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Stormy Beginnings
By ScottishFi


Chapter 9

Helen was immersed in work over the next few weeks having little time left for socialising. Not only was she busy with her practise but a couple of the vets in town were on vacation so she was covering for them too. Even her Sundays, which normally were sacrosanct, were filled with a mixture of work, and family obligations. It felt, at times, like she was related to the whole Island. She was regularly getting invites for family lunches and dinners. And she had gone out on a couple of dates with Thomas – nothing serious but he was attentive and good company. As far as work was concerned she and Monica had worked out a comprehensive schedule. She did minor operations in the morning – her own wee operating room was proving to be invaluable for both herself and her patients. It saved them both from travelling into town to get access to an operating theatre. In the afternoon she went out on calls. The rural needs very different from her city practise, sheep and cows being the order of the day rather than cats and chows. She loved working with the bigger animals and had already helped with the delivery of a couple of Highland calves, an Aberdeen Angus and a Friesian. She'd even supervised the delivery of a tiny Shetland pony – Hamish – she lost her heart to Hamish as soon as he was born. Many of the crofters kept sheep, most of them left to graze on the extensive moorland so she was fast becoming very fit with all her tramping across the moor to attend the animals. In the late afternoon/early evening she had an open-surgery which tended to attract those with household pets. Monica was fantastic and they worked well together, in fact she had never had such an efficient Receptionist/PA. Monica was great with clients and animals alike and Helen quickly understood why Nikki trusted her so.

It fast became clear that, with her busy schedule, she had little time for domestic chores. And she had found someone to keep house and provide her with delicious meals. Barbara Hunt. Barbara a local woman, born and bred just up the road, and a good friend of Monica's, filled the role admirably.

As she walked across the courtyard covered in mud up to her thighs she thought about her latest patient. She'd been helping a Highland Cow, who had got herself into some difficulty with a twisted umbilical cord, calf. It had been hard, heavy work and her right shoulder felt like it had been nearly twisted off. She was so glad that she had the power shower installed in the surgery adjacent to her small consulting room – she needed a shower and a massage.

As she stepped into the surgery reception Monica put the phone down.

"That was Nikki she was hoping to catch up with you. She's just back from London. Been sorting out her London property."

"How is she?" Glad to hear Nikki was back as she had missed their regular phone chats.

"She seems fine. She saw Trisha and apparently it all went fairly well. She asked you to call her when you get a chance."

"Will do, but first I need to clean up I smell a bit like Marie the Highland Cow."

"I didn't like to say but…..."

"Cheeky," said Helen as she went into the shower room.

As she stood under the powerful blast of hot water her thoughts turned to Nikki. She had not seen much of her over the last few weeks and it was Christmas soon. Claire was arriving on Christmas Eve and she had invited Lachie and few of her other family members to Christmas Lunch. My first Christmas in my new home, she smiled, it seemed like she had lived here forever. She was so glad she had moved up from London. She wanted to invite Nikki but hadn't got round to it yet. Nikki, she mused, things had settled down since that crazy weekend when she had split up with Trisha and propositioned her on the beach. They talked fairly frequently on the phone and of all her new friends she felt closest to her, and knew she could trust Nikki with her life.

"Hi Nikki."

Showered and sweet smelling Helen called Nikki as instructed but only got her answer machine.

"It's me, I hear you're back. Good trip I hope. Listen I wanted to do this in person but the phone seems our regular mode of communication at the moment. Would you like to join me and some other family and friends for Christmas lunch slash Dinner? I'll be doing the honours. And do you want to come around for supper tonight. I know it's last minute but it would be nice to catch up in person. Barbara always leaves enough food for a small army."

As Helen was leaving the message Nikki was battling with the wind as she took Cu for a walk along the beach. Her head was full of her recent trip to London. She had met with Trisha and although she hated to admit it she looked better than she had in ages – positively glowing. Must be love she thought with a sour taste in her mouth. The meeting had gone fairly well. Trisha had been very agreeable and thoughtful, mindful of the fact that she was tearing their partnership apart. It seemed so tacky talking about who was getting what. Nikki would get all of the Lewis properties and Trish would get Nikki's share in the London House. Given the regional differences in house prices it was likely that Nikki's share of the London property would be worth a lot more than Trish's portion of the Lewis property – so Nikki was going to get a chunk of capital too. As most of the artwork was Nikki's she insisted in keeping it but Trisha asked to keep the little clay statue (the one Helen had admired) as it was modelled on her, and one of the first things Nikki and given her. Nikki agreed, without argument, convinced that she did not want a naked Trisha adorning her home! On the whole Nikki was much more at peace with things. Life carried on, in fact she had meet a very interesting woman at the recent Community Wind farm Meeting – Caroline…She did work with the opposition, as an employee of WindpowerScotland, but she was smart, quick and funny. Nikki could tell she was interested, as you only can do, when someone is blatantly hitting on you! Nikki had warmed to her immediately unlike that prick Waugh who, when she found out he had been hitting on Helen, she liked even less. Then there was Helen. Helen was straight. But Helen was and had everything she wanted in a woman. Strength, determination, loyalty, caring, humour, a fiery temperament and that cute thing she did with her tongue. And of course she was beautiful. The list went on and on a clear sign of Nikki's continued infatuation with the woman. She was trying hard just to be her friend but that was proving very difficult for her so she had, while remaining friendly, done everything she could to avoid spending time with her on her own. That had not been difficult as with the new job and everything Helen had hardly been available.

"Cu, come on, lets get home."

They turned and struggled back along the beach they were battered by the wind but it cleared her body and lungs of the stifling vestiges of London.

It was about 7.00pm when Nikki turned up at Helen's for supper. As she knocked gently at Helen's back door, Cu at her feet as usual, she took a deep breath. It was a couple of weeks since she had seen Helen and she was a bit nervous, shy even. She hoped she had got over her mild infatuation, mild infatuation who was she kidding. She heard Helen inviting her in.

"Hiya Nikki, come on in."

Although she thought she had prepared herself she hadn't. Nothing could have prepared her for the vision which was Helen – she stood and stared taking in every detail - her hair shone, the light reflecting off the lighter streaks, her eyes were sparkling and full of fun, and her skin, probably because of all the time she spent outside, looked golden. She was dressed simply in jeans and a green v- necked sweater, and she looked breathtaking. She exuded power and sensuality. A wide smile welcomed Nikki. Nikki swallowed hard and stepped into her proffered arms. She hugged Helen tight, feeling their breasts squash together, their pubic bones crushing. She inhaled deeply taking in all that was Helen, her aroma, her aura, her everything. Shit, she thought who was I kidding I don't have this under control. The truth hit Nikki - she's gorgeous and I am totally in love with her and there's nothing I can do about it.

At the same time Helen was drinking in Nikki realising how much she had missed the tall, opinionated woman. They held on for a moment longer then necessary. And as they pushed back Nikki looked deep into Helen's eyes. God she sees straight into my soul thought Helen instinctively leaning forward.

"I've missed you Helen," she said quietly, turning away and breaking the contact. Shit I came that close to kissing her thought Nikki.

Helen turned away quickly, embarrassed and busied herself at the stove not looking at her.

"It's been too long Nikki. Would you like a drink?"

Nikki nodded.

"Well you know where the wine is kept. We need something to go with vegetable lasagne it's one of Barbara's specialities."

"Will do," said Nikki going into the utility room glad to put some space between herself and Helen. Helen was wondering how she was going to tell Nikki that she had been dating Thomas.

They had a very enjoyable dinner catching up with each other. They retired to the lounge with coffee and some delicious homemade shortbread.

"Mmh this is delicious. Did Barbara make this too?" asked Nikki.

"No that was me."

"I knew you were a good cook but this is exceptional."

"Thanks," Helen smiled, curiously pleased that she had impressed Nikki with her cooking.

"So can you join us for Christmas lunch?"

"Thanks for the invite but Yvonne invited me ages ago. She always has a big do and Lauren will be home from college as well. She knew I'd be on my own so she very thoughtfully included me in her plans."

"I'm glad you've got something arranged but I'm sorry you can't be here. We'll miss you and I did want Claire to meet you." Helen was disappointed Nikki had other plans.

"I'm sure I'll get the chance to meet her, she's here for over a week isn't she? Why don't you and Claire come down to me for Boxing Day – we'll make it a quiet affair just you, me, Claire and Monica. How does that sound?"

"Sounds great. Are you going to the New Years Ball that Sir James hosts at the big house on Hogmanay?"

"No. I think I told you before he and I had a major run in. It would be fair to say he hates my guts."

"Oh, I was planning to take Claire. Thomas invited me so I was going to get Lachie to go with Claire."

"Thomas eh?" Nikki tried to control herself. Internally she was seething, she hated that slimy bastard but externally she fought to put on a brave face.

"So are you seeing him?"

"Yeah, I guess so," said Helen quietly.

"Is it serious?" Nikki asked trying to remain impartial and calm.

"Early days yet, but it's going well."

Silence enveloped them as they both, deep in thought, sipped their coffee.

Not long after Nikki got up to go feigning exhaustion from her London trip.

"Do you have to go so soon?"

Despite the awkwardness she felt over telling Nikki about Thomas she did not want her to go, she enjoyed the company of the brooding, dark haired woman.

Cu, the dog got up from snuggling with Helen's two black labs in front of the fire and followed her mistress.

"Good night Helen," said Nikki, a little frostily, rushing out the back door without hugging her goodnight.

"Good night Nikki," Helen quietly responded to her back as she left.

Nikki was in tears as soon as she drove off.

"Damn that woman," she said aloud to no one but herself.

She needed to keep her distance or she was going to get very hurt.


Chapter 10

It was the first weekend Helen had had free in ages. Thomas was away on business to the mainland. And, as all the other Vets were back, after their various trips, she was not on call either. Saturday had dawned cold and clear and she decided she would take the dogs on a long walk. After breakfast she dug out her Ordinance Survey map and planned the route. She decided she wanted to walk by the ocean. For some reason she was completely drawn to the power and grandeur of it. Nowhere on Lewis was very far from the sea and she loved it. There was not a formal path but she decided to do a loop, walk down to the shore by her house then go north through Dell, Habost Swainbost and then to the Butt – she may go into the Butt of Lewis Lighthouse on her way. The lighthouse was on the most North Western tip of the Island. From there she would swing back via Port of Bac then home. If Nikki was around she would pop in and say hi in passing.

It was mid morning when Helen left with both dogs in tow. As they scampered off, in front of her, tails going frantically, she thought how well they had settled here and how much they clearly loved living on Lewis.

Helen was an avid collector; she always found something of interest on the shore. What was to others flotsam and jetsam was her 'treasure'. It took them a couple of hours to make their way north passing sandy bay and rocky shingle. It never ceased to amaze Helen how the shore changed from one year to the next, the tides and storms ever changing the make up of the coastline. They passed the beach that she and Nikki had surfed. That was fun, she thought, she would have to do that again, maybe in the summer. She was surprised to see a couple of people in the water. Hoping one of them might be Nikki she took her binoculars out of her backpack and scanned the horizon disappointed to note she was not there. She found a nice sheltered spot for lunch and opened her flask and took out her sandwiches. As she sat chewing, enjoying the peace, she reflected on the last picnic she had here with Nikki. Nikki - She missed Nikki when she was not around, her life seemed to be complete when she was in it. What was she saying? She liked Nikki, enjoyed her company nothing else…. who was she trying to kid! In the shelter it was not too cold but she did not linger. In the distance she could see the sea cliffs where the lighthouse perched. At night the light signalled the danger that was the reefs and underwater islands that lay hidden and in waiting – ready to scupper any poor unsuspecting vessel if it wandered off course.

Round the top of the Island and onto Bac. It was about 2.30 when she climbed up to Nikki's shop. Good, there was a light on in the studio. Cu was out back lying in the sun and Helen left Rowan and Archie with her. They could play for hours together. As Helen entered she saw Nikki's back bent over the wheel. As always, intent and focussed. Helen had a distinct feeling of déjà vu. It was only a couple of months ago she had interrupted Nikki at her work after their unfortunate misunderstanding about Trish and Nikki's sexuality. But as she turned from the wheel, sensing someone's presence, this time Nikki greeted her with a warm, welcoming smile.

"Helen, what a pleasant surprise."

"Hi Nikki, I hope you don't mind me just dropping in like this?"

"No, it's good to see you. Can you give me a minute I need to just finish this off. Put the kettle on would you. I'm dying for a cuppa."

"Certainly Ma-am," smiled Helen curtseying a cheeky grin on her face.

"Watch it."

