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Through the Eyes of a Simple Box
By Alex


The box had held many things during its time, but never had it held so many memories at once. A tiny strip of pictures, emanating happiness from the miniature faces. An unused plane ticket to Prague, a memory of what was once a beginning, but now felt more like the beginning of an end. Receipts for a yoga class, and dinners long past. Printouts of sweet e-mails and IM conversations, words now forgotten, replaced by anger and deceit. The box had been in many places, but now it sat alone on a dresser in room 867 of the Pine Valley Inn.

The box sat there in the dark until its tall, slender owner hurried into the room. She turned on the light, illuminating the tears running down her soft cheeks. She gave the box a quick glance, a sob escaping her lips as she considered the contents. Turning away, she collapsed onto the bed, curling up into the fetal position as she released the pain of seeing the love of her life having a pleasant dinner with another woman.

She was broken from her sobs by a soft knock on the door. Pulling herself from the bed, she attempted to rectify her disheveled appearance as she moved toward the door. Wiping the tears from her cheeks, she pulled the door open to reveal her ex-lover.

"Bianca." She choked out, holding the door open for the young woman. Hesitantly, Bianca stepped into the room, her eyes flickering over the box before she turned around to face her former lover.

"I'm not interested in Kirsti." The words flew from her mouth, as though she had tried to hold them back, but failed. The taller woman turned sharply to face the smaller brunette.

"That's none of my business, Bianca. I can't expect anything after what I did." She said softly, on the edge of tears. "If you want to move on, that is your right."

The younger woman turned her back. "I don't." The soft words were barely audible as the young woman reached into the box, pulling out random keepsakes. Her vulnerable ex-lover raised her head in hope, but didn't dare say a word to break the nostalgia trip the young woman was on.

"I didn't know you kept all these things." Her voice was even, not hinting about her feelings either way.

"I'm sorry, I need to put that away..." The older woman trailed off as she rushed to pick up the box. She was stopped by two small hands on her own, placing the box back on the dresser.

"Don't." The younger woman's voice shook as she spoke, trying desperately to distance herself from the intense emotions she felt around her former lover. The older woman turned to look at her quizzically.

"Why, Bianca? It's in the past now. It's too painful for me to have a constant reminder." She attempted to wrest the box from the woman's grasp, only succeeding in starting a war of dominance.

"Why? They're happy memories." The younger woman asked pointedly, pulling the box back under her control.

"Please, they're all I have. Let me do with them what I please." Desperate, the taller woman pulled harder on the box, horrified as the contents spilled all over the floor.

"I'm sorry." The young woman apologized, kneeling to gather up the scattered papers. Picking up the plane ticket, she stared at it for a few moments.

"I should have left that day." The voice broke her from her thoughts. She turned sharply to look the tall woman in the eyes.

"No!" Her outburst was met with tear-filled eyes.

"Why, Bianca? Why do you keep leading me on, thinking there may be a chance for us?" Her impassioned plea was met with thick silence. Kneeling to put herself at eye level, she continued. "If you want to be with me, then tell me. If you don't, then let me go, Bianca. I am willing to fight for us, but as you said before, I can't do it alone."

Tears ran free now down the woman's cheeks, and she looked away, trying to remain strong. A tiny hand slipping into her own pulled her gaze back to the smaller woman. The expression on her face had softened, hinting that she had come to a decision.

"I want to fight." Four small words, encompassing the answer to all of the older woman's dreams. Her heart leapt in her chest as the young woman dropped the ticket into the box, freeing her hand to cup a soft cheek. Slowly they leaned in over the box, their lips meeting softly in a kiss filled with promise.

Rising to their feet, their lips separated. The taller woman picked up the box, returning it to its place on the dresser as her young lover moved to turn out the light.

In the darkness, three soft words were heard repeatedly throughout the night.

"I love you."

The box sat in its place on the dresser, anticipating many new memories.

The End

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