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Sticks and Stones
By Tibbies


Chapter 1

Nikki could hardly see a thing, the rain was driving straight into her face stinging like mad, almost as if someone was jabbing a hot needle at all the sensitive spots. Even the helmet and protective gear could not keep the cold burrowing itself deep into her bones. It was days like this she wondered why on earth she played hockey for Larkhall Ladies, currently 8th in the national league.

Nikki had joined them as a naive 19 year old and had enjoyed the past 9 years immensely, culminating in promotion to the national league last year. They were doing ok for their first season, 8th out of 12 teams but were in dire need of a full time coach. Suddenly a white flash ripped Nikki from her musings, automatically with lightening reflexes she stretched a foot out and deflected the ball around the post.

"You are such a jammy sod! You weren't even paying attention and you still make a fab save!" Shouted Trisha Harris through the rain and constant chattering of her team mates as they lined up for a long corner.

"Well darling, when you've got it, you've really got it." Nikki said beaming at her girlfriend of 4 years.

Winking at Nikki, Trisha whispered in a low voice, "Take my word for it babe, you got it and I ain't talking about your goalkeeping skills." Nikki wiggled her eyebrows which sent Trish into a fit of giggles.

"Will you two concentrate and leave the love life discussions until after the game." Karen Betts the team captain said, before adding with a smirk, "So we can all listen, I can't hear a thing with this rain pouring down."

"Karen babe, you know you are my number one." Nikki said with a straight face.

Karen turned to Nikki. "Don't let Jim hear you say that! It's hard enough getting him to come and watch me play as it is. He already thinks you lot are a bunch of man hating lesbians. You have no idea what I have to do to convince him that I don't bat for your team."

"Ewwwwww…..too much information Karen, it's bad enough you have to carry the burden of being straight, but to do the evil deed with Fenner, that's just plain nasty." Nikki joked back.

A loud cough halted their conversation. "Ladies, when you are ready?" The umpire called Debbie said, "I think the opposition would like to take their short corner sometime today."

They all sat in the changing room, soaked to the skin and spirits were so low you needed a shovel to dig them up. "Now heads up everyone." Karen tried. "This is our first season in this league; I think we are doing really well. We only lost this game 1-0 and that was only due to a penalty stroke," she smiled wistfully.

"Yeah and some bloody brilliant goalkeeping from Nikki, innit." Said Yvonne Atkins, the no-nonsense right half. "Karen, how many times do we have to raise this? We need a proper coach and we need one now."

Hanging her head low Karen took a deep breath and looked at her exhausted team mates. "I know, I know. I didn't want to tell you until I had it absolutely confirmed but I have got a coach lined up, all that needs agreeing is her expenses."

Most of the team jumped up together and embraced Karen, thanking her profusely for sorting out the problem. The only person who remained seated was Nikki, who sat there with a scowl on her face. "What's up with your miserable mush?" asked Zandra Plackett their resident centre half.

"Well, I for one don't need any coaching." Nikki said petulantly.

Karen's heart sank, Nikki could be an awkward sod when she wanted to be and Karen knew she had to get her on her side or the rest of the team would not accept the new coach. "C'mon Nikki, you know how bad our tactical sense is at this level. If we don't get the correct coaching we will get demoted." Karen pleaded.

"Ok, but there is one thing I need to know before I let any coach near this team," said Nikki holding Karen's gaze.

Karen could cut the atmosphere with a knife. "What's that then Nikki?"

With a completely straight face Nikki asked, "Is she good looking?"

Karen immediately realised that Nikki was winding her up. Jumping up she chased her Nikki out of the changing room, screaming obscenities at the top of her voice.


Chapter 2

As they sat in the bar of the hockey club, the men's team came in boasting about their 5-0 win and trying to out do each other with tales of how well they had played.

Nikki looked over and saw Karen snuggled up to Jim Fenner, it made her skin crawl. There was just something about him Nikki didn't like. She heard him shout over to Sean Parr the men's team captain to join them for a drink. Turning to Trish Nikki lowered her voice. "Isn't it funny how blokes like them always seem to seek each other out?"

"Oh Nikki, Sean's ok, he's just a man's man. You should see him play, he really is so strong and fast, he has every reason to boast and an ego to match." Trish replied as she stared at Sean who threw her a wink.

"He only does that to annoy me!" Nikki exploded.

"Just ignore him darling, I am with you and he knows he can't get a look in." Trish cooed in Nikki's ear. This seemed to have the calming effect Trish was aiming for. It wasn't long before they were joined by their other team mates Denny and Shaz. Nikki loved these two youngsters, they weren't the sharpest knives in the drawer but they were as hard as nails and never stopped running. They were always playing practical jokes on people, one of which ended in the opposition turning a bright green colour following their after game shower. That little episode almost resulted in them being reported to the Hockey Association. Luckily Nikki had stepped in to avert a potential points deduction by convincing the powers that be that it was caused by a rare algae growing in the shower heads.

"So Nikki, wot do you think about us getting a new coach then?" said Denny as she drank deeply from her pint of beer.

"Well let's just see Denny, if she's good then I will back her up, but if she's not, I will have her out of here so fast it will make ya head spin like the exorcist and we will make the club get us a professional coach like the men's team." Said Nikki her voice full of authority.

"Sounds like a plan." Shaz replied.

Trish got up, turned to Nikki saying, "Darling I am just popping to the shop to get some cigarettes, I won't be long."

Frowning Nikki said, "I thought they sold your brand at the bar now?"

"Erm…..er…yes they normally do but when I checked before they had run out. I won't be long and then we can all go out for a meal." Trish stuttered as she scanned the bar area.

"Ok, be careful babe, see you soon." Nikki called to Trish's retreating back. Looking at her team mates she said, "Ok, who's up for another pint?"

They were well into their third pint when Nikki noticed the time. Trish had been gone for nearly 45 minutes. It was only a 15 minute round trip in the car to the shop from the hockey club and Nikki had started to get worried. Looking at her watch she said as she got up. "I am just nipping to the loo and then I am going to ring Trish to check she is ok."

Nikki slowly made her way down the stairs and was just passing one of the changing rooms when she heard a noise coming from one of them. Thinking someone had got in and was possibly looking for things to steal she pushed the door slightly ajar. She was met by a sight that would keep replaying over in her mind for weeks to come; there was Trish with her jeans at her ankles in a compromising position with none other than Sean Parr.

For a split second Nikki thought about closing the door and walking away but her fiery temper would never allow it. "Well you two look like you are bringing the men and women's game closer together." Nikki said in as calm a voice as she could manage.

"Oh God! Oh no……Nikki this isn't what it looks like." Trish tried as she reached down to grab her jeans. Sean at least had the decency or the sense to keep quiet.

"Trish, it's exactly what it looks like. You shagging the brains out of the men's captain." As she turned to walk away Nikki added. "Oh yes and you will find your belongings somewhere in the middle of the front lawn if you want to pick them up later." With that Nikki strode away.

Nikki felt her heart breaking, her world literally falling apart. She knew Trish was not or ever going to be the love of her life but they'd had 4 reasonably happy years together. Nikki had always felt there was something missing in her life, well not really a something more like a particular someone but she had absolutely no inkling that Trish liked men as well. There was no way she could go back to the bar, her pride would not let her, what if Sean had told some of his team mates what he was up to or even worse Fenner.

Nikki quickly made her way out to her car, slumping down into the driver's seat she reached for her mobile. "Karen? Hi yeah. I am going home but I need to speak to you."

"Hang on Nikki I can't hear you it's so noisy up here." Karen said. Nikki heard her say in the background, "Yes Jim, I need to take the call, it's Nikki."

Even through the noise Nikki could hear Fenner laughing. The bastard knows! thought Nikki, but this was not the time or place to confront him.

Karen came back to the phone. "What is it Nikki?"

"Look something has just happened between me and Trish. I am not going to go into any details but you are going to have to make a decision on who you want to stay at the club. If you want me to stay then you are going to have to tell her to leave but if you want her to stay I will respect that decision and hand in my resignation immediately. That's all I am prepared to say on the matter, you can let me have your answer tomorrow." Nikki said with tears threatening to break through.

"Oh god, it sounds serious, what is it Nikki?"

Through gritted teeth Nikki said, "Ask Jim, I am sure Sean has shared all the sordid details with him." With that Nikki abruptly hung up and drove away into the bitter night.


Chapter 3

"Nikki!.......Let me in!" Trish shouted as she hammered on the front door of Nikki's house. She quickly looked up and down the street to check the neighbours curtains weren't twitching; they were after all nosey sods. "C'mon let me explain, it was just some harmless fun and I….I….I had been drinking."

Leaving the security chain on the door, Nikki opened it just far enough for Trish to see her face. "Trish, keep your voice down, it's 1.30 in the morning!" Nikki said in hushed tones.

"Awww, come on baby let me in? You know it meant nothing, it's you I want."

"Well you should have thought about that before you climbed aboard the good ship Sean Parr! Trish, if I never see you again it would be too soon, must be nice to know you can pull the boys, now piss off you two faced tart." Nikki said slamming the door abruptly.

Turning around Trish knew that Nikki would never forgive her. As she walked up the garden path she spotted one of her Gucci shoes covered in mud, quickly looking round she found the rest of her designer label wardrobe strewn across the lawn. Letting out a scream she shouted, "Oh noooo, it's ruined! All ruined you bastard! You know how much my clothes mean to mean, how could you just throw them away like that?"

Nikki watched Trish from the upstairs window with a smirk on her face, that will teach the unfaithful cow. She is so selfish! She thinks more about her bloody clothes than she does about throwing away our relationship she thought. However, her victory was short lived as it suddenly hit her what had just happened. She had just lost the woman she had been with for four years. Sliding down the wall she put her face in her hands as the tears streamed down her cheeks.

Nikki walked into the changing rooms with her massive hockey bag slung over her shoulder; it contained all her goalkeeping gear including pads, kickers, body armour and helmet. For most people carrying such a weight would be a struggle but for Nikki it was just as easy as picking up a handbag, mind you it didn't hurt that she worked out every other day and her body was very well toned and strong.

"Hi ya Nikki, can I have a private word?" Karen asked with concern written all over her face.

"Yeah sure," Nikki got up and walked towards the tall blonde haired woman.

"I know what has happened Nikki, Jim explained. I know it's not your fault but I knew something like this would happen to the team if people started to have relationships within the ranks. I have spoken to Trish and she has agreed to resign from the club and look for another team to play for, so at least that's resolved." Karen announced as if she just sorted out peace in the Middle East and eradicated world hunger all before lunchtime.

Nikki looked at Karen with a stunned expression on her face. "Great Karen, thanks very much, I am fine by the way. I did cry for an hour or so about everything so it's now out of my system. So I will move on now, you know forget about what's happened?"

Looking at Nikki, Karen suddenly realised how unsympathetic she had just been to one of her best friends. "Oh God Nikki, I am so sorry, I was so focussed on sorting out team problems. Are you ok?"

"I will be Karen, it will just take time, I knew Trish wasn't the love of my life but we were happy enough and I really thought we would be together for a long time." Nikki said with tears welling.

Karen pulled Nikki into a hug. "I know, I know but Nikki, I believe there is always someone out there for everyone and that when you meet your true soul mate you will be together forever."

"Wow Karen! That was very deep and insightful." Nikki said with a twinkle in her eye, "So does that mean Fenner is your soul mate?"

"Hell no! But he is a good shag." Karen exploded with laughter, which, in turn started Nikki giggling.


Chapter 4

Nikki stood watching her team mates attempting to get the ball in the opposition's goal with very little luck, she knew that any second now they would lose it and the other team would be on her. Smiling to herself she thought: Here we go as everyone turned and began running towards her, but she wouldn't have it any other way. It did feel strange not having Trish barking out orders to the defence but Nikki surprised herself on how easy she found it to forget about her personal issues and concentrate on the game.

With that attack thwarted, Nikki started to have a look around the small crowd that had gathered to watch the Saturday afternoon game. Many she noticed as regulars, friends and family of those playing for Larkhall Ladies. As she scanned the crowd her eyes were met with an equally intense stare from the most beautiful deep green orbs she had ever seen. The eyes belonged to a small woman Nikki had never seen before and as much as she stared back the other woman refused to break contact. The only thing to break the moment was Nikki's team mates screaming at her to kick the ball.

Ripped from the most intimate but physically distant act Nikki had ever been involved in, she did as her team mates requested and booted the ball as far away from her goal as possible. Nikki looked over to where the woman was standing, only to see a small twitch of a smirk from the corner of her mouth before she turned away.

"For God's sake Nikki! Will you concentrate. What's the matter? Has Angelina Jolie just walked past or something?" Karen said with a barely disguised smirk. She had just witnessed Nikki's reaction to the woman in the crowd.

Turning round to face Karen, Nikki knew she had to think of a fast quip back or Karen would keep at her till she told her what she was doing, "If she had, do you honestly think I would still be here and clothed?" smiled Nikki seductively. Nikki knew that nothing could be further from the truth, it would take time to heal from the hurt Trish had caused her but she was grateful to Karen for trying to start that process as soon as possible.

"Whoa there stud." Karen joked.

The smile was quickly wiped from Nikki's face when she spotted the woman talking and laughing with none other than Sean Parr. She couldn't believe it. The man was everywhere and went after anything remotely female. Nikki wanted to run over to the mystery woman to warn her about what a complete little shit Sean was. But of course her team mates would not take too kindly to her just walking away from a national league game!! Nikki thought: Mind you, any woman who wanted to talk to or even found Sean funny, must need professional help and no matter how gorgeous her eyes were I wouldn't go near her with a barge pole. I mean Trish the bitch couldn't keep her knickers on around him and didn't give a shit about me, so I am not even going near a situation like that again. Nikki knew deep down that this line of thought would fly out the window if she fell in love but she tried to convince herself this would not happen anytime soon, so it didn't matter.

Everyone was just getting changed after the 1-1 draw and spirits were high.

"Ok, everyone!" Karen shouted above the cacophony of sounds. The noise soon died down as the team realised Karen was addressing them all. "I know it has been hard these last few games and the step up to this league hasn't been easy. But, as I promised, I have managed to get us a first class coach and without further delay I would like to introduce Helen Stewart." Karen smiled and reached for the changing room door.

Nikki's heart nearly jumped out of her chest but also sank at the same time. In strode the petite woman she had locked eyes with and who was shamelessly flirting with Sean Parr on the side line.

"Hello everyone, I am so glad to finally meet all you girls." Helen said with a massive smile on her face.

Nikki's stomach was flipping over and over at the soft Scottish burr, which put the emphasis on the 'r' in girls. Audibly gulping Nikki stood up and turned her back on the small Scottish woman, trying desperately to find something really interesting in her bag.

This did not go unnoticed by Helen, striding forward she held out her hand out to Nikki. "Hi. You must be Nikki Wade? I have heard a lot about you from Karen and others in the hockey circle."

Taking a deep breath Nikki turned around ready to give this interloper a piece of her mind but she was met by those haunting eyes again and all she managed was, "Yeah hi," Before pushing past Helen, making her way to the door. "See you all in the bar?" Nikki made it plainly obvious that the invitation excluded Helen.

"I am so sorry Helen. She's a pussy cat really, well a pussy cat with a hell of a bite." Karen tried with a welcoming smile on her face.

"No problem Karen, I have faced much worse than the infamous Nikki Wade. I knew when I came here how obstinate she could be, I took the liberty of phoning an acquaintance to get the low down on the place and people."

Taken aback Karen said, "Oh, right I wasn't expecting that. Can I be so bold as to ask who you spoke to? I am just concerned as you have only had one side of the story."

Helen placed her hand on Karen's arm. "Don't worry Karen, no matter what I was told I am still here aren't I? But just for your information, I spoke to Sean Parr, we were on a coaching course together a couple of years ago and he said if I ever need anything to give him a shout."

"Yeah, I bet he did," said Karen with thinly veiled animosity. "Helen, please watch yourself around Sean, he has upset some of our team in the past and thinks this should be a men only hockey club as it is." Well thought Karen That certainly explains Nikki's reaction to Helen. She saw her and Sean talking together. I guess she really must hate him. Hmmm, I think there's going to be fireworks at this club soon.

"Don't worry Karen, Sean is a first class prick and I would have had nothing to do with him unless I needed something. I have to stay in his good books because his mother is very high up in the hockey world and she can make people's lives quite difficult if she takes a dislike to you." Helen said with authority.

With a sigh of relief Karen smiled, "I am glad you have as high opinion of Sean as I do. However, I do need to warn you that although none of the team likes him, Nikki absolutely hates his guts and has good reason. I am not one to break a confidence so that's all I can tell you, but please give Nikki a bit of leeway at the moment; she has been through the wringer the last couple of weeks."

All sorts of things were going through Helen's mind from Nikki and Sean breaking up, to Sean making unwanted advances to Nikki. Both scenarios made Helen bristle but she had no idea why, she didn't even know Nikki but for some reason was upset for her. For some reason she was attracted to the tall, dark goalkeeper.


Chapter 5

Helen was standing at the bar thinking about what she would do about Nikki and her obvious animosity towards her, when she was pulled from her musings by a voice beside her.

"Well hello. Could I buy you a drink? My name is Jim, Jim Fenner." He said as he leered at her, all the time moving closer invading her personal space.

