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Split Seconds
By The Other Liz

Part Nineteen

"Report!" Janeway barked as she fizzled into view on the Bridge.

"One Borg cube, sitting off our port bow." Harry said. "They're hailing us."

"On screen."

The Borg Queen immediately filled the viewing screen.

"Captain Janeway, how lovely to see you again."

"Cut the niceties, why have you abducted two of my crew… again?"

"It is simple. Seven of Nine was my heir. She, however, did not accept her fate, so now I have her heir - her first, natural born." The Queen grinned sickly. "However, I would be most willing to part with such a lovely… specimen, for my rightful heir."

"We'll do no such thing. You will hand over both of my crew."

Janeway gritted out.

"Oh, the other…yes, she will make a fine adjunct drone. She will serve my new heir… perfectly." The Queen smiled once more. "Tell your crewman his information has served to be most… invaluable to us."

Janeway's face lost its color.

"Crewma…"Janeway began. `PARIS!!!'

"Captain, I see you are at a loss for words." The Queen smiled again, more cruelly than before.

"You will return my crew." Janeway said firmly.

"You will return my heir. You have 12 hours." The Queen hissed and closed the connection.

Seven and B'Elanna entered the Bridge with their family in tow just in time to hear the Queen announce Paris' involvement in the abduction of their daughter and Naomi.

"P'Taq!" Rebi said forcefully. "I will start with his toes and work my way up in three inch increments."

The young man twirled his bat'leth effortlessly through the air before settling it back on his arm.

"No, my son." B'Elanna ruffled his hair, proud of her warrior son. "He will be his own demise."

"Then I will start with the Queen's toes and work my way up her!"

"Indeed." Seven echoed before B'Elanna could say more.

She was feeling the beginnings of something that could only be defined as Borg war lust. The stun of losing her child and the girl that she considered a younger sister was quickly being replaced by acute rage. Seven's eyes had changed from a sad, blue grey to the color of a dark, raging ocean.

"All right people, we have twelve hours to get them back and keep Seven here at the same time." Janeway barked. "Senior officers, meeting room… now."

Alexa opened her eyes slowly after finding that she was incapable of moving.

"Naomi?" she croaked.

She looked around as much as she could but her field of vision was limited. It appeared that she was restrained on her back on a hard surface.

"Alexandra." A cool voice said. "How nice of you to join the… conscious world."

`Why is that voice familiar…' Alexa's eyes widened. "Ohhhh, no."

"Oh, yes." The Queen smiled as she came into view. "Your… mother has allowed us to take you."

"Bullshit!" Alexa screamed. "You lying sack of…"

"If it were untrue, why are you here?"

Alexa fell silent. She had no answer. But in her hearts, she knew it to be untrue. Instead she took a different route.

"Where's Naomi?"

"The other will become an adjunct to yourself." The Queen smirked. "Once you have taken my place, she will be your second."

"Leave her alone! It's me you want." Alexa felt a tear slide down her face. "I will comply."

"It is Seven of Nine that I want," The Queen spat acidly. "You are only... suitable. Indeed, you will comply."

The Queen flicked her wrist towards a waiting drone. A set of doors slid open revealing Naomi, held by two other drones, shivering. A shiner was forming on the delicate skin around one of her eyes. She looked as though she was only partly conscious, but there were no visible implants. Alexa took that for a good thing.

"Nay…" she whispered.

"All right, settle down." Janeway said. "How are we getting them back?"

"Captain, I have that information for you, however it can now be considered somewhat redundant." Tuvok stated.

"Go ahead."

"On further investigation of Mr. Paris' outgoing message, I found not only his message to his father, but also a subspace message to the Borg informing them of our current location and course. He has also divulged the fact that Seven now has a biological daughter."

"That stupid son of a bitch… I'll kill him." B'Elanna spat.

"So'S, if I cannot, then it's not logical for you to do so either." Rebi said. "We shall conquer the Queen together, as a family."

"More important issues at hand here." Janeway said. "How do we get them back?"

Icheb had been silent, until now.

"My virus." He said simply. "Instead of being assimilated and spreading it, perhaps we can `tweak' it and I can use my nanoprobes to give it to a regenerating drone."

"No, I have lost my eldest son, I will not lose you as well." Seven stated. "I will g…"

"Like hell you will!" B'Elanna interrupted. "That's what she wants!"

