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Split Seconds
By The Other Liz

Part Thirteen

As the two teens found the floor with their eyes, a collective groan went up from everybody else in the room. Alexa snapped her head up and whipped around.

"What!?" she asked.

"Oh. Nothing." came 6 replies.

"That's what I thought." Alexa muttered.

"C'mon, let's go." Naomi said taking Alexa's hand.

Alexa's eyes widened and she felt her breath hitch.

"O...kay." she squeaked.

Klingons do *not* squeak.

"Alexa, I don't think Janeway is going to like you roaming the ship." B'Elanna said.

"Why not?" Alexa pouted. "She never actually said I was confined to quarters. You aren't gonna ground me are you?"

"You know why not, and no, we aren't grounding you, it's just that..." B'Elanna began.

While B'Elanna knew that she would have gutted Tom too and both parents knew that Seven would have just crushed his skull, they also knew that they were going to have to talk to Alexa about not killing crew members.

"What is it?" Alexa asked softly.

"While you've apparently proven yourself in the field of defending yourself... we... still fear that Mr. Paris could harm you and..." Seven stopped short.

"Aaaannnddd?" Alexa asked, begging for an elaboration on the subject.

"None of us would be able to stand losing you again." Rebi spoke up.

Alexa's eyes widened as she looked at her brother. They grew even more when six heads nodded in agreement.

"Oh." was all Alexa could manage. "But..." she stopped and glanced at the door then at Naomi.

Naomi wasn't all too eager to see Tom but she did really want some alone time with her... her what? The young Katarian mentally kicked herself in the ass for not going further with Alexa. It was the tension they both still had when they worked together that was keeping her from it. Seven glanced at B'Elanna in question. B'Elanna read her wife's eyes and nodded in agreement. Then Seven's voice broke into Naomi's musings.

"I will take you where you like and you will call when you are ready to come back."

"Okay." Alexa said quickly not wanting to lose her potential alone time with Naomi.

While the two clashed relentlessly in Engineering they went together like a perfect fit anywhere else. For anyone who had ever seen a fight between Seven and B'Elanna they had done a double take when they saw Naomi and Alexa go at it. Alexa usually was a "do-now, worry-later" kind of girl, but when it came to Naomi, she just couldn't say anything right or do anything right. It always seemed that Naomi brought out Alexa's inner klutz. That's why it irritated Alexa so when Naomi was in Engineering, that and because Naomi could never manage to keep out of Alexa's hair. Naomi was forever re-doing what Alexa had already done, trying to make whatever it was more efficient. Sometimes Alexa didn't know whether to strangle Naomi or kiss her; so far she hadn't done either. And that made her even more irate.

"Alexa?" Naomi's voice broke through her thoughts.

"Hmm?" Alexa let her eyes clear.

They were in front of the Holodeck. Alexa arched an eyebrow wondering how they'd gotten here. Seven pulled Alexa to the side of the corridor and searched her eyes.

"Wa'Hom? Are you functio... are you okay?" Seven asked.

"Me? Yeah, I'm fine, I was just... thinking." Alexa smiled just like her Sos'Oy.

"You will call when you're ready?"

"Yes Mama, I don't think we'll be too long." Alexa hugged her Mama. "We're just going to go... talk."

Seven arched an eyebrow.

"Very well."

Seven then turned and left the girls standing outside the Holodeck.

"How'd you know this is where I wanted to be?" Alexa asked, turning to face Naomi.

"I didn't. I... I wanted... to be here." The spiky headed teen searched the floor for a more thorough answer and couldn't find one.

Alexa, noticing that Naomi had yet to release her hand, led the way through the doors.

"Heaven?" Naomi asked.

"Yeah." Alexa flexed her jaw muscle, still annoyed that Janeway had taken her Holodeck privileges. At least Naomi could run what had actually become *their* program.

"Computer run program; Alexa's Heaven Alpha Chi Omega."

Naomi visibly relaxed as Alexa's futon fizzled into view.

"You really do like that bed don't you?" Alexa asked.

"Bed?" Naomi asked. "That's a couch."

"You've never seen one while it was unfolded?"

"Un...folded?" Naomi twitched her nostrils. Something she'd learnt from Alexa. "Lex, that was the first one I'd ever seen in my whole life, if you didn't fold it out for me, then I've never seen one folded out."

