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Siren's Call
By Jaguarin


Part Nine

The older woman had taken a long shower, enjoying the warm water over her shoulders. She had been covered in dust after the explosion. It was pure luck that Helena arrived a second before Quinzel shot. She surely would be dead now. Thankfully, too, Helena had prevented the ceiling from crushing them; she had just a few bruises and scratches, as did her young partner.

She had promised they would talk, as soon as they showered. As she wheeled outside the bathroom, she raised her eyebrows, maybe she had taken longer than she'd thought, Helena had fallen asleep, exhausted, on the bed waiting for her. Holding up the piece of heavy ceiling had taken a lot of effort and energy. The young woman was sleeping so peacefully and deeply, that she didn't had the heart to wake her up. She was wearing grey shorts and a big black sweatshirt. She transferred to the bed and turned off the lights.

With the help of her hands, she moved herself so that she was resting on her side and wrapped an arm around Helena's waist. She rested her head on the brunette's shoulder. Her hair still was still wet from the recent shower. She smelled so good. She closed her eyes to sleep, she was so tired. It was wonderful feeling Helena's heart beating under her, feeling her warm body close to hers. The young woman stirred and turned her head to her.



"Why didn't you wake me up?" Helena asked drowsily. She turned her head toward Barbara and kissed her hair. It smelled so good. She inhaled deeply.

"You are tired, you need rest." Barbara smiled, snuggling closer.

Helena stared at the ceiling, the room was dark, but she could see easily. "I wanted to talk to you, I want apologize, I was a moron…"

"Shhh…. Don't talk. Just rest." -

"I can't if I don't apologize to you first."

"It's not necessary."

The brunette turned to her side and wrapped her arms around the woman she loved so much. She rested her forehead against Barbara's.

"I need to do it," she whispered. "I was so rude to you. You are right… It happened because I was so… so…" She struggled to find the words to explain that all her entire body was on fire for need of her? To release all the tension from the last few weeks, to ease the pain she felt was breaking her into thousands of pieces.

"Forget it, Helena, I understand." Barbara tried to find her eyes.

In the dark room, the shine of Helena's cat pupils were so clear.

"Do you forgive me?" the young woman asked hopefully.

"There's nothing to forgive. You don't need to apologize." Barbara kissed Helena's nose, "But I'm glad you came to school to do it… It saved my life."

"I'm glad too, I would die if something happened to you.' She caressed the redhead's cheek with her knuckles "What did Quinzel want? What did she tell you?"

"She wants me dead."

Helena ducked her head and sighed. "She will not rest.."

"No, but we will stop her."

Feral pupils fixed on green eyes. "What did she say about me?"

Barbara was silent, hesitating as to whether or not to tell the brunette. Quinzel had been clear, she wouldn't stop until she killed her and had Helena to herself.

"Please," the brunette begged, "don't lie to me, trust me as I trust you."

The redhead nodded. "She wants to kill me and wants you at her side."

"I'll never do it," the young woman sat on her knees and looked at her "I'm not going to let her touch you. I'll kill her."

"Calm down… it's okay…" The redhead sat up on the bed too. She took Helena's hand in her own. "But I'm worried. She knows everything, Helena… It worries me."


"She knows everything you do, everything you think… she knows every move you make."

"What did she tell you? She must be exaggerating or…"

"She knows what happened between us last night," Barbara interrupted her.

"She knows… you wanted and… I didn't…" The brunette felt a heavy emptiness in her stomach.

"I can't stay here…." she mumbled when she was finally able to form words. "Calm down."

"Barbara, she is in my mind, she knows everything… I'm a danger to you. I can't stay."

"She is not in your mind."

"She is."

"No, because she didn't know where you were, she said you were lost. She just has some details, not everything. Somehow, she is getting info, but I'm not sure how she does it. If she was in your head, she would be able to control you and she is not doing that. She is trying to convince us she can do it, but she can't." She squeezed the younger woman's hand. "Please stay."

The brunette looked at her pleadingly. "Barbara… "

"We'll check on Quinn tomorrow. I'll rest much better knowing you are safe, you are at home." The redhead smiled at her, "Stay with me… cuddling?"


The older woman pulled her close and gave her a soft kiss. The touch of those red lips was electric.

"I'm afraid of hurting you." The brunette felt her heart beating harder against her chest.

"I can't sleep if I don't know where you are."

"I'll be at home."

"This is your home too, you know….Please?"

The young woman nodded and moved back.

"Where are you going?" Barbara asked curiously.

"Uh… To my old room?" Barbara laughed and lightly patted the pillow. "Come on, you can stay here. I don't bite."

Helena chuckled. "I might, though... Barbara, I don't think I can sleep with you so close to me. You are so beautiful, Do you know that?"

"Not as beautiful and sexy as you are, Hel, but I trust you." She couldn't see it, but Barbara was sure Helena had a big smile across her face.

"Can you turn over?" the brunette asked, shyly.

Green eyes narrowed.

"Cuddling, I would like hug you." Helena explained.

Barbara smiled and the young woman helped her to move to her side. Helena then spooned close to the redhead. She wrapped her arms around the redhead's waist and buried her nose in her shoulder. Being there, just holding her so close was wonderful, she inhaled deeply.

"Much better."

Barbara put her hand over strong arms around her waist . She closed her eyes, feeling so safe, so secure, surrounded by the warmth of Helena's body and her sweet scent.

"I'm in heaven," Helena whispered in her ear, feeling an incredible joy in her heart. She had dreamed of this for so long and having Barbara in her arms was even better than she imagined. "I'll stay here forever."

"Me too."

Helena couldn't believe the peace overtaking her body just from being there, holding the woman she loved. She felt her body relax. She was unaware of drifting to sleep.

Something woke her, she didn't know exactly what, she just realized she was alone in her big bed. Helena was gone.

"Helena?" she called, but no one answered.

She turned on the lamp on her night table. The room was empty. Her gaze turned to her bathroom, but the door was opened and she could see it was empty. She was worried, Helena was still in danger and it was not safe for her to leave the tower. Quinn would look for her and neither her apartment nor the Dark Horse Bar were secure. Quinn would not rest until she killed her and had Helena in her clutches.

She pulled her manual wheelchair toward her and transferred herself to it. She wheeled outside of her bedroom, which was below the Clock Tower and moved through the corridor. When she was close to the kitchen, she heard a voice. It was Helena, to whom would she be talking at three am? She wheeled toward the living room. As she neared, she realized Helena was talking to someone on her cell. She stopped, it was not polite to eavesdrop. Well, that was the plan until she heard a name. Harley. A cold shiver ran through her body.

"She is safe now," the brunette said , "She is not seriously injured. And she was nice to me tonight. What do you want me to do now?"

It took all of Barbara's courage to look into the living room. The brunette stood close to the window. Her eyes were vacant. After a pause, the brunette spoke again.

"Okay, I'll let you know where she will be."

She had the same look Barbara had seen before, when Helena was lost in her mind.

"I'll do it, Harley…" the young woman said.

Barbara tried to wheel back, but her chair bumped against the wall. The brunette snapped her head to the corridor.

"She is here," she said into the phone. "--All right…. I'll kill her now." She slipped t the phone into her pocket and walked toward the redhead.

"Helena…. wake up," Barbara said, trying to bring her back to her senses. Dinah, surely the noise would wake her up.

"She wanted to kill you herself, but now that you know everything, it doesn't matter," the dark haired woman growled.

"Wait:..." the redhead lifted her hand.

Helena grabbed Barbara by her neck.

"Helena…" Barbara gasped, grabbing the brunette's wrist with her hands, "Just tell me… Why did you call her?"

The brunette smirked with her predatory gaze. Barbara couldn't suppress her fear. This was not the young woman she loved, but she needed to know what was happening in order to help her and to buy some time until she could find a way to break the spell.

"All right, we have time." The brunette released her grip. Her eyes followed the curve of the older woman's neck and she let her hands move down. "She told me to do it…. You are beautiful."

"How, Helena? How did she get control of you?"

The brunette grinned, "You ask too many questions." She suddenly pulled Barbara out of her chair and pressed her against the wall. Barbara wrapped her arms around Helena's neck to support herself.

Helena sniffed her. "She took precautions, she is smart," she mumbled, licking Barbara's neck. "When she hypnotized me months ago, she planted a trigger." She pressed her body against the redhead and kissed her sternum. "When it was triggered, it would begin to work six months later."

Barbara gasped, feeling a sharp bite on her shoulder. "What was the trigger?"

"The flash you used to dehypnotize me." Helena lifted her eyes. "Now… If I kill you, I'll be with her again." She moved her right hand to a slender throat.

"Wait , Hel…" Barbara said, "I just want know… What happened then? Why the nightmares?"

"They are not nightmares, it was just us loving each other." Helena searched for her lip's but Barbara turned her head to the side. The young woman chuckled. "She owns me, I would start dreaming about her, it was the signal that the second phase of her plan had started." She rubbed her face against Barbara's. She loved her smell, it made her feel wild. "Of course, I didn't know that, then. The dreams became more frequent and more intense. When it happened, I needed to go see her."

"You went to Arkham."

"Yes… then the second part started… When she told she owned me, it opened my mind, I needed to go back to free her so I could be with her forever." Helena trapped Barbara's lips and kissed her roughly, ignoring the redhead trying to push her away. After long seconds, she moved back, feeling her body humming, her eyes burning in desire. "I want to fuck you."

"You could never do it."

"Why not?" Helena leaned in and licked her lobe.

"Because you love me… And I love you."

Helena growled and rubbed her body against the other woman's. "I want Harley… I want her body… I want her, not you. But it would be fun to fuck you before I kill you. She didn't say not to do it. She is going to steal a microchip, so, we have time."

"You want her.." Barbara swallowed, feeling the brunette's hands roaming over her. "But you don't love her-- you want her because she told you to want her, not because you…"

"Shut up." The brunette pushed her to the floor and ripped her blouse open.

Barbara struggled, but the young woman held her wrist with her right hand above her head. She bit her upper breast.

"Why were you were calling her?" Barbara asked, trying to distract her. The brunette was strong, she could overpower her.

"She told me that if something was wrong…" Helena licked her abs, "If you broke the spell again, I must call her every night until she could bring me back to her."