"I will not lose another son!" Seven cried.

Icheb placed his hand on his mother's arm.

"You will not." Icheb stated calmly. "I will return. I am a man, you are both my mothers and I… love you. But she needs me… they need me."

Seven and B'Elanna both sunk into their chairs slightly, both knowing that the ensuing argument would be both fruitless and… futile. Janeway recognized that there would be no more argument forthcoming.

"Harry, B'Elanna, get him a bio-dampening field and shielding."

Janeway ordered. "Seven, Mezoti, he's going to need a map for that sphere, show him the least dangerous route…."

"Captain." Azan interrupted. "Rebi and I are going as well for… protection of Icheb."

Rebi looked at his usually mild-mannered brother and felt a sense of pride.

"Indeed, this time the… bitch has gone too far." Rebi cocked his head to the side slightly. "Now it is personal."

Everyone's eyes widened slightly at Rebi's choice of words but they all seemed to agree. The bitch had gone too far this time… and so had Tom. That, however, was Janeway's problem now and it would be dealt with.

"All right, people. It seems that we have a working plan. Make it happen." She sighed. "Dismissed."

"Alexa!" Naomi cried as she started for her.

The drones holding the young girl prevented her from moving, but the queen raised her hand once more signaling the drones to release her. Naomi rushed to Alexa's side and nearly climbed on top of her in the attempt to hug her silly.

"Oh, Nay…" Alexa fought against her bonds. "I'm so sorry."

"Shh …" Naomi pressed her spikes gently to Alexa's ridges. They'll come for us."

"Enough." The queen snapped. "Voyager has 12 hours to return my heir to me or you will become the one to take her place."

"No," Naomi began.

"Yes, you were to be an adjunct to her, however, she has promised to comply if we release you." The Queen interrupted.

Naomi's eyes widened. She whipped back around to face Alexa.

"Why would you do that!?" she shrieked.

"Because it's the only way to get you out of here!" Alexa said, flexing against her restraints, then refocusing her attention on the queen. "C'mon, do I really need to be held down? Where the fuck am I gonna go?"

The Queen cocked her head slightly as if she were considering the request.

"Very well." The queen smiled coldly.

A drone immediately stepped forward and pressed a button on the side of the table where Alexa was restrained; slowly, the table lifted until Alexa was standing. The clamps on her wrists released as the drone pressed another button. The ones around her waist, thighs and ankles remained locked. Alexa stored that particular bit of information for later.

"Jeez!" Alexa scowled rubbing her wrists then reached out and pulled Naomi to her. "You gotta leave." she whispered.

The pair separated and Naomi looked long and hard into Alexa's eyes. Finally she turned around and faced the queen.

"I'm staying." Naomi said, her voice just above a whisper.

"Please state the natu...Icheb?" The Doctor began.

"We require you to alter the virus that I carry." Icheb said. "I need to be able to inject it with my tubules."

The Doctor furrowed his brow.

"Am I missing something?"

Azan and Rebi rolled their eyes.

"Alexa and Naomi have been taken by the Queen, we need to get her back." Azan motioned to Icheb. "He carries the virus that will kill the Borg if he's assimilated."

"Alexa and Naomi were taken and you intend to get them back by killing the Borg?"


"Why wasn't there a meeting?"

It was Icheb's turn to roll his eyes.

"There was… it was… inconsequential in your area of expertise."

Icheb said. "Can you help us?"

The Doctor pushed past the fact that he'd been left out of something.

"Of course I can." he said. "The virus is carried through your blood, not your nanoprobes, right?"


"If it were carried on your nanoprobes it would kill you." the Doc mused. "So you aren't going to be able to inject it with your tubules, you'll need to take a hypospray with you, maybe two."

Icheb looked slightly crestfallen. He had hoped to do it by himself with little help.

"How do we do this?"

"We'll have to try a few things but I think it's feasible."

"Then let's … do it." Icheb said. "You will need my blood." Icheb sat on a biobed and rolled his sleeve up.

`The Infinity Modulator was developed to counter the Borg's adaptive shielding technology. It automatically modulates the weapon to a new frequency in the upper EM band after each shot, which makes it impossible for a Borg drone to adapt. The weapon features two settings. The first one results in a moderate beam of energy, while the second emits a strong energy beam, but at a reduced rate of fire.'

