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Seventh Heaven
By AngP


B'Elanna Torres stretched out her cramped back muscles and wiped the sweat from her brow ridges, sighing contentedly at the sun on her back and the pleasant buzz in her muscles from the physical labour.

She and Seven of Nine had so far spent 2 days on this uninhabited, un-named planet mining for the precious metals that were essential for Voyager's journey back towards the Alpha quadrant. So far their away mision had worked out well.

B'Elanna would have been the first to admit her relationship with Seven had often been antagonistic at best, and damn close to physical altercations at worst, but lately they had managed a more productive working relationship and even a tolerance of each other outside of work.

Even so, when Captain Janeway assigned them both to the away mission, whilst Voyager was busy making first contact with yet another new Delta quadrant race, many had assumed it was a recipe for disaster. So far, however, their tentative truce had held.

B'Elanna glanced over at Seven, busy with a tricorder a short distance away. The climate of the planet was warm and sunny, but despite several hours hard at work, Seven still appeared to be her usual cool and pristine self. B'Elanna wondered what it would take to get Seven looking as hot and bothered as she was feeling.

Unbidden, an image of Seven flashed into her mind, she was bent backwards over one of the many large, smooth rocks around them, head thrown back, biosuit ripped down the front revealing those large, glorious breasts as B'Elanna enthusiastically sucked on a nipple and Seven moaned in ecstasy.

'Oh Kahless', B'Elanna's mind screamed, 'where did that come from'. It was the third sexually explicit thought she'd had about Seven so far today. 'Must have been in the sun too long' she thought, turning swiftly away from Seven and striding back to the shuttle, grabbing a bottle of water and telling her baser hormones to calm the hell down.

It might well have been some time since she last had sex, but really, it wasn't like she was some randy teenagers, she was totally capable of controlling her urges til she was safely back on Voyager and able to take herself in hand, so to speak. Feeling slightly better, she went back outside and got back to work.

Some time later, at B'Elanna's insistence, they stopped work to eat a light, replicated meal, sitting in the shade of the shuttle, talking casually about their progress so far today and what they still needed to get done.

B'Elanna glanced across at Seven, her eyes focusing on a droplet of water as it travelled down the water bottle she was drinking from, down the dimpled chin and on down her long neck. B'Elanna imagined her tongue following the same route, teeth and lips fastening on the pulse point in her neck, hearing Seven's moans of pleasure.

'What the hell!' B'Elanna jumped to her feet, thoroughly confused by her brains apparent inability to stop fantasising about having sex with Seven of Nine.

"Are you experiencing some difficulty, Lieutenant?" Seven, of course couldn't fail to notice her agitation and was watching her curiously, head cocked, ocular implant raised.

B'Elanna's gaze landed on the starburst implant near her ear, she wondered if it was touch sensitive and what would happen if she licked it. She had actually taken a step towards Seven before she stopped and shook her head to clear it.

"Oh shit," she had a bad feeling suddenly about what might be wrong with her, "Seven, fetch the medical tricorder, I need you to scan me."

"You are unwell, Lieutenant?" Seven asked as she stood.

"Not sure, hopefully it's nothing." B'Elanna was saying a silent prayer to any god that was listening that this wasn't what she was thinking.

Seven returned and began the scan, a small frown of concentration on her face.

"Several of your hormonal levels are quite elevated and are continuing to rise, your temperature and heart rate are also mildly elevated, though I am unsure why," she concluded in her usual monotone.

"Shit, shit, shit!" B'Elanna began to pace, trying to think of the best course of action, "if we set off now, how long would it take us to catch up with Voyager, do you think?"

Though obviously confused, Seven considered and took a moment to answer.

"Given their course and speed, it would take us approximately 4 days to intercept Voyager at this shuttle's maximum capabilities."

"That's too long," think Torres, "We have sedatives in the med kit don't we, is there enough to knock me out for the journey?" This was borne of desperation.

"Lieutenant Torres, as I am sure you are aware, a standard Starfleet Medical kit provides only enough sedatives to keep one person lightly sedated for a few hours," B'Elanna could hear the impatience in the clipped tones of Seven's voice now, "Have you contracted a disease from this planet?"

I'm gonna have to tell her, man this is embarrassing!

"I think I'm in the early stages of Pon Far, Seven," B'Elanna began, only to be quickly interrupted.

"Lieutenant, you are not Vulcan, though clearly whatever is afflicting you is causing disturbance to your faculties." Seven was now looking at her with some concern.

Quickly and briefly B'Elanna explained what had happened during Vorik's failed mind-meld whilst he was under the influence of his own Pon Far and the subsequent events.

Seven listened intently.

"Lieutenant, how did you realise the affliction was returning before I scanned you?"

Dammit, she would ask that!

"Because I've been having fantasies about you all morning." Please leave it at that.

"Fantasies?" No such luck, ok then.

"Explicit, sexual fantasies."

"I see." Well you did ask.

"Our safest option would be setting a course back to Voyager, you could keep me behind a force field and use the sedatives if I became...problematic."

"Lieutenant, we cannot under estimated your resourcefulness, I believe you capable of escaping any restraint with the right motivation. If this were to occur en route, the situation would be quite dangerous."

She's right, can't take the chance, a confined shuttle craft is no place to play kiss-chase with a deranged Klingon. Deep breath, Torres, think.

"Ok then, we can't fight this out of me, cos if one or both of us was badly injured we'd be in even more trouble, so you're gonna have to leave me here and go and get help, as soon as you're within hailing distance you can contact Voyager and come back with the Doc." B'Elanna was confident she would see the logic of the suggestion.

"That is unacceptable. You will experience severe physical and psychological harm. You are essential to the wellbeing of the Voyager collective and must not be damaged. There is only one logical solution to this situation." Please no, not assimilation. "We must copulate, Lieutenant." Seven was looking at the ground as she made her suggestion, her cheeks had flushed slightly.

B'Elanna became very still, there was a split second as she felt the effects of the Pon Far flood her brain. She ruthlessly pushed it away and regained control.

