DISCLAIMER: Star Trek is the property of Paramount, this story depicts a loving relationship between women, and mentions one between men too...okay disclaimer done.

By ralst

Tom sat with a smug smile directed at the Chief Engineer, his eyebrows doing a Mexican wave in an attempt to express his interest in her open mouthed appreciation of the blonde ex-Borg who had just entered the mess-hall. For her part B'Elanna tried valiantly to tare her gaze from Seven, but in so doing caught the end of Tom's eyebrow ballet, and couldn't stop the grin from crossing her face.

"What?" She asked innocently.

"Sooooo?" Another eyebrow dance formation made its way across Tom's cheekily leering face.

"What?" B'Elanna's second look of innocence was somewhat hampered when Seven walked past on her way towards the replicator, and the half Klingon practically devoured the tall form with her eyes.

"What?" Tom did an overly exaggerated impersonation of B'Elanna's stare. "Come on spill."

"Spill what?"

"Don't make me have to tickle the truth out of you." Tom wiggled his fingers in a theatrically menacing manner. "How are things going with you and the blonde bombshell?"

"I wish you wouldn't call her that." B'Elanna hedged.

"Stop evading the question, have you spoken to Seven yet?"

"I speak to her all the time, we do work together you know." Looking at the patiently waiting helmsman B'Elanna knew she couldn't stall him much longer. "I just haven't quite worked out how to approach her about...that."

"What's to work out? Just wait until you're alone and jump her." Another eyebrow wave ensued.

"I think you should have the Doc take a look at that tic."

"Ha ha." Tom then proceeded to perform the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy with the help of his facial muscles, earning a surpressed giggle from B'Elanna.

"Besides I can't just jump her." B'Elanna let her eyes once again seek out Seven's form at the other end of the room. "She's special, I can't just attack her like some hormonally charged teenager."

"Fine, you don't have to jump her but at least do something, you've been mooning over her for weeks now."

"I have not!" B'Elanna was indignant, she was a Klingon, they did not engage in mooning over anyone. "Don't go ascribing your behaviour to me."

"What does that mean?"

"Harry." B'Elanna sat back and smugly engaged in an eyebrow jig of her own.

"Oh pleeeeaase." Tom rolled his eyes, his face getting more exercise in the last twenty minutes than in the previous two months. "After we broke up I scientifically work out who my ideal partner would be, then when all the evidence was in and Harry came up as the winner I wasted no time in informing him of my intentions."

"Really?" B'Elanna searched the mess-hall hoping to see Harry, but unfortunately he was nowhere in sight. "From what I remember you got the results of that 'scientific' dating service then went into a freefall panic at the idea of date another guy."

"I did not panic." Tom interrupted. "It's just that I'd never been involved with a man before, and it took a while to adjust."

"Sure." B'Elanna gave him a patronising look. "Then once you had adjusted you took to following poor Harry around like a lovesick puppy. It's no wonder he runs every time he sees you coming."

"It's just a matter of time before Harry realises we're perfect for each other, and at least I had the guts to tell him how I feel." Tom looked over his shoulder towards Seven. "The sooner you tell her the sooner she'll realise the two of you belong together."

"All right, don't go on." Collecting her empty plate B'Elanna stood. "I'm going back to engineering, so you're free to resume chasing Harry."

"Ha!" Tom tried looking indignant, but once B'Elanna was safely out of earshot he questioned the computer. "What is the location of Harry Kim?"

Harry peeked around the doors to Astrometrics, making sure the coast was clear of a certain pilot, before entering and trying to sneak up on the tall blonde who had just begun her duty shift.

"Is there something you require Ensign?" Seven asked as Harry prepared to surprise her.

"Seven." He whined, "how did you know I was here?"

"The door does make a considerable amount of noise when activated." Seven didn't even bother to look up as she replied. "Your footfalls were also less than silent."

"Oh." Harry was slightly irritated that his plan to surprise Seven hadn't worked. "What you doing?"

"I am engaged in my duties as Astrometrics Officer." Normally Seven would have been more hospitable to a visitor, having been drilled in the art of politeness by the Doctor, but this was the fifth such surprise visit Harry had made in the last two days, and she was getting annoyed by the constant interruptions.