Barbara looked the watch at the wall. "At three o'clock. "All the pieces fell into place. With Helena dehypnotized, Quinn couldn't control her, just make her act in differently for a few minutes each day. Helena couldn't remember it and that allowed Quinn to keep playing her game, making them believe she was inside Helena's mind.

"Smart, Barbara…" Feral eyes shone in the darkness. She put her fingers on the waist band of the redhead's shorts. "Now shut up and let's fuck." She pulled them down.

"Did you call her last night and tell her I'd be at school?" the red head asked.

The dark woman growled. "Yes. She wanted to kill you, but it seems she couldn't. She wanted to play a bit more and you ruined everything. It's my turn now…" Helena lifted her head and captured her lips again. "You are so beautiful... I want you."

"Did you sleep with her?" Barbara gasped, breaking the kiss.

"Why?" Helena laughed "Are you jealous?"

"I want to know."

"That is something you will never know. I´ll fuck you and then, I'll kill you." She stretched her arm and grabbed the cord from the lamp in the living room. She turned the redhead over and tied her hands behind her back.

"Helena…Stop. You are…"

The brunette closed her mouth with her hand and leaned in, whispering, "Shhh… You don't want the kid waking up, right?." She licked her cheek. "You will enjoy this, I promise it."

"What are you doing, you crazy bitch?" Dick's voice echoed in the room. The lights turned on. He gasped in shock noticing Helena was above the restrained redhead.

Helena turned, annoyed "Go away Twinky Wonder. This is none of your business. Or, are you jealous?"

He jumped on her, but the brunette rolled, holding Barbara to her chest. She put her hand on her neck.

"Easy, or I'll kill her…. Why don't you leave and let us have our fun?"

"Let her go, and fight."

"Are you jealous because you couldn't make her feel like a woman?" Helena grinned. "Your time it's over, it's mine now."

"Helena… you are not in your senses…" Barbara gasped.

"Get out!" the brunette shouted at Dick. "Get out unless you want me to kill her."

"She is your best friend, you can't do it."

"Try me."

"Go, Dick." Barbara said.

Helena smiled and kissed her cheek. "Listen to her, Dicky Dick… she wants someone who can make her feel like a woman."

Grayson balled his fists. "Barbara, she…"

"She is not in control of herself, Dick… she is under Quinn's spell."

Suddenly, a bronze horse statue slammed into Helena's back. Iit was big and heavy. She felt everything turning black and released the redhead. Dinah lifted her hand and pushed her against the coffee table. Dick didn't hesitate and jumped on her. The tall man hit the brunette hard on her jaw. She crashed against a table with decorative porcelain. A buzz echoed in her head. She felt herself being lifted by her sweatshirt and a hard blow to her stomach knocked the wind out of her.

Barbara couldn't figure out what was happening. In a blink, Dinah was at her side, untying her.

"What was that?" the redhead asked.

"I heard the noise and I thought it would be best was surprise her or she might kill you, are you okay?"


"What happened?" She removed the sweater she was wearing and gave it to her guardian.

"I know what is happening to her." She rubbed her wrist and turned to see Dick. He was currently in mid-air, flying across the room. Helena had kicked him. "Help him. She is under Quinn's spell, don't hurt her."

Dinah pulled the wheelchair close to Barbara.

This time Dick felt a fist that was like an iron. He blocked the other punch and threw a punch at her face. She ducked and
grinned. "Not a cake walk, Twinky Wonder?".

It pissed him off. He attacked her, but she easily avoided him and turned, kicking him back. She was going to attack him, but she bounced against an invisible wall.

"What the f…?" she growled lying on the floor. She turned her head to Dinah.

"It's okay," the teen said, "I don't want hurt you"

"Now, that is funny," Helena stood up.

Dick attacked her. The brunette blocked his punch, but was unable to avoid his knee impacting her ribs and a second fist to her jaw. She bent over and he took the opportunity to throw her across the room. She hit the far wall.

"Don't hurt her!" Barbara shouted.

Dinah lifted her hand and put a barrier around Helena's waist, restraining her in place.

The young woman shook her head and blinked, she tried to stand, but was held down. She frowned, glaring at her young partner.

"What's wrong with you?" she growled.

"Stay down."

"What the hell are you doing?" She looked at the redhead wheeling toward her. "Barbara, what is happening?"

"Helena?" Dinah mumbled.

"What? Let me go or I'll kick your ass!" The dark woman struggled to free herself.

The look in Helena's eyes was different; they were no longer more cold and vacant. She knew her pretty well, she had returned to her senses. "Helena is back," she said.

The teen smiled releasing her, "Yeah, she is back."

"No!" Nightwing was over the brunette in a second. "She is tricking us."

"Dick?" Helena lifted her head in time to see a fist coming straight at her nose.

"Dick! No!" Dinah shouted.

He lifted her by her sweater and hit the side of her face full force. He didn't stop and punched the surprised brunette once more. He lifted her and threw her against the China cabinet, breaking it into pieces.

"Dick, stop!" Barbara yelled.

Dinah noticed Helena was unmoving, Dick moved over her again. She pushed him back with her TK.

"What the…?" he growled.

"She is unconscious! " Dinah shouted, "Can't you see?" She ran toward
the brunette.

"The bitch tried to kill Barbara!"

"She was under Quinn's spell!" the redhead yelled.

"I told you that you can't trust her!" Dick walked toward her.

"And I told you that she is under Quinn's spell!"

"She is okay," the young teen said, kneeling next to her partner, "but she will have a nasty bruise on her face."

"She is a fucking bitch! She…"

"Stop!" Barbara shouted at Dick. "We need to help her. Now I know what happened and I know how to break Quinn's spell."

"She is okay, Barbara. Just knocked out."

"We need move her to the lab. I'll explain everything there." The redhead fixed her eyes on him. "Helena said Quinn will try to steal the microchip tonight, you and Dinah must go and stop her."

"But, Helena…"

"Just help me move her to the lab, I know how to help her now."


"Trust me, she will be fine. I'll be fine" She took his hand, "You and Dinah must hurry."

She awoke alone in the big bedroom. Looking at the clock, she saw that is was ten minutes after four. Man, she had really slept. She felt still a light throbbing on her nose. She touched it carefully, surely it was bruised. Damn Dick, he had hit her really hard, she didn't see it coming. It had been right in the middle of her nose, it had knocked her out.

She stood up, Barbara was probably downstairs at the Delphi, working as usual. She wanted to see her. They still had many things to talk about. After she was knocked out, Barbara woke her using salts, she explained that had tried to kill her again, and she had managed to make her talk about what Quinn had done to her. She was hypnotized, but it didn't help much – she still felt like a damn sewer rat.

She still felt…

Barbara had told her that she was going to hypnotize her again to break the spell. She couldn't remember what happened next, she only knew that she had awaked in her bedroom and she felt rested, relaxed, as she hadn't felt in weeks. She wanted see Barbara, ask her about what happened. She wanted to apologize again, tell her she was her life, her soul-- she wanted to feel her close.

She picked up her red sweatpants from the couch and walked toward the closet, taking out one of Barbara's white t-shirts, they were almost the same size. She would find her shoes later.

She walked outside the room, barefoot, toward the elevator to go upstairs, to the Clock tower. No one seemed to be in the penthouse area. When she crossed the living room, she heard voices in the kitchen. Thinking it was Barbara, she went toward them.

"Why Alfred? I don't understand her."

It was not Barbara, it was Dick. She turned to go the other way, but the next sentence stopped her in her tracks.

"Helena is dangerous, she is crazy. She could kill her at any moment!"

She frowned. That asshole again.

"Master Dick," Alfred said, "you are wrong."

"No, Alfred, Barbara is willing to forgive anything to keep a piece of Selina. Did you know? I didn't understand Barbara's fascination for Selina… I think I understand it now."

"Sorry, I don't follow…"

The brunette stepped closer to the door. She could see them in the kitchen, Dick was pacing Furiously.

"You know Barbara is a crime fighter, she loves rules, law…" he said, "and suddenly she became a good friend of one of the worst criminals in the city. It was weird."

"They found they had things in common." Alfred lifted his brow. "Mrs. Kyle was a good woman with a big heart."

"Come on Alfred, the bitch was just a cheap burglar."

Helena's eyes went feral and she clenched her teeth in anger. She couldn't stand anyone talking about her mother like that.

"It's not right to talk about a lady in that manner. Selina was a wonderful woman," the gentle butler said. "Everyone makes mistakes -- you too, from what I recall. Miss Barbara was the only one who believed in her when she quit her life of crime."

"Alfred," he stood in front of the old man and crossed his arms, "you donn't believe that bullshit about their friendship, right?"

"I would really appreciate it if you would moderate your words. You are talking about Mrs. Kyle and Mrs. Barbara. Mrs. Selina was a woman with a lot of experience and culture; Mrs. Barbara, younger than her, was at her same level. They loved to talk about history, books, they shared the same hobbies and interests. She was a woman with an incredible magnetism."

"That's the point, Selina fascinated Barbara. She had an incredible charm and bewitched men and women. Helena has her mother's susceptibility to evil."

The brunette glared at Dick. She felt a deep aversion for this man, not just because he had been Barbara's lover, but because he really was a jerk. She still wondered what the hell the redhead had seen in him.

"She is much as her mother as her father," Alfred pointed out. "It's natural that she would feel attraction to both sides of the law-- feel the adrenaline, the danger, the challenge -- but she, too, has a big heart and that always rules her life. She would never do anything that would hurt anyone."

"Then tell me why she tried to kill Barbara again last night?" he almost shouted.

Helena again felt like a sewer rat. She didn't want to do it, she had done it under Quinn's spell… but it didn't make her feel any less guilty.

"Tell me…" Dick waved his hands, "tell me why she tried to rape her?"

It was as if she had been stabbed at her heart. The entire room began to move around her, she felt her knees buckle. It was suddenly very hard to breathe. Helena fell to her knees. What the fuck had she done? Their voices sounded distant.

"You know it was not her." Alfred was beginning to feel impatient.

"She tried to rape her, Alfred! She could have done it!! What would have happened if I hadn't been here in time? Barbara overprotects her. Do you know why? I understand why, now."

"She loves her so much Master Dick and she understand that Miss Helena was hypnotized."

"It is not strange that Barbara took her under her wing when Selina died," Dick spat. "She sees her in Helena."

