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Snowed In
By grumpybear


Part One

The buzzing of the bedside alarm roused Lindsay from her first peaceful sleep in a long time. She still couldn't believe she had allowed Cindy and Jill to talk her into taking this vacation. A friend of Jill's in the DA's office had offered to let her use his cabin in Aspen for a week and Jill had convinced Cindy right away that this was what they all needed. As for Lindsay, under normal circumstances she never would have agreed to take time off, but after almost losing Cindy to a killer with bad aim, all she needed was to take one look at Cindy's big brown puppy dog eyes and she had agreed.

"Well Martha I guess we should get our lazy butts out of bed and see what the girls are up to," She spoke lovingly to the Border collie as she patted her head. Martha just glanced at her and went back to sleep. "Fine be that way."

They had planned to go shopping early then spend the rest of the afternoon on the slopes so Lindsay reluctantly rolled herself out from under the warmth of the thick down comforter. Before she could touch her feet to the cold hardwood floor she heard a knock at the door.

"Lindsay, it's Cindy. Are you awake?" The brunette could easily hear the excited tone in the young reporter's voice.

Smiling she replied, "Yeah I'm up come on in." With that the door swung open and Cindy came bounding in still dressed in the cutest pair of flannel pajamas Lindsay had ever seen. "Linz, have you looked outside yet!? Wait, stupid question. By the looks of your hair you haven't made it out of bed," Cindy giggled as she whipped open the heavy drapes. "It's snowing HARD! The Weather Channel is predicting over four feet of snow over the next two days…we're snowed in!" Cindy said excitedly.

"And this is a good thing why?" Lindsay questioned, knowing full well that being stuck in the same house with both Jill and Cindy was going to be a challenge in itself.

"Well I'm sure the three of us can find plenty to do to keep us entertained," Jill commented coyly as she entered the room dressed only in a silk robe. Her hair was still dripping from the shower she had just taken.

"Yeah, so, we can't get into town. Big deal! Jill says Phil has snowmobiles and four wheelers out in the barn. Or we could go sledding or something," Cindy was almost shaking with anticipation.

"Not quite what I had in mind," Jill mumbled loud enough for Lindsay to hear as she sat down next to her.

This was going to be one very long week.

After breakfast the three women ventured outside into the snow. New flakes piled steadily on top of almost a foot of snow that had fallen a week prior, once again turning the surrounding forest into a blanket of bright white. Lindsay smiled as she watched Cindy making a perfect snowball out of the fresh snow, and with a glint in her eye the red head threw that perfect snowball and hit Jill dead center on her chest as she walked down the steps toward them.

"Oh, Thomas, you so asked for it," Jill growled as she ran straight for the smaller woman, tackling her and pinning her in the snow. Now straddling her, Jill picked up a handful of snow and grinned evilly. "You have two choices here, Red. A kiss, or a very cold addition to your pants."


"No, Linz, it's okay," Cindy smiled looking up into Lindsay's surprised face.

"Okay I need an answer here. I'm not known for my patience," Jill urged with feigned irritation.

"I'll take the kiss." Cindy smiled up at the blonde.

"Cindy really you don't have to…" Lindsay started to say then trailed off as she watched Jill lean forward and sensually kiss Cindy. After what seemed like an eternity she was finally able to speak again. "Okay Jill let her up before you two melt all the snow."

"We really should tell her," Cindy whispered as Jill slowly pulled away.

"Soon," Jill smiled.

The normally unshakeable inspector suddenly found herself caught in a mixture of hormones and confusion. As she held a hand out to Jill to help her off the young reporter, she suddenly found herself pulled to the ground and pinned much the same way Cindy had been. Only this time it was Cindy doing the pinning.

"You know your choices, Boxer. What'll it be?" Cindy purred.

"Cindy if she tries the laser vision, resist it. At the moment you have the upper hand," Jill encouraged.

For the first time in Lindsay Boxer's life she was speechless. Her mind was too busy trying to process the feeling of the reporter pinning her to the snow. Her head told her no but other parts of her body were telling her something totally different.

"Well I guess I'll have to choose if you won't," Cindy replied shaking her head disappointedly. Before Lindsay had a chance to protest she felt Cindy's warm lips press against her own. Her body betrayed her as she felt Cindy's tongue brush against her lower lip and she opened her mouth. Tongues and lips mingled sensually for a few moments before Lindsay's brain caught up to what was happening and she pulled away quickly.

Jill had barely been able to control her breathing as she watched her girlfriend kissing her best friend. She never could have imagined that it could get so hot in the middle of a blizzard. Her relationship with Cindy was solid; she wasn't worried about that. She knew Cindy loved her but she also realized that both she and Cindy had feelings for Lindsay as well, and it was no secret to anyone that Jill and Lindsay had something of a past. Managing to regain her composure she helped Cindy up.

"So are we ready to go to take the snowmobiles out?" Cindy switched back to her bubbly self as she smiled at Jill, who looked as turned on as Lindsay, who was still lying flat in the snow. "Linz, you can get up now." She laughed as she headed toward the barn.

"Um, yeah get up. Snowmobiles. Good," Lindsay mumbled as she tried to stand on legs trembling with desire.

"Hey Linz, you sure you don't want to go with my idea of blizzard time fun?" Jill prodded her friend as they followed the younger woman to the barn.

Ignoring the comment, Lindsay walked into the barn and saw only two sleds. "I'll ride with you Linz," Cindy grinned with excitement, none of it brought on by the prospect of having snow flying at her face at 40 miles an hour on a snowmobile. By the time she and Jill were done with the poor inspector she wouldn't know what hit her and she wouldn't care.


