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Split Seconds
By The Other Liz

Part Twenty-One

Alexa shifted uncomfortably again.

"Could we speed this process up any?" she said irritably.

"If you would simply sit still…" The Doctor began.

"I shouldn't have to sit still!" she grumbled.

The Doctor gave up trying to make sense with the young hybrid. Naomi smirked and rubbed Alexa's back again. The other four teenagers were still waiting their turns; all agreed that Alexa should be seen first.

"Well, I don't see anything wrong with you physically; your brain activity levels are elevated but I'm willing to chalk that up to being held hostage by the Borg," the Doctor said.

Alexa scowled at him.

"I could have told you that." she snapped, sliding off the bio-bed.

The Doctor straightened his tunic and waved Naomi up onto the bio-bed.

"That's a nasty bruise." he commented, referencing the still-darkening black eye she was sporting.

"Next time I'll be sure to duck faster." she said dryly.

The Doctor raised an eyebrow and continued healing the bruise; the remaining four breezed through their exams and Mezoti only scowled through her check-up. After all received a clean bill of health, they were released.

"What are we supposed to do with a week off?" Alexa asked the group once they were walking down the corridor.

"Indeed." Mezoti said.

Mezoti was excited that the Captain had granted her a week-long leave along with the others but she was less than thrilled about having not having anything to do.

"Put in some practice, I expect." Naomi answered.

Alexa's eyes glazed over, her mind taking up shop in the gutter for just a moment. She shook her head.

"Yeah, practice." she said.

"And catch some movies." Naomi laughed.

"Absolutely." Alexa smiled. "You guys wanna go catch some sort of movie in the Holodeck?"

Receiving an affirmative answer from all present, the group migrated toward the Holodeck. Alexa was shortly stymied by a seating problem but was soon struck with an idea.

"Do you guys have LoveSacs in the databases?" she asked. Blank looks all around are what she got for an answer. "Oh c'mon! Lovesacs!" she prompted. "You know like… giant bean bags… but more expensive?"

The remaining five teens looked at each other as if the answer to Alexa's question could be found in each other's eyes.

"Oh forget it…" Alexa quipped and made her way to the replicator.

Thumbing through the computer's selections she did, in fact, come to what she was looking for and smiled to herself.

"Woot!" she thought.

She turned back to the group as her requested items shimmered into view.

"There… see?" she pointed. "Lovesacs, baby!"

The joke was lost on her peers but she giggled none the less, making a mental note to make them listen to Love Shack some day. Icheb and Mezoti both arched an eyebrow while the twins investigated the newly replicated seating. Alexa rolled her eyes and then simply picked Naomi up.

"Hey!" Naomi yelped.

Alexa took two steps and plopped Naomi down on the waiting bag.

"They're comfortable as… as… well I don't know, but they are comfortable." Alexa smiled.

"A warning would have been nice." Naomi smiled slightly, then reached out and snatched Alexa's hand. Giving a gentle tug, she pulled Alexa down, nearly on top of her. "However, I can see their comfort levels."

Alexa flushed a light crimson before turning her attention back to her siblings.

"Just sit on them."

Her siblings finally sat and then looked at her, "Indeed, they are comfortable." Icheb said.

"Fantastic, now what do we want to watch?" Alexa asked getting up again. "I guess it really depends on how long you guys want to hang out in here... and if someone decides to toss us out after an hour."

She turned around to glance at her family and smirked. They seemed to have gotten the hang of getting comfortable.

"Well... I guess we'll be here until someone throws us out then?"

Five nodding heads lead her to narrow her movie selections down.

"Okay so there's the Scream trilogy if you want to watch something scary however amusing, if you're into cheesy scary and not so much funny there's the Nightmare on Elm Street hexology" Alexa scrolled down the list and then smiled. "But of course what would life on a starship be without seeing the Star Wars nonalogy."

"The what?" Naomi finally spoke up.

"Star Wars!" Rebi and Azan said at the same time.

Naomi and Mezoti exchanged confused looks.