Helen looked Jim up and down. Sean had already told her that Jim was 'having it away' with Karen but that he would go after anything female with a pulse. "Mmmmm, let me think about it." Not disguising the put down line in any way and without batting an eyelid she said to him, just loud enough that those nearby could hear. "Jim is it? I have met men like you before and to be honest if you were the last man on earth I would still consider batting for the opposition before I let you near me." With that she left Jim with his mouth hanging open and made her way over to the table her team were sitting. Yes she thought smiling: Yes, MY TEAM. She knew what she had just said to Jim was risky. Helen normally shied away from confrontation but she had decided early on that she would not pussy foot around with anyone, her focus was getting the team to the level she wanted and nothing or no one would distract her.

What Helen didn't realise was that Nikki had heard every word of the conversation and smirked at Jim as she collected her drinks from the bar. Feeling several eyes on him, Jim muttered, "Must be a dyke then."

Nikki couldn't let that comment pass up, turning towards Jim, in a voice so low that only he could hear she said, "If that's the case Jim, then all I can say is the woman has taste to send the likes of you packing."

As Nikki made her way back to their table she spotted Helen laughing with Shaz and Denny, it was a real deep dirty belly laugh which made Nikki smile.

Helen was more than aware that Nikki was on her way over and called out, "Hey, Nikki……please come and join us." Helen knew from the get go that she had to get Nikki onside, although Karen wore the captain's arm band it was Nikki who was the true leader and the glue that kept the team together.

All her team mates turned around to see how she would react. "Sure why not, but I am not staying, got better things to do." Helen smirked, Nikki obviously wanted everything on her own terms and no one was going to change that anytime soon.

"So, Miss Stewart, I assume it is Miss?" Nikki said.

"Yes, it is Miss, you assumed correctly." Helen replied holding eye contact with Nikki.

"What do you have in mind to get this rabble playing like a national league hockey team then?" Nikki said with a daring edge to her voice.

Helen knew that what she said at this very moment in time would shape her future relationship with her team and hopefully gain their respect. Taking a deep breath, Helen said, "From what I saw today there are actually very few skill weaknesses that the team has, in fact I was extremely impressed with what I saw out there. However, there are two areas we all need to work on. One is fitness. I noticed today that towards the last 10 minutes of each half the work rate of about 60% of the team dropped noticeably. The second area is tactics, I will, of course be working closely with Karen on this because although the team and I will discuss and implement these during practice sessions, it will be Karen who will be able to influence and change things actually during the game."

All the team were nodding and agreeing with Helen's analysis, a feeling of positivity engulfed the room.

"That's all well and good. But I for one actually have a job and haven't got loads of spare time let alone energy to participate in fitness training and tactic meetings. I already go to the gym 4 times a week, I don't need anymore." Nikki really didn't know why she wanted a fight with this woman but she knew that she wanted those beautiful green eyes boring into hers again.

Looking directly at Nikki, Helen thought: I can see that you go to the gym, I've already had a good at your tight ass already and I bet those thighs…….

Helen looked up to see everyone waiting for her to respond and saw Nikki smirking. It was as though she knew what Helen had been thinking.

Helen tried to compose herself. "What I propose to do will not eat into your already hectic lives, all I ask is that on Tuesdays and Thursdays when you already have practice sessions we make them an hour longer. Secondly that when it is match day, you turn up 1 hour earlier so we can talk through tactics for that game. So basically all I am asking is an extra 3 hours of your time in order to keep you in this league?"

One by one the team nodded their approval and all eyes turned to Nikki awaiting her response. "I can't promise anything but I will see what I can do." Nikki just didn't want to give in to the gorgeous Scot.

Karen leaned over to Helen and whispered, "You've got her." Helen thought: I wish.


Chapter 6

"Come on you lazy buggers!" Helen shouted as Denny and Shaz slowed down to a walking pace during what was supposed to be an endurance run. It was their fourth fitness session and Helen couldn't believe how even after a month they still tried to get one over on her.

"Awww………. Miss, we are tired and cold." Shaz tried in a school girl voice to get Helen's sympathy.

"I'll bloody Miss ya, now speed up or you can do 30 press ups at the end if you like." Helen replied in a stern voice. She knew she had a bossy side to her nature, so ordering 15 or so women to run or exercise until they dropped or vomited which ever came first was absolutely fine by her. Helen knew that if they wanted to compete on level terms with the other teams, she would have to remain strong and keep pushing these bloody minded women to their limits.

Helen looked up just in time to see Nikki stop abruptly, bend over and throw up. So, Helen thought: Not as fit as you would like to think eh Miss Wade? Mind you I can think of a better type of exercise I could do with you to get you fit. Helen knew she was attracted to Nikki from the moment she set eyes on her while watching the game the other day. But Helen had been badly hurt in the past when she got involved with a woman at the last Hockey club she played for and vowed she would never let that happen again. Helen knew she was gay from the moment in the playground where she wanted to chase the girls not the boys. She had had a few short term relationships with women she had met through friends, but she was not the type to pick up women in bars to have one night stands. She knew that there was a very special person out there for her and she certainly wasn't going to settle for anything less until she met them.

Helen was smiling at herself about her and Nikki getting down and dirty, when Nikki looked over to her. "Oh, that's right smile, I suppose you think it's clever to run us down into the ground until we are physically sick do you?" Nikki bent over gasping for breath.

"For your information grumpy guts, I was not smiling at you throwing up in front of all your team mates; I was smiling because I can see real improvement in your fitness levels. You might be physically strong but being a goalkeeper your cardiovascular fitness levels are not going to be as good as your team mates." Before she could help herself, Helen leaned down to Nikki and said in her ear, "Anyway, I've been looking at your legs and they have definitely firmed up." Helen walked away smirking before Nikki could respond.

Feeling Helen's breath on her neck and hearing what Helen said sent shivers straight through Nikki's body. Nikki promptly jumped up and started running again, to the amazement of her team mates. She thinks I've got nice legs Nikki thought as she decided there and then to work on them even harder if she was going to get comments like that. It was the first time since her split with Trish that Nikki had felt anything but bitterness towards another female, it was taking time but Nikki could feel herself recovering from the doomed relationship.

After another 30 minutes of punishing fitness exercise Helen called it a day, she made them warm down for 10 minutes and then sent the team in for a well deserved shower. As she was picking up the cones she had used, she noticed a figure beside her, looking up she saw the smiling face of Karen.

"Helen, I don't know what on earth you said to Nikki, but I have never seen her work so hard or to encourage the team to work like they did today." There was genuine admiration in Karen's voice.

"Oh that, it wasn't anything much," Helen said blushing furiously, which did not go unnoticed by Karen, who decided not to push the matter. Helen thought: Oh God, I have got to control myself, I can't afford to get involved with someone on this team, otherwise it will go pear shaped like the last time. With that she decided to be more careful and rein her hormones in.


Chapter 7

Taking her time, Helen made her way to the changing rooms; she didn't want to bump into anyone, especially not Nikki. All she wanted was a hot shower, to go home and watch some crappy TV with a large glass of wine.

Quickly checking the changing room was clear she undressed and walked under the hot spray, feeling all the tension in her body flow out and swirl around the plug hole before disappearing. Squeezing some shower gel into her hands she spread it generously over her stomach and legs. Moving onto her breasts, she gently lathered the soap across them causing her nipples to become erect, thoughts of Nikki came into her mind, particularly what her hands could probably do! Before she could stop herself a soft moan escaped her lips. What the hell am I doing! she thought; I am in the middle of a hockey club and I am thinking about sex!. She quickly started to wash her hair, she needed to get home and get home soon!

Nikki got up from the table to buy her team mates a drink, looking round for her wallet. Quickly realising that she had left it down in the changing room, she excused herself to go downstairs. Opening the door she spotted her wallet straight away, making her way over to retrieve it she heard someone in the shower. The vision that met Nikki's eyes made her stop in her tracks, her mouth went dry and her breath caught in her throat, there was Helen in all her naked splendour. Nikki had never seen such a wonderful sight in all her life. Helen had seen the door open and Nikki hurrying over to her bag, then stop to stare at her but rather than give Nikki an easy get away, Helen decided to play a little game with the obstinate woman.

Grabbing some more soap Helen began caressing her breasts, arching her head back, she allowed the water to run down her neck and breasts, moving down to the top of her legs she dipped her fingers between them deliberately letting out a small moan. Looking directly over at Nikki, she stared straight into those deep chocolate brown eyes. "See something you like?" She said raising her eyebrows suggestively

Oh my god, do I! thought Nikki. Knowing she had been caught out, she decided to be honest, "Actually I do very much." She said huskily.

Not quite expecting Nikki to be so honest, Helen decided to call her bluff, "Well come over here and show me what you like so much." She said seductively as she turned off the shower.

Damn, that was not supposed to happen! thought Nikki, well she thought; I will have take her down a level or two. Walking slowly towards Helen, Nikki heard her gasp. "This is what I like so much," she said as she moved closer to Helen. Nikki could see Helen's breathing quicken and her nipples go hard. Reaching past Helen, Nikki grabbed a Gucci shower gel that was hanging just past her shoulder. "I've always wanted to try this make, I've heard it smells divine." Smirking she turned and abruptly made her way out of the changing room.

Breathe girl, breathe girl Helen thought after Nikki had left. Well, if you will play with fire you will get burnt. She smiled to herself.

What Helen didn't know was that Nikki was just outside the door leaning against the wall, bent over trying to get her breath. Nikki was so aroused it physically hurt, she knew deep down she was very attracted to Helen but it was obvious Helen was straight by the way she had interacted with Sean. Standing up she thought But at least I have some memories of that gorgeous body to keep me going during my long lonely nights. She needed some outlet for these feelings and decided to go upstairs to see if any of her team mates were up for going to the club tonight. She knew that it was a gay club but most of the time the girls didn't mind, the music was good and the drinks were cheap. Hopefully going to a gay club would mean Helen wouldn't go with them and Nikki could clear her mind of the fiery Scot.

"Ok then, who is up for it then?" Nikki said to the table full of females.

"Well you know I can't." Said Karen, "Jim will do his dinger, you lot go and enjoy yourselves, you deserve it after all the hard work you have put in recently."

"Well, we will come wiv yer," chorused Shaz and Denny.

"I'll tell yer, I ain't turning lezza for anyone but the music's good, so count me in," said Yvonne laughing.

"I'll come," said Shell Dockley.

"Shell, you are so not gay, you are so straight, you walk around with a ruler shoved up your arse, why on earth would you want to come," said Nikki.

"Well," said Shell in a serious voice, "I have this new handbag that's just dying to be danced around and I know it won't get nicked in a lezzy bar, cos you are all to butch to have handbags." The whole crowd burst into laugher.

"Oh, did I just miss a joke?" said Helen as she approached the group, desperately trying not to make eye contact with Nikki.

Helen looked gorgeous; she had changed into tight fitting jeans, white vest top, black leather jacket and cute matching boots. Quickly pulling herself out of a leering mode, Nikki said, "Yeah, Shell here thinks that the gay club we are going to is full of butch women who won't nick her precious fake Gucci handbag. However what she doesn't realise is that they will all actually be after her."

"Damn, that's not on!" Said Helen affronted, knowing exactly what effect her outfit was having on Nikki.

"What's up? Got something against Lesbians have you?" said Nikki defensively.

"Oh no, it's not that." Helen said in a very serious tone, "I was hoping to have all the butches to myself tonight!"

The whole team went quiet until Nikki let out the biggest belly laugh anyone had ever heard, which, in turn set the rest of them off giggling.

"You are alright Stewart." Said Nikki through her tears. "So hands up, who wants to go and I will order the taxis." Looking around Nikki counted 8 hands, including Helen, which she was secretly pleased to see.


Chapter 8

A loud car horn informed the group that the taxis had arrived to take them to "Bad Girls" the local gay bar. It was women only night tonight, so the place should be jumping. Nikki thought to herself that the credit crunch had obviously not hit the gay community because they partied just as much and just as hard as they ever did.

Making their way down stairs Nikki spotted three taxis in the car park revving their engines, wanting to get their fares and move onto the next one as soon as possible. On the spur of the moment she grabbed Helen's hand and led her to the first taxi, shouting behind her that the group could take the other ones, three in each. That worked out well Nikki thought smiling. Nikki was relieved when Helen did not withdraw her hand as they sat in the taxi close to each other.

"So Helen, tell me a bit about yourself?" Nikki said feeling the need to fill the silence, pleasantly noting that Helen still had hold of her hand.

"Well there is not really much to say. I grew up in a small Scottish village with a strict religious father and a sickly mother. My only outlet and reason to get away from them was hockey. I did quite well, played for Scotland and then decided I liked the coaching side of things, took all the coaching courses I could. I moved down here to get the experience I needed to progress to the next level. That's about it really, boring I suppose to some people." Helen looked sadly at Nikki.

"No, not at all," Nikki looked straight into the beautiful Scot's eyes and knew she had to be totally honest. "It takes a lot of courage to up sticks from the place you grew up and move hundreds of miles to follow a dream. I really admire someone who sees something they want and goes for it."

"Well, when you put it in such a romantic light, then yes, it doesn't sound quite so boring" Helen's smile was beaming like a hundred watt bulb which sent Nikki's stomach turning over and over. "So, tell me something about the famous Miss Wade then?"

"Not much really, I played hockey at school, same as you as a way of escape from parents who did not approve of me. You have obviously guessed I am gay, unfortunately so did my parents and threw me out of the house when I was sixteen," Nikki said with real sadness in her voice. Helen started to stroke her thumb across the knuckles of Nikki's hand which she was still holding, sending electric currents and spreading warmth through both women.

"Oh God Nikki, I am so sorry," Helen said with concern.

Nikki smiled, "It's ok, it was years ago now and I have learned to live with it. I am proud of what and who I am. Life is too short to care about what others think. Basically I have lived around here for ages and have played hockey for these reprobates for longer than I can remember and I absolutely love it."

"I can see you care deeply for the team and have some great friends. It is obvious you want to achieve the best, I love the commitment you all have, it's rare in a big group," Helen said with clear pride in her voice.

"Yes I do." Said Nikki her eyes filling up with tears and then adding trying to gloss over her raw emotion, "But for God's sake don't tell them, it will go to their heads." Needing to gain some control over the conversation Nikki asked, "So what's the news about you and lover boy Sean Parr then, has he sweet talked you into his bed yet?" Helen immediately withdrew her hand; Nikki felt the loss like a mourned lover.

"And there's me thinking we were getting along and then you have to act like that, cut the macho crap Nikki. It's obvious that you have some history with Sean, so get it sorted with him, don't drag me into this!" Helen spat with venom in her voice. With that she moved across the taxi seat away from Nikki and stared out of the window.

Knowing she had over stepped the mark, Nikki started, "Helen….I..I." Nikki was cut short as the taxi lurched to a stop.

"There you go ladies, "Bad Girls", just like you wanted, that's £10 please?" Said the smiling cab driver who had obviously not listened to a word they had been saying, something for which Nikki was eternally grateful.

Reaching into her pocket Nikki pulled out a £20 note, handing it to the driver she said, "Keep the change mate." It wasn't like she was feeling generous, it was just that she wanted to get out of the taxi quickly and avoid the situation she had created.

"Wow, thanks darlin'." Said the taxi driver before he sped off into the night, searching for his next fare.

Nikki looked around for Helen, she needed to apologise for her earlier outburst but just caught sight of Helen's back as she disappeared into the club. This is going to be one long night, typical me, as soon as my mouth is open I am in trouble thought Nikki.


Chapter 9

As Nikki approached the club door her heart started to beat faster, it wasn't just the thumping base reverberating throughout the club, it was the thought of trying to apologise to Helen and explain why she had launched into her.

Opening the door, Nikki was immediately met by two mean looking blond women, one tall the other small and petite. Looking them up and down Nikki took a step back as they moved in unison towards her. Nikki said as calmly as she could, "Hi Julie J and Julie S." Closing her eyes Nikki knew what was about to happen.

"Nikkiiiiiiiiiiii!" they squealed together, both wrapping their arms around her, bringing her into a bone crushing embrace.

"You alright love?" said Julie J, the taller of the two women.

"Ooooo she looks too thin, don't she Ju?" said Julie S.

"Yeah, too thin," repeated Julie J.

"I….I….I," tried Nikki.

"See, she is too weak to even talk," said Julie J to her girlfriend as they both let go of Nikki and stepped back.

Nikki bent over, gasping for breath, "It's not that, I just couldn't get my breath, what with you two dozy tarts squeezing the life of me."

Julie S slapped her girlfriend Julie J, "See you daft bat, I told you there was nothing wrong with her. Looking good Nikki!" Her lover just stood there opened mouthed, shaking her head.

"Whatever Ju!" she said knowing it was not worth getting into an hour long debate about who said what.

Nikki smiled at the two women. "Make yourselves useful, a beautiful woman with deep green eyes just came in here, which way did she go?"

"Oooooh, I know the one you mean." Said Julie J with a twinkle in her eyes, "She went over to the bar and met up with your team mates."

"Great, thanks you two see you later." As she walked away Nikki could still hear the two Julies squabbling about whom spotted Helen first.

