DISCLAIMER: I don't own the characters, Paramount does, and I make no profit from this crappy story.
AUTHOR'S NOTE: Angst. There is absoultely NO silver lining here. Be warned.
This is something I wrote today that makes no sense. Don't expect much from this...... thing.

By Hayseven

I no longer see the stars.

I can no longer taste, nor derive joy from anything that touches my mouth.

My hands can feel surfaces, but it is only skin deep, all texture is gone.


I can seek no elation in my life.

My senses are dulled and dead.

I died when my beloved departed this life.


I saw her die before my eyes and from then on, all colour drained from my sight.

I ache for one last caress, one not tainted with her blood.

They tore her lifeless body from my arms, and never will I feel again. <> 

I lie on the bed we made love in,

The bed we built our hopes on,

And the coldness of loneliness pervades me.

Or at least it once did in the beginning,

It no longer touches me now, I feel nothing of consequence.


Once I could hold her in my arms and taste her in my mouth,

Have her cling to me at the heights of passion.

The way she sang her climax was a symphony of sound.

It touched me deep within my core,

And brought me forever over the edge of bliss.


Now this cruel life mocks me.

It took my bangwi away and with her passing,

It left me with a void that cannot be filled.


I can stand the looks of compassion no more.

The soft touches of pity,

And the sound of my own sorrow that haunts my soul at night.


I do not wish to go on,

Any life without her is only a half life.


I howled to Kahless when my beloved died,

She would have been proud to hear my cry.

She didn't embrace the Klingon culture fully until we both joined as one.

My wife, the proud noble victor.

Kahless never knew a mightier warrior then her.


That is until I join her.


Battles occur all the time right?

One false move and an enemy could kill you.

Sure I will fight to my last breath,

But ultimately, I shall rejoin my wife soon.


May the barge of dead not hold me back.

Seven, I shall hold you again.

You are my Sto-Vo-kor.

My hearts, my soul, my forever.

The End

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