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Split Seconds
By The Other Liz

Part Eleven

'Dammit! Why didn't I know she was claustrophobic?!' Alexa was annoyed with herself. "Computer locate Naomi Wildman."

*Naomi Wildman is in Astrometrics.*

'Oh man… Mama is gonna have my head! Naomi is like her kid sister!'

Alexa got on the turbolift and ordered it to Deck 8. The turbolift's doors had scarcely opened before Alexa was through them and half way down the hall. She paused a moment just before the sensor could pick her up to run a hand through her long mane of chocolate blonde streaked curls. Taking a deep breath, she walked through the doors to Astrometrics. Alexa glanced around looking for her spikey-headed crush. Not seeing her in the least she headed for where she saw her Mama working. Seeing that Seven was busy she simply waited, hands clasped behind her back. After a moment, her Mama acknowledged her.

"wa'Hom." She smirked a little. "How may I be of assistance?"

"Have… have you seen Naomi?" Alexa mumbled.

"She came in a moment ago and then left again." Seven said. "It was most… unusual."

"The Computer said she was in here." Alexa asked, looking around for a moment her eyes lighted on what she was looking for. "Well that explains half of it," Alexa walked over to Naomi's usual station and picked up her Commbadge. "Did she say where she was going?"

"She… did not." Seven said slowly. "Did you… never mind."

"Did I what?" Alexa asked curiously.

"It is not of your… concern." Seven smiled. "I will ask your Sos'Oy later."

Alexa matched her Mama's eyebrow for height and moved on to her previous subject.

"How would I find Naomi?" Alexa asked. "I mean, without her Commbadge."

"You can use the computer to scan for her life signs." Seven said turning back to her console and entering in the parameters. "There. She is in Hydroponics."

Alexa smiled despite her worries and put Naomi's badge on Seven's console.

"Thanks Mama, you're the best." She said as she hugged her Mama.

"It was… no problem wa'Hom." Seven said pulling her daughter in tighter. "You should apologize to her quickly."

"How did…" Alexa began.

"A mother… always knows." Seven said simply, dropping a peck on Alexa's head.

"Right." Alexa said. "Okay, I'll see you later."

Seven paused a moment then smiled.

"Later." She called after her already retreating daughter.

Alexa waved her final goodbyes to her Mama and went back to the Turbolift, ordering it to Deck 2. Glad that she did not run into Naomi's mom first she then found Naomi in a corner crying.

'AHHHH You fucking moron. Now look what you did.' Alexa thought to herself. "Naomi?" she asked softly.

"G…Go away!" Naomi said through her tears.

"I just came to tell you that I was sorry." Alexa said keeping a respectful distance.

"Why would you care?" Naomi asked. "All you care about is your engines, they aren't even yours; they're your Mom's…"

"I know that, I just… I just like being in there, it's my turf, well almost." The young Klingon hybrid said. "Maybe it's just my Klingon temper kicking in."

"You know Lieutenant Torres used to use that same excuse before she and Seven got together."

"But if I recall correctly, my Sos'Oy never went and tried to fix her fuck up with Mama."

Naomi got up and looked contemptibly at Alexa.

"No, she went to her a couple times." Naomi said. "The very last time was a week before they got together."

"Oh." Was all Alexa could manage.

"I don't know why I ever thought you could like me." Naomi said only loud enough for Alexa's Borg/Klingon hearing to pick it up.

Naomi looked at Alexa one last time and then left. Alexa stood there for a moment before the entire conversation caught up with her.

'WAIT JUST A KAH'LESS DAMNED MINUTE!' Alexa thought. "She does, well I guess she did like me." She finished aloud.

Alexa banged her head against the bulkhead for a moment before going to the Holodeck. Luckily, there was no one in it… at least not for an hour. She took a quick look at her surroundings. The black and yellow grid held numerous possibilities.

"Computer generate the following drum kit within these parameters: Pearl Masters Drums Custom Color: Piano Black, Orange County Custom Color: Metallic Pearl, Orange County Custom Color: Dark Blue." She took a deep breath before continuing. " I need a 7x8 Rack Tom, an 8x10 Rack Tom, a 9x12 Rack Tom, a 14x14 Floor Tom, a 16x16 Floor Tom, an 18x18 Floor Tom on a Gibraltar GPR-550 Tube Rack System with GPR-150 extensions, two 20x22 Bass Drums with Tama Iron Cobra Power Glide Double Bass Pedals with rubber beaters and a 7x12 30-Ply Snare Drum " She smiled as her dream drum kit formed on the grid in front of her.

Alexa walked over to the kit and ran a finger across one of the toms. She then took a deep breath before continuing.

"Computer create the following: a 19" Zildijan Z Custom Crash, a 17" Zildijan Rock Crash, a 20" Zildijan Rock Ride, an 8" Zildijan Splash, a 16" Sabian AA Chinese on Pearl PowerPro Cymbal Stands <http://www.samedaymusic.com/product--PEAC800W> and 14" Zildijan Rock Hi-Hats Brilliant on a Tama Iron Cobra HH805 Velo Glide stand."

Alexa thought she would cream herself when her cymbals shimmered into view. It took Alexa no less then 15 minutes to arrange the entire set as she needed it. Damn Borg like efficiency. She looked at the set for a moment then decided to move the 14x14 floor tom to her left side. She then remembered two more things.

"Computer generate one Gibraltar motorcycle style throne… in black and a set of Zildjian Drumsticks in Hickory Wood with Anti Vibe Nylon tips, size 5A."

She was no longer even trying to contain the smile on her face as she sat down to her dream set. She began to play for a moment then stopped. Alexa furrowed her brow for a moment trying to figure why the set sounded a bit off. She then smiled and said:

"Computer: change drum heads to a Remo PowerStroke 3 Ebony on the resonant bass drum, a Remo PowerStroke 3 on the other bass drum, Evans Genera G1s on all toms and resonants and a Remo Weatherking Ambassador Coated for the snare."

As the newly formed drum heads shimmered into place, she felt the familiar twinge in her stomach signaling that she was excited beyond anything ever thought. She had only felt this one other time. Her heart sank as she remembered why she was indeed here.

"Naomi." She said. "DAMMIT! Computer play following audio selections at 113 decibels: Slipknot; Heretic Anthem, Garbage; Stupid Girl, Garbage; Paranoid, No Doubt; Just a Girl, No Doubt; Ex-Girlfriend, No Doubt; Sunday Morning, No Doubt; Spiderwebs, Blink 182: the Rock Show and Blink 182; Dammit."