"Are you crazy? Do you have any idea what I could do to you in this state?" B'Elanna's vioce had risen in her agitation.

"I am Borg, I will adapt." Seven said stoically, her chin raised to its must arrogant angle.

B'Elanna took a deep breath and tried for calm as she approached the blonde.

"Seven, I can't even put into words how unselfish an offer that is," Seven's chin had dropped now and B'Elanna used two fingers to lift it again and force eye contact, "You're a virgin aren't you?" A small nod, "Your first time should be with someone special, it should have meaning and be a happy memory to look back on. You shouldn't throw it away on me, especially in a situstion like this."

B'Elanna was blown away by the offer and the courage it must have taken to make it. Her inner Klingon was howling at her to grab the blonde and take her. She removed her hand from that beautiful face to avoid further temptation.

"Lieutenant, I am unclear as to whether I will ever have the emotional capacity to acquire someone 'special', I believe us to be quite compatible logically, our interactions of late have not been hostile and I find your appearance quite aesthetically pleasing. I do not believe this would be a hardship for me." The blush was back but she had retained steady eye contact as she spoke.

B'Elanna closed her eyes briefly to escape the intensity of those gorgeous blue eyes, 'give me strength, she asks for so little and is willing to give so much in return'. B'Elanna felt her resolve weaken slightly.

"Logic doesn't have a lot to do with sexual attraction, you know. Rather than wasting time arguing about this, why don't we see if we're at least compatible." B'Elanna thought that sounded very sensible.

"What do you suggest, Lieutenant?" Seven asked warily.

"I suggest you start calling me B'Elanna, for a start. Now Seven, prepare to be kissed."

B'Elanna moved in closer, Seven maintained her rigid posture. Sighing, B'Elanna raised her hand and curled it around the back of Seven's neck, thumb lazily caressing the starburst implant, eyes locked on Seven's as they widened slightly at her touch, B'Elanna pulled her head down.

B'Elanna was determined to keep this slow and gentle, her lips brush Seven's, featherlight, several times before she let her tongue sweep across the pouty lower lip. Seven gasped and B'Elanna took full advantage, sliding her tongue into her mouth, she finally got a response as Seven's tongue tangled with her own.

B'Elanna's hand moved up into Seven's hair, setting it free to tumble around their faces, her other hand landing on Seven's hip to pull her closer, then drifting to a firm buttock and squeezing. Seven whimpered at that and her own arms wrapped around B'Elanna, one hand stroking her spinal ridges, the other in her hair, kissing back in earnest now.

B'Elanna could feel her passion rising at Seven's response to her, reluctantly she broke the kiss and stepped back slightly, taking deep breaths in an attempt to get the hormones racing through her brain and body back under control. There were still things she needed to be clear about before they went any further. Her inner Klingon roared in triumph when it took Seven some time to open her eyes and focus, her breathing erratic and cheeks flushed.

"Well, compatibility doesn't seem to be an issue." She grinned at Seven's muttered "Indeed."

"Seven, you need to be sure about this, this is a massive step for both of us, but especially for you. I don't want you to feel pressurised into this, flying off to get help is stiil a valid option as far as I'm concerned."

"That is not a logical choice. I have no doubt sexual interaction is the optimal solution. Your kiss was more than adequate B'Elanna and....I trust you." Whilst the colour was still high on her cheeks, Seven had maintained eye contact and B'Elanna had no doubt about her sincerity.

"Thank you doesn't even come close to expressing how grateful I am," B'Elanna grasped Seven's enhanced hand and kissed the palm, not missing the shiver that ran through Seven at the contact. "My kiss was only adequate?" Seven's cheeks took on more colour.

"While I still have some measure of control, we need to take care of your first time," cheeks that had only just returned to their normal pallor were suddenly pink again, "this may not be how you envisioned it, but I want more than anything to ensure this is a good memory for you." Seven's eyes dropped as she nodded in understanding, B'Elanna noted her breathing was also a little erratic again, but before they did this there were a few things she needed to make clear.

"From my memories of last time," B'Elanna grimaced at this, "when the Pon Far is at its height, my overwhelming need will be to 'claim' you, that's not to say I won't want you to return the favour and often," she grinned at the deepening blush agian, "but there will be times when I need to be in control, I wasn't violent last time by any means, but if you can give me that I think it will work out better for both of us."

"Acceptable." B'Elanna thought it was nerves that had brought back the rigid stance and 'Borg-speak' again.

So, it looked like they were going to do this then, it was time to get practical.

"Seven, do you want a drink or anything? I'm gonna grab a quick shower, then sort us out somewhere comfortable to .... er... relax."

"I do not require.... I am fine, I will pack away our equipment. I....find your scent is very pleasing, B'Elanna." Seven turned away to get on with her task and B'Elanna retreated to the shuttle. She was glad of some alone time to try and get herself completely back under control.

Whilst the shuttle had perfectly good sleeping areas they were not conducive to amorous activities. Grabbing all the mattresses off the cots as well as the pillows and bedding, she moved them into an open area in the middle of the shuttle and arranged them into a comfy nest. She grabbed some water flasks and put them nearby, this was likely to be thirsty work.

She was concentrating on her breathing, trying to keep her mind blank. If anyone had told her a week ago she would be contemplating sex with Seven of Nine, she would have laughed in their face at best and thrown them out an airlock at worst. While B'Elanna freely admitted Seven's physical appearance was sexy as hell, the cold and unemotional facade had been a complete turn off. Now she was looking forward to finding out what was behind the mask.

Finished with her preparations, B'Elanna took off her boots and socks, deciding to forego a shower for now if Seven found her scent 'acceptable'. She took a moment to instruct the shuttle's sensors to monitor their surroundings, there were no higher life-forms on the planet that they were aware of, but they could do without any nasty surprises.

She crossed over to the shuttle's entrance, Seven was a short distance away, fiddling with a tricorder, apparently deep in thought. B'Elanna waited until she looked up and caught her eye, then held out her hand. Seven took a deep breath, put down the tricorder and walked towards her, taking B'Elanna's hand at the door and allowing herself to be led towards the makeshift bed. B'Elanna said a silent pray of thanks for the gift she was about to receive. Brown eyes locked with blue, B'Elanna felt compelled to ask one more time.

