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Split Seconds
By The Other Liz

Part Two

This caught Alexa off guard. Since when did anyone, let alone people she didn't even know, want to acknowledge her presence? And with civility at that. Alexa growled her acquiescence. Seven found this 'B'Elannaish' conduct particularly amusing and smiled.

"And what is so funny?" Alexa asked.

"You would not find it amusing as well… Yet." Seven said.

Alexa didn't know why, but she already trusted these people, something familiar about them. But there was no way she was going to let them know that. At least not yet.

"Okay, you're sitting. Now what could you possibly want?" Alexa asked.

The two mates looked at each other. Seven gave a raised eyebrow and a slight nod of her head for B'Elanna to explain away.

"Do you know who you are?" B'Elanna asked the young girl.

"Do I what?!?" Alexa asked.

"Do you know who you are?" she asked again.

"You are so weird." Alexa said and began tinkering with her X Fighter again.

B'Elanna's hearts skipped a beat and she looked at Seven. B'Elanna knew this was her daughter, even without her ridges and her darker coloring. She knew with that phrase that this was her Alexa.

"Alexandra-Brianna Nicole Hansen-Torres." B'Elanna said in her best Mom voice.

Alexa felt the shiver go up her back but didn't let on to her visitors.

"What did you call me?" Alexa asked incredulously.

"You heard me." B'Elanna said.

"Nobody knows my full name, only I do." she said. "I don't even think my parents know it."

Both B'Elanna and Seven flinched at this.

"Your *parents* do know your full name." Seven attempted. "However, your foster parents may not."

"Oh please…" Alexa said, finally giving her full attention to the two women. "Do you know how many times I've actually seen them in the last year?!?"

"Your *foster* parents? Twice. That is only counting the times in which they actually acknowledged your presence longer than 5 minutes." Seven said, her blood beginning to boil. "However, your *parents*..."

"None." B'Elanna finished for Seven cryptically.

"How'd you know that?" Alexa asked once again.

"We need to… talk." Seven said.

"We are talking, unless this is what you call dancing." Alexa said dryly.

Clearly the girl had her sense of humor from both mother's. B'Elanna allowed a small smile.

"She got you on that one Sev... Annika."

Ignoring the comment, Seven continued.

"What do you remember before they found you in the park?"

This made Alexa stop tinkering with her model. Nobody knew she couldn't remember past that. She knew she had been somewhere, but the memories just… escaped her. Now these two strangers in front of her had said more things about her in five minutes than anyone had in the last year.

'Who are these people?' she thought.

"Not a thing, right?" B'Elanna asked.

"Yeah, so what..." the girl said.

Seven threw an exasperated look at B'Elanna. She really wanted to just come out and tell Alexa what was going on. She knew that her daughter was going to be skeptical and this was the most inefficient way of telling her. B'Elanna read Seven's look and thought about it for a moment. This truly wasn't going anywhere fast and they needed to get her back on the ship tonight. B'Elanna took a deep breath. Here goes nothing…

"We've got a lot to tell you and you aren't going to believe half of it, but you gotta trust us."

"Why?" Alexa asked.

"Because." Seven said simply.

"I'll listen… but it doesn't mean I'll believe." Alexa stated. "So let's have it."

"My name is B'Elanna Torres, this is Annika Hansen-Torres, she's my wife and is more commonly known simply as Seven."

"What has all that got to do with me?" Alexa asked suddenly nervous.

"We're from the Federation Starship Voyager." Seven began. "We're also your parents."

Alexa dropped the model she was working on and looked up at the two.

"It's not funny to mess with people." She began her eyes filling with tears but not letting them fall.

"We're not messing with you; we came to take you home." B'Elanna said reaching for the girl.

"You know what?" Alexa said. She flinched away from the shorter woman's touch, she desperately wanted to believe them so badly. "If you can prove that you're from some random starship that I've never heard of, I'll go with you on your little adventure, but if you can't then just leave me alone."

"Acceptable." Seven said with out hesitation.

The three stood up and began to walk out the door. They were halfway there when Alexa dropped one of her models.

"Fuck…" she said under her breath as she picked up the broken craft.

"Watch your language here." B'Elanna said. "It may upset the humans."

"How…" Alexa began, then her brain caught up with her ears. "What?"

"Klingon hearing." Seven explained.


"Don't worry about it… yet." B'Elanna said holding the door open for the other two.

Alexa reluctantly lead the way to her car.

"So yeah… uh.. Seven is it?"


"What's that silver stuff on your face? I kinda like it, know where I can get mine done?"

"It is… another long story and you would not wish to endure what I did to receive mine."

"Ah… okay." Alexa said; a little confused.

They arrived shortly at Alexa's car and piled in.

"I know it's not much to look at but hey… it works." She said.

"We will not need it to go where we are going." Seven said.

"Uh… so where are we going?"

"Up." B'Elanna smiled.