Helena lifted her head; she wanted throw up. She felt worse now. Clenching her fists, she closed her eyes. How could she have done that to Barbara?

"It's Barbara s way of holding on to someone she lost in the past," she heard Dick saying. "Barbara kept her just because she loved Selina, she misses her and she sees her in Helena. She loved Selina, she loved Selina as a woman and I'm sure Selina loved her in return!"

Helena stormed inside the kitchen. She couldn't contain her anger; she couldn't handle anyone bashing her mother or Barbara. She pushed him hard against the wall. Feral slits buried in his eyes. Alfred barely had time to step back.

"What the ..?" he growled.

"You are talking about Barbara and my mother, be careful." She pointed at him.

"What's your fucking problem?" He pushed her back. "You are a bitch, just like your mother."

"Master Dick!" Alfred shouted.

Helena's right fist connected solidly against the side of his face. He fell backwards, breaking the kitchen table. Before he could stand up, she was over him again.

"Who the fuck do you think you are?" Dick shouted.

"Take it back." The dark woman grabbed his throat with her hand.

"Bruce didn't want you, you are the daughter of a criminal, a fucking bastard!" He pushed her back with his feet.

Helena's back smashed against the fridge.

No one wanted you!" he spat. "No one claimed you after Selina's death. Everybody knew what piece of shit you are!

"Damn asshole." She squeezed her fist in balls.

"Barbara took care of you just because you remind her of Selina!" He wiped his lip with his sleeve, it was bleeding. "And after all she's done for you, you tried to rape her! You are a sick bitch!"

"Liar!!" She jumped over him.

Dick held her wrists and both bounced against the sink.

"You tried to do it! I stopped you!" Dick growled and pushed the brunette back.

"You are lying!" Helena shouted, glaring at him. It couldn't be, he was lying.

"Ask her! Ask her and she'll tell you I'm not lying," he said.

"No, I would never do it to her." She felt her muscles tensed, her blood boiling inside her.

"I found you on top of her, on the floor, ripping her clothes! She was asking you not to do it!"

"You are lying!"

"Do you know how I felt when I walked in and I heard her pleading with you? I'll never forgive you, Helena Kyle! You tried to hurt her! She gave you everything and you tried to abuse her!"

"Not true!"

"What's your fucking problem, Helena?" he shouted at her "You tried to rape her, why are you angry with me? It was you! Not me! You failed her again!"

"Fucking asshole."

"She was on the floor, you were over her and you tied her hands! You are a sick pycho just like Quinn! I know you had sex with her! You had sex with the worst criminal of New Gotham, with the girlfriend of the Joker! The man that killed your mother and paralyzed Barbara!"

"No, I didn't..:"

"You did… Quinn told me when I caught her." Dick kept his eyes fixed on her. "Quinn told me you had been lovers for months. "

The young woman felt a shiver on her back.

"And after sleeping with her, you tried to rape Barbara… And now you are angry with me because I called your mother a bitch? You are like her! A fucking whore."

He was dead. He was definitely dead, and no one could stop her. Helena pounced on him. Dick tried to move away, but the brunette's anger made her most powerful. She was blinded by anger and pain. He managed to connect a punch to her side and other to her gut, but she didn't seem to feel any pain. She was a hurricane and he could barely protect himself from her attack. She put her hands on his throat.

"Helena, stop!" Barbara's strong voice echoed in the place. She was at the doorway of the kitchen. Alfred had called her as soon as the fight had started. He knew she was the only one who could stop them from killing each other.

She wanted to cut him in pieces, make him swallow all his words. Dick coughed trying to breathe.

"Helena, I said stop!" The redhead wheeled inside the kitchen, which was a mess.

"She is lying!" Helena growled, strengthening her grip on him, "He has to admit that he's lying!"

"Helena, please, let him go!"

The brunette turned, feeling her eyes moist. She looked at the older woman pleadingly. "Tell me he is lying, please, Barbara, that I didn't try to… "

A knot in her throat made it difficult for Barbara to speak. She had heard Dick when she was wheeling out of the elevator. She hadn't planned on telling her all of the events of the last night and much less in the way that Dick had. "Let him go, please."

The young woman released him slowly without moving her eyes from her deepest love. She knew she would never lie to her, she knew she could trust her. Dick coughed and rolled to his side.

"Please… " Helena whispered, painfully, looking at her, "Tell me… Did I try to… to…"

The young crime fighter found that she tried, but she couldn't pronounce the word. It was so hard, she was afraid it was true. He must be lying. But her hope died when she saw Barbara nodding slowly. She felt the air gone from her lungs, her heart breaking in pieces.

"No…. didn't…" She shook her head, feeling tears flowing from her eyes, "Tell me no, Barbara, that I didn't…"

"It's all right, Helena, nothing happened. It was not you." Barbara tried to touch the brunette, but she jerked back and stumbled against the remains of the broken table. She understood her pain and softened the tone of her voice, trying to calm her.

"Helena, it's okay. I broke the spell."

"But…" the young woman couldn't believe what she had done, "I tried to… " She gasped, feeling scared of herself, "Oh God…"

"It was not your fault, Miss Helena," Alfred said from the doorway.

Blue eyes locked in green with shame and deep sorrow. "I love you."

"I know," Barbara said gently, "and I love you, too. So much. You…"

"I didn't want to do it," Helena interrupted, sobbing, "I would never hurt you."

"I know, Helena, I trust you with my life."

"Don't do it… don't do it anymore." Helena slipped to the floor and covered her head with her hands, crying.

Dick stood up, still coughing. Barbara buried his eyes on him.

"Get out, I don't want see you again for a long, long time."

"Barbara," he said, surprised.

"I said get out!" the redhead yelled at him.

"Master Dick." Alfred took his arm, "Please…"

"I saved your life last night! What's wrong with you?"

She didn't answer. She turned her back on him and wheeled close to the brunette. Alfred pulled him out the kitchen.

Helena cried, she couldn't believe what she had done, she had failed her again. She had screwed up everything. She felt the redhead nearing her. She pushed back with her feet back and lifted her hand.

"Don't touch me…"

"Helena, I love you." The older woman dragged herself close to the younger woman. -

"I can't…" The dark haired woman shook her head.

"Helena, listen to me." Barbara sat close to her, she felt the young woman flinch. She put her palm over one of Helena's hands. The dark woman pushed her back gently.

"Please, no…"

"Just… just don't touch me…" Helena begged, sobbing. She again pushed herself back with her feet.

"Helena, it was not your fault, you didn't do anything to me. I'm fine," Barbara tried to explain.

"Tell me what I did to you…."

"Nothing… you did nothing." Feeling angry she took Barbara's wrist.

"What is this, then?" She clenched her teeth.

"I tied you up right? I did it! You asked me to stop and I didn't do it!"

"But it was not you!" Barbara almost shouted "Quinn had hypnotized you!"

The brunette stood up, feeling so sick.

"Helena, please," the redhead asked "Don't let her destroy you."

"I almost destroyed you." Helena whispered, feeling empty, "…Since I told you I love you, I have tried to do it… and I can't… I would die…."

"I know you would never hurt me."

"You don't know. You never will."

"I know that I trust you."

Helena was walking out of the kitchen, but stopped. She couldn't leave her there. She turned and, kneeling, she lifted the redhead to her chair. Barbara trapped her lips in a deep, intense caress. She didn't want her to go. Breathless, Helena moved back a few inches and rested her forehead on Barbara's. She closed her eyes, still feeling tears slipping down her cheeks.

"I trust you, I trust you with all my heart and soul…. And I'm not sure if you… what I would be for you." Barbara said.

"The problem is that I don't trust myself anymore." Helena moved back stepping out of the kitchen.

"Please don't go…" Barbara pleaded, following her. "We can figure this out together."

The brunette stood in front of the open living room window, her back to the redhead.

"I don't remember anything about last night," she said. "I didn't want to do it!"

"I know." Barbara pushed her chair toward her. "But I don't want you to go." -

"I need be sure that I won't try to hurt you again."

"We will test it together."

"I don't want to. I need be sure that the nightmares are gone..." She looked at the redhead with pleading eyes. "Your life is in danger with me here. I need you to understand."

Barbara exhaled, feeling tired. "No, you told me you loved me."

"And I do!" Helena exclaimed.

"Then, if we want to be together, we must face everything together."

Helena sighed, exasperated. Annoyed, Barbara took her forearm and pulled her down. The young woman stumbled and fell over her surprised. Barbara had a hard grip on her arm. Damn. She was strong.

"I'm not going to let you go. Not again," the former Batgirl said. "I don't want you running away from me, you are not the only one suffering from this."

The dark woman was trapped in the magic of those intense green eyes looking at her with so much love and devotion, as no one else had ever done. Being so close to the redhead, Helena could smell her anger, her frustration, her fear, her excitement. It made her body tremble. She wanted to kiss those red lips so much, touch her white skin. But she couldn't, not now, not until she was sure…

"What about me, Helena?" the redhead asked.

Blue eyes lifted to meet green ones. What was she talking about?

"What about what I feel when I see you in pain? Don't you think that I suffer, too? That I spend nights awake wondering how you are? Wanting to be close to you and hold you? Comfort you? Do you think it's fair to leave me alone, not knowing where you are?"

The brunette blinked, not knowing what to say. Barbara's hand cupped her face and her thumb stroked her full red lips. Helena found her face inches from Barbara's. She was so beautiful.

"I love you, Helena." Barbara stretched forward.

The touch was teasing, nothing more than a gentle, hesitant brush of lips together, but as soon as Barbara felt the slight hitch of breath, there was only Helena and herself, darting forward. Helena trembled under the caress and moaned, parting her lips. Barbara didn't hesitate and her tongue touched her mouth, requesting entry.

Helena opened her mouth to her, the warmth of the strong muscle overwhelmed her senses; she shyly touched her tongue to the redhead's. It was a perfect, magic moment that promised everything she didn't think she could ever have. She'd never had a kiss like that -- intense, hot, sweet, demanding. A mixture of sensations flowed over her skin, in her blood. Her body felt light, her senses lost in the loving caress. It was incredible the way Barbara could soothe her soul, calm her anger, make feel her loved, secure, in heaven. She felt all her fears disappear, all the pain evaporated. She felt enveloped in a warm, protective cocoon. -

When Barbara finally moved back, Helena was dazed. Everything was cloudy around her. For a moment she forgot she needed to breathe. She opened her eyes slowly, Barbara's face was smiling to her. It was the smile of an angel. Yeah, she was in heaven.

