DISCLAIMER: Consider it disclaimed. I'm still working to rid myself of the writer's block and remembered these pointless little convos used to work a treat.

A Very Short Conversation
By ralst

Excuse me Lieutenant?


Can you tell me why you are grasping onto my left breast?


I see.....Lieutenant?


I do not believe the implant on my thigh needs to be polished.

I'm not polishing it, you stupid borg.

I see....Lieutenant?


I do not believe the doctor will be happy with your attempt to tear my biosuit. He gave me specific instructions on its wear and maintenance.

Screw the doctor.

I see.

What? No more questions Seven?

Sorry Lieutenant, I was just taking a moment to analyse my body's response to your touch.

Oh, okay. Anymore questions now?

I should first like to congratulate you on managing to rip my suit. It is a feat that has defied everyone before you.

I've a natural ability.


A question Seven?

I did just wonder what my suit had done to displease you.

Displease me? On the contrary, this suit has given me hours of pleasure. I just prefer its removal for more tactile activities.

I see....Lieutenant?


Why are you kissing my stomach? I do not believe that will be beneficial to my abdominal implant's latest malfunction.

I'm just saying hello to it before I start work.

I see. Do you kiss all your apparatus before beginning to work on it?


I see.....Lieutenant?


Nothing....carry on.

The End

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