point out, until her patient edged a little closer to the doctor then.

"And" She pressed, not liking the fact she'd been interrupted. "…I know I was the one who brought it up… you were asking about my drives earlier. I just thought I'd make an addendum to the previous statements that corresponded quite equally. Or so I thought."

"An addendum? You're adding addendums when I haven't even gotten the main problem addressed yet." Janet shook her head lightly, "Shame on you."

Raina gave another animalistic tip of her head again, like a cat trying to figure out how the little bell inside the plastic ball got there. "Okay. So what happens if the testosterone just mixes with the elevated levels of estrogen in my system and gets overpowered?"

Janet merely quirked a brow at her. "Are your hormones really that aggressive?" It was a tease, a mild one but the off-tilt of her voice was easily heard by the Major.

Raina smiled slowly at her... one of those innuendos sex driven smiles. "You're the doctor… What do you think?" Raina had managed to get within a few good inches closer than she had been earlier and the idea of retreat had quickly become foreign to the woman.

Janet blinked at the look, the sudden desire to continue the challenging banter suddenly dropping out as the seriousness of what the two had been going on about decided to smack her upside the head. The look she'd received had proved to be the catalyst, "I think m'not going to be dumb enough to answer that question," she spoke wisely.

Raina was too far into it now, the joking had slipped away, memories of something, someone else and their 'ideas' about her place in their life coming into the fore. "And I thought you had the main problem figured out... too many hormones raging and pheromones flaring... all these 'levels' out of whack…"

"I have the symptoms listed, but nothing figured out yet," Fraiser responded with a professional air, shaking the last of the playfulness from Raina with the initial refusal to answer the previous question. Her smile fell, its nature and intention shifting. "Just the symptoms..." Janet fed back rhetorically, "I see..." She glanced down slightly, looking at the closer distance between them before settling into the limb propping her up. It was a distance Janet herself was eyeing, or more the lack of distance between them. "Are ye making a pass at me, Major?" The words were out of her mouth before she could stop them. The severity of the notion alone was enough to get them both into trouble, and immediately she countered. "I'm sorry. Don't answer that."

Raina's expression became serious, her head leaning into the rise of her shoulder. Contemplation wove its way across her visage, green eyes narrowing in a hint of a frown at being told not to answer. Cassandra's whispered voice echoed in her mind from weeks earlier, the single three lettered sentiment reverberating about the woman's skull. She lifted her head then, watching Janet shift uneasily from the attention. "I think I'd like to kiss you."

The complete honesty in the woman's response caused Janet's breath to catch, not to mention the flood of repercussions that sprung to mind. "Repercussions… what the hell!? She says she'd like to kiss you and the only thing you come up with are repercussions?! What about… "She didn't let her inner voice finish, there had been no repulsion, and no rejection not even a protest to the physical act or towards the fact that Raina was another woman… just 'repercussions' because of their military positions.

Janet lifted her gaze back to the other woman, having dropped it slightly with her internal rambling. Now she was watching the other woman, and being watched in turn. All her little nuances of body language... the near pout, the fading smile, the look at the distance between them... the realization of something internally… the reflective honesty of her statement. Janet took all of that in and processed it into what the major's current medical condition was exhibiting. After another heartbeat the doctor blinked, drawing a soft and steadying breath. "Well now... there's a straight answer for me," there was a soft huff of her exhale.

Raina straightened, stiffened was more like it, the militant mask was back in place. Her honesty, her feelings were being passed off as a side effect of her body's unbalanced state. It instantly made her chest hurt and a dull throb start at the base of her skull.

"... I think… I'd like to run sm'more tests." Her gaze softened slightly. "No torturous needle prodding… but your body is defiantly in some sortof a flux." Janet continued much to Raina's dismay. Janet had finished with a little rush of breath, hoping not to offend the other woman; hormonal individuals could be so touchy.

Raina slowly pushed her weight onto her hands, body soon sliding off the lip of the medical with a small clack of her boot soles against concrete. Janet half stepped back the moment Raina straightened, allowing more space between them "What if I don't want any more tests." She threatened slightly, keeping her hands curled around the edge of the bed.

'So much for not offending her…' The pulse at Janet's throat throbbed with a soft visibility in time with the beat of her heart. Once the woman was standing the doctor remained in place, refusing to lean back or move away any further for fear of upsetting the major even more. "I'll order you to." she offered back.