"Helena?" Barbara asked gently, feeling proud of the fact that Helena, the untamable Huntress, had a dumb expression of happiness all over her face… and she had caused it. She found it hard to believe how much that wild, strong woman loved her.

"Mmm?" the brunette mumbled. Her name sounded like music on the other woman's lips.

Barbara smiled, still holding the brunette's face with her palms.

"Are you okay?"

"Wnnndeeeuuful." Helena gave her a dazed smile.

The redhead laughed lightly, "Wonderful?"

The dark head bobbed lightly and leaned in, nestling her head against Barbara's neck, hugging her.

"I love your smell," the young woman mumbled in her neck.

Barbara wrapped her arms around her and they embraced in silence for long seconds. The redhead buried her nose in the unruly dark hair, smelling a hint of oranges and ginger, inhaling deeply. She wanted the moment to last forever; the feeling of the thin woman under her hands was marvelous. She couldn't avoid chuckling when she felt Helena's light purr reverberating through her body.

Now she understood many things. She wasn't in the mood to cry anymore. She couldn't, she had cried so much in the few last weeks. She felt empty, she felt drained. It was a weird feeling. Everything had been screwed up since she had confessed her love to Barbara. She thought it would be much better, different. Maybe she had chosen the worst moment to do it. She was in the middle of the Harley nightmare. She had tried to hurt her. Granted, she had been hypnotized, but it still didn't help so much to make feel her better.

She could have been lethal if Dinah hadn't been there the first time and, then, Dick… She shook her head, she felt a shiver just in thinking of that.

Helena, are you okay?" Barbara's voice pulled her from her thoughts.

"Yeah… why?" The redhead lifted her head to look at her over the monitor of her computer.

The young woman was seated on a chair a few meters from her with a glass helmet over her head. Barbara was checking her brain waves to be sure she had cut all connections to Quinzel's programs.

"Nothing? You seem to be in distress…."

"What is that supposed to mean?"

"It means, I need you to calm down and think of pleasant things that don't disturb you." Barbara returned to her keyboard, she had finished the test, but she wanted to run one more, just in case..

"Okay." Helena adjusted her position in the chair as she sighed and closed her eyes. Barbara saved the data file and opened another window. She began to fill the information before starting to record again. She turned her wheelchair to the next computer and pressed the right button of the mouse.

"I'm going to start recording now, Helena," she said in a loud voice.

"Everything all right, Miss Barbara?" Alfred appeared carrying a tray with cookies and warm tea.

"Seems to be," the cyber genius answered, "I'm 99 sure that I broke the program that Quinn planted in Helena's head."

He chuckled. "But you are testing for the one percent, right?"

"Exactly, Harley has a really twisted mind. I don't want to risk her."

"Would you like a cup of tea?" He poured the warm liquid into a cup.

"Oh sure," She took the cup that he offered and sipped it. "Mmm, delicious." -

"It's your favorite."


"Do you think Harley will try to get control of Miss Helena again?"

"She will always try." The redhead bit her lips, "She has a strange, sick fascination for her. Helena is a temptation for her; she knows she has a dark side and I think she is trying to make it grow and control it to her benefit. And, the truth is, that with Helena next to her, she could easily defeat this city."

"I shudder just to think about it."

"Thankfully, she is not on that side." She bit a cookie.

He lifted his right eyebrow, looking at the computer screen behind the cyber genius.

"What do the red lines mean?"

The older woman turned around to look at the monitor. She frowned. Her brain waves needed be around 10hz and they were higher. She lifted her head.

"Helena, I told you to try to relax."

"I'm relaxed," the brunette said.

"So, tell me why your brain waves are so high?" Barbara typed on the keyboard "What are you thinking now?"

"Uhmmm…" the young woman hesitated. "Nothing?"

"Nothing?" Barbara scratched her head. "God! The lines are going to jump off the monitor."


"Well?" Barbara removed her eyeglasses as she tapped her fingers on the desk. She looked at Helena expectantly, the young woman looked at her. "I told you to relax."

"I'm relaxed."

"No, you aren't. What are you thinking about?"

Helena took a deep breath and sunk further down into the chair. She wasn't going to like this…

"--about you?" she finally mumbled. -

"What about me? We are talking about you, not me."

"Well…" Helena sighed and blushed. "I was thinking about you."

"Helena, thinking of another person doesn't change the waves like this, please."

Alfred coughed and walked toward the elevator. "I'll see you later, madam."

"All right. Thanks, Alfred," Barbara returned her attention to the brunette, "Helena, it's late."

The dark haired woman exhaled noisily, wondering how a cyber genius could be so dumb sometimes. Even Alfred had understood! "I was thinking about you," she said again.

"I know, and I told you…"

"About you and me." Helena rolled her eyes, "Horizontal mambo? Baking cookies? Funky chicken? Hanky Panky?" Barbara blushed as hard as she could.


"Well... you told me to relax," the young woman said.

"You can't be relaxed thinking of that."

"Barbara, sex relaxes me." She shrugged.

"God, this is so like you." The redhead covered her eyes. Helena removed the helmet from her head.

"Can we finish this? I'm bored."

"Yeah yeah," Barbara shook her head and stopped the record. This was so embarrassing. "I finished already, I just wanted one more as back up."

The brunette hopped lightly to the floor and went toward the work station.

"I can't believe you said that," the older woman said, organizing the data she had saved.

"Well, you asked." Helena stopped in front of her.

"Alfred was here." Barbara stopped her work and turned her head to look into blue eyes.

"He knew what I meant before you did."

Barbara narrowed her eyes and looked her. "Not true."

"Well, ask him why he left."

"Oh God…"Barbara felt the color of her skin turning as red as her hair. How the hell did Helena manage to make her blush so easily?

"Don't worry, he is family." She smiled. Barbara looked cute when she was blushing.

"I'll kill you one day."

"We don't kill, remember?" Barbara snorted and turned her work at the Delphi. She checked the results of all the information she had saved.

Helena knew she was in her Oracle mode. She stood next to her. She wanted to know about the results as much as the redhead.

"We did it…" the older woman mumbled with her eyes fixed on the monitor. "Before it was like a clock, every 12 hours you lost control of yourself…"

"It means am I clean now?"

Barbara smiled to her, "Yes." She took the young woman's shirt and pulled her down to give her a brief kiss. "I must go to work now, I have a meeting at four."

Helena kept leaning close to her, she frowned.

Barbara watched her and lifted her brow in question. "Something wrong?"

"No." Helena mumbled moving back. "I was just… thinking."


"I must go back to work… Leonard surely is not happy. The 'Helena is sick' excuse will not work much longer. I don't know if I will be free early tonight."

"Are you going to work? It's too soon."

"I want to go, I need to get back to my life, I need to do it."

Barbara nodded. She was right. "Will you come back here to sleep?" -

"Well… I would like to check my place," Helena waved her hand, "and Leonard might ask me to close… it could be late."

Closing the bar meant leaving at 3 or 4 in the morning. Knowing Helena, it was not an excuse. Barbara understood she needed time alone and smiled grabbing her hand. Helena had been through a difficult time. She wanted to show her that she supported her, that she loved her.

"I understand, don't worry. Soo…."

"So?" Helena asked.

"So, it will be a long time for me," Barbara elaborated, pulling her close. "We need a better goodbye kiss."

The brush of Helena's lips against hers was electric. She closed her eyes, enjoying the sensation of full lips on hers. She parted her lips and shivered, feeling the brunette's tongue moving inside; Helena was so sweet, no one would believe that a wild woman like her could be so tender and delicate. She kissed so well….

"I'd love to stay." The brunette rested her forehead on Barbara's.

"Me too, but I must work."

Helena moved back, smirking, and rubbed their noses together. "You can work on me."

"Tempting, but I can't."

"I must be losing my charm. You are refusing me."

"Nah," Barbara chuckled, taking her chin in her hand and looking her straight in her eyes. "I'm just making this more interesting."

"All right." The dark haired woman hopped back and walked toward the elevator. "Just remember that I offered. Don't complain later."

Helena's smile disappeared as soon as the elevator doors closed. She rested against the back wall of it and looked at the ceiling. She felt like shit, maybe the spell had gone, but not her guilty feelings. It was hard to express what she was feeling.

She walked toward the bar. She wasn't in the mood to jump buildings or run. The streets were covered with a light blanket of snow. The cold air was good, it helped her to think.


Part Ten

The redhead dried her hair after taking a warm bath. She felt tired, she had slept only few hours over the last week. She was a bit restless about Helena, as well. She would love for her to stay. They'd both had some hard days and she could only think of having her close. She loved Helena. She always knew she needed to see her, she needed to be close to her, but she didn't know how much she loved her. Maybe it was because she had never thought about them as a couple.

She had surprised herself many times wanting touch that soft skin, caress strong muscles. She had felt her heart beat harder against her chest when she was close, or when she appeared with a new sexy outfit that left nothing to the imagination.

They hadn't had time to talk about it. Quinn really was a psycho bitch, as Helena had once said. She was now sure that her obsession with them would never end. She was definitely the perfect match for the Joker. She exhaled heavily. With Harley behind bars, she hoped they would now have time to talk about their relationship.

She wheeled out of the bathroom. She gasped in surprise when she saw the brunette sitting on the couch at the far end of the room, staring at her.

"Hel?" she asked. "I thought your shift at the bar ended late."

"I finished early." Helena played with the ring on her right hand as she lowered her gaze.

Barbara observed her, she didn't look like she was in good shape. She seemed to be worried, sad. She wheeled close to her bed, not losing visual contact with the younger woman. She set the towel on the bed.

"I wanted to see you," the brunette whispered.

The redhead smiled and waited. Helena seemed to want to talk. Something was clearly bothering her.

"I was with her," the brunette whispered, still not looking at Barbara.

Barbara felt a knot in her stomach. She was afraid to ask. "Quinn?"

Helena nodded, suddenly feeling uncomfortable. She knew this would piss Barbara off, but she would find out soon or later. It was best to just come clean.

