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In the Shadow of a Blizzard
By Debbie


"Huntress, Huntress."

The voice rang out, too loud in the subtly dimmed living room where Helena Bertinelli was snuggling down ready to watch 'A Wonderful Life' her usual Christmas Eve indulgence.

She rose from the couch to fetch her comm. set, and growled, "F**king hell, Oracle, give me a chance will you?"

"Language, my dear."

"Don't 'my dear' me, Oracle, what do you want, it's Christmas Eve here, you know?"

Sitting in the beginnings of softly falling snow, Barbara Gordon did indeed know it was Christmas Eve. She smiled evilly, but softened her tone a touch.

"Yeah, I know, but I really do need your help, Huntress. Please?"

As always, the addition of a soft please undid Helena.

"Ok, tell me where, then give me five minutes to change."

"No, No. You don't need to change, not for this, I just need you. Now!"

Feeing her heart flip at the words, Helena sighed; her changing relationship with Barbara was both a blessing and a curse. A blessing they were becoming a little more than friends; a curse they were going so damned slow. Helena/Huntress didn't do slow and it was killing her. Sweet kisses were not enough, she needed passion, she needed more.

"Ok, ok, tell me where."

"Head over to Gotham City Park. I'll give you more details when I can."

"F**king blizzard... Whatever possessed me to agree to this... damn snow, just got my hair settled, then... snow, snow... and no word from her. I'll kill her when I... Christmas Eve and I'm trekking through a damn blizzard... should be curled up with cocoa, James Stewart..."

Huntress muttered to herself.. She was cold, wet and angry. Setting off into the Gotham night, the snow had steadily grown heavier and heavier until she felt like the abominable snowman. No further word from Oracle was not improving her mood in the slightest.

"NO need for James Stewart"

A jealous crackle shattered her monotone and Huntress growled immediately.

"Oracle, if that's you, I'm going to kill you with my bare hands when I see you. It's dead out here, even the damn criminals know it's better to be inside tonight of all nights. And where..."

"Huntress, Huntress, calm down... of course it's me."

"CALM DOWN, I'll calm down you, I'm wet and cold..."

She heard something that sounded like giggling in the background of her ear-piece and stopped still.

"... What was that? It's not funny."

"Nothing Helena. Look I need you to take the next right turn and keep in touch now."

"I never went out of touch"

She turned right and again stopped short.

"Right, you said? It's an alley, and dark, are you sure?"

"Helena, what's wrong? Surely, you're not frightened of a little dark."

Helena could hear more giggling.

"If you're winding me up..."

"Helena, I promise if you do this little job for me, you can enjoy the rest of Christmas in peace. Now, hurry, before it's too late."

Once more softened by the tone of her friend's voice, Huntress failed to recognise the distinct echo in her receiver, indicating that the two participants were in closer proximity than usual, and certainly missed that Oracle had stopped calling her Huntress over the comm. set, something she never did, unless there were...

She exited the alley.

... Outsiders nearby.


Helena spun at the loud cry in her ear-piece, to be confronted by a barrage of cold, wet, snowballs, flung towards her grimacing face. Before she could duck at least ten snowballs hit her squarely. She turned towards more voices to be hit by another load of expertly formed snowballs.

Finally regaining her senses, out of the corner of her eye she spotted a flash of crimson, only to be distracted by a host of kids diving towards her.

Dumped on her ass she spotted Tommy Jones, Raoul Fernandez, Josie Gonzales, Leroy Brown, Debbie, Suzanne, Joel, and what seemed to be the whole of her fifth grade class.

Hearing the children's joyous laughter, she forgot her anger and began to join in, twisting around she scooped up armfuls of snow, and thrust then towards the grinning faces. Gradually she gained a foothold, and managed to get away from the group; finally able to retaliate with snowballs she did just that.

Invigorated and happy, she once more noticed a flash of crimson hair; she assumed it was her partner in crime-busting, Oracle.

A loud whistle fractured the night air, and she turned to face her friend. Barbara's cheeks were rosy and a lovely smile graced her normally dour features; her voice rang out, "OK kids, that's enough. Get over here and collect these, then home straight away. Promise me you'll thank your families."

Helena watched as the children gathered around Barbara's chair like moths to a flame. All of them smiling and laughing, nodding their heads at her words. Each one took a small parcel, hugged Barbara and then walked over towards Helena, gave her a hug too, then disappeared into the night.

A night that was surprisingly no longer cold, but full of warmth and cheer.

Helena looked towards Barbara and saw the last child was leaving. Hugging Tommy Jones as he went by, she pulled him to her, and whispered a question.

His answer pleased her immensely; Oracle had given her class a fantastic Christmas party, culminating in this ambush. She waved to Tommy, then turned, and, plastering an angry snarl on her face, stalked over to her friend.

"Don't you ever do anything like that again."

Helena put both hands on the arms of Barbara's chair and leaned forward menacingly, bringing her face into the close proximity of Barbara's. She could feel the warmth of the redhead's breath on her cheek; could feel the cool tendril of her snow soaked hair as it was plastered over the corner of her eye. She knew she probably looked a sight and this woman was responsible.

Barbara reached up with a soft hand and pushed the wet hair away from Helena's face; she smiled, green eyes twinkling.

"Or what?"

When there was no answer, Helena too mesmerized by the look in the green eyes, Barbara grabbed the front of Helena's shirt and drew her in for the deepest, most thorough, and passionate kiss the two women had yet shared.

"Or what?" repeated Barbara in a whisper.

Helena smirked.

"Or, I'll kill you."

"No, no, you won't."

Barbara laughed and started to pull Huntress towards her waiting SVU. Glancing sideways they shared a look of acknowledgment.

The End

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