"Seven, are you sure -"

"I am positive this is what I want." Blue eyes were steady on hers, even if the hand she was holding shook slightly.

"Ok then. Do the boots come off separately or are they part of the whole biosuit thing?" B'Elanna didn't want to be fiddling around with awkward clothing.

"I can take them off first if you wish." Seven proceeded to do so, then reach behind her for the clasp of the biosuit.

B'Elanna captured her hands and held them gently.

"Hang on, l want to undress you, it's part of the whole package." She smiled reassuringly and stepped in close, their bodies barely touching, pleased to see that with the boots off their heights weren't so dissimilar.

"Seven, if I do anything you don't like or don't want, please tell me, l want to make this good for you, ok?" A nod and a blush were her answer.

B'Elanna lent forward and found Seven's lips with her own, they parted instantly and she began a teasing dance with Seven's tongue. Her hands were in that wonderful hair, stroking through it as Seven's arms wrapped around her, her hands began massaging and stroking the spinal ridges. B'Elanna could feel her whole being concentrate on Seven.

Her mouth drifted across Seven's cheek as the need for air became an issue, finally her tongue made contact with the starburst implant she had fantasised about earlier and she explored the perfect integration of skin and metal, startling a moan out of Seven, which in turn started a constant growl from her own chest.

"Are your implants touch sensitive? Do you like that Seven?"

"Apparently that one is very sensitive, your tongue is most.... stimulating." Seven gasped out in a voice that bore no relation to the usual flat monotone.

"Good to know." B'Elanna smiled against her skin and continued to lavish attention on the implant, loving the effect it was having on Seven and in turn, on herself. Her lips lowered to the elegant neck, tongue finding the pulse point, unable to prevent her teeth and lips fastening on it and marking the flawless skin, feeling Seven's knees give way slightly at the sensations it caused.

Feeling her own arousal building in line with Seven's, B'Elanna realised it was time to move things along, she needed skin on skin, and that meant getting rid of the biosuit.

B'Elanna lent back slightly and waited for Seven's eyes to open, the blue almost obscured by the dilated pupils.

"Ok?" At Seven's nod she stole a quick kiss from swollen lips and stepped around, finding the clasp of the biosuit at the nape of Seven's neck, her lips followed it slow descent, tongue sneaking out to taste the newly exposed skin and warm, malleable metal on Seven's ribs and lower back. When the zipper was at it lowest point, she stepped back around and peeled the suit from Seven's shoulders and off of her arms.

B'Elanna let her eyes feast on the shear beauty revealed, the large firm breasts with nipples already stiff with arousal, the perfect blending of pale skin and silver metal across the abdomen and around the ribs. She was virtually speechless at the unequivocal beauty before her and felt her own arousal notch up a few places at the thought that this was hers for the taking, she would be the first to lay hands on this incredible body and claim it as her own.

She looked back up to Seven's eyes and to her consternation found them screwed up tightly, she also appeared to be holding her breath. Was this fear?

B'Elanna raised a hand to her cheek and waited for those incredible eyes to open and focus on her.

"I have no words right now to tell you how breathtaking beautiful you are, but I hope to be able to show you." At her words Seven appeared to relax slightly and take a deep breath. B'Elanna was appalled to think that Seven had been scared her appearance, or more precisely her implants, would cause B'Elanna to reject her.

"You missed a trick all these years, you know," B'Elanna smiled crookedly, "if you'd have shown up in Engineering and flashed me these, you could have had all the energy you wanted for Astrometrics, and probably anything else as well." She was rewarded with a small smile.

"Right now though I need to get you naked and horizontal, so I can pay proper homage to your beautiful body."

B'Elanna bent and helped Seven out off the biosuit, and then down onto the bed.

"Comfy?" At Seven's nod her own clothes went flying in all diections as they were removed at incredible speed. Seven was smirking slightly as B'Elanna lay down beside her.

B'Elanna let her eyes roam over the beauty laid out before her, she licked her lips and prayed for the control needed to bring the blonde the heights of pleasure she intended to provide.

She looked into Seven's half-lidded, desire drugged eyes, about to speak, when Seven's hand reached up, grasped a handful of dark hair and pulled her down for a scorching kiss. As her tongue started a duel with Seven's, her hands began to roam.

Despite B'Elanna's best intentions she knew she wouldn't be abe to last long, straddling Seven's hips, she gave into the overwhelming urge to touch those glorious breasts, firmly massaging the pliant flesh, fingers moving closer to stiff nipples. She dragged her mouth from Seven's, taking possession of one nipple, dancing her tongue over it while her fingers gently squeezed and rolled the other.

The sounds Seven made were incredibly sexy, whimpers and low moans, accompaniment to the constant growl from her own chest. B'Elanna looked up and nearly came at the sight of a sensually abandoned Seven, hair disheveled, head thrown back. With some thought to how new and overwhelming this might be, B'Elanna reached for her fully human hand and sqeezed it reassuringly.

B'Elanna spent a good few minutes feasting on those glorious breasts before the scent of Seven's arousal forced her to move on. Her lips paid homage to the perfect blend between human and Borg across her abdomen as she moved lower, promising to come back soon and explore more fully. Gently parting Seven's legs, she lay herself down between her thighs.

The scent of Seven's arousal was intoxicating this close and briefly had B'Elanna's head swimming before she clamped down on herself with iron control. The evidence of her arousal was plain to see in glisterning, wet, swollen folds. B'Elanna squeezed Seven's hand as if to prepare her for what was about to happen. She swept her tongue from bottom to top, gathering moisture as she went, the taste unique to Seven, B'Elanna decided it could easily become addictive.

At the first touch of her tongue, Seven's hips had taken on a life of there own, thrusting up to maintain contact with B'Elanna's mouth. Glancing along the length of her body, B'Elanna decided there could be no sexier sight in the quadrant than a fully aroused Seven of Nine, head thrown back, body aching off of the bed, B'Elanna's name a mantra from her lips, alternating with whimpers and low moans.