"Reese helped me get in."

"Why?" Barbara's question was cold and sharp.

Helena took a few seconds before answering. "I needed to do it. I needed to see her, to face her."

"Why didn't you tell me?"

"I needed to do it alone."

"You could have told me."

The young woman exhaled heavily, she stood up and paced. She had been thinking of what to say and now she couldn't find the words. The redhead noticed she was distressed. Helena had faced something hard, she couldn't fault her for this.

"I'm sorry Helena, I didn't mean to…"

"Barbara..." the brunette rubbed her face in her hands, "I didn't mean to make you mad, it's just… I want you to understand, I needed to do it alone. I needed to talk with her, I needed to know…" she looked at the redhead with sadness. "I needed to know."

"She could be lying, you know that," Barbara said "She is lying to hurt you."

"And if she's not? What would you think?" the brunette stopped her pacing to look at her mentor.

"I don't care," Barbara answered with a firm voice. "It doesn't change who you are."

Helena lowered her head and nodded, exhaling noisily. "I know."

Barbara kept her eyes on the young woman. She crossed the fingers of her hands nervously. She closed her eyes for an instant, Helena was really brave to face that crazy woman again, after everything she had done. She was sure it hadn't been easy. She surely had tried to hurt her more.

"How do you feel now?" Barbara asked softly. "I mean… after visit Quinn."

Helena lifted her head and smiled lightly. "I can breathe now."

Barbara smiled back. "I'm glad to hear that."

"She told me many things and I understood that she can't hurt me anymore, she doesn't have control." She bit her lips. "I understood that she never…."

Barbara extended her hand and took the brunette's, she squeezed gently.

"…she never could have what is not hers." Helena mumbled, she lifted her hand and kissed the redhead's hand with such reverence that Barbara felt overwhelmed.

The older woman tried to pull her against her, but the dark woman moved back.


The crime fighter put her hands over her head, turning her back to Barbara.

"What's wrong?" Barbara asked.

Helena never thought it would be so hard ask. "Did you love my mother?"

The question was a bit weird. Green eyes blinked, she didn't understand. "Of course."

"I want you to be honest." The brunette turned, feeling a terrible anguish in her heart. "I need to know…"

"Of course I loved your mom. She was an extraordinary person, one of my best friends. Why are you asking?"

Helena rubbed her face with her hands. "Barbara, I need to know, really. It's something that has been on my mind and I try not think about it, but I can't stop myself."

The older woman frowned, this was confusing. What was happening? Helena seemed to be all worked up over something, but she didn't have a clue about what it could be.

"Excuse me, Helena, but I don't understand. What did Quinn tell you?" she accused, voice subdued.

"It was not Harley."

The brunette kneeled in front of her, suddenly, and took her hands..

"Barbara… Did you and mom…?"

Emerald eyes were trapped in the intense gaze of deep blue eyes. She could read pain and fear, an intense fear. Suddenly, the pieces fell on its place. She opened her mouth, speechless. It took her a few seconds to coordinate her thoughts.

"Jesus, Helena!" Barbara exclaimed. "No, of course not, I loved your mom as a friend, not as…. Please!"

"Are you lying to me?"

"Helena, no! I would never lie to you. I loved your mom, yes, but as one of my best friends. Just that."

Helena felt her heart thumping against her chest in joy. "Really?"

Barbara cupped her face in her hands. "The only woman I have loved is you." She smiled and kissed Helena softly on her lips. "Who gave you that absurd idea?"

"It doesn't matter." Helena lifted her head to meet those wonderful lips again. The caress was light, soft, but intense and full of love, they lost all sense of time.

Anyone could say a kiss was a kiss, but with Helena, it was totally different. It was a magical moment, Helena mixed many emotions in one touch, making her tremble. She made her forget everything around her.

The dark woman moved back a few inches. She caressed Barbara's cheek with her knuckles "Are you sure you wanna try this? I mean… you and me?"

Barbara laughed lightly. "If that is your romantic way of asking me out, it's not what I was expecting."

Helena laughed. "I'm sorry. I just want you to be sure you want to date a girl..."

"I´m completely and totally sure, are you?"

"Forever." Helena moved forward, this time giving her soft kisses around her mouth. God, how much she loved this woman. Helena melted under the touch of her hands, feeling her breath against her skin. She loved her smell, the feeling of her skin under her fingers, it was wonderful to feel her tongue teasing, probing. She didn't think, slowly, she straddled the other woman's thighs pressing her body against her; she wanted to feel her close.

The redhead wrapped her arms around the younger woman, resting a hand on her neck and holding her thigh against her.

The brunette felt her body combusting, her heart racing. Barbara had been the queen of her dreams, her fantasies, she had been that star that she could see, but not touch. She blinked down at her. Barbara's smile warmed her, as she moved her hands slowly up and down her back. Helena snuggled closer, burrowing against her neck, as she put her arms around her and breathed her in.

The redhead laughed lightly, feeling the purr under her hands. She kissed the top of the brunette's head and, lazily, she kissed her eyebrow and her tongue shyly traced it. The young woman shivered under the touch. That wonderful mouth moved to her eyelids and a moment later down, Barbara's fingers grabbed her chin to lift her head and once again take her lips, sinking deeper into her, their tongues playing together.

She knew that Helena was not innocent, she had been a party girl all her life; a confident, conqueror. Barbara had heard about her romances and adventures. It was all a game for her and sometimes she doubted that Helena could really give her heart to someone, but something in her languid movements, in her touches, in her kisses made her feel that Helena was loving her, giving herself to her, her heart and her soul. The feeling of Helena's body reacting to her caress was incredible, she felt aroused. It was strange, she had never felt like this with anyone, she was damn close to not being able to form a coherent thought.

"Stay?" Barbara asked between kisses.

"Do you mind?" Helena mumbled, feeling terribly excited.

Barbara moved her hands over unruly dark hair, "I'll kick your ass if you don't…"

Helena leaned in and kissed her neck. "I love kinky…"

The redhead laughed and closed her eyes, enjoying the trace of a warm tongue over her throat. Her lips were magic.

Helena wrapped her arms around the older woman head, who arched her neck, moaning in pleasure. Her eyes snapped opened showing feral slits. That moan was something that sent her libido sky-high. She lowered her legs slowly to the floor, being careful to not lose contact with that marvelous body.

Damn, her knees were trembling. She moved one arm below the redhead's knees and put the other one behind her back. With a soft, fast movement ,she lifted her from her chair.

Before Barbara knew what was happening, she found herself resting on her bed, Helena on top of her. The redhead moved her hands under her partner's long coat , pushing it over her shoulders and off her arms, slowly. The brunette captured her lips again and threw the coat to the floor.

That was much better.

Barbara let her nails trace the muscles of the young woman's back. Helena growled and arched under the contact. She took Barbara's hands in hers and pushed them over her head. She let herself descend slowly and, with her fingers, she opened the older woman's legs to lie between the juncture of her thighs. She pressed her body against her and moved sinuously. The sensation was incredible; Barbara arched under the contact.

The brunette kissed her upper chest with tender kisses and, with a soft movement of her nose, she moved her bathrobe to the side.

"Hel…" Barbara gasped, cupping the young woman's head in her hands.

Helena kissed the white skin, she half opened her mouth and breathed. The tip of her tongue shyly tasted trembling muscles.

"Helena," Barbara tried to clear her throat.

The young woman didn't move and kept laving the creamy skin. She felt Barbara's hands pulling her up. She lifted her head to her to keep her attention.

"I love you," the brunette mumbled before trapping her lips again.

Definitely Helena was not in the mood to talk now and she understood why. Barbara found it hard to think straight with that wonderful mouth taking possession of her; she returned the kiss.

"Helena," she mumbled, "Helena, I don't know how to touch you… how to please you."

The dark head moved back a few inches and looked at her. Barbara could see her golden eyes shining, it was incredibly beautiful.

"I don't know what to do," Barbara whispered.

"Don't be afraid." Helena leaned down and kissed her. "Just let your feelings flow," she traced her fingers along her cheek, tracing her eyebrows, memorizing the look in her eyes, "Don't think. Make love, show me how much you love me." Once more she dipped down for a searing kiss and let her fingers trace the curves of the other woman's upper chest, mapping every corner, every muscle, wanting to memorize each inch, wanting to remember forever the feeling of that skin under her fingertips. "Let your heart speak," she whispered in her ear.

Barbara closed her eyes and focused just on the incredible sensations the young woman was creating over her. Every stroke, every kiss was so tender, as if she were a shy woman, but, at the same time, she was confident, knowing that every movement, every touch was increasing her libido and desire.

"Let me love you, let me touch you," Helena whispered, almost in an inaudible voice.

The older woman felt Helena's mouth nipping down her throat, licking across her collarbone. She didn't realize when Helena had removed her bathrobe leaving her totally nude. Helena dipped between her breasts until she found her belly. She traced the hollows of her stomach with her tongue. Her young lover was making magic over her skin.

The brunette took her time, tracing her abs with her tongue. She used her left hand to keep herself above the other woman and, with her right, she unbuttoned her blouse, throwing it to the side. With her arms on each side of the Barbara, she began to ghost kisses to her abdomen. She crawled up with a sluggish movement, taking care to rub her body against the redhead's. She felt her body on the edge, ready to explode, she bit her lips and took a few breaths before continuing her task. She wanted to pleasure Barbara. She knew how difficult it would be for her to feel an orgasm and she wanted to take her there with soft touches and caress, helping her forget her fears and be confident in this new experience.

Barbara held Helena's shoulders with her hands. The sensation of bare skin on her nude torso made Barbara's clit throb. It was impossible, but she could feel it. She could also feel Helena's body trembling under her fingers, she could feel her excitement. Green eyes opened lazily and noticed aroused cat pupils regarding her. Helena let her body fall smoothly, the contact of breast against breast made her groan; Helena then melded their lips in a tender and slow kiss.

The young woman began to rub against her with light movements, the redhead felt like her body was on fire. Helena was incredible. She let the sensations flowing over her body control her. Helena had said it, let your heart speak.

The young woman's mouth was on her neck. She felt Helena snuggling against her side and resting her now wet, warm core against her. The brunette's hips rocked against her, her small fingers traced the lines of her breasts and softly touching her nipples... It was electric, Helena was so excited, just to be with her. The pulsing between her legs increased.

