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By Kye



The softly whispered voice in her ear gently roused the blonde from her deep slumber. She let out a soft exhalation as she slowly blinked open sleep-filled eyes.


The brunette smiled down at her lover as she reached down to gently rest a hand on the younger girl's hip. "Hey there, beautiful."

A slow, sleepy smile spread across the blonde's face and she turned on her side just enough to get a comfortable look at her girlfriend. "Time's it?" she asked softly as she reached up to rub a hand across her eyes.

"Almost midnight," was the soft reply.

Spencer gave a quick glance back over her shoulder to see that the clock read exactly 11:57. She turned a slightly confused look back to her lover with a soft sigh. "What's wrong, baby?" she offered with a gentle rub of the brunette's arm. "Can't sleep?"

Ashley's lips curved into a patented, knowing little smile. "Not exactly." She licked her bottom lip in a slow motion with her tongue and noticed the considerable shiver that swept through her lover's body.


They'd just done just about everything humanly possible between two people. Between two lovers.

But there was still something...else.

Something that the brunette could remember talking about with her girlfriend a few months ago.


She just wasn't so sure now was the right moment to bring it up. She was feeling more than a little guilty for rousing her lover from such a deep, peaceful sleep, but her body was still too wired. Maybe it was the long trip back or maybe it was of this angelic beauty resting so softly next to her...

She had a strong feeling it was the latter.

"Spence?" Ashley started softly with a slow stroke of her fingers against the smooth sheet. She could feel the firm softness of her lover's thigh just beneath.

Spencer's body shivered at the touch. It always did. "Yeah?" she whispered a bit tensely.

"You remember that talk we had a while back?"

A blonde brow furrowed slightly. "Ash," she admonished with a gentle smile. "We have lotsa talks."

Ashley chuckled with a slight shake of her head. "I know," she whispered with a slight roll of her eyes. "But I mean one very specific talk. When you stayed over that night and Kyla..."

"Oh," Spencer interrupted softly, a slight blush tinging her cheeks. "That talk."


A few moments of silence passed before the burn in Spencer's cheeks finally subsided enough for her to speak. "Yeah," she replied softly. "I remember. A...a-about the...t-the..."


"Do you have to say it like that?" Spencer cringed, but still kept her smile.

"It is what it is, you know." Okay, so that was a bit awkward, but still. The brunette once again sucked on her bottom lip as her eyes drifted down for just a moment. "Did you still wanna...?"

The blush returned ten-fold to the younger girl's cheeks and she dipped her head towards the pillow.

"Come on, Spence," Ashley teased as her smirk grew. "If you do it, you should be able to talk about it."

"Technically," the blonde retorted as she moved to lay flat on her back. "That argument doesn't work in this situation given that we haven't done it. So there."

Another slight roll of brown eyes was followed by a soft sigh. "Spencer."

"I know, okay?" the blonde replied shortly. She gave a quick glance up in her lover's direction and then smiled softly. "Okay."

The smile nearly split Ashley's face. "Seriously?"

When Spencer's brow slowly arched she backed off with a slight wave of her hands.

"This is all good and embarrassing," Spencer sighed. "But it's still kinda pointless without the strap and the on. Don't you think?"

The smile turned to a patented smirk.

"Uh-oh," Spencer laughed softly. "You didn't."

Ashley leaned in for a quick kiss. "I did." She threw the covers back and made a bee-line for the dresser opposite the bed. It allowed Spencer a moment to relax back and enjoy the view of her lover's shapely form as it shined in the soft moonlight streaming in from the nearby window.

Spencer was starting to wonder why people called Ashley the lucky one.

It only took a few moments of rummaging through the bottom drawer before the brunette found her prize. She couldn't fight back the smile as she pulled the black leather harness from the drawer and then reached for the black velvet case.

Spencer watched from the bed, a little apprehensive as her lover searched. It wasn't exactly new territory for her, but then it was. Cause this was Ashley and this was her and it was her and Ashley.

"You look like a kid in a candy store," the blonde teased as she watched her girlfriend make her way back towards the bed. The grin on her face was almost too much.

"Trust me, baby," Ashley replied with a smirk. "This is way better than candy."

And given the brunette's sweet tooth, that was sure saying a lot.

Spencer took in an subconscious breath when Ashley placed the items on the bed and then took a seat next to her. Her gaze flickered up at the soft touch against her cheek. She smiled softly and then allowed herself to be pulled in for an even softer kiss.

"Oh," Spencer gasped softly at the first light touch against her clit. She looked up to see concerned brown eyes gazing back at her. "I...I'm okay."

Ashley smiled softly as she shifted on top of her girlfriend's body. She reached back to push the sheet a little further down her hips as she pulled to adjust the straps a little tighter.


Much better.

"Don't worry, baby," she offered with a soft, nervous laugh. "I'm kinda new to this too. So we can both be spazzes together." That got a soft laugh from the blonde and she didn't feel like such a freak anymore.

Not that there was anything freaky about this.


It was definitely proving to be something else entirely.

Ashley never thought she could be so turned on by silicone.

At least not in its current shape and form.

The muscles in the brunette's arms were straining as she held herself up above her younger girlfriend's body. Her palms were flat against the mattress and her chest was heavy with her breathing. She gave a slight grimace as she adjusted her hips once more.

The pressure from the built in stimulator was almost too much against her own clit as she struggled to find the right angle. She didn't know how guys always did this.

And eww.

"Here," Spencer's soft voice suddenly cut into her turmoil and the brunette raised her hips at the soft insistence against her stomach.

