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A sort of short turbolift story
By Katrina


"Copulate." She tasted the word, pondered it. B'Elanna squinted. "I don't know Seven. I just don't think it can be done. It's too harsh a word."

"I have found that many words related to sex and love have a harsh quality to them. Yet they are still found appealing at certain times. For instance F..."

The turbolift doors slid open. Harry Kim glanced up from his PADD. "What?"

Ever blunt, Seven said, "We have been discussing whether 'copulate' can be a sensual word."

Harry paled. "Uh. I think I'll catch the next lift." He stepped back quickly and the lift doors swooshed shut.

"What was that about?"

"We have a history," Seven said mysteriously.

"You've had sex with Harry?!" B'Elanna wasn't sure whether to be amused or outraged. She knew about Seven's experimental phase through the rumor mill.

"No." Seven did not elucidate.

B'Elanna started to speak and then reconsidered. She took up their original topic. "Look, I just think there are some words that you can't make sexy. It's too scientific."

Seven of Nine, "Turbo lift halt. Lock state. Five minutes. Authorization Seven Nine Omega One."

"Seven, what are you doing?"

"Demonstrating." The blonde woman was suddenly in B'Elanna's space. The Klingon was aware of several things at once. She felt the heat from Seven's proximity and a primal thrill at the hungry look that was suddenly directed her way.

She took an unconscious step back, and realized that she was backed up against the wall. "Uh, Seven?"

Seven placed her hands against the wall, one to each side of the Klingon, trapping her. Then the blonde pressed her long, beautiful body against B'Elanna's. The Klingon couldn't ever remember that happening before. But she liked it as soon as it happened. She inhaled and knew, absolutely knew, that she was scenting arousal – her own and Seven of Nine's.

Seven lowered her head until her mouth was right against the Klingon's ear. Her words were slow, sultry. "B'Elanna? I'd love to..." she drew an earlobe into her mouth and tasted it for a moment. She bit it lightly, then let it go. "... copulate with you. Do you want to..." She drew her lips down along the Klingon's jaw and then up, until her lips hovered over B'Elanna's. "...copulate with me?"

B'Elanna heard the blood thunder in her ears and opened her mouth, only to have it captured in the kind of kiss one reads about in romance novels. Her knees buckled and Seven caught her, held her up and kept right on kissing her, until they were both completely breathless. The ex-drone pulled away, slowly. She really didn't want to stop, but the Turbolift started again.

She looked into brown eyes. "So?"

B'Elanna licked her lips and tried to form a coherent thought. She took a breath, but leaned into Seven. Then she took Seven of Nine's face in her hands. The Turbolift door swooshed open as she stated, "In the right context, the right sentence... the word copulate is very hot. Say it to me again?" She dropped her hands and wrapped her arms around Seven to pull her closer.

Seven whispered a full paragraph that included word, used only once, against B'Elanna's lips. It was husky and barely audible, but she described what she wanted to do with the Klingon in steamy detail. Their lips touched and locked. There was the sound of cloth shredding as B'Elanna's fingernails ripped the biosuit and dragged down Seven of Nine's back.

Harry Kim, who had found himself at the turbolift again, this time heading in the other direction, fainted. The turbolift doors finally swooshed shut.

The End

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