Being a crime fighter through the years had taught Oracle to remain controlled, to analyze every possibility before reacting. She'd never felt as she did now -- her brain was totally numb. The sensation was marvelous; it was like being in a world where only she and Helena existed. The movements of the young woman increased, searching to reach a crest. Her warm mouth enveloped Barbara's breast, the older woman arched in pleasure. She grabbed the dark head with both hands to hold her tight.

"Helena…" she gasped, noticing the young woman's right hand moved toward the juncture of her legs; the sensation disappeared below her waist. It took her great effort to half open her eyes and look below. Helena was rubbing her with her hand.

"Tell me…" the brunette gasped, "if you feel…"

She could still feel the phantom sensation of the blood pulsing hard against her clit. She closed her eyes, imagining Helena's fingers on her. "Keep going…" she mumbled in a barely audible voice.

Helena's movements turned erratic.

Barbara felt her mind explode at the same time she heard Helena crying out her name and burying her head to her neck. Lights exploded around her; her body and mind melted under the incredible force of her climax.

When Helena woke, she had a strange feeling of happiness and tranquility, something she hadn't felt in a long time, maybe years. Her nostrils caught a familiar, but different, scent. It was Barbara's essence… mixed with her scent, sweat and sex. She smiled feeling the gentle scratch of long nails on her scalp and the sensation of a warm body under her. It made her heart thump harder, she was not dreaming. She rubbed her cheek against the soft breast under her.

"Morning, lazy cat." She heard Barbara's voice .

"Mmmmm." It was hard to wake up after all the activity last night. They'd made love at least two times more after the first incredible climax. She was also pretty certain that she had orgasmed at least two additional times in her sleep, dreaming of Barbara.

The redhead laughed lightly. "I'll take that as a good morning."

The dark head bobbed and she felt a warm mouth kissing her chest lightly. Helena curled to her side, snuggled closer.

"Did you know that you purred all night?"

The sleepy face lifted a few inches to look at the older woman. "Oh, sorry…."

"Don't be." Barbara bent forward to kiss her lips softly, "I loved it."

"Good, because I can't stop it when I'm with you," the brunette mumbled, finding Barbara's lips again. She felt her body tremble under the touch, her libido growing rapidly. It was incredible that a kiss could cause such sensations.

"It was wonderful," Barbara mumbled, moving back a few inches. "You make me feel like no one ever has before."

"And you are my first and only love." Helena hugged her, kissing her neck, "I have been waiting for you all my life, I thought I would never be able to tell you how much I love you, to show you how much I love you."

Barbara returned the embrace, feeling the overwhelming sensation of Helena's nude body against her.

"But I still think I need… to learn to love you… to touch you."

"You did an excellent job last night," a playful voice purred in her ear. "Wanna practice a bit more?"

Barbara laughed hard. "I'd love to, but I can't ,sweetheart. School."

"Mfffppp." Helena grumbled, burying her head on her neck. "I hate school."

"You've always hated it."

"But now I hate it more than ever."

Barbara patted her ass cheeks, "Come on, I must shower now or I'll be late."

Helena's head snapped up, smiling. "Good, can I join you?"


"Why not?" the brunette frowned.

"Because." Barbara kissed her quickly, "You are a terrible temptation and I really need to go to work today. I have a meeting with the principal."

"I can call them and tell them you are sick."

"No way." The red head lifted her eyebrow. "But If you want, we can practice more tonight."

"Really?" blue eyes sparkled.

"Yes, but only if you move."

"Just because you said the magic words." Helena rolled to the side.

Barbara gave the last student his exam.

"Well done," she said to him before he exited the room.

She wheeled to the board and began to erase it. When she finished, she turned to pick up her things. She looked at her watch, almost three. The day had been slow, really slow, and she wanted it to be four, so she could go back to Clock Tower and see Helena. She smiled widely, remembering the events of the last night. She never thought it would be so incredible to be with her young, energetic partner.

She seemed to never tire. But she knew she still needed to learn to love her. She had physical limitations and she still didn't understand how Helena had touched her in a way that had sent her over the edge three times last night. She wanted do the same, to learn her sensitive spots, to touch her. Definitely, she needed to do some empirical research on the web and buy some books.

"Miss Gordon, could you help me with this paper? It's a bit lacking."

The redhead turned and smiled. "Hey."

"Heya." Helena stepped inside, carrying a paper bag in her hand.

"I didn't expect you."

"I thought you might be hungry, school food sucks." She stopped in front of her mentor and looked around. Nobody was close; she leaned down and gave a quick kiss.

Barbara arched brow.

"I don't want people to see us," Helena said, answering her interrogative look. She gave her the bag. "I bring you tuna salad and juice."

"Oh, excellent." The redhead opened her bag. "The hamburger and muffins are mine." "You don't have problems with calories I see." She handed the burger to the brunette.

"I know how to burn them fast." The brunette winked, biting into the burger.

"I know. I forgot to ask you how work went." The redhead took her fork and opened the salad container.

Helena grinned and leaned over the desk. "Ask me and I can make you forget many other things." She bit another piece of her burger.

The redhead cocked her head, munching her salad calmly. "Things like that homecoming game?"

Helena blinked and stopping chewing. "What?"

"Don't talk with your mouth full."

"Oh…" the brunette gulped.

"Remember?" Barbara waved her hand, "A hot dog, the school mascot?"

"You know about that?" Blue eyes looked at her, puzzled. Helena felt her face flushing.

"Mmm… this salad is great." She took another bite.

"Why didn't you ever tell

me?" Helena asked.

"Why? I guess it was embarrassing enough for you. Everybody knew about your flying hot dog. It was the topics of all conversation for two months." She put a bit more salad in her mouth.

"Oh God…" the brunette covered her eyes.

"What? Everybody remembers you for it."

"Believe me, I'd prefer not to be remembered for that." Helena put a French fry in her mouth.

"Want a bit?" Barbara offered a forkful of salad. "It's pretty good."

"No, thanks, it will ruin my effort to eat calories."

"I see, tons of them."

"I'm growing." The brunette smiled, biting into her burger again.

"Yes, yes."

"Well, whatever." Helena sipped her coke and cleaned her fingers with a napkin. "I must go now, I have work, I promised Leonard I'd be nice."

"Be nice?"

"Yes, you know… be on time, help him with work. He asked me to help him today with some stuff in storage."

"I can't believe this. You are being nice to him?"

"I needed to promise be nice so he will let me work again."

"Do you really love that job?" Barbara narrowed her eyes.

"I hate to admit it, but yes, I love it." Helena shrugged her shoulders. "It's fun, I can listen to good music, meet people, hot guys, girls."

Barbara coughed lightly.

"Well… that was before you were my girlfriend…" Helena suddenly straightened, taking her hand, "Because you are my girlfriend, right?"

Barbara stared at her, she hadn't thought of that. Helena was very independent, free. It was a disconcerting question coming from her. "Well…"

"You are the most important thing in my life, Barbara," the brunette purred.

The redhead felt her heart melt and smiled squeezing her fingers. "For me as well, Helena."

"So you are my girlfriend and I'm your girlfriend," Helena said happily, standing up. She gave Barbara a fast kiss before walking toward the door. "You are very lucky, I'm a woman with unknown and fascinating abilities."

"Do you have unknown abilities?" Barbara said amused. "Believe me, I know all about you."

"Oh no, you will be amazed when you discover what I'm capable of doing." The young woman grinned, resting her shoulder on the doorframe. -

"Are you bluffing again?"

"No, you really will be surprised to find out what I'm capable of."

Barbara laughed, "Yes, definitely, you are bluffing."

"Miss Gordon…" A guy appeared suddenly at the door.

Helena put her hand on his chest and pushed him back gently, "Give us five minutes, go to buy some ice cream. I must discuss a topic with your professor." She closed the door behind her and locked it.

The brunette looked at her a few seconds in silence. Barbara felt for a second that she had asked the wrong question. Helena smirked, her gaze was different, it was one of a predator. The dark haired woman suddenly walked toward her slowly, taking her time; she looked like a panther-- a panther stalking her prey. She was breathtaking, her pants plastered to her body like a second skin, a blouse that had a cut in the middle and let her admire her firm abdominals. Her mouth was dry.

Helena stood in front of her and rested her hands on the arms of her chair. Her eyes moved slowly examining the redhead's face slowly. Barbara was nervous. She was not used to that kind of scrutiny. The brunette leaned in, moving her cheek so close to hers, but not touching, just letting the fine hairs of her skin brush against her. It send chills down Barbara's spine. Then, she could felt her warm breath on her neck, she was scenting her. Helena was utterly still, just taking her time and breathing her scent.

"You always smell so good, mmmmm." Helena whispered after seconds that seemed like long minutes.

The brunette's movements were sensual, cautious. Barbara could feel Helena's breath on the back of her ear; she closed her eyes trying to absorb all the movements of the dark woman. She hadn't touched her yet, but with her tenuous breath, she had turned her skin more sensitive than she had ever had felt. She ached to be touched, her heart beating as fast as if she had run ten miles.

"I can make all your dreams come true," Helena purred in her ear and opened her mouth again.

The warm breath made Barbara shiver and moan. What was she doing to her? Helena's head lifted slowly toward Barbara's temple. She opened her mouth and inhaled deeply, she began to lower her head slowly.

"If you want," the young woman mumbled, almost brushing her eyes with her lips, "I'll take you to the moon, then," she moved lower, her mouth a few inches of Barbara's, "you choose the most brilliant star in the sky and I'll give it to you."

The warm mouth breathed so close to her lips, that Barbara unconsciously parted her lips. Her heart pounding harder by the second, so hard that she was sure Helena could hear it easily. She opened dazed green eyes and she discovered she was pinned by golden cat eyes.

"If you want to touch the clouds," the dark haired woman said, with a barely audible voice, " tell me which one you like, and I'll bring it to you. Ask me anything and I'll do it. If you want the heavens, I'll bring the heavens for you."

Barbara looked at the brunette's lips panting a few inches from hers. "Kiss me."

Helena grinned and shook her head slowly.


"I'll see you later." The dark haired woman moved back.

"Hel!" Barbara said, exasperated. -

"Be on time for sweeps." She walked toward the door and unlocked it.