Helen busied herself with the kettle. The studio was attached to the back of the shop where Nikki sold her pottery and other odds and ends. It was a big, bright space, wooden in construction with huge windows and veluxes letting in all the Northern light. For some reason Helen just knew artists preferred it – something to do with the quality of the light. Helen scanned the room, it was all very organized, what she had come to expect from Nikki. In one corner sat a sizeable kiln – Nikki could fire all her own work including some of her larger pieces. Next to that were racks of unfired pots and mugs and saucers waiting to go into the kiln. Then along one wall was a workbench, judging by the mess, where most of the hand painting was done and the glazes were mixed. Nikki sat at the other side of the room at one of two potter's wheels adjacent to the boxes of clay. On the wall numerous glazes and tools were stored on long shelves. Helen's gaze alighted on Nikki completing her work. Engrossed. As she stared Nikki looked up and caught her eye. Helen looked away quickly. Embarrassed at having been caught staring.

"Finished. I need to get this fired and glazed sharpish it's for Monica's Christmas present."

As she spoke she continued to stare at Helen. Helen loved Nikki's passion for life but was slightly taken aback by the intensity of her gaze. She was drawn like a moth to light. She stood just staring back entrapped in Nikki's brown pools – hypnotised. It was Nikki who eventually broke the connection this time.

"Where's that tea then?"

Helen went back to the kettle and made the tea as Nikki put the bowl to the side and washed her hands. She even had a small kitchen area with sink, small cooker, and refrigerator. Helen passed Nikki her tea.

"Milk no sugar, right?"

"Absolutely." Nikki smiled broadly.

"Here take a seat." Nikki passed Helen one of the stools used for sitting at the potters' wheels.

They sat drinking their tea.

"So what brings you here thought you would be spending the day with Thomas."

Helen went slightly pink at the mention of Thomas.

"He's away on business."

She did not feel that she had to share anything with Nikki – not that there was anything to share. Thomas was sweet, good company but nothing more. He did nothing for her. He did not excite or in the way she wanted to be excited!

"Anyway I don't spend every weekend with Thomas. I decided I wanted to go on a long walk and as you can imagine Archie and Rowan were only too happy to join me. We've just walked up the coast."

"All the way up the coast I'm impressed."

Nikki admired Helen's resilience she was independent and self-sufficient.

"Where are the dogs now?"

"They are out back with Cu."

"So Helen, now your here do you fancy trying to throw a pot?"

Slightly taken a back and a bit embarrassed about trying to do something she had never done before in front of Nikki for a second time Helen hesitated momentarily.

"Not scared are you?"

Nikki after the surfing lesson knew how to push Helen's buttons – being a stubborn bugger she could not resist a challenge!

"Course not Nikki."

Nudging Nikki's hip with her own as she spoke.

"Alright then Dr Stewart, please take a seat."

With a melodramatic movement Nikki swept a cloth over the stool in front of one of the potter's wheels.

Helen took a seat. Once again Nikki was taking on the role of teacher with her.

"That's it now gently press your thumb into the centre and start shaping the bowl."

Helen concentrated hard but unfortunately she pressed too hard and the clay collapsed into a messy pile.

"Damn, bloody thing."

"Helen, it just takes patience, you are doing really well though."

Nikki re-shaped the clay and put it on the wheel again.

"Here try this, there's a bit more there this time it should be a bit easier."

Nikki got up to leave her to it. She needed to get Monica's bowl ready for the kiln.


Oops thought Nikki.

"Just start again." Nikki said without turning around.

"Nikki this is much harder than it looks. When you do it, it looks so easy." Helen almost whined.

Nikki took pity on Helen and pulled her stool behind her.

"Here, let me help."

She sat forward on her stool her legs loosely wrapped around Helen's, her breasts pressing against Helen's back. She put her arms around Helen's and leaned her head over Helens right shoulder. Given her frame was slightly larger than Helen's they fit together perfectly. Helen swallowed loudly. A sure sign she felt a bit uncomfortable.

"You're ok with this Helen, right?" Nikki said in a challenging tone.

"Of course." Helen responded a little too quickly. She was feeling decidedly uncomfortable with Nikki draping all over but she would never admit that to Nikki

As Helen moulded the soft wet clay Nikki put her hands over hers guiding them.

"That's it, gently does it."

With Nikki's help Helen very quickly formed a small bowl. She was trying to concentrate but there was something very erotic about this whole clay thing and Nikki's proximity was certainly having an impact. Helen could not work it out. She had never been attracted to women but this woman never failed to affect her. You could have cut the atmosphere with a knife. Nikki had thrown another load of clay on the wheel and was helping Helen shape it. Nikki's hands gently guiding and moving Helen's over the clay shaping it into a recognisable form.

"This is a very 'Ghost' like moment," joked Helen in an attempt to relieve the tension and change the mood, which was very intense and heavy.

"Nice one Helen," Nikki laughed the mood lightening instantly, "actually I think I know the words to 'Unchained melody'." She seemed to drift off as she was clearly thinking about the words. How apt they were:

Unchained Melody.

Oh, my love, my darling,
I've hungered for your touch
a long, lonely time.
And time goes by so slowly
and time can do so much,
are you still mine?
I need your love,
I need your love,
God speed your love ..... to me!

"You would, but please no singing I have heard you singing before!" Helen teased looking at her watch. "Actually is that the time, I better get going."

"Helen, if you don't have any plans this evening would you like to join me for dinner and maybe a movie. I could use the company."

"Thanks Nikki I would love to, but can you give me a lift up the road to my house so I can pick up my car. I've also got a pineapple in the fridge that needs to be eaten. Perhaps we can have it for dessert."

"Sounds good. Just let me put your and Monica's bowls into the kiln. Then I'll give you a lift up the road."

After a very relaxing and comfortable evening Helen got up to leave.

"That was a delicious dinner and a great movie Nikki thanks for suggesting it."

"It's a classic contemporary film noir and Linda Fiorentino makes a great 'femme fatale'. I'm surprised you've never seen it. But I'm glad you enjoyed it."

"No, but it's really good I would watch it again. What's it called again?"

"The Last Seduction." God I hope she doesn't read anything into that thought Nikki.

As Helen went to the backdoor she turned and gave Nikki a hug.

"Thanks for a lovely evening."

Nikki held Helen lightly, somewhat overwhelmed at the reality of having Helen in her arms. She closed her eyes and inhaled deeply she wanted to capture Helen's essence so she could play it back later.

"Bye then Nikki."

"Bye Helen." Nikki reluctantly let go. "Don't forget to call me when you want to talk about the site for your polytunnel."

Nikki was clutching at straws she just didn't want Helen to go.

"Will do, maybe you can come over for breakfast tomorrow, if the weather is good, and we can review the site then?"

She too wanted more time with Nikki and she did have a legitimate reason to engineer another meeting – the polytunnel.

As Helen drove home her thoughts were all Nikki. She loved spending time with her. Nikki challenged her intellectually and physically – who knew that shaping a pot would be so difficult! She was also aware that Nikki's presence was having a more surprising sexual effect on her. As she thought back to that afternoon's activities she was stunned by the way her body responded to Nikki when they were shaping the pots together. The mere presence of Nikki excited her in ways that she hadn't been excited in years! Just spending time close to Nikki set her off. As she sat in her car outside her house she could feel herself getting aroused at the memory of Nikki's hands linked with hers in the wet, soft, malleable clay. She checked, sliding her hand down her jeans into her pants – clear evidence that Nikki affected her – she was wet and swollen. Hell, few men could do that to her after hours of making out.

Helen was not sure what to do. She couldn't deny something was happening between her and Nikki she was just not sure what. Nor could she decide what she wanted – an unusual state for Helen who normally knew exactly what she wanted and where she had to go to get it. Maybe it's the thought of my Dad that's putting me off he's never approved of anything I've done. Maybe I am homophobic. Maybe I am thinking too much. Maybe….…

Nikki lay in her bed watching the stars. She felt much happier than she had in ages. She could sense that Helen was attracted to her, but at the same time she could tell Helen was confused and uncertain. This was not the time to force the issue. Helen needed to come to her; she had to make the first move. But Nikki was willing to wait. She would just continue to be her charming; supportive self and Helen could not fail to be enchanted!


Chapter 11

The snow was sleeting down as Helen made her way to Stornoway airport. She sat nursing her coffee, contemplating the last couple of months and her new life.

I hope the plane gets down in this. So much for Claire's introduction to the Islands she thought. Her musing was rudely interrupted by a loud announcement –

"The 16.50 flight from Inverness will be landing shortly we are sorry for the delay but are very happy they didn't have to turn back, it is Christmas Eve after all. Happy Christmas. Nollaig Chridheil agus Bliadhna Mhath Ur."

Claire looked decidedly green about the gills when she walked into the terminal, covered in snow just in the short walk from the plane.


Helen dashed forward pushing through the unusually big crowd – lots of people coming home for the holidays she thought. She enveloped Claire in a huge hug.

"It's so good to see you."

"Hi Helen, am I glad to get out of that plane. We circled and tried to land 4 times before we were successful. I thought I was going to throw up at one point. Wow you look great." Claire pulled back and scanned Helen's glowing features "And tanned too?" she asked quizzically.

"Actually it's the wind. I'm just weather beaten," laughed Helen.

"How about a hot drink before we venture home there's someone I'd like you to meet."

Claire's ears pricked up; maybe she was going to get to meet the Thomas Waugh.

"Someone you'd like me to meet. You're a fast worker aren't you?" said Claire nudging Helen teasingly.

"Tsk, you never change, do you, it's only a friend."

They walked into the lounge of the Lewis Hotel stomping snow off their shoes.

A huge log fire blazed in the hearth and someone with dark hair stood to greet them.

He looks tall, dark and handsome, thought Claire, a trifle scrawny, but Helen likes scrawny, desperately trying to rid herself of Sean the prawn's image. But as the person turned she realised it was a tall, slim and stunning woman, who's eyes, when they caught sight of Helen shone with… with what thought Claire who's ponderings were interrupted by Helen.

"Claire this is my new friend Nikki. And Nikki this is my oldest and best friend in the world Claire."

"Hi Claire," said Nikki offering her hand "I've heard lots about you, it's nice to put a face to the name."

"Ditto," said Claire wondering what on earth was going on.

"Hiya Helen," Nikki continued leaning in to kiss her cheek. "Wow, you feel cold. Here take a seat by the fire I ordered a pot of hot Ghiradellis chocolate, I thought you

might need it."

"A woman after my own heart" smiled Claire.

The threesome spent the next hour getting better acquainted. Claire noted with interest Nikki seemed very keen to find out all she could about Helen and her past. Claire thought Nikki charming, funny and very entertaining. And Helen, the focus of a few of the stories, simply enjoyed the fact that Nikki and Claire seemed to be getting on so well – not stopping to question why she wanted them to click or needed Claire's approval. They decided they had to get home as the weather had deteriorated markedly. As she looked out of the window onto Stornoway harbour full of what remained of their fishing fleet, in for the holidays, Claire asked incredulously,

"That's not horizontal snow is it?"

"Welcome to the Highlands Claire," smiled Nikki.

As soon as they got into the car Claire in her own inimitable style started quizzing Helen. Something Helen remembered she hated!

"I didn't realise you and Nikki were such close friends. You've barely mentioned her."

Helen feeling a bit defensive "Don't exaggerate Claire I have talked about her."

Claire just shook her head she knew better than to engage in a 'discussion' with Helen when she adopted that tone of voice

They drove in convoy back across the moor and as they turned off for Drumbeg Nikki flashed her lights and drove on up to Bac.

"Will she be ok?" asked Claire.

"I'm sure she will. She's not more than 5 minutes up the road. By the time we get the car unloaded she'll be safely home."

What with the shopping Helen had picked up before she meet the plane and Claire's luggage they were still busy emptying the car when the phone rang.

"Just wanted to let you know I got home ok. It was good to meet Claire. She seems nice for a lawyer. "

"Yeah she is," Helen said "and she seems quite taken with you."

"Told her I was a lesbian, did you?"

"Well No, that's not what solely defines you as an individual is it?" Not allowing Nikki to respond she went on "Nikki we need to finish emptying the car. Claire is doing it all by herself. I can't stand here chatting."

"You better go Helen," disappointed and perplexed that Helen hadn't mentioned the fact that she was gay.

"I'll talk to you later?"

"Ok Helen."

With that they both put down the phone. Helen shrugging off her guilt went out to help Claire bring in the rest of the bags from the car. Claire loved Helen's new home. They sat in the lounge in front of the fire, Coldplay in the background, enjoying an early evening sherry.

"Helen it's so comfortable and you seem so relaxed. This life suits you."

"Yeah, I didn't think I would settle in so quickly. Nikki has been a great help. It was really fortuitous meeting her on the ferry."

"Yeah, really fortuitous," aped Claire.

Helen looked quizzically at Claire "What do you mean by that?"

Wow, thought Claire someone's sensitive.

"Nothing, I agree with you Nikki has clearly helped you settle in. She's everything you said. She seems nice. I really like her. Is she married?"

"No, she's just separated from her partner; they were together for nine years."

"Oh, that's a shame it must be difficult being single up here. Does he still live here?"

"Actually," Helen said hesitating momentarily "he is a she, and she has moved back to London."

