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Starfleet Academy Mystery
By Golden_ruhl


Part Five

B'Elanna and K'Trina were eating lunch together in the mess hall when Seven of Nine entered the room looking for B'Elanna. Spotting them, she walked to their table. The half-Klingon smiled brightly, glad the former drone didn't seem to be avoiding her after their kiss.

"Why don't you join us, Seven?" she invited.

"No I just wanted to reschedule our tutoring session for tomorrow," said Seven, "I have to go the Daystrom Institute today to correct a problem with something I was working on. I need to reschedule to meet with you tomorrow, Cadet Torres."

Seven leaned forward to whisper something into B'Elanna's ear. "DichDaq qatlha"

B'Elanna's eye grew round in astonishment which made K'Trina laugh in amusement at the expression. Whatever the tall human had said has certainly rattled her roommate's cage.

With that Seven turned on her heels and left the mess hall, leaving behind a dumbfounded B'Elanna and a laughing K'Trina in her wake.

B'Elanna was in a pensive mood during their nighttime practice game. She wasn't the only one nervous. Several of the other female players seemed to be looking around and pacing. No one said anything although she had tentatively asked if things were okay. She just didn't know the women well enough for them to confide in her yet. She sighed and tried not to dwell on her own dilemma.

Did she want to begin a serious relationship with Seven? Her Human and Klingon sides argued with each other. True, Seven was beautiful and intelligent and also one of the biggest know-it-alls she's ever met. B'Elanna shook her head and tried to concentrate on the game.

She struggled to do well when it was her turn to play but was happy once the practice was over. She grabbed her light jacket and left the field to head back to her dorm room.

He never removed his eyes from the small dark complexioned woman on the practice field. She looked so timid, never speaking much. She was weak in comparison to the others and knew it. Why did she even bother? Didn't she know that she'd fail? She was like all the other sniveling, weak bitches. They would cower and tremble before running away to safety, yes indeed.

B'Elanna never felt the eyes on her as she took the short cut to her dorm. Her mind was still occupied with Seven and what happened this morning. As a former Borg, Seven of Nine was well aware of Klingon customs and mating rituals. She had to be aware of what her words had meant. DichDaq qatlha' was Klingon for 'I will chase you.', the ritual initiation to a courtship. Why now? Seven had run away when they had kissed in the dorm and seemed embarrassed as hell. B'Elanna admitted she wouldn't say no to a little slap and tickle, friendly bed sport, but for more? Once again she was confused. Her mind was so troubled she wasn't paying any attention to her surroundings, her warrior senses ignored.

From out of the darkness hands grabbed hold of her and pulled her off the pathway and into the shrubbery before she could make a sound. Surprised but not frightened, B'Elanna tried to make out the face of her attacker with little luck. With no moon she couldn't see much other than general size and weight. She could barely make out the fact her attacker was raising a hand to strike her.

B'Elanna didn't worry about the blow, she was confident she could easily handle her attacker if needed. She needed an ID more than anything even if she had to accept a bloody nose to get it.

Before the blow could land, a large shadowy figure appeared and blocked the fist from landing. 'No!' B'Elanna thought as her attacker quickly made an escape. Her rescuer made the move to chase but seemed to think better of it.

"Are you alright Lanna Torres?" K'Trina asked.

The former Maquis wondered how her roommate had recognized her in the dark. A Klingon's night vision was only slightly better than human's. She didn't know that the tall cadet had felt an uneasiness and had decided to watch her room mate from a distance until she made it home from practice. She wanted nothing more than to chase that petaQ and deal with him as the coward he was.

B'Elanna saw the turning of her head in the darkness. "Please, just let him go. I want to go back to our room," she said, hoping that she sounded frightened. She had to keep up the image of being a victim or the attacker might not come out of hiding.

Once back in their room the tall Klingon reassured herself that her roommate was fine. She explained why she had been there and the conversation she had overheard in the mess hall. They got ready for bed. B'Elanna pulled the covers over her and said good night to her rescuer.

"Call me Trina, all my human friends do," she invited. The Klingon put out the lights and stared at the ceiling, wondering why the small human hadn't wanted her to chase her attacker.

In the next bed, B'Elanna was frustrated. If her attacker was part of the mystery or even the one behind the resignations, she needed more than a simple attack to put him away. No, she needed proof of much worse. She hoped his attack this night meant he had her on his list of people to frighten off.

The next day she met Seven in her dorm room. She explained the occurrences of the night before and felt a shiver of excitement as the flame of protective anger burned in the former Borg's blue eyes. The look told her that Seven did feel strong feeling for her and she felt the pull of that attraction tug at her heartstrings. Seven stood to go but as she opened the door B'Elanna leaned back onto her pillows and lowered her voice sexily.

"Do you really think you are fast enough?" she asked silkily. She watched Seven pause in the doorway but the slim woman didn't turn around.

Seven smirked. "Yes," she replied confidently and shut the door behind her.

She smiled at the memory of L'Hur teasing her ticklish hip bone while she was laying on her stomach, enjoying the playful and affectionate touches afterwards. Then the touches went from playful to passionate when she was surprised by her own wild side, recalling when she growled in answer to her mate's and she lunged forward to take possession of the morsel so frustratingly close to her lips…

"Oh God Katie, get your mind out of the bedroom and concentrate!' she grumbled out loud. Seven was due any minute with her report and the Admiral knew the former Borg had little tact. She would no doubt ask some embarrassing questions.

Right on cue, her assistant buzzed and informed her that Seven of Nine was there for their appointment.

"Send her in," she replied and attempted to appear calm.

The blonde entered the room and walked up to the desk, where she stood at parade rest. Her blue eyes took in the healing wound on the Admiral's face and her eyebrow rose so high it threatened to disappear into her hairline. Well aware of its meaning in light of her more recent research she satisfied her need for efficiency by being direct.

"Congratulations Admiral. May I ask whom the lucky Klingon is?" she asked with a small smirk.

Kathryn cleared her throat. "You don't know her. She is an artist visiting Earth. We met a few weeks ago."

"Interesting. I look forward to meeting her, Admiral."

Kathryn choked on the laugh that threatened to escape. "Well," she asked huskily, "Perhaps we could have dinner together-"

"Acceptable. I will be at your residence tonight. What time do you wish me to arrive?" the ex-Borg asked, leaving the Admiral with no choice but to name a time. Seven was relentless.

"Um, 1900 hours would be fine Seven. Now, tell me, do you have anything to report?"

Seven took a breath and began.

Part 6

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