Helena turned and winked at her. "See you, beautiful."

Barbara couldn't believe what was transpiring.

"She's all yours," The dark haired woman said to the guy standing a few feet from the door. She waved her hand back. "See you then professor. It's a date."

Astonished, the redhead couldn't find a word to say. When she came back to her senses, Helena was gone. How was it possible that Helena had just done that? It was… evil, yes, it was evil and… and oh damn. She had made feel her so… so excited and then she had left. What the…?

"Miss Gordon?" the guy at the door asked.

"What?" she growled. The guy stepped back.

"Sorry, I'll come back later."

Cuddling with Helena was a heavenly feeling. The peace that filled the bedroom was a sharp contrast to all the events of the last few days. Dinah had gone on a weekend camping trip and Barbara had decided to take a few days to rest after the past several stressful weeks. She was reading a book, her cheek resting against the brunette's head and one arm wrapped around the brunette's waist. Her other hand held the book. Helena was distracted, watching television.

"The devil wears Prada" was a light comedy that Helena loved. First, for Anne Hathaway and, second, for the fashionable clothes on the film .Helena had been laughing. It was music to her ears, she was so relaxed, she loved Helena's laugh, she loved knowing she had found some peace.

1984, by George Orwell, was a dystopian novel, set in a world beyond our imagining. Barbara found it interesting. The book described a world where totalitarianism really was total, with all power split into three, roughly equal groups--Eastasia, Eurasia, and Oceania. 1984 was set in Oceania, which included the United Kingdom, where the story was more specifically set, in an area known as Airstrip One.

The book was pretty interesting, but she couldn't focus on it. She had tried for the last fifteen minutes, but with Helena so close, it was not easy. She inhaled deeply, the soft aroma of Helena's hair, made her body warm. The fingers of her hand, resting on Helena's waist, had been scratching the young woman's stomach lightly. Helena's skin under her fingers felt so good. She kissed the brunette's head and again tried to focus her attention on the book.

Winston Smith was a middle-aged, unhealthy character, based loosely on Orwell's own frail body, an underling of the ruling oligarchy, The Party. The Party has taken early 20th century totalitarianism to new depths, with each person subjected to twenty-four hour surveillance, where people's very thoughts are controlled to ensure purity of the oligarchic system in place. Figurehead of the system is the omnipresent and omnipotent Big Brother.

The young woman stirred and let her head rest on the redhead's shoulder. Barbara lifted her head a bit before resting her cheek on Helena's head. Her hand, that had been making small circles on the brunette's abdomen, traced the hard abs. She closed her eyes and tried to memorize each inch-- it was a fascinating combination of soft skin and hard muscles. She rubbed her cheek lightly against her hair. Her scent was overwhelming to her senses, a mixture of softness and wild nature. She blinked, she was distracted again. She lifted the book to eye level.

Winston had dreamt of his mother. He dreamt of his mother and sister who along with his father whom he remembered more vaguely had been exterminated in one of the famous Party "purges". He realized that in some unfathomable way, his mother and sister had died for him; they had died so that he could go on living. Always in his dreams, he saw them in a deep grave or well and he felt that they were there so that he could be up on the surface.

Barbara's hand moved upward, tracing the skin below Helena's lower breast. The young woman's muscles trembled under her touch. The shiver went straight to her core. She let her fingers play, moving them softly back and forth, brushing, caressing the tender skin. She felt her arousal grow.

Another landscape entered Winston's dream, a sunny pastoral land with a brook which he always felt he had seen somewhere in childhood but could ever place accurately. The girl he had noticed at work during yesterdays' Hate came into the landscape and flung off her clothes in a grand gesture.

Barbara could feel Helena's purring through her fingers. She loved having Helena so close, it was an indescribable sensation to hold such strong woman, who felt so small and vulnerable in her arms. Her index finger toyed with the bottom of her bra, moving between fabric and skin.

Her body was beautiful, but it was not her body that Winston looked at in his dream, it was the symbolism of the gesture that attracted him.

Barbara lowered the book and closed her eyes. She rubbed her cheek against dark, unruly hair. Her hand moved confidently through Helena's breast and caressed it. She wanted to touch more. The tempo of Helena's breath changed and she arched when she pressed her hand into the firm flesh.

Helena's head turned to her and she was lost in the vision of red lips in front of her.

To the hell with the book.

She kissed Helena, wrapping her arms around the brunette's back to hold her hard against her. Her kiss was not gentle, she wanted to consume the other woman, take her, mark her as hers. She didn't know how, but when she returned, somewhat, to her senses, she had pinned her young partner against the bed. The touch of Helena's tongue against her was fuel, combusting the blood in her veins. She grabbed the young woman's hair with her hands and deepened the kiss. She let her tongue move, discovering each inch of the brunette's mouth, each corner. She marveled as her tongue learned the different textures and flavors of her mouth, discovering the different ways Helena's body moved under her with every touch.

She lowered her head to her tender neck and opened her mouth to breathe her in, the temptation was too much and she softly licked the hollow of her throat. The flavor was heavenly, with a hint of salt. She heard Helena's gasp and she moved up slowly, lavishing careful attention to the skin below her, while her right hand moved to cup a round breast. Her hand moved in circles over the soft mound and her fingers found a nipple.

Helena slid her hands over the redhead's shoulders and pulled her against her body, loving the feel of the woman's body pressing against hers. She growled at the touch and she covered lush lips with her own. Something electric skittered across Helena's skin, raising the fine hair on her arms and sending her blood rushing through her veins.

Barbara had always thought that Helena's fashion sense frequently involved wearing just enough to cover the essentials, but at this moment, she felt the woman was wearing way too many clothes.

The sound of ripping fabric made the brunette's clit throb hard against her pants. She gasped, opening her eyes wide when she felt a warm mouth enveloping her right breast. She arched her back. God. She was in heaven. The brunette felt Barbara was carrying her to unknown, incredible levels of pleasure. Just the thought of knowing the older woman was her touching her, sent her libido soaring. She moved her hands to caress Barbara's breast, but the redhead arrested her movement, grabbing her wrist and placing it above her head.

"No, it's my night," the redhead whispered to her.

Helena always was the one taking the lead but, hell, it felt marvelous to let Barbara drive the car, and she was not going to object to it.

Green eyes, filled with lust, were fixed on the brunette's. The young woman had never seen that look in her partner-- lusty, passionate, prurient, lascivious. She felt her arousal hit the stratosphere. Barbara leaned in, covering their faces with a curtain of red hair. Barbara trapped her lips again to give her a passionate kiss.

The redhead was frantic to explore her sweet body, she wanted so much to touch, to taste. Her lips traced Helena's neck, leaving little nips along the way. She could felt the young woman's pulse throbbing when she bit her pulse point gently and her fingers played with a firm, erect nipple. She then, with her mouth, traced the contour of Helena's jaw with soft nibbles, until she found her ear. Barbara's tongue moved inside, exploring, searching. She smiled to herself, hearing Helena's gasps and feeling shaking muscles under her.

At that point she realized that she, too, was wearing too many clothes and, with an incredibly fast movement, she removed her t-shirt. Barbara placed her mouth over Helena's right breast and began to apply suction to it, flicking her tongue on her nipple while she unclasped her own bra and threw it behind her.

The brunette growled, entwining her fingers in soft, long hair, pulling her tightly to her breast. She maneuvered their bodies with her hands and settled one of Barbara's legs between her own. Helped with her hand, she began to rock slowly against Barbara's thigh.

With incredible lust controlling her instincts, Barbara was lost in the feeling of a hard nipple on her lips. She suckled harder, making Helena cry out and tremble in pleasure. The sensations flowing in her body were just so different to any other she had experienced. So exciting, so overwhelming, she could only think of touching, licking, kissing, biting that marvelous body beneath her. Her hands roamed over the young woman's thin frame.

The redhead sucked her breast once more before moving down her torso to explore. She removed to the remains of Helena's blouse. The dark crime fighter's abs felt incredible when Barbara caressed them with the tip of her tongue. Her fingers traced the outlines of her hips and stopped at the waistband of her pants.

Helena's head was spinning, she didn't know where Barbara had learned to touch like that, but she kept her on fire. It had never been so hard to think, to organize her thoughts. She gasped at the feeling of Barbara's tongue playing in her navel. Her clit was throbbing with such force that it seemed it would explode. She needed her there. The sound of the zipper of her pants lowering was the most erotic sound she had ever heard.

Helped by the strength of her arms, Barbara lifted herself up again. In a blink, she was close to those fantastic golden eyes clouded in a fog of pleasure.

"I love you," the redhead mumbled before kissing her again and pressing her breast against Helena's hard nipples. The brush of their bodies made both moan. Barbara was lost in her desire to consume this wild woman in her need, in her love for her, she pressed her body harder against her.

But she wanted more. Her hand slipped down, into the dark woman's pants.

The brunette cried and bucked when long fingers touched her most intimate area, her eternal dream to be touched by the older woman was real. She rolled her hips when Barbara moved her fingers slowly, teasing around her clit.

The redhead found her fingers coated in Helena's warm honey, it enflamed her senses and she moved her fingers harder against the young woman's clit.

"Yes." Helena bit her lips and wrapped her arms around the older woman's shoulders.

Barbara moved her hand farther down and let her fingers tease the brunette's entrance, but her movements were restrained by the tight pants.

"Remove these…" Barbara whispered in Helena's ear , tugging on her pants.

She didn't need to say it twice. With a graceful movement, the young woman was totally nude.

Barbara chuckled and kissed her, her right hand moved again toward the juncture of Helena's legs. She caressed the warm area with her fingers in slow circles. She lifted her eyes and noticed the ecstasy in the brunette's face; her feral eyes staring wide at the ceiling, lost in pleasure.

She moved a finger inside and trapped a round breast in her mouth. Helena cried, arching her torso, trying not to buck hard against the older woman.

Barbara's index began to penetrate her slowly, moving back and forth until it was fully inside. Then, she began to thrust into her. Helena moved her hips trying to match her, when the redhead felt they had found the rhythm, she added a second finger, while her thumb traced circles around her clit.

Their bodies danced in the rhythm of an erotic dance of love, surrounded by amorous whispers and moans. Helena's abdomen contracted against Barbara's fingers, it was so exciting. The vision her lover woman lost in pleasure was fantastic. Barbara buried her head in the hollow of Helena's neck and bit her shoulder, increasing the penetration, moving her fingers faster.

