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Split Seconds
By The Other Liz

Part Seven

"You aren't talking about like actual replicators are you? I mean replicators are those silver spidery lookin' mechanical bug thingies that assimilate technology right?" Alexa asked feeling officially freaked out, but then at the looks on her parents faces decided to add. "You know… like… on... Stargate?"

Seven and B'Elanna exchanged glances, pop culture at its finest here in their own daughter.

"No." Seven said in her typical monotone. "A replicator combines the technology of both the holodeck and transporters, but encoding the molecules of a programmed item of material or food. The product is then generated from the memory banks. Items anywhere from food to duranium shielding, however live matter can not be created."

She knew she had not fully explained things to her satisfaction, but the tall lanky blonde had learned long ago from her wife that a full text-book explanation wasn't always called for. Those times were reserved for annoying junior officers or for that matter senior officers. Chakotay would get this glossy behind the eyes look every time Seven went deep into techno-babble mode and B'Elanna adored it. But for their children often times a shortened and condensed version was often more suitable, such as now.

"Oh." Alexa said feeling the embarrassed flush creep up her neck. "So I can like… replicate anything I want? Anything in the whole… universe?"

"Slow down baby," B'Elanna smiled smoothing Alexa's hair. "You get replicator rations."

Alexa arched an eyebrow inquisitively.

"Different items cost different amounts of rations." Seven explained.

"Oh." Alexa said again, feeling stupider by the minute.

It was about this time that Icheb, the twins and Mizoti rushed in followed closely by a hesitant Naomi. Naomi didn't know what to do. She had discussed her dilemma with Mizoti the previous night.

"Naomi. What is the matter?" Mizoti questioned.

The young Katarian chewed her lip nervously.


"You can not deceive me." Mizoti smiled. "I know you too well."

"IthinkIlikeAlexaandIknowshe'sonlybeenhereforadaybutIneverfeltlikethisbefore." Naomi said all at once before taking a breath. "And I don't know what to do."

"Approach her."

"She's way out of my league, Zot."


"You've never heard that _expression?" Naomi questioned.

Mizoti narrowed her eyes slightly.

"I meant for you to explain why you have come to believe that my younger sister is out of your league."

Naomi laughed a little before burrowing her face in a pillow.

"She's so beautiful. I mean I always thought Seven and B'Elanna were gorgeous and then they went and created Alexa. Even when Alexa was a kid she was still pretty." Naomi said. "But now she's all grown up and I just don't think she'd ever have an interest in me."

"I do not know her sexual preference as of yet." Mizoti said. "But when we arrived to greet her in Sick Bay earlier her body temperature rose 2.3 degrees and her respiration also increased."

"She could have just been nervous."

"That would only account for her respiration increase." Mizoti smirked before continuing. "I believe the term is 'you made her hot'."

Naomi's eyes widened and she threw a pillow at Mizoti.

"Oh my god! Mizoti!"

"That is the correct term… and it is factual." Mizoti broke into a full grin.

Naomi burrowed into the other pillow on the bed and groaned.

"What am I going to do?!?"

And now Naomi was nothing but nerves around Alexa and Alexa noticed.

'Maybe I read her all wrong.' Alexa thought. 'Maybe Sos'Oy and Mama can tell me about dating in the… whatever century I'm in now…'

"Alexa?" Icheb interrupted her thought path. "Are you functioning within acceptable parameters?"

"Huh? Oh." Alexa snapped back to reality. "Yeah. I'm alright."

"Alexa, you have acquired your Klingon heritage as well." Mizoti stated.

Alexa's eyes widened and her hand flew to her forehead.

"Oh… yeah…" Alexa mumbled, rubbing her ridges lightly.

Alexa wasn't exactly sure on Naomi's disposition about Klingon's and their ridges.

'The way she's acting I guess it isn't exactly positive.' Alexa thought. 'DAMN IT!'

"I like them." Rebi said simply.

"As do I." Azan followed quickly.

Alexa looked hopefully at Naomi but she was only finding the floor interesting.

'Double Damn it.' Alexa thought.