As the first selection began to play, she began to play with it. She had played these songs when she had first begun playing. She had found a small stage kit upon her first arrival in her last foster home. Alexa had known immediately how to play and her foster parents had actually upgraded the set a year before she'd left. She'd never ever be the first to admit it but she knew she was pretty good.

B'Elanna was becoming slightly worried over her favorite engineer. Alexa had been missing for nearly an hour and a half. It wasn't like her.

"Computer: Locate Alexandra Torres."

*Alexandra Torres is in Holodeck 4*

Now that definitely was not like her wa'Hom.

"Carey, you're in charge." She called as she walked out of Engineering.

A few moments later, she was standing outside of Holodeck 4. She had just come to a realization and was not sure if she wanted to enter the Holodeck now.

"Computer: who is in Holodeck 4?"

*Alexandra Torres is the only life form in Holodeck 4.*

B'Elanna didn't know whether to be relieved or disappointed that Naomi wasn't with her. She entered the Holodeck and stopped short. Alexa's back was semi turned to her but her wa'Hom was definitely playing some hard-core rock on a huge set of drums. Alexa was apparently listening to some rock of the 21st Century. Noise was what it sounded like to B'Elanna. The track ended and B'Elanna opened her mouth to greet Alexa, but she just kept going, changing to a fast-paced beat of her own. B'Elanna had never seen anyone's feet and hands fly that fast and keep four different rhythms. Let alone at the same time. Alexa, never the wiser that her jam session was being watched, beat the drums for a few more moments before she suddenly let out a howl of frustration and threw her sticks across the Holodeck. B'Elanna saw Alexa's shoulders heave once while her head rested on her arms on the snare drum. It broke B'Elanna's hearts to see her baby like that. She rushed to Alexa's side and pulled up just short of her. Not knowing whether she should interrupt or not. Going the safe route, she simply placed a loving hand on Alexa's shoulder.

"wa'Hom?" she whispered just loud enough for Alexa's enhanced hearing to pick it up.

Alexa jumped at the sudden touch and whipped around, wiping tears away.

"I'm sorry, I… I was just frustrated and I needed to… needed to play." Alexa finished staring at the unfinished grid of the Holodeck. "How long was I gone?"

"It doesn't matter, I was just curious." B'Elanna soothed pulling Alexa up and into a hug.

"I think she hates me." Alexa said, finally gaining control on her emotions. "She said that she didn't know why I could ever like her."

"Aw baby." B'Elanna said, knowing exactly what Alexa was feeling. "I don't think she hates you, you guys fight just like your Mama and I did before we got together."

B'Elanna gently pressed a kiss into Alexa's temple and pulled away enough to wipe a few stray tears off her baby's face. Sensing that Alexa wasn't going to go any further on the subject she changed it.

"So are you going to tell me where you learned to play like that?" the older hybrid asked.

"I just knew how when I was on… Earth." Alexa sniffled.

"There's just so much and so many…" B'Elanna ran a finger down one of the larger cymbals, then turned and looked at her talented youngest. "What are they all?"

Alexa arched an eyebrow and took a deep breath not knowing exactly where to start. She sat back down on her throne and looked at her kit for a moment.

"Okay. This is a snare drum." she said placing a hand on the drum in front of her. "It's a main drum."

"Baby, I got the basics." B'Elanna said. "I know those two by your feet are your bass drums." She arched an eyebrow. "You can play them both at the same time?!"

"Yeah." Alexa blushed a little before continuing. "Okay so these," she said gesturing toward the four drums attached to the metal frame. "are Tom-toms or to be technical they're Rack Toms because they're on the… rack, but usually just… toms, they're used for fills, I guess like a break from the regular beat. These three here, the two here and then this one on the other side of me are toms too, they're just bigger so they sit on the floor… hence the name… floor tom."

"These are… cymbals?" B'Elanna asked. "They're real."

"Yeah." Alexa said, drawing the word out. "Why… wouldn't they… be?"

"Oh, drummers stopped using metal cymbals a long time ago." B'Elanna said. "I'm not sure why. I like these better."

"Right." Alexa said. "Do I need to explain them?"

"Sure, why not." B'Elanna smiled.

"You don't need to know much about them, they make noise, different sizes and thicknesses for different noises." Alexa began. Cymbals were more complicated. "Your main cymbals are your Hi-Hats. They're like the snare drum is. The rest of the cymbals are like toms, they're there for fills."

"And you know how to use them all?" B'Elanna was slightly, okay, very impressed.

"Yeah. It's not really hard at all."

B'Elanna's gears started turning within her head and she needed more time to process the slowly forming plot.

"Are you hungry?" B'Elanna asked.

"No. But I'll go with you." Alexa said arching an eyebrow at the sudden change of subject.

"Let's go." B'Elanna said. "You need to eat."

"Okay… fine." Alexa said knowing that her Sos'Oy was not one to argue with. "Wait. How do I get rid of all this?"

"Did you wanna save it?"

"I guess."

"Okay then all you do is say 'computer save program' and then name it."

Alexa quirked an eyebrow.

"Computer… save program 'Alexa's Heaven Alpha Chi Omega.' She said slowly.

*Program saved.*

"Wow. But then what?"

"Then just tell it to 'end program'."

"Computer end program?" she more asked than said.

Alexa's drums disappeared in a machine like zap.

"Cool." Was Alexa's simple reply. She then turned to B'Elanna. "Do we have to eat in the mess hall?"

B'Elanna smiled sympathetically.

"No wa'Hom, we can go back to our quarters if you want."


The pair left the Holodeck and headed for their quarters.

"You wanna talk about it?" B'Elanna asked once they were in the turbolift.

"No." Alexa said quietly.

"Okay." B'Elanna relented.

"What's there to talk about? She liked me, I liked her, now she hates me and I fucked up real nice."

"Sweetheart, you know she's just like your Mama." B'Elanna smiled. "You only think she hates you and that's what she wants."

"How do you know?" Alexa arched an eyebrow to her hair line. "And why would she want that?"

"Actually I'm only going on knowledge of your Mama, and well, since Naomi is practically your Mama's junior, I'll bet anything she's already talked to Seven already." B'Elanna smiled reassuringly. "Oh, and so you'll give chase to her. Trust me on that one."

Alexa left the part about giving chase alone, storing it in her mind for a later use.

"Would you ask Mama about it later?"

"Yeah wa'Hom, no problem."

Alexa nearly flattened B'Elanna in a hug. The pair stayed that way until the turbolift doors opened.

"So what sounds good?" B'Elanna asked.

"Anything... except chicken nuggets."