Part Two

As she positioned herself in the driver's seat and turned the key Lindsay pondered what she had done to get herself into such a predicament. The feeling of Cindy's arms firmly around her waist was already driving her mad. She had always had feelings for the young reporter but never gave them enough thought and after figuring out Jill had fallen hard for Cindy she had decided it would be best to forget them all together. She had even forced herself to leave her at the hospital after she was shot, making up some lame excuse about having to meet Pete so that Jill could finally talk to Cindy about her feelings. She had thought Jill's reluctance to talk about their conversation that night meant that things hadn't gone well or Cindy didn't return the blonde's affections, now however she wasn't so sure. There seemed to be some unspoken communication going on between the two of them.

"Hey Linz?" Cindy nudged her friend from behind.

"Yeah." Lindsay heard her own voice crack as she tried to recover from the feeling of Cindy's warm breath on her neck.

"Are we just going to sit here or are you going to hit the gas. Jill already left." Cindy smiled into the taller woman's jacket. As much as Cindy hated to admit it Jill was right. This was fun.

"Oh shit, sorry." She apologized as she gave the sled some gas and they took off across the field after Jill. It was only a matter of minutes before Lindsay felt cold hands slipping underneath her jacket. "Shit Cindy, what happened to your gloves." She yelled over her shoulder trying to be heard over the sled's engine.

"Sorry I must have dropped them in the barn. They're really cold can I keep them here? Please." Cindy fought back a giggle knowing that she had purposely dropped her gloves in the barn. Giving her the perfect excuse to slip her hands under the inspector's jacket.

"Sure, but if you're cold we can go back." Lindsay replied as she tried to force her body not to respond to the hands now warming themselves not only inside her jacket but pressed firmly against the smooth skin of her stomach. The cold did nothing to stop the heat she was beginning to feel in the most inappropriate places.

A half an hour into the ride she felt Cindy snuggle even closer into her back. "No problem I can handle this, she's just cold" she tried to convince herself. However at that same moment she felt the younger woman's hands shift upward slightly leaving a trail of heat as they moved. When Cindy's thumbs began to softly caress her breast through the thin silk of her bra, Lindsay almost lost control of the snowmobile, the same snowmobile that was making her situation even worse due to the constant vibration of the engine.

"Linz, you're shaking. If you're cold let's head back." Cindy spoke close to the brunette's ear sending even more shivers of desire coursing down her body.

"The cold has nothing to do with it." She mumbled to herself before bringing the sled to a full stop.

"What's up ladies?" Jill inquired as she pulled up next to them. Her cheeks were red, her eyes shining a brilliant shade of blue and Lindsay thought that in that moment Jill looked absolutely adorable. "Are we heading back.? I hope so cause I am freezing my skinny ass off." She laughed.

"Yeah I think we should, Lindsay is cold too, she's been shaking for the last ten minutes." Cindy winked conspiratorially at Jill.

"Cindy with where your hands seem to be I seriously doubt her shivering has anything to do with the cold. See ya back at the cabin." Jill waved and took off before Lindsay could respond.

"Ten bucks says that's a cold shower she's taking up there." Jill smiled as she handed Cindy a mug of hot chocolate.

"Jill we really should tell her."

"I know but really Cindy, she and I have been friends for years, you would think she would have put things together by now. We spend all our time together, she called you last week and I answered the phone at 7 AM. How many more clues does she need? For a decorated police inspector she really can be kind of dense. I mean Claire figured it out right away." Jill replied as she settled herself on Cindy's lap.

Placing her hot chocolate on the end table Cindy looked up into Jill's blue eyes and again found herself lost in their depths. "You are so beautiful. I'm the luckiest girl in the world."

There weren't too many people that could make Jill Bernhardt blush but Cindy Thomas was one of them. The way the young woman looked at her sometimes made Jill think that Cindy could see right into her heart. A heart she had long ago built walls around to protect, but when Cindy looked at her the way she was right now Jill could feel those walls crumble.

"No, Cindy I'm the lucky one. I still can't believe that you love me. I just wish it hadn't taken so long for me to tell you how I felt. I almost lost you. I would have never forgiven myself …" Jill's voice cracked with emotion and she could feel the tears that were threatening to fall as that horrible day flashed into her mind.

"Jill stop. I'm right here, with you. It'll take more than some lovesick teenager with bad aim to get rid of me." She reassured Jill as she reached up and wiped the tear falling silently down Jill's cheek. "I love you Jill. You have me, heart and soul, for as long as you'll have me."

"Promise" Jill whispered as she kissed Cindy tenderly.

"I promise." The younger woman purred before she returned Jill's tender kiss with a deeper embrace. Placing a hand behind Jill's neck, so as not to break contact for even a second, she expertly maneuvered them both into a prone position on the couch. Cindy could feel Jill's delicate hands slip beneath the sweater she was wearing. She was barely able to stifle the moan that escaped her lips as Jill's palm brushed over her hardened nipple.

Jill's tongue searched for hers passionately, filled with desire, she reached for the hem of Jill's top tugging on it trying to pull it off with out losing the contact her body so desperately needed. Pulling away slowly Jill trailed her tongue down Cindy's neck, before allowing the younger woman to pull her shirt off and whip it across the room.

"Your turn." Jill purred seductively as she removed Cindy's sweater and bra and tossed it.

Returning to her position, she nibbled lightly on Cindy's ear, knowing full well that this drove the younger woman crazy. Moving down slowly she trailed her kisses down Cindy's neck over her collarbone till her lips found a firm nipple, using her teeth she tugged lightly on the soft flesh. For her efforts she was rewarded with a soft moan from the smaller woman, a moan that caused Jill's body to react in the most enjoyable of ways.

Neither of them took notice when Lindsay walked into the room. Unable to move she just stood there watching.

To Be Continued

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