Approaching the group Nikki could see Helen engaged in a deep conversation with Yvonne, it was obvious she was keeping her back to Nikki trying to blank her. Knowing she had to rectify the problem, Nikki walked up to them and whispered into Helen's ear, "We need to talk."

Helen turned to face Nikki and was about to tell her to get lost when she saw the hurt and pain in her deep chocolate eyes. "Ok, let's go and find somewhere quiet."

"I know just the place." Nikki gently took the petite Scot's hand in hers and led her up some stairs, along a small dark corridor. Stopping just before a large door, she took a key from her jeans pocket and proceeded to unlock it. Nikki swung the door open allowing Helen to enter before her, hearing Helen gasp brought a small smile to Nikki's face.

"What the fu….." said Helen, her mouth still open.

As she passed Helen, Nikki couldn't help saying, "Helen, close your mouth you are causing a draught."

The room was massive and beautifully furnished with a huge oak desk, adorned with expensive looking lamps and computer, nestled behind it was a sumptuous leather chair. To the right was a full 3 piece suite, again chosen with care and an expert eye. Glancing around quickly, Helen could see a complete kitchen with all the gadgets you could think of, she assumed that the doors leading off from the main area were bedrooms and bathrooms. It was, in one word opulent to the extreme.

"Nikki! Should we been in here? The owners of the club will not be very happy if they catch us in here." Helen turned round still taking in her surroundings.

"Don't worry Helen, I am sure she will be fine about it," Nikki smiled.

"So…..she doesn't actually know we are here?" Panic was rising in Helen's voice.

Nikki gently took Helen's hand. "Sweetheart, it's ok, I own the club, so yeah she knows we are here."

"You bastard!" Helen exploded and walked away, "Can't you ever just tell me straight what's happening?" Helen suddenly realised what Nikki had just said. "Did you just call me sweetheart?"

"Er….yeah…..sorry, it sort of slipped out, Helen, please would you sit down while I explain a few things and you will begin to understand why I spoke to you like that in the taxi." Nikki sat down on the sofa waiting for Helen.

Helen sighed and made her way over, sitting closely next to Nikki, "Ok, but no more games Nikki, I am too old and wise to be messed about."

Nikki took a deep breath, she began to regale the story of her and Trish's 4 year relationship which, culminated a little over a month ago with her catching Sean and Trish in the compromising position in the changing room. Nikki explained that although initially upset at their break up, she had quickly realised it was probably a blessing in disguise. It made her realise she had made do during their time together and that it would not happen again. When she had finished Nikki dropped her head into her hands, weeping openly.

Seeing the turmoil Nikki was in, Helen moved closer, taking her into her arms, she muttered words of support and stroked the tall woman's hair as she did so. After a few moments Nikki pulled away from Helen and wiped her face with a tissue. "I am so sorry. I don't normally act like this. You must bring something out in me," Nikki smiled trying to make light of the situation.

"Oh no you don't Miss Wade, you don't get away that easily. What you have just said explains your animosity towards Sean. I can't stand the man either, but I have to keep on his good side because his mother has the power to decide how far I can get up the hockey ladder. But I would rather snog a gorilla than let him anywhere near me!"

Nikki burst out laughing at Helen's seriousness, "Snog a gorilla eh? I'll have to remember to take you to the zoo and set you up with one."

Realising how silly it all sounded to her own ears, Helen joined in Nikki's laughter, "Ok maybe not a gorilla, but why does it bother you so much that I might fancy Sean?"

Standing up Nikki pulled Helen to her feet, "Because of this." Nikki leaned down brushing her lips across Helen's, immediately feeling them swell with desire. A small moan escaped Helen's mouth as she slid her tongue along Nikki's bottom lip and was rewarded when she was met by a hungry searching tongue in return. Their kiss deepened, Nikki had never experienced anything like it in her life, it was so right, it felt like she was finally coming home and the moaning she heard from Helen, it was obvious she was feeling the same way.

Helen was thoroughly enjoying the kiss but something in the back of her mind was screaming; no!. Pulling away abruptly, Helen looked into Nikki's eyes, with tears rising in her own, she stuttered, "I…..I…..I can't do this, not again Nikki, it's not fair on you or the club." Turning round Helen grabbed her bag and fled out of the room leaving a dazed Nikki thinking; what the hell just happened, what on earth did I miss!.


Chapter 10

Nikki sat down at her desk, trying to work out what had just transpired between Helen and her. It was obvious Helen felt something for her and the way she kissed her back was definitely not the first time she had kissed a woman. Nikki went back in her mind to what Helen had said; "It's not fair on you or the club", what the hell was all that about. It had to be something that had happened to Helen and affected the club she was playing for at the time. Nikki sat thinking about how she could find out, then it came to her; Internet, there had to be something on there or at least give me an idea of somewhere to start!. Switching on her computer she waited for it to connect. Typing the name of Helen Stewart into Google she was amazed when hundred of entries came up. Nikki didn't appreciate how common the name was. Quickly realising she would have to refine her search, deciding to add in the word hockey to see if that helped. Quicker than she could blink the machine proudly showed 400 entries, scrolling down most of them were just articles about games where Helen's name was briefly mentioned. Even just reading Helen's name made Nikki's heart beat faster, she had to admit it, she had it bad for the little Scot. Then she found what she was looking for, a headline screaming:

Affair divides club and throws away European chance of glory

Nikki read slowly as the story outlined how an 18 year old Helen had become involved in a relationship with her club's older coach. The relationship went bad and the coach had dropped Helen from the team who was by far their best player on the eve of an important European qualifying game. The team promptly lost and the coach publicly blamed Helen, saying she had made all sorts of demands including dropping other players to make herself look good. In the end the coach said she had not option but to drop Helen in the best interests of the team.

Nikki sighed as she sat back in her chair, so at least she knew what prompted Helen's outburst and hasty departure. However, although she hadn't known Helen very long and that the alleged event took place 11 years ago, Nikki knew that she would never have demanded that other players be dropped to further her own career. Nikki felt in her heart that the coach only said what she did to cover her own back for a spur of the moment stupid decision.

Picking up the phone she dialled a number from memory, Nikki had already decided what she had to do. "Hi, can I speak to Neil please?" she said to the young man who answered the phone.

"Hi, now unless you are a young man with the body of Adonis and are phoning me from just outside my front door, will you politely piss off. I was just about to get a massage from the nubile youngster who just answered the phone," Neil cooed.

"Neil, you are such a drama queen, since when have any young men queued outside your house. It's Nikki Wade you miserable old sod." Nikki laughed down the phone.

"Nikkiiiii……..my token Lezza friend? It's great to hear from you, your timing is shite but what do you want?" Neil said without much pre-amble.

"You know me too well my darling gay boy. I need some help and your investigative skills are just what are called for, my sweetness."

"Oooooh you sweet talker, tell Uncle Neil what you need and he will see what he can do for his favourite dyke."

Nikki was amazed how quickly Neil got back to her with the information she needed and also all the details she asked to be confirmed. She flipped shut her phone as she pushed open the changing room doors and threw her bag on the bench. She was in a world of her own, thinking what a young Helen Stewart must have gone through and as a result how she acted the other night, when Karen called for quiet.

"Just to let everyone know that Helen has called, she is unwell so can't make the training session tonight," said Karen.

"I am really sorry to hear she is ill. But thank God we won't be run into the ground tonight with her twatting fitness training," said Zandra Plackett.

"Well, that's where you are wrong," smiled Karen. "You will be pleased to hear she has left me a full programme to put you all through, so out you all go, the sooner we do it, the sooner we can go home or to the bar."

It hadn't gone un-noticed by Karen that Nikki was very quiet and hadn't joined in the banter. "Are you ok Nikki, ready for some training?" Karen said with concern in her voice.

Thinking fast on her feet Nikki said, "Karen, I feel like shit myself, I thought if I came along I would be able to take part but I must have what Helen's got."

Karen knew that Nikki was not one to try and get out of training, quite the opposite. "Nikki you do look pale, why don't you get yourself home to bed?"

"Yeah, I think I will, but Karen I have something for Helen, she asked me to get a back dated copy of 'Hockey Life', I was hoping to see her tonight to let her have it. I don't suppose you have her address and I could pop it in her letter box on my way home?"

"Course I have and tell her we all send our best wishes." Karen grabbed a pen as she wrote down Helen's address.


Chapter 11

What the hell am I doing? thought Nikki as she sat in her car outside Helen's house. Taking a deep breath she got out and made her way up the path, the security light came on unexpectedly, making Nikki jump, smiling to herself she thought; Get a grip woman.

The door bell rang, Who the hell is that thought Helen as she walked towards her front door. As she approached the frosted glass she could see the outline of a tall person, she slid the security chain on she opened the door slightly.

Not expecting the sight before her, she exclaimed, "Nikki!….what the fu, no, no!" as she slammed the door shut.

"Helen, c'mon let me in, I need to talk to you," Nikki said as she banged on the door, "I will stay here all night if I have to." She continued to thump on the door.

"Nikki, I can't do this, please just leave it. I will tell Karen that the club needs someone else and you will not have to see me again." As Helen stood on the other side of the closed door the tears tumbled down her face.

"Helen I am not going anywhere and you are not going to leave the club, now let me in this instant or I will break down this bloody door!" Nikki yelled with more conviction than she felt.

Resignedly, Helen slid the security chain, opened the door and walked back into the house. Nikki followed taking in her surroundings as quickly as she could, in case she never set foot in her house again, she wanted to know as much as she could about the fiery Scot.

"Would you like a drink?" Helen said as she turned to face Nikki.

Nikki's breath caught in her throat, Helen really was stunning and at that moment she knew she was in deeply in love with her, Nikki gulped, "Yes please, I'll have whatever you are having."

"I'm just on coffee, I don't need alcohol to make me feel any worse than I do right now," Helen replied as she made her way to the Kitchen, Nikki followed dutifully, sitting at the table. So, what is so important you have to tell me right this very minute?" As Helen looked at the tall, dark athletic woman her heart beat sped up.

Nikki patted the seat beside her "Come here, sit down and I will tell you."

As Helen sat down Nikki automatically grabbed Helen's hand and began the sensual stroking of her thumb against the palm of her hand. Helen smiled, "Nikki, if you knew what that was doing to me you would stop this instant."

Nikki grinned like a cat, "Probably the same it is doing to me Helen. Look darling, I am not one to beat around the bush, I know everything about what happened at the club you left when you were 18 and what that cow of a coach did to you. You cannot go on punishing yourself or think that history will repeat itself."

All the years of emotion that Helen had kept hidden away about the whole sordid affair came tumbling out in one fell swoop. She completely broke down. Nikki had never seen someone cry so much in all her life. Taking Helen in her strong arms, she rocked and soothed the small Scots woman until the tears subsided.

Helen pulled away from Nikki. "You must think me horrible for letting everyone down on the eve of a European qualifying game."

"Helen, I don't think anything of the sort. You were only 18; you were more likely in love with someone you looked up to. Also I did some digging and I know for a fact that you did not ask the coach to drop team mates or threaten her with anything, so stop trying to keep covering for her all these years on," Nikki said kindly.

Helen sat there stunned as the tears threatened to burst forth again. "Oh Nikki, why are you bothering with me, my parents couldn't be bothered, ex-lovers couldn't be bothered, all I ask is why?"

"Helen, I have to tell you, I think you are gorgeous, I am totally in love with you. I can't help it. I knew it the minute I saw you watching our first game. I tried to stop myself, thinking I was on the re-bound from Trish, when how could I be, when I have never ever had this strength of feelings for anyone before you." Nikki dropped her head and stared at the floor.

Helen thought her heart would burst. "Oh God Nikki, I feel the same, but I am so scared, I don't want to ruin the clubs chances of success and I don't want to screw up your life as well, you have been through enough with Trish recently."

Gently taking Helen's hand Nikki kissed the palm and then held it to her own face. "Helen?" she said softly. "You are probably the only person in the world I could be bothered about, you are not the same person you were all those years ago. I nearly screwed up my life when I almost lost you, when I accused you of shagging Sean. I will not let that happen, ever, you are my soul mate Helen."

Frightened she could not put her true feelings into words Helen did the next most natural thing to show Nikki how much she loved her. Grabbing Nikki's face she brought her lips crashing hungrily to the taller woman's, immediately seeking access with her tongue which was granted by a moaning Nikki. As their passion rose Helen pulled away and left a trail of small but powerful kisses across Nikki's cheek, ending up at her pulse point which she sucked hard leaving a red angry mark. She wanted to show the world that Nikki belonged to someone and was no longer on the market for a girlfriend.

"Oh God Helen, I….I...want you so bad…..please!" Nikki moaned hardly able to catch her breath.

Hearing Nikki say please sent an electric shock straight to Helen's throbbing core, "Nikki, bedroom, now," Helen grabbed Nikki's hand and pulled her upstairs.

As they got into the bedroom, Helen turned around to face Nikki, ordering her, "Get your clothes off right now!"

"Yes Miss Stewart," Nikki said with a twinkle in her eyes. "I love it when you are bossy."

Helen couldn't wait any longer. "Shut up and do it now!" She strode towards her soon to be lover, quickly dropping to her knees she unbuttoned Nikki's jeans. Helping Helen, Nikki had just pulled them down along with her lacy black briefs when Helen pushed her roughly back onto the bed.

"Oh God darling…please!" Nikki pleaded. Although she came across as the one who wanted to be in charge, she loved the fact that Helen was taking the lead.

Helen slid her entire naked body the whole length of Nikki's, which elicited loud aroused moans from her. Moving her thigh in between Nikki's legs she felt Nikki's wetness coat her leg, this only spurred her on as she moved it up and down in a delightful rhythm, her own clit catching on Nikki's thigh. Nikki pushed her silken folds harder against Helen's leg, her excitement building at the delicious friction the gorgeous Scot was causing.

Helen could see Nikki's climax beginning, slowing down her action she wanted the beautiful woman beneath her to come when she decided and not before. A wicked grin spread across Helen's face as Nikki's moaned her disappointment, grabbing Helen's tight buttocks she tried to get the friction started again.

"Darling, I need you to calm down a bit," Helen said hardly getting her own breath as she looked directly into Nikki's dilated pupils. "I promise it will be even better if you do."

"I….I….don't think I can," Nikki moaned through aroused gasps.

"We'll see," replied Helen in a wicked voice.

Helen dipped her head, taking one of Nikki's erect nipples in her mouth she sucked hard, causing Nikki to cry out.

"Oh, sorry darling did I hurt you?"

"No…..I want it harder!" Nikki cried out.

Smirking Helen thought: Well, well who knew that Miss Wade liked it a bit rough. Not wanting to disappoint Nikki she latched onto the erect wet nipple she had just left and bit down hard whilst all the time sucking as hard as she could.

Arching her back off the bed Nikki yelled, "Oh God baby ……yes…yes, oh God."

Helen slid her hand down Nikki's taught stomach and was rewarded when she made her way through Nikki's curls that her legs were spread wide. Nikki gasped out loud as Helen ran her fingers through her soaked slick folds, stopping at the sensitive bundle of nerves, beginning a circular motion she knew Nikki would love.

"Oh……oh….yesssss……Helen that's good, soooo good…….please baby, don't stop," Nikki pleaded loudly as her hips rotated in time with Helen's fingers.

Sliding down Nikki's body, Helen had to taste her, removing her fingers she replaced them with her tongue. Pushing it in as far as she could, Helen dragged it roughly towards Nikki's clit and began the exquisite massage she knew would bring Nikki to the edge. Nikki was shouting Helen's name over and over again, at that moment in time it sounded absolutely wonderful to her.

As Nikki's orgasm began to build, again Helen stopped abruptly. Nikki's head shot up and she rested back on her elbows, a look of disappointment on her face was evidence.

This look was soon changed to pure arousal when she saw Helen begin another erotic massage as she began to rub her own erect nipple into Nikki's wetness, backwards and forwards, round and round. Gradually building up the speed, the erect little nub caught Nikki clit time and time again.

"Oh God Helen!….yesssssssss, oh yessssss baby, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Nikki screamed as an enormous orgasm ripped through her body, causing her to buck violently. Thinking she would never be able to move again, Nikki was shocked to feel Helen enter her roughly with three fingers. "Helen….I…...I can't, I've never come twi….." was all Nikki managed before another orgasm began, Helen curled her fingers hitting the spot that sent Nikki into heaven. "Helennnnn!" she gasped out loud. The tremors flowed through Nikki's body for a good five minutes after Helen had climbed up and spooned beside her.

Helen looked across at her lover, only to see tears flowing freely down her cheeks. Wiping them away, she asked, "Are you ok baby, I didn't hurt you did I?"

Smiling at Helen, Nikki said, "No darling you didn't hurt me, it's just that it has never been that intense for me I am just a little bit overwhelmed at the moment. I love you Helen Stewart."

"I love you to babe." Helen knew she could never be happier than she was right now. Leaning onto one elbow, she looked directly into Nikki's deep brown eyes, "You want to show me how much you love me?" With that she grabbed Nikki's hand and plunged it between her legs letting out a feral moan as Nikki caught her clit with her thumb.