B'Elanna looked up from the PADD she was reading and arched an eyebrow.

"Okay, with Seven's IMOD they shouldn't really have any problems with the Borg adapting should they have to fire. Shielding should be pretty easy, they still have the implants that create their Borg shielding…" B'Elanna rubbed her ridges. "The only thing that we really have to worry about is the bio-dampeners."

"Hey, Maquis, don't worry," Harry placed a comforting hand on her shoulder. "You and Seven have the smartest kids in the universe.

"Yeah, I know." B'Elanna smiled slightly.

Harry smiled.

"So shielding is easy and the IMODs are ready, now the bio-dampeners might be a little rougher, but still not too bad."

"Yeah, I remember Seven talking about a bio-dampener that her parents used when they were studying the Borg. Maybe we can use that and modify their original design to suit our mission.

"That's a great idea!" Harry said. "I'll go see if I can find something in the computer about their missions and their gear."

"Okay, I'll talk to Seven about it and see if she can remember anything about them." B'Elanna smiled again, a small relief coming over her. "So let's get with it on the shielding and then go from there."

"Sounds great." Harry said also feeling a small amount of relief.

"Lieutenant Torres to Icheb." B'Elanna said.

*Icheb here*

"Have you made any progress with the Doc?"

*Indeed, the Doctor has taken some of my blood to study so that we may come up with a hypospray to inject into a regenerating Borg.*

"Good, when you're done could you meet Harry and me so we can work on the bio-dampeners for you guys?"

*Of course, we will meet with you shortly.*

"Sounds great, Torres out." B'Elanna smiled widely. "Finally beat one of my kids to it."

"To what?" Harry asked, genuinely confused.

B'Elanna laughed for the first time that day.

"Never mind, Starfleet... let's just get started."

"Astrometrics." Seven said.

"Mama?" Mezoti looked up at Seven as the Turbolift began to move.

Seven shook her head slightly, clearing the glaze that had come over her eyes while she had been deep in thought.

"Yes, wij'puq'be?" Seven asked.

Mezoti smiled slightly at the response, a warm feeling filling her chest.

"I believe I can make a map for Icheb, Rebi and Azan quickly, but I am unsure of what would be the safest route for them to take."

"Not to worry, I remember the corridors of her sphere well." Seven brushed an errant hair behind Mezoti's ear. "They will succeed."

A rush of emotion came over Mezoti as she nearly threw herself into Seven's arms. The two stayed tightly wrapped in a hug until just before the doors opened on Deck 8. A few hours later Captain Janeway strode into Astrometrics holding a PADD.

"Captain, how may we help you." Seven asked.

"I just had a few questions about the Infinity Modulator." Janeway smiled. "I'd just like a few clarifications on it.

"Indeed." Seven said.

"I understand that it changes frequencies as the user fires so that the Borg cannot adapt to it, but how heavy is it? I don't want them to become tired if they have to carry if for a long period of time."

Seven took a long look at her Captain, wondering if she thought that Seven was just that stupid. Seven brushed it aside and chalked it up to the stress her Captain was under.

"No, Captain, the IMOD is built from a titanium alloy, making it the lightest heavy weaponry we carry; it also has a strap in which they can sling it over their shoulders when it is not necessary to be holding it."

Mezoti had arched her eyebrow at the Captain's odd question but waited for Seven's answer.

"Captain, you seem overly worried about this mission."

Janeway formed a weak smile.

"Indeed, Mezoti." Janeway sighed. "I am worried, but not because I lack faith in your brothers or Alexa and Naomi. More because it is a very dangerous mission, and I am unsure what I would do if something were to happen to any of you."

"I am confused." Mezoti said. "You have expressed many times that you saw my parents as your own daughters, but only occasionally have you expressed the same familial connections to any of us as their children. Yet you come to express worry and fear for our safety."

Seven's eyes widened slightly at the audacity of her daughter's statement. Janeway saw Seven's reaction and raised a hand to silence her forthcoming dressing down of Mezoti.

"Mezoti, I know that I haven't always expressed my feelings toward you kids, but it was not because the feeling was not there. To put it bluntly, I felt stupid." Janeway smiled at the two raised eyebrows she received for that comment. "I always wanted to be the sort of Captain that her crew could count on and confide in. But when it comes to kids and teenagers… I don't have any idea as to where to start."

