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SUMMARY: Response to a challenge issued several millennia ago. I think the only rule was that snow had to be involved but not generated by the holodeck! If there are more rules, let me know quickly and I'll see what I can do about incorporating them!
Dedicated to the originator of the challenge - sorry I can't remember who it was, and of course, to Caro, who mentioned it again - I blame you for getting me started on yet another story!

By Rebelgirl

Chapter Seven

Seven could feel her heart rate accelerating and no amount of adjustment from her Borg circuitry could slow it down. She felt light-headed with euphoria and she wanted to respond in kind to B'Elanna's words but her throat was too tight and her mouth too dry to speak. Instead, she took advantage of their proximity and moved her hand up to caress B'Elanna's cheek, smiling softly as she felt the Klingon press into her touch. She stared deeply into the chocolate-brown eyes of the engineer and saw raw, honest emotion reflected in them. It made her pulse quicken again, and if the blonde hadn't been completely sure of her reaction before, she was now.

Slowly, Seven moved her head just enough to brush her lips over B'Elanna's, steadying the older woman's face with her hand. Her mind screamed at her to repeat the touch. Their lips made contact for a second time and Seven's eyes closed as she increased the pressure slightly, enjoying her own body's reaction to the kiss even as she sensed B'Elanna's response. When she felt B'Elanna return the caress, Seven realised that her feelings were spiralling, but she didn't care. The young woman had waited a long time for this moment and she wanted to experience every facet of it.

B'Elanna was lost. One moment, she was staring into the azure eyes of the woman she loved, hoping silently that she hadn't made a mistake in revealing her feelings. The next had B'Elanna reeling as Seven cupped her cheek and kissed her. The first touch was almost non-existent, just a feather-light contact, but Seven kissed her more surely on the second caress, and B'Elanna felt her eyes flutter shut and her heart begin to hammer furiously as she understood that this was Seven's reply to her declaration. She pulled the taller woman closer and relished the feel of Seven's body crushing into her as their lips pressed more firmly together. B'Elanna opened her mouth, wanting to deepen the kiss and explore Seven's mouth thoroughly.

Seven was acting purely on instinct. She had only limited experience of romantic encounters and right now, she couldn't recall a single detail from those dalliances. All she wanted to do was lose herself in B'Elanna's touch. As she felt the brunette's lips part, she did the same and brushed her tongue over the engineer's lips. She was delighted by B'Elanna's reaction to her touch, feeling the woman press even closer to her body and her fingers dig possessively into her back. Struggling with the limited room, Seven somehow managed to work an arm underneath B'Elanna's body so that she could pull her close and eliminate any remaining space between them. Her fingers played with the hem of B'Elanna's tank top at the base of her spine, before brushing the skin that it covered.

B'Elanna felt Seven manoeuvre her arm underneath her body and lifted herself slightly to accommodate the move. All she wanted to do was explore the blonde's mouth and as soon as she felt Seven's tongue paint her lips, she met it with her own and then gently probed deeper, playing with Seven's tongue even as she mapped the hollows and crevices of the ex-drone's mouth. Seven was the sweetest thing she'd ever tasted, and she couldn't get enough.

Together, the two women set up an easy rhythm as they became intimately acquainted. There was no rush, no desperate, lust fuelled urgency to their embrace. Instead, both women took their time, building up their ardour slowly and inexorably, savouring each touch and new sensation. B'Elanna could feel the mesh of Seven's left hand as it pulled up the back of her tank top. Then, Seven's fingers were drawing intricate patterns over her back while all the time, Seven continued to kiss B'Elanna soundly. It was only as B'Elanna began to feel her lungs burn that she realised that the giddy sensation she was experiencing could also partially be attributed to lack of oxygen. With great reluctance she broke the kiss, gasping heavily as she moved her head slightly to rest it against Seven's shoulder.