Chapter 12

Nikki was having the most wonderful dream, she had just been making love to Helen all night long, but she didn't want to wake up because she knew she could never get back to it. A loud bang somewhere outside woke her with a start, looking across the room panic set in; This isn't my room, where the hell am I?. Feeling movement beside her Nikki had a sinking feeling that maybe she had got drunk the night before and brought a stranger home.

All of a sudden it all came flooding back to her; Helen! Last night she had come to Helen, Oh God it wasn't a dream, thank the stars. Rolling over with the biggest smile, she came face to face with a stern looking Helen.

Oh no, she is regretting last night already, she will blame drink, drugs anything but taking responsibility for what had happened between us

"Don't think last night will make any difference," said Helen seriously.

Nikki exploded, "God women are so predictable! I knew it! I laid myself bare to you and this is what you do in return."

Feeling the situation spiralling out of control, Helen quickly pulled Nikki into her arms. "Let me finish you infuriating woman. What I was going to say was, don't think last night will make any difference regarding how hard I make you work at the fitness training. I still want to see that perfect tight ass of yours doing its stuff around the hockey pitch." Helen had a big evil grin on her face as she stared at her lover.

Pulling out of Helen's embrace Nikki at least had the decency to blush about her outburst. "I am sorry my darling, you will have to be patient with me, I am feeling a little bit insecure at the moment. The whole Trish thing really knocked my confidence."

Helen grabbed Nikki, kissing her fiercely. "Darling, we have a life time to work on that, God I am so lucky to have found such a beautiful, gorgeous, sexy, funny and loyal woman. There is no way I am letting you get away."

"Ok, ok, quieten down everyone. We only have one end of the hockey pitch for practice tonight as the men's team booked the pitch for the same time, so we have agreed to use half each. So, if you make your way out there, we will start on set plays from short corners, then do some forwards versus defence and then finish off with some penalty strokes," said Helen looking around the team. "I wan….," Helen stuttered as her eyes met Nikki's, she was trying desperately to compose herself. Nikki could see Helen had lost her thread and smirked. Helen blushed, quickly trying to pull herself together; she looked away from Nikki's deep brown eyes. "Sorry…..I want you to do a couple of laps of the pitch to warm up, so off you go."

All the team filed out of the changing room with Nikki at the back and Helen following. Before Helen made it out of the door Nikki turned quickly, push her back into the room, grabbing her she proceeded to kiss Helen hard, slipping her tongue into Helen's moaning mouth. Helen turned Nikki around pushing her against the door to prevent anyone coming in. She brought her hands up to Nikki's breasts and began to knead them running her thumbs over her erect nipples.

"Ohhh….God…..ohhhhh, Helen please," Nikki moaned out loud.

Helen stepped back with a smirk on her face. "Come on, outside, that gets you back for the shower incident and putting me off my team talk before." Pulling the door open she glided past an opened mouthed Nikki.

"You sod!" Nikki called out as she followed Helen outside.

"Where have you two been?" Karen enquired as Nikki and Helen got to the pitch side.

"Oh, I just had to speak to Nikki about some extra fitness exercises she wants to try," said Helen quickly.

"Mmmmmmmmmm……." Said Karen looking at Nikki who was beaming ear to ear.

The training session went really well, apart from a couple of times when the girls were met with a few cat calls as they went to collect balls that had gone down to the men's end of the pitch. They were just lining up to take some penalty strokes at Nikki, when the men started walking past as their practice had finished.

Nikki was leaning against the goalpost chatting to Karen when she heard someone call something out. "Hey, Nikki stop this one!" shouted Sean. Before she had chance to react, a ball struck her on the side of her head splitting the helmet, knocking her out cold. Helen came running over to see blood streaming from a large cut on the side of Nikki's head. She dropped quickly to her knees to help her lover.

"Oh God! Oh Nikki Please wake up? Please! Someone call an ambulance!" Helen was crying as she cradled Nikki's head in her lap. Turning to face a very pale and ashamed looking Sean, she said through gritted teeth, "Sean you are a complete idiot! Don't think you are going to get away with this, I am going to report you to the Hockey Association."

It felt like hours waiting for medical help, Helen thought she was going to lose it. She felt helpless as the woman she loved more than anything else in the world lay there unconscious. Blue flashing lights and sirens ripped Helen from her thoughts, the ambulance beeped as it reversed to get as close to their patient as they could.

"Excuse me love, but you are going to have to let us take over from here," said the paramedic as she tried to get to Nikki.

"Oh, sorry, yes of course." Helen moved away from Nikki's side, the shock of what had happened to her lover finally catching up with her. The tears rolled down her face and she started shaking uncontrollably. Karen wrapped her arms around Helen, leading her to the waiting ambulance as its gaping doors showered them in light.

Nikki was quickly and efficiently loaded onto the ambulance. The paramedic sought Helen out, "Come on my love, you need to be with her," the tone of her voice leaving Helen under no illusion that she had immediately understood the status of Helen and Nikki's relationship without a word being uttered.


Chapter 13

The artificial hospital lights were bright and unforgiving, burning into Helen's sensitive eyes. She had been sitting in the waiting room for 3 hours, crying continuously on Karen's shoulder.

"I'm sure she will be fine, that head of hers is so hard, it would take more than a stray hockey ball to do her any damage," Karen tried.

"It was not a stray hockey ball Karen! Sean knew exactly what he was doing. He was trying to show off as usual," replied Helen through gritted teeth. "I will make sure he pays for what he has done."

Just at that moment, the paramedic who had treated Nikki came walking down the corridor towards them. Smiling she said, "Good news, her skull isn't fractured and the cut looked much worse than it was. They have stitched her up, however, she keeps falling in and out of consciousness but this should pass. The Doctors don't think there will be any effect on her memory but it is still early days. You can go in and see her if you want, but don't tire her out, ok?"

Helen's shoulders slumped with such relief, she thanked the paramedic profusely, turning to Karen she said, "Come on then, let's go and see her."

"Are you sure? Don't you want to go on your own?"

"Don't be daft, you are her best friend. You are the first person she will want to see when she wakes up." Helen smiled back at her friend.

"Thanks," said Karen, then muttered under her breath, "I think you are wrong there, I know exactly who she will want to see when she wakes up."

They walked into the room to see Nikki lying in a small pool of light, her eyes firmly closed. Her breathing was low and even. Helen went straight to her lover's side, grabbing Nikki's hand she stroked her affectionately. Karen smiled as she saw the intimate act; happy, knowing that Nikki had finally found her soul mate.

Nikki's eyes immediately flickered open. "Hi sweetheart, it nice to see those big brown eyes again," Helen said with her heart full of joy.

Frowning Nikki said with a husky dry throat, "Hi, but who are you?"

Looking frantically round to Karen, Helen's eyes pleaded for help. She strode over to Nikki's bed. "Nikki, it's Karen……..Karen and Helen, you know from Larkhall Ladies hockey team." Nikki's eyes fluttered closed, Helen leaned in closer, concern written all over her face.

Nikki's eyes shot open "Ha ha Gotcha!" she shouted.

Helen immediately burst into tears and ran from the room. Karen slapped Nikki hard on the shoulder. "Wade! You can be a complete bloody idiot at times. Helen has been close to the edge and worried sick about you. Funnily enough now was not a good time to play a joke."

Nikki's head dropped as she realised what she had done. "Oh God, I just didn't think Karen, go get her, go get her now! I would never hurt her, ever, please Karen," Nikki pleaded, totally ashamed with herself.

"I shouldn't you know," said Karen, "If it wasn't for the fact that you love her so much, I would tell you to sod off."

"How the hell….." Nikki gulped.

"Oh come on, you go all googly eyed and your tongue all but hangs out of your mouth when you look at her, that's how you idiot," Karen said, smiling as she turned walking out of the room. As she made her way along the corridor, she found Helen slumped against the wall, taking shuddering breaths, sobbing her heart out.

Karen gently took Helen into her arms, "Come on Helen, she knows what a tit she has been, she does things without thinking. You know deep down she would never knowingly hurt you. She loves you far too much to do that."

Stepping out of Karen's embrace, Helen stopped sobbing, a smile crept across her tear stained face. "She…she told you that?"

"She doesn't have to love I have never seen her look at anyone the way she looks at you. She has met her match with you Helen and her soul mate all rolled into one. Now get back in there right this minute."

Helen hovered around the doorway, not sure whether to go in or to let Nikki sleep, before she could make up her mind, she heard a voice.

"Helen, please come here sweetheart. I need you, I….I….I love you so much," Nikki said huskily. Not being able to hold back any longer, Helen threw herself into her lover's warm embrace.

"Oh Nikki, I was beside myself, I thought he had killed you. I was so worried that I had only just found you, only to lose you to a stupid act by a pathetic little idiot," Helen trembled with emotion.

"I know baby, I know. I am sorry for what I did before, I shouldn't have done it darling, please forgive me?" Nikki begged, tears threatening to break through.

Helen gently cupped her lover's face, brushing her lips sensually across Nikki's, at the same time allowing her tongue to run along her bottom lip. Nikki's response was immediate, letting out a moan loaded with arousal she grabbed Helen, pulling her on top of her, sliding her tongue hard into Helen's mouth she started the slow massage of Helen's tongue. Things started to get heated when Nikki reached beneath Helen's t-shirt, rubbing her thumbs across her erect nipples causing Helen to cry out loud.

"Ahem!" Came Karen's voice from the doorway, "I can see you are feeling much better, in every sense of the word," she added with a raised eyebrow and smirk on her face.

A very flushed, heavy breathing Helen climbed down off of Nikki's bed, trying desperately to look everywhere apart from at Karen.

"Well you can't keep a good woman down, although Helen was trying quite hard just then," Nikki said bursting out laughing.

"So I take it everything's alright in the Wade/Stewart household again?" said Karen trying to keep a serious face.

Gaining her composure, Helen replied, "You could say that, but I am going to get her back big style for pulling that little stunt back there, but I will get her when she least expects it. It's Stewart/Wade household by the way."


Chapter 14

It had been a week since Nikki's little stay in hospital; she had spent 2 days under observation and was only allowed home if she had someone to look after her. Helen didn't hesitate, she told Nikki she was coming to stay with her and there would be no arguing. Nikki was left speechless, no one had ever done anything like this for her before, she was so moved she grabbed Helen into a tight bear hug.

The week had gone by so quickly, both women falling into an unsaid routine, loving every moment. Neither wanted to be out of each other sight for more than a couple of minutes, they often found themselves at odds when they looked around and the other was missing. One such situation was when Nikki burst into the bathroom only to find Helen sitting on the toilet. Helen burst out laughing, asking Nikki what was wrong; her heart soared when a red faced Nikki blurted out that she missed her.

They had slept in the same bed, but Helen had told Nikki there would be no love making until Nikki's headaches had stopped and she felt well enough to start playing hockey again. These conditions were met with derision by Nikki, until she realised that Helen was deadly serious. Oh well, it will make it all the sweeter when we do make love, thought Nikki, even though she did not believe a word of it, wanting Helen there and then.

"Nikki! Are you ready darling? Come on, we are going to be late as it is," Helen called out as she set down her hockey bag beside the front door.

It didn't matter how many times she saw Nikki, the sight still made her breath catch and her heart beat that bit faster. "Ok, ok keep yer hair on, I am going as fast as I can."

Without warning Nikki pushed Helen hard against the front door, kissing her deeply and passionately. "Wow! What was that for?" Helen asked breathlessly as she pulled away a few minutes later.

"I have gone without for a week now and I want you so much, I almost thought about having you over the kitchen table this morning!" Nikki moaned her voice dripping with arousal.

The statement only added fuel to Helen's already building excitement, "Oh God Nikki, I want you so badly as well," Helen gasped. Nikki reached forward, slipping her hand into Helen's tracksuit bottoms and past her lacy briefs. She headed straight for her slick folds, stopping at Helen's throbbing centre. She pushed her lover against the door at the same time lifting her causing Helen to wrap her legs around Nikki's waist. "Ohhhhhhhh, baby I want you inside me, inside me hard," Helen begged.

Nikki needed no further encouragement, using her body she pushed against her own arm, inserting two fingers hard into her lover. "Oh yes, oh yes, oooooh yes…….mmmmmmmmmmmm," Helen moaned into Nikki's ear. Pulling her fingers almost out, Nikki thrust forward with all her body weight, again and again as the door behind Helen banged with each plunge into her lovers soaking core.

"More…….Ohhhhhhhh yesssss, darling more," Helen moaned loudly.

Hearing her lovers demands Nikki added a third finger and continued pumping in and out, feeling Helen's muscles tightening around her hand she brought her thumb up to Helen's swollen bundle of nerves, brushing across it with every thrust. "Helen, let go sweetheart, come for me, come only for me," Nikki gasped as she bit down on Helen's arched neck.

This was enough to send Helen crashing over the edge, "Oooooohhhhh, yesssssssssssssssss! Oh my God! Oh my God!" Helen screamed as the tremors continued to make her body convulse even after Nikki had stopped. Nikki smiled as she pulled back to allow Helen to lower her feet to the ground. But all that happened was that Helen slid down the door to the ground with an ungraceful thump.

"Helen, baby, are you ok?" Concern was etched on Nikki's face.

Helen was just managing to get her breath, "Darling I am more than alright, it's just that orgasm made me lose all feeling in my legs and many other places come to mention it. You are amazing, do you know that?"

"So are you darling, so are you. So does this mean you can't manage hockey training tonight, cos we could always just have a fun night in," Nikki said wiggling her eyebrows.

"I am fine for hockey sweetheart and depending on how hard a certain goalkeeper trains this evening; will depend on how well she is rewarded later." Innuendo dripped in Helen's voice.

Quickly grabbing Helen's hand, Nikki hauled her to her feet, "Well come on then, the sooner we go, the sooner we get back." Nikki laughed as she slapped Helen's perfectly rounded ass.


Chapter 15

The training session went really well, Nikki was outstanding, encouraging the team, putting 100% into all her practice routines. Helen smiled, thinking to herself; Wow, she must really want a good reward tonight and boy is she going to get it!

In the changing rooms Helen waited until everyone had showered and called for their attention. "Look ladies, I just want to say a few words. I am absolutely over the moon about how hard and serious you are taking the fitness training and the practice training. I know you haven't had chance to show off your new found stamina because of the weather induced three week break but I can assure you that it will pay off big time in your match on Saturday. Now take it easy, don't eat or drink too much before the weekend and I will see you here at 12.00 noon on Saturday."

Nikki was about to stand up and sing Helen's praises, when she was beaten to the punch by Rachel Hicks. Rachel was the youngest in the team, a slight girl who looked like she would fall over in a light breeze. Half the time, Nikki forgot she was there because she never really said anything, coming across as a shy, awkward teenager. "Well I don't know about the rest of the team but I feel stronger and much more confident since Helen became our coach. I even told the school bully to fuck off yesterday or I would punch her face in," said Rachel full of pride.

This speech was met with stunned silence from the team, then amazement took over, then cheers by all her team mates as they gathered around her for a group hug, "Go Rachel Go Rachel Go Rachel!" they all started to chant.

Nikki's face was hurting so much from smiling; her heart was bursting with pride at Helen's achievements at the club. Going over to Helen she pulled her to one side. "Darling, I am so very proud of you." The adoration clear in her voice.

"Thank you darling, you have no idea what that means to me," said Helen with tears prickling her eyes. She was just about to reach up and kiss Nikki when she remembered where she was.

"Almost…." said Nikki smiling as she turned to get her bag.

Karen walked over to Helen, high emotion all over her face. "Helen that was a great speech and I am so thankful we have got you as our coach. You have made such a difference at this club."

"Karen, it was all already here thanks to you, I just helped it along a bit." Helen smiled as she patted Karen's arm.

Nikki made her way up to the bar and was met by a sight she hoped she would never ever see again. There was Helen, standing close to Sean Parr and then Sean patting Helen on the back. Nikki was about to explode when Helen made her way over.

"Helen, what the fu…." Nikki started but was interrupted by Helen before she could finish her rant.

Putting her hand up, Helen explained, "Nikki, it is not what it looks like."

"That's funny because it's exactly what Trish said before I got rid of her from my life," Nikki grunted angrily.

Helen stayed calm because she knew how badly Nikki had been hurt in the past. "Nikki, you know when Sean knocked you out with the hockey ball last week?"

"Well I couldn't exactly forget. Well I could actually if he had hit it any harder," Nikki replied sarcastically.

"Nikki! You know that's the lowest form of wit," Helen said with a smirk. "Well, I said I would get him back and I have."

"What, by chatting him up in front of all my friends?" Nikki pouted.

"No darling, I have just made him agree that his company will sponsor the ladies team for the next five years, including new kit, payment of all pitch fees and any expenses we incur on our travels. As you know that will come to a very tidy sum," Helen said with a satisfied grin on her face.

In that moment all Nikki's anger dissipated and she laughed out loud, "If this bar wasn't full of people I would give you a big kiss Helen Stewart."

"Mmmmmmmmmm…. That would be nice, but save it for later; I've got plans for those lips," Helen said, her eyes full of desire.

Nikki's mouth went dry, "Wow," was all she could manage.

"Oh, and another thing, Sean has agreed to put a £50 bar tab down each Saturday for the girls," Helen grinned.

"You really are something Helen, you know that? Let's go tell the team, they will be over the moon," Nikki laughed grabbing Helen's hand.