B'Elanna's tongue circled around her entrance, then thrust in as far as she could reach, startling a louder moan from the blonde. Repeating this action several times, ratcheting up the tension, B'Elanna decided it was time to come.

She swept her tongue up and found the engorged clit, wrapping her lips around it, she began to suck in earnest, the tip of her tongue stroking firmly. Within seconds Seven came, screaming her name, body arched so high she nearly dislodged B'Elanna, gripping her hand painfully tight. B'Elanna's own sympathetic orgasm caught her by surprise, but she ignored it, there was work still to be done.

Before the last wave had swept through Seven's body, B'Elanna moved to lay beside her again, hand replacing mouth but lying still, waiting. It took some time but eventually those beautiful blue eye opened and focused on her. B'Elanna wondered how she could have ever thought them cold as they gazed at her in awe, then widened as B'Elanna began to gently move her fingers in the warm folds.

"B'Elanna I cannot.....so soon..." Seven said weakly.

B'Elanna chuckled.

"You'll be amazed at your powers of recovery," she leaned down for a sweet kiss, letting Seven taste herself on her lips, "you are, after all a woman and a former Borg."

A longer kiss followed, tongues tangling sensuously.

"You are also the single most sexy vision I have ever seen in the whole of my life. Trust me?"

Seven nodded, eyes darkening again as B'Elanna's fingers began to move teasingly over her still swollen clit, her mouth settling over a nipple, licking and sucking gently. Her fingers were coated with a fresh wave of moisture as she moved them down and circled her entrance, one finger sliding slowly inside. Her thumb now stroking the engorged clit, her mouth moved to the pulse point on Seven's neck and began to suck as hips began to rock again.

Her probing finger encountered a natural barrier and stopped, as her thumb increased the pressure and tempo on Seven's clit, B'Elanna raised her head. Seven's eyes were closed, lips parted as teeth worried the bottom lip, breath coming in short pants.

"Open your eyes, Seven." B'Elanna felt an overwhelming need to have Seven look at her, to be fully aware of who it was that was about to possess her. Blue eyes opened and focused on her with difficulty.

"You are incredible." B'Elanna's finger pushed through the last barrier and blue eyes rolled back as B'Elanna withdrew and added a second finger before thrusting back inside, creating a matching rhythm with her stroking thumb. Soon strong internal muscles were contracting around her fingers, drawing them in further as Seven screamed her name.

'This is it.' B'Elanna thought, 'this is Stovokor.'

B'Elanna stilled her fingers and waited, covering Seven's face in butterfly kisses, telling her repeatedly how beautiful she was, how extraordinary an experience it had been.

Even tiny movements of her fingers caused aftershocks. Eventually, blue eyes opened.

"Are you ok?" Followed by a sweet kiss.

"Ok is not an accurate description of my current condition, however, I seem to be experiencing some difficulty with the construction of sentences at present. The best I can manage is ...wow."

B'Elanna grinned and leant in for a slow, sloppy kiss. Her inner Klingon puffed up with pride at the pleasure she had given. The lingering kiss made her very aware of her own state of arousal.

"Seven, touch me." B'Elanna whispered between ever more passionate kisses. Immediately one hand began massaging her spinal rigdes, while the other found a pert breast, rolling the nipple. B'Elanna gasped into the kiss, her need spiralling.

"Can you go inside me, I need you, now." B'Elanna ground out, moving to make room, forehead resting on Seven's, panting breaths from both of them.

She felt Seven's hand sliding through her wetness, then two wonderfully long, strong fingers were inside her. B'Elanna threw her head back and howled.

When Seven's fingers began to move, B'Elanna set a matching rhythm inside the blonde, curling her fingers she found a spot that had Seven's hips moving with a new urgency. B'Elanna was so close, stroking firmly over Seven's clit tipped her over the edge again. The sight, sound and feel of Seven's orgasm had B'Elanna quickly following her, growling out her pleasure.

When they had both calmed down, B'Elanna withdrew her fingers from their warm home, but couldn't resist licking them clean, humming at the unique taste. She nearly came again when Seven copied her, forcing her to kiss the blonde quite thoroughly, their tastes mingling together on their tongues.

Finally she dragged herself away, snagging a water bottle she passed it to a sleepy Seven then finished it herself. Rolling onto her back she pulled the blonde on top of her, head beneath her chin.

"Bliss." She sighed contentedly, feeling Seven relax completely as she drifted off to sleep.

Under interrogation B'Elanna couldn't have come up with a time when she felt more sated. Sleep seemed like a good idea, after all it would aide their recovery. B'Elanna closed her eyes and soon followed Seven.

When B'Elanna awoke it was slightly darker inside the shuttle but still pleasantly warm. She experienced a split second of disorientation before she remembered the events of the afternoon and why she had a naked, blonde former Borg draped all over her. A quick glance down confirmed she was still asleep. B'Elanna's inner Klingon did a little victory dance at how thoroughly she'd worn the blonde out. She could still feel the Pon Far at the edges of her brain, but just holding a naked Seven seemed to be enough to keep it at bay.

Sighing happily, she recalled Seven's passionate response to her. She was fairly sure no one aboard Voyager would believe she was capable of such wanton inhibition, there had been no attempt to moderate her responses, she had given herself wholeheartedly over to the new experience. B'Elanna thought there could be nothing sexier, unsure what she could have ever done to deserve such a gift.

In the back of her mind she knew there would be consequences for their actions here, probable difficulties when they got back to Voyager, Janeway's reaction would be interesting for a start. Knowing Seven's incredible intellect, she was no doubt aware of it too. B'Elanna couldn't make her brain concentrate on it now though, not with that beautiful body pressed all along the length of her.

As if aware of her thoughts, Seven began to stir, first with a delicious stretch then a small squeak as she became more aware. Wary blue eyes looked up at her.

"Hey gorgeous, nice nap?" B'Elanna grinned down at her, Seven relaxed some.

"My short sleep was most refreshing, thank you. How are you feeling now, B'Elanna? "

My, we are formal.

