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I took RalSt's advice on writters block, (It's on the Dark Side message board), and it turned into this. Enjoy

Start time 08.35
Finish time 08.55

By Michael

"Lt what are you doing?" Seven enquired.

She and her beloved had just been finishing a complicated overall of the transporters, and had been ordered to take a break by the Captain. They had found Lt Michael, sitting in the mess hall feverishly typing on a padd.

B'Elanna looked over Michael's shoulder. "It's a VJB challenge?"

"Yeah, it was a streaming challenge set ages ago, by someone, and I have only just got a chance to answer it."

"A streaming challenge?" Lanna asked.

"We've got to write a challenge in twenty minuets, and post it with out it being Beta read."

B'Elanna sat down next to Michael, she was totally engrossed." So what are you doing?"

"Rachel has been moaning good humourdly, about the state of the grammar lately, so I am going to annoy her by writing the longest sentence possible.

"What is going to be your subject matter?"

"Why Seven techno babble, what else could I use to get such a long winded sentence."

"Right I am ready," Michael said after practicing some Vulcan deep breathing exercises.

Lanna and Seven watched intently, as Michael began to write:

A Black Hole, is a gravitational object, caused by the mass of a large, star which has passed the Chandrasekhar limit of gravitational cohesion, i.e. it is to big to contain itself, after collapse, caused by a Supper Nova, a explosion caused by the end of the hydrogen/helium cycle of the star; the resulting collapse goes passed the neutron stage, (a smaller star of a certain size, bigger than Sol, but smaller, say than a Wolfe Ryte, will stop at a point where collapse has stripped the atoms down to it's individual neutrons), bending the fabric of space/time, until even light can not escape, resulting in a hole in space which is black, except at it's outer edge, where the material trapped in the downwards spiral, is still naked to the eye, i.e. light is still visible, making an event horizon.

B'Elanna was impressed, "That's 143 words."

Seven just cocked her eybrow.

"How long did I take Seven?"

"15 minuets 33 seconds, including interruptions!"


The End

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