Raina let out a small growl of an exhale, more breath than growl. "I outrank you." She dug in then, voice and fingers alike.

Janet rose a brow, her jaw shifting slightly as she reigned in her rising temper at the jab. "And I can declare you unfit for duty until I get tests done and reviewed."

Raina kept herself settled back, stiff but settled, her neck craning just a bit with the lift of her chin in the midst of eyeing the doctor carefully. "How kind."

The doctor was watching the other woman like a hawk, eyeing her right back, dark gaze clear and unwavering. "Kind?"

There was a flicker of muscle around Raina's eyes as they tensed for a second, as if hiding the expression threatening to take hold of the whole of her features behind glossy mirrors. "Very." She spat out quietly towards that single worded question. Mood swing central.

Janet took everything in, the posture, the tone, the mask; watching all those degrees of body language that made her sensitive to people. She sighed softly... she'd hurt her. Dammit, she didn't want to do that. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean for it to sound the way I think it did," she gave Raina a near defeated look. Her temper ebbing away and leaving her with a sickening disappointment in herself. "I'll get that stuff to help your hormone levels even out some..." Janet took another step back then, closing the folder in her hand and tucking her pen in her shirt pocket.

Raina shook her head faintly, rough and quick, before boring her gaze into the doctor's back as she made her way across the room. "Is it absolutely necessary?"

Janet had no idea why she herself was so testy, why she allowed possibilities to sneak up on her at the mere notion of the major behind her wanting to… "Only if you want a little better handle on things... I fear it'll get worse before it gets better," she added, her gaze lowering to the counter in front of herself. "But the choice is yours." With the movements involved, Janet's hair in its fine and silky state had slipped from the knot she'd tied leaving longer strands to shield her expression further.

"I thought I didn't have one." Raina pointed out mildly, the rejection in her tone still evident though not as harsh as before.

"Look I said I was sorry alright." Janet's hands went around the counter in front of her, jaw shifting as she didn't dare turn to face the other. She didn't want to watch her anymore, didn't want to see what she felt, how she'd been hurt. "Listen, I don't think it's critical right now..." Always watching, always processing the body's signals. "So think it over for a few days…" Her grip on the counter lip tightened as she recalled the way she'd been looked at, how that unfocused, thinking look had slipped away into immediate clarity when Raina's eyes had surveyed her so openly.

"Are you alright?"

Janet didn't move, she'd lost herself inside her head and because of it she hadn't heard Raina close in on her. Now she felt the warmth of another body within a few inches of her own, the fleeting rush of air from the woman's voice was practically on her neck through the guard of her hair. With a slow swallow she brought herself to nod, "Fine." She lied, grip flexing on the counter, "just thinking."

Raina nodded unseen, she had crossed the room in a few steps, and right now if she breathed too deep she would brush against the doctor. Her chest moved in a rhythmic undulation that carried the movements of her shoulders and upper rib cage, as if she were trying to calm herself down. "I'm not sure I am... "she offered in a course whisper, feeling a familiar tension slither around her body.

Concern was the initial reason Janet had straightened, afraid her charge was going to collapse; it proved to be her undoing.

Raina reached for Janet's arm, in the midst of the woman's own turning motion, forcing the motion ahead of schedule and stepped up against her. Being taller Raina easily pinned Janet back against the counter edge as her hands sought out the woman's face, tipping it up as her mouth came down eagerly. The two of them lingered within the intimate contact, lips clutching to one another's as the momentum of capture fell away only to be replaced with a timid fervor. Their kiss broke with a gentle sound, only to be chased by a longer second, the act pulling a whine-like moan from the back of Janet's throat as if she were trying to stop herself. The vice of Raina's fingers eased and smoothed the quickly fading marks they'd made into the skin as they drifted into the depths of Janet's hair.

Again their mouths departed, Janet nearly perched on the edge of her height as if being pulled by strings that Raina held taut. The taller of the pair adjusted the angle of her features, seeking out a deeper kiss as she openly sought out the warmth and taste of Janet's mouth. Their third kiss drew together with parted lips, and Raina nearly melted into the floor when she virtually tasted the ensuing whine of a moan that bubbled up from Janet's throat again. It held the same note, the same intention, only it was louder this time.