"Harder…" The brunette felt her orgasm coming like an incredible avalanche. She moaned when Barbara's fingers curled inside her, finding that inner spot that made her lose her mind. Barbara was taking her, marking her as hers.

Her climax was mind blowing. Throbbing lights filled her vision and her entire body trembled in ecstasy. Her finger nails buried into the older woman's back as her cry of pleasure filled the room.

She didn't know how long she was out. She was still trying to recover her breath when she sensed a warm breath on her inner thighs. She blinked. Lifting her head took effort. All her limbs and muscles were liquefied. Barbara was between her legs, kissing and rubbing her face against the skin.

"Barbara…" the brunette dragged her words out, "wait..."

Crap. It was hard to talk- she moved her hand toward the older woman's head. "Barbara… let me…"

Barbara leaned in, catching the scent of the highly aroused brunette, it was intoxicating.

The next thing the dark haired woman felt was Barbara's tongue giving a long, sensual lick against her sex. She gasped, "Barbara... I don't think... I can come now..."

The redhead didn't seem to hear her because she kept on her task. It appeared she was serious about the "It's my night" thing.

Barbara teased her with slow strokes, marveled at the new taste she was discovering. She parted Helena's lower lips with her tongue and indulged herself. Her own body shuddered in ecstasy and she felt her own sex throbbing.

The sensation of soft lips kissing her most intimate area was overwhelming. Helena gripped the pillow below her head with her hands and bit her lips.

Helena was amazed to find her body reacting. Barbara found her clit and took it in her lips. She rubbed it with her tongue, making Helena's lust rise like a Phoenix from the ashes. Barbara claimed to not be skilled in the art of making love to a woman, but, hell, it didn't seem to be a problem for her. She seemed knew how touch her most sensitive spots and drive her insane. She didn't want to imagine what the redhead could do to her when she learned more and became skillful in the art of lovemaking. Barbara kept working on her engorged clitoris and sucked on the tender flesh at its base.

The movements make Helena orgasm suddenly.

Barbara smiled, feeling the shudder in the young woman's muscles. The taste and the knowledge that she was giving Helena pleasure had her on the edge, too.

Barbara moved lower and licked the salty honey flowing from the brunette's sex. She gently applied her lips and tongue to the swollen lips, grazing her throbbing clitoris with the tip of her nose.

"Ba…bar… Barbara…" Helena babbled her name, noticing the redhead didn't have any intention of stopping. "Oh God…"

Barbara cupped her entire sex with her mouth, sucking.

Helena bucked, amazed by the other woman's eagerness.

The redhead thrust her tongue in her. The sudden penetration made Helena gasp and she felt her lust invading her body again with an incredible force. She never thought she could climax so hard, so many times, but Barbara's tongue was marvelous, heavenly. She spread her legs to her and surrendered to all the emotions and feelings flowing through her body. She took Barbara's head between her hands, pressing her into her.

This time Barbara became more demanding—tasting, probing, deepening her muscle inside her. She didn't want be gente, she wanted to take, to devour her. She used her fingers to thrust again. Two fingers slid easily into Helena. She was wet, very wet. The brunette bucked and moaned. The older woman observed for minutes in fascination how her digits slid inside so easily. She felt her own lust increasing, and her own orgasm coming, just at touching her. She added a third finger, that slipped inside smoothly.

She leaned in, closed her lips against Helena's clit and sucked it hard. At the time, she increased the tempo of the thrusting. She could feel the young woman's orgasm coming again. It didn't take too long, just a few strokes more. She used her left hand to push herself forward and kiss Helena at the time that her orgasm broke, sudden and violent. Helena exploded and cried with her in an overwhelming and wild rush of pleasure that made her pass out.

Barbara could only pant, her whole body felt like butter. She let her head fall over the young woman's neck as she closed her eyes. Almost immediately, she fell into a deep sleep.

A bright light hit her eyes, waking her up. She wasn't in a mood to wake, she felt really comfortable in her warm, soft bed. Her nostrils caught the scent immediately. She was holding Helena in a firm embrace. The night before had been wonderful; she still didn't know what force had made her take her young partner with that strength and passion. She had never felt so overwhelmed by her own feelings, maybe it was the first time she had let her emotions control her reactions.

And it had been the most pleasant experience in her entire life.

However, she didn't understand how she had come to be on her back with Helena curled on top of her.

She pressed her lips to the brunette's forehead, close to her eyebrow. She felt so good, so full of life, of energy. Making love with Helena was something that she couldn't explain with words, it was beyond her reason; Helena made her feel complete, a woman.

The brunette blinked sleepily. It took her a few moments to realize where she was. She lifted her deep blue eyes to meet green and smiled at the redhead with what was probably a very goofy, dumb smile. Crap, it was hard to connect her brain to reality. What had Barbara done to her? She had blown up her mind as no one had ever done before. Her body felt like liquid and was trying to return to its normal shape. She never thought Barbara would be such a dominant and incredibly passionate lover. And heck, she really had loved it.

"Hi…" Barbara laughed lightly, noticing her young partner still was on the post-climax awakening. She let her fingers caress black bangs.

The brunette lifted her head and her lips looked for Barbara's mouth. She wanted to show her that she was her heart, her soul, her desire, her love. Her muscles trembled in excitement; she moved back and rested her head against Barbara's shoulder.

"Morning," she mumbled, kissing her sternum.

"Slept well?"

"Fantastic… but" she lifted her head again, staring at her with a concerned face. Suddenly, she felt guilty, all night Barbara had touched her and she hadn't been able to give her pleasure. "You didn't…"

"I did, believe me," Barbara laughed, scratching her scalp.

"But I didn't touch you."

"It gave me a lot of pleasure to touch you, Hel..." Barbara pulled her against her to kiss her again. The feeling of Helena's bare skin rubbing against her, made her libido wake again.

Helena moved to kiss Barbara's neck. Her tongue traced her earlobe before searching for her eyes.

"Do you know?" she whispered. Her gaze traced the fine curve of Barbara's face, trying to convince herself she was not dreaming once more. "You are my first."

"Hel…" Slender fingers silenced her. Barbara was pinned by amazing violet pupils. She knew Helena always had a very active sexual life; but it didn't bother her. She just knew she loved this woman and that she loved her now, in the present.

"You are the first person that I have made love to." Helena's knuckles reverently touched her face. "I've had lots of people in my bed before, but I was trying to find you in all of them. You've been my only and deepest love, and I had sex, but had never made love. No one has ever made love to me as you had done… you are my first and only. I love you."

Their lips met in a kiss that melted Barbara's heart, Helena was giving all of herself to her in that small caress. The soft kisses soon shifted to a passionate exchange of love.

Barbara hummed in the kitchen, pouring warm coffee into her favorite mug. The weekend had been incredible and really pleasant. She and Helena were alone, having time just for themselves. No school, no patrolling, no worries. She didn't remember the last time she had felt so relaxed and happy. She was thinking seriously about doing this more often.

Helena was an incredible lover. Barbara had enjoyed the young woman's body, discovering her sensitive points. It was the most intense empirical research she had done in her life, but she didn't have the opportunity to try it again. Helena took the lead and she had sent her to heaven, her strong, wild personality was a contrast with her tender and soft way of making love to her, and she hadn't given her opportunity to take the lead again.

Now she needed revenge. She licked her lips. And she wanted it to be as soon as possible.

"Good morning, Miss Barbara," she heard the old butler's voice behind her.

"Hey, Alfred." She turned her head, smiling.

He put an envelope over the table. "This was in the mailbox. Nice weekend?"

"Yes, pleasant. Thanks," she said, turning around to face him. She set her coffee mug on the dinner table.

"Miss Helena is feeling better?" he asked, rolling up the sleeves of his shirt.

"Oh… she is doing pretty well." She sipped a bit of coffee and took the envelope, "I'm very proud of her. She has dealt well with everything that happened. I know she still needs to work a bit more on it, but right now she is great.

"I'm glad for her," he said smiling. "She is a great girl. She deserves to be happy, as do you."

She laughed lightly. "I am, you know it."

"But I guess you are more now…" He winked at her before turning to the fridge to get some vegetables.

The redhead blushed furiously and arrested her movements. Damn. Had she been so obvious?

He closed the door and noticed her stupefied face. He smiled.

"Do… do you know?" she asked, almost whispering.

"I just know I'm glad you both finally accepted your feelings."

"Do you read minds like Dinah?" Barbara frowned at him.

"Oh no, Miss Helena called me up yesterday morning," he answered, taking a knife from the drawer.

The redhead spewed her coffee. Alfred hurried to give her a napkin.

She coughed repeatedly. "She.. she called you? Why??"

"Well, she asked me to help her to get some groceries and food. It seems your fridge was empty again and she wanted to make breakfast for you." He paused.

"Of course, I didn't want her to kill you, so I prepared the breakfast."

Barbara swallowed. She remembered the day before when Helena, covered only by her bathrobe had rushed out of the room, asking her to stay because she was going to make her breakfast in bed. She had taken the opportunity to take a long shower.

Thirty minutes later, Helena returned with an elegant breakfast, complete with a flower. Oh God.

"I hope you had enjoyed it," he said.

"It was delicious." She couldn't deny it, "Thanks, Alfred, really it was delicious. I was wondering when Helena had learned to cook."

"I doubt seriously that she will ever learn."

"Agreed," she said, opening the envelope.

"I was thinking of preparing pasta and beef for lunch, would be okay with you?" He began to cut a tomato in slices. When he didn't hear Barbara answer, he lifted his head to see she was staring at a white piece of paper she had just taken out of the envelope. "Miss Barbara?"

She looked at him with a worried expression.

"Something is wrong?"

She bit her lips and swallowed, feeling her throat dry. She extended the paper in her hands and set it on the table. He took it in his hands. It was a picture. He felt a shiver running through his body. Definitely, someone had used Photoshop, but that knowledge did not make it less frightening.

It was one of the Joker's photos of Barbara from the night that he had shot her. She was lying on the floor, bleeding and naked. Helena was now standing next to Barbara's fallen body. Quinn was behind the brunette, her arms wrapped in a warm embrace around her waist.

The End

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