Chapter 16

At 12.00 noon Helen stood in the middle of the changing room as the team started to arrive and began their various rituals in the build up to game time.

Smiling she thought back 3 hours where she had first hand experience of Nikki's pre-game customs, which included making love in the bathroom, hall and while sitting on a kitchen chair. Helen tried to warn her about using up all her energy, only to be pinned up against the wall and covered in ferocious kisses.

"Ahem!" Karen coughed into Helen's ear, then added in a low whisper, "When you have stopped smiling and thinking about a certain goalkeeper, we are ready for your team talk."

Blushing furiously Helen composed herself. "Ok ladies, here we are, it's now all up to you. When we get our first corner, I want it out quickly and slipped to the right for the shot, if we get a penalty stroke, I want Yvonne to take it. Denny and Shaz you know what you are doing, don't let anyone get past you. Nikki, just boot the ball as hard as you can to the side lines, we can't afford to give away any fouls in the circle because their short corner routine is awesome. Remember everything we have worked on in practice and listen to Karen. Now go out there and enjoy yourselves. Oh, just one other minor detail, win will you!" Helen yelled.

The first half was very tight with neither teams giving anything away, the opposition was starting to get on top just before half time, peppering Nikki's goal with a number of shots which, she was more than equal to. Thankfully the whistle went giving Helen chance to speak to her team and make some tactical changes.

As she walked over she could hear Nikki's voice booming out, "Yvonne! Do you think at some stage you could put a tackle in now and again?"

"Yeah well darlin', if you actually moved that fat arse a bit quicker and come out to the kick the ball before it was on yer goal line then we might not be under so much pressure, ya moody bitch!" Yvonne yelled back.

Helen quickly stepped in, "Now, now, ladies, arguing like this will not help the team."

Both Yvonne and Nikki turned around to face Helen and burst into laughter. "Helen, that's probably the nicest we have been to each other during half time for about 3 years," Nikki said, still giggling.

"Oh, you sods!" Helen said reproachfully.

Helen went through the changes with the team, as they turned to go back on the pitch, Helen said to Karen out of earshot, "If it is still 0-0 with 5 minutes to go, send Rachel Hicks up front and tell her to hang around the goalkeeper for any stray balls."

Karen looked at Helen as if she had gone mad. "Are you sure? She would blow over in a soft breeze." Realising Helen was deadly serious Karen added quickly, "Ok, ok your decision."

The second half went almost the same way as the first, only Helen noticed that the opposition were starting to tire, where as Larkhall Ladies seemed to get stronger and stronger. The 10 minutes to go period came up and Karen looked over to Helen, who merely nodded. Karen went over to Rachel, whispered in her ear, Rachel's eyes widened and an enormous smile spread over her face as she jogged up to the oppositions circle.

Helen's heart leapt into her mouth as the visitors broke free and hurtled towards Nikki's goal, their right wing undercut the ball and it flew high into the air. It was as if everything went into slow motion. Helen called out, "Nikki! Ball to Rachel!"

Nikki looked over, understanding sparking in her eyes, catching the ball on the full volley, she booted it the full length of the pitch. Everyone turned around to see Rachel control the ball, go one on one with the goalkeeper, strike the ball low and hard into the bottom of the goal. Her team mates all stood with their mouths open and then as reality hit, they went absolutely mad, whooping and cheering as they ran towards Rachel.

The next 5 minutes seemed to last an age but they held on to a 1-0 win. Rachel was hoisted above her team mate's shoulders as they made their way to the changing rooms at the final whistle. As Helen approached the changing room she could hear bedlam, smiling to herself she pushed open the door to be met by thunderous applause.

"That change was brilliant Helen, how did you know to do that?" Karen asked in awe.

Looking around the team, Helen could tell they expected some incredible words of wisdom but she knew she had to be honest. "Well, I could see how mouthy their centre forward was, by doing that she kept bringing attention to herself, so in turn it made her easy to mark. So I thought if she was actually quiet, she could sneak in and do some damage. So I thought who on our team had the skill and could pull quietness that off, Rachel of course and the rest is history. Oh, apart from Nikki over there who kicked the ball so far she could put David Beckham to shame."

They all turned to Nikki, who was blushing bright red. "Well it was actually a miss-kick I was actually aiming for Atkins fat arse," she said as she burst out laughing.


Chapter 17

The celebrations went on into the night, even culminating in Sean upping the bar tab to £100. The team all knew the game was the turning point of their season and that from that moment on they were destined for bigger and better things.

Before they all got too drunk, Helen said, "Well done everyone! But don't forget we have the semi-finals of the County Cup next weekend and we will be playing local rivals Holloway Ladies."

"Oh God, I forgot it's Bodybag's lot," moaned Nikki.

"Bodybags lot? Why do you call them that?" Helen asked not sure she really wanted to hear the answer.

Smiling, Nikki explained, "Well they are sponsored by Bodybags, I mean Sylvia Hollambys husband Bobby."

Helen frowned, "But that doesn't explain the bodybag bit."

Nikki laughed out loud. "Well it does because Bobby is an undertaker!" This was met by howls of laughter from her team mates and Helen. "Helen you should see her, she looks like she has mouthful of wasps and a bad smell under her nose. I've never met such a miserable old bat in all my life, she runs the team like a commandant and when they lose it's always the umpires fault, never her bad coaching."

"Well that's good to know, maybe we can use that against her and unsettle them," said Helen deviously. "But even if we can't, you lot are more than a match for them. We will work on some set pieces at the Tuesday night practice that might unnerve them a bit."

Walking into Helen's lounge, Nikki slumped down onto the sofa. "Helen darling, you have no idea what you have done for the team, and what you have done for me," said Nikki as the petit Scot walked towards her.

"Well, let me show you what more I can do for you babe," Helen said as she straddled Nikki's legs and sat in her lap. She cupped her face gently bringing her lips crashing down on Nikki's. Moaning out loud Nikki immediately slipped her tongue into Helen's slightly parted lips, beginning a sensual massage of her soft tongue. Helen began to rock against Nikki trying to find a solid point in which to cause friction on her throbbing centre.

"Ohhhh Helen, ohhhh baby," Nikki moaned out loud as she was caught up in Helen's rising sexual energy. Bunching her hand into a fist, Nikki placed it between them, pushing it hard against Helen's clit, she pushed up hard which, trapped the hand against her own clit at the same time. With practiced precision they began a sweet rhythm, moaning in unison, they built up the steady friction they both desired.

Nikki could feel herself approaching her orgasm, sensing that Helen was almost at her peak. "Helen, open your eyes, look at me, I want to see you," Nikki whispered huskily.

Helen opened her eyes and stared deeply into the beautiful woman beneath her, with one last thrust, they yelled in harmony, "Yessssssss…." as they crashed over an almighty orgasm. Helen slumped forward into her lover's arms panting. "Thank you darling, thank you, mmmmmmmmm…that was wonderful, fully clothed as well!"

"The feeling's mutual babe, believe me," Nikki said through hooded eyes. "God, you really are so beautiful, I can't believe I've really got you."

"So are you sweetheart and I am the lucky one. Now let's go upstairs, so you can show me again quite how lucky I am." Grabbing Nikki's hand Helen pulled her to her feet.

An evil thought crossed Nikki's mind. "I would darling but I am absolutely knackered after the hockey match, do you mind if I just have a long soak and an early night, we can snuggle up and fall asleep in each others arms?" Nikki waited for Helen's disappointment to show.

"Oh sweetheart, you are right, I didn't think, you must be tired," Helen murmured sympathetically. Seeing Nikki's mouth twitch, Helen correctly assessed that Nikki was playing with her, so she added innocently, "In fact I will sleep in the spare room, so you can get a really good night sleep."

Nikki realised that Helen had sussed her game. "You sod! Get yourself up them stairs right now you wee Scots woman, I am going to make love to you until you beg me to stop?"

Squealing, Helen ran towards the stairs. "Well that's not going to happen, me telling you to stop that is!" she tossed over her shoulder as she climbed the first step.


Chapter 18

The changing room was a hive of activity, everyone excited, nervous, raring to go out and take on their local rivals, Holloway Ladies. Helen gave her normal tactics and pep talk, wished them well as they made their way to the pitch. As usual Nikki was last out, she had confessed to Helen the night before that her being last out of the door wasn't anything to do with superstition; it was purely so she could get a good look at Helen's perfect arse.

Helen and Nikki were having a private joke as they approached the pitch, laughing out loud, but the banter was cut short when Nikki stopped dead in her tracks as all the blood drained from her face. Helen could immediately tell that something was very wrong. "What is it, what's the matter sweetheart?" Helen said her voice dripping with concern.

Nikki turned furiously to Helen. "Oh God, has she not done enough damage? It's bloody Trish. She is playing for Holloway Ladies, she has done this on purpose, joined our local rivals knowing we would be playing them soon."

"Darling, what does it matter, she is out of your life and for that I thank God or else I wouldn't have you. She is not worth getting annoyed with, just go and get even with her out on that pitch," Helen said sternly.

"Yeah, yeah, you are right Helen, she means less than nothing to me. This match means so much to the team, we have worked really hard to get this far. Thanks babe for helping me to see some sense." Nikki turned and ran onto the pitch to join her team mates.

Karen had just seen Nikki's reaction and jogged over to Helen. "Is she going to be ok about this?" Karen asked as she flipped her hand towards the opposition.

"Yeah Karen , she will be fine, but just promise me that if Trish starts mouthing off trying to upset Nikki, you will step in and put a stop to it?" Helen looked at Karen seriously.

Karen grinned. "Actually I think there will a disorderly line behind me to do that anyway."

Helen noticed immediately that Trish tried to come over and talk to Nikki. But Nikki blanked her completely, her team mates closing ranks not letting Trish near their goalkeeper. She also saw Bodybag watch the events unfolding, with a grin on her face; she went over and whispered something to Trish which made her nod as a nasty smirk crept across her face.

The first 15 minutes went quickly without incident; Larkhall Ladies were well on top but had failed to take advantage of all their possession. However, that changed when Holloway Ladies broke away on a fast attack, Trish picked up the ball and hurtled towards Nikki's goal Helen had to concede no matter how much she hated Trish for what she did to Nikki, she was a very good hockey player. Suddenly Trish was one on one with Nikki, she tried a faint move but Nikki was equal to it, stopping the shot, taking the ball away with ease.

Helen heard Trish say to Nikki as she turned away to catch up with play, "That's funny you never used to keep your legs so tightly closed when we were together!" Helen thought Nikki would go ballistic, but she could not have been more wrong.

"Yeah well, I had to have them that wide open to fit your big head between them," Nikki shouted at the top of her voice. Trish went scarlet, running off as fast as she could.

Helen smiled to herself: I think my girl has gotten over her ex just fine The half time whistle blew, the teams made their way to their respective goalmouths for the half time team talk with the score at 0-0.

"Ok ladies listen up. We haven't got long," Helen said. "We need to start making some of this pressure pay off. We need to mix it up a bit, for a start, I want the two wings to swap sides now and again, just to unsettle them. I want both left and right halves to push right up and really get the ball behind their defence. If all that doesn't get us a goal, then it's a bottle of champagne to the one who scores. Now go out and get them!" Her Scottish accent getting stronger the more passionate she got.

Helen's heart was in her mouth as the second half began, Holloway Ladies came out strong from the off, forcing Larkhall onto the back foot. They soaked up the pressure well, even ignoring the various jibes Trish tried when close to Nikki. At one stage Karen had, had enough of Trish's little remarks and deliberately fouled her by turning quickly with her stick in the air, catching her across the back of the head. Unfortunately the umpire saw what happened as well, giving Karen a yellow card. "It was worth it, to wipe the smirk off her evil little face," Karen whispered to Nikki as they lined up for yet another short corner.

With five minutes to go, it looked like the game was going to end in a draw and go to penalty strokes. But suddenly the ball broke free to Shaz who shot up the other end of the pitch, doing exactly what Helen told her to do, going past the defence; round the back she squared the ball as hard as she could. Rachel had matched her pace for pace, meeting the ball head on she deflected it past the helpless keeper for a goal.

The place erupted, the crowd cheered and clapped as Rachel ran back towards her team mates who were waiting to celebrate with her. Luckily there were only a couple of minutes left before the final whistle, which, to Helen's surprise went quite quickly. As the team left the pitch they lifted Rachel above their shoulders again, cheering out her name as loud as they could.

Sylvia Hollamby made her way over to Helen, now she realised what Nikki was going on about, a mouthful of wasps indeed. Bodybag held out her hand to shake Helen's, but it was done with such bitterness Helen almost turned away. "Well played, your goal was a bit lucky, we really should have won but sometimes luck wins over skill," Sylvia muttered as she walked away. Helen just smiled thinking Yeah, yeah dear, believe that if you want, but it's us who are through to the finals


Chapter 19

The bar was jumping with news of their win and the drinks were flowing freely. The opposition even had the grace to hang around for a few, but Helen noticed Trish stay well away from their group, something she was grateful for. Everyone lauded Helen's keen tactical sense and insight of the game, even Shaz flung her arms around her in thanks.

Nikki was very quiet, slowly sipping her drink, ensuring she had her back to Trish at all times. Under the table, Helen ran her hand up Nikki's leg, stopping just short at the top; causing Nikki's head to shoot up.

"Oh, so you are still with us?" Helen poked fun at her lover.

"Sorry darling, I was miles away there. Just her being here has got me rattled. I just can't stand being in the same room." Nikki looked down at her feet.

Helen absently stroked Nikki's leg, "I know babe, but you are doing really well, she will be gone soon, ok?"

"Yeah, you are right darling. I am just popping to the loo, I will be back in a mo," Nikki said rising from her seat.

Trish was watching Helen and Nikki intently, seeing Nikki rise from her chair, she took the opportunity to follow her downstairs to the toilets. Waiting outside she counted to 100 and then went in, just in time to see Nikki washing her hands. Nikki looked up at the sound of the door opening, sighing inwardly as she saw Trish standing there.

"Nikki, we need to talk," Trish said emotionally.

"No Trish, we don't. I have nothing to say to you, absolutely nothing," Nikki's voice was even.

Trish moved towards her which made Nikki back up until she could not go any further. "Darling, I love you. What I did was a stupid act, I realise that now," Trish said provocatively as she moved close enough to smell Nikki's fresh perfume. "I know you love me and I know you want me."

Nikki took a deep breath. "Trish, get this through your thick skull, I have Helen now, she is the best thing ever to happen to me, I love her very much."

Trish's face fell, "So you are telling me you don't love me or want me back?" She said on the verge of tears, but still close enough to make Nikki decidedly uncomfortable.

"Yessss……." Nikki cried out. Unfortunately at that split second Helen entered the toilets, hearing what Nikki said and seeing Trish so close only meant one thing in her mind, "They're back together." Not uttering a word, Helen spun on her heels, fleeing the hockey club in tears, her whole world had collapsed.

Nikki could see Helen's reaction immediately, roughly pushing Trish aside she ran after Helen shouting, "Helen! Helen! Come back, please let me explain," but she was yelling into the empty car park.

Turning back towards the club house, Nikki could see the smirking face of Trish in the bright entranceway. "I hope you are really happy now, you are such a cow. You've just cost me the only woman I have ever truly loved." Nikki said barely controlling her rage.

Trish couldn't help herself, "She's not good enough for you, I am the only one for you darling."

Nikki couldn't take anymore, walking slowly up to Trish she smiled, drawing back her hand she slapped her hard around the face. "Trish, you are such a bitch, I am surprised your middle name isn't Lassie. Now piss off! I never want to see your face ever again!" Nikki pushed her way past, making her way up the stairs to the bar.

As Nikki went onto the bar she scanned the area for Karen, spotting her beside the bar she waved her over. "Karen, Oh God……she…..she's….. Helen has left me," Nikki sobbed.

"Come on lets go down stairs and you can tell me all about it love," Karen soothed putting her arm around her old friend.

Nikki quickly explained what had happened. "I can't believe what a nasty piece of work that Trish is!" Karen exploded.

"More to the point Karen, what am I going to do? Helen obviously thought she saw Trish and I in a compromising position, which we were +so+ not," Nikki pleaded.

"Have you tried ringing her mobile?" suggested Karen.

"Doh! Why didn't I think of that." Nikki reached into her pocket for the phone. Quickly punching in the numbers, she held her breath waiting for Helen to answer.

"Nikki, I don't want to speak to you. I hope you are happy together, now please leave me alone!" Helen abruptly hung up before Nikki could respond.

Nikki flipped her phone shut. "Oh, Karen she won't listen to me, that's it she doesn't want me anymore. I can't believe this, I finally find 'the one', my soul mate, only to have it snatched away." Nikki burst into tears again.

Karen put her arms around Nikki, "Come on love, she will see sense, but you must speak to her."

Just at that moment the door opened. "Oh! What a lovely sight, the captain cuddling her star payer," Trish drawled.

Karen gently stood up, calmly making her way over to Trish. "You know Trish, I have never really liked you and you are a shit hockey player. Nikki says you were a crap lover and to cap it off you have the dress sense of a hooker, now will you just bugger off!" Karen said as she slapped Trish across the opposite side of the face that Nikki had struck earlier. Clutching her face, which was stinging from the contact of Karen's hand but mainly with embarrassment, Trish ran back into the clubhouse.