"Still as horny as hell Seven, and a bit hungry, "

She watched the growing blush with satisfaction and leaned forward for a slow kiss.

"You know this Pon Far thing could last for days, don't you? Think you'll cope with me all over you constantly?"

"I will adapt." Said breathlessly, while looking up from under her lashes.

'I'm in big trouble here', B'Elanna thought as they shared a drink, 'she sure does catch on fast'.

B'Elanna moved in closer, sliding a leg between Seven's and starting a series of long, wet kisses involving a lot of tongue.

There followed a slow exploration of Seven's body, cataloguing all the implants. B'Elanna insisted on an explanation of each one's function. By the time she got to the one on her ankle and started back up towards the apex of her thighs, with the explanation of "It just.....duh, please hurry!" she began to doubt Seven's powers of concentration.

B'Elanna decided this was her new, favourite way to make Seven come, fingers deep inside her to feel the warm, wet walls clenching around her fingers, mouth on her clit, benefiting from the unique taste of her.

On telling Seven of this, she offered to carry out her own study and on completion, informed a boneless half-Klingon it was "most efficient".

They showered separately because B'Elanna feared they would never emerge if they showered together. While Seven took her turn, B'Elanna tidied up a bit and was just thinking about what to replicate for dinner when Seven returned in a fresh biosuit. B'Elanna frowned and stepped in close, examining her neck.

"How long will it take for your nanoprobes to heal the hickeys, would it be quicker to use the dermal regenerator?"

Seven's hand came up to brush them.

"It would certainly be faster, but....I find I quite like them." B'Elanna grabbed the dermal regenerator and began to treat them.

"I like them too, but I intend to give you many more and we don't want to overwork your poor nanoprobes, do we." Her other hand was freeing Seven's hair from the severe bun as she worked. "You should wear your hair down more often, it's beautiful."

"Thank you, though it is not practical while I am working."

"It is while you're working on me!" She stole a quick kiss from the blushing blonde, as she finished healing her neck. "Seven, do you still need to wear the biosuit, medically speaking?"

"There is no medical need for it now, you do not like my biosuit?" A small frown evidence of her confusion.

"Ask me that again when my brain isn't sex addled, my problem with it at the minute is how long it takes to get off."

"You would prefer I wore something with easier access?" At B'Elanna's nod, "That is quite logical now you have explained. Do you have any suggestions?"

"Hundreds, the first being why you need to wear clothes at all, but I suppose we do need to protect your delicate skin from the sun, dammit." The ocular implant was on its way up. "Ok, something that comes off easily and is loose enough to get my hands under for some skin on skin action. Hmm, how about a shirt and sweatpants? Maybe some slip on canvas shoes? I could replicate you some to try."

Seven looked slightly bemused but agreed.

B'Elanna returned with a freshly replicated long sleeved blue shirt, grey sweatpants and the shoes.

To B'Elanna's delight, Seven stripped off right in front of her. Mouth watering at the sight, low growl coming from her chest, she dare not offer to help or they would never get to eat. New clothes on, she had to admit, the simple outfit did nothing to detract from the blonde's undeniable sex appeal. B'Elanna declared her "Ultra fuckable", stole a quick kiss and left Seven to deal with her blush while she dragged herself away to sort out some food. After all, they would need food for the energy they were sure to expend during sexy times.

They ate side by side, the close contact keeping B'Elanna's brain calm, managing a pleasant meal without conversation dominated by sex. B'Elanna patted herself on the back for her restraint. After replicating their dishes, B'Elanna suggested a walk and some fresh air. They switched on the solar lights around their camp then walked a short distance, settled against a rock and watched the sunset.

B'Elanna then lived out one of her fantasies from earlier, having Seven bent backwards over the rock, head thrown back, no biosuit to rip but shirt open displaying glorious, recently well tended to breasts, pants off, one leg over B'Elanna's shoulder as she knelt before her, head between her thighs. Seven did a decent howl at the moon and B'Elanna told her she made a great dessert.

She carried the sleepy, jelly legged blonde back to the shuttle, locked things up for the night, stripped them both and got them into bed. Spooning behind Seven with one hand possessively cupped round a breast, nose buried in the hair at the nape of her neck, they were asleep within minutes.

B'Elanna woke once during the night. She used the facilities then returned to bed. Her eyes picked out Seven quite clearly even in the dim light, still fast asleep. She bit her lip, feeling the need for the blonde pressing in on her brain.

She slid in behind Seven again, moving the hair from her shoulder, she began to suck on the juncture with her neck. Her hand found Seven's breasts and began to alternate caresses between the two. Seven pressed back against her, still not fully awake, but getting there. A pinch of a nipple brought a moan from the blonde, triggering the answering growl in her own chest. Her knee slid between Seven's legs, opening the way for her hand as it moved into hot, wet folds, amazed at how ready she was, growl increasing in volume as two fingers slid inside. B'Elanna found that by tilting her pelvis a little, she could grid her clit into Seven's firm behind, an added bonus.

It was all a little awkward, but it didn't take long for both of them to reach a quick, hard release. B'Elanna bit Seven's shoulder as she came and Seven gripped B'Elanna's forearm hard enough to leave bruises. Withdrawing her fingers as they came down but leaving her hand in the warm place between Seven's thighs, B'Elanna nuzzled her ear. A whispered "Ok?" was answered with a satisfied "Mmm." They settled back down and were soon asleep again.

They settled into a routine of sorts. B'Elanna found that although she could feel the effects of the Pon Far in her brain, with Seven's frequent 'assistance' she didn't loose herself in it. They even managed to carry on with their work. So long as Seven was within sight and preferably within reach, she could concentrate on other things for short periods. She even found some of the harder, more physical tasks enjoyable.

There were frequent stops during their working day for 'relief', as B'Elanna put it and lunch break tended to last long into the afternoon, but they were getting their task done.

Predictably, Seven 'adapted' extremely well to the almost continuous attentions of the half-Klingon, the close proximity and the demands placed on her body. B'Elanna complimented her for being so understanding and accommodating, especially when there was often little notice of when she would be called upon to share her body. Her response remained passionate and uninhibited, B'Elanna could ask for no more.