"Oh, he is a she," said Claire repeating Helen's words again.

Helen, her short fuse burning, raised her voice "Claire will you please stop doing that."

"Doing what?"

"Repeating everything I say!"

"Sorry Helen," Claire could not help herself, she burst into a fit of the giggles at their ridiculous conversation. Helen joined in, the laughter helping to break the tension.

Helen keen to change the subject got up.

"Claire why don't you have a bath. Relax after your trip. And I will prepare dinner."

Thirty minutes later Claire, already dressed in her pyjamas, followed the delicious aromas to the kitchen. Helen who was a very accomplished cook had excelled herself with a delicious concoction of penne pasta with garlic and basil tomato sauce, lightly dusted with freshly grated Parmesan reggiano.

"Where do you want to eat, here or in the lounge?"

"Let's be lazy and eat in front of the fire, that's such a rare treat for me."

They sat in relative silence, James Blunt crooning in the background.

"This is superb Helen, really delicious."

"Yeah I got the tomatoes, garlic and basil from Nikki she's a keen organic gardener and always has plenty to spare."

Plenty for you I bet thought Claire – then it clicked - she recognised that look Nikki had given Helen in the hotel, love, she is totally in love with her and her behaviour just reinforces that. Helen must have picked up on it surely. Then Claire reminded herself Helen was not very good with, or sensitive to, emotions, passion, or anything to do with intimacy and love. She was good at sex and shagging but not love. In fact if Claire really thought about it she didn't think Helen had ever been in love. In lust yes, but no, not in love. What was she going to do? She was always the one who had to point out the obvious to Helen. Helen, who in her own wee way was quite naïve and totally underestimated the impact she had on others. She had left lots of broken hearts in her wake – male and female, without even realising it. Helen did not do flirting too well, she was too honest, but she did do sex when she needed it. Claire decided to just wait and see, maybe things would work out without any intervention from her.

"Helen I thought you were having a Christmas Dinner here tomorrow?"

"Yeah, we are. You carried in about a dozen bottles of champagne from the car in case you hadn't noticed."

"Yeah, but not exactly festive is it?" Said Claire teasing her friend as she looked around at the decoration less room."

"I have been busy with work you know. Okay smarty-pants – you do the decorations and I'll finish the preparations for tomorrow unless you'd rather peel half a sack of potatoes."

"Okay I'll do the decorations. But get us another glass of wine eh."

The pair spent the next couple of hours engrossed in their individual tasks. Helen completed the preparations for Christmas Dinner and Claire put up the Christmas tree with festive baubles. Additionally she strategically placed candles all over the lounge and kitchen and finally she found a vaguely Christmassy themed album in Helen's CD collection. It was getting close to Midnight when they finished their chores. Claire poked her nose through the curtains and shivered.

"It's still blowing a gale out there still, although the snow seems to have stopped."

"Time for bed," said Helen "I put your electric blanket on hours ago you should be nice and cosy. I just let the dogs out for their late night pee – it's Baltic out there with the wind chill it must be well below freezing."

"Good night Helen, thanks so much for having me." Claire pulled Helen into a hug.

"Good night Claire, thanks for coming all this way. Sleep tight."

Claire shut the spare room door and Helen turned and went into her bedroom.

Helen snuggled down, trying to sleep when she remembered she said she would call Nikki back. Nikki never went to bed early, it would be safe enough to call her as it wasn't quite midnight.


Nikki picked up the phone wondering who on earth would be calling her at this hour. Caroline had already called this evening to finalise arrangements for tomorrow. Caroline was going with her to Yvonne's – as her date.

"Hiya Nikki, it's Helen. "I said I would call you later and we have just finished. In fact I just got into bed."

Nikki swallowed hard at the image of Helen all cosy and warm in her large sleigh bed.

"Nikki, are you there?"

"Sorry Helen, must have been the line," Nikki lied "The wind wreaks havoc with the telephone lines on nights like tonight. It's a bit late for you to be calling, what's up?"

"I just wanted to say sorry about earlier. I wasn't being homophobic I just wanted to tell Claire about you in person."

"What do you mean about me?"

"About your sexuality that's all."

"Doesn't seem to me that Claire would be too bothered about whether I was straight or gay and that's not what defines me as a person is it?" In frustration Nikki echoed some of Helen's earlier words.

"She wouldn't, tut, wasn't."

"Well what was all the fuss about?"

"There was no fuss Nikki," Helen could feel her temper rise why did Nikki always bait her so.

"Seems like an awful lot of fuss about something as insignificant as my sexuality."

"Nikki I have no idea where you are going with this but will you please shut up. After all it is Christmas Eve – Goodness and mercy to all men including all Helen's okay?"

Nikki couldn't help but laugh at Helens attempt to defuse things.

"Okay Helen, Happy Christmas."

"Happy Christmas Nikki," Helen added softly.

"Yeah Happy Christmas" Nikki put down the phone as she added "My love."

What did you just say Nikki?"

But the phone was dead. Helen put her phone down and in a very distracted manner set her alarm for 7.00 am. She'd have to get up early and put on that bloody enormous turkey. She lay awake for ages, did she really hear Nikki say 'my love' or was it wishful thinking on her part. If it was wishful thinking did she really want to be Nikki's love? Why would she want Nikki to be in love with her? The scientist in her could analyse things to death. She swallowed deeply, the truth was she wanted Nikki to be in love with her and she was a wee bit in love with Nikki. But what would she do about it? She was straight after all or was she? Helen then spent the next hour or so dissecting every single relationship she had ever had. She came to the same conclusion about them all. No matter how she tried to convince herself to the contrary they were all about sex nothing more, nothing less. There was no real intimacy, no deep connection, none of these men looked inside and saw deep into her soul. But Nikki did. Nikki touched her, without actually touching, like no one ever had. And that scared her. Throughout her life Helen had gone to great lengths to protect herself, something she was now barely conscious of. As Helen tossed and turned she thought back to her childhood to the tragic loss of her Mum. Tears pricked her eyes. The reality was she had erected a 10 foot steel fence around her heart from then and had never until this point wanted anyone to breach it. But this was different. She wanted to let Nikki in but she wasn't entirely sure how. But she wanted to and once Helen decided she wanted to do something she did it – something to do with that stubborn streak of hers – and god help anyone who got in her way. Honesty, Helen knew was always the best policy and she needed to be honest. If truth be told she was not just 'a wee bit in love' she was totally in love with Nikki and she Helen Stewart had do something about it. The clarity she had brought to her feelings helped Helen to relax and eventually she fell into a deep sleep.


Chapter 12

Helen and Claire sat back and relaxed, in front of the living room fire enjoying their nightcaps. It had been a crazy, but fun, day.

It had dawned clear and blue with a bite in the wind. The whole landscape was covered in a thick white blanket of fresh snow. Claire and Helen got up early, exchanged gifts, had breakfast and gone on a long walk along the shore clearing their heads before the onslaught scheduled for that afternoon. Helen felt curiously rested after she had spent most of the night tossing and turning and analysing her feelings for Nikki. But she felt good she had worked it through she knew what she wanted to do.

Nikki had called when they were out and left a very brief message saying she would see them tomorrow and wishing them a Merry Christmas. She felt disappointed that she had missed Nikki but nevertheless convinced herself to enjoy the day.

Lachie, Karen and Thomas arrived first about 1.30pm. They're a bit close thought Helen as she saw Lachie and Karen together – it was as if recognising her own feelings for Nikki made her more sensitive to the same feelings in others. She physically pulled back as Thomas pulled her into a passionate kiss as he wished her a Merry Christmas. She would have to be honest with him, tell him she was in love with someone else, but perhaps not today, it wouldn't be fair! He gave her a beautiful Shetland jumper full of golden browns and greens. Colours which she loved and which reflected her personal beauty – her skin, her eyes and her hair. What a thoughtful present.

Claire watched their interaction closely. Clearly he was, yet another, smitten by Helen. But Helen seemed different today – Claire could tell, she clearly was not interested in Thomas. But she had an air about her Claire couldn't put her finger on it but something was different. As a lawyer Claire was practised at analysing the body language and behaviour of others, a skill that came in very handy. As she watched she thought Thomas is gorgeous, I know he is going to be disappointed, maybe I can help console and take his mind off Helen. A wicked wee grin crossed her face when she thought about exactly how she could console him!!!

The rest of the family arrived in dribs and drabs and after a number of glasses of champagne sat down to Christmas Lunch. It was a riotous affair with lots of good food, wine and outrageous company. One of Helen's cousins Angus was home from Glasgow. Angus had adopted Glasgow as his home from home and he had also embraced Glaswegian humour. He kept them all in fits through the whole meal.

There had been one awkward moment during the day when it seemed like Thomas was going to get a bit upset when Helen rejected his request to stay over. Helen, quite high on the day, did not want to further confuse things by sleeping with Thomas. He had been sweet and attentive and in another time and place she would happily have taken him to bed. But things had changed. Although it was all new to her she was in love, in love with a woman at that, and she, for once in her life, did not want to compromise that. Lachie being ever vigilant intervened and took a rather forlorn looking Thomas under his wing and with Karen in tow drove him home.

It had been a long day. Helen was tired and looking forward to seeing Nikki the next day.

"Helen thanks for a great day, but I can't keep my eyes open. I'll have to go to bed."

"Night Claire," Helen stood and hugged Claire good night.

"Night Helen."

"I think I'll stay down here, for a while finish this," she said lifting her glass.

As Helen sat her thoughts turned to Nikki. She had been thinking about her on and off all day. She was disappointed that Nikki was not there to share her first Christmas in Lewis. Her absence was like an enormous void. She was desperate to speak to her.

Not too far down the road Caroline was helping a very, merry Nikki from the car into her house.

"You can't drive back to town now, just stay, I have a spare room."

Caroline smiled to herself spiking Nikki's drink had worked her plan was going well so far. Nikki fell in the back door.

"I don't know what Lauren put in that punch but it must have been lethal. I'm drunk."

"Don't worry Nikki I'll help."

Caroline supported Nikki as she stumbled upstairs to bed but she did not know about Nikki's propensity to crash out when she had drunk too much. She helped her undress but as soon as Nikki's head hit the pillow she was comatose.


Caroline was really pissed off she couldn't believe Nikki was such a lightweight, she had added very little to her drink. But at least she'd get to sleep skin to skin with her current obsession.

Just then the phone rang. Caroline looked down at Nikki who was motionless and decided she better answer it.


"Who's that?" Helen was taken aback to hear the voice of a strange woman.

"Caroline. And who are you?"

Helen's stomach churned, Nikki had a strange woman in her house at 11.00pm!

Her inclination was to slam the phone down. She was jealous and really, really angry with Nikki.

"This is Helen can I please speak to Nikki?" She said in a rather haughty voice her Scottish brogue very distinct.

"I'm afraid Nikki is in bed perhaps I can give her a message?"

Helen was livid. Nikki didn't even have the good manners to answer her own phone and who the hell was this woman anyway?

"Don't bother …" Helen couldn't control herself any longer and slammed down the phone in rage!

Well thought Caroline someone's a bit pissed off.

Thinking nothing more of it she climbed the stairs went back into Nikki's room, stripped and jumped into bed.

Nikki woke the next morning with a pounding headache.

"Oh, what did I drink last night?"

As she slowly regained consciousness and awareness she realised to her horror that there was someone else in the bed with her. Fuck! Thought Nikki, who is that? She turned over and saw a blond head lying on the pillow next to her who the hell is that she thought in a panic, that's not Caroline, is it?

The head moved and Nikki confirmed it was indeed Caroline. She slowly lifted the duvet, peeked below and discovered, with disgust, they were both stark naked.

" Fuck, fuck, fuck!" She swore quietly under her breath.

Nikki slowly slipped out of the bedclothes checking the time – it was still early yet – hopefully she could at least shower and dress before Caroline appeared.

Nikki was sitting at the kitchen table nursing her second cup of coffee when Caroline eventually got up.

"Hello sexy."

Nikki nearly jumped out of her skin. 'Hello sexy' what did that mean had she, no she would remember if she had, wouldn't she????

"Oh hi Caroline," trying to act all cool, "sleep well?"

"Yes great thanks, something to do with the company."

Nikki grimaced, a look that didn't go unnoticed. Caroline knew Nikki didn't fancy her but that didn't put her off, she was going to have some fun anyway!

Nikki was mortified she didn't think they had sex, she didn't even think they had kissed but she didn't want to admit to Caroline that she couldn't remember a thing.

They had had a great time at Yvonne's but Caroline was most certainly not Helen. Nikki had disappeared off into her own wee world a number of times the day before. Daydreaming about Helen – she knew she had it bad - but she felt optimistic about the future. She didn't want her libido to mess things up. Caroline could sense that Nikki was uptight about something.

"So Nikki, what did you think of the yesterday's party?"