"Star Wars is a science-fantasy saga and fictional galaxy created by George Lucas during the 1970s. The saga began with the film Star Wars, later re-titled Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, which was released on May 25, 1977. The film became a worldwide pop culture phenomenon - spawning eight more feature films, three spin-off films, five television series and an extensive collection of licensed books, comics, video games, action figures, trading cards, card games, and other products." Icheb provided.

"Jeez 'Cheb." Alexa laughed. "Let's not get too technical."

Icheb merely smiled. "I prefer to be thorough when explaining things of great importance."

Mezoti sighed, "Is this, then, one of those movies only a male could enjoy?"

"No way." Alexa shook her head and brought a stack of nine DVD's over to the gathered group.

Mezoti and Naomi's eyebrows arched once again.

"Are those all one movie?" Naomi asked, not particularly prepared for a 12-hour movie.

"No, there are nine episodes all together." Azan answered.

"Technically, it's all one story, but not all one movie." Rebi followed.

Naomi thought for a moment, chewing her lower lip slightly.

"Okay, nine movies, which are usually two hours long that's… EIGHTEEN HOURS?!" Naomi sighed silently. "Well, I guess cuddling with Alexa on a comfortable giant pillow for 18 hours isn't so bad."

Alexa had caught the slight sigh that had come from Naomi, she was sure if she had heard it so had everyone else - enhanced hearing and such.

"Well… we do have a week off." Alexa said. "I guess we could take three days to watch them - a trilogy at a time."

"Did she hear that sigh? Oh of course she did, enhanced hearing. So they all probably heard it. Crap. I hope she didn't take it the wrong way." Naomi chewed her lip some more. "Then again, if we only watch three of them, that's six hours and I'd still have Alexa for the rest of the day."

Naomi came out of her silent reverie to find that the decision to watch the nonalogy a trilogy at a time had already been made. Alexa was putting the first movie, so aptly called "Episode One" in the replicated player, but Naomi could tell by the way that Alexa was standing something was bothering her.

"You guys want to replicate some popcorn and drinks?" Naomi asked, already headed for the replicator. "Lex, can you help me carry stuff?"

Alexa looked up, slightly surprised. She had thought that Naomi didn't want to spend the time with her by the way she had sighed about there being nine movies to the Star Wars set. She finished putting the movie in the player and followed Naomi across the holodeck to the replicator. Naomi watched her out of the corner of her eye and once Alexa was close enough to her, Naomi reached out to her.

"After the first trilogy, do you want to go get some dinner together?" Naomi asked.

"Yeah, sure!" Alexa smiled slightly. "I mean, we're all probably going to…"

Naomi shook her head.

"No, I mean, do you want to go eat together, just you and me?"

Alexa's smile could have powered Voyager nearly all the way home with the wattage it provided.

"Absolutely!" Alexa said, a little more enthusiastic than she would have preferred. "I mean, yeah, of course…" Alexa mentally slapped herself. "GAH! Could you be anymore retarded, Alexa?! Let's try not to jump up and down or do a little cheer the next time she asks you out… if there is a next time."

Naomi smiled; she could tell exactly what Alexa was doing behind those ocean-tinted eyes. She reached up and tucked an errant hair back behind Alexa's ear and then ordered from the replicator what she'd come for in the first place. She then snapped a couple times in front of Alexa's eyes to get the hybrid's attention.

"Hellooooo, Voyager to Alexa." Naomi giggled.

"What? Oh! I'm sorry." Alexa blushed furiously. "I sort of spaced out I guess."

Naomi shook her head and handed Alexa the drinks from the replicator.

"Come on, let's watch this all important, life-altering movie you and your brothers picked out." Naomi smiled again.

"Um, yeah, sure…" Alexa smiled, taking what was being handed to her.

The two handed over the drinks and various bowls of popcorn and then arranged themselves comfortably on their cushion. The first thing both of them noticed, once they were comfortable, was their proximity to particular anatomic formations on the other's body.

"Oh Kah'less. This is going to be the longest six hours of my life." Alexa thought as she glanced down at Naomi's head cradled in the crook of her shoulder and felt her hearts melting. "Maybe not."

"She's looking, she's looking, don't do anything stupid." Naomi thought frantically.