Karen turned around to see Nikki smiling back at her, "Thanks Karen, that was brilliant," Nikki stood in awe.

"Thanks love, but let's talk about how we get Helen back," Karen grinned as she sat down beside Nikki.


Chapter 20

Nikki's taxi pulled up outside of Helen's house, it was clouded in darkness, it was obvious that Helen was not at home. "Cheers mate, take me home," Nikki sighed to the taxi driver.

The taxi crept along the pavement, slowing down outside Nikki's house. As it stopped Nikki squinted through the darkness, she could see someone sitting on her front step. Paying the taxi driver, she got out the cab and made her way up the garden path, her heart leapt into her mouth as she realised it was Helen fast sleep. Gently, she reached down and lifted the petit Scot into her arms, careful not to wake her, opening the front door, making her way to the lounge she placed Helen on the sofa.

Nikki sat down on the floor beside Helen, staring at the sleeping woman she thought her heart would break if Helen didn't want her in her life anymore. Slowly Helen opened her eyes, staring straight at Nikki, "Hello," she yawned.

"Hello darling, what are you doing here? I thought I would never see you again, I….I…..I thought I had lost you." Nikki burst into tears.

Seeing her lover in such distress Helen soothed, "Darling you will never lose me. I am so sorry for my reaction tonight. I just didn't know what to think and I thought the worst. I should never have done that, you have never ever given me any reason to think you would ever do anything to upset me or threaten what we have."

"It's not your fault baby, if I had walked in on what you did, I would have done the same. But you have to believe me, I love only you, all I was doing was telling Trish where to go and that I didn't ever want to see her again. I only have a future with you my darling," Nikki said through her tears. Nikki then went on to explain about the two slaps Trish received for what she had done, earning a big smile from Helen.

Helen smiled. "Well it must have done some good because it was Trish who rang me to say sorry, that she had instigated it all and that you had completely turned down her advances."

Nikki was stunned; Trish had never done anything that did not have something in it for her. "Wow, stop the press, Trish Harris speaks the truth for once in her life," Nikki laughed.

"Mind you, I think she was gently asked to make the call." Helen looked at Nikki sheepishly.

"What do you mean sweetheart?" Nikki frowned perplexed.

"She confessed that Karen had 'had a strong word' with her and persuaded her to do the right thing, or a slap would be the least of her worries. You really have a good friend in Karen," Helen replied. The mention of the slapping incident sent Nikki into fits of laughter, which in turn set Helen off giggling.

"I know I have, she is great, but I just hope she will see Fenner for the shit we all know him to be. But you know something, I think there is only one way to end an evening like this," Nikki grinned deviously.

"Oh, and what's that darling?"

"Make up sex and lots of it!" Nikki shouted loudly.

Helen stood with her hands on her hips, grinning. "Love making Nikki, it's called love making, now get upstairs I am going to make you pay for upsetting me this evening."

"Brilliant!" Nikki shouted as she turned and ran up the stairs.


Chapter 21

"God, it's like herding cats with you lot!" Helen called out as she tried to get them all on the bus. The team were going to the hotel they were staying in before the cup final, but Helen was fast losing patience with the unorganised rabble in front of her. Helen thought: Good grief, you would think they had never been away on a trip together before

"Miss! Miss! Can we sit at the back and sing songs on the way?" Yvonne said in a school girl voice.

Helen laughed out loud. "You can but I don't want any swearing, smoking or drinking back there or I will tell your parents. Oh, have you all gone wee wee's before you got on the bus?"

"Yes Miss!" The whole bus chorused, falling about laughing.

As Helen sat down beside Nikki, her lover said, "You love all this don't you? Where is Karen by the way?"

Smiling, Helen replied, "Yes, yes I do, you can't beat the feeling of a close team together. As for Karen, she is already down there with Fenner, they went yesterday, so they could have some quality time together as Karen put it."

"Ewwwww, lets not even go there, he makes my skin crawl, Karen is blind as far as he is concerned, so it's not worth saying anything to her about him." Nikki scrunched her nose up.

Helen leaned in close, whispering, "You know, you're awfully cute when you do that." Nikki gulped, trying not to blush in front of her team mates who were oblivious to the effect Helen had on their rough, tough goalkeeper.

The rest of the trip was quite uneventful, apart from Shaz shouting for the bus to stop while she jumped off and threw up in the bushes. As she climbed back on board, Denny shouted, "I warned you about eating too many sweets, innit," to which everyone started laughing.

As they got into reception Helen started to get the keys and allocate rooms, "Ok everyone, get settled in, we will meet in Shaz and Denny's room for a quick team talk at 6, then we can go for our evening meal." Helen informed everyone above the hub bub going on around her.

Turning back to the reception desk, the smartly dressed man behind the counter said in a low voice, "Miss Stewart, I am afraid there has been a slight problem with the bookings, the twin room that was allocated to you and Miss Wade has been incorrectly given away to another customer. I am afraid we only have doubles left."

"Oh, right. What do you think Nikki, are you alright sleeping in the same bed as me?" Helen turned to Nikki with her back to reception, a huge smile on her face.

"Mmmmmm……. I'm not sure. I mean, it's not like we really know each other very well," Nikki replied playing along with her lover.

"Ahem!" the receptionist coughed, "Ladies, in order to make up for our mistake, I would like to offer our honeymoon suite, it's a lovely room, it includes a huge bath and a super king sized bed, so you won't actually have to sleep anywhere near each other." He said hoping they would accept and not make a fuss.

Keeping a serious face, Helen turned to the receptionist. "It's not really good enough, I mean our hockey club have all but booked your whole hotel at a top price in the off season. I should just call another hotel and book us all in there."

The receptionist could see his job going up in smoke as well as the hotels reputation going down the drain, thinking quickly on his feet, he said, "Madam, there is no need for that, how about I throw in a free bar from 8pm till 11pm and a bottle of champagne for your room with a luxury hotel hamper?"

Helen took her time to answer him. "Ok, it's a deal." Helen grabbed the key and went off to tell the team the good news, she didn't have the heart to tell the receptionist that he would rue the day he gave the hockey club a free bar.

As Nikki and Helen approached their room, Nikki turned to Helen, sweeping her into her strong arms, "If this is a honeymoon suite, it's only right I carry my woman over the threshold."


Chapter 22

The following day the team had a great morning sight seeing, taking in all the tourist haunts and walking round the historic city. Karen and Jim had joined them but Helen didn't know why Fenner had bothered because all he did was moan, saying he wanted to get back to the hotel bar.

Helen even overheard him whining to Karen, "Darling, why do you like being around these Dykes? Can't you see people looking and pointing? You could do so much better if you joined Holloway Ladies. At least Trish saw the light, you know going with a real man and joining a normal hockey club."

"Jim! Will you keep your voice down, these people are my friends, they are loyal to the last and I am proud to be seen with them. As far as Holloway Ladies, they are a bunch of slappers and I bet when Trish joined she felt right at home. Now drop it!" Karen walked briskly away.

Smiling Helen thought; You go girl. She went up to Nikki and slipped her arm through her lovers arm, snuggling up close. "What's all that for?" Nikki asked.

"Nothing darling, just want to show you how proud I am of you." Helen looked at Nikki adoringly.

"You keep looking at me like that and I think we need to get back to the hotel, now!" Nikki pulled Helen close to her.

"Sounds good to me, I have had enough sight seeing, there is only one sight I want to see." Helen whispered leaning in close, "Your naked body on top of mine, moaning."

Nikki gulped, "Ok everyone, back on the bus now, let's get back to the hotel for a few drinks," she ordered loudly.

"Putty in my hands, just putty in my hands," was all Helen muttered as she made her way to the bus.

As the bus pulled up outside the hotel, Helen stood up at the front, taking the microphone in her hands.

"You gonna give us a song, innit?" yelled Denny, to which the whole bus started making howling noises.

Switching the microphone on, Helen cleared her throat, "No Denny I wouldn't put you all through that agony but for that remark you can do 20 push ups in the bar."

"Awwwwwww Miss," Denny whined.

"Anyway, just to say have a good time tonight with the free bar, don't go mad. I know we have another free day tomorrow before the match on Saturday but I don't want anyone with a hangover that takes 2 days to get over, just because there is free booze ok? Now it's up to you what you do tomorrow, but don't do anything stupid like skiing, mountain climbing or bungee jumping to get yourself injured but I do need you all back by 6.00pm for a team talk in our room. Now off with you and have a good time," Helen said shooing them all away.

Nikki leaned across, whispering into Helen's ear seductively, "Well, what I have in mind for you later and the number of times I am going to do it might cause you to be a bit sore in the morning. So is that one of the things we are not allowed to do?"

"Hell it isn't, now get that perfect little ass up the room now, I want to find out right now what you have in mind," Helen said breathily.


Chapter 23

As they walked into their room, both women were silent, closing the door behind them, Helen moved towards Nikki arousal tripping off her tongue. "Nikki, I've wanted you so bad all day, if there hadn't been so many people around I would have had you in the castle on the long oak table. I am so wet just thinking about what you are going to do to me."

"Oh, God Helen you have no idea the thoughts that have been going through my head today as well. You are lucky you made it out of the museum with your clothes intact," said Nikki as she moved closer towards her lover.

"So what do you want to do to me now?" Helen grinned mischievously.

"I want you to strip your clothes off……..slowly, while I watch, then I have a surprise, I want to make you come so hard you beg me to stop…….and when you do, I won't," Nikki ordered as her eyes sparkling with desire.

Helen couldn't believe her ears but did as Nikki had ordered. Slowly she began to unbutton her blouse, as she looked up Nikki had sat down in one of the round backed chairs, with one leg draped over the side.

As the blouse opened, Nikki gulped, "Caress your breasts for me." Helen brushed her thumbs over the lacy material of her bra, letting out a small moan as her nipples peaked hard. "Harder!" Nikki ordered. Helen duly obeyed, moaning loudly as she pinched and twisted her nipples through her bra, her moisture pooling at her centre.

"Take off your trousers, but only pull them down as far as your thighs," Nikki instructed. Helen complied, slowly releasing the button and running the zip downwards. Nikki stood up, making her way towards Helen, she forced her hand between Helen's thighs as the trousers clamped her legs together, she rubbed hard against her silken briefs feeling Helen's slick moisture coat her hand through the material. Helen moaned again, the friction against her engorged clit was almost too much to bear as her hips thrust towards Nikki's strong hand.

Raising her fingers to her mouth Nikki licked away Helen's want, pulling away, she sat down, hearing a disappointed but aroused moan from Helen. "Take off your trousers, but leave your high heels on, now!" Nikki told Helen abruptly.

Helen did as Nikki instructed, she stood in front of Nikki hands on hips and her legs slightly apart in black matching briefs and bra, her red high heels making her delicious legs long and shapely. It was Nikki's turn to moan out loud, she had never seen such a sexy sight in all her life. Helen was about to move towards her, when Nikki put her hand up to stop her, at the same time she reached inside her own trousers and began some intimate rubbing of her own.

"Oh God, Nikki!" Helen pleaded as she could hold back no longer. Straddling her lover, she moved in for a deep kiss, immediately forcing her tongue inside for the sensual massage they both craved so much. At the same time Helen began rubbing her core against Nikki's hard thigh moaning deeply into each kiss they shared.

Nikki pulled away then leaned in close, breathing heavily she whispered into Helen's ear, "I want to take you……take you from behind."

"Oh God Nikki, please baby, now!" Helen gasped.

Nikki lifted her lover into her arms and placed her gently face down on the bed, quickly removing all her own clothes before climbing beside Helen. She kissed Helen's shoulders lightly, before moving down to the middle of her back where she began to bite leaving little red marks, Helen moaned for more. "Open your legs for me Helen, I want to be inside you, I want to be inside you hard!" Nikki moaned between bites.

Helen opened her legs, "Wider, darling, are you ready for me?"

"Oh, Nikki, please baby I am so wet, I am so ready, I can't wait any longer," Helen begged.

Nikki reached forward and slipped a pillow under Helen's stomach, raising her beautiful bottom upwards. Nikki's kisses had moved to the base of Helen's back, she trailed her tongue over Helen's smooth ass at the same time she reached down running her finger through Helen's soaked folds, moving backwards and forwards causing a delicious rhythm. Helen's ass bucked upwards towards Nikki's hand trying to push harder against it.

"Oh baby, yes, yes, oh baby, pleassssssse!" Helen moaned loudly, her face buried into the silk sheets and her breasts rubbed against the duvet.

Realising how aroused Helen was, Nikki moved on top of her lover, she slid her fingers along her ridges; coating them with the overflowing juices she inserted 3 fingers quickly and forcefully into Helen from behind. This caused Helen to cry out loud in ecstasy, "Oh fuck! oh, oh, yes, yes harder baby! Oooooooooooooh God. Uhhhhhhhhhhhh that's sooooo good." Using her body and hip Nikki pumped her fingers in and out of Helen as hard and fast as she could. Helen could feel Nikki's hard nipples against her back and her dark curly hair scratching against her ass with every thrust Nikki made into her, forcing her against the bed.

Helen began to rotate her hips with every thrust Nikki made, yelling out when a 4th finger was added. Nikki's clit was rubbing hard against Helen's ass her orgasm was building with her lovers. Realising Nikki was close to coming as well, Helen reached around, placing her palm upwards on her own ass, her finger soon found Nikki's prominent clit. As their movements got faster and harder, they both held back until they felt each others orgasms begin, both letting go they crashed over together in perfect unison, both crying out each others name. As Nikki ejaculated her juices ran down Helen's ass and down along her saturated folds, mingling with her own juices causing her to come again.

Both women continued shuddering and moaning while their orgasms finished. Nikki was slumped over Helen's back trying to get her breath back and Helen had lost all feeling in her legs.

"Wow" Was all they could manage as they finally settled down side by side in the massive bed, looking deeply into each others eyes they held hands.

"I don't know about you but that was absolutely amazing!" Helen gasped still trying to get her breath back.

"I agree and so many more of my fantasies have been ticked off the list," Nikki purred smugly. "Oh and by the way, never, ever throw those shoes away."


Chapter 24

Helen and Nikki were sleeping soundly, spooned tight into each other, when there was a gentle tapping at their hotel room door; the tapping became louder, more insistent, finally waking Nikki up.

Looking at the alarm clock, Nikki could just about make out that it was 1.00 am. The knocking got louder Nikki called out, "Ok, Ok, hold ya horses, I am coming, is the bloody hotel on fire or something?"

Opening the door, she was stunned to find Rachel Hicks standing there, crying her eyes out. "Rachel, what's up, what's happened?" Nikki gently led her into the room. By now Helen had awoken, hearing the obvious concern in Nikki's voice she got straight out of bed, making her way over to the youngster.

Nikki came back with a brandy from the mini-bar and placed it into Rachel's shaking hands. "What is it sweetie, what has happened?" Helen tried again.

Looking up, Rachel began to shake. "He……he……he," she stuttered bursting into fresh tears again. Sitting beside her, Helen took the youngster into her arms, soothing her until the tears and sobbing slowed down.

Nikki asked gently, "He? Who is he and what has he done?"

Blowing her nose and wiping her face Rachel began, "J..Ji….Jim, Jim Fenner!"

Helen could see that Nikki was about to blow her top and shot her a look as if to say, 'now is not the time, we need to help this girl'. Helen looked back at the crying girl. "Ok Rachel, what has Jim done?"

Still shaking, Rachel mumbled, "We… we were in the lift alone and he stuck his hand between my legs, saying I needed a proper man before you lot turned me into a Lesbian. Luckily the lift stopped and I ran out and came straight here or I dread to think what he would have done."

"That's it!" exploded Nikki, "I am going to kill him!"

Taking Nikki by the arm Helen calmed her down, "Darling, that isn't exactly going to help the situation, is it. And if you think I want to spend the rest of my life visiting you in prison then you are very wrong."

"Sorry…sorry, it's just that men like him think they can get away with doing that type of thing to young girls and it boils down to his word against Rachels!" Nikki supposed passionately.

Helen stared at her lover. "That's it! Nikki you are a genius!"

"Helen, I know I am, but what on earth are you going on about?" Nikki frowned.

"Ok, as you just said it will be a matter of Rachel's word against his, but I bet a years supply of haggis that there are CCTV camera's in the lifts that will back up Rachel's version of this evenings events. Nikki, can you get dressed, go down to security and see if they have a recording of what happened?" Helen asked her lover.

"Helen darling, you are the genius. I will get straight onto it; in the meantime you had better ask Rachel what she wants to happen. What I mean is does she want to police involved or a different course of action?" Nikki leapt into action as she hopped around the room pulling on her jeans.

Padding down the corridor towards the security room, Nikki was trying to reign in her emotions and the evil things she would do if she bumped into Fenner, which she knew was very unlikely as it was 2.00am. Looking up she saw a door with a digital lock on and a name plate that read 'Security Operatives and CCTV Room', guess this is it she thought smiling.

Taking a deep breath, Nikki gently tapped on the door, receiving no immediate answer she did it again but slightly louder, she was just about to knock again when the door swung open. "May I help you or have you lost the way to your room?" a pleasant female stated matter of factly to Nikki.