'God she's so beautiful and I can't even find the words to tell her…' Naomi thought. 'You are such a… P'taq.'

About that time the Doctor decided to appear.

"Alexa, good to see you're awake." He said.

"About time you showed up." Alexa growled. "Can I go?"

"Feisty thing aren't you." He said throwing a glance in B'Elanna's direction.

B'Elanna only grinned from ear to ear and looked at Seven who was also trying to hide a smile.

"One. I am not a thing. Two. I'm leaving." Alexa said hopping off the bed again.

She got two feet only to be collared by Seven.

"You will wait."

"You only said I had to wait for him." Alexa said. "You never said I had to wait for his approval."

B'Elanna tried very hard not to laugh, she really did.

"I do not find it amusing." Seven said.

"Neither do I." Alexa added.

"You shouldn't disobey your Mama." B'Elanna began. "But Seven, she did make a good point."

Seven set her jaw and then looked down at Alexa.

"You will wait for his approval." She said.

"Oh fine." Alexa crossed her arms.

When the Doctor still didn't move she looked around.

"This lifetime would be great for you to give your approval." Alexa said waving her arms about.

"Verrrry feisty." He muttered and finished his scanning her. "You may go but be careful and no heavy lifting."

Alexa was out the door and on her way to figure out the Holodeck before he finished. After a asking a passing crewman for directions she arrived shortly at the doors of the Holodeck and went inside.

"What the hell?" she thought. "A bar?"

Seven and B'Elanna exchanged bemused glances.

"Should we go after her?" Icheb questioned.

"I will g…" Seven began.

"Hey, maybe it would give her and the kids some time to get to know each other again." B'Elanna interrupted.

"A good point." Seven said after a thought. "Very well, I believe she was headed for the Holodecks."

"Acceptable." Icheb said.

The four Sochlings plus Naomi began to file out of Sick Bay.

"Be careful." B'Elanna called to the retreating group.

She was only answered by the wave of Naomi's hand. Once in the corridor Naomi looked at Mizoti with a nervous look.

"I told you to approach her." Mizoti said.

"Not with your parents there!" Naomi said.

"Why not?" Mizoti questioned. "They are in the same type of relationship you wish to pursue with Alexa."

"It would just be… weird."


"It just would be."

The group entered the first Holodeck they came to. It was running Sandrine's and they found Alexa in a back corner apparently studying Tom Paris very closely. She had come here looking for a tanning bed but had heard the name Tom Paris mentioned and had found a new interest. She was currently devising as many plans as she could on how badly she could injure him in the least amount of time.

"Is that Tom Paris?" Alexa questioned as the group gathered around her.

"It is." Icheb answered.

Alexa looked up at the group.

"Sit down, you're making me nervous." She said.

"I do not see how our standing would affect your…" Icheb began.

"I don't care, sit down." Alexa interrupted.

Naomi was the first one to drop into a chair followed closely by the others. She would never be the first to admit it but the fire behind Alexa's eyes was beginning to have an effect on her.

"And he is the one who caused my disappearance?" Alexa continued.

"Yes." Came five disgruntled replies.

Alexa tore her eyes away from Tom in surprise.

"You… missed me?" she questioned.

Naomi's gaze hit the table before her blush could give her away but the other four shook their heads vigorously.

"Your… stubbornness was of great amusement." Azan said. "It still is."

"And it was always… fun when you would leap on us in the morning." Rebi said, a slight smile showing.

"Well…" Alexa began slowly. "I think I might be a little big for that now."

"Indeed." Mizoti said a new and odd feeling of jealousy creeping into her lithe frame.

"What did I do for fun when I was smaller?" Alexa questioned.

"You enjoyed helping Sos'Oy in Engineering." Icheb said. "I believe you would hand her the necessary tools needed to complete her jobs."

Alexa smiled. That sounded like fun.

"I'd really like to see this… Engineering." She said. "Can we go?"

"Acceptable." Icheb said.

The group rose and filed out of Sandrines but not before Tom received a withering glance from all six of the group, the worst one from Alexa herself.

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