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By ralst

The senior staff meeting had been going on for days, or at least that's how it felt to B'Elanna. Person after person droning on about the various trade agreements between themselves and the Kalani, as if a few hundred kilos of grain were the most interesting thing in the Universe. The boredom was causing the young woman's eyes and imagination to wander about the conference room, trying to make something interesting out of the usual bland surroundings. It didn't work. Not even the shadows on the walls could be formed into anything more appealing than a plasma conduit.


The tiny noise went unnoticed by all but one member of the senior staff. Seven turned her eyes to observe B'Elanna, the gaze penetrating and slightly unnerving. The young half Klingon sat up straighter in her chair, a flash of her eyes daring Seven to make a comment. To B'Elanna's dismay the ghost of a smile crossed Seven's face and blue eyes lowered to slowly travel the contours of the lieutenant's visible body. When the intense blue eyes returned to B'Elanna's, they held a glint of mischief and what the engineer thought was arousal.

Seven had been as bored with the meeting as B'Elanna, but unlike the half Klingon she was good at masking her feelings. That was until she heard the tiny sigh; one exhale of breath and Seven's imagination and desires had been ignited. The sound had been barely audible, but the former drone's body had reacted instantly, the hairs at the back of her neck standing to attention as a warmth began to spread throughout her body. It was always the unconscious gestures that captured Seven's attention, the way B'Elanna sighed or combed her fingers through her hair, even scratching her nose, all of these things made Seven want the other woman. Want to hear her sigh in pleasure, want to feel her own fingers combing through the dark mane, want to touch the face that had followed her into regeneration for months now. Seven wanted B'Elanna, and here, surrounded by the senior members of the ship, she decided to make her wants known.

With her eyes fixed on B'Elanna's lips, Seven allowed her tongue to fleetingly escape her mouth and moisten full lips, the action innocent to all but the transfixed half Klingon. Taking advantage of B'Elanna's close scrutiny, Seven lifted her hands to rest on the conference table opposite the intrigued engineer. Letting her eyes drop to where the uniform covered rounded breasts, Seven began a slow caress of the table's surface, her movements small and easily overlooked by anyone not paying close attention.

B'Elanna felt her mouth go dry. Her eyes were fixed on Seven's hands, the long tapered fingers gently stroking the table were sending ripples of sensation through her body. Phantom touches caressed B'Elanna's skin, as eyes roamed her body in undisguised want. The fingers of Seven's Borg enhanced hand left the cold surface of the table to run slowly along the length of her human hand, the gesture a definite caress.

"Mmmmm." The sound coming from B'Elanna was slight, but heart felt, her lungs rasping in a suppressed moan. Her legs clenched in an automatic response that sent a flood of unwanted desire coursing through her body. The need to feel those deceptively delicate hands caressing her body sent her heart rate soaring and the blood to thunder in her ear. The conference room was filled to capacity, but for B'Elanna it contained only Seven and the promise of something she'd never dared to admit she craved; the Borg's loving touch.

Seven noticed the slight reddening of B'Elanna's cheeks and the way her breathing had hitched as she'd brushed her thumb against the tip of her index finger. It was the first real sign she'd ever had that the engineer might be as tantalised with her, and she was with the engineer.

Sparing a moment to focus on those around her, Seven did her best to estimate how long it would be before they were released to their duties. She planned to seduce B'Elanna with her secret glances, but didn't want to torment either of them with a prolonged torture. Pleading and cries of frustration could come later, after Seven had had her fun and just before B'Elanna was fully allowed her own.

With a devilish smile Seven placed her fingertip against her full lips in a fleeting gesture she hoped would go unnoticed by those caught up in the meeting. As B'Elanna's eyes followed her hand's movement, Seven let her catch a glimpse of the tongue that flicked forward to taste the flesh of her own hand.

B'Elanna's eyes snapped shut in a manoeuvre she prayed would release her from the erotic tangle she had unwittingly become ensnared in. But the second her eyes closed, an imaginative image of Seven's generous mouth paying homage to her own hands entered her mind. Soon to be followed by less restrained images of the former borg sans her clothing and inhibitions.

Eyes wide, B'Elanna looked straight at the blonde temptress in front of her. The almost serene image that met her gaze was almost enough to chase away the phantom temptress of her imagination. That is, until she smiled.

B'Elanna had never seen such a wanton look on anyone's face, and if she hadn't been privy to it with her own eyes, she would never have believed it possible for the former drone to produce such a stare. Eyes half-lidded, mouth slightly open, Seven had the ability to make her feel naked and on fire with just one look.

"Oh, God."

B'Elanna's strangled plea drew a look of censure from her captain who had mistakenly assumed the comment due to yet another discussion on the merits of interstellar trade.

Seven's seductive smile turned into a half grin as she watched the apologetic look cross the engineer's face. Not that she didn't share B'Elanna's desire to be away from the room or her need to call on a higher being, even if it was irrational, but she didn't want to draw attention to herself and thus earn another delay in the form of one of her captain's patented little talks. Sitting back further in her chair, Seven tried to refrain from causing the lieutenant any more discomfort with her displays. She didn't want to overheat the engineer before she had her alone.

B'Elanna took Seven's retreat as a sign she could once again breath normally. The damn borg had just been so damn annoying, and sexy, that she hadn't been able to think straight. She was not attracted to Seven, B'Elanna told herself, the woman was nothing more than a nuisance in a tight body... A tight body with a delicious smile and legs that went on for a parsec at least. Damn the woman. B'Elanna turned to look at Janeway. The captain appeared to be winding the meeting down, but knowing her luck Neelix would start talking about organic minerals again and they'd be there another hour.


B'Elanna had missed most of the sentence, but her ears eagerly picked up on the final word. With an audible sigh she almost rushed from her seat and straight for the turbolift. Once inside she realised that she'd forgotten something very important and jammed her foot in the door until the leisurely paced Seven of Nine wandered into her line of sight.

Grabbing hold of the blonde, she dragged her into the turbolift and gave the machine a quick command to depart before the other officers could get within sensor distance. "Right, borg, what were you playing at?"

"Borg do not play, Lieutenant." And with that Seven showed her just how serious she'd been.

The End

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