Naomi stumbled into Astrometrics after leaving Alexa; she didn't want to stay in Hydroponics for long. Her mother was having a difficult time as it was with Naomi's sexual awareness. Samantha Wildman wasn't against homosexuality, it was a mother not wanting to see her little girl all grown up. As far as Samantha was concerned, Naomi should be as celibate as a Vulcan is. Naomi always talked to Neelix about heavy issues. However, the one person she could always count on to never sugar coat anything was Seven of Nine. Moreover, Seven never tried to tell her she wasn't ready for this or that, she simply laid out the options and allowed Naomi to choose her path. Seven of Nine was protection and for some reason that is who exactly Naomi had fled to.

Meandering into Astrometrics, the young Katarian moved and sat on the daises.

"You are not in Engineering." Seven pointed out not yet looking up from her work.

"Well 'she' told leave the engine room.'"

"I see."

"She's insufferable, illogical, and impetuous and...and.....and inefficient!"

"I see." was all Seven said, now looking at the tear stained face of her young apprentice.

"Why in the name of Omega do I have to..." Naomi sighed at the realization that she was talking to one of the mothers of the girl she cared for and now was pissed at.

"You have to what NaomiWildman?"

"Like her?"

"I have discovered that trying to understand why one likes another is an inefficient use of time. Love is never logical."

"I don't love her! She locked me in the frigging Jeffries tube! She deserved it."

"Deserved what?" Seven prompted.

"I cleaned her clock."

Seven raised her ocular implant.

"Yeah I know surprised me too." Naomi was now on her feet and began to pace. "She's a fourth Klingon, a fourth Borg and half human, how in the hell did I get the upper hand?"

"I take it you got into an altercation with my youngest."

"Sorry Seven...I am. Well, sorta." Naomi hesitated. "She's your kid I know...but she just pissed me off!"

Seven smiled knowing that if Naomi had hurt Alexa in Engineering then she would have seen it previously and if Naomi had done it in Hydroponics she would have already been contacted and Naomi would not be in front of her now.

Naomi continued to rant. "She thinks just because she is in Engineering she can run this ship! Like Astrometrics is just wiping Targh snot or something. What we do is important! We aren't simple frigging navigators! I know quantum physics better than she does! I am more efficient and I know how things run with more efficiency, I am Voyagers first child for crying out loud! In addition, I've been your assistant longer than she's been alive. And why in the hell does she have to be so frigging cute and irresistible!"

Seven smiled once more.

"Naomi Wildman you are the most proficient assistant I have. I happen to know she enjoys your company. Of course she is indeed fourth Klingon and it seems more dominating than her human half. I'd suggest interacting with her on that level. Klingons are very passionate and striking Alexa provoked her in more than one way. I do not suggest biting her cheek at this moment. However, she might respond if you growl at her and prove to her our prowess. You must be sincere and honest in your pursuit."

Naomi could only stare opened mouth as Seven of Nine was giving hints on courting a fiery-blooded Klingon hybrid.

"I know a few things concerning the courtship of a Klingon engineer and you will benefit from my trials and errors. Do not apologize for... 'Cleaning her clock' at this time she will see it as a weakness. Even if she does not right away the Klingon in her will rise without knowing why. However, as her mother I do accept your apology for getting into an altercation with my child. When you next interact with her, do not shun her in fact act as if nothing occurred. This is a tactic that worked a few times with B'Elanna."

Naomi smiled feeling slightly better. Seven always managed to make things better without even trying.

"Wow. Okay. Do you think I should just wait and see her like I usually do?" Naomi asked.

"Yes. Continue in your everyday routines." Seven smiled. "She will never know what hit her." Then after a second thought. "Or maybe perhaps she already does?"

"Borg humor." Naomi giggled. "I'll never tire of that."

"Indeed." Seven said. "Do you feel up to running a sector scan then?"

"Of course."

Later that night as she was getting ready for bed Naomi vowed to pursue her younger fiery Klingon by any means necessary. Across the ship the older fiery Klingon was just getting ready for bed with her wife herself.

"Did you talk to Naomi?" B'Elanna asked her wife as she pulled a sleep shirt over her head.

Seven looked up from pulling the covers down on their bed.

"Only briefly, just long enough to ascertain that she and Alexa got into an altercation."

"Alexa's pretty tore up." B'Elanna sighed and sat on the edge of the bed.

"As was Naomi." Seven said sitting next to B'Elanna. "She did say that she felt bad for… cleaning Alexa's clock."

"What are we going to do?" B'Elanna asked. "They've gotta get together soon or they're going to kill each other."

"I do not think that they will actually harm each other."

"And what about this whole Mizoti/Alexa rival thing?"

"That is another story." Seven sighed. "What do we do?"

"Did you know Alexa can play the drums?" B'Elanna asked; gears still turning.

"Yes." Seven said. "She is… programmed for it. I remembered your fondness of the instrument when her nanoprobes were programmed."

"The same way Mizoti reprogrammed hers and 'learned' how to play the guitar?"

"Yes..." Seven arched an eyebrow. "Bella what are you getting at?"

"Well, if they're making music, then they aren't rivaling each other because they'd need each other."

"If you can get them to play together, that would solve the problem, however there is still a Naomi/Alexa problem."

"I actually have a plan for that but it also involves the Captain, you, Beta shift and a few other details." B'Elanna smiled. "But it can wait for later because now I have plans for you."

"Indeed?" Seven smiled.

B'Elanna gently pushed Seven onto her back and straddled her. Kissing her slowly and gently at first but the kisses quickly became passionate and deep. Seven flipped B'Elanna beneath her, wasting no time ripping B'Elanna's shirt to shreds and began to suck on her breasts. Her moans of arousal immediately sent Seven skyward. B'Elanna pushed Seven's shorts down her long legs and onto the floor with her feet.

"Clever Bang'wi." Seven smiled.

"I learn from the best." B'Elanna gasped.

B'Elanna pulled away from Seven just enough to demolish the meager top Seven was wearing. B'Elanna stared at the beauty before her for a moment then ran her tongue across one of Seven's already erect nipples.

"Ahhhh Bey-Bey." Seven hissed.

B'Elanna flipped her six-foot slice of heaven under her and began to kiss down Seven's body. Dwelling on Seven's abdominal implant, loving the taste of metal and flesh as the two tastes mingled in her mouth B'Elanna let her hands creep back up to well rounded breasts tipped in hardened nubs. She climbed back up the blonde's body and planted a blazing kiss on her mouth. As the kiss deepened and tongues began to duel B'Elanna's hand crept downward to the bare tenderness of Seven's core, gently massaging the area just above before running a finger over the slick nub. B'Elanna began to suck and nibble on Seven's earlobe and neck. Seven's back arched into her wife as her hands found the fabric of B'Elanna's shorts.

