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The Spirit of Christmas
By Ann


Sabrina opened the door to her girlfriend's apartment, and not spotting her immediately, shouted, "Kelly, I've got a surprise for you. Where are you?"

Kelly continued to lay her travel clothes on the bed and yelled in return, "I'm in the guest bedroom, packing. Can you come in here?"

A grinning Sabrina grasped her package tightly and made her way down the hall. Stopping in the doorway, she held up the package to show her lover, but both her grin and the package fell when she noted the winter clothing, complete with a ski jacket and pants, lying prominently in the middle of the bed.

"What's all this? We're going to the Bahamas, not Colorado," Sabrina explained, stepping further into the room, not even bothering to pick up the fallen package from the floor.

"Oh, there's been a change in plans. Charlie wants us to keep an eye on Hal Johnson during our Christmas vacation, and since Mr. Johnson's going to be on a skiing vacation in Aspen, Charlie asked if we wouldn't mind changing from the sun to the snow. We don't have to keep close tabs on him, just watch him every now and then," Kelly replied, placing her gloves and ski goggles next to her other ski apparel.

"And you said yes?" Sabrina asked in disbelief.

Glancing at at her partner, Kelly answered, "Yes, I didn't think you'd mind. Charlie's going to pick up the tab. He even put us in the same lodge as Hal Johnson, and he reserved the biggest suite they had for us."

Clearly upset, Sabrina moved to sit on the bed next to the headboard. "Well, I do mind. I hate the cold weather, and the last time I went skiing I broke my leg. There's no way I'm ever going back on the slopes again, and do you realize how many people go skiing at Christmas?"

"Oh, Bree, I'm sorry; I shouldn't have agreed until I talked to you, but I honestly didn't think you'd object. I've already cancelled our tickets, but let me call Charlie and see if he can do anything for us," Kelly apologized and moved to her lover's side.

Sighing, Sabrina replied, "No. You told him we'd go, and I don't want you to have to back out of a commitment because of me. I'll just stay in the lodge while you ski. Maybe I can keep an eye on Hal Johnson while you're on the slopes."

Kelly leaned forward and lightly kissed her lover's lips. Pulling away, she promised, "I'll make this up to you. Maybe we can get some time off in the spring to go to the Bahamas."

Making a gallant attempt to smile, Sabrina said, "Don't worry about it. I'm not mad, just disappointed. I'll be fine once we get there. Now, I better hurry home and repack my suitcase. I'll be back by in about an hour to pick you up." Kissing her partner once more, she rose from the bed and walked out of the room, forgetting all about her earlier surprise.

Kelly watched her lover leave, and out of the corner of her eye, caught sight of the fallen bag lying next to the wall by the doorway. Walking over, she picked it up and glanced inside. Grinning, she moved to the bed and placed it into her suitcase.

That evening, the two women checked into the suite and also spotted Hal Johnson, so, all in all, everything was working out nicely. After a quiet dinner in the lodge's restaurant, they decided to retire early for the night. In fact, the two angels went to bed as soon as they got back to the suite, but sleep wasn't exactly what the couple had in mind as several hours past before the lovers finally closed their eyes and drifted off into a sound sleep.

The next morning, Kelly rolled out of bed first and called down for room service. Taking a quick shower, she returned to wake her lover, and the food and coffee was delivered just as Sabrina was toweling dry from her shower. Wrapping herself in a warm robe, she joined Kelly at the table beside the small kitchenette.

The two women enjoyed a nice relaxing breakfast before deciding to head down to the lobby where Kelly walked directly to the reservations desk. A confused Sabrina followed closely behind and wondered if there was some sort of problem she wasn't aware of.

After speaking briefly to the desk clerk, Kelly turned to her lover and handed over a pair of tickets for a morning of snowmobiling in the mountains. She had booked the adventure earlier, hoping that Sabrina hadn't had any previous bad experiences with the motorized vehicle.

