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By sinjenkai


The ringing of the alarm woke Calleigh up. Hitting the button, she wiped the sleep from her eyes, noticed it was late morning and looked around for her wife. The room was empty and the house felt the same. Turning over in the bed, Calleigh found a note on Natalia's pillow.

Morning Sunshine!

Here are your instructions for today.
Have a nice leisurely breakfast.
Put on a pair of jeans, tank top and your most comfortable pair of boots
Braid your hair
Put whatever cash you have and your driver license in your backpack
A taxi will pick you up at 1:30

I love you,


Puzzled, Calleigh got out of the bed and walked around the house to confirm that she was indeed alone. Looking in the refrigerator, she found a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice, a plate of sliced fruit and a small box with a note that said 'Put this on'.

Opening the box, Calleigh found a delicate gold chain with a tear drop diamond pendant. Gasping, she gently took it from the box and clasped it around her neck. She took out the breakfast and went outside by the pool to enjoy. Afterwards, she took the dishes back into the kitchen, cleaned up and went to get dressed.

Putting on the instructed clothing, taking the money and her I.D. out of her wallet, Calleigh grabbed her backpack and walked outside to find a cab waiting. Getting in, she started to tell the driver where to go, but stopped when he handed her an envelope and started to drive. Opening the envelope, she found another note.

There is no need for you to tell him where to go. He knows. When you get to your destination, go inside and ask for Tina. She'll let you know what to do next.

I need you,


Sitting back, Calleigh watched the scenery as it passed by and noticed that they were going downtown. After a few minutes, the cab drew up in front of a restaurant/bar called Del's. Getting out, Calleigh looked around to see if she could see Natalia anywhere, but couldn't. Shrugging, she shouldered the backpack, went inside and asked for Tina.

An attractive dark haired woman came up and smiled. "You must be Calleigh. Come with me please and say nothing."

They walked through the restaurant over to a private room that was curtained off. Pulling aside a curtain, Tina allowed Calleigh to go through first and followed behind. Inside the room, Calleigh saw a small round table with another small box. Turning to Tina, Calleigh looked at her with a questioning face.

Tina handed her a plain red shopping bag, another envelope and walked out.

Inside the envelope was another note.

Put on what is in the bag and in the box. Put your clothes in the backpack and go outside and walk two blocks to the left.

I want you,


Opening the bag, Calleigh found a pair of black leather pants and a leather lace-up vest. Walking over to the table, she picked up the box and opened it to find a pair of teardrop diamond earrings. Again she gasped and tears came to her eyes. Calleigh had no idea what was going on, but she knew that she was being shown love with every note. Quickly she skimmed off her jeans, paused for a moment, she also took off her tank top and her bra. Pulling on the leather pants, Calleigh found that they fit her like a second skin. Lacing up the vest, she found that she wasn't surprised when it fit her perfectly. She put on the earrings, folded her clothes and placed them in the backpack. Slinging the backpack over one shoulder, Calleigh pulled open the curtains and walked back through the restaurant. The room went quiet as she walked through and a slight blush came to Calleigh's cheeks. Ducking her head, she walked out and headed up the street.

At the end of the first block, Calleigh once again looked around for Natalia. The street wasn't that crowded, but she couldn't spot her anywhere. As the pedestrian light flashed green, Calleigh stepped down from the curb and started towards the second block. As she passed the halfway mark, a rumble of a motorcycle caught her attention. Looking farther up the block, she saw a sleek, black machine that just reeked with power with its trim lines and curves. As she walked closer though, her eyes were drawn to the rider that was resting against the vibrating machine. Black leather boots and pants encased trim legs. Moving her eyes up, Calleigh swallowed as they traveled up a slim stomach to see a leather halter top clad chest. Looking higher, she watched as a black Bell helmet was removed to reveal the face of her wife.

Crooking her finger, Natalia beckoned Calleigh to come closer so that she could snag the front lace of the vest and pull her between her legs. Leaning down, Natalia gave Calleigh a kiss that told her exactly what she wanted to do. Putting her arms around Natalia's shoulders, Calleigh answered her with the same need. Only when they had to breath, did they pull apart.

Silently Natalia handed Calleigh a matching helmet, swung her leg across the bike and waited. Calleigh lost no time in putting on the backpack, strapping on the helmet and mounting the bike. Natalia reached behind her to pull Calleigh even closer to her before taking off.