"Yeah it was great. Thanks for coming with me. Did you enjoy yourself?" Nikki inquired hoping to glean some information. "Coffee?" She asked getting up from the table.

"Yes, I'd love some coffee. I guess you'll need a lot today, judging by the state you were in last night, I virtually had to carry you to bed." She teased.

As Nikki stood at the sink, filling the kettle, a broad smile crossed her face. If she had been that drunk there was no way she could have done anything. A bit forward of Caroline to undress her she thought. And she still didn't understand why she had got quite so drunk. She wasn't a heavy drinker and she had actually drunk very little during the day. She was going to give Lauren a piece of her mind when she next saw her.

"I hope you don't mind that I got in with you but I wasn't sure where else to sleep and I was really cold."

"Oh that's no problem. So what would you like for breakfast?" Nikki asked anxious to change the subject.

Nikki thought about her plans for the day - Helen, Claire and Monica were due to arrive for Boxing Day lunch in a couple of hours but she couldn't just ask Caroline to leave that would be rude. So she invited her to join them for lunch. Caroline accepted gladly.

Helen, Monica and Claire arrived at the same time. Giggling and laughing like schoolgirls they knocked at Nikki's door.

"We three Queens from Drumbeg are

Bearing gifts we've brought from afar"

Monica led the terrible singing.

"Enough, no more please," smiled Nikki, hands over her ears, letting them in.

"Merry Christmas Monica, Merry Christmas Claire, and Merry Christmas Helen."

She hugged and kissed each of them, in turn, as they entered although Helen seemed distant and unless she was being paranoid appeared to pull back.

"Let me do some introductions, I don't think you've meet, but this is Caroline I invited her to join our merry crew. Caroline this is Monica, Claire and Helen. Will you please take their coats through to the spare room while I get drinks organised. Thanks."

Claire just caught the look that flashed across Helen's face, methinks my friend is being visited by the little green monster, this should be interesting. Caroline took their coats. When she got back Nikki was opening a bottle of chilled champagne. She poured them all a glass and they lifted their glasses in toast.

"A Merry Christmas. Too new and old friends alike."

Caroline looked across at Nikki as she raised her glass flashing a smile –Nikki smiled back - a smile that lit up her face and a smile that Helen wanted all for herself – she was Nikki's 'new friend' not Caroline! Who was this woman Helen would have to find out more. Claire watched closely. Sparks were literally flying from Helen's eyes– she knew from old that was a major, danger sign!

"I really shouldn't be drinking," Nikki went on "Caroline had to put me to bed last night."

That was it. Helen choked on her drink and spluttered down her front.

"Are you ok Helen, let me get you a cloth."

"Yeah I'm fine Nikki; the bubbles just went down the wrong way. Thanks."

Nikki handed her a cloth and Helen silently cleaned herself off.

/Fifteen/ love to Caroline./ Claire thought to herself.

Monica piped up, keen to break the awkward silence,

"I have some presents here that I'm itching to give. I'm sorry Caroline I don't have anything for you, I didn't know you were going to be here"

"Oh that's okay Monica; I didn't know I was going to be here either." Smiling at Nikki again

Helen's eyes grew dark and stormy. Someone's getting a bit possessive thought Claire.

"Yes presents, why don't we do presents – my favourite?" Trying to ignore Caroline, Nikki was very child like in her excitement. "Come into the lounge everybody I have the gifts under the tree. More champagne anyone?" Nikki inquired feeling a bit anxious and perplexed by Helen's behaviour.

Claire noticed Helen's glass was empty already. Oh, this was going to be a very interesting afternoon!

Monica who was an expert at needlepoint had embroidered a beautiful piece for each of them. For Helen she had made a Blackfaced Ewe with her lamb. Helen was overwhelmed.

"How beautiful Monica. Thank you so much. I think I will frame it – it's far too good for the surgery- and put it in the kitchen."

For Claire she had made an abstract view of the rolling moor it was all browns and purples. But the piece de resistance was a huge seascape she had made for Nikki. It was glorious and captured all the beauty and ferocity of the Atlantic in all its glory.

"Oh Monica, it's breathtaking. Thank you so much."

Claire, who had bought them all spa products from Molton Brown, felt a bit humbled. The idea of making gifts rather then buying them seemed so much more personal and somehow much less material.

"Thanks Claire I look forward to using this, it smells edible and the lotion is so light."

"More champagne?" much to Helen's horror Caroline was taking on the role of co-host.

/Thirty/ love to Caroline/ thought Claire

Nikki, who loved Christmas and in the champagne buzz had forgotten about Helen's attitude, was now very animated.

"You'all get to open mine now."

Claire opened her rather irregularly shaped parcel first. It was two beautifully crafted espresso cups with matching saucers. The saucers and the external glaze on the cups was a deep peat brown but inside the cups Nikki had used a light sky blue glaze.

"That's a Lewisian summer sky," Nikki smiled at Claire.

"A rare occurrence but we do get cloudless blue skies here occasionally."

Claire was speechless (an even rarer occurrence!)

"Nikki what a beautiful and thoughtful gift, a fantastic memento of my trip. Who told you I was a coffee addict?"

Nikki just smiled and looked over at Helen who appeared to be avoiding her gaze.

"Every morning when I have my morning shot I will think of you and Lewis, thank you, thank you."

She stood up and gave, a now rather embarrassed, Nikki a big hug.

Nikki had made Monica a beautiful bowl. She was delighted too.

"Nikki you remembered! I was complaining about breaking my favourite bowl months ago. It's the exact size and shape. What a thoughtful girl you are."

Nikki blushed deeply. She loved making gifts for friends; she just was not so good at receiving the compliments and thanks. Helen smiled too, momentarily distracted from her pouting, that was the bowl Nikki was making when she had her first pottery lesson. That had been fun particularly the hands on tutorial – I hope Caroline hasn't had any individualised pottery classes!

"Last but not least," Nikki dragged an even more irregular shaped present from under the tree.

"Merry Christmas, Helen."

She handed Helen the gift and pecked her on the cheek. Claire was convinced she saw a slight blush on Helen's face. Helen could not believe the sensation on her cheek. Nikki had kissed her before but this time it felt like her face was on fire. Helen slowly unwrapped the gift. All eyes on her. Claire sneaked a look at Caroline who was also engrossed!

"Oh Nikki, she is so beautiful, perfect, absolutely perfect. You shouldn't have. Thanks."

Nikki had made Helen a beautiful clay statue of a naked woman much like the one Helen had admired months ago.

"Oh Helen, she's gorgeous," said Claire.

/Thirty/ Fifteen./

Helen looked closely at the form of the clay statue – she looks a bit familiar, then it dawned on her. Nikki had sculpted it in her image. Helen blushed furiously hoping no one had noticed. But Monica was probably the only one in the room who hadn't noticed Helen's face turn puce.

/Thirty/ all./

Desperate to change the focus Helen took a parcel out of her bag.

"Oh, I nearly forgot Nikki, this is for you" Helen passed Nikki a parcel that could only be a book. It looked and felt like a book. Nikki shook it roughly,

"Now let me guess," she added mischievously as she opened the beautifully wrapped present. "Seems a shame to open it."

It was a signed first edition 'The Highlands and Islands of Scotland'.

"I have been meaning to buy myself this for eons, what a thoughtful gift."

Helen smiled.

"I hope it's not too boring but I know how much you love books. I'm sure you know the author's a sailor so it has details of all the good anchorages and special places to visit. I thought it might be useful to have on your boat."

"It's not boring at all, in fact it's just perfect. If I had to buy myself a Christmas gift this would be it! You'll have to come exploring with me next summer." Nikki pulled Helen into a big hug.

"Thanks, and thanks for being my friend," she whispered glad to get the chance to get physically close to Helen. But Helen, remembering she was pissed off with Nikki because of Caroline, quickly pulled back.

/Thirty /Forty./

Nikki looked heartbroken and forlorn – Helen couldn't miss that look thought Claire.

Nikki turned from the group gathering herself. She was not sure how to react to Helen she obviously had done something to upset her. Caroline had not mentioned Helen's call from the previous so Nikki had no clue why Helen seemed so upset with her.

"Come on back through to the kitchen everybody. I thought you might have overdone it on the turkey yesterday so I have prepared a light buffet. Take as much or as little as you want."

They all tucked into what was a glorious feast, a veritable smorgasbord. Nikki's emphasis was fish and seafood. One of her neighbours had handed in some fresh sea trout just before Christmas and another had dropped off a bag of Dublin Bay Prawns and she had bought a couple of lobsters at the fisherman's co-op in town. So with all this delicious fresh fish as a basis, suitably accompanied by her own greens, tomatoes and cucumber she had prepared a banquet. The term 'buffet' didn't quite hit the mark.

About an hour later they all sat prone in the lounge.

"I'm going to have to unbutton my trousers," groaned Claire. "I don't know when I ate so well. Nikki that was superb almost as good as Helen's Turkey."

"Claire" hissed Helen.

"Talking of turkey," said Monica "How was Yvonne's yesterday?"

This should be interesting thought Claire.

"Oh it was really good thanks Monica," for some reason Nikki did not want to elaborate on yesterday.

Caroline got up and sat on the sofa arm beside Nikki

"It was a lot of fun wasn't it Nik?"

Nikki visibly squirming "Yeah, yeah it was. Now who said they wanted to play Cranium?"

Helen couldn't believe what she was hearing this woman was now using the familiar 'Nik' who the hell did she think she was.

/Deuce./ (Claire was convinced Helen was going to implode).

They spent the rest of the afternoon in a very relaxed state nibbling on the chocolates, nuts and things Nikki had liberally provided, in little bowls, around the room. At about 4.30 Nikki decided she should take Cu for a quick walk.

"Helen do you want me to take Archie and Rowan too?"

"I'll come," piped up Caroline.

"No, it's fine, I'll manage," said Nikki relieved that it didn't take much to put Caroline off.

"You won't get me out in that" Claire added.

It had got dark and it looked like it was snowing again. But it was nasty wet snow more like sleet.

"Actually I'll come," Helen offered she wanted to get Nikki on her own she needed to find out more about this Caroline woman before she blew a gasket.

"Fine," said Nikki glad to get the chance to spend time alone with Helen but a bit apprehensive as she was not sure what kind of reception she was going to get.

/Advantage Stewart./

"You better wrap up warm it's wild outside. I'll make a cup of tea for your return. Then we better make a move, this is not a night to be out and about," Monica got up with them to put the kettle on.

Helen, Nikki and the three dogs stepped out into the late afternoon and were very quickly covered in snow from head to foot. The wind was blowing hard, as usual and it was difficult, in the icy conditions, to keep your feet. As they walked down towards the harbour Helen lost her footing and nearly fell. Nikki grabbed her just in time.

"Thanks Nikki." Helen puffed; she'd been a bit winded by the partial fall.

"Hold on to me Helen, this wind is crazy." Nikki shouted.

Helen reluctantly held on to Nikki.

"We shouldn't go too far just let them pee."

Helen nodded, she was just happy to have Nikki to herself. What was that woman Caroline doing? She had hoped to ask Nikki, and ascertain the relationship between them. But it was impossible to talk in this weather and it just felt so nice to be this close to Nikki. Nikki was surprised, Helen was holding on like grim death, but she was not going to complain. She hadn't really asked about Helen's Christmas celebration because she didn't want to hear about Thomas. As they turned the corner toward the harbour and out of the relative shelter of the houses they were battered by the wind. Nikki bent over and spoke directly into Helen's ear.

"Helen this is crazy we should turn back."

Helen enjoying the sensation of Nikki's soft lips on her ear drew back and shook her head as if she hadn't heard properly. Nikki, enjoying the experience herself, leaned in again.

"We should go back now; it's too windy out here."

This time they both felt the jolt as warm moist skin touched cold moist skin.

Nikki trying to control herself drew back abruptly – Helen has to make the first move she said to herself. Helen momentarily stunned by the physical effect Nikki had on her, a jolt that had careered right down into her core, stood unmoving. At last she regained a modicum of control, but her body was still buzzing and tingling…..and not just from the cold

"Come on Nikki I thought you liked to live dangerously. Lets go down and check out the sea if must be amazing with this wind."

Some of her words were lost in the wind as she shouted in Nikki's ear. Nikki looked at her in amazement shrugged her shoulders and nodded in the affirmative.

They battled to the top of the hill that overlooked the harbour and then on down to the beach. The snow was swirling around them and the extreme conditions were agitating the dogs. The harbour itself was a cauldron of grey and white churning water and the few boats that were left there were bobbing around like demented rubber ducks in a fairground attraction. Further on in the dark you could she the white of the huge rollers crashing onto the beach and careering up to the foreshore. The sheer power of nature in the raw was overwhelming it made Helen realise how insignificant man and woman was. The elements in all their glory, she felt so powerless. No one could fail to be touched by the passion of it all and she was already fired up over Caroline!