Truth be told, Naomi was actually quite comfortable on this "LoveSac" cuddled up next to Alexa. The hybrid's strong arms made her feel safe and the rhythm of her hearts made for a soothing sound. If you asked Naomi, she could fall asleep right where she was every night for the rest of her life.

The sudden music that emanated from the speakers made all present jump.

"Gah, sorry!" Alexa giggled and turned the volume down. "I always forget that the Star Wars theme starts so loud like that."

"Borg AND Klingon enhanced hearing and you still have it that loud." Mezoti quipped, still rubbing her ears.

"Shut up Mezoti." Alexa said sticking out her tongue. "I like to feel like I'm in the action."

Mezoti refused to grace her response with an answer and simply snuggled deeper into her seat. It didn't take long for Alexa to relax slightly and just let the feeling of Naomi in her arms take over. It was at a more intense moment in the movie, during the arena battle, that Alexa looked down again and smiled. Naomi was enthralled with what was going on in the movie, her eyes making slight movements as she watched.

"I could drown in those eyes," Alexa thought, her eyes lifted to the spikes adorning Naomi's forehead and she smiled slightly, "and those freakin' adorable spikes," Alexa felt her hearts melting again, she followed the spikes to golden strawberry hair, "golden strawberry? You've got it bad, Lex."

Alexa then glanced back down at Naomi's eyes and found herself caught. Naomi smiled.

"Just browsing?" Naomi whispered.

Alexa flushed from head to toe and managed a half smile, "Um…" was all she could produce in return.

Naomi laughed quietly and snuggled closer, returning her attention to the movie but not before placing a single, lingering kiss on the outside corner of Alexa's mouth. Alexa barely contained the growl that formed deep in her chest. Something had to give soon.

B'Elanna opened one eye, taking in the sight laid out before her. Her one and only, blonde hair down and ruffled, breathing slowly and sans clothing. B'Elanna smiled wickedly and reached a hand out to Seven's rising and falling chest. She slowly trailed a finger from collarbone to bellybutton, smiling more when she saw goose bumps appear in her finger's wake.

"Mmmmm, bang'wi, you should cease this current activity, the wa'homs will return soon." Seven smiled as she stretched nearly overworked muscles.

"We have time." B'Elanna stated.

"They have been in the holodeck for 4.3 hours." Seven said sliding a hand under the sheets towards B'Elanna.

"Should we check on them?" B'Elanna's breath hitched slightly on feeling Seven's hand.

Seven moved her hand over B'Elanna's stomach and then past her completely to the Comm badge on the nightstand. B'Elanna smiled at the fact that Seven's movements had caused her breasts to come very near her face.

"Seven of Nine to Holodeck Two."

The Sochlings jumped at the sudden intrusion; Icheb regaining composure first, paused the movie and answered.

*Icheb here*

Seven arched an eyebrow and glanced down at B'Elanna who was shifting herself closer to Seven's chest. B'Elanna glanced up at the silence and smiled.

"What?" she asked.

Seven shook her head and smiled, then continued with Icheb.

"Icheb, do you know at what point the six of you will be ready to eat dinner?"

Icheb glanced at his youngest sister and smirked. Alexa looked decidedly comfortable with Naomi, as did Mezoti and the twins.

*I shall confer with the others and answer you shortly.*

B'Elanna's eyebrow climbed her forehead at the response.

"Very well. Seven out."

"What are they doing down there?" B'Elanna wondered.

"Indeed. I am unsure, the other five were very quiet during that transmission. They are usually quite the opposite."

B'Elanna stretched again and looked up at Seven.


Seven smiled widely and nodded her head.

The two were halfway to the sonic shower when Icheb hailed them to answer his Mama's question.

*Icheb to Mom or So'S.*

B'Elanna laughed and shook her head, remembering clearly the day that Icheb and Mezoti had decided to get into the ship's computer so that it would recognize those designations.

"We are here, Icheb."

*We shall require 2.3 more hours to complete our activity, that is not allotting for walking time back to the quarters.*

"What are you guys doing down there?" B'Elanna asked.

*Watching Star Wars.*

"I…see…" Seven answered.

"It is a 20th Century nonalogy, broken up into three sets of trilogies. We are watching it trilogy by trilogy and have only one more movie of the first trilogy to watch." Mezoti chimed in. "Please, Mama?"