"Got…to…go." Seven managed.

B'Elanna smiled into the space behind Seven's jaw and lifted her hips up for a moment. It was all the time Seven needed to destroy the shorts before her enhanced hand found the very slick center of her wife.

"Kah'less Bang'wi." B'Elanna breathed.

"All this for me?" Seven teased.

B'Elanna could only manage a whimper. Deciding that it was B'Elanna's turn; Seven flipped B'Elanna off her and crawled back on top. Seven began to kiss B'Elanna's nipples and chest again. B'Elanna's sighs pushing her forward. Seven kissed down her stomach, loving the way B'Elanna's strong abdominal muscles rippled beneath her skin. Seven continued on her southern route, she kissed down B'Elanna's short but well muscled legs and back up again before finally finding her destination. B'Elanna's clit was already gleaming. Seven teased her for a while with her tongue before going in full throttle. B'Elanna began to squirm beneath Seven's touch. Seven's human hand finding one hardened nipple, the enhanced one sliding slowly finger by finger into her wife. B'Elanna tangled her hands in Seven's mane of gold. With Seven's tongue dancing circles around her clit and enhanced hand massaging her insides it didn't take long for B'Elanna to release, screaming Seven's name. She felt as if there wasn't a bone in her body.

"B-bang'wi. I think we set a record time." She managed. " and I think I understand why we added the soundproofing to our room now as well."

"I am glad you finally see my point of view for the soundproofing." Seven said lightly. "But I never said I was done with you my love."

"No you didn't, but I never said I had finished with you either."

B'Elanna flashed a toothy grin before pulling Seven up on top of her. With Seven straddling her she pulled her down for a scorching kiss and in one quick move had Seven pinned beneath her.

"How's that for efficient Soch?"

"Impressive." Seven gasped as B'Elanna began to suck gently on her neck again.

"Do you remember the night we found out just how sensitive those implants are to touch?" B'Elanna growled softly.

"Uhhh… ahhh." Came the very un-Borg like stutter.

"That well huh?"

B'Elanna gently traced the starburst on Seven's cheek with the tip of her tongue, watching as Seven's blue eyes rolled nearly to the back of her head, before quickly moving to the one on her ankle. B'Elanna then moved back to Seven's abdominal implant and began caressing it with her tongue as she had done so before.

"Bey…oh Kah'less…Lanna." Seven moaned.

B'Elanna then straddled Seven again and brought the enhanced hand up to her mouth. She smiled wickedly before taking Seven's pinkie finger fully into her mouth. Seven began to wriggle even more under B'Elanna as she progressed to each longer finger. Finally licking the palm of Seven's enhanced hand, then kissing it, she returned it to the bed. She bent forward and placed another kiss on Seven's already swollen lips. B'Elanna then shimmied her way down the elegant frame and began to lick at the implant just inside Seven's right thigh.

"MmmmmLanna." Seven begged. "Please… I need you."

"Anything for you my love." B'Elanna promised.

B'Elanna ran her tongue over the hardened ball of nerves at the tip of Seven's anatomy. No wonder the Borg hadn't bothered trying to perfect that. It needed no help with it's perfection in the least. The electricity that passed between the lovers was enough to power Voyager all the way home. B'Elanna used her entire tongue to lick the length of Seven's wet slit.

"L..L…Lanna please." Seven was past begging now.

B'Elanna pushed her fingers into Seven gently at first then began a faster rhythm, rubbing the tender spot inside her. Seven pulled B'Elanna's face up from between her thighs and kissed her. She then moved her fingers into B'Elanna never breaking the gaze between them. Seven began rubbing the familiar spot she'd found in her wife so long ago. B'Elanna let herself rest on her as she kept rubbing at the sweet spot within Seven. Cumming at the same time, screaming into each other's shoulders, the two fell silent.

All was quiet in the room except for the sounds of heavy breathing.

"I love you Soch."

"I love you too Bey."

They fell asleep intertwined in each other's limbs, contented smiles on their faces only after replacing thier light clothing just in case they were going to be battling nightmares. Across their quarters a younger Klingon hybrid was closely studying herself in a mirror.

'Why am I so white?' Alexa thought to herself. 'I wasn't this color when I was born or when I disappeared. I wonder if I can still replicate that tanning bed in the Holodeck.'

Alexa hopped off the counter in hers and Mizoti's bathroom and carefully went back to her room. Dressing casually she tip toed her way out of her family's quarters and quickly made her way to the Holodeck. To her luck, it was empty.

"Computer run program 'Alexa's Heaven Alpha Chi Omega'" she said.

When she saw the familiar sight of her drums she smiled, then continued.

"Computer generate one sun bed." Alexa said.

She smiled as the bed shimmered into view. She was beginning to think that the Holodeck was a great invention.

"And a bottle of 'Practikal Magic' tanning lotion."

She quickly ditched the t-shirt and shorts she'd been wearing, lathered up her hybrid frame that so resembled her Sos' in tanning lotion and hopped in. It had been a few months since she'd been in a tanning bed even before her parents had brought her back home but she was sure 15 minutes would do the trick. 15 minutes later the bed shut off and Alexa hopped out. She glanced down at her body frowning for a moment then remembering that the tan wouldn't show up for a good 10 minutes.

"Computer generate one bottle of 'California Tan's; Insurance"

Alexa could hardly believe that this stuff was actually in the computer's database. But she was definitely thankful that it was. Even back on Earth when she had burned in the beds the Insurance gel had quickly turned the burn to a tan. She slathered the gel on and got dressed all the while wondering how she was going to tan and keep it from her all knowing parents.

"Computer save and end program."

The drums and tanning bed fizzled out of sight and Alexa rushed back to her quarters.

'I'm sure I'd definitely be doubly dead meat if they found me not in bed.' She thought.

Arriving outside the doors to her quarters, she keyed in the code and slipped inside. Letting her eyes adjust to the dark she glanced about. Thankful once again for the amazing night vision that both her Klingon and Borg physiology bestowed upon her. Seeing that neither parent was up waiting for her in the dark she slipped into her room, got in bed and fell into a deep sleep.

The next morning came quickly for Alexa. She had not heard her alarm go off in the least and found her self being tickled awake by her Sos'Oy.

"Okay Okay! I give! I'm up!" Alexa giggled sleepily. "Just five more minutes."