"Oh." was all Alexa could say. "Well, it's comfy all folded up but if you unfold it." Alexa went over to the futon and pulled it out. "It's amazing."

Naomi went over to the edge and sat.

"I don't feel a difference." she said.

Alexa rolled her eyes and slapped her forehead.

"Computer, generate two extra... fluffy pillows." Alexa said. "And an eight foot square blanket."

*Access denied.*

Alexa emitted what could only be called a warning growl before Naomi piped up.

"Computer, generate two extra fluffy pillows and an eight foot square blanket."

The two pillows and blanket fizzled into view. Before Naomi could respond, Alexa grabbed the two pillows and tossed them on one end of the futon, then shook the blanket out.

"Lay." she commanded.

Naomi reluctantly lay back on the bed. Then Alexa got brave. She took off the outer jacket of her uniform, leaving only the grey tank top on. Arching an eyebrow at Naomi she saw that she had rendered the poor girl speechless.

'I guess that's a good thing?' she questioned in her mind.

Naomi took the eyebrow to mean that she could take off her jacket too.

'Not that it wasn't getting hot in here anyway.' Naomi thought.

Alexa smiled and pulled the blanket around her shoulders and then curled up next to Naomi, bringing the blanket around Naomi and resting her head in the crook of Naomi's shoulder. Alexa then took Naomi's arm and wrapped it around herself. She let her own arm rest on Naomi's well muscled stomach while the other one snaked underneath the pillows.

"See? Big difference." Alexa sighed. 'Kah'less! Did she feel those sparks when skin touched skin?'

"Uh..huh...yeah?" Naomi managed. 'Oh Gods! Oh Gods!'

Her brain had gone into hyperdrive. She only remained alert enough to her Alexa mumble something.

"What?" Naomi asked gently.

"I said... thank you." Alexa said again, barely above a whisper. "I... I knew that Mama and Sos'Oy missed me, but I was only vaguely aware that the rest of you had."

Naomi snorted.

"What?" Alexa asked tilting her head enough to look at Naomi.

"You should have seen Icheb." Naomi smiled. "He looked like he'd lost his best friend in the whole world. You're his baby sister. He loves Mizoti tons, but you... you're his oh… what did he call you…" Naomi thought for a moment before a smile crossed her features. "Oh yeah, his 'le'Be'nI', his most special sister."

"Really? I mean, I saw him and the twins when I got here, and a couple times a week since then, but not a whole lot though..." Alexa said. "What's up with that?"

"They're Gamma shifters. By the time we're in bed, they're just starting shifts."

"Oh. That explains a lot." Alexa smiled. "Tell me a story."

"You want me to what?"

"Tell me a story." Alexa giggled. "What? You don't remember anything from when I was a kid?"

"No I do.. it was just a random request." Naomi smiled, remembering how she and Mizoti had taken Alexa to see Flotter when she was about two. "Do you remember Flotter?"

"Mmmm. No." Alexa then laughed. "Clarify."

Naomi laughed at Alexa's perfect impression of Seven and began telling her about their childhood friend. After a few moments Naomi noticed Alexa's breathing even out and looked down. Naomi felt her smile grow even wider. When Alexa slept all the worry drained from her face and all that was left was complete beauty. Naomi couldn't resist the adorable ridges that decorated Alexa's forehead. She pressed a kiss to Alexa's soft ridges and left her lips there. Her heart leapt when Alexa sighed contentedly and snuggled closer to her. The two stayed like that until Seven and B'Elanna walked through the doors. Naomi in her half awake state didn't even notice them approach. They stood there for a moment in each other's arms watching the two girls sleep.

"Look familiar?" Seven asked as she pulled her Bella closer and rested her chin on B'Elanna's shoulder.

B'Elanna's smile widened and she turned her head just enough to capture Seven's mouth with her own.


"Should we wake them?"

"We have to, it's late."

Seven stepped around B'Elanna and knelt on the side where Naomi was laying. She gently tucked strand of hair behind the young Katarian's ear, not wanting to wake them.

"Naomi." she whispered.

Naomi's eyes flew open and she immediately remembered the slumbering hybrid in her arms.