Without thinking, somehow spurred on by the wildness around her, Helen turned to Nikki, caught her head with her free hand, pulled it towards her mouth and began to passionately kiss her. Completely taken aback it took Nikki a second or two to respond and Helen thinking she had done the wrong thing pulled back in embarrassment and stormed off. Nikki shouted after her, but her words were lost in the wind.

Helen was completely mortified. She had kissed Nikki and Nikki had not kissed her back. She had put herself out there, only to be rejected. Her pride was hurt, she was embarrassed and she felt very, very, stupid. She had totally misjudged things. Nikki was with Caroline and she had now compromised their friendship. If Nikki had tried to kiss her like that she would have gone ballistic.

Nikki on the other hand was desperately trying to catch Helen. Shouting was pointless; everything was lost in the gale. She would have to talk to her about this when they got back inside. Nikki eventually caught up with her and had to pull her to get her moving in the right direction. All three dogs were plastered in cold, wet sleet. As they walked through the back door, and into the utility room, beating off the snow, Monica shouted from the kitchen.

"Kettles boiled, tea, coffee or hot chocolate?"

"Tea please, Monica."

Deep in thought Helen didn't respond.

"Helen what would you like to drink?"

"Oh yeah, em, could I have a whisky please." She needed something strong!

"Whisky coming up. Any particular sort?"

Helen looked like she was in shock but Nikki didn't want to embarrass her further by saying anything in front of the others. She desperately needed to get Helen alone to explain things.

"Anything will do but if there is a choice and you have an Islay malt I'll have that. Thanks Nikki," she added softly.

Nikki looked around as she was taking her boots off. That 'Thanks Nikki' was said with such emotion, such warmth – such love. She stared at Helen who was crouched over taking off her boots, her face only centimetres away. Nikki stared into Helen's hazel/green grey eyes (she still hadn't been able to ascertain what colour they were as they changed with the weather). Helen stared back, both frozen to the spot. Nikki moved toward Helen slowly. Helen didn't budge she was completely lost in Nikki's velvet brown eyes. Eyes so full of love she could hardly believe it. The spell was broken as Caroline barged into the room.

"Nikki I think I'll either have to stay another night or go back into town now."

"Why don't you stay," said Helen quickly getting up. The spell broken and the little green monster rearing its ugly head again. What kind of woman is she, she thought. She was about to kiss me, I know she was, and here she has Miss Know-it-all running after every whim. What was I thinking?

"No, it's probably better if you go back tonight I have a lot on tomorrow." Rushed Nikki a little flustered.

Caroline was not surprised Nikki had said no. When she opened the utility room door the sexual tension was palpable. She had thought that Nikki didn't really fancy her. Her suspicions were well and truly confirmed, now she knew exactly why. Good luck to them she thought.

"We don't need to leave right now, do we Helen?" Claire had her own ideas about helping to get these two together.

"No, we're just up the road, we could walk if necessary."

"Fine we will stay for supper then Nikki, if that's alright?"

"Okay, that would be great," Nikki was not sure what was happening she felt completely out of control at the moment.

/Game, Set and Match Stewart (with a little help from her friends Caroline smirked to herself!)/

Shortly after a rather quiet cup of tea, everyone seemed lost in their own thoughts Monica (who had further to go) and Caroline left. After saying their goodbyes Helen and Claire retired to the lounge to give Nikki space to say her farewells.

As Caroline hugged Nikki she whispered in her ear,

"You've got to go after what you want Nikki, you only have one life you've got to go for it."

Nikki pulled back "What do you mean?"

"I'm not stupid Nikki, don't play the innocent, I now know why you're not interested in me."

"But she's not interested, she's straight and I don't feel like going through that rejection thing right now."

"Of course she's interested, so you better do something about it before someone else does. Thanks for a great time. You are a wonderful woman Nikki Wade. If ever you need me you know where to find me."

She kissed Nikki on the cheek and left. Helen, her curiosity (and if truth be told jealously) getting too much for her, wandered into the kitchen. Nikki was standing with her back to the kitchen door looked slightly dazed.

"You okay Nikki?"

"Yeah fine," she bustled not sure whether she was coming or going "What do you fancy for supper?"

Before Helen could answer or even question her about Caroline Claire wandered in – her timing perfect.

"Did I hear someone mention food?"

Helen laughed and hugged Claire "You, you're incorrigible Claire."

They sat down for yet another feast but this time it was just Claire, Helen and Nikki so they sat, plates perched on their knees, in the lounge.

For some reason, something to do with Claire's prompting!!! Thomas became the topic of conversation. Claire could see Helen's ears burn red; if this didn't work out she was dead meat tomorrow.

"Claire!!" the tone of her voice threatening.

Helen's warning shot thought Claire. But she continued, pretending to be oblivious.

"Helen, we are all friends together, you need to relax we're just having a girly conversation, you know, one of these things you never do."

"Claire I am not in the business of discussing my love life with anybody, not even you."

"Ah, so you admit it, your in love with Thomas," suitably anaesthetised and uninhibited –as she had been quietly imbibing all afternoon - Claire continued to stir the proverbial.

Nikki's face paled.

"I'm not in love with Thomas," Helen almost shouted at her.

"Oh," said Claire "then you won't mind if I muscle in? He did offer to take me a tour of the Island – you know the Callanish Stones and the Pictish Broch and maybe if I'm lucky his bedroom!"

"Be my guest," Helen was keen to change the topic of conversation.

"So," hesitated Claire "If you are not in love with Thomas then who are you in love with?"

"Nobody," snapped Helen "I'm not in love, so will you give me a break and stop hassling me. It's time to go home anyway."

Nikki had realised she had been holding her breath when Claire asked Helen who she was in love with. She now exhaled loudly. Helen and Claire, who seemed to have forgotten she was there, both turned round and stared.

"Sorry Nikki, Claire can be a real pain sometimes. Forgets she's not at work interrogating some poor unsuspecting client or other."

"That's okay Helen," Nikki was subdued, and Helen had not given the answer she wanted to hear.

Claire got up to go to the loo – smiling to herself – her plan was working.

When she came back in Helen and Nikki were sitting silently in the lounge. Helen was staring into the fire and Nikki was staring into the painting on the wall. Neither sure of what to say or for that matter what to do.

"I looked outside just now and it's still blowing a gale. And it looks like it's snowing again."

"Shit," said Helen as she went out to check.

The temperature had tumbled and what previously had been fairly harmless wet snow was now frozen solid. She came back in covered in snow.

"It's lethal out there the sleet has frozen solid. It's like an ice rink under the new snow. We better get going now. "

"We can't go out in that. What happens if we skid off the road no one will find us in this blizzard?"

"You are such a townie Claire we will be fine, the X-country has 4-wheel drive and it's high off the road. We'll be okay."

"Helen, I am inclined to agree with Claire. 4-wheel drives are great in the snow but with that layer of ice they are as bad as any other car. I have a spare room. You both should stay here."

Claire smiled; she'd get them together if it killed her.

Helen acquiesced, not happy given the circumstances, but she had little choice.

The threesome spent the next couple of hours watching a few episodes of C.S.I Vegas - Marie and Eilidh the two young women who worked for Nikki had given them to her for Christmas. Although Nikki rarely watched TV she was immediately drawn to the quiet professionalism of Sara and Catherine was pretty hot. Both Helen and Claire found them curiously engrossing. Helen from the medical perspective and Claire loved Brass and how he handled the suspects.

At about midnight Claire yawned loudly.

"I think I need to go to bed. Nikki, do you have a toothbrush I can borrow? I can sleep in my t-shirt."

Helen nodded in agreement, "Yeah that sounds like a good idea. You don't happen to have another spare toothbrush do you?"

"I do indeed, good job I like to keep a supply of them." Nikki went off to find them.

"I'll let you go to the bathroom first Claire."

"That's kind. But you know you can't sleep with me don't you?"

"What? What are you talking about now?" said Helen in a very grumpy voice.

"Remember I snore and it's ten times worse when I drink, you won't sleep a wink if you sleep with me."

I won't sleep a wink if I sleep somewhere else thought Helen.

"Oh Shit, I forgot you were such a terrible snorer."

"Shit happens!" said Claire smiling as she shut the bathroom door.

Helen went to seek Nikki out – she was shutting the back door and ensuring everything was locked down for the night.

"Nikki, I forgot Claire snores, I should sleep on the sofa."

"Helen, the sofa is far too short even you would hurt your neck and back if you slept there. Just sleep with me. I won't touch you in case you're worried. I don't go after straight women. Even straight women who have just kissed me." She added aggressively. Why did this woman always mange to get to her so???

Helen blushed deeply. She just could not get it right with Nikki

"Nikki, that's not it I am happy to sleep with you I just don't want to impose and anyway what will Caroline think?"

"I'm not involved …"

"You're not?" Helen interrupted before Nikki could finish. She couldn't believe her ears.

"No, I'm not involved with Caroline, we're just friends," repeating herself to emphasise the point.

"But, she stayed over last night and she seemed awful friendly today."

"Helen I am touched that you seem so concerned with my love life. Why is that?"

Nikki took a step forward toward Helen who was now concentrating hard on something on the floor. Helen stood her ground as Nikki stepped closer.

"It's all yours Helen." Claire shouted as she came out of the bathroom.

"I need to…." Helen pointed to the door and pushed past Nikki to get to the


"Good night all."

Claire hugged Helen tightly and then Nikki.

"See you in the morning."

She went into the spare room and shut the door behind her.

"RESULT!" she said out loud, punching the air.

Shortly after, just further along the corridor, Nikki and Helen were getting into Nikki's bed.

Helen was frantically attempting to process everything. So Nikki wasn't with Caroline, which meant she, Helen, could/should make a move. But she was really nervous and had never felt quite so awkward in her life. She was also aware she was trying far too hard - talking ten to the dozen - but could do absolutely nothing about it. It sounded like she was on speed or some other mind bending substance she had never tried!

"Oh, what a great bed Nikki it's so comfy and it's huge."

"Yeah, I know, I replaced it recently. I didn't want to sleep in the bed Trisha and I had shared for so long."

"Sorry for making you think of Trisha. I am sure she's the last person you want to be reminded of right now."

"It's ok Helen." Nikki added looking a bit distracted. "It's funny it's the small things I miss so much. The smell of her perfume; the click, click of her laptop keypad; the constant smell of fresh brewed coffee; cuddling in bed at night. Sure sex was important but I just miss her."

Helen who had calmed down a bit said softly, almost imperceptibly, "If you like I could cuddle you tonight"

"I would like that."

Nikki was far away thinking of Trisha and the happy memories.

"It's funny once they've gone it's so much easier to remember the good times."

Helen just nodded, while she could empathise with Nikki's loss she just couldn't fully understand it – she had never felt like that about anybody, ever, apart from her Mum.

Helen simply spooned around Nikki's back and laid her arm lightly around the other woman's waist. They lay like that for a while, maybe an hour. Helen could not sleep. All her senses were heightened by being in bed with Nikki. And Nikki was single.

Nikki had since come back to the present and was acutely aware it was Helen who was in bed with her. She could feel Helen's soft breasts against her back, her pubic bone pressed against her bottom and her legs mirroring hers. She slowly turned around and faced Helen.

"Helen, are you awake?"

Helen, who had never been asleep, whispered back, "Yeah I'm awake, sweetie, are you ok?"

"Look up through the skylight you can see the full moon and the stars. It must have stopped snowing."

Helen opened her eyes and looked straight into the eyes of the woman who had been foremost in her thoughts over the last forty-eight hours. The moonlight streaming in though the velux allowed her to make out everything in the room easily, including Nikki. Helen swallowed hard. Nikki had a gentle loving look on her face. A look Helen had been lucky enough to witness before and a look she wanted to be reserved for her exclusively.

"Nikki I need to tell you something."

Nikki was nervous, what next – why did something always have to spoil the moment.

"Do you really need to?"

"Yes, yes I do. I haven't been completely honest with you." Helen searched under the covers and took both of Nikki's hands in hers.

"Nikki, I wasn't quite honest when I told Claire I wasn't in love with Thomas…"

Nikki thought the worst; Helen was going to say she was in love with Thomas. She tried to pull away from Helen. Helen held on tight looking into Nikki's eyes the whole time.

"Nikki please hear me out. I'm not in love with Thomas but I am in love with someone else….." She swallowed loudly, nervously, "I'm, I'm in love with you." She rushed it out.

With that she bent her head and softly kissed Nikki's hands.

"Me..you, me?" Nikki could not believe what she was hearing.

Helen's insecurities came rolling backing when Nikki did not reply immediately.


"Oh Helen, I can't quite believe what you are telling me. I think I've been in love with you ever since you snapped at me on the deck of the Isle of Lewis."

With that she pulled Helen close and slowly, gently and thoroughly kissed her.

"We'll take it slow."

"Yeah, dead slow."

"I could get used to this." Helen grinned cheekily as she pulled her back into a much more passionate kiss.