"Very well, we will see you a few hours." Seven said smiling.

Seven closed the channel and followed B'Elanna into the shower.

"You're children are very persistent." Seven said, relaxing into the rare aquatic shower.

"MY children?" B'Elanna asked, amused.

"Indeed, they have learned their stubbornness and persistence from you." Seven answered, squeezing some soap onto a loofah and then gently scrubbing at B'Elanna's back.

"Mmmmm…" B'Elanna arched her back, prolonging the gentle scratching.

Seven smirked devilishly and reached around B'Elanna to her front to begin washing her stomach. After thoroughly washing the hybrid's stomach she moved further south and began lightly rubbing the loofah across B'Elanna's pelvis. B'Elanna leaned her head back onto Seven's shoulder and let a small moan escape. Seven dropped the loofah on the floor of the shower and B'Elanna rolled her head sideways to cast a sidelong glance at Seven.

"Oops?" Seven said, her face the picture of innocence.

B'Elanna grinned like a shark, then let her eyes roll back as she felt Seven's fingers slide over the smooth skin located between her legs.

"Who needs water..." Seven said softly in B'Elanna's ear.

The statuesque blonde continued her ministrations as she gently bit and tugged on B'Elanna's ear. Trailing her tongue down the hybrid's neck, she bit again gently on the toned muscle between her neck and shoulder. B'Elanna felt the flurry of goosebumps that traveled down her body. Seven began moving her hand faster and brought her other hand up to caress B'Elanna's breasts again. She could feel B'Elanna's muscles beginning to contract and wrapped her free arm around her wife, ready to catch her when her knees buckled. B'Elanna's eyes snapped open as her breathing hitched. She turned her head once again to find Seven's mouth with her own. The world around them seemed to slow to a crawl and then came crashing to full speed again. Seven held B'Elanna up for a few moments while she regained her balance.

"So...good." B'Elanna smiled and placed a gentle kiss on Seven's shoulder.

"I learned from the best." Seven whispered, pulling her close again.

B'Elanna hugged Seven close for a moment then pushed her gently back. The two stood entwined in each other's arms until B'Elanna pressed her lips against the softness of Seven's. B'Elanna than began slowly leaving a fiery trail of lingering kisses down her body, stopping to dwell on her belly button before slowly sliding her tongue south. Seven's eyes blinked shut as she reveled in her lover's caress; her breathing hitched as she felt B'Elanna's soft tongue probing the small bundle of nerves. Seven had been counting the days for this moment. Amidst the pandemonium of recent events, she hadn't had a moment alone with B'Elanna in what felt like years. She relaxed against the wall, distributing her weight on her legs and the shower wall. B'Elanna glanced up at her wife, admiring the way the water cascaded down her body. She reached up and stroked the abdominal implant located at Seven's midsection. The Doctor had been able to take more of it away over the years, all that remained was the simple silver banding and the implant itself behind that. It now appeared to be nothing more than ornate body modification. Seven shivered as B'Elanna began to caress her banding, it was itself extremely sensitive as were the rest of her visible implants. Seven wound her fingers in B'Elanna's hair, muscles clenching as B'Elanna added a couple fingers to the mix, sending her into multiple levels of ecstasy.

"Oh… SoH chenmoH wIj porgh tlhej QaQ." Seven breathed.

Seven opened her eyes after what seemed an eternity to find B'Elanna standing in front of her and holding her. B'Elanna smiled.

"I love it when you orgasm in Klingon."

"Indeed." Seven smiled.

B'Elanna reached behind Seven and turned off the water, then handed her a giant towel.

"I suppose we should start making dinner for the kids." B'Elanna said. "You still want to make this crazy dinner for Alexa?"

Seven nodded while pulling on an oversized hooded sweatshirt and jeans, a style she had learned from Alexa that had proved to be exquisitely comfortable.

"I have done extensive research on the foods that are to be prepared, all though some have more... festive names than the others, they appear to have been quite popular."

"Festive names?" B'Elanna asked. "This should be interesting.