"I see." Mezoti said, her heart softening a little.

"Mezoti, the Captain's fears and opinions are not up for nit-picking." Seven said.

"I'll make you a deal," Janeway began. "When all this is through, why don't you all come and see me sometimes and we'll… hang."

Mezoti forced herself not to die laughing at the Captain using the word "hang".

"Very well, I believe it will serve as an excellent time to get to know us and us you.

"Good." Janeway smiled, then directed her attention to Seven. "I think the security team has found a way to keep you all safe, but you aren't going to like it."

"So'S." Icheb greeted as he strode into the Holodeck where B'Elanna and Harry were testing the bio-dampeners.

B'Elanna looked up and allowed a smile to cross her features as her sons walked in.

`Kah'less…when did they grow up to be so adult?' she thought. "wIj puqloDpu', how'd it go?" B'Elanna asked.

"It went well. The Doctor has at least half of the blood sample he took remaining and is preparing the hyposprays for us to take." Icheb said, a small smile quirking at his lips.

"Indeed." The twins echoed.

"The Doctor seemed eager to help, for once." Rebi said.

"That's good to hear." B'Elanna said.

"How far have you come with the bio-dampeners and shielding?" Azan asked.

"Pretty far," Harry smiled. "We're just getting ready to test the bio-dampeners, but now that you're all here, we might as well do both and use you since you'll be wearing them."

Harry fitted the armbands around each of the boys upper arms then stepped back to see how they looked while B'Elanna set up the boys' remaining implants to raise their shielding on command.

"Okay, let's test them out." B'Elanna said. "Computer, load Borg Cube setting."

Immediately a Borg atmosphere appeared in the Holodeck.

"Okay boys, let's see your shields." B'Elanna said.

The three boys looked at each other and then back at B'Elanna.

"You got it?" B'Elanna asked.

"I believe so." Icheb said. "Throw something at me, I will deflect it."

"Okay, if you say so." B'Elanna said arching an eyebrow.

"So'S, you need only toss it at me, please do not impale me." Icheb managed a small grin.

B'Elanna smiled and picked up a spanner.

"If you can't deflect it just catch it." B'Elanna said.


B'Elanna tossed the spanner at Icheb. Just before the spanner came a foot from him it was deflected in a green glow. Icheb smiled.

"I told you so."

The process was repeated with each twin and successful.

"All right, you guys spread out in the program and we'll see if we can find you. If we start to get close let us know so we can tweak the strength on them." Harry said.

"Indeed." Icheb said.

The three boys walked away, finding different hidey-holes for the two officers to find. After a minute or so, B'Elanna and Harry set out with tricorders to see if they could find them. Half an hour later, B'Elanna called for the computer to end the program.

"I only picked up a very faint life sign when I would get about an arms length away." B'Elanna said, chewing her lip slightly. "So I think that maybe a little stronger would do; we want to get them as strong as possible but still be able to find you if we need to beam you out."

Harry smiled widely.

"I think that we've done excellent today, looks like you boys are set to go once we get the maps from Seven and Mezoti."

"Indeed." Rebi said. "The longer we wait, the more peril they may be in…"

"Okay, let's go get cleaned up and see where your Mama and sister are in they're findings." B'Elanna said.

"I think I'm going to go grab something to eat," Harry said. "I'll catch up later."

"Sure." B'Elanna said and waved a hand in Harry's direction before continuing with the boys.

"You want me to what?" Seven asked.

"Seven, it's the safest place on the ship with the strongest forcefields." Janeway said.

"I do not understand why we must be there… with him." Seven protested again.

"Indeed!" Mezoti said indignantly.

Janeway had been arguing with Seven over where she could be kept safe for the last half an hour; her wits were coming to their final end.

"Because it's the safest place on the ship…" Janeway sighed. "I feel like we're going in circles here, do not make me order you to stay there."

"Captain, you do not have to order me to do so." Seven said. "I will go."

"Mama!" Mezoti cried.

"And so will you and your So'S." Seven said. "If the Queen would take Alexa, she would take any of us."

"Very well, that's good thinking, Seven." Janeway said. "We'll also have some IMODs available for the three of you down there."

"I just wish he was not going to be there." Mezoti pouted.