"Not a chance, do you know how many things could go wrong in five minutes?" B'Elanna joked. "I mean this is after all a Starfleet ship."

Alexa took the hand her Sos'Oy offered and stood.

"Why do you look… browner?" B'Elanna asked suspiciously.

The younger hybrid glanced in the mirror on her wall.

'Holy shit! I'm almost as dark as Sos'Oy. That stuff really works! Well, I guess I don't have to worry about going back until it fades...'

"Alexa." B'Elanna said interrupting her child's thoughts.

"Oh! Uh… ah… genetics finally catching up to me?" she tried.

"I don't think so." B'Elanna smiled. "Good try, but I don't think so."

"Guess I should just go ask the Doc huh?"

B'Elanna knew that it was nothing the Doc could find. Somehow this brilliant being that was her child had figured out how to make herself darker. Overnight at that. But what was the harm in letting her go see the Doc, in the very least he'd just piss her off. B'Elanna could also get the Doc to run a test on Alexa to make sure her still active nanoprobes weren't acting up.

"Yeah, you do that. But first, let's eat."

The two rounded the corner and made Seven stop short in the kitchen, had the pair been dressed alike Seven wasn't so sure she could have told them apart except for Alexa's striking blue eyes, substantially longer hair and the 3 inches that Alexa had on her Sos'Oy.

"Alexa your complexion has darkened 3.765 shades. What has happened?" Seven immediately asked while she moved Alexa's various limbs checking for injury.

"Mama! Calm down." Alexa giggled. "I just... got darker."

A raised eyebrow joined Seven's usual 'I don't believe you' response.


B'Elanna quickly diverted a scientifically drug out answer over breakfast.

"Have you seen your sister?"


"I'm right here." Mizoti said acidly coming around the corner.

"Jeez you don't have to be so… caustic." Alexa said.

Both B'Elanna and Seven saw the emerging fight and quickly diverted that as well.

"Your Mama and I have an idea on how you both can get to know each other again." B'Elanna said.

"Given that you both have a… talent for musical instruments you will play together." Seven said.

"That doesn't sound like an idea, it sounds like an order." Alexa said a small quirk of a smile playing on her face.

"It was." Seven said simply. "Mizoti you do still play guitar?"

Mizoti was fuming; anyone with bad vision could have plainly seen that.

"Yes." Came the tight answer.

"Very good. Your sister plays drums perhaps you could… jam out."

"Borg do not jam out. Let alone 'jam out' with younger sisters."

"Yes. But you are not Borg." Seven then smiled wickedly. " And older sisters who do not want to be grounded do."

Mizoti's ears tinged a faint pink and Alexa could have sworn she heard Mizoti's jaw pop when she locked it.

"Very well. You will meet me in Holodeck 2 after your shift and classes." Mizoti said.

"Uh… okay." Alexa fought out around trying not to laugh.

Alexa didn't care one way or the other if Mizoti played with her. Maybe Naomi played something and she could play with them as well. That is if she ever forgave Alexa. The two sisters scarfed down their breakfasts and mad dashed out the door.

"Why do they rush off so?" Seven queried. "It's not like they don't work in both of our departments."

B'Elanna caught the rare use of a contraction in Seven's speech and smiled. It was only around family did she let it slip for this was the only time when she was truly comfortable in her own skin.

"Maybe they feel important running off to 'work'." B'Elanna said.

"I suppose." Seven sighed.

The two mates then stood and began clearing various dishes off the table before kissing each other good bye and heading towards their respective departments. That afternoon Alexa nearly fell over when she walked into the Mess Hall and saw Naomi waving at her. She looked at her Sos and raised an eyebrow.

"Go. Sit. Be happy wa'Hom." B'Elanna said as she ruffled her youngest's hair.

"See ya after lunch?" Alexa asked.

"I'll wait for you."

With that Alexa re smoothed her hair and joined Naomi.

"Hi." She said shyly.

"Hey, what's up?" Naomi smiled.

'Oh Kah'less that smile.' Alexa thought. "Not much. You?" she said aloud.

"Nothing really, we're in like the deadest space in the entire galaxy." Naomi said. "I replicated you some… nuggets?"

"Really?" Alexa was becoming a little worried now. "Wait. I thought you hated me."

"I was just pissed. Don't worry about it." Naomi smiled again. "I swear I didn't poison your food. Eat up."

"About that… in the Jeffries Tube." Alexa began. "My temper, I don't…"

"I know, Klingon temper. You don't really mean the stuff you say usually." Naomi laughed. "Seven schooled me in fine art of cour… I mean working with a Klingon. Well… a half Klingon."

Alexa raised an eyebrow. Surely, she hadn't heard Naomi almost say 'courting'. Alexa shook it from her thoughts.

"Oh. Okay. That's good." Alexa smiled for the first time since sitting down.

'Gods! She really is that adorable.' Naomi thought.

They ate in amicable silence for a moment before Alexa screwed up all her courage once more.

"So uh… you wanna like… watch a movie or something in the Holodeck sometime?"

Alexa watched as Naomi's eyes grew and she braced herself for rejection.

"Uh… ah… yeah! Sure!" Naomi said then quickly regaining her composure. "I mean, yeah, that'd be cool."

"Tomorrow? My CO ordered me to 'bond' with Mizoti tonight in the Holodeck."

"Tomorrow's great for me... but..." Naomi knitted her spiked brow. "Your CO? Like Commanding Officer? Janeway ordered you to bond with Mizoti?"

"Yeah; Commanding officer but..." Alexa smiled a bit. "Not Janeway; Mama."

Naomi burst out laughing and Alexa followed suit soon after.

"So what have your parents got you doing with Zot?"

"Apparently she hates me so much that Mama and Sos are making her play her guitar with me on my drums." Alexa shook her head. "This is like a death match waiting to happen."

Naomi, strangely, was turned on at the thought of Alexa playing the drums and she remembered that Mizoti had taught her how to play bass a few years back so they could play together.

"Hey, you know if you don't wanna be up against her all alone I could come." Naomi offered. "She taught me how to play a bass a few years back and by the way... she doesn't hate you, she's just a little..."

"Jealous? I know... but I'm not sure why." Alexa smiled. "Anyway, that'd be awesome if you came along, we should form like a band or something. If me and Mizoti get along tonight that is."

"Yeah!" Naomi said.

The two smiled as they began to eat again. A few moments of silence later Naomi decided that she could at least throw Alexa a line and see if she could reel her in later.

"So, you look really good in that uniform." Naomi said.

Alexa looked down at the black and gold uniform. Then looked at Naomi and quirked an eyebrow.