B'Elanna now knew every square inch of that body intimately, she could predict Seven's response to most of her actions. It wasn't getting old, it was getting better.

One happy suprise had happened one morning when B'Elanna had been busy working on an extraction, dressed in shorts and a tank, muscles glistening with sweat. She was concentrating on the task at hand for once and had lost track of Seven. It came as a wonderful surprise then to suddenly have the naked blonde wrapping her arms around her from behind, telling her how much she was wanted now and that she must 'comply'.

Fortunately, it only took B'Elanna's libido seconds to catch up with Seven's. The blonde soon found herself backed up against the shuttle, an aggressive tongue in her mouth and fingers buried inside her, coming so hard she blacked out for a few seconds afterwards. She came round cradled in B'Elanna's arms, a smirk on her face as she gazed fondly down at her.

"Is Pon Far catching then?" A raised ocular implant her only reply, "Not that I'd mind of course." They'd stayed there for a while enjoying closeness.

They had debated sending a sub-space message to Voyager, giving a brief description of what was going on, but had decided against it in the end. They were not in danger and they were getting the project done. They were both in agreement that Janeway woud turn Voyager around to come and get them if she knew. B'Elanna in particular balked at that. She thought one of the reasons she was handling the Pon Far so well was because of their isolation. There was no one around she could perceive as a threat, so the hormonal imbalance had been channelled into passion, rather than aggression.

A few days on they had 'christened' every surface in the shuttle and quite a bit of the surrounding area. One of B'Elanna's favourite spots was the little lake nearby. Seven couldn't swim, but trusted B'Elanna to keep her safe as they played in the water, long legs wrapped around her waist as B'Elanna's hand worked between them. There was something about that level of trust that struck B'Elanna as wonderful. She had promised Seven that when they got back to Voyager, and she was more confident she could control her hands, she would teach her to swim.

Their resource gathering was almost complete, another day would do it, B'Elanna thought. She told Seven that night she thought the grip of the Pon Far was lessening, and that maybe by the time they got back to Voyager it would be all but resolved. Seven's face had dropped back into the Borg 'mask' at that, before B'Elanna began sucking on her toes then working her way up her long leg, and everything else was forgotten.

B'Elanna could guess what that was about, she had got to know Seven and her reactions pretty well by now, and thought that she was probably apprehensive about what would happen to them when they got back to Voyager. B'Elanna had no answers at present, very aware her actions were still being ruled by her hormones, she was reluctant to make a declaration of intent until her mind was her own again. She suspected there were deep feelings for the blonde undeneath the lust, but didn't trust her judgement at present. She also had a nagging fear that when this was over, Seven would thank her for 'expanding her humanity' and move on without a backwards glance.

Then there was Janeway. B'Elanna didn't think she'd be too pleased about the uses she'd put her favourite crew member to, willing or not. B'Elanna hadn't gone into the dynamics of the Janeway/Seven relationship though she was very aware of the gossip concerning them on board Voyager. At least she knew part of it to be untrue, having relieved Seven of her virginity, and all. That didn't mean strong emotions didn't run between the two.

B'Elanna couldn't let her brain wrestle with it now, the thought of someone else with Seven had violent images rushing through her head, a growl that did not come from desire started in her chest. She turned Seven towards her and kissed her savagely, the instant response changing the tone of the growl and her kiss.

She wanted to bite the pale cheek and scream 'Mine' at the world, but contented herself with teasing Seven for long minutes, until finally she was begging B'Elanna to let her come. Afterwards, B'Elanna held her tightly and buried her face in that glorious hair. She vowed not to let jealousy ruin this, especially when it could be unfounded. She wished she was brave enough to ask Seven for the reassurance she needed, but that wasn't fair when she had nothing to give in return at the moment.

The following afternoon found them packing up their equipment and preparing to depart. B'Elanna had grown fond of their temporary home, she was especially going to miss the feel of the sun on her skin.

When everything was shipshape, B'Elanna took Seven's hand and led her down to their little lake. They stood for a while gazing out across the water, both lost in thought.

"Hey, do you want to give our little planet a name before we leave?" Then, at the bemused looked on Seven's face, "I guess sentimentality is not really your thing. Shall I name it then?" A few seconds of thought. "How about 'Land of the Lost Virginity'?" There was no escaping the enhanced hand as it swatted her behind. "Ouch! Is that not to your liking then? Ok, let me try again." More thoght. "How about 'Seventh Heaven'?" There was a considering look this time.

"A little 'corny' but acceptable."

"Hmmf, didn't hear you coming up with anything." One final look around. "Come on then Princess, time to go home."

Their journey was uneventful, the sensors picked up nothing out of the ordinary, so they let the autopilot do its thing. Voyager had contacted them, they had already departed from the planet they'd been trading with and would rendezvous with them in a day or so.

B'Elanna had taken a deep breath and requested a private talk with the Captain. On being connected to her ready room she had haltingly explained what had happened, with a few interruptions from Seven. To say that Janeway was displeased was a massive understatement. She had lambasted B'Elanna for her handling of the situation and for not contacting Voyager before now. Her face a tight mask of anger, she had left B'Elanna in no doubt there would be serious repercussions from her actions.

B'Elanna could feel her own anger towards the other woman growing, the growl starting up and her hands balling into fists. She curtly told the Captain she was unable to continue this conversation now, and due to the lingering effects of her condition, requested no welcoming committee on their return. Janeway reluctantly agreed, but insisted the Doctor would need to visit them in B'Elanna's quarters to assess both their conditions. B'Elanna insisted on discretion, for Seven's sake, and Janeway readily agreed to tell the Senior staff only that they needed to be quarantined for medical reasons.

With a curt nod she broke the connection and turned away from the screen, taking deep breaths, trying to get herself back under control. Gradually, she felt herself calming. She glanced over at Seven, noting the blank expression. She had been awfully quiet for most of the conversation. B'Elanna sighed, this was only the start of the potential problems their return to Voyager would bring. She was bound and determined to protect Seven if she could, whatever the cost to herself.