"Seven!" she whispered. "I...I, we... I mean, we didn't. We just..."

"Naomi... it's okay, it's just late and we wondered what you guys were doing." B'Elanna said quietly.

"Oh. I know. I just..." Naomi began. "Is Mom mad?"

"No. We told her you were welcome to stay tonight." Seven said.

"Are you gonna have to wake her?" Naomi let her eyes shift back to Alexa.

"No, one of us can carry her back." B'Elanna said.

"She won't wake up when you pick her up?" Naomi asked looking worried.

Naomi had heard a few things about waking up Klingons before they were ready to be woken. B'Elanna smiled; it appeared that Naomi had done her homework on Klingons.

"I think you'll be safe if it's one of us that picks her up." B'Elanna said.

Naomi nodded and gently wriggled out of Alexa's hold. The young Klingon whimpered when Naomi's hold was gone and rolled over in search of it only to be scooped up into her Mama's arms. She squirmed for a moment and then on the familiar clean vanilla scent reaching her nose she settled down back into her sleep. At this Naomi quirked an eyebrow in B'Elanna's direction. B'Elanna smiled and acquiesced to Naomi's unspoken question.

"Klingons have a killer sense of smell and feel, as long as it's one of us that picks her up while she's sleeping, she won't really wake up because she knows subconsciously that she's still safe."

"Oh." Naomi said. "What would have happened if I picked her up?"

"You would have fallen over." Seven cracked. "She only appears to be lithe, but indeed hybrid Klingons can fool the eye in such a manner."

"You tryin' to say something there Soch?" B'Elanna smiled.

"Klingon physiology is much denser than humans; therefore she and her Sos'Oy only look light."

"Are you callin' me fat?" B'Elanna faked a scowl.

"No. Just dense." Seven smiled at the double meaning, and then began walking towards the Holodeck doors.

Naomi would have howled with laughter if Alexa had not been asleep instead she only clapped both hands over her mouth and shook with laughter. B'Elanna only stood there doing her best imitation of a fish. She then looked at Naomi.

"Ha. Laugh it up Spike, you just wait... Alexa's humor comes from her Mama's side of the family."

That immediately shut Naomi up and she only could stare at B'Elanna.

"Aw man..." she grumbled after a moment.

"C'mon Spike, it's late and before Seven lays Alexa in bed you have to already be there." B'Elanna said leading the way down the corridor.

"Ah... why's that?" Naomi asked wide eyed.

"Well I mean if you don't want to..." B'Elanna smirked.

"No! That's not... what I meant." Naomi pouted at being tricked again.

"Seven and I both know that you're both too shy to do anything but sleep."

"Hey." Naomi began.

"You know I'm right, but I also figured you rather sleep in a bed than on a couch. Mizoti is already asleep anyway so..."

"Okay, okay. I get it." Naomi conceded.

"Computer; save and end program." B'Elanna smirked.

The two entered the quarters to find Seven still cradling Alexa with her nose buried deep in Alexa's hair. If B'Elanna didn't know her better she would have thought Seven asleep. B'Elanna had watched Seven sit like this with Alexa many times when Alexa was younger. Naomi began to ask something but B'Elanna stopped her. B'Elanna held her finger to her smiling lips in the universal signal to shut up and wait. Naomi nodded her head and continued watching the mother and child. After a few moments they saw Seven murmur something into Alexa's head and then she kissed her third ridge.

"You can replicate something to sleep in or toss something of Alexa's on; Kah'less knows she's already replicated a closet full of clothes." B'Elanna said to Naomi.

Naomi understanding the need for the parents to be with their child for a moment decided to just wear something of Alexa's. Once Naomi was in Alexa's room, B'Elanna took her place next to Seven and tucked a strand of blonde behind her ear. Seven looked at B'Elanna with tears threatening to fall.

"How could he harm such an innocent child?" Seven asked barely loud enough for B'Elanna to catch it.

"Bang'wi." B'Elanna began, her own tears beginning to form. "I.. I don't know."

Seven hugged Alexa tighter to her and sighed shakily. B'Elanna knew that Seven felt a certain divide between herself and their youngest. After all, Alexa did act a little more like B'Elanna, look like B'Elanna and B'Elanna had been the one to carry her. Only now could B'Elanna think of the right words.

