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Starfleet Academy Mystery
By Golden_ruhl


Part Ten

The door nearly flew off its hinges as B'Elanna threw open the door and rushed to her sleeping daughter. She gently picked up the sleeping child and begun stroking her silky hair and placing kisses on her ridged brow.

Her roommate walked up behind her, placing a large hand on the smaller woman's shoulder. "Your cousin is alright, Lanna," K'Trina told her kindly. The Klingon cadet realized Lanna didn't even seem to notice her, continuing to stroke the child's dark hair as she rocked her within her arms.

Admiral Janeway sat down at the dorm room terminal. She contacted the Holographic Doctor, asking him to come to the room and examine her godchild. She didn't want to take any chances with Miral's health, angry that the little girl had been drugged. He promised he would be shortly and ended the transmission.

The Doctor arrived within minutes. He didn't even attempt to remove the baby from the engineer's arms, scanning the child as she held her. He frowned at the scanned results and removed an injector from his medical kit. Once he gave the child the hypospray injection he took the Admiral aside, keeping his voice low.

"Admiral, I had to counteract the sedative in her bloodstream. She had enough of the drug in her system to knock out an adult. It would have killed her if it had gone untreated. I would like to take her to a medical facility for observation."

Kathryn Janeway dropped out of her officer mode and into that of the little girl's godmother. Her lips were tightly pressed together as the horror of his words shined from her eyes. Then the doctor saw anger flash across her features.

"We'll keep this just between you and me for now, Doctor," the Admiral told him.

Seven turned her gaze from the woman she loved to her former Captain. "You forgot that the hearing of both Klingons and Borg drones are quite acute, Admiral"

B'Elanna was gently placing her daughter down onto the bed and rising to her feet. The fury in her eyes said that her control was about to snap, to change the woman into a berserker seeking blood. One didn't need to know much about Klingon warriors to see the young woman's intention of slicing McCormick into the smallest pieces possible to extend his agony. She wouldn't kill him immediately; the petaQ would be made to suffer first. She didn't care that a true Klingon would merely kill him quickly. She wanted him to suffer for what he had done.

Admiral janeway saw the look. "Seven, stop her, now!" she shouted The Borg's eye implant nearly reached her hairline but the instinct to obey the older woman made her react, barely in time. Even her enhanced reflexes had a difficult time reacting with enough speed to stop the infuriated mother. Her enhancements were also all that saved her from serious injury when B'Elanna attempted to escape her grasp. The smaller woman tried to fight her way from her friend with little regard to the harm she caused her. But Seven was determined to prevent her from leaving the room.

She pulled B'Elanna into her arms, holding her tightly while stroking her hair. The blonde murmured what she hoped was comforting words, saying over and over that Miral was fine.

K'Trina watched unhappily as the guest speaker held her roommate closely against her body, stroking her back and hair. She had been trying to work up enough nerve to ask Lanna out on a date. The cousin of B'Elanna Torres looked enough like K'Trina's idol to be attractive in spite of her human blood plus she was loosely tied to the House of Pasba.

She could see that Lanna was still trembling violently, obviously still upset about her little cousin's abduction. The Klingon cadet didn't realize that B'Elanna was trembling not from fright but anger. She wanted to destroy something or someone.

The occupants of the room were so enraptured by the scene that they didn't notice an old fashioned envelope being slid under the dorm door. K'Trina was the first person to notice it. She retrieved the paper and glanced at it, seeing that it was addressed to Lanna Torres. She saw that the Admiral was looking at her and handed the envelope to the older woman.

Kathryn didn't want to disrupt Seven from soothing B'Elanna and avoiding a greet deal of bloodshed. She slid a finger under the flap and opened it, quietly unfolding the sheet of paper and reading the handwritten note.


Janeway rushed to the door and opened it but saw no one. The hallway was empty. She looked at the paper once more.

The note was unsigned, of course, and Janeway's lips curled into the semblance of a smile. If the writer only knew whom he was dealing with he certainly wouldn't want her arriving alone. Alone, she would feel no hesitation in killing him.

The Admiral took the note to the Doctor and asked him to do a scan of the paper and envelope. Perhaps they could retrieve a DNA strand to identify the culprit. She doubted it though since DNA had long been used to convict criminals since the late 20th century.

The Doctor ran his medical tri-corder over the seal of the envelope and glanced up in surprise. Unbelievably, the seal had been licked, leaving the DNA pattern of the person handling it. He ran it against the samples taken earlier and compared them. The samples matched and could be presented as evidence against the person that they captured.

Seven and B'Elanna were now sitting on the bed. The former Borg had refused to release her from her embrace, keeping the smaller woman in her arms. One hand ran soothingly along B'Elanna's back, stroking in small circles.

The half-Klingon allowed herself to relax as her mind took over instead of her emotions and instincts. Her anger was not abated however, but merely kept on hold as she let her mind consider many options. Such options like how to kill McCormick slowly rather than following the instinct that screamed kill kill kill. Now her intellect thought of ways to bypass everyone to get at the petaQ. She didn't want to be stopped before she completed her duty to punish the man who would harm her child.

Seven was not fooled in the least. She knew that look, the one that spoke of a mind working out a problem, racing over obstacles and finding new solutions. It was the look of absolute attention and Seven could bet it involved picturing the walls covered in McCormick's blood. If the Captain got her hands on the suspect then security would have to mop up the victim with sponges.

Part 11

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