Raina's teeth closed around Janet's bottom lip, tugging on it gently before breaking contact completely. She turned her head again, meeting Janet's mouth with a fourth kiss in nearly as many seconds. When her tongue swept across the woman's upper lip she felt an immediate tension that could've snapped Janet's spine in two.

"Mmf-no" Janet's voice was almost a mournful protest as she drew her features back and instantly twisted away and out of reach.

Raina had immediately let go with the protest, curling her hands away into fists as her own body drew away almost as if the pair had been blown apart by the sheer impact of their atoms colliding. "I shouldn't've done that..." came the faint whisper from Raina as she continued to withdraw.

Janet had turned a second before, trembling from their actions, gaze leveled on Raina's retreating frame. Her hand was at her mouth, fingertips pressed to the moistened swell of her bottom lip while her body tried to catch up to what was going on and her mind fought through the haze.

"she's leaving…" The harsh words flew into her initial thought process too slow to formulate words. Raina was already out the door and into the hallway. "Adoraina wait!"

Raina paused at the call of her name; she was just outside, easily viewable through the blinds along the medical room windows. Her eyes cut sideways, staring at Janet from between the opened metal slats before she rushed away.

Janet moved a few seconds after, her momentum picking up after she hit the door way. She ran down the hall after the other woman, rounding the corner and shouting after her again. The shout only drew the Major's gaze up from its search over the numbered elevator panel from inside. Their eyes locked for a brief instant, until the steel doors cut them off from one another.

Raina lent back against the elevator's steel walls, her head thumping painfully in the small space. A single catalyst to a series of self inflicted skull thumps. "Stupid… stupid… stupid…" Once the doors slid open the woman quickly made her way down the hall to her quarters, half afraid Janet on her heels with the next ride. She grabbed her keys and cast a look about for her jacket, not seeing it within reach she forgot about it and headed back into the hallway. At the scrape of elevator doors Raina drew to a halt mid-stride. Twisting about she lead herself to the elevator at the hall running parallel to the one housing her room.

Janet made her way down the corridor, hand coming to rest on the open door jamb as a silent announcement to her presence. Upon seeing the room vacant she stepped deeper inside. Dark eyes did a slow once over of the room before the doctor spun about, rushing into the hallway. "Where is she?" Her voice held its command lilt as she addressed the MP stationed a short distance away.

The sheer force of the question and its context threw the airman off guard. "Inside ma'am… I haven't left my post all morning." The only time the airman couldn't account for was the shift prior to his own.

Fraiser's eyes went wide, if he was telling her the absolute truth then at least four hours could've passed in the mean time. Immediately the woman made a beeline for the nearest red phone. "Base alert. The Jaffa Ambassador is missing. I repeat Base Alert, Asherah is missing." With her last words her eyes fell on the airman with enough strength to crush him if it were possible.

Raina heard the klaxons even after driving through the check gate. She glanced back through her rear view mirror and saw the typical lock down procedures slip into place. Sahar must've returned from her mourning ceremonies. They only locked down the base on unauthorized activations and "guest" visits. If it had been anything worse those top side would've taken every precaution to stop her vehicle and detain the major herself.

With a slow sigh Raina allowed herself a moment to relax, leaning back into the seat while the vice grip on her steering wheel eased. Her moment of internal solitude was interrupted with the shrill bark of her cell phone. With a glance to the road she felt around with a free hand, flipping the device open with a small grumble, "Stallard…"

"Raina!" Cassandra Fraiser's voice broke through the line in the form of a panic stricken scream. "Help me! They're here!" Cassie's scream broke into the phone again, accompanied by the splintering of wood and the sound of gunfire.

"Cassie!" Raina punched the accelerator, thankfully given the hour there would be few if anyone else on the road. Unthankfully her drive down the mountain to the Fraiser home was still a good half hour away.

"Raina plea-AAH!" The girls' shrill scream forced the phone from Raina's ear with a wince.

"Hang on baby... I'm coming! Just hang on... keep running!" Raina threw the truck into gear, veering off the road and down the embankment along the wind of the mountain to the road face below. She heard Cassie's screams, some from fear while others were from frustration as she apparently struggled and fought her way from her attackers. All Raina could do was listen and shout over and over that she was coming.

"Get off ME!!" The sound was muffled, flooded with the noise of confined movement as if from within a pocket.