Naomi sighed, chewing her lip. She had completely forgotten that they were supposed to eat with Seven and B'Elanna tonight. Just another rain check for another rescheduled date. Alexa looked down at Naomi again, she could tell that she was disappointed. They had both been looking forward to going out tonight for dinner together but things always seemed to be getting in the way for them. Alexa glanced back at the screen; the last movie was almost over. Anakin, technically Lord Vader now, was dueling with Obi-Wan, jumping from one broken piece of metal to another. She tightened the hold she had on Naomi and buried her face in the girl's hair. She didn't necessarily want to go home just yet. Alexa sighed again. Naomi shifted slightly closer to Alexa so that she could look into her eyes. Alexa opened her eyes to meet blue ones staring back.

"You're missing an important part." Alexa whispered.

"I'll re-watch this part tomorrow."

Alexa smiled. Although she had already done so, she kept falling hard for this girl.

"Guess it'll be another rain check?" Alexa asked.

Alexa laughed at the face she made as Naomi scowled slightly.

"I'm sorry, it seems like everything always gets in the way." Alexa said.

"It's alright, one day in the next five million years it's going to go our way."

"Yep." Alexa said.

She studied Naomi's face for a moment before leaning closer and dropping a soft kiss on her nose. Alexa settled back in her place and pulled Naomi closer.

"Not to interrupt this moment between you two, but it's time to go home for dinner." Mezoti said, standing over them.

Alexa looked up. The last twenty minutes of that movie had flown. Alexa scowled harder, she didn't want to leave the warm comfort of Naomi's arms. Naomi stood up and offered Alexa her hand.

"Not fair." Alexa muttered, taking Naomi's hand and getting up.

"Computer, save and end program." Naomi said.

The group squeezed into the TurboLift and Alexa found Naomi squashed against her. The two giggled quietly and wrapped themselves even tighter. They stayed in that position until the TurboLift reached its final destination. Piling through the doors they stopped short, sniffing the air.

"Mama?" Alexa asked the seemingly empty quarters.

Mezoti walked into the kitchen area and stirred a pot of what appeared to be mashed potatoes. Not her favorite, but she wouldn't turn it down. The rest of the group glanced around at the various plates and platters holding mass quantities of food. Alexa arched her eyebrow.

"What in the world do they know about soul food?" she thought.

She was broken out of her short reverie by Seven and B'Elanna's appearance.

"Enjoy the movies?" B'Elanna asked, making the rounds of hugs to each young adult present.

"Very much so." Mezoti piped up. "Sos, what are these concoctions?"

"These…concoctions," Seven said arching her eyebrow, "are a form of ancient Terran foods."

"It's soul food." Alexa laughed. "It's SO good."

"Soul…food." Mezoti said.

"Yeah, ham hocks and beans, baby back ribs, mashed potatoes, biscuits, fried okra, collard greens and sweet potato pie. " Alexa pointed at each plate as she listed it, nearly salivating on the table. "Sos, Mama, how did you come across these recipes?"

"Research on the region in which you were raised indicated that these… dishes were popular." Seven answered.

"Well, I don't know if they were popular with everyone but they're certainly popular with me." Alexa said as she sat down at the table. "And if the rest of you don't like them, I'll eat it all."

The rest of the family followed suit and began putting food on their plates.

"Are you planning any rehearsals during your time off?" Seven asked.

"I think so," Alexa said, around a mouthful of biscuit. "I have a few song ideas bouncing around in my head."

"We have to talk to Neelix about throwing some kind of party so that we can do a show." Naomi said.

"But we have to practice a lot this week anyway," Alexa said. "Janeway is letting us go back on duty after our break."

"As in, on your own shifts?" B'Elanna asked.

Alexa and Naomi nodded.

"I am unsure of how I feel about that." Seven said quietly.

"Mama, it'll be okay." Alexa smiled. "Besides, maybe she'll let us go on the salvage operation instead."

"That hasn't been approved, yet, wa'hom." B'Elanna smiled.

Alexa sulked for a moment.

"But you know she'll approve it." Naomi said, resting a hand on Alexa's thigh underneath the table. "She'd do anything to possibly get us home faster."

"I believe that the salvage operation should proceed to the planning stage." Icheb stated. "Everything on the sphere is in working order, much of it could be used on Voyager."