"Thanks, but I tend to think I'd look better in yours." Alexa said.

Naomi flushed a familiar pink and then Alexa's brain caught up with her ears.

"I mean in one like... yours, ya know? Because it.. would bring out the blue in my eyes? Like Mama's?" Alexa tried to recover. 'Wow... way to go Lex... and you only thought you were smooth.'

"Oh! Yeah, I mean, of course, I knew what you meant." Naomi failing miserably to keep her complete cool.

The two returned to eating both kicking themselves for being morons. Sooner than they liked it was time for them to part ways and they both agree to meet at the Holodeck after their shifts and classes.

"You are late." Mizoti informed Alexa acidly as she came around the corner and stood before her at the Holodeck doors.

"Oh chill out." Alexa said.

"I do not see what lowering my body temperature would do to change the fact..." Mizoti began.

"Zot why are you picking on your only kid sister?" asked Naomi.

Mizoti spun around to face her best friend.

"Why... why are you here?"

"Lex said I could come, remember... I play bass?" Naomi smiled, moving her arms and fingers up and down an air guitar.

"I see." Mizoti's face softening. 'At least I will not have to put up with that... brat alone.'

"Okay, so instruments don't play themselves." Alexa said.

"Uh, Zot and I don't exactly have our guitars any more." Naomi said. "We'll have to generate them."

"Hey, I had to generate my drums. I understand." Alexa smiled, then entered the Holodeck. "Computer load program 'Alexa's Heaven Alpha Chi Omega.'"

Alexa heard the collective gasp come from her two companions as her drums shimmered into view.

"Those... those... are amazing." Naomi said.

"Indeed, if you know how to use them, they are quite fascinating." Mizoti said.

Alexa could tell that Mizoti was coming around but that it was going to be quite the journey.

"Thanks... I think." Alexa grinned. "So generate your guitars... make sure that they're the best."

"What do you mean the best?" Naomi asked.

"You know... the best." Alexa said. Then on seeing their confused looks continued. "You know... like... Mizoti you could get a Les Paul or something and Naomi you could get... a Fender or whatever. I mean it's the Holodeck right? Get the most expensive thing you can think of."

"Maybe you should generate ours." Naomi said. "We just generated the generic stuff. Ya know?"

"Ah... Kah'less..." Alexa said. "Okay... lemme think."

Alexa sat at her drums thinking, after a moment she snapped her fingers.

"I got it." She said a huge grin covering her features. "Computer generate a 1952 Gibson Les Paul in all silver with black accents...on a stand."

As the guitar shimmered into view Alexa watched her sister's eyes actually light up.

"It is... beautiful." Mizoti said after a moment.

"Wait til' you hear it!" Alexa gushed. "I saw that guitar in a store when I was still on Earth and in 2004, that guitar was worth at least 21,000 dollars."

"Lex, that doesn't tell us anything." Naomi laughed. "We don't have dollars."

"Oh well... it was worth a lot." Alexa said. "And for you... what's your favorite color?

"What has my favorite color got to do with..."

"Kah'less woman! Just tell me your favorite color!"

"Blue... and Silver." Naomi said.

A small evil smile crossed Alexa's face.

"Computer; generate a 1967 Ampeg AEB-1 Scroll Bass in a blue and silver sunburst paint pattern with a blonde fingerboard..." then after a slight pause she remembered. "OH!! On a stand."

"Oh... wow." Naomi said once she had found her voice again. "It's just... wow.

"It plays well too," Alexa chimed from behind her. "Both guitars are... were... well... rare."

Alexa was really getting into this, she wasn't sure if it was a good thing of not. She couldn't really think of anything that excited her as much as music. Well.. except for Engineering... oh yeah, and Naomi. Alexa smiled at this last thought before moving on.

"Hey, I almost forgot. You need equipment." Alexa smirked and then began. "Computer; generate a Boss Chorus Pedal, a Boss phaser pedal and a Boss distortion pedal." she took a breath before continuing."2 powered pedal boards, 5 patch cords, 2 800W amps, a multi-effects electric bass pedal, a Chorus Effects electric bass pedal, 2 Yamaha Guitar and Bass Auto Tuners and 2 12 foot cables."

It took a few seconds for the ships computer to generate the lengthy list but as the equipment shimmered into the room, the trio realized it was all worth the wait. They sorted the equipment out, the Boss pedals being for Mizoti and the remaining two being for Naomi.

"You guys know how to use those pedals?"

Alexa was rewarded with two sets of eyes glaring at her.

"Just because we grew up on a star ship doesn't mean we can't rock." Naomi huffed. "Besides, how do you know about all this stuff?"

"Indeed!" Mizoti retorted.

"You know... I'm not really sure. I just do. Anyway, jeez I'm sorry." Alexa said, sitting behind her drums. "Well, then what do you guys know how to play?"

"Because of my Borg background I can play anything I hear once." Mizoti said proudly.

"Hey, that's pretty cool." Alexa said, genuinely impressed and wondering about herself.

"I actually have to practice but I can read music and play it at the same time." Naomi said.

"Okay... what kind of music do you like?" Alexa asked. "Ever hear of a band called No Doubt?"

"No... Doubt?" Naomi asked.

"Awwww Man!" Alexa whined. "What bands do you listen to?"

"Mizoti and Naomi exchanged a glance.

"Bands?" came the collective response.

"Okay... here, listen to this and tell me what you think." Alexa began. "Computer play audio selection No Doubt; Just a Girl."

B'Elanna pushed the chime to Janeway's ready room and waited for her permission to enter.

"Come." Janeway called.

"Captain." she greeted.

"B'Elanna, come in, sit down, take a load off and we're off duty you can call me Kathryn." the Captain smiled as B'Elanna sat. "What can I do for you?"

"Well..." B'Elanna took a deep breath. "As you know Alexa has come a long way in Engineering and is showing a lot of potential for kicking me out of a job."

Kathryn laughed at this.

"B'Elanna, no matter how good Alexa becomes, I don't think she could ever replace you."

The hybrid blushed at the praise then continued.

"Thank you but I still would like to request that she heads up the Beta shift in Engineering." B'Elanna said quickly.

Then in a fashion well learnt by her youngest quickly found the floor entertaining.

"Lieutenant?.... B'Elanna." Kathryn prompted, not quite believing what she was hearing. After all the child had only been back for a mere six months, even with her genetic make up Kathryn had a hard time believing she was ready to head her own shift. Especially in Engineering. "Are you sure, I mean... I trust your word and I know you have a family full of genius children but it's only been six months..."