'Good girl Cass...' Raina mentally praised. If she was lucky the people presently assaulting Cassandra wouldn't find the phone before the major could get it tracked.

Her decision made Raina put Cassie's line on hold, dialing the emergency base number. With the bark of a greeting Raina growled right back "Get me Hammond NOW!"

At the first breath of a syllable from her CO Rain overcame him with the flood of information available to her. "…only chance now's the cell. 555-2452…"

"Major stay calm. We'll send a team out..." the general let his voice linger, already wondering if the twin events were related The major was under enough duress given the rev of her engine the general surmised she was running at a little over a hundred. "Stay calm and get over there safely. Nothing can help her if you're both in trouble."

"Understood." Raina didn't bother to hang up; she merely switched back to the other line.

"-INA! RAINA!" There were male grunts and curses, barely audible over the raw screams that seemed to pour from Cassie's throat.

"Where the fuck are the neighbors!?" Her mind screamed at her, where was anybody… why couldn't they hear her. Raina slammed on the break and rounded the corner leading up to the Fraiser home. The truck threatened to spill over on its side from the harsh movement but with another quick jerk the major regained her control. That was when she saw them, the squeal of her own tires barely echoing through the cell phone. Four men held a thrashing Cassandra in the lock of their arms, forcing her into the back of a black Tahoe before squealing away from the curb. Having a good sixty plus MPH on them the smaller frontier quickly caught up with the woman's foot nailing the pedal to the floor.

Both hands bit into the wheel and in an instant Raina felt all the muscles and bones in her body threaten to snap as she slammed into the back of the SUV. The major hadn't even known she'd been screaming until she heard the equally disjointed male groans through the phone somewhere to her right.

Glass rained everywhere and the whine of metal and fiberglass resounded like firecrackers. There was a series of almost comical 'whams' as the two vehicles collided. Physics as a law favored the larger of the pair, driving the smaller truck beneath the steel frame of the Tahoe until the rear wheels dug tire patterns into the continuously crunching hood.

The jerk of her seatbelt and slam of an airbag threw Raina into the weight of her seat, pinning her with enough force to equal that of having fallen from fifteen stories up. The tail end of the truck bounced at the near dead stop and to Rain, the world went black.

There was warmth, just off to the major's left; the flickering of a fire weaved over the lids of her eyes amidst the darkness. Her ears rang and her lids were too heavy to lift. She felt the pressure of a hand against her side and more at her chest, as if someone was leaning their weight into her but nothing else seemed to register. A moment later and her awareness faded into the dark again.

Asherah remained knelt over the major's form, her left shoulder was poorly out of joint and deep lacerations seemed to just rain down the same side. However out of both of them she was the conscious one, at the last possible moments she'd come from her hiding spot in the back of the Major's truck, secured herself with a seat belt and faced the Tahoe head on.

She'd woken up first, seen the engine erupt in flames and without thought yanked Raina onto the street and dragged her into the lawn. Her vision was fuzzy along the edges now; it and the pain running rampant along the side of her body were left ignored as she again tended to the dark haired Major… the sound of approaching sirens her only company.

Los Angeles

Three Days Later

An industrial estate. Armed guards patrolled the roof of a warehouse. Helicopters were heard overhead. NID Agent Barrett walked out of the door of the warehouse. While NID agents swarm all over. Several ambulances are parked, receiving dead bodies. Sirens wail in the background, while the flicker of red, white and blue illuminate the scene thanks to the parade of ambulances and other emergency vehicles. NID Agent Barrett makes his way through the scene, weaving around EMT's and rescue personnel. His destination clear, focus level with the trio of individuals who step from the unmarked hummer at the edge of the scene.

"Quinn, Doctor Jackson… glad you could make… it." The two familiar figures are greeted with the usual lack luster. Jonas gave a nod and Daniel a verbal recognition. "Agent Barrett..." Their third companion however caused the Agent to falter only in glance as it lifted to her forehead, "…and you are?"

"Sahar..." Samantha Carter's voice rang clear, and although her attire matched that of her flanking companions the gold swath of Anubis branded into her forehead gave away her origin.

Barrett eyed the woman skeptically before veering his gaze towards Jackson and Quinn. When neither man reacted to his visual probing the Agent continued. "How's Major Stallard doing?" He could've been talking about the weather with his tone.