She reached for Seven's hand and sqeezed it gently. When cool blue eyes turned to her, she tried to be as reassuring as possible.

"Hey, it's me she's pissed with and probably rightly so. On my honour Seven, I will not let any of this reflect badly on you. I know this will affect your relationship with her," at Seven's attempt to interrupt, B'Elanna held up her hand. "Don't. I can't deal with any explanation of how you feel about her while this madness is still in my head." At Seven's nod of understanding, she continued.

"She will come to see your part in this as an act of compassion that was necessary in order to save my life and my sanity. Because really, that's what you've done, and I will make sure she understand that if it kills me. You deserve a medal really, going above and beyond the call of duty." Blue eyes had warmed slightly as she listened. "I can't tell you for sure how this will all work out, but at the very least I know I've found a friend I can trust with my life." B'Elanna hoped her sincerity had come through in her words.

"B'Elanna, I am feeling quite 'compassionate' right now." Seven had already begun to undo the buttons on her shirt.

"Then it would be a crime for me not to help you out with that. Come here, sexy."

She ended up with Seven straddling her lap, fingers working to an urgent rhythm inside the blonde. When Seven came she broke the arm of the chair they were sharing clean off with her enhanced hand.

At her look of embarrassment, B'Elanna told her not to worry, she knew the Cheif Engineer really well, she knew she'd understand the chair had given its arm to a good cause. That earned her a sweet kiss and for now they were ok again.

The first sight of Voyager brought mixed feelings for B'Elanna. On the one hand she could barely wait to see how her beloved engines had faired without her, on the other she knew she wouldn't be much use to them when Janeway threw her in the brig for stealing the ex-borg's innocence.

They landed in the shuttle bay, collected their few personal possessions and stepped outside. It didn't come as any great surprise to B'Elanna to see the Captain standing at the exit, Tuvok just behind her. Ever nerve in B'Elanna's body jumped instantly to full alert. She stepped in front of Seven, eyes fixed on Janeway, the threat to her mate, growl at full volume. Every instict told her to neutralise this threat. She was about to take a step forward, when Seven's enhanced arm wrapped around her waist.

"If you harm her, you give her a reason to confine you to the brig," this was whispered in her ear, as Seven pressed the length of her body along her back. Janeway's eyes had narrowed at the contact. "Captain, your presnce here is adversely affecting the Lieutenant. Commander Tuvok, I would have expected your understanding of this."

"The Captain deemed it necessary to ensure your participation in this situation is voluntary."

Janeway interrupted,

"If there is the slightest evidence that you have coerced or manipulated Seven into this Torres, I will not hesitate to bring the full weight of Federation law down on you. Is that clear?"

B'Elanna was shaking with anger.

"I would never force.... how can you even....tell them Seven."

There was a small hesitation before Seven spoke.

"Our copulation was necessary for the Lieutenant's survival, it was a logical choice, I was not forced into it." Seven's voice had reverted to the borg monotone, B'Elanna felt chilled by the words and stiffened. It wasn't exactly a ringing endorsement. She needed to get out of here. Tuvok at least seemed to notice her distress.

"Our presence is detrimental to the Lieutenant's health, we should allow them to transport to the Torres quarters, Captain."

"Very well, but don't think this discussion is over with Lieutenant, I have yet to be convinced you have acted in an appropriate manner. Computer, transport Lieutenant Torres and Seven of Nine to the Torres quarters, authorisation Janeway alpha one." B'Elanna closed her eyes as the transport began.

Despite knowing they were now safely in her quarters and alone, B'Elanna kept her eyes closed and concentrated on her breathing, desperately trying to get herself back under control. She knew Seven had moved away from her and thought that was for the best, at the moment. A part of her had known it would all go to shit when they got back to Voyager.

Long minutes passed until she felt she had her composure back. She opened her eyes to find Seven standing a few feet away, hands clasped behind her back in the rigid posture B'Elanna hadn't seen for days.

"I apologise Lieutenant," B'Elanna's heart sank at the formal address, "I did not answer the Captain's question well. I was unprepared and felt...embarrassment at being expected to provide details about a private matter."

B'Elanna sighed, rubbing her forehead rigdes to try and ward off an approaching headache.

"You don't need to apologise, I'm not sure it'll matter what you say. She seems quite determined to nail me for something." Not really wanting to know the answer, but thinking it might help her situation to know, "Did you two have something going on? Have I got in the way of something special? Her reaction seemed quite...personal."

Seven hesitated and looked away from her.

"There was a time when I thought my relationship with the Captain might develop into something.... more, but then she seemed to withdraw from me. Then there was the fiasco with the Sullivan character," B'Elanna thought she could still hear the hurt in Seven's voice that it had caused, "I have thought that I sensed her regret at the turn of events at times, but I assure you, there was nothing 'going on', I would not have engaged in sexual activity with you if there were."

"No, of course you wouldn't have, sorry, I guess my poor brain's struggling to figure out why she reacted so strongly." Janeway certainly hadn't behaved this way when she'd had Pon Far related sex with Tom Paris. "I can't help thinking she's probably jealous."

"It is irrelevant, I will inform her that copulation was my idea, that I was not coerced or manipulated. She will have no reason to punish you." B'Elanna doubted it would be that simple.

"Thanks Seven. Look, I'm gonna put my stuff away. Why don't you make yourself comfortable, then maybe we'll hail the Doc and let him check us over?"

At Seven's nod, B'Elanna disappeared into her bedroom, glad of a few minutes alone. As she packed away her clothes she tried to clear her mind. She was hopeful the Doc would confirm her belief that the Pon Far was waning and Seven would be free of her, somehow being back on Voyager made her uncomfortable, leaning more towards anger than lust. She had an urge to go to the holdeck and beat up something big and nasty.

Emerging from the bedroom, she was unsurprised to find Seven stood where she had left her, still in her rigid pose. She obviously wasn't the only one finding being back on Voyager a trial.