"Soch, she loves you, more than anything, she is yours." B'Elanna reassured.

"No Bey, she is ours." Seven let a tear slide out but the added smile took away some of the hurt.

"With those big blue eyes and her ridges no one will ever have a doubt as to where she came from."

"But she is closer to you." Seven said quietly. She wasn't jealous or angry or any illogical emotion like those, she was simply a little saddened. "She comes to you with her problems."

B'Elanna smiled at this. Alexa had told her she came to B'Elanna because she didn't want to worry or trouble her Mama with 'irrelevant problems'.

"Baby, she only comes to me because she doesn't want to trouble you with 'irrelevant problems'."

Seven looked at B'Elanna incredulously.

"She said that?"

"Yes. It appears that she thinks Astrometrics is by far a harder and more important job to do than Engineering." B'Elanna shook her head a little. "She doesn't want to take your mind away from your job."

"She should tell that to Naomi." Seven smiled a little, looking down at her angel.

"How could you think that she doesn't cherish every moment she gets with you?" B'Elanna laughed gently. "It certainly isn't me she comes running to when she can't sleep."

"Indeed." Seven smiled more before placing another kiss on Alexa's ridges. "I was being irrational."

"No. You were simply being a Mama who missed her Sochling." B'Elanna soothed. "She is growing up and I know we can't replace the years that she has and we don't, but we have memories and…"

"We'll make new ones." Seven finished. "Out of the mouths of babes."

"She said that?"


"Intellectual." B'Elanna smiled. "Couldn't imagine where that comes from."

Seven smiled, she was feeling better about the entire situation. Seven leaned over and planted a scorching kiss on her wife's lips.

"Now what was I saying?" B'Elanna asked.

"We should put her in bed, Naomi is waiting." Seven let a full on grin show through.

"One of these days…" B'Elanna mused.

"We should only hope."

B'Elanna stood and helped Seven to stand from the low slung couch. The couch did well enough for comfortable sitting and slouching after a long day, but standing while holding a near full grown Klingon hybrid was next to impossible, even if you were a cybernetically enhanced ex-Borg. Naomi was sitting cross legged on Alexa's bed reading a Padd.

"What'cha got there Spike?" B'Elanna asked; announcing their presence.

Naomi not having Borg or Klingon enhanced hearing did not hear the three approach and nearly jumped out of her skin.

"Jeez! Are you trying to kill me or something?" Naomi asked resting a hand on her chest.

"I just asked what you were doing." B'Elanna could not hold back the amused smile.

"It's weird." Naomi began. "Well at least it would be for any other teenager."

"Alexa is not any other teenager." Seven said.

"I know, to put it shortly, it's a Klingon/Borg history book." Naomi said. "It's got separated history and then the combined history in the end."

B'Elanna smirked and looked at Seven.


"Indeed." Seven smiled. "Perhaps she is like me after all."

Naomi scooted over and positioned herself like she had been in the Holodeck.

"Are you kidding me, she is very much like you." Naomi said with a smile. "You should hear her say some of the things you say."

"Clarify." Seven said as she lay her youngest in Naomi's arms.

"Yeah, that's one of them." Naomi smiled. "and she says a lot of things are futile, resistance especially, and oh yeah, her favorite; comply."

Seven smiled again. Perhaps Alexa was indeed more like her than she had initially thought.


"Come on Soch, they need to sleep." B'Elanna smiled.

"Very well." Seven said.

Seven placed a gentle kiss on Naomi's forehead and then dropped one on Alexa's as well.

"Sleep well."

B'Elanna followed behind Seven placing light kisses on both girls and wishing them good night.

"Computer; lights one eighth."

She then began to follow Seven out the door as well but she glanced back just in time to see Naomi leave a whisper of a kiss on Alexa's forehead before curling her slightly longer frame around Alexa. B'Elanna couldn't help but smile and wished Seven had seen it too.

"I did see it." Seven whispered in B'Elanna's ear.

B'Elanna turned her head to find Seven standing just a hair behind her.

"You're sure you aren't Betazoid or something?" B'Elanna asked after taking Seven's hand and leading her down the short hall to the main living area.

"I am sure. I just know you."

"Indeed." B'Elanna smirked.

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