The sensation of the engine and the feel of the leather encased woman in front of her, almost took Calleigh over the edge, but she reined it in, barely. Closing her eyes, she tried to think about something else… anything else, but the feel of the body on front of her. Of anything else, but the vibrations between her legs. Of anything else, but the need that she had seen in the hot, velvet chocolate colored eyes.

They were traveling side road when Natalia pulled onto a dirt road the led to a solitary house on the beach. Pulling up front, Natalia turned off the bike and waited until Calleigh dismounted before she got off. Taking off her helmet, Natalia took Calleigh's hand and walked up to the front door. Reaching over to a security pad, she entered in a series of numbers and they softly heard the door unlock. Pushing open the door, Natalia motioned for Calleigh to proceed her in.

Inside, Calleigh found a simply furnished living room/kitchen that had a spectacular view of the beach and a hot tub on the back deck. Wordlessly, Natalia led Calleigh to the bedroom where she saw a queen size poster bed that was draped with white gauze curtains. Putting her own helmet on the dresser, Natalia took Calleigh's and did the same. Reaching up, she then removed the backpack and placed that on the floor. Once again, Natalia took Calleigh's hand, but this time she led her into the bathroom.

In here was a shower that had a multitude of heads and controls. Turning to Calleigh, Natalia began undressing her, slowly unlacing the vest so that it finally hung free. When Calleigh tried to say something, Natalia gently placed a single finger against her lips, silencing her. Kneeling down, Natalia first pulled off one boot and then the other before rising up. Staring her wife directly in her eyes, Natalia then reached down with her deft hands and unbuckled and unlaced Calleigh's pants. Never looking away, she then pulled them off, taking the small swatch of silk with them, tossed them aside and the vest soon joined them in a heap. The only thing that Calleigh was wearing now was the diamonds. Reaching up, Natalia loosen Calleigh's braid and settled the golden hair about her shoulders.

Quickly she removed her own clothes and freed her hair before drawing Calleigh into the shower. Pressing a couple of buttons, Natalia smiled as a rain of water drenched them both at a perfect temperature. Reaching for some shampoo, Natalia lathered up her hands and began to wash Calleigh's hair. Massaging the scalp, Natalia thought that she heard Calleigh moan. Making sure that all of the lather was washed away, Natalia then grabbed a bath sponge and some liquid soap and began to bathe her wife.

Gently she began with Calleigh's upturned face, but not before she gave her a deep kiss. Pulling away, Natalia took a deep breath and began to wash. As she cleaned the silken body, Natalia made sure that the soap was washed away so that she could kiss and lick as she went. She spent a very long time on a pair of breasts, reveling in the softness of the skin and nipples.

Finally she moved her hands lower still and was overjoyed to find another kind of silkiness. Never breaking her gaze with the jade green eyes, Natalia took Calleigh to the edge of an orgasm again and again, but never letting her fly free. Just when Calleigh was about to scream, Natalia turned off the water, drew her from the shower and dried Calleigh off with a soft bath sheet. She quickly dried herself off and pulled Calleigh back into the bedroom and onto the bed.

Quickly covering Calleigh's body with her own, Natalia kissed her with abandon while her hands finally brought Calleigh the release that she had been craving, been straining for. Calleigh arched off the bed, fisting the linen sheets and moaning out her wife's name. Again and again, waves rolled over her nerves and her spirit soared.

Finally after a time, Calleigh was spent and laying in Natalia's arms. Looking up, she found Natalia looking at her with the most beautiful expression on her face.

Softly whispering, Natalia said. "Thank you."

Calleigh looked back at her puzzled. "For what?"

"For loving me. For allowing me to love you back. For being my wife and best friend. I never thought that I could be this happy again. Four years ago today, I met you for the first time and fell in love almost immediately. I tried to runaway from what I felt, but deep in my heart, I knew that you were the one for me."

With tears in her eyes, Calleigh rose up to straddle Natalia's waist and leaned over so that golden hair formed a curtain about their faces.

Gazing down at the woman that owned her heart, Calleigh whispered back. "I've loved you all my life. I just had to find you and I'll never let you go."

Slowly and gently, Calleigh brought her lips to Natalia's and they showed each other the love that they felt. And that's what they did for the rest of the weekend.

The End

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