B'Elanna knew she was going to have to explain herself in full now.

"Okay Okay... here's the deal." she took a deep breath. "Naomi and Alexa are going to kill each other if we don't get them together... *together* soon, Seven and I figured that if you put Alexa in charge during Beta shift in Engineering and Naomi in charge of Astrometrics during Beta shift then they'd have to get into one of our arguments sooner or later and get together."

Kathryn quirked a smile at the craftiness her Chief was showing.

"and Seven is in on this too?"

"Yes. She said that her sensor scans are showing at least a week of dead space ahead in about two weeks. We thought that if we could get them in there and maybe pull a few strings to make the power fluctuate in Astrometrics..." B'Elanna smiled remembering the argument that had finally won her heart out and brought her and Seven together.

"I was under the impression that those two were already doing well oiled impressions of you two." Kathryn said. "It wasn't but two days ago that I was reading a Sickbay report of a... split lip? on Alexa."

"Ahhh yeah... well." B'Elanna stammered. "Alexa didn't know that Naomi was claustrophobic so when Naomi pissed her off in a Jefferies Tube, Alexa... well Alexa locked her in it."

"Oh God." Kathryn said trying to hide a smile.

"When I found out about it I made Alexa open it and when she did Naomi fell out pretty much on her face. Alexa started laughing at her and Naomi... well I didn't know she had it in her. But Naomi has a pretty good right hook."

"Well it appears that Alexa has a little more... control on her Klingon side then you did at first."

"Seven never socked me." The hybrid said with a smile. "She knew better."

"Okay... right." Kathryn laughed. "Look, lets see if we can get them in there a couple nights a week and maybe once on a weekend. Start it this weekend and if everything goes alright we'll leave it like that until they either get together or kill each other."

"That would be great." B'Elanna smiled. "I think that's a better plan then mine, I wasn't all together comfortable with my littlest in charge of Engineering at a time of night when everything likes to attack us."

"My sentiments exactly."

The two women chattered for another fifteen minutes before B'Elanna excused herself and headed back to her quarters.

"Okay... so we now know that we rock." Alexa laughed.

The trio had been playing different songs for half an hour and they were already meshing into a tight knit band. Mizoti had since apologized for being an "Ice Queen junior" and Alexa promised she wouldn't try to take up all of their parents' time anymore. They were now trying to figure out a name for their newly formed band and make up a working set list should they ever be needed to play. The set list was going to be easy, Mizoti and Naomi had taken an immediate shine to Alexa's collection of 21st century rock, punk and ska tracks, so they just went from there.

"I like that last song..." Naomi began. "Something about rock and roll?"

"I love Rock n Roll?" Alexa asked.

"Yeah! That was good."

"Indeed, I like the way I play that." Mizoti quirked a smile and began to play again.

"Jeez... show off." Alexa laughed. "Computer generate sheet music for last audio selection"

Alexa handed off the music to Naomi and sat back behind her drums. They successfully rocked out a few more songs before Mizoti stopped and looked at Alexa.

"What's wrong?" Alexa asked.

"Who is to sing these lyrics whilst we play?"

Alexa snorted and then realized her sister was serious.

"Uh... you of course."

"Why?" Mizoti looked a little nervous.

"Because you're lead guitar. That's how it works, unless you can think of another girl who's our age on this ship that can carry a note."


"Just do it Zot, you know nobody else could do it."

"Very well." Mizoti said.

"Then we'll trust you to compile the set list." Naomi said looking at Alexa.

"What? Why me?" Alexa said.

"No one else is qualified." Mizoti said matter of factly.

"Oh. Do you want me to do it now?" Alexa asked.

"Works for me." Naomi said.

Alexa nodded her head and went to the computer console and tapped around for a few moments. She was finally satisfied with her work and brought a Padd back to the group.

"How's this?" she said handing it off to the two.

The list wasn't long but it was a good mix. It consisted of five major 21st century bands and 3 singers. Alexa compiled the list in a fashion so that it would show off each of their talents in some songs and show off their combined talents in the rest of them. The list was this;

*No Doubt*

-Oi to the World

-Just a Girl

-Excuse Me, Mr.

*Blink 182*

-Rock Show

-Dammit (Growing Up)



-Stupid Girl

-When I grow Up

-I'm Only Happy when it Rains

*Ozzy Osbourne*

-Crazy Train

*Sum 41*

-Fat Lip


*Joan Jett*

-Bad Reputation

-Rock n Roll

*The Donna's*

-Take it Off

*Kelly Osbourne*

-Shut Up

"This is acceptable." Mizoti said with an actual smile. "I indeed like this last selection."

"I thought you would." Alexa said. "This list will definetly show off all of our talents."

"So what should we call ourselves?" Naomi asked thoughtfully.

"Well it was my impression that punk/ska bands of the 21st century tried really hard not to conform to society and often tried to make a scene, or at least some type of up roar." Alexa laughed.

The three thought for a moment and one by one impish grins began to cross their faces.

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Alexa asked the other two.

"I believe I might be." Mizoti said.

"Me too." Naomi chimed in.

"Half Breed." said the three at the same time.

"It is a most logical name." Mizoti said smiling.

"Indeed." Alexa said.

"You don't think our parents will kill us?" Naomi asked

"Do you care?" Mizoti asked.

"Nope." Naomi and Alexa said at the same time.

The three girls smiled devilishly.

"Okay. Let's do it." Alexa said.

The trio then began rocking the Holodeck once again.

Seven was becoming increasingly worried. It was about the same time B'Elanna walked in that Seven had reached the end of her proverbial rope.

"Have you heard from Alexandra or Mizoti?" were the first things out of her mouth as soon as the doors swished open.

"Hi baby. How are you?" B'Elanna smiled. "and no, I haven't. You told them to play together remember? You getting Eidetic Alzheimer's or something?"

"Not funny." Seven said. "I assumed they would not last more than 20 minutes in there. They have been there for 3.498 hours."

"Well maybe they're actually having fun." B'Elanna said.

It was at this time that Samantha Wildman appeared outside their doors and rang the chime.

"Enter." Seven called.

"I'm sorry to bother you but have you seen Naomi? She said she was going to be with Mizoti and Alexa but that was like 3 hours ago."

"They aren't here Sam," B'Elanna said. "Hey, does she still play that bass guitar?"

"Not really, I mean, I think she still knows how, but she hasn't touched one in a while." Sam said. "Why?"

"I... asked Alexa and Mizoti to play their respective instruments together earlier this morning; perhaps Mizoti took Naomi with her."