Chapter 13

Nikki woke as Helen was extricating herself from her vice like grip.

"It's ok honey, I'm desperate for the loo, I'll be back." Helen leaned in and gently kissed Nikki's forehead.

"Hey, I want a cuddle before you go."

"I'm only going to the loo…." Helen smiled indulgently as she leaned in again and cuddled Nikki.

She found her 'neediness' cute. If Sean had said something like that she would have really been pissed off at him!

Minutes later Helen was jumping back into the bed.

"It's freezing out there. You'll have to warm me up!"

"It must be early the central heating normally kicks in about 8.00. Come here. I'm only too happy to warm you."

Nikki enveloped Helen in a big hug.

Helen closed her eyes enjoying the warmth and aroma that was all Nikki.

Nikki was a bit anxious; she was not sure how Helen was going to respond after their night of 'true confessions'.

"So Dr Stewart, how do you feel in the cold, clear, light of day? Well maybe not so cold clear or light," she could see it was grey and overcast through the skylight.

Helen who was holding on to Nikki's hands under the covers turned, and faced her.

"Well Ms Wade, I still think you are an obstinate, opinionated, stubborn,"

Nikki's eyes grew wide with fear, "beautiful, gorgeous, sexy, fun loving, honourable woman." She leaned in and kissed her lips. "And, I am head over heels in love with you!"

Nikki smiled, satisfied that her love was indeed returned and Helen hadn't changed her mind or chickened out.

"I am completely and unconditionally in love with you Helen. You have my body, my heart and my soul. I never ever expected to feel so connected, so at one with another human being."

Helen flushed as Nikki pulled her into a full body hug – not sexual, just comforting and right.

"I only have one issue!"

Nikki looked worried wondering what she had done now.

"These pyjamas will have to go." Helen, laughing, trying to lighten the mood, pulled at the sleeve of Nikki's teddy bear covered flannel pj's."

"Hey Miss Hoity-Toity I'll have you know Monica gave them to me and they're ideal for this freezing weather and they're the most unsexy thing I have to wear in bed."

Helen just smiled and pulled Nikki back into a hug.

"Worried you were going to over excite this poor little straight woman Ms Wade?"

"Something like that!" Nikki looked down, a trifle embarrassed.

"Thank you for last night." Helen said with feeling. "I had a marvellous time."

"My pleasure."

They had spent much, of what remained, of the night kissing and caressing. Nothing more. Nikki sensed Helen was not ready for any more, so much had happened over the last few days and she had not wanted to push the issue. Neither had slept much.

"I don't want to leave you or your bed ever," Helen softly kissed Nikki's lips.

She still couldn't get over how soft and welcoming Nikki's body was. It was nothing like a man's or at least the men she knew - hard, hairy and smelly.

"We'll need to get out of bed to make breakfast for Claire."

"Do we have too?"

"Helen, you know we do."

Helen pushed Nikki onto her back and lay on top of her.

Nikki's senses were heightened to the maximum. God, does she realise what she is doing to me she thought. Arousal didn't quite do it – she was hyper aroused if there was such a thing. As Helen took her head in her hands and slowly and ever so gently, almost not touching at all, kissed all over her face:

"Your eyes." Kiss.

"Your nose." Kiss

"Your cheeks." Kiss.

"Your ears." Kiss.

"Your mouth." Kiss.

"Your mouth." Kiss.

Helen lifted her head and smiled lovingly at Nikki who was trying to remain calm, as Helen slowly and thoroughly kissed her lips. Her body was tingling from the tip of her toes to the top of her head.

"You're so beautiful Nikki." Helen whispered in her ear.

Nikki closed her eyes and swallowed hard. Does she know what she is doing to me? She opened her lips slightly as Helen kissed her harder this time, nibbling her bottom lip as she went.

"Oh Helen."

Nikki could control herself no longer as she grabbed Helen's hands, rolled her over onto her back and began to kiss her passionately her tongue rhythmically massaging Helen's. And Helen responded in kind pulling Nikki closer

"Helen, Nikki are you up?" Clair knocked at the door but was wise enough not to barge in.

"Come in," Nikki squeaked as she rolled off Helen.

They pulled apart almost instantaneously and struggled to compose themselves as Claire opened the door and came in.

"I hope I'm not disturbing anything?" She asked somewhat sarcastically.

"Get your sorry arse in here," Helen pulled back the duvet and slide over the bed closer to Nikki. As she snuggled Nikki looked down at her and she looked up both caught in an intense loving stare. Nikki bent over and lovingly kissed Helen's head as she tucked herself in under her chin.

"Does this mean what I think it means?" said Claire smiling broadly.

Helen looked at Nikki and smiled, and turning to Claire nodded her head affirmatively.

"Excellent, I knew it. I think this calls for champagne."

Helen looked at Nikki helplessly and Nikki laughing got out of bed.

"It will be my pleasure. Champagne at 9.00 o'clock in the morning is just what the Dr. ordered."

Nikki winked at Helen as she went.

Just as she was leaving the room Claire called.


Nikki turned and came back into the bedroom. Eyebrow raised questioningly.

"Nice jammies Nikki!"

"Tut, you pair have no taste."

As soon as Nikki had left Claire turned on Helen.

"Ok I want it all, the whole scoop. Leave out nothing."

Helen clearly embarrassed "There's nothing to tell we just talked and cuddled and kissed all night."

"Yeah, right Helen. There's no way you guys just did that. I can feel the electricity pinging off you. Your way too sexual not to have done anything more."

Feeling very self conscious Helen continued, "Claire it's not about sex it's about much, much more. I don't mean sex isn't important. I have never felt so close to, or intimate with anyone in my life. And that's without sex."

Claire looked aghast, "You always have sex it's what you do in relationships."

"Well I guess this one's different."

Claire looked closely at Helen. "Is it because she's a…. woman?"

"Claire that doesn't even warrant an answer. It's the 21st century. I love Nikki and she happens to be a beautiful woman. So what?"

"You know what Helen I think you are actually in love, you are in love for the very first time in your life."

Helen smiled shyly and as Nikki came back in Champagne and glasses in hand, said to them both.

"I guess I am. For the very first time in my life, I'm really in love."

Nikki put down the bottle and glasses and gently but lingeringly kissed her.


Chapter 14

Helen continued to wave long after the plane had taken off.

As she turned, and wiped a tear away, Nikki put her arm around her shoulder.

"She promised she'd be back at Easter, to help with the peats."

"I know, I'm such a baby sometimes but I loved having her around."

Nikki was actually quite relieved that Claire was on her way home as right now she wanted all of Helen to herself all of the time. She had been concerned that Helen might have been freaked out at the prospect of being in love with a woman. But she seemed pretty relaxed about it. Clearly she was apprehensive about talking to her Dad - but he apparently never approved of anything she did – this would be no different. They had talked briefly about it and it appeared that Helen wanted to be honest with everybody about the nature of their relationship. She would no doubt take some flak from the religious side of her family but she wanted to be open. Nikki was very relieved she had no intention of stepping back into the closet – not even for Helen.

Nikki knew she could be a bit possessive but she couldn't help it. She really liked Claire but she felt that her presence had clearly impacted on the development of her physical relationship with Helen – they had made out but they had not yet made love and Nikki thought she would implode if something didn't happen soon. So much for having Helen dictate the pace. Nikki had decided, for the sake of her health and sanity, she would take control this evening

Helen for her part knew she wanted Nikki more than she had wanted anyone else in the world – she now had the chance to show her – she too had felt a bit inhibited with Claire in the house.

As Nikki drove them back across the moor, in Helen's car, Helen snuggled into her side, her right hand gripping Nikki's left thigh.

"Nikki are you staying with me tonight? - I hoped we could have a quiet dinner alone."

"Helen you'd need an army to keep me away. I want to make love to you all night long."

"Good job we're on the same page eh?"

Nikki took Helen's right hand, raised it to her lips, and lovingly kissed the palm.

As they pulled into Helen's the snow had started to flurry. The ground was frozen hard and no doubt it would lie.

"I'm glad we have the whole weekend off. I'm going to keep you busy Ms Wade."

"You better get out if this car now or you'll soon be suffering from frostbite on your bum Dr Stewart."

Helen giggling went inside. All three dogs were lying curled up in front of the Aga in the kitchen.

"Awh cute."

Nikki came up behind Helen and wrapped her arms around the smaller woman. She whispered in her ear.

"Why not come up to bed with me."

Helen turned into Nikki's arms.

"Good idea Ms Wade. But I need to turn the heating up – wouldn't want us to get cold."

As Helen saw to the central heating and banked up the fires Nikki went out to her truck and brought in her overnight bag – which appeared rather bulky if only carrying her pjs and a toothbrush!

"How about a bath?"

"I would love to take a bath with you Nikki,"

Helen pulled Nikki into a passionate kiss, tongues teasing and twisting, insistent, urged on by the small sounds of pleasure, soft moans emitting from them both.

It took all of Nikki's willpower not to take Helen there and then on the kitchen table but she wanted their first time together to be memorable.

"Helen, why don't you run the water and I will prepare the bedroom?"

"Sounds like a good idea to me."

Helen wondered what Nikki meant 'prepare the bedroom'. Not a great romantic, to date sexual Helen's encounters had been fairly clinical and focussed. Not quite wham, bang, thank you man, but verging on it.

Helen decided to put on something classical (on repeat) as she was planning on a long night!! Piping music around the house had included her bathroom, a bit of an extravagance, but she loved it. Delibes Lakme seemed like an appropriate choice – atmospheric and sensuous.

Nikki went into Helen's bedroom and lit the small open fire – praying that Helen had had the chimneys swept! It was quickly blazing. 'Phew' thought Nikki a roomful of smoke was not the atmosphere she was trying to create.

She opened the curtains it was snowing heavily and it was catching in the outside light. She had deliberately left it on for that express purpose.

From her bag she took fresh red rose petals (she had the roses flown up from Glasgow at an exorbitant price but Helen was worth it). Which she used to create a path from the door to Helen's bed. On the bed she scattered the petals and dried lavender. The purple lavender providing a contrast to the sweetness and deep red of the roses. She then took out about 20 ruby red candles of various sizes and laid them on every available surface – mantle piece, bedside table, windowsill, sideboard, hearth. She lit them and the candlelight supplemented by the open fire produced a warm, romantic glow.

She had a few other toys in her bag, but she was not sure how adventurous Helen was sexually she would play that by ear. Maybe she and Helen would go online together some time have a look at the 'Babes N Horny' website. She was very aware that Helen had only had sex with men and probably enjoyed penetration – they would get to that. But tonight she wanted to introduce Helen to the far greater pleasures of lesbian love!!!

She put a bottle of Veuve Clicquot in the ice bucket she had brought from the kitchen. Finally she laid out two sets of beautifully made silk lingerie. She bought it on line just a few days ago and it had arrived by mail this morning. She wasn't sure if they would even get a chance to wear it. But nothing ventured, nothing gained she thought as she made some adjustments to Helen's vintage style basque with plunging neckline and matching panties in red and black. She had not gone for anything too extreme not wanting to push things too far – they had all their lives to do that. She chose a very plain black silk chemise with matching shorts for herself.

Looking around Nikki remembered food – she had forgotten to bring it in – Helen's favourites, Oysters, freshly cooked langoustine (Dublin Bay Prawns), smoked mussels and some home made herring pate on oatcakes followed by hand made Belgian chocolates - she had got those as a Christmas present and couldn't think of a better way to share them. As Nikki passed the bathroom she could detect that delectable aromas that were drifting out of the bathroom – Helen clearly had got to work with the essential oils.

"Helen I am just going back downstairs, don't go into the bedroom. I'll be there soon."

"I'll just get into the bath."


When Nikki got into the bathroom Helen was lying back, eyes closed, relaxing in the tub – the Jacuzzi feature pulsating on low. Helen had been busy too. The bathroom was illuminated by a rather grand candelabra which sat on the window ledge flickering in the draught. And there was a wonderful aroma of different essential oils but lavender seemed the predominant. The bath was full and filled with bubbles. Nikki laid the champagne and glasses on the floor within easy reach of the bath and started to undress.

"Turn round so I get a better view." Instructed a husky throated Helen.

The gauntlet thrown Nikki turned and slowly unbuttoned her shirt, one button at a time. She had all of Helen's attention now as she slipped the shirt off her arm. Bare footed standing in her 501's and bra Nikki stared at Helen while slowly unbuttoning her jeans. Helen dry mouthed and tongue-tied reached out for Nikki – she wanted, needed to help. Nikki stepped closer and was surprised when Helen leaned up out of the bath and ripped open the final buttons of her jeans. The sparks of desire bouncing off the walls.

"I need you out of those clothes now," she almost panted as she struggled to pull Nikki's ass hugging jeans and pants down her legs. Nikki stepped back teasing.

"I can manage thank you Helen!"