Judging from the smile on her parner's face when she climbed aboard the snowmobile, along with the way she gunned the engine when she took off, let Kelly know that she had guessed right. Her lover had taken to the snowmobile just as she had to race cars. Now, she wondered how Sabrina would feel about the sleigh ride and dinner she had reserved for the next evening.

Following a wonderful sightseeing tour through the mountains, the two women rested during the early afternoon hours, and Sabrina insisted that Kelly try to get in a little skiing before sunset. Her lover declined and complained of being too tired, but she promised to hit the slopes first thing in the morning.

Feeling a bit lazy, the two angels decided to sit in the lounge, listening to Christmas music and drinking hot wassail; however, both women nearly spewed their drink across the floor when Hal Johnson and his wife came over and sat next to them on the nearby sofa.

Kelly struck up a conversation with the wife, and the next thing Sabrina knew, her lover had made plans to ski with the couple the following morning. Talk about keeping a close eye on the guy; Charlie would be proud.

The following morning, Sabrina sat in the lodge and read a book while Kelly skiied with the Johnsons. She had chosen a seat facing the large window that looked out over the base of the slopes so that she would be able to watch for her lover, and she was amazed at how she knew just when to look up from her novel to catch sight of her partner every time she pulled to a stop.

On the third trip to the bottom, Kelly motioned to her lover that she was coming in, and Sabrina quickly got up and met her outside to help with the removal of her skis. Once again, the two women opted for room service followed by an afternoon 'nap.'

The sunset sleigh ride turned out to be very enjoyable, especially since Kelly pulled some strings to make sure the pair was treated very well. The driver was highly professional and made sure to show the two women all the beautiful sights, including taking them to an area where they could look down at the gorgeous Christmas lights and decorations. The evening ended with a steak dinner served in a candlelit private dining room, and Sabrina couldn't imagine the Bahamas being any more romantic than this.

The two angels continued their newly found routine for the next couple of days; Kelly skiied with the Johnsons while Sabrina enjoyed the rare time to read, followed by room service and a bit of afternoon delight. The evenings were spent taking short walks and relaxing by the lounge fire usually with the Johnsons. Both women enjoyed the other couple's company and secretly hoped that Hal wasn't guilty of embezzeling from his company's retirement account.

On Christmas Eve, Kelly accompanied Hal and Alisha on an early morning ski run since the two would be leaving in the late afternoon. Charlie had instructed the angels to follow the Johnsons to the airport to make sure they made their flight, but once they had boarded the plane, Kelly and Sabrina were no longer responsible for the couple and would be able to spend the next two days of their vacation alone. Sabrina could hardly wait for the plane to take off so she'd have her lover all to herself.

Glancing up from her book, Sabrina watched as Hal and Alisha assisted Kelly down the slope. Jumping up from her seat, she ran outside to check on her lover, not even bothering to put on her coat. She reached the trio just as they made it to the sidewalk of the lodge.

"What happened?" Sabrina asked, holding Kelly up while Alisha removed her lover's skis.

"I wasn't paying attention, and my left ski started to slide out from under me. I was able to correct my position, but I think I twisted my ankle," Kelly explained with a grimace.

Hal and Alisha offered to stow Kelly's equipment, and the two women graciously thanked the helpful couple. Sabrina put an arm around her lover's waist while Kelly put her arm over Sabrina's shoulder, and the couple slowly made their way indoors. Stopping briefly to retrieve her book and jacket, they continued on their way to their room with Kelly leaning heavily on Sabrina.

A couple of hours later, Kelly was lying on the bed with an ice pack on her ankle, and Sabrina was putting on her jacket, arguing with her lover.

"Absolutely not. There's no reason for you to come with me to the airport. The Johnsons are not a threat so I won't need any backup. Besides, you need to keep your ankle elevated."

"But, ...," Kelly started.

"No buts. I'll grab a taxi and head over there now. I should be back in about three hours, and I expect you to stay right where you are," Sabrina ordered, moving to sit next to her lover on the bed.