"So, do you want to go to the mess-hall for something to eat?" Asked the eager young man.

"I have just returned from ingesting my nutritional supplement." Seven looked at the young man. "Perhaps you could share your meal with Lieutenant Paris."

"No!" Harry squeaked, his face going a bright shade of red at the suggestion.

"I believe Mr Paris would welcome your company." Seven had noticed Tom's attempts to engage in a romantic affiliation with Harry, and thought it was a logical choice, the two spent practically all their time together, so adding a sexual variant to the relationship was more efficient than engaging in a separate romantic relationship.

"I'd rather eat with you." Harry tried again. "If not now then maybe later, when your duty shift has finished?"

"I already have an appointment for dinner." Seven realised she was stretching the truth somewhat, she had planned on seeking out a certain engineer to share her meal, but wasn't even sure that B'Elanna would welcome her invitation.

"Okay." Disappointed Harry turned to leave. "If you change your mind just let me know."

"Yes Ensign." Seven continued with her work as Harry cautiously made his way into the corridor.

Ending her duty shift five minutes early Seven made her way to engineering. She had planned what she was going to say to B'Elanna thirty-two times since Harry's interruption earlier in the day, and was now semi-confident that she could ask the engineer to dinner without making herself look like an idiot. Whether her approach would actually garner a satisfactory reply from the half Klingon she was less sure of, but she was determined to try. Entering engineering Seven surveyed the area but she was unable to locate B'Elanna, spotting Vorik she decided to question the young Vulcan. "Ensign is Lieutenant Torres on duty?"

"The Lieutenant ended her duty rotation four minutes ago, nine minutes earlier than scheduled." Vorik supplied.

With a nod of acknowledgement Seven left engineering.

For the second time B'Elanna strolled past the doors to Astrometrics, she had calculated the exact time Seven would finish work and had prepared to accidentally meet her in the corridor, but now the ex-Borg was late, and that was something Seven never allowed herself to be. Hoping to come up with a good reason behind her visit B'Elanna decided to approach Seven in Astrometrics itself. Walking briskly into the room she was met with silence, the view screens inactive and no-one present. "Shit!" Looking round the room just to make sure she hadn't mislaid the lanky blonde B'Elanna addressed the computer. "What is the location of Seven of Nine?"

"Seven of Nine is in main engineering."

"Shit!" B'Elanna tried to think why Seven would be in engineering, but couldn't think of any work related reason, that left personal reasons. 'I wonder if she was going to see me?' She thought before squashing the idea as wishful thinking.

Realising that standing around in Astrometrics was futile B'Elanna headed back to engineering.

Seven had found out from the computer that B'Elanna was now in Astrometrics, and was making her way towards the area. Fortunately she had taken the precaution of instructing the computer to apprise her of any change in the engineers location, so when B'Elanna started moving back towards engineering Seven was able to divert her course and stand casually before the turbolift the half Klingon was about to emerged from.

As the doors opened Seven was unprepared for the running form of B'Elanna Torres that cannoned into her, knocking them both to the floor. "B'Elanna are you injured? Is there an emergency?"

"What? No." Blushing the engineer tried to compose herself and get up from the rather undignified position she now found herself in. "I'm sorry for knocking you over." With those words she reached out an unnecessary hand to help Seven from the floor.

"Apology accepted."

Standing at the same time B'Elanna found herself in the enviable position of being pressed up against the young former Borg, their hands still clasped. It was then she remembered Tom's advice to just jump Seven the next time she saw her, and as she contemplated the repercussions of taking that advice her cheeks flamed a delightful shade of pink.

"Are you hot Lieutenant?" Seven enquired on spying the rosy cheeks.

"I" B'Elanna gulped audibly as she looked up into Seven's enticing blue eyes, speech for the moment impossible.

"B'Elanna?" The worry evident in Seven's voice suddenly disappeared as another reason for B'Elanna's blush occurred to her. "I want to kiss you Lieutenant." The ex-Borg informed the still speechless half Klingon, her words met with a look of longing but still no sound. Using her free hand to gently caress the back of B'Elanna's neck Seven brought their lips together, the kiss was gentle and sweet, and not enough for either woman.