Nikki stood there naked, apart from her bra. Helen was transfixed – she had only seen Nikki naked once before in the outdoor shower but she had been so self conscious that day she had hardly even noticed Nikki's body. Nikki slowly unfastened her bra watching Helen watching her. As Nikki's surprisingly well-formed breasts were released she noted Helen's eyes with satisfaction – she had her undivided attention. Helen's imagination did not do Nikki justice. Seeing the real thing, naked in front of her eyes nearly blew Helen's brain. Nikki's long slim athletic body was perfectly proportioned the skin smooth and flawless. Her breast surprisingly large and beautifully formed.

"Nikki," she said hoarsely as she stood up holding her arms out to her, water cascading everywhere.

Now it was Nikki's turn to gasp. As Helen's beautifully formed petit body totally emerged from the warm soapy water. Nikki was mesmerised by Helen, her eyes full of love and passion. Nikki noticed some bubbles on her left breast just by her nipple and as she moved into Helen's warm and wet embrace gently brushed them away. The effect was immediate. Helen's nipple hardened and became erect. Another deep swallow – this time from Helen. They stood holding each other enjoying the sensation of bare wet skin against bare dry skin. Nikki was struggling – on the one hand she wanted to unceremoniously take Helen there and then. On the other she wanted to make this first time special– they would never have a first time again. But they could have frantic passionate 'dirty' sex anytime. She was trying very hard for the former but only time would tell. It all depended on Helen and how Helen reacted.

Helen on the other hand was desperate; she was by nature a very sexual and sensual being. She was clear about her needs, and was normally very single minded about meeting those needs. But this time there were a couple of issues that were clouding things for her. First she had never been with a woman before and while she had a healthy imagination she still felt a little unsure about what to do, how to do it, and when to do it. Secondly she was completely head over heels in love with this woman which made the whole thing somehow more special and much, much more significant.

"Get in here Wade."

Nikki happy to oblige stepped into the bath behind Helen. She stood close, her breasts against Helen's cooling back, her hands clasped over Helens tummy, and whispered in her ear.

"God I've wanted you for so long. I want to stay like this forever. My breasts caressing your back, my hands around your waist and my mouth tasting your skin." Nikki proceeded to kiss and nibble Helen's neck.

Helen groaned and leaned back into Nikki putting her arm up, pulling Nikki's head closer in and gyrating her bum against Nikki's mons. Nikki's hands moved up and started to gently caress Helens full breasts. Her nipples hard and pebbled. Nikki pulled and twisted Helen's nipple a bit harder just trying to gauge how much pain Helen could take. She clearly liked it hard as Helen groaned very loudly as she increased the pressure.

Helen could not control herself she needed to kiss Nikki now. She turned to face Nikki and pulled her into a deep probing powerful kiss, mouths opening to exploring tongues.

"Open your eyes Nikki I want to see you and I want you to see me."

Nikki was happy to oblige as she lovingly looked down into the smaller woman's eyes.

"We better get under the water or we will freeze out here."

Helen just becoming aware of her surroundings shivered and nodded in agreement.

She sat down at one end of the bath and Nikki at the other. Helen had very sensibly got a bath with taps on the side so two people could comfortably bathe together.

"Come closer," beckoned Nikki "I can scrub your back if you turn around."

Not needing to be encouraged Helen turned around and scooted to Nikki's end of the bath. Nikki took the sponge and slowly and methodically washed Helen's back.

"Oh that feels great" Helen groaned.

Finished Nikki asked Helen to lean back. Helen gently lay back against Nikki's breasts. Nikki immediately wrapped her arms around Helen as the smaller woman nestled into her left shoulder.

"Maybe I should do your front now."

Helen moaned softly as Nikki took the sponge and began to gently wash her pert, beautiful, breasts. The nipples hardened once more and Helen could feel a dull ache begin to grow in her centre again. Nikki slid the sponge slowly down Helen's front. Revelling in the effect she was having on Helen, whose soft moans were escalating into nosier groans. Nikki stopped at Helens pubic hair teasing Helen, who in an attempt to maximise the connection had begun to arch her back. Nikki smiled enjoying the power she had. But she too was becoming very aroused. Nikki got rid of the sponge and gently slid her hand under the water down into Helen's folds. Helen gasped loudly and on Nikki's command opened her legs as wide as they could go.


Nikki gently parted Helen and with two fingers began to slide up and down Helen's clit stopping at her opening. The oil in the water provided excellent lubrication – as if she needed it! Nikki continued to focus on Helen's clit as Helen writhed on top of her – water slopping everywhere. Slowly, deliberately gently circling Helens clit with the pad on her middle finger. At the same time kneading her left breast with her left hand.

Helen could hold on no longer.

"Nikki I need you inside me now."

Nikki now breathing heavily herself managed to twist her hand so she could enter Helen.

"Oh God that feels so good." Pushing herself further back into Nikki.

From experience Nikki didn't think Helen would be able to come in this position but she knew she could push her pretty close.

Helen turned her head and caught Nikki's lips in a powerful and passionate kiss. She continued to pillage Nikki's mouth as Nikki added a second finger and powerfully thrust into Helen. Helen pulled her head away from Nikki's lips and shouted.

"Oh God Fuck me Nicola, Fuck me. Make me come. I need to come. Nikki…."

Nikki could feel Helen tightening around her finger. Her left nipple was rock hard. Helen was clearly on the edge when Nikki slowed the pace right down, came out and started to caress the insides of Helen's thigh. Helen could not believe what was going on she was ready to tip over into an enormous orgasm when Nikki virtually stopped she just couldn't believe it.

"Nikki what the fu…"

"We have all night Babe; I want to make the most of it."

Nikki leaned out of the bath and grabbed the bottle of Champagne as Helen tried to gather herself. Never had she felt so connected so physically in tune with her lover and Nikki stopped – she couldn't believe it, Ms Wade would suffer for that!!!

Nikki popped the champagne cork and poured some of the icy, bubbly, liquid into each of the glasses.

She handed a glass to, a still rather shell shocked, Helen who was once again sitting opposite and raised hers in a simple toast.

"To love, to you my love, and to us."

The clinked glasses and drank. The champagne was very cold and fizzy; it helped bring Helen back to the moment. As she raised her glass in a second toast,

"To my first love and only love."

They clinked the glasses together and both layback in the suds opposite each other. As Nikki was taller she opened her legs and threaded one down either side of Helen. Helen sat, legs closed, down the middle of the bath. They lay enjoying the warmth of the tub, the chill of the champagne and the sensuality of the music. For a while neither spoke simply enjoying the intimacy of the moment. Their eyes doing all the talking.

Nikki moved to fill up their glasses and Helen gave her a loving smile. Nikki groaned out loud, she felt that smile deep down inside.

Nikki leaned into Helen and went to kiss her. Helen was completely taken by surprise when she tasted the cold fizz that Nikki was feeding her. So much so some of the precious amber spilled down here chin. Helen was mesmerised when Nikki started to lick the champagne off her chin.

"Oh Nikki." Helen couldn't quite believe it everything Nikki did created a frisson and a build up of sexual tension deep inside.

As Nikki lay back she felt Helens toes caressing her inner thigh. Her eyes opened wide with surprise when Helen took her big toe pushed open her labia and accessed her clit – which she began to gently circle with the flat of her big toe.

"Where did you learn to do that?" gasped Nikki who was already very aroused. After taking Helen to the edge – she wasn't very far off herself.

"Just making it up as I go along," said a very smug Helen enjoying the obvious physical impact she was having on Nikki.

Nikki lay back in the bath biting her bottom lip as Helen slid down and entered her with her big toe.

"Oh god Helen that feels so bloody good. Don't stop."

Helen was a quick learner and reckoned if she liked something there was a good chance that Nikki would too. So, putting her weight on her arms and hands, she lifted her other foot and started to rub Nikki's nipples.


Nikki was on another plane, as Helen lay penetrating her slightly but firmly with one toe and stroking her nipple with the other.

Helen decided that she too could have some fun. So abruptly she stopped.

Nikki hardly able to speak she was enjoying this so much. Just opened her eyes disappointed by the loss of connection. When she was able to focus she saw a very contented Helen – she looked very pleased with herself.

"More champagne please Ms Wade. This is thirsty work."

Nikki was elated and relieved to see how relaxed and at ease Helen was not only with her own body but with hers too.

"How about we take this into the bedroom. I'm turning into a prune and I'm afraid I might flood the place. If I do what I am planning to do to you here Ms Stewart."

"I hope that's not an idle threat." Helen teased back.

"Trust me Helen this couldn't be further than an idle threat!"

"Come on then what's keeping you, let's get out of here."

Helen stood up out of the steaming tub and grabbed a towel before Nikki could respond. After she had wrapped the warm bath sheet around herself she took the other from the heated towel rail and held it open for Nikki.

"Let me dry you sweetheart." As she wrapped the towel around her.

"I don't think there is any chance of me being dry tonight." Quipped Nikki playfully.

"Oh very witty Miss Wade. But I guess I should be pleased to know the affect I have on you."

Helen slid her hand up Nikki's inner thigh and leaned into her whispering.

"Open your legs for me, I just need to check that you are not bullshiting me."

At the same time Helen roughly pushed Nikki's against the bathroom door. She then pushed her feet apart. Nikki had to grab Helens shoulders as two fingers unceremoniously entered her.

"I guess your right." Helen stated bringing her fingers back out. They were wet and glistening covered in Nikki's juices. Helen stared at her fingers, seemed to hesitate momentarily then greedily started to lick them.

"So this is how you taste Nikki. I wondered!"

Nikki nearly collapsed; here was her new lover, who had never ever been with another woman before, licking her arousal off her fingers right in front of her eyes. She thought she had died and gone to heaven. She should have no worries about boundaries with Helen if everything she had seen so far was indicative of Helen's sexual appetite. They were very well suited. Nikki enjoyed to experiment sexually and although she occasionally liked things rough she wasn't into S and M. She may yet be able to use some of the toys in her bag tonight! Nikki knew Helen liked to control things in her life but she wasn't going to control this evening. She took the initiative; any remaining trace of self-control had just flown out the window in the breeze, kissing Helen hard while she still had her two fingers in her mouth. Tongues and fingers intermingled. Nikki could faintly discern her own juices, her own unique taste. Spinning them both around she pinned Helen against the bathroom door.

"The tables are turned now Ms Stewart. How do you like this?" she asked as she aggressively grabbed both of Helen's hands, lifted and pressed them up against the back of the door. Helen's towel dropped to the floor.

"I like it, I really like it." Swallowed Helen.

Nikki proceeded to kiss Helen hard, deep and passionately, one arm pining Helen's arms back against the door the other roughly twisting and pulling her nipples.

Helen groaned loudly and Nikki could feel her own arousal pooling in her centre.

"Helen I think it's about time that I took you to bed. What do you think?"

Helen could only nod silently; she had never been this excited or aroused in her life.

Nikki dropped Helen's hands and laid them on her shoulders as she picked up Helen and draped her legs around her waist. Helen instinctively wrapped her legs tightly around Nikki.

"Hold on." Nikki lifted the smaller woman up, opened the bathroom door with some difficulty and walked to Helen's bedroom. Grateful it was so close.

When they got into the room she unceremoniously pushed the lingerie off the bed and lay Helen on top of the rose petals. Helen was not really aware of her surroundings. She physically ached and she wanted Nikki now. Nikki could not wait. She dropped her towel and lay on top of Helen.

"I have been waiting to do this for forever."

With that she started to kiss Helen deeply, she quickly moved down her body kissing her neck – that little pulse point that was for ever catching her eye. She at last took Helens nipples into her mouth. She sucked one hard and was rewarded with a

"Oh baby."

She gently bit the other nipple and Helen moaned loudly.

"Nikki I need you now please."

But Nikki was in the zone completely lost in her task of maximising the pleasure for Helen. She continued to kiss, nibble, lick, Helen's golden skin. Helen was wholly focussed on Nikki's mouth where it was going and what it was doing. She was in heaven enjoying every minute of their lovemaking and teasing. As Nikki got close to Helen's pubes she could smell her arousal.

"You do want me don't you Helen?" Nikki teased.

"Nikki please don't stop this time." Helen pleaded.

It was Nikki's turn to look and feel smug. She had Helen virtually begging for release. She liked being in charge – she was going to enjoy it for as long as she could.

So instead of diving between Helen's legs she started nibbling, kissing, licking down her left leg. As she slowly travelled back up she could tell Helen was desperate.

"Please Nikki, I want you. Please." A groan followed as Nikki sucked her inner thigh.

"Not long now my love. Enjoy."

Helen had never understood the meaning of the agony and the ecstasy until this point.

Just as Nikki's mouth was eventually where she wanted it she stopped.

"Nikki…" Helen was about to explode.

Nikki picked up a pillow, lifted Helen slightly, and positioned it under her back. Lifting her body up like this allowed her much easier access.

Helen took the opportunity to exert a little control she reached down slipping her hands into Nikki's short but thick hair and pulled Nikki hard against her inner lips.