Seven drew in a ragged breath of air. She hadn't even realised that she needed to breathe so urgently. As she struggled to control her respiration, she was gratified to sense B'Elanna having a similar reaction and she smiled as B'Elanna buried her head into the crook of her neck. Seven could quite assuredly say that she had never felt this way before. It was the diametric opposite to the intense feeling of grief she had experienced when One had died. B'Elanna's hot, panting breath was tickling her neck, and sending amazing sensations straight through her body. Seven waited until they had both steadied and then used the hand trapped between them to lift B'Elanna's chin.

"In case that demonstration failed its purpose, I will tell you that I love you too B'Elanna," she whispered softly, a small smile tugging at the corners of her mouth.

B'Elanna smirked and opened her mouth to reply and then sobered slightly, recalling how Seven had reacted to her teasing before and decided not to be flippant. "The demonstration was definitely *not* a failure," she told the ex-drone seriously, stroking her back gently as they continued to lie comfortably in each other's arms.

Seven's smile turned wicked. "So you do not require a second demonstration, just to be sure?" she asked innocently.

B'Elanna pretended to think about it, but failed miserably, unable to resist the temptation of the taller woman's lips. "I always get a second opinion," she mumbled, a fraction of a second before crushing her mouth into Seven's.

Their embrace was less controlled this time, though B'Elanna deliberately tried to keep hold of her pent up ardour, not wanting to rush Seven or scare her off with the ferocity of emotion she felt.

Seven could feel her passion rising, and wanted nothing more than to be as close to the brunette as possible. She worked her fingers underneath B'Elanna's top and moved it up slowly, taking her time to explore the valley marking the Klingon's spinal column and noting how pronounced her spinal ridges were. She felt the engineer gasp into her mouth as she continued her mapping and deepened the kiss, pulling hungrily on the brunette's tongue as she managed to bring her other arm around B'Elanna so that they were both hugging each other.

As Seven moved her other hand, B'Elanna felt the taller woman's breasts crush into her own and groaned again. She could no longer keep track of every sensation she was experiencing and was only vaguely aware that her cognitive processes were still working. She moved her hand up Seven's back, taking the time to trace the blonde's shoulder blades before resting it behind her neck and lightly stroking the area, not only to concentrate on the erogenous zones just behind Seven's ears but to also locate the clasp of her biosuit. The Klingon moved her fingers slowly, and made sure that each reaction she got from her lover was a positive one, even going so far as to just hold the clasp for a while before attempting to lower it.

Seven felt B'Elanna's hand move to the fastening of her clothing and her mind spun. She wanted nothing more than to have the brunette touch her skin, but was nervous as to how B'Elanna would react to the remaining Borg implants that marred her body. As she continued to kiss the woman voraciously, Seven realised that B'Elanna's hand was still, as if waiting permission to continue. The young woman marvelled at the Klingon's self-restraint, comprehending that she was determined not to hurry Seven. The engineer's consideration merely fuelled Seven's desire and as she lost herself to the sensation again, she forgot her own concerns and pulled her mouth away from the kiss. Without hesitating, she kissed the skin just in front of B'Elanna's ear, and whispered between each touch. "Please."

B'Elanna missed the contact of Seven's soft lips the instant they were taken away, but before she could emit any sort of protest, she felt them press onto her cheek in a series of butterfly kisses headed towards her ear. As she heard Seven's hushed plea, B'Elanna couldn't help but moan, her desire escalating exponentially as she heard her lover give permission to remove her clothing. Swiftly, the brunette rolled Seven on top of her, and smiled lovingly as she felt the taller woman continue her caress, not put off in the slightest by the change of position. B'Elanna tugged up the emergency blanket round them before starting to disrobe the taller woman. She knew that they were both feverish with passion, but they had already had too many close calls with the extreme weather conditions, and the engineer was determined not to fall foul of them again.