As if she'd been awoken by the kiss B'Elanna reached her arms around Seven's neck and pulled the other woman in closer to her, capturing her lips in a fiercely passionate kiss. Hands were suddenly busy as both tried to gain access to the skin of the other, and small moans could be heard issuing from deep within their throats.

Jogging down the corridor Harry hoped to evade Tom and so not have to fend off another invitation to dinner and a romantic night in the holodeck. Looking behind him to make sure he'd lost the suddenly amorous helmsman Harry didn't see the two women blocking his path until he was almost on top of them. Performing a screeching stop, which would have impressed even the Road Runner from Tom's old cartoon shows, Harry managed to avoid running into the two very busy, and very oblivious women. Mouth gaping open and brain temporarily on holiday to Neptune he didn't notice Tom stroll down the corridor to join them.

"Finally." The helmsman commented happily on seeing the two women, neither of whom paid any notice to his arrival. Infact Seven seemed to have become fascinated with the zip of B'Elanna's top, while the half Klingon was fully engaged in attempting to rip the toughened material of the biosuit to shreds.

"They're..." Harry pointed emphatically towards the couple, his speech patterns still orbiting Neptune with the rest of his higher functions.

"I know, and its about time." Tom added helpfully. He took another look at the skin that was beginning to be displayed and thought that perhaps this wasn't the best place for the two to finally release their passions, although if they disagreed he was man enough to stay and watch. Tapping B'Elanna on the shoulder he tried unsuccessfully to gain her attention.

"They're.." Harry tried speech again, but still with little success.

As B'Elanna's uniform top was being pushed from her shoulders by a very enthusiastic Seven, Tom took the opportunity to activate the engineers comm. badge "Two to transport directly to Lieutenant Torres quarters." As he watched them both shimmer into non-existence Tom notice they didn't for a second break from the kiss.

"What?" Harry had mastered his second word but was still no further along.

Placing his arm around his friend Tom began leading them both towards the turbolift, he was too much of a gentleman to take advantage of Harry's confused state, and seeing this monosyllabic side to his friend made him question the scientific dating advice he'd been given. Perhaps he should divert his attentions to the number two on the list, Commander Chakotay, or maybe he'd just filled the thing out wrong like B'Elanna suggested.

Materialising in her quarters B'Elanna reluctantly pulled her lips from Seven's. "We, bed, need." She managed to utter before her mouth once again became engaged in activities far more enjoyable than talking. With a small yelp of surprise B'Elanna found herself being carried by the obviously very strong and single minded ex-Borg towards the bedroom, and laid securely in the centre of her large bed.

This time it was Seven who broke the kiss, leaving a frustrated B'Elanna gasping on the covers she quickly reach behind her to undo the biosuit that was now sporting a few sizeable rips. Efficiently discarding the garment she joined a now mesmerised B'Elanna on the bed.

"You're gorgeous." B'Elanna breathed before beginning a fresh assault on Seven's now fully exposed body.

"You are still clothed." Seven accused.

"Hmm?" Too interested in discovering the sight of all Seven's implants to respond properly B'Elanna merely continued her exploration of the flawless skin.

Receiving no assistance from her new lover, Seven decided to take the matter of unclothing the other woman upon herself. Taking a firm grasp of the uniform t-shirt she ripped the offending material from the engineers body, efficiently managing to take the bra along with it.

"Wha'!" The sound and feel of clothes being ripped from her body finally penetrated B'Elanna's lust filled mind, but looking up into Seven's eyes simply re-ignited her passions, but before she could recapture Seven's lips the determined ex-Borg had moved down the bed to effectively remove the final traces of her clothing.

"That is better." Was Seven's analytical appraisal before the beauty of the sight captured her voice. Deciding that a vocal response was inefficient anyway, Seven decided to let her actions speak for her and leaning over began raining kisses down the length of B'Elanna's body.

The passionate sounds the two made carried far into the corridor, and for the rest of the night all who passed found a blush capturing their features, before with a hint of envy they quickly made their escape.

The End

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