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Shades of Gray
By Geekgrrl


She was leaning against my car in the parking lot of my local mall. Black tank top, khaki shorts and mischievous hazel eyes peering over her sunglasses watching me walk towards her. Sarah Corvus, larger than life, bane of my existence, crazier than a bed bug, was waiting patiently for me to arrive.

"What do you want?" Keeping some distance between us I hit my key fob and unlocked the Saab.

Sarah pulled open the back door for me to drop my grocery bags into the back seat.

"5 minutes of your time. If you want to leave after that I won't stop you."

Putting the bags into the car bought me some time to think. Everyone at Berkut has made it clear she is not to be trusted. They have report upon report backing them up, with a body count climbing steadily in her wake. Something inside me won't believe that's the whole story though.

Glancing at the calm woman waiting for me to finish arranging my bags, I try to figure out what she's up to now. Most of the time the woman scares the hell out of me and I'm not stupid, she always has an ulterior motive. She has hurt me in so many ways, I should hate the woman. Somehow though, I don't.

No, there is more to Sarah Corvus than what is in those reports. Like me, she is more than the sum of her parts. Nothing is ever so black and white in this new world I now live in. Something has turned her into what she is today. I'm afraid that it could very easily happen to me too if I'm not vigilant. I can see the fear in Jae's eyes when he puts me through my paces and how cagy Jonas gets when he tries to avoid discussing the lifespan of my bionics. Maybe that's why I'm drawn to her, why I seek her out, to answer the tough questions no one else can.

Slamming the car door shut, I turned and made my decision.

"Start talking."

Sarah smiled sending a shiver down my back and handed me a business card.

"Not here, it's too open. Tonight, 9 pm. I'll know if you're not alone." Stepping back, she turned and walked away, eyes scanning for any signs of trouble. Blending into a group of pedestrians crossing at the intersection, I lost her.

Flipping the card in my hand over, I saw it was for the Regent Hotel, with room 210 scribbled on the back. Getting into my car I wondered not for the first time what I was getting myself into.

9 pm sharp, I knocked on the door to room 210. The handle turned and the door creaked open a few inches. Pushing it open completely, I stepped into the dark room.

Any light coming in from the hallway disappeared as the door quietly clicked shut. My night vision kicked in, the streaming telemetry and her heat signature was all telling me I wasn't alone. The scent of her faint perfume told me that too. As my eyes finally adjusted with help the dim light falling from the bathroom, I could see Sarah standing by the end of the bed.

"You came. I wasn't sure you would." Sarah's smile is a little bit predatory and I could clearly see the hungry look in her eyes as she raked over my body before staring at me. I've had that look directed at me often enough while bartending to know it when I saw it. Corvus wanted me.

Somewhat surprised, I lifted an eyebrow, and smiled back. I figured two can play this game, at least until I find out what she wanted from me.

"You needed me." I stepped deeper into the small, well appointed hotel room, the plush carpet muffling my steps, stopping at the end of the bed. She started circling me like a hunter with her prey. She trailed a hand along my shoulders and down my left arm, my human arm.

"You have no idea…" Sarah murmured softly, but my hearing easily picked it up. I suppose my warning bells should have been going off but I just waited for her to make her next move.

"I want to surrender Jaime, to come in from the cold but I don't trust any of those bastards at Berkut." Sarah looked away sadly. "Unfortunately not even Jae. I need your help to come home."

Well, I didn't expect that. Sarah's hazel eyes were calm and steady as she spoke, but I didn't quite believe her.


Perhaps it was not my wisest choice of words. Sarah just stared for a moment a bit stunned, then laughed.

Suddenly I was flying through the air, as she flipped me over her shoulder to land on the bed. My head was thrown back into the soft pillows, my body tense, adrenalin pumping through my veins. Then she was on me like a flash, eyes glowing red in the dark.

"What the hell, Sarah?" I gasped, laying flat on my back in the middle of her bed. Sarah's strong legs straddled my thighs and before I could even think about how to stop her, she had my hands pinned above my head holding me effectively captive.

"You think you know me so well, you know nothing…" Sarah growled above me. I tried not to panic and focused instead on how to get the upper hand. She sank against me, her body stretching out over my torso, nuzzling along my throat.

"Let me go you psycho." I hissed and struggled but couldn't get loose. I think she likes it when I struggle, if her racing heart is any indication. With her weight pushing me down into the soft bed, I wasn't sure I even wanted to stop her anymore.

"Flattery will get you everywhere Jaime. Besides don't you know that being bitchy and unstable is all a part of my mystique?" Her saucy smirk made my heart speed up. I'm sure her slowly grinding her hips against me had nothing whatsoever to do with it.

"Tell me does that line work on all the girls?" I panted trying to ignore her movements, but my body wouldn't listen, a rush of heat flowing through me. Sarah ran a long finger along my collarbone before popping the buttons on my blouse open, one at a time, my embarrassingly hard nipples straining against my bra below.

"To be honest I don't usually have to try this hard with most girls." Sarah murmured as she leaned closer, I could feel her shirt brush against my bare stomach. "But then again, you aren't most girls are you?"

"Lucky me…" I gasped before losing my train of thought as she took my earlobe into her mouth and started to suck. I arched into her touch as her one free hand found my breast, teasing and twisting the stiff nub.

"Tell me to stop Jaime," Sarah whispered hotly into my human ear. "And I'll stop."

Seeing her distracted by my half naked body, I took my chance. Rolling her over, I suddenly gained the upper hand in this different type of battle. Staring down at my captive, I should know better but I can't resist tasting her soft skin. I lick and bite along her lean body, exploring the toned muscles stretching beneath me.

"Ask me to stop Sarah, and I'll stop." I murmur, having tugged up her tank top to find her naked breast and sucking. Chuckling, she arched into me, obviously needing more contact.

"No way in hell Sommers." Sarah gasped, writhing beneath me. I liked hearing the soft needy sounds she was making at the back of her throat. She lulled me into a sense of security, then pounced, turning me onto my back and once more taking me captive.

"How am I doing now?" Sarah's voice was low and husky, her breath hot against my cheek.

"Not bad. Not bad at all…" My eyes dropped to her soft parted lips. I have no illusions about happily ever after with Sarah and somehow it's oddly freeing. Sarah's all about want, take, have and at this moment I can see the appeal. But before I lose myself in her touch, I have to know.

"What do you really want from me Sarah?"

Her eyes held mine, serious and intense, a faint red glow pulsing in time with her thundering heartbeat. Sarah leaned forward, our lips all but touching.

"Whatever you can give me." She stopped a breath's width apart, waiting for my decision. I didn't even hesitate and willingly closed the distance, claiming her and sealing my fate.

Someone once said that we are each our own devil and we make this world our hell. I wonder sometimes about what I have done, how I have twisted my life into this new hell of frustrating want and need with my supposed enemy. I have no one to blame but myself.

After that first time I swore it would never happen again. Of course it did. It still does. Sarah shows up in my window at the apartment and surrenders herself to me over and over again. I never turn her in to Berkut though. She still says she wants to come in from the cold but she doesn't trust them yet and I can't say I blame her. Hell, I don't trust them and they like me. So I just let her go, kiss her goodbye, never sure when I'll see her again. I just trust that I will. It works for us somehow.

No, nothing is black and white when it comes to Sarah and me. I wouldn't change it for the world.

The End

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