Nikki smiled as she had immediately identified the woman as gay. "Hi, no I'm not lost but I could do with your help."

"Really, could you now?" The pretty security guard replied dubiously as she looked Nikki up and down, definitely liking what she was seeing.

"I am flattered, but I have a gorgeous girlfriend waiting for me up in the honeymoon suite," Nikki grinned.

Smiling right back at her the security guard laughed off the rejection. "So what the hell are you doing here then, you fool, get back upstairs and make us Lesbians proud!" This sent Nikki into kinks of laughter, but she was soon stopped when the gravity of Rachel's situation raised itself to her again.

"I will, but first I need your help." Nikki turned serious as she went on to explain the evening's events.

Nikki was met at the door by Helen. "I've got it, and I have seen it and it happened exactly to way Rachel described. Have you asked her what she wants to do? I mean when the security guard saw it she wanted to ring the Police straight away, but I convinced her we would handle it ourselves," Nikki said quietly.

Helen explained, "Well, she definitely does not want to involve the Police but wants Fenner frightened away and for him to be under no doubt that if he ever thinks about doing it again or we hear anything of the sort then Rachel will go to the Police."

"Ok, if that's what she wants, but we must tell Karen, show her the disc first thing in the morning, so she can tell Fenner to take a hike. She can view it on my portable DVD player because as much as I love Karen she will want hard facts. Once that is done we can then confront him with the evidence and send him packing. Where's Rachel by the way?" Nikki asked.

Helen looked across the room concern written all over her face. "She's over there on the sofa, she fell asleep soon after you left the room, but she has woken up once calling out for help. I know she is trying to give the impression that it has not affected her but it has, I am going to arrange for a friend of mine, Dr Waugh to speak to her and see if she needs some counselling."

"That's sounds great darling, now lets get some sleep, we have a big day ahead of us tomorrow," Nikki said taking Helen's hand.


Chapter 25

Helen gently shook Rachel's shoulder to wake her. "Hi sweetheart, are you ok, did you sleep alright?"

Blinking, Rachel rubbed her eyes awake and yawned, "Yes, better than I thought I would under the circumstances."

Helen quickly explained the plan they had decided on, Rachel readily agreed but did not want to be in the room when they spoke to Karen or Fenner. "No problem, we will take care of things, you go back to your room and relax today in prep for the match tomorrow. We want our best striker on top form for this game. But seriously Rachel, if you would rather just go home I will more than understand." Helen added gently, "I also think you need to speak to a professional about what happened and how you are feeling. I have a very good friend who has helped me in the past and I would like you to see him."

Taking a couple of minutes to compose herself, Rachel said in a strong voice beyond her age, "Helen, I want nothing more than to play tomorrow and you are right I do need to speak to someone, so I will take up your offer. I will see you later and Helen, thank you both for helping me I won't ever forget it." With that she got up and left the room.

Smiling, Helen thought to herself; That girl is going to be fine, thank God.

She walked into the bedroom spotting Nikki's naked body twisted amongst the silk sheets, immediately her breathing increased and her mouth went dry. She could easily go to Nikki and begin making love to her, her whole body screamed at her to do it but restraint for once took over as she remembered they had to speak to Karen as soon as possible. Sighing she went over to Nikki, kissed her on the cheek and waited for her to wake up.

Squinting her eyes slightly open, Nikki said, "Good morning my gorgeous woman, come here while I say a proper good morning."

Helen backed away from Nikki's outstretched arms. "Oh no you don't, we have things to do."

"Yes I know." Nikki's voice took on a serious tone, "I will ring Karen's room and get her to pop along. I am really not looking forward to this."

Helen's shoulders slumped and she sighed, "Neither am I darling but what keeps me going is the thought that we are keeping Rachel and other women safe from that slime ball."

Picking up the phone, Nikki took a deep breath and dialled Karen room number. A couple of rings later, she heard Karen's distinctive voice, "Hi Karen here."

"Hi Karen, it's me…Nikki. I was wondering if you could come along to our room, there is something we want to discuss. Is that ok, oh by the way where's Jim?"

"Yeah fine, Jim has gone out for a long walk and to get a couple of newspapers, so I am free for a while. I'll be along in a few minutes," said Karen.

A sharp rap on the door brought Helen and Nikki out of their musings, opening the door Nikki smiled at her friend and welcomed her inside.

"Oh, what a lovely room, you scored with this one. I mean our room is lovely but this is wonderful," Karen said looking around the honeymoon suite. "So, what is it you wanted to see me about?"

Nikki began, "Karen, I need you to hear us out and explain everything before you say or do anything, will you promise me that?"

Frowning Karen looked at the serious expression on Nikki's face. "Ok, but what the hell is going on? You are beginning to frighten me Nikki."

"Good, now sit down. I need to ask you one thing, how serious is it between you and Jim?" Nikki asked.

"Nikki! That's none of your business, what is this all about. I know you don't like Jim but our relationship really is nothing to do with you," Karen replied affronted.

Nikki raised her voice, "Karen, look, you know I wouldn't pry or ask that question if it wasn't really important." This was met by silence from Karen, who stood with her arms crossed.

Seeing that the situation was deteriorating rapidly in front of her eyes, Helen stepped in speaking gently to her friend. "Karen, we are about to tell you something about Jim and Nikki is concerned about how you will react, especially if your relationship with Jim is very serious."

Karen could see how concerned the two women were, she replied impatiently, "No is not serious, it's just a bit of fun. I came out of a long relationship with Mark and Jim was just what I needed to make life fun again. He is not "the one" but I like his company, apart from his animosity towards the team. There does that answer your question, now please can you tell me what the hell is going on?"

"Well………….." Nikki began.


Chapter 26

Karen sat there stunned and wide eyed trying to take in what Nikki had told her and what she had seen on the DVD.

"I…..I…I don't know what to say. I know Jim has an eye for the ladies, I have put up with it because we weren't like committed to each other. But to assault a teenager is ……I don't know what words to use, perverted maybe but certainly unacceptable in any form," Karen said calmly, but then exploded, "The bastard…. I'll kill him. I will rip his nuts off!"

Nikki completely empathised with Karen's outburst. "I know Karen, that was my reaction but we have to remain calm. I think we all need to confront him, send him packing and under no illusion that he never tries it again or we get the Police involved, ok? Let's go along to your room Karen and give him the welcoming present he so rightly deserves."

As the door opened, Jim called, "Hi darling, I am back," turning round he saw, Karen, Nikki and Helen sitting on the sofa. Thinly veiling his animosity towards Nikki he said, "What are you doing in my room? Don't have some girl you have to corrupt with your deviant lifestyle?" Throwing down the newspapers, he made his way to the mini bar selecting a malt whiskey.

"You are one to talk about corrupting the young!" Nikki spat.

Jim sneered, "What the hell are you going on about, Karen get rid of this dyke and tell her little buddy to go with her." He stood staring at Karen waiting for her to carry out his order.

"I don't think so Jim, now sit down and shut the fuck up!" Karen hissed.

Jim was so stunned he immediately complied; no woman had ever spoken to him in that tone before.

"Jim, we know all about your behaviour towards Rachel in the lift last night," Helen started. "She is very upset and what you did was illegal and totally unacceptable."

Smiling Jim thought; that stupid little school girl, it's my word against hers, I know who everyone will believe. When it happened last time I persuaded the girls parents that she had made up the whole story, so why shouldn't I get away with it again. "I don't know what you are on about, it was her who tried to make a move on me in the lift but I told her that I was not interested and that I was in a relationship with a wonderful woman," He said looking directly at Karen.

All three women stared at him, incredulous at his bare faced lie. Nikki was the first to speak, "Fenner, you are a first class bastard, I for one would have gone to Police with this, but Rachel although young, is a sensible, strong woman doesn't want that."

Thinking he had got away with it, Jim couldn't resist boasting. "Well I agree she is sensible because she knows no one would believe her."

It was Helen's turn to confront him. "Well Jim, that's where you are completely wrong! Have you never heard of CCTV?" Turning Helen flicked on the TV and pressed play on the DVD player. The women watched as the blood drained from Jims face as he watched the events unfold on the screen. When the footage finished he made a dive for the DVD player, grabbing the disk he snapped it in half, smirking to himself.

"Don't bother Jim, we have taken copies and have them stored securely, with strict instruction to hand over to the Police if you try to hurt any of us in anyway," Karen said through gritted teeth.

Sitting before them was a broken man, hanging his head in his hands. "So, what is it you want if you are not going to the Police?"

Looking at the other two women who merely nodded, Helen stepped forward towering over the seated Fenner. "There are three conditions, one is that you move out of the area and never come back. The second is that you never ever abuse another woman in anyway again. The third is that you donate £30,000 to Larkhall University, specifically women's studies. If you do all of that then the DVD and Rachel's statement will not find their way to the Police. But if I get a whiff that you have broken any one of the conditions then it's bye bye Jim and hello prison, do we make ourselves clear?" Helen's tone left Jim under no illusion that she meant every single word.

Jim knew he had no choice but to comply with their demands, but thought he would try to wriggle out of it with the one person he decided would be his saviour. "Karen, darling, you know me, it was the drink, I would never act that way towards a woman, let alone a young girl sober. You believe me don't you?"

Karen took her time to answer. "Jim, you are a predator, you are a piece of shit. I would sooner believe in fairies than I do you right this moment. Now grab your things, get out of this room and my life before we change our minds and convince Rachel to go to the authorities."


Chapter 27

Once Jim had gone they quickly updated Rachel on what had happened, who was so appreciative that she grabbed them all and gave them big hugs. They all agreed that the rest of the team didn't need to know what had transpired and if anyone asked where Jim was they would say he had a death in the family.

The rest of the day went quickly, most of the team stayed around the hotel, playing snooker, going in the pool or sauna, just generally relaxing. At 6.00pm they all converged on the restaurant enjoying a delicious 4 course meal, the only downside was that Helen had insisted on an alcohol free evening ahead of the cup final the following day. This was not the most universally accepted decision of the evening but they all agreed to the condition.

At the end of the meal, Helen stood up and tapped her water glass with the back of a spoon to get everyone's attention. "Ok, when you are all ready, can we all please meet in my room at 9.00pm; I need to go over some tactics and domestics for the cup final tomorrow. I won't keep you long."

"Yeah, sure, soon as we have had a drink at the bar, innit," Shaz said innocently.

"Shaz!" Helen yelled.

"Gotcha!" Shaz declared with an impish grin on her face.

With a smile as sickly as sugar, Helen said, "Good one Shaz, very funny. For that you can go round everyone after the team meeting tonight and see if they need their footwear cleaned before the game tomorrow." The look Shaz gave Helen was of devastation. "Ha, gotcha back!" Helen yelled before running out of the room.

The team started arriving at Nikki and Helen's door from 8.50pm onwards and were all settled down by 9.00pm, just as Helen had asked for. Looking around the room Helen could feel the anticipation and excitement building, but also a quiet confidence that made her proud to be their coach.

As she stood up to address the group, Helen felt Nikki grab her hand and give it a reassuring squeeze, a warm feeling spread through her body. Looking down at Nikki she saw adoring eyes looking back at her, giving her an inner strength she cherished. "Ok, everyone listen up, I don't want to keep you long and I need you all to get a really good night sleep."

"Now, as far as the team we are playing in the final tomorrow, you probably know more about Southweld Ladies than I do. But I do know they are very fit, very skilful and don't take prisoners. So you will find that we spend a lot of the match defending and will have to hit them on the break. You will have to give as good as you get on a physical level and not back down from any 50/50 balls." Helen was in full coach mode. "Any questions so far?"

Helen was met with silence and ploughed on, "If we get a corner then I want it kept simple, Denny to hit it out, Yvonne to stop and hit it. Defending corners, I want one on each post and Nikki to come out to meet the striker. Now we know that their striker plays for England, so I want you Lorna to mark her for the whole game, cancel her out. All I ask is that we keep it tight, stay relaxed and above all enjoy yourselves, it's not worth getting this far if you all end up hating the day. Ok?"

"Yes, Miss!" The team chorused together, sending Helen into a fit of giggles.

"Now, I have arranged for reception to ring you all at 6.30am and make sure you get up, breakfast is at 7.00am. You will need to eat well, to build up your energy reserves. The bus will arrive to pick us up at 9.30am to take us to the clubhouse. Now off you go, behave and don't forget have an early night," Helen told the group.

After everyone had filed out of the room, Nikki closed the door and turned towards Helen. "I am so proud of you and I am going to do as much as humanly possible tomorrow to make sure you lift that trophy darling."

With tears prickling, Helen said emotionally, "Oh sweetheart, thank you, I love you so much. Now I think I need to make sure you relax tonight, so you are ready for tomorrow." Grabbing Nikki's hand Helen pulled her towards the bed.

Nikki smiled. "Mmmmmmm…I like the sound of that coach."


Chapter 28

Breakfast was quite a subdued affair, everyone thinking of the game ahead, the usual banter was gone. Helen could see that as the minutes ticked on the team were getting more and more anxious. Leaning over to Nikki she whispered, "We need to do something to take their minds off the game and get them to relax."

"Yeah, I know what you mean, you could cut the atmosphere with a knife." Nikki made a cutting action with her hand.

Looking at her lover Helen smiled, "That's it Nikki! You are a genius." Helen quickly stood up. "Ok everyone, when you have finished come straight up to our room."

Nikki frowned at Helen. "What on earth are you up to?"

"Well…..come to my room you bad girl and find out," Helen replied suggestively as she got up and made her way out of the restaurant, Nikki following close behind.

The knocks at the door came quickly, Nikki answering with a smile allowing her team mates entrance. "Ok settle down," Helen said to the mumbling crowd. "Now I know you think I want you here for another team talk, but that's not the case. I have put some information on pieces of paper. I want you all to select one and we can go from there."

As the team each drew a piece of paper and read the content, big smiles appeared on their faces. "Ok, who's first?" Helen asked.

"Me! Please, me!" said Shaz jumping up and down like an excited school kid.

"For gods sake let her go first or else she will wet herself!" Yvonne shouted from the back of the room, making everyone laugh.

"Ok Shaz, off you go," Helen smiled.

Shaz jumped up in front of the crowd, started waving her arms around like a woman possessed. "It's a film……three words," yelled Nikki. From then on all they did was laugh and joke, thoughts of a hockey match soon forgotten.

An hour later Helen said, "Ok everyone, I am afraid that's it. Now off you go get your things together and let's all meet in the reception in 45 minutes."

Karen walked over to Helen and lowered her voice. "That was inspired, you are one clever woman you know that. See you in 45."

As Nikki closed the door behind the last person, she turned to Helen. "That was brilliant my love and certainly needs a reward." Walking towards Helen she pulled her into her arms and proceeded to kiss her deeply, sliding her tongue along Helen's lip, waiting to be allowed to commence the sensual massage that she adored. Letting out a moan, Helen could never resist Nikki's mouth and drew her closer to her already aroused body. Both women pulled apart breathlessly, knowing that they could not give in to their desires.

"Wow!" gasped Helen, "Now that's what I call a reward. Nikki you know as well as I do that if I could I would make love to you right now, but we do have to be downstairs in 30 minutes and we haven't even packed yet."

Nikki sighed, "I know, I know, but god Helen I can't help myself when I am around you. I only have to look into you eyes and well………."

"I feel exactly the same darling, but once this is over we can…….." Helen left the rest to Nikki's imagination and was rewarded with a huge grin.


Chapter 29

The bus pulled up outside the hockey club and the team piled off, heading straight for the changing rooms. Helen noticed a couple of the opposition looking at Rachel and then going into a huddle. It was not something new, targeting a young player, but Helen didn't like it all the same and would make sure nothing would happen to her.

Going into the changing room Helen was pleased to hear the bantering was back to its normal levels and the team looked, well…..calm. Waiting until they were all changed and quietened down, Helen called for their attention. "Now, I am not going to say much, I covered tactics etc last night. But there is one slight change, Yvonne I need you to keep an eye out for Rachel, I've just got the feeling the opposition are going to make life difficult for her. Ok?"

"Yes boss, you got it," Yvonne replied with a slight smirk, she loved rattling the opposition and now she was delighted at being told to actually do it.

Helen continued, "All I want to say is that you are such a talented bunch of women and it has been a privilege to work with you so far. You have so much potential it is frightening. Now go out there, work hard for each other and let's beat the bastards!" Helen yelled. The whole changing room erupted, adrenalin flowed freely and the team were so pumped up when they ran out of the changing rooms.

The umpires whistle marked the start of the game and exactly as Helen predicted Southweld Ladies went straight for Rachel. However, what they hadn't banked on was Yvonne Atkins, she quickly got her body between two of their players, bringing them tumbling to the ground. As they all lay there in a heap Yvonne whispered to them, "You go near her again and I will cut yer tits off and serve them to you in a curry, are we understood?" Both players nodded quickly, jumped up and ran as far away from Rachel as the pitch would allow. Yvonne gave Helen the thumbs up, bringing a smile to her face.