"Still recovering…" Samantha answered before Daniel broke in. "She hasn't woken up yet. It'll be a while yet before she can give us more details."

Jonas pulled the agents attention then, "So what've you guys got?"

Barrett eyed the three again before waving them all to follow. "Well, we're still putting together the details here, if you'll follow me." Again he wove a pattern through the bustle of rescue and medical personnel on site. "I'll explain as we go."

Jackson glanced to the others before surveying the site in question. "What is this place?"

"An abandoned industrial complex as near as we can tell" Barrett supplied, leading them inside at a gradual pace. "We believe it was home to a rogue NID sleeper cell. We've been trying to locate for over a year now."

"Still haven't got them all?" Jonas quipped, stepping over a fallen tarp as the quartet trudged on.

"No not by a long shot." Barrett's voice was grim; he didn't like rogues, especially in his 'outfit.' "Their ties run deep. They seem to have infinite resources at their disposal."

The NID was new to Samantha, in a sense, she'd read up on them in her brief period after her return from Shan`dr's funeral. Now she was thrust into something that was starting to feel like a bad spy novel. "What were they doing here?"

"We're not exactly sure yet." The agent offered with a sigh as he wound them around another hallway, being careful to skirt around the gore leading up to their destination.

"What happened?" Jackson swallowed hard at a swath of blood smeared, obviously, by a hand across the wall at his left.

"At approximately 0800 hours we intercepted a 911 call…" Barrett began, as if trying to regale them with some fanciful anecdote. "We moved in just after local authorities arrived, we've been in lockdown mode ever since…"

"Wait a minute." Daniel pulled them all to a stop, forcing Barrett to turn around to face them all as the doctor continued. "Someone from a top secret, not to mention illegal NID operation called 911?" He raised a brow for added disbelief to the notion.

Barrett could only tip his head with a slight agitation. "It got real ugly." His tone was factual and almost sarcastic. "Come on." He motioned and continued onward after the trio behind him shared skeptical glances. "We got a call from a panicked male voice. We think it was from the cleaning staff. The call was cut short. Thus far we've counted 32 casualties. Including a 6 man security contingent." With a simple gesture he lead them inside the main space of the warehouse. In a flurry of shutters and scraping shoes, NID agents take photos of some of the victim's faces before they are zipped up and stretcher carried away. At least 5 body bags remain on the floor next to the newest of arrivals.

"Who would do this?" Jonas' voice wavered with a hybrid of disbelief and nausea as he surveyed the slaughter. Thirty eight people… "And for what reason." Samantha added, as Daniel concluded the joint sentence. "And what does the disappearance of Fraiser's daughter have to do with all of it?"

"Actually," The agent started with a near sadistically proud note. "We know who did it, as for why…"

"You know who did this?" Again Daniel threatened to come to a halt again but with a firm hand at his lower back he continued onward into a vast open room in the middle of the warehouse.

"Yeah…" Barrett supplied, allowing the three to settle into a following line as the agent leads them down a darkened corridor. Another tangle of agents continued to photograph various artifacts along the edges of the corridor. They come to an armed guard and a heavy door... "Open it." His voice fell into a momentary command lilt and within seconds of the large doors opening they were greeted visually with a large opaque curtain shielding the depth of the otherwise empty room began to lift.

In the middle of the room sat a giant cell, like something out of a sci-fi alien containment ward in a movie. Safety glass, no doubt bullet proof and inches thick was hung together by a titanium steel frame and lit by floodlights above. The higher the curtain raised the clearer to visage of a humanoid figure became. Bare feet lead to bruised ankles until the rolled up material of pajama pants clung to the figure's legs. Bare hands were pressed against the glass, attached to arms and a torso where a slightly oversized button up shirt resided. Long brownish hair fell beyond the shoulders, straight and thick… it took everything inside the trio not to gasp or verbally protest at the vision of Cassandra Fraiser's face being revealed with the complete removal of the curtain. There was a bed, a chair and a bookcase in the box, every other empty space was littered with charcoal drawings. From her place above she looked at them with fear and worry in her eyes.

"It was her." Barrett's voice echoed dimly around the empty room, forcing incredulous looks between the three behind him.

Samantha glanced briefly at Barrett, in seeming disbelief. Jonas was rooted to the spot, his gaze unwavering even as Daniel spoke. "Oh my god… Cassandra."

To Be Continued

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