She was swollen and wet, very wet. Nikki took the hint and used her tongue to make long languid strokes running from one puckered hole up past another to her clit. It was difficult to maintain a steady and constant pressure because Helen was so slippery. Nikki was delirious. Helen tasted amazing. Nikki knew it wouldn't take long to push her over the edge as she plunged her tongue deep into Helen's centre.

"Oh God, oh God." Helen had oral sex before but it had never felt like this.

Nikki took her thumbs and started to rub Helens clit on either side as she continued to enter her with her tongue. She had to rub fairly hard to create any sort of friction as Helen was dripping. She had never had a lover who had got this wet when she was aroused. But she managed to maintain a fairly consistent pressure as she felt Helen begin to tremble as her orgasm began to rise. Deciding Helen might like it a little harder Nikki switched. She slid her tongue up to Helens clit and took her index and middle finger and plunged them into Helen.

"Oh God," Helen could n't but notice the change in texture and pressure, "Harder Nikki Harder."

Nikki was only happy to oblige – Helen was tensing around her fingers nearly every time she came in – she didn't have time to analyse it she just loved the sensation of the strength and softness. She added a third finger passionately pounding into Helen who was clearly right on edge

"Nikki, oh yes darling that's it. That's it. I'm coming…." Helen screamed out as she orgasmed. Nikki could feel her ………contract around her fingers as she came. So she pushed further inside maintaining a rhythm, maintaining the pressure she could feel Helen coming again and possibly again.

Helen her chest still heaving frantically pulled at Nikki so they lay face to face.

"I love you." Helen said with feeling

Now that she was able to verbalize her feelings Nikki nodded kissing Helen gently.

"And I love you too."

They lay there quietly, Nikki on top of Helen. Both trying to fully comprehend what had just happened. Both, if truth be told, overwhelmed by the intensity of what they had just experienced. Nikki felt particularly emotional as tears formed in her eyes. The candles flickered creating a warm glow and the fire embers glowed. After a few minutes Helen spoke.

"You were amazing Ms Wade."

Nikki, still choked up, didn't speak.

Helen used to Nikki's smart retorts was concerned

"Sweetheart are you ok?"

She turned Nikki's head round to face her and saw the tears now openly running down her face.

Ever compassionate Helen hugged Nikki tight rocking her gently.

"Oh my sweet woman you are such a sensitive wee soul. I'm so lucky to be able to see this side of you. I am touched you trust me enough to let go."

Helen knew Nikki often put on a hard front but underneath was thoughtful, deep, sensitive and sometimes surprisingly insecure.

Helen was much less complicated. What you saw is what you got. Lightning the mood Helen lifted Nikki's chin.

"Woman cannot live on love alone did I catch a glimpse of some food when you carried me over the threshold so indecorously!"

The image of Nikki manhandling Helen into the bedroom made them both giggle.

"Yeah there is a trolley load of your favourite things in the corner. Interestingly it's almost all fish!"

Nikki's sexual innuendo went right over Helen's head. Nikki thought 'I have a bit of education to do here'.

"Don't go anywhere I will get it." Helen extricated herself from Nikki's vice like grip.

Nikki cooling got under the white duvet waiting for Helen.

"This place looks beautiful, so romantic. I love the rose petals. I am not so sure about the lavender though, it smells nice but I am fearful it will or has ended up in every orifice!"

Nikki laughed out loud. The lavender seemed a great idea in theory but in practise it

Perhaps didn't quite work.

As Helen climbed back into bed with a plate of food she lifted her left arm so Nikki could snuggle into her. Looking down at Nikki who had pulled herself together

"I don't know what you did to me but I have never felt like that before in my life. I didn't have just one orgasm I had about three. It was incredible. You will need to teach me how to do that!"

"I just loved you." Nikki replied feeling very pleased with herself. "And I've got a feeling you're a very fast learner."

"Lets just finish off these titbits and I'll show you how fast I am."

"No rush." Smiled Nikki "We have tonight, tomorrow and the rest of our life to perfect our style!"

As they lay feeding each other Nikki realized that it had stopped snowing but judging by what had piled up on the window ledge a good few inches had fallen.

Once they had finished snacking on the delicious food Nikki abruptly sat up.

"Helen will you get dressed now please."

Helen could not believe her ears.

"What are you blethering about Nikki - we've only just came to bed."

"No please, I have an idea, just get dressed."

Helen was going into her drawer to get clean underwear when Nikki picked up the red and black Basque and Black silk panties from the floor and handed them to her.

"I hope you don't think I am too forward but I bought you these. Maybe you could wear them."

Helen looked at the sexy Basque with its plunging neckline and looked back at Nikki. She had never been one to waste money on such frivolous things as expensive lingerie but it looked and felt gorgeous and she was quickly realising it was difficult to say no to Nikki.

"For you sweetheart anything. But it might not fit."

"Trust me it will."

"But how do you know my size?"

"You didn't see me checking out your washing last week did you? I felt like a right old perv! I was trying to confirm your size and unless I got it completely wrong they should fit like a glove."

Nikki raked about and found her outfit too. She thought she should wear hers if she was insisting that Helen do so.

When they finished putting on the lingerie they both looked up.

"OH god Helen you look amazing." Nikki's jaw dropping and her eyes scanning the plunging neckline on Helen's Basque.

"You don't look to bad yourself. I love your bum in these wee shorts…. Nikki I think these pants are split."

As she voiced her opinion it dawned on Helen that they were actually meant to be like that.

"Nikki, I know you didn't buy me crotch less knickers."

Nikki giggled a wee bit embarrassed.

"Helen honest I didn't mean to buy them I didn't realise that they were crotch less when I ordered them. But they could be fun eh?"

Helen nudged Nikki with her bottom. "Come here sexy I don't think I can keep my hands off you." Helen pulled Nikki into a passionate embrace. They stood kissing in their very sexy numbers. Arousal and passion quick to surface. Helen had started removing Nikki's top when Nikki grabbed her hand and stopped her. Pulling back.

Helen's short fuse began to burn. "Nikki, why on earth do you want us to get dressed again anyway?"

"Don't ask, just dress up warmly. We're going outside."

"Outside. You are off your head."

"Maybe, but you're coming with me."

Ten minutes later, with the three dogs jumping about in excitement. They left the house.

"Where the hell are we going Nikki?" said a still rather petulant Helen. She had so wanted to stay in the warm, cosy bedroom.

Outside it was eerily calm, not a breath of wind, everything blanketed in white. The night was clear and the moon on the wane was a crescent. But because of the snow everything seemed bright, almost as bright as day.

They plodded up the croft behind Helen's house. The slight incline allowing them a panoramic view down to the shore and out to the moor. Halfway up Nikki threw herself back in the snow and started flapping her arms madly.

"Nikki have you taken leave of your senses?"

"Shh Helen just join me, would you."

Helen lay down next to Nikki and flapped her arms as instructed.

"Now get up. Be careful not to disturb the snow. Turn round."

Helen turned around.

"Oh it's a snow angel. Wow, it's really beautiful."

"Just like you." Said Nikki pulling Helen in for a kiss.

"You've never lived until you've made a snow angel.."

"Let's make some more," said the, now, very excited Helen.

The two women proceeded to spend the next wee while engrossed in their task. The dogs, excited at their owner's crazy behaviour, cavorted around in the deep snow too.

Nikki was busy making another snow angel, when Helen decided she had had enough and grabbing a cold wet handful of snow crept up on her distracted and unsuspecting lover. She went to stuff the snowball down Nikki's front when Nikki's lightening reflexes came to her aid. She grabbed the smaller woman and rolled her over. She pinned her hands and legs down.

"Now I have you where I want you." Snowball threatening.

"Please Nikki. I'll do anything, but no cold wet snow!"

"Anything?" Asked Nikki an evil glint in her eye as she captured Helens lips in a gentle kiss.

They lay kissing in the snow, oblivious to the world.

As they kissed deeply they both began to get aroused again. Helen decided that it was time she had Nikki – no more waiting. And when she made her mind up about something very little could be done to stop her. Surprising Nikki, by the speed of her action, she rolled her over onto her back.

"Come with me woman."

She hauled a rather shell shocked Nikki back into the house calling the dogs after her. She shooed them into the lounge didn't want cold noses getting places they shouldn't!

As she turned back to Nikki she pushed her hard against the back door and whispered in her ear.

"I've waited long enough I am going to have you here and now."

Nikki swallowed loudly. A sexually aggressive Helen, she had in fact died and gone to heaven.

Helen captured Nikki's lips with her own, sucking hard on Nikki's lower lip.

As she did, she grappled with Nikki's outer garments. They dropped unceremoniously to the floor. As Nikki tried to reciprocate Helen shook her head.

"Stop, it's about you this time, not me. And I'm in charge for a change Ms. Wade."

Nikki was happy to take on the submissive role – she loved this change in their sexual dynamic with Helen very definitely the boss. She leaned back against the door.

Helen's hands quickly moved up Nikki's sides, under her shirt. Her undershirt seemed very soft and sexy. Then she remembered Nikki had on a black silk camisole. The thought of Nikki in that outfit stirred Helen's passion. Slow was not an option. She virtually ripped off Nikki's shirt and jumper, her thumbs roughly stimulating Nikki's protruding nipples.

"Oh god Helen, I need you now." Nikki groaned with pleasure and anticipation.

Helen moved her hands from Nikki's full breasts and attacked her jean buttons. This was not going to be slow and sensual, demanding and powerful was a more apt description. Helen still fully clothed stepped back momentarily and took in this incredibly wanton sight. Nikki dressed only in the silk lingerie, her jeans opened, black shorties just in view, boots still on with a look on her face that could only be described as desperate.

"Helen." She pleaded.

Helen simply could not control herself. Always passionate and sexual she had never felt so driven or frustrated in her life; she had to have Nikki now. She pulled Nikki's jeans down – she only took the time to take one boot off and pull them down that leg.

She put her feet in between Nikki's legs and forced them apart. Then she put her right hand down Nikki's shorties and pushed two fingers deep into Nikki, her other hand roughly kneading her left breast through the silk.

"Oh fuck Helen."

"Oh fuck Nikki."

Nikki had wanted this for so long she was almost over sensitised. A fully clothed Helen was pounding into her at a relentless pace. Helen's cold woollen outdoor coat rough on her skin - providing additional stimulation. Helen was loving this. Nikki was groaning in submission as she continued to enter her soft, warm, wet centre. Helen now realised why men loved fucking so. It felt incredible being inside your lover – even with all her sexual adventures she had never experienced anything like this. She was blown away by the feelings of love, of power, of sharing she felt for Nikki at this point. All she wanted to do was give her lover the same kind of physical pleasure she had experienced earlier. Judging by Nikki's response she was certainly doing that. She could hardly comprehend how excited she herself was getting by pleasuring Nikki. She plunged in again this time curling her fingers up and back, her sensitive fingertips noting a distinct change in texture – the infamous G-spot she thought.

"Oh God Helen, that's it, don't stop, please don't stop." Nikki's words confirming Helen's suspicions.

She pushed harder and faster, now almost totally holding Nikki up.

"Helen……….." Nikki shouted as she orgasmed noisily.

Helen waited a few seconds, as Nikki continued to convulse in pleasure, her entire weight leaning on Helen. As Nikki's moans and ecstatic cries subsided Helen, still inside Nikki, started very gently and slowly to stimulate her again. By simply pressing up against her g-spot

"It's ok Helen I never orgasm more than…."

Nikki was unable to finish her sentence as she trembled and came again. Not quite as powerful as the first time she still screamed out.


Helen stood with her fingers still inside Nikki for a good few minutes as Nikki tried to regain control. She had never given herself like this, not even with Trish in the early days. She had truly found the one.

"Helen that was so… good. I love you so much."

Helen smiled, very self satisfied, as she gently slipped out of Nikki and pulled her into a long lingering kiss. As they slowly pulled back, both had their eyes wide open. Mesmerised by the passionate depths and love reflected in each other's eyes. Helen broke the spell.

"Come on gorgeous. I want to experiment with those things you have in your bag."

Nikki was perplexed. How the hell did Helen know about the contents of 'the bag'.

"Helen.." She started to ask as Helen interrupted.

"Take me to bed woman, or I will be forced to let you make love to me on this cold kitchen floor."

Smiling, Nikki gave Helen her hand as they headed for the stairs to continue their evening. She was looking forward to an exciting future with this incredibly ravishing sexy, beautiful woman. No doubt life was going to be just one big adventure.

The End

* Cal/Mac = Caledonian Macbrayne – Hebridean Ferries.
** Mod – Gaelic festival of music song and drama. Occurs annually.
*** Peat – fuel usually manually cut by the crofters from the peatbog. Dried and then stored a bit like sod or very basic coal.
**** Jolomo – nickname for John Lowrie Morrison prolific Scottish painter – does colourful landscapes predominantly.

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