The first half was an evenly fought battle with both sides having chances to go ahead, bringing out the best in both goalkeepers. As the half time whistle blew Helen called the team over to Nikki's goalmouth, handing out oranges, water and energy bars she began her speech. "Well girls, I can't fault your work rate and determination. What we really need is some quality passing out of midfield so we can attack in numbers. Our midfield need to push up further, squeeze their defence, so they start making errors. Now come on, get out there and show them who are the best. We can do this!"

Bolstered by Helen's rousing speech they all jogged back onto the pitch with renewed vigour. Within seconds of the second half start, the ball came to Rachel, she drove straight at the Southweld defence; her team mates all pushing up to support her. From out of nowhere a stick came crashing across hers, stopping her abruptly, the opposition player controlled the ball and hit it as hard as she could to their striker who was on the edge of Nikki's area. With ease the striker took the ball, rounded Nikki and struck the ball low into the corner of the goal. The opposition fans went wild and the scoring player was mobbed by her team mates, it took several minutes for the umpire to re-start the game but they were underway once more.

The goal completely changed the dynamics of the game with Southweld Ladies having 90% of the play. Larkhall Ladies were managing to keep them at bay, but as far as Helen was concerned her team had done well to get this far and the final whistle couldn't come quickly enough. Southweld Ladies piled on the pressure and Helen felt with only 5 minutes to go it was likely they would add a second goal to consolidate their lead. However Larkhall Ladies had other ideas and held fast, Yvonne won a free hit on the edge of Nikki's area and Helen thought: At least this will give us some restbite from the constant attacking

Yvonne knew that everyone expected her to hit the ball as hard as she could, to give their defence some breathing space but she decided to try something different. "Hey Wade! Get yer fat lazy arse over here and tap the ball to me, Karen you too, come here," she yelled. Nikki immediately understood what Yvonne was going to do and it didn't take Karen long to click either. Nikki tapped the ball to Yvonne, she in turn tapped it to Karen. They kept doing this between themselves slowly until they got to the half way line without interference from the bemused opposition.

"Now!" shouted Yvonne, both she and Karen ran full speed, knocking the ball between them so fast no one could get near them. They reached the oppositions circle and as the defence came out to tackle them, Yvonne slipped the ball to Rachel who promptly controlled it, went around the oncoming keeper and scored a blistering goal. The reaction from the crowd and her team mates could not have been much more different than the oppositions celebration of their goal. The whole place went silent, no one quite believing what they had just seen, then as the enormity of the situation sank in the place went wild. Again it took several minutes to restart the game but the final whistle came quickly. The final score was a draw 1-1; the game would now be decided on penalty strokes.

The umpire came over to Helen and looked at her expectantly. "Can I please have your list of penalty stroke takers please, in order of first to take and last to take?"

Even though Helen only dreamed she would have to produce this information, she had it neatly typed out on a piece of paper. "Sure, there you go," Helen smiled as she calmly handed it to the umpire. However she was shaking like a leaf on the inside.

Reading the list the umpires said, "Yvonne, Rachel, Shaz, Denny and then Karen last. Is that correct?"

"Yes, it is," Helen said confidently. Now all I have to do is break the good news to the ones actually taking them, she thought to herself. Walking over to the team, she could tell they were in shock, as there was very little being said.

Putting the biggest smile on her face she could manage, Helen made her way over to the team. "Well bloody done you lot! I knew you could do it, never ever had any doubts." When this statement was met with incredulous stares, Helen thought: to hell with it. "Ok, to be honest I thought we were going to get thumped in the second half, but we didn't and here we are," she added.

"Well thanks for the confidence booster Helen, you really know how to motivate a team," Karen tried with a straight face but failed miserably in holding it that way and burst into a fit of giggles which spread through the team at breakneck speed.

"Ok, ok, now seriously you need to know what happens next," Helen said, going on to explain the order of the penalty stroke takers. "Come on lets win this thing!" As the team made their way to the designated goal Helen noticed that Nikki had gone quiet and was walking quite a way behind her team mates. Helen strode over to her lover, grabbing her hand she gave it a reassuring squeeze, "Are you ok darling?" she enquired.

Nikki looked at the ground. "Yeah sure, just composing myself. Helen I don't know if I can do this. I don't want to let anyone down, especially not you."

Smiling, Helen cupped Nikki's chin and brought her eyes up to meet hers. "My sweetheart, you have never let me or the team down ever and I know for a fact that you will not start now. I am so unbelievably proud of you." Helen then added flirtatiously, slapping Nikki on the bottom, "Now go over there and show them who the best goalkeeper in England is and there might just be a treat in it for you later." Nikki had a huge grin on her face as she jogged over to her team mates.


Chapter 30

"Yvonne! You are first," bellowed the umpire.

Yvonne marched over, placed the ball on the spot, ignoring all the antics the opposition keeper tried in order to put her off. With hardly any back lift, Yvonne stepped forward and fired to ball into the top right hand side of the goal.

Without glancing at the keeper or umpires, she simply turned and walked slowly back to her team mates who were going mental. As she approached them she said punching the air, "Get in!"

Next came the oppositions turn, Nikki stood on the goal line but did not try any of the tactics the other keeper had displayed, no, she had always relied on her skill and would not lower herself to that sort of behaviour. As hard as Nikki tried the ball whizzed past her gloved hand into the back of the goal. The next two strokes for each team were dispatched with aplomb.

Denny went to stand up, but nearly fell over as her legs were trembling. Everybody could see her distress but could do nothing to alleviate it. Shaz decided to take things into her own hands to calm her lover down, promptly walking up to Denny, she grabbed her and gave her a bone crunching kiss, whispering, "Do it for me babe, I love you." The gesture elicited wolf whistles from the crowd and a smile a mile wide on Denny's face.

Walking ten feet tall, Denny put the ball on the penalty spot, then putting as much strength behind it she pushed the ball low and hard. The oppositions keep stretched a leg out, almost making the save but the ball struck the back board much to the relief of Helen.

Nikki settled herself, her eyes never leaving the ball in front of her, as it flew towards her; she shot out her hand but could not quite get enough of it behind the ball to stop the trajectory.

Standing up Karen took a deep breath. She looked around her team mates and saw the expectation in their faces. She thought; I am the captain of this team, I am who they look up to and I am +NOT+ going to let them down!

Marching up to the penalty spot she placed the ball carefully, whilst the keeper was trying her tricks again. Karen stood stock still, just staring at the keeper, she could tell it was having the desired effect as she would not meet Karen's stare back. When she was ready, Karen powered the ball straight at the keeper who, had she not dived to her left, would have stopped it but much to Karen's relief the ball flew into an empty net.

Nikki slowly walked to the goalmouth, her heart thundering in her chest and ears, not to mention the fact that her legs felt like jelly. Taking a deep breath she looked for Helen and was not disappointed when she met the young Scots beautiful deep green eyes. Nikki could make out Helen's lips saying to her, "I believe in you and I love you." Taking strength from her lover she lined up for the penalty stroke. She had watched this particular player warming up and she liked to fire the ball to Nikki's right but Nikki had a strange feeling that she was going to change this habit.

The umpire blew the whistle for the player to take the stroke, instead of diving Nikki stood completely still in the centre of the goal, the player thought Nikki would not move so she fired the ball as hard as she could into the top left hand corner, with unbelievable strength and speed Nikki flew towards the ball, tipping it over the bar. Before the ball hit the ground, her team mates were running towards her. When they got there everyone jumped on top of Nikki, screaming and yelling, then they hoisted her on their shoulders, all singing at the top of their voices, "We won the cup! We won the cup!"

They walked towards Helen and then something magical happened, they gently put Nikki down, faced Helen and began to applaud her, chanting her name. Helen simply waved and then burst into tears of joy, Nikki embraced her tightly. "Darling, this is all because of you, enjoy your well deserved adulation, you are amazing," Nikki whispered.

Wiping her eyes, Helen said emotionally, "Thank you all but it really was a team effort and thank you for being such a wonderful group to work with. But don't think winning this gets you out of fitness training on Tuesday, no siree."


Chapter 31

They all quickly went inside the club house to get showered; the cup presentation was due to take place in less than an hour. The changing room was awash with champagne, laughter and celebration. But Helen noticed Nikki sitting in the corner quietly, with an anxious look on her face.

Helen sat beside her lover. "Sweetheart, are you ok? You look like you have just been told you have to give a speech to the nation naked."

"I might as well be!" Nikki blurted out. "Karen wants me to accept the cup and give a speech. She says that I won the cup for us, so I should have the honour. But I am scared Helen."

"Well, I never thought I would hear that, the great Nikki Wade scared," Helen cajoled.

Nikki smiled, "I know who would've thought it."

Helen took Nikki's hand. "You will be fine darling, you speak and act with more passion than all of us put together, just be yourself baby."

"I love you so much Helen, you know all the right things to say and do," Nikki said with conviction.

"I love you too darling," Helen simply replied, love shining in her eyes.

Nikki stood up. "I will be right back babe. I need to speak to Karen and sort some things out.

Helen could hear slightly raised voices, looking over she could see the cause; it was Nikki and Karen having a heated debate over something. Helen only caught the tail end of the conversation. "Have you got it, that's all, not to difficult a question is it!" Nikki said forcefully.

"What's going on with you two?" Helen interjected.

Both women's heads shot round to face Helen, both looking like bunny rabbits caught in the headlights of a car. Nikki was the first to react, "Erm….er, well Karen said she had prepared for all eventualities in this cup game, including writing a winners speech. She is looking for it for me so I can use it but she is having problems locating it, aren't you Karen?"

"What? Oh…..er……yes……yes that's right, winner's speech, looking for, right," Karen stuttered.

Helen laughed out loud, "You two are as mad as a bag of frogs. Come on they are about to present the trophy and it would be a good idea if we were actually there to receive it."

Nikki replied, "Ha, Ha, Helen, we will be right over in a minute."

"Got it!" Karen squealed. Slipping something into Nikki's hand, she added, "Now grumpy knickers can we go and get our trophy?"

Well, if that was the speech, it's going to be a short one, I don't think I saw Karen actually pass anything to Nikki. But if it is short then it will mean more time in the bar" Helen thought as she walked towards the crowd who'd gathered for the presentation ceremony.

A tall woman from the UK Women's Hockey Association stood up, facing the crowd. She began to thank them for their support and thanked the hockey club for the use of the facilities. Leaning towards Nikki, Helen said, "That's Sean's mother, she's the one who can make or break a hockey career."

"Firstly I would like to like to ask the runners up Southweld Ladies to come forward and receive their medals," said the woman as 15 very sad looking women lined up, took their medals and stood off to one side.

"Now could I ask for a representative from Larkhall Ladies to come forward to receive the trophy and then her team members to receive their winner's medals?" Sean's mother said full of authority.

Nikki slowly walked towards the woman; cheers from her team propelled her forward. "On behalf of the UKWHA, it gives me great pleasure to present the cup to the winners Larkhall Ladies!" Sean's mother beamed as she handed Nikki the trophy to the delight of the crowd who whooped and yelled till they were horse.

Taking a deep breath Nikki prepared herself to deliver the speech.

"Thank you Mrs Parr, I would just like to say thank you to our opposition, they fought hard and should be proud of themselves for the skill and determination they showed today, it was a great advert for women's hockey, please give them a round of applause."

When the noise had died down Nikki continued her speech. "Thank you to the hockey club for providing great facilities and making us so welcome. Next I want to thank my team mates for all the hard work they have put into winning this trophy, you have no idea what this means to a small club like ours. Last but by no means least, we would all like to thank Helen Stewart our coach, she has been absolutely brilliant and has put so much effort into getting us this far. We would never have won this trophy without this amazing woman." Again the applause was thunderous, the team took this as their cue to come and get their medals but Nikki put her hand up to stop them.

"I have said all the thank you's but I would like to say a few words more if you would just indulge me. This has been one of the best days of my life, but I know of one way that can make it the happiest day of my life," Nikki said as everyone looked at her, waiting for her to explain further.

Nikki got down on one knee and reached into her pocket, "Helen Stewart, you came into my life and have since made my life, you are my soul mate and I can only think of one way to make my life complete." Opening a box, a platinum gold ring shone out. "Helen will you marry me darling?" Nikki asked; her eyes full of anxiety.

Everyone turned towards Helen, all eyes staring in anticipation, waiting for Helen's answer. Walking towards Nikki, Helen helped her to her feet; she stood in silence looking deeply into her lovers eyes which shone so brightly full of unflinching love. "My darling, I know we have not known each other long, but what I feel and the depth of those feelings for you cannot be easily described. So sweetheart, the answer is a resounding +YES!+" Helen screamed jumping onto Nikki wrapping her legs around her waist, kissing her passionately. The two lovers were so occupied with each other they didn't hear the crowd go wild, cheering and shouting their congratulations.

Finally Helen and Nikki pulled apart realising their friends wanted to give their blessings, grabbing Nikki's hand Helen pulled her over to celebrate with their team mates. A cough behind Helen made her turn, coming face to face with Mrs Parr. "Helen my dear, before you go off, could I just have a quick word?" she said gently.

Frowning, Helen said to Nikki, "Darling, you go ahead I will catch up in a minute, Mrs Parr wants to speak to me."

"Ok babe, see you soon, you had better hurry though, you have no idea how quickly Karen can knock back champagne, it will be gone before you know it!" Nikki replied. Helen smiled as her team made their way back to the clubhouse, laughing and joking.

Helen turned to face Mrs Parr. "So Mrs Parr, what was so urgent that you needed to speak to me now and delay me getting hammered with my team?"

Smiling, the older woman replied, "Straight to the point, I like that in a person, I wish Sean was more like that. He needs to grow a back bone and stop treating women as his person playthings, but that's another matter, I digress. Helen I liked what I saw today, your coaching style, your obvious ambition to go far and above all your determination to win. Because of this I would like to offer you a coaching position with the GB team. We need people like you, new blood and all that sort of thing."

Helen stood there stunned, she didn't know what Mrs Parr had wanted to speak about but not in her wildest dreams did she think of this. "Wow, this….this is quite unexpected to say the least," Helen stammered, still trying to take in what the woman in front of her had just proposed, smiling she thought, Mmmmmmmm second proposal of the day. This line of thought made her think of a whole new set of possible issues and she felt the need to get clarification on a couple of these before she discussed the offer with Nikki.

Helen looked directly at the older woman. "Mrs Parr, I am not going to make a decision right now, I will need to discuss things with me fiancé. You just saw what's happened; I am going to get married to Nikki, what is the hockey association's view of lesbians in the ranks?"

"Well, it's not a problem per say, providing you keep your private life just that, private and don't going yelling from the tree tops that your partner is a woman," Mrs Parr said as though this was perfectly acceptable.

Helen smiled, "Mmmmmmmm…….. I thought that might be the case. Well Mrs Parr, I thank you for the job offer but you can shove it where the sun doesn't shine. If you honestly think I would come and work for such a hypocritical organisation you are sorely mistaken. I can no further keep my love for Nikki Wade quiet than you could say Sean has lived up to all your expectations, it just won't happen. Goodbye Mrs Parr, I am going to join my team, have a few drinks, and then I am going to make love to my girlfriend all night long." Helen turned away leaving the woman standing there with her mouth hanging wide open.


Chapter 32

Helen walked into the bar and was met by a wall of applause, blushing; she quickly went over to her team, taking a seat she sat beside her lover. Nikki leaned in whispering to Helen, "How's my wonderful fiancé? What did old Parr want?"

Helen smiled like a Cheshire cat. "I am great my darling, the ring is perfect and gorgeous, just like you. This is the best day of my life as well sweetheart." Not able to hold back any longer Helen pulled Nikki into a long passionate kiss only to be met by cat calls and whistles from Denny. "Yes, yes Denny very good." Helen yelled before adding, "As for Mrs Parr, well let's just say I told her where to put her offer of a lifetime. Now, where the hell is my champagne?"

Nikki's expression changed to one of concern as she asked, "Darling, what did she offer you and why did you turn it down?" Nikki was not sure she wanted to hear Helen's answer.

"Not much babe, just a coaching job with the GB set up. The reason I turned it down was there were too many conditions, one of which meant I would have to hide who I am. I could never do that, I am so proud to be your fiancé and no one is ever going to me feel I have to deny that fact when it suits them," Helen said with conviction. "And don't even start with the guilt trip Nikki, yes hockey is a big part of my life, but you +are+ my life darling, don't ever forget that."

Grinning madly, Nikki said loudly, "God I love you Helen Stewart, now let's get pissed!"

"Good idea and I think we will find a £300 tab behind the bar waiting for us, courtesy of Sean Parr!" Helen shouted to the team, which was met with cheers.

"How did you manage that one?" Nikki muttered as the green eyed monster was bubbling dangerously close to the surface.

Seeing Nikki's reaction, Helen touched her arm. "Babe, I didn't manage anything. Well maybe a little bit, I made a wager with him on the first day I came to watch you lot play. I said if you won the cup he would have to put a tab behind the bar and if you lost I would pay for a lad's night out in a club. However, I didn't say which one but after I met you darling, I knew exactly what club I would send them to if you lost. Yep you guessed, Bad Girls, men only night!" Helen peeled into a fit of giggles, which started Nikki off as well.

"You are such a bad girl yourself babe, think I will have to punish you later," Nikki said suggestively.

"Oh, I do hope so," Helen replied back in a tone that left Nikki under no illusion that Helen wanted her badly.

The End

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