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From here to StoVoKor
By Cirroco DeSade


So soft. I never knew that skin could be so soft. I guess that it's so soft because most of it is technically only a few years old. She is so patient with me as I simply thrill in the feel of her skin. I trace her ocular implant with the padd of my fingertip gently, and she closes her eyes. Her lips purse, a small smile graces her visage. She asks me if I am attempting to distract her. I smile. I don't answer.

So hard. Underneath her alabaster skin is steel strength. The raw power of Borg enhanced musculature and a reinforced skeleton. She has a finely defined face. Her implants create a stark line. I trace her mandibular implant. She turns her head and focuses those ice blue eyes my way, pinning me in place. She can hold both of my hearts in the palm of her hand with just one look.

So sweet. Her Borg implanted hand takes my right hand. She lifts my wrist to her nose, and gently nuzzles the inside of my wrist, then lightly nips it. I gasp and my hearts quiver. Finally, she lays a gentle kiss upon the spot she had nipped. "Quch bangwI'," she whispers into my ear. Her fingers have slipped into my own.

So sexy. Before she pulls away from my ear, she nips my neck below it. Then those supple lips were lying gently on my hot skin. Once again she nuzzles me, but this time slowly down my neck until she reaches my pulse point. My head falls back instinctively, and then I feel it. Her tongue has snaked out and she laps at the spot in rhythm with my heartbeat. It was for only a brief time, an eternity of bliss. "bangwI' SoH," I whispered. I pulled our linked hands to my chest. "tIqwI' SoH … qawI'," I growled to her.

"SoH…" she looked down with teary eyes, than back up at me. "toDwI' SoH Beylanna."

"As you are mine Soch," I smiled and kissed her gently. "Take me to bed luv?"

"As you wish," she smiled mischievously. She turned and lifted me up in her arms, taking me into our bedroom. Halfway there she leaned into my neck and growled deeply. She knows that drives me wild. Such a little imp.

So much I want to show her. So much I want to do for her. So little time. At least there's StoVoKor.

The End

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