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Split Seconds
By The Other Liz

Part Five

"Wait just a minute…" Alexa interrupted. "You're telling me, I just poofed and disappeared?"

"In a way." B'Elanna said.

"And this was just a year ago?"

"Lemme finish!" B'Elanna said, smiling a little at the familiar impatience…

Janeway sat in astonished silence. While she had lost members of her crew in battle and such, never had she lost a child. A child she saw as part of her own family. What she considered her two daughters had just told her that the solar flare Voyager had flown through had caused the warp core into an overdrive. This caused Alexa to disappear? That didn't make any sense.

"Wait." Janeway said. "How did she disappear?"

"I am not sure." Seven said shakily. "She just… disappeared."

Janeway tapped her comm. badge.

"Tuvok, we have a slight… situation." Janeway said in a forcedly calm tone. "Come to my ready room as soon as possible."

*Acknowledged.* Tuvok responded.

Moments later the tall Vulcan strode into the room.

"Captain, I am aware of the occurrence in Engineering." Tuvok said. "I have dispatched a Security Team."

"How did…" B'Elanna began.

"It is my job to be aware of Security on this ship." He said matter of factly.

"Oh." Was all she could utter in response.

"Keep us informed then." Janeway said. "Dismissed."

"Captain, I believe that Alexa's disappearance had something to do with the Warp Core flux." Seven said.

"No way." Janeway said.

"Captain?" the two women said at once.

"I mean 'no way' are you two going to work anymore today." Janeway said. "You have the next two days off, I think given sometime you might be useful in the investigation."

Janeway expected some argument and was slightly disturbed when she didn't get one.

"Yes Captain." Seven relented.

"Girls," Janeway began. "Should either or both of you need someone to talk to, you know where to find me at any hour."

"Thank you… Kathryn." B'Elanna said.

Seven nodded her thanks as well before heading out the door with her wife and to their quarters.

"Bella?" Seven asked softly as soon as they were both tucked into bed.

"Yes baby?"

"I have failed." Seven said shakily.

B'Elanna turned over and grabbed Seven's face.

"You have never failed me." B'Elanna said fiercely. "I am proud to call you my wife and my children's mother."

"I lost her." Seven said, freely crying now.

B'Elanna wiped the tears away gently, her own forming in her eyes.

"You didn't lose her, if anyone is to blame, it should be the P'taq they call a pilot."

Seven was at a loss for words. B'Elanna understood Seven's silence and kissed her gently.

"We'll find her. I promise on my honor."

Seven's eyes found B'Elanna's. That was a serious promise. But she believed her Bella.

"I know."

"Wait." Alexa interrupted again. "You didn't like… beat the snot out of what's his nuts?"

B'Elanna laughed gently.

"Not at that time."

"So you did later?"

"Your Sos'Oy and myself sufficiently… punished Mr. Paris when we felt up to it." Her Mama said, a hint of a smile glinting on her face.

Alexa giggled. A sound that immediately made both her parents hearts swell. Seven pulled Alexa close and hugged her tightly.

"Mama?" Alexa questioned.

"I believe I have missed you greatly." Seven said, beginning to cry again.

"Mama, don't cry." Alexa soothed, brushing away the tears. "I'm here now."

"Indeed." Seven said.

"We'll save the rest for later." B'Elanna said; seeing Alexa's eyes start to drift shut.

B'Elanna crawled the short length of Alexa's bed and curled up with her child and wife, feeling a completeness she had thought she'd lost. Alexa fell asleep in her parent's arms feeling safer than she'd ever felt before. But as soon as she felt they were gone she felt incredibly alone. She tossed and turned a few times and then fell into a restless sleep.

There were bright lights all around her. She felt as if she were falling but in a tunnel of light. When she stopped falling she was in a strange house. But everything seemed normal. She recognized herself when she looked in the mirror. Suddenly she had a killer headache.

Alexa woke up in a blinding pain. She clutching her head and stumbled across the quarters into her parents' room.

"Mama! Make it stop!" Alexa cried, dropping to her knees. "Sos'Oy, please!"

Seven tore out of her sleep and had Alexa in her arms before you could blink.

"What is the matter?" Seven asked.

"It hurts, make it stop, please, make it stop!"

B'Elanna took Alexa's head in her hands to see what was wrong. It was too dark for even her to see and she wasn't taking chances.

"Computer! Emergency site to site transport to Sick Bay. Authorization Code Torres Alpha Alpha Gamma."

*Transporting.* came the cool voice.

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