"Indeed." Seven stated. "I agree that the sphere should be salvaged, yet I am nervous about who Janeway will assign to do the salvaging."

"Soch, she's not going to send them." B'Elanna gestured to the group. "She'll probably send us and an away team, if she doesn't decide to go herself."

"Yes, she said that she wanted all of us to return to our normal activities." Rebi piped up.

"We will be returning to our assigned departments, she will send you with an away team to do the salvaging." Azan said reassuringly.

Seven smiled slightly.

"Perhaps you are correct."

The discussion from there turned light and Alexa found herself staring at Naomi out of the corner of her eye for most of the remainder of the meal. It was when Naomi again placed her hand gently on her thigh that she jumped slightly. Alexa turned her head to fully look at Naomi.

"Walk me home?" Naomi asked quietly.

Alexa's heart fell. She had forgotten about that minor fact. She forced a small smile none the less.

"Of course."

Naomi returned her attention to the table.

"Seven, Lieu… B'Elanna, " Naomi smiled. "Thank you for dinner, but I must return to my quarters."

B'Elanna and Seven both hugged their good nights to Naomi.

"You are always welcome here, Naomi." B'Elanna smiled.

"Indeed." Seven said.

"I thought I'd walk her home." Alexa said.

"Go ahead." Seven said.

Naomi bid her good nights to the rest of the group and followed Alexa out the door.

"One night, we'll be able to hang out together." Alexa laughed.

"I look forward to it." Naomi said, smiling and taking Alexa's hand.

Alexa glanced at Naomi and smiled.

"So you really think the Captain will approve the salvage mission?" Naomi asked.

"Hell yeah." Alexa giggled. "There's no way Janeway will just rush off and leave a sphere full of possible parts floating in space for the Borg to swing by and reactivate."

"I'm excited about possibly being able to shave so many years off this ridiculous voyage back home." Naomi smiled again, "I want to see Earth up close and in person."

Alexa looked at Naomi a moment as they came to the TurboLift, then remembered that she had been stuck on Voyager her whole life.

"I forgot." Alexa blushed

It was Naomi's turn to smile and shake her head.

"Don't worry about it." Naomi said. "Deck Eight."

"I'll take you to the beach as soon as we get back to Earth." Alexa promised. "Well, assuming that we're in San Francisco long enough."

Naomi laughed.

"Trust me, we'll be debriefing from this "mission" forever."

"Oh, great." Alexa sighed. "At least it's California."

The TurboLift came to a stop and the two exited. Alexa pulled Naomi to a stop shortly before the doors to her quarters.

"I had fun watching the movie." She smiled.

"Me too, I can't wait to see the next three tomorrow."

"See, and you guys thought it would suck."

"Okay okay, " Naomi laughed. "But at least it didn't."

Alexa nodded, unsure of how to proceed further.

"So, I know your Mom is totally going to tie you to your quarters tomorrow if not tonight," Alexa smirked. "But if she doesn't, you want to catch some breakfast?"

"Of course." Naomi smiled. "I should go though, wouldn't want Mom sending out a search party."

Alexa shook her head and grinned.

"See you tomorrow." She said, kissing Naomi on the cheek.

Naomi blushed like she always did and smiled.

"Good night."

Alexa watched as Naomi walked the short distance to her door and disappeared through it.

"I'm in too much trouble." She said smiling as she turned and headed back for the TurboLift. "Way, way too much."

To Be Continued

Author's Notes:
I did a little modding to some pictures of Scarlett and created an older Naomi: http://i79.photobucket.com/albums/j148/SevenLimes/MySpace/naomi.jpg
LoveSacs are awesome, i own two in black and you can see a LoveSac here with Andre 3000 of OutKast just to give you an image of how big they can be: http://www.lovesac.com/media/cache/image372_x400_y400_q90.jpg
Icheb's spiel on Star Wars was taken from the Wikipedia article here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Star_wars
SoH chenmoH wIj porgh tlhej QaQ is roughly "You make my blood boil with pleasure."
Here's the link to the soul food article on Wikipedia if there's anyone unfamiliar with it: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soul_foo

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