"Or Alexa asked Naomi to go with her." B'Elanna said low enough only for Seven to hear.

"Indeed." Seven murmured.

"Well I don't know about Zot and Alexa but Naomi always has homework and she needs to eat." Sam said smiling.

"I suppose we should go interrupt their little jam session then." B'Elanna said.

The three women were not prepared to what their eyes held before them. Mizoti was jumping around apparently getting into whatever it was that she was playing. Naomi was, what the three mothers later learned, thrashing and playing and Alexa... well Alexa's kit appeared to be rocking right along with her as she played. Then what snapped them out of their haze was Mizoti began singing again, well if you could call it singing which the parents really didn't, even B'Elanna and Seven's superior hearing could not pick up what she was really saying. All they could pick up was something about a bad reputation with Alexa saying something like 'no no no no no no no not me.' in the back ground. After Mizoti screaming 'Not me!' the girls ground to a halt and began giggling. It was only then that the parents realized that it was their children supplying every note they'd just heard. It was also about then that the three teens became aware that they were being watched. Guitars were unplugged and immediately stowed on racks, sticks were dropped and head microphones were ripped from heads and hung next to guitars and dropped next to sticks as well.

"Computer save and end program." Alexa squeaked.

Instruments and equipment plus a once used tanning bed disappeared and the three teens stood before their parents as if nothing had happened.

"Sos." Mizoti said.

"Mama." Alexa said.

"Mom." Naomi said.

"Indeed!" came the response from the mothers.

"Are we in trouble?" a confused Alexa asked.

"You did not respond to hails." Seven said.

"Naomi you have homework."

"Awww Mom, we just lost track of time." Naomi said.

"Still, you didn't answer hails?" B'Elanna asked.

"I never heard them." Mizoti intoned.

"I mean, it was pretty loud in here." Alexa said. "We're sorry."

"It is... alright. We were only worried." Seven said.

"Let's go home." Sam said reaching for Naomi.

The remaining four began to follow Sam and Naomi down the corridor when Naomi turned around and looked at Alexa.

"Hey Lex." she called.

"Yep?" Alexa answered.

"Tomorrow still?"

Alexa smiled.

"Of course." she answered.

"See ya then."


B'Elanna mumbled something to Seven and she nodded her approval.

"Mizoti I require your presence out of the hearing range of Alexa." Seven said.

"Aw c'mon!" Alexa cried. "What did I do?"

"It is nothing wa'Hom," Seven smiled. "Your Sos'Oy merely requested to talk to you privately about a situation in which she *will* fill me in on later."

"Oh, is that all." Alexa said flatly.

Mizoti and Seven quickened their pace and caught a Turbolift while Alexa and B'Elanna hung back a little.

"Well?" B'Elanna said.

"I think it's gonna be okay."

"I knew it would be."

B'Elanna paused to think of what she needed to say.

"Alexa," B'Elanna said, pulling her daughter back a little. "I cannot begin to tell you how deliriously happy it makes your Mama and I to have you back, even though we missed all those years. I'm sure we'll have many more together. I'm also glad to see that you're becoming part of the ship again and it makes me just ecstatic that you and your siblings are becoming fast friends again.

Alexa held back tears but that didn't stop them from forming.

"Sos'Oy... I... I." Alexa smiled. "Me too."

"Look... baby," B'Elanna stopped when Alexa gave her an odd sort of look. "I know... you aren't a baby, but look... just... be happy wa'Hom. It's really all that's important. While heritage is important and so are family and tradition and all of that stuff... being true to your heart... it's what really really matters. You understand? You can't let anything get in the way of love. And I know that's not the most Klingon thing to say... but I mean it. Okay?"

Alexa looked at her Sos'Oy for a long time before she finally wrapped herself in her arms.

"Thank you... Sos'Oy. Thank you so much. I swear I was like... waiting for somebody's permission to be truly happy, but I'm not sure why. I did ask her to go see a movie in the Holodeck sometime but I didn't know if I was gonna take it any further until now."

"Don't ever miss an opportunity to love." B'Elanna said. "Now, about that... music?"

"Hey we sounded good and you know it." Alexa defended.

"You're right, it was good. You three are very talented. Just not my... generation." B'Elanna winced. "Kah'less I feel old now, so are you guys a band now?"

"Yeah, you could...say that." Alexa said slowly, already knowing the next question.

"You have a name for it yet?"

"Yeah." Alexa said. "So how was your day?"

"What's the name of it?"

"Are you avoiding my question?" Alexa giggled.

"That's it, it's official!" B'Elanna laughed. "You are my child."

"You had doubts?" Alexa smiled. "I'd rather tell you the name later when I'm out of reach and out of thrown projectile range."

"Oh come on, it can't be that bad."

"Hey, ask Mizoti, she's older and stronger but just remember that we all three said it at the exact same time."

"Okay. I'll ask her later."

Alexa shook her head and they headed in to their quarters to eat. Later that night Alexa tossed and turned in her bed. She was nervous beyond belief and could not sleep. She decided to go and fix up her little slice of heaven in the Holodeck. She knew it wasn't going to take much to make it the perfect place to spend her down time. A Playstation 2, all the Tony Hawk and Mat Hoffman games with a couple controllers, a massive television, a couple of wire tower racks to hold all the games and soon to come DVD's and a replica of the futon she'd had on Earth was really all it took. When she was done she knew she'd only been gone about an hour but fixing her little heaven how she wanted it had made her sleepy she crept back to her quarters and then her room and tried to sleep. Alexa had thought about generating a bunch of DVD's that she thought Naomi would like, but she decided she'd just let Naomi generate one. As she laid there trying to sleep she realized it was... futile. A small smile crossed her lips. She wondered if her Mama would be annoyed if she asked her to rub her back to put her to sleep. Seven had done it on numerous occasions already. Alexa finally decided that maybe if she was just in the same room as her Mama and Sos'Oy that would do the trick. She poked her head out of her room and tip toed across the floor. When she got to her parents room she was surprised to see Mizoti already tucked into the protective arms of her Sos'Oy.

'Well then, I get Mama to myself.' Alexa laughed inwardly.

She quietly crossed the room, slipped under the covers and snuggled in between her sister and her Mama, pulling Seven's arms around her. She quickly fell asleep in the comfort she found there. Seven opened one eye and looked across the bed to her wife who already was looking at her. Seven felt a huge smile making a path across her face and B'Elanna returned it; both remembering how they at one time had fit all five of their kids in this very bed. B'Elanna reached for Seven's hand and laced their fingers together across their two youngest. After a few moments the mothers also fell asleep.

Part 12

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