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Shared moments
By Buttons


"And I can't shake the thought of you.
I should get on, forget you.
But why would I want to?
I know we said goodbye,
Anything else would have been confused.
But I want to see you again." Dido – Sand in my shoes

"I'm coming down next weekend."

I am momentarily stunned, and I realise my brain hadn't kicked in properly as it was currently being overruled by fireworks erupting in the nether regions on my anatomy. Those five words rocked my world, quite literary every time I heard it and I am powerless trying to control the instant buzz my body goes into every time I hear those words spoken with that voice out of that delicious mouth of hers.

"Are you still there?" I hear the uncertainty and excitement in her voice.

"Yes," I manage to whisper, my brain still stuck on replaying the last time I heard those words and the events that had happened afterwards.

"I thought I lost you there for a moment," she says with a knowing smirk, I can just see her smirking in her office; loving the effect she has on me.

"You did." I don't explain, she knows all too well what she does to me, and that I am currently squirming as I need to try and stem the flooded conditions I find myself in.

"You ok?" she asks concerned now.

"I will be," I stutter, realising the flood is bigger than the last time.

"Good," she pauses and takes a deep breath. I don't need to see her to know she's in a similar state, "I land at 5pm," she finishes after taking another steadying breath.

I nod, realising that she can't see me, I quickly add "I'll be waiting."

"I can't wait," she says with feeling.

"Neither can I," I answer, and I realise the buzzing from before was turning into a tingling sensation and now started spreading all over my body.

I finish the rest of the conversation in a daze, my mind running at over a hundred and ten percent and still it feels like it's not enough. So much to do in so little time, for one that spring cleaning I've been putting off will have to be done in double time now. The bed needs flipping and new clean sheets, the ones she likes. I need to get my fridge filled with all of her favourites; I need to find out what kind of shows are playing…. Find a new restaurant we can try… I need to get chocolate…

My mind goes blank after that, like it short circuits. It's a good few minutes before I get all my faculties back in order and firing correctly. I have to get up and go for a cold shower as by now I had lost total control over my body and the reactions it had to her.

From experience I know we would be shy at the airport, steal glances at each other on the drive to my home. By the time we get home her bag will be placed in my room and not the spare bedroom I so dutifully made up for her, like I always do. We would go into my room and get on my bed and not leave it for the next few days, we'd maybe get out of it for the obligatory loo visit or the shared shower every now and then, and food will be fetched, fed to each other and discarded on the side table. But most of all we'd love each other and consume each other until absolutely the last moment possibly available.

The ride back to the airport will be silent, her hand on my thigh where it always should be. We'd share a few stolen kisses before entering the airport, I'd hug her fiercely before I let her walk through security control, I'd watch her until I can't see her anymore and linger a little longer at the airport than necessary.

I will let her get away and I'll let her go back to her life and to her partner, she does not belong to me where I can stake a claim. We share only a few days a year but boy do I make enough memories in those few short days to last me the rest of the year until I see her again.

The End

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