The doors to Astrometrics opened then to allow B'Elanna, Icheb, Azan and Rebi to enter. B'Elanna quirked an eyebrow at Mezoti's demeanor.

"Captain, Seven." B'Elanna greeted. "Mezoti, why do you look like you just lost your pet targh?"

"It is not fair."

"She is upset at where we must "hide" during this mission." Seven said.

"Hide?" B'Elanna furrowed her brow. "Klingons do not hide."

"Well, this one is going to and so are you two." Janeway said. "I did not just argue for half an hour to have you come in and argue too."

"Whoa, Captain!" B'Elanna smiled. "I wasn't going to put up big of a fight. So where exactly are we hiding?"

Janeway took a deep breath before continuing.

"Before I tell you, I just want you to know I chose this location because it's the safest place on the ship. The Brig has the strongest force fields, you can't be beamed out of there, and I just want to take every precaution to keeping you safe..."

"Captain." B'Elanna put a hand on Janeway's shoulder. "Calm down, if you're putting us in the Brig because it's the safest place then it's a command decision."

Janeway arched her own eyebrow this time.

"You aren't upset?" She asked the volatile older hybrid.

"No, I understand." B'Elanna smiled gently. "I'd also do the same thing."

"So'S!" Mezoti said. "Helmra... Mr. Paris is in there!"

"Zot, He's not going to do anything except maybe talk smack."

B'Elanna smiled at her daughter. "It'll be all right."

Mezoti crossed her arms and formed a perfect combination of Seven's pout and B'Elanna's scowl.


"Brave words from such an imperfect being." The Queen hissed at Naomi's response of staying.

"I'm not being brave." Naomi said trying to keep her voice from wavering. "I'm not leaving her side. Ever."

Naomi looked back at Alexa and took her hand. Alexa's eyes widened, she'd been stunned into silence when Naomi had announced that she was staying. But now she could read further into Naomi's words, if she hadn't been still bound from the hips down she'd have leapt for joy. Naomi turned back to Alexa and took her upper body fully into her arms again. Resting her cheek on Alexa's, she whispered low enough that she knew only Alexa could hear.

"They'll come for us and everything will be... gravy." Naomi managed a smile trying to make Alexa do the same.

Alexa felt the smile tug at her mouth and allowed a small one for Naomi. She nodded her head and pushed the tears back in their place.

"I know, but thank you." Alexa said.

"No problem."

Naomi felt herself being roughly pulled away from Alexa again and let it happen. She had found it didn't hurt so much when she stopped fighting the drones that pulled at her.

"Nay!" Alexa cried as the other girl was ripped from her grasp.

"Enough with this irrelevant contact." The Queen spoke sharply. "She will be taken care of."

The Queen once again lifted her hand and the same drone from before stepped forward and restrained Alexa once more. The platform returned it to its horizontal position. The Queen stepped next to Alexa and looked down at her.

"You have eight hours." she said then turned and left.

"FUCK!" Alexa thought.

Janeway paused a moment outside the doors of the transporter room, making sure her command mask was solidly in place, then proceeded into the room.

"Icheb, Azan, Rebi," Janeway began as she approached the small group. "I wanted you to know how proud I am to have a crew as fine as yourselves going on this mission. On a personal note, I am very proud of you three boys, no... men. It has been an honor to watch you become the men you are today."

"Thank you Captain." the three answered.

"It is our honor to protect our sisters; Naomi is considered a sister to us, as well." Rebi said. "It is also an honor to protect the crew of our ship, our home."

"Indeed." Azan echoed.

"You three watch each other carefully, I don't want you getting separated." B'Elanna said, trying to keep her emotions firmly in check. "Your shielding should hold against anything you encounter, all you have to do is initiate it."

"So'S, we will be... all right." Azan said. "We will return safely."

"Indeed." Icheb said. "I am prepared with three hyposprays and the Infinity Modulator.

"And we are armed as well with IMODs." Rebi said. "We will not fail."

Neither B'Elanna nor Seven could hold themselves back any longer from scooping their sons into tight hugs. Mezoti could only look on in silence. There was so much that she wanted to say and do but could not bring herself to do so. These were her brothers and they were going to attempt to rescue her sister and best friend. If they failed, she would lose everything that she held close to her. All she would have were her parents, and she knew that while that was great, it would never ever be the same. The only option was success.

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