"What?" came Alexa's familiar reply.

"Seven to Voyager; one to beam up."

Alexa's eyes nearly popped out of their sockets when the taller woman disappeared in a haze of blue sparkly fuzzies.

"Where… how…" was all Alexa could manage.

"You ready?" B'Elanna asked.

Alexa could only stare at the now empty back seat of her car.

"Voyager, how are we looking?" B'Elanna asked after tapping her badge under her outer clothing.

*Ready to roll Lieutenant.* came the familiar voice of Harry Kim.

"Let's do it then, two to beam up."

"What the fuuu…" was all that was heard as the blue fuzzies locked onto B'Elanna and Alexa.

The mother and daughter rematerialized on Voyager's transport deck.

"uuck!!!" was the first thing the team heard as they did.

Then one familiar hybrid Klingon minus her ridges and one that was slightly taller and without any ridges anyway appeared.

"I told you to watch your language." B'Elanna said sternly as she could.

While it didn't bother B'Elanna personally, she knew that cursing disturbed other people at times. As the two finished materializing Alexa's eyes grew to the size of saucers.

"Alexa, welcome home." Janeway said. "I'm Captain Janeway."

"Uh… uhm… ah…" was all Alexa could manage again but shook the woman's hand anyway.

"Perhaps we should take her to sick bay?" questioned Seven.

"She's just in shock." B'Elanna said.

"Still, we should let the Doctor look her over." Janeway said. "Captain to the Doctor."

*Doctor here Captain.*

"We're bringing Alexa to you for a check up."


A raised eyebrow came from all of them save Alexa who had unconsciously taken B'Elanna's hand.

"Captain out." She said as she closed the link with a shake of her head. "Sounds like your sister and her best friend have been playing with the Doctor's matrix again."

Janeway looked at Alexa. In her frightened state she looked every bit the six year old that had disappeared a year ago. But yet the girl seemed physically every bit of the seventeen she had mysteriously become. Alexa was obviously scared and was still clinging to B'Elanna with all her strength. Seven had also moved behind her and had put a hand on her shoulder.

"Captain, perhaps a site to site transport would be best?" Seven asked.

"No, she needs to see the ship." Janeway said and began to lead the way.

Alexa had retreated to her thoughts and could say nothing. She knew only that she felt safe with her hand securely tucked into this B'Elanna's and that when this Seven person had rested a hand on her shoulder it had only made her feel safer. She took Seven's hand with her other. Now she felt safer than she ever had. They were going some place called Sick Bay. She wondered what the hell that was and before she could inquire they were there. Alexa hadn't even noticed the walk there.

"Please state the nature…" the Doctor began as he appeared. "Oh! Alexa!"

"What in the hell!?" Alexa exclaimed, beginning to retreat backwards.

"It's okay, he won't hurt you." B'Elanna soothed.

Alexa looked at her like she was nuts. Then Seven did something up until now only B'Elanna and the other Sochlings* had seen. Seven wrapped Alexa into a very loving hug and whispered in her ear, knowing that with Alexa's heritage she would hear her.

"I promise that he will not, nor will any other member of this crew, hurt you with out incurring mine and B'Elanna's wrath afterwards."

Seven then pressed a gentle kiss on Alexa's forehead. It was the kiss that really did it. Suddenly Alexa began to remember the small stuff. It scared her but she knew she had to gather all her Klingon courage.

'Whoa buddy. Klingon? What the hell is that?' she thought.

Alexa looked up into Seven's eyes and remembered a little. It was fuzzy and definitely at the top of her ten most freaky feelings list. But it was worth a shot.

"Mama?" Alexa questioned as she traced the metallic arch over Seven's brow.

"Yes." Seven said softly.

Alexa turned to look at B'Elanna, brow furrowed in a very B'Elanna fashion.


B'Elanna felt the tears rising, but did not let them show. She merely nodded her head yes and let a smile slip through. Alexa was beyond confusion. She knew the rest of these strange people, this Captain Janeway and The Doctor, but right now she only trusted her… parents. The words 'Mama' and 'Sos'Oy' familiar to her mouth. Alexa also knew which was which but didn't know why. Perhaps they had been telling the truth earlier. Alexa felt her tears of confusion rising and let them fall gracefully down her cheeks. B'Elanna rushed to her youngest daughter and pulled her into a warm embrace. Seven also joined the embrace and for the first time in a year felt altogether complete again.

They had only stood there a moment when the Sick Bay doors opened and in rushed Icheb, the Twins, Mizoti and Naomi. The teenagers could only stand there and gape. They had not been told that Alexa had changed in age during the time she was gone. While Icheb, Azan, Rebi and Mizoti could only stare and wonder if their little sister was alright, Naomi could only stare and wonder if she stood a chance with her.

'Holy shit…' Naomi thought. 'Is it weird that I think she's every bit the image of perfection?'

Part 3

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