"What if I need to go to the bathroom?" Kelly teased, reaching out to take her partner's hand.

"Well, I guess that would be okay, but that's it. Understand?" Sabrina replied as she smiled and caressed her lover's cheek.

Nodding, Kelly leaned forward, and Sabrina complied with her lover's silent request, kissing her gently, but quite thoroughly. When she finally pulled away, both women smiled and rested their foreheads together.

Relunctantly, Sabrina stood and said, "I'll be back as soon as I can."

Watching her lover walk out the door, Kelly called out, "Be careful," and waiting several minutes to be sure Sabrina wasn't going to return, Kelly jumped out of bed on both uninjured ankles to begin preparations for a most memorable Christmas Eve. If everything went according to plan, Sabrina wouldn't even remember Kelly'd been supposedly injured.

Precisely three hours later, a frozen Sabrina put her key in the lock and opened the door to the soft glow of candlelight. Allowing her eyes to adjust to the lighting, she glanced at the bed to find it empty, and looking around the room, she found it empty as well. She started to call out to her lover when the door opened to the master bath revealing the robe clad angel.

"Hey, what's all this?" Sabrina asked, motioning to the fully set table.

Kelly grinned and walked toward her lover, but stopped when the ever observant Sabrina frowned when she realized the previous limp was gone. In fact, she noted that there was no sign whatsoever that Kelly had sustained an injury.

Reverting to plan B, distraction, Kelly quickly untied the sash of her robe and let it fall to the floor, revealing the skimpy, red bikini Sabrina had purchased her for their trip to the Bahamas.

Offering a sexy smile, Kelly purred, "Ho, Ho, Ho."

With one look at the goddess standing before her, all thoughts of limps and injuries evaporated and were immediately replaced with the wonderful dilemma of finding the most efficient way to remove the tiny bikini.

Stepping forward, Sabrina whispered, "If Santa looked like you, I'd have never stopped believing."

Meeting Sabrina half-way, Kelly unbuttoned her lover's coat and slid it off her shoulders. She quickly threw it in a nearby chair and placed her hands snugly on her partner's hips just as Sabrina slowly lifted her hand and gently caressed Kelly's face. Smiling, she leaned forward and lightly kissed the offered lips.

The kiss grew and grew in intensity until both women were breathing heavily. Kelly somehow managed to pull away and panted, "We need to eat before the food gets cold."

Sabrina moved her lips to her lover's neck and asked, "What food?"

Turning her head to give her partner better access, Kelly moaned, "I ordered a traditional Christmas meal from the lodge's restaurant. It's on the table under the food covers."

Not allowing herself to be deterred for a second, Sabrina continued her light assault on Kelly's neck and asked, "Doesn't the kitchenette have an oven?"

"Ah, that feels nice. Um, yes, I think so. Why?" Kelly replied as she concentrated on trying to keep up with her lover's questions despite her desire to give into her carnal urges.

Walking backwards toward the bed, Sabrina carefully directed the two of them until they arrived at its side. She eased her lover onto the bed as she followed closely behind. Turning so that they were lying on their sides, Sabrina began to untie the strings of Kelly's bikini top.

"My family always opened up their gifts on Christmas Eve before we sat down for our feast," Sabrina offered as the red top suddenly came free. Tossing it on the floor, she added, "In keeping with tradition, I'm going to open my present first. We can heat the food up later. What do you say, Santa baby?"

As Sabrina began to nibble on her neck once again, Kelly moaned and whispered, "I just hope Santa comes more than once this year."

Chuckling, Sabrina rolled her lover onto her back and looked down at her with a gleam in her eyes. "Oh Santa, I think it's time someone granted your wishes for a change." And so, for the next several hours, Sabrina dedicated herself to one purpose, making sure that every one of her lover's wishes came true.

The spirit of giving and receiving soared to new heights that Christmas Eve night at the Aspen lodge with both women reaffirming their belief that it was truly better to give than to receive; although, in the end, each would probably agree that receiving was pretty darn good, too.

The End

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