"Do you want to sit down, Seven?" Wait for it -

"I prefer to stand." Thought you might, one more try-

"Can I get you something to drink?"

"I do not require liquid refreshment at this time."

B'Elanna stood in front of the replicator, taking deep breaths, she could feel her temper rising. The logical part of her brain thought the posture and the borg-speak were a product of Seven's anxiety, unfortunately the lingering Pon Far rendered logic useless. She wanted to shake her. Desperately wanting something strong and alcoholic to drink, she forced herself to have a hot green tea instead.

Carrying her drink back to the sofa, she hailed the Doc.

"Ah, Lieutenant Torres, do I take it you and the lovely Seven are ready for a visit?"

"Yep, lets get this over with. Oh and Doc? We can do without sarcastic comments and innuendo at the minute."

"Touchy. Very well, best bedside manner. Be with you shortly, Doctor out."

B'Elanna sipped her tea, ignoring Seven, running a Vulcan mantra through her head, trying for calm.

The Doctor materialized next to Seven shortly after, greeting them warmly he placed his equipment bag on the sofa, took out his tricorder and began to scan Seven.

"Doctor, do you not think that as Lieutenant Torres is the one afflicted, it would be prudent to scan her first?"

"Captains orders, Seven. She was insistant I check you for injuries first, she's been very worried about you."

B'Elanna's head dropped, did these people not know her at all, that they believed her capable of physically harming a lover, Pon Far or not.

"And?" Seven asked, she had caught B'Elanna's reaction.

"Well, I would have to say you are in perfect health, blooming really. You obviously need to regenerate in the next 48 hours, but otherwise I couldn't ask for better. Ah, I can see where you've got a few healed 'hickeys' as you kids call them, but otherwise you get a gold star. Your turn Lieutenant, lets see how you've faired."

Think calm, think calm.

"Mmm," the Doctor was frowning at his tricorder.

"Is there a problem with the Lieutenant?" Seven had moved to stand beside the Doctor.

"Nothing I can't put right. It's quite evident the Pon Far has taken its toll on you physically. The good news is your hormone levels are coming back into line, your stress markers, however, are quite elevated. I can help with both, if you are willing?" At B'Elanna's nod he fiddled with a hypospray and then injected it into her neck. He continued the scan. "You've lost weight, your metabolic rate has been raised. In short you're showing signs of physical fatigue. Nothing a good few days rest and good nutrition won't sort out. You're signed off work until I'm satisfied you've recovered." He began to pack away his equipment. "You know, the doozy of it is, if you'd been on Voyager when the relapsing occured, I would have been able to treat you. Bad timing, Lieutenant."

"Worse timing for Seven, she's the one who's had to put up with me. Is it out of my system now Doc?" Please, just give me a break now.

"I would hope with my treatment the, shall we say compulsive side of your condition, is over." B'Elanna closed her eyes, she felt like a weight had been lifted from her chest. "Well, must be off, I promised the Captain a full report as soon as I'd finished."

"Thanks, Doc. Oh, one last thing, we can rely on your discretion can't we? I wouldn't like to hear any nasty rumours damaging Seven's reputation. That would be very bad for your matrix."

"Lieutenant, as if I would! You'll be pleased to hear that as your condition is medical, I am bound by my oath. Now, if that is all, I will wish you both good evening."

Then he was gone. B'Elanna flopped back onto the sofa. Her mind felt clearer than it had for days, she also believed she could sleep for a week. As if on cue, her stomachs growled. She looked across at Seven and shrugged.

"Good news, Seven, you're off the hook." A frown of confusion, "I mean, you're free." A nod of acknowledgement.

"You are looking tired, Lieutenant, I should go."

"I could probably sleep." She stood and approached Seven. "It's a shame."

"What is a shame?" Ocular implant rose.

"That you've stopped calling me B'Elanna, I miss it." A crooked smile as Seven frowned. "It's ok, I know this is awkward now. There's a lot I want to say, but I think I'll screw it up if I do it now, so a rain check." She was struggling with an internal dilemma. "I think you should follow the Doc and go see the Captain." B'Elanna was almost kicking herself, but felt honour bound to make a suggestion.

"Look, I know it won't be easy talking about this stuff with her, but maybe some good can come from all this," I can't believe I'm gonna say this, "Did you ever think that one of the reasons she may have been reluctant to take things further with you might have been your...er... innocence?" Khaless give me strength, "Being a less scrupulous person, I've sort of taken care of that. You might find she's willing to give a relationship with you a try now." She took Seven's hand and squeezed it gently. "She'd be a fool not to."

"Are you so keen to be rid of me then, now I've served my purpose?" B'Elanna was confused.

"Kahless no, but it's what you want isn't it? A relationship with Janeway?"

"It is not what I want. You would be happy for me to leave here and attempt to form an intimate relationship with the Captain?"

Dammit, it was shit or bust time. Her exhausted brain told her that honour dictated she be completely honest, even if it meant making a complete fool out of herself.

"If you were in a loving relationship with the Captain or anyone, and you were cherished and adored as you deserve to be, I would try to be happy for you." Not even a flicker of emotion in those baby blues, got to go for it now. "I think my heart would be breaking, but I would try to be happy for you."

"Why would your heart be breaking?" Her voice had softened slightly.

"Because I think I'm already halfway in love with you, Seven." There were definitely tears in her eyes now.

"Only halfway? You are not sure?"

"Well, I've been under the influence of powerful hormones, so I can't say for definate. But I do know the thought of you walking out that door scares me to death, if I thought I'd never wake up holding you again, life wouldn't be worth living, and truthfully? The thought of you with anyone else is like a dagger through my hearts. Would you have any thoughts on that, Princess?" The tears were rolling down her cheeks now.

"B'Elanna Torres, I first realised I was in love with you when the thought of the Pon Far damaging you caused me physical pain. I have felt more for you each time we made love." B'Elanna had captured her other hand and was leading her towards the bed.

"Damn, I knew I was that good, need to keep up the good work though, don't want my standards to slip."

"Indeed, practice makes perfection."

And so it proved to be.

The End

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