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Straight and Narrow
By allie


"Reporting his harassment of us to Captain Janeway is the most logical conclusion to reach B'Elanna."

"I know, but maybe it would be kinder just to kick his ass and tell him not to be such a dickhead!"

"It is unlikely that he would heed such a warning, he is not known for his ability to see that which is staring him in the face. He did, after all, pine after the Captain for several years before he realised he didn't have a chance with her romantically."

"He's certainly not the sharpest tool in the toolkit Seven, but he is my commanding officer I know he appreciates the straightforward more than the subtle approach. I still think kicking his ass would be the best choice."

"Can you think of any other way to prevent his continuation of this ludicrous plan of his?"


"Very well then. You can "kick his ass" at the earliest opportunity."

"Really? I can't believe you would actually agree to it. You are usually so pacifistic. You really don't have any other suggestions. I'm more shocked at that than you actually agreeing to letting me kick his ass."

"We have exhausted 43 different scenarios where we use a non-violent solution to Chakotay's entreaties to me spending the night with him to cure my fascination with you; and in his words "to put me back on the straight and narrow". His conviction, that if I spend one night in his bed, that I will return to heterosexual behaviours is ludicrous. I am not wired that way."

"Oh, I know that only too well benal. I know exactly how you are wired, both externally and internally."

"Stop leering at me B'Elanna. We do not have time for you to put your libidinous thoughts into action. We are supposed to be concentrating on how to prevent Chakotay trying to entice me into his bed every time I see him."

"I thought we'd solved that already? I'm gonna kick his ass next time he propositions you."

"B'Elanna, I will refrain from wearing normal clothing and return to wearing a bio-suit, if you do not refrain from trying to undress me. Of the 43 scenarios we have only two possible solutions to the dilemma which would not result in you being incarcerated in the Brig for the next forty years. Of those two solutions, mine is the path of least resistance. There would be no bloodshed. Janeway would deal with the situation for us and Chakotay would finally get the message."

"Oh! I just thought of something! Janeway hates getting involved in the crew's personal lives so she may just tell us to take a hike and deal with it ourselves."

"That is something I have considered. If that was the way she reacted then I would withdraw my labour until she fulfilled her promises she made me when I was disconnected from the hive."

"What promises?"

"She promised she would protect me from harm during my transition from Borg drone to human female. My transition is incomplete; therefore her promise is still valid. She has no option but to protect me from him."

"Benal, it's my job as your wife to protect you, not Janeway's. We will tell her, then, if she does nothing, you withdraw your labour and I'll kick his ass! Deal?"


"Good, now can I take your clothes off and ravish you?"

Seven just smirked as she beckoned her wife to follow her into the bedroom......

The End

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