Satisfied that Seven was suitably covered, B'Elanna then lowered the clasp of her biosuit, unable to stop the slight tremor in her hands as they began to feel the smooth skin of her back. She heard Seven gasp into her neck, and stilled her hands, determined not to rush. When the blonde nipped her neck lightly with her teeth, tugging the skin slightly before soothing it with her tongue, B'Elanna took it as a sign to continue and pulled the fastener further down, easing her hands underneath the garment and spreading it apart as she continued her exploration of Seven's back. As her fingers brushed over the hard surface of one of Seven's implants, B'Elanna felt the woman stiffen slightly. Guessing that Seven was both self-conscious and sensitive about the circuitry, the engineer used the pads of her fingertips to trace their outline, amazed at how warm they felt and how they blended into Seven's skin. "Never be ashamed, Seven. It's part of who you are," she murmured, knowing that those words could equally apply to her own feelings regarding her mixed heritage. B'Elanna smiled slightly. She may have been unconscious for much of the time marooned on this snow-covered planet, but it hadn't stopped her from learning a number of valuable lessons.

"Thank you," Seven mumbled into the crook of B'Elanna's neck, reddened by the interest she had paid it. Seven could feel herself relax again and found that not only did she not mind B'Elanna paying attention to the circuitry that marred her body, she realised that they were particularly sensitive to each caress, and she could feel her arousal intensifying. Seven wanted to remove B'Elanna's top but found that her hands were pinned by the weight of the Klingon lying on them. She tried again and was rewarded with B'Elanna arching her back enough to release the pressure on her hands. Seizing the opportunity, she yanked the grey shirt up, raising her own body slightly to get it as far as B'Elanna's arms. "You'll have to release me if I'm to remove this garment in one piece," she told her lover.

B'Elanna grumbled good-naturedly but she was just as eager to remove her clothing and feel Seven's hands on her. She reached one hand back and pulled her top over her head before squirming slightly to remove it. Without a second thought, she threw the offending item away from them, far more intent on continuing the release of Seven's clothing.

Seven raised her body onto her elbows so that she could look at B'Elanna's body. She studied the swell of the Klingon's breasts still encased in her bra and noted the wonderful coffee coloured skin, glistening with moisture generated by the heat they were emitting. Seven's breath hitched, glorying in the vision below her, before dropping her head to nip and lick B'Elanna's collarbone, relishing the taste of her lover.

The engineer gasped as Seven continued her assault and moved her hands back up the ex-drone's body in order to work Seven's biosuit off her shoulders. Her fingers caressed the Borg's alabaster skin as it was exposed, watching in rapt fascination as tiny goose bumps rose at her touch. As B'Elanna continued to pull down Seven's clothing, she realised that she would need the blonde's help in getting the material past her arms. Gently, she pulled each arm up in turn and managed to free the taller woman from the uniform. Once past Seven's arms, B'Elanna continued to roll the biosuit down, over the pronounced curve of the ex-drone's breasts before temporarily ceasing it's descent. Seven was wearing nothing under the garment, and B'Elanna felt her mouth dry as she admired Seven's half-naked form. The Klingon felt Seven still, and instinctively she knew that the Astrometrics officer was waiting for a verbal reaction, concerned over displaying more of her borg implants.

"You're so beautiful." The brunette could barely form the words, yet she knew that Seven had heard them as she felt the taller woman nuzzle her neck again. B'Elanna knew that she had already been marked there, but Seven was obviously drawn to the spot, and B'Elanna was quite happy for the attention to continue.

Slowly, and carefully, B'Elanna drew a hand round to caress Seven's breast, tracing steadily decreasing circles round the flesh until she brushed the rosy dark aureole, feeling the skin react to her touch. Gently, she brushed her thumb over the already taut nipple, and as Seven lifted her head to gasp in pleasure, used her other hand to guide the woman's lips back to her own.

Seven pressed hungrily into the dark woman's embrace, her tongue probing deeply as her passion rose to yet higher heights. Instinctively, she moved her thigh to separate B'Elanna's legs, applying a gentle pressure to the Klingon's core even as she pressed down onto B'Elanna's thigh, trying to ease the persistent throbbing that pounded more and more urgently with every touch to her breast. She moaned incoherently as B'Elanna pushed back and as they continued to kiss, the two women began to rock steadily against each other.

Slowly, Seven began to increase the pressure, groaning into B'Elanna's mouth as the Klingon continued to grind her hard, muscular thigh into the apex of her legs. Her heart rate was rising again, and Seven felt as if she was on the edge of a precipice, though what she was about to fall off, she didn't know.

B'Elanna could feel the tension mounting in Seven's body as she arched into every touch. She continued to caress one of the blonde's nipples with her fingertips as she drew her other hand down Seven's body, taking the time to examine her abdomen and the largest of Seven's implants. The silvery grey remnant of Borg technology felt malleable and warm, and B'Elanna was fascinated by its texture and its purpose. Taking her time, she allowed her fingers to drift further down Seven's body, running them up and down the outer part of Seven's thigh as the younger woman continued to thrust against her.

Steadily and confidently, B'Elanna took hold of the blonde's clothing and continued to pull it down her body, allowing her knuckles to graze over the skin she exposed. Unable to push the suit completely off Seven with her hands, B'Elanna used the friction from her legs to continue its descent, rubbing her calves and the arch of her foot sensuously up and down Seven's long legs as she worked the biosuit free.

Seven assisted as best she could, but was uncoordinated, lost in the sensations she was experiencing. As B'Elanna nudged her thigh against her core once again, the blonde emitted a suppressed groan as her need for release built.

B'Elanna heard the cry from her lover and she pressed into her again, running her hands more and more frantically up and down Seven's back as she did. The engineer could feel Seven's slick arousal coating her own thigh and the sensation was driving her crazy with want.

Gradually, the Klingon eased her hands down Seven's body, once again running feather-light caresses along the blonde's outer thighs before drifting in more centrally towards the baby soft flesh of Seven's inner thighs. B'Elanna growled softly as she felt the slick skin and slowly, she eased one hand towards Seven's centre, lightly brushing the damp tangle of curls that covered her sex while her other arm snaked round the ex-drone's back, ensnaring her possessively.

Seven arched into the contact, wanting a more intimate caress and she tore her lips away from the engineer's, gasping for breath and moaning incoherently as she began to get swept away by B'Elanna's ministrations. She wrapped thick strands of the brunette's hair round her fingers and tugged slightly as she continued to undulate against her lover.

Returning once again to the crook of B'Elanna's neck, Seven attacked the Klingon's flesh avidly as she felt her fingers get closer.

B'Elanna held off as long as she could, wanting to make absolutely certain that the blonde was ready and relaxed for her. Finally, she could wait no longer and pressed intimately into Seven gently and slowly. She heard the ex-drone gasp in pleasure and smiled lovingly as she stilled her hand, waiting for Seven to get used to the intrusion. B'Elanna pressed her lips into the Borg's neck, returning the gift of a hickey that she knew Seven had already placed on her neck before starting a steady rhythm with her fingers.

Seven rocked against B'Elanna's hand, thrusting further and further with each motion, wanting the Klingon to push deeper inside her as the tension built up exponentially.

B'Elanna, sensing Seven's need, positioned her leg behind her hand to exert more force, increasing the tempo in response to Seven's reactions.

Seven arched again, shuddering as her climax shattered through her body. Spent, she collapsed on top of the smaller woman, panting raggedly as she tried not only to collate and remember every sensation she had experienced, but return her heart beat and breathing back to within normal parameters. All the time, she could feel B'Elanna's hands rubbing soothing circles on her back, trying to calm her.

Gradually, Seven came back down from her high. "That was amazing Be'nal. I have no way of describing how I feel." She faltered, feeling inadequate because of her perceived lack of eloquence.

"Something like that shouldn't be described with just words. I could never do justice to how I feel about you with mere words, BangwI," the Klingon murmured back, continuing to caress Seven's back absently.

Seven smiled and relaxed, luxuriating in the warmth of her lover's arms. She ran her fingers up and down the engineer's side, following the dip of her waist and rise of her breasts and hips. She stilled her hand as she touched the material of B'Elanna's shorts. "You're still clothed," she commented, almost accusingly. "I've neglected your needs." Her voice rose with concern.

"Shhh, shhh." B'Elanna hushed the taller woman and made no effort to move, other than continue her lazy tracing on Seven's back. "It was more than enough to see and feel your reaction. I don't think I've ever been part of something so. so." she shrugged slightly before grinning. "I can't find the words either," she confessed.

"But I want to touch you too, I want you to feel what I felt," Seven replied, her fingers dipping underneath the waistband of B'Elanna's shorts.

The brunette moved one of her hands and caressed the ex-drone's face adoringly. "I want that too," she whispered before gently pressing her lips against Seven's. "I could stay like this forever," B'Elanna murmured, pulling away slightly.

"So could I," the younger woman agreed readily, her hands reaching further underneath B'Elanna's clothing. The two women's passion rose again, moving rhythmically as they sought out fevered skin. Seven, already swept away by the feelings B'Elanna had awoken in her, found that the Klingon's response to her touches was intoxicating. The shorter woman arched and reacted to every caress Seven bestowed upon her and the ex-drone marvelled at the trust B'Elanna obviously placed in her.

B'Elanna had lost all sense of time and location. The only thing she was aware of was the deft and loving ministrations of her lover. Her heart was threatening to explode from her chest and she couldn't remember the last time she took anything other than a short gasping breath. The experience was heightened by the knowledge that she was doing the same to Seven. B'Elanna could feel the younger woman's reaction to her own ardent caresses and it served to magnify her arousal.

They climaxed within moments of each other and Seven felt her eyes sting with tears as she was overcome with emotion. She had no idea that she could evoke such an incredible reaction from B'Elanna and to share the experience, and react in such a similar way to her lover's touch was almost too much to comprehend. As she collapsed once again on top of the brunette, Seven relished the security and love B'Elanna radiated. As her body stilled, she felt her eyelids droop. "Why did it take a shuttle crash and a near-death experience for us to find each other?" she mused thoughtfully.

B'Elanna snorted at the enquiry. "Probably pig-headedness on my part and your love of logic," she reasoned with a glint in her eye, confident that she could tease Seven now.

"Well, perhaps the first part is true," the ex-drone speculated mischievously. "But I cannot concur with the second reason."

B'Elanna shook her head as she ran her hands over Seven's back. "You're lucky I'm in such a good mood, or there's no way I'd let you get away with saying that," she responded, her voice languid. She stroked Seven's golden hair for a few seconds. "I hate to break this mood, but we really have to think about our situation here."

Seven sighed heavily into the crook of B'Elanna's neck. "I know," she agreed. "Our nearest food source is over a day's trek away. Do you think you're well enough for the journey?"

"Well you're not going by yourself, so I'll just have to be," B'Elanna replied firmly.

The two women made no move to release each other or get up from their sleeping area, enjoying the intimacy of their position too much to relinquish it. After a few moments Seven smiled, snuggling deeper into B'Elanna's embrace. "Perhaps we should just have a few more minutes rest, just to ensure that we are ready for the task," she muttered, her eyelids already closed.

"Mmm, I agree," the half-Klingon replied lazily. "I've been unconscious for the majority of our time on this snowball. A few minutes more isn't going to make much difference." Her final words were slurred as she felt her limbs get heavy with sleep. She adjusted her position slightly so that Seven lay partially on top of her still, unwilling to break any further apart. She tilted her head in an effort to look at the blonde's face, but it was obscured by a cascade of hair. She knew by the steady rhythm of her partner's respiration that Seven was already asleep and she smiled adoringly at her. Within a few moments, B'Elanna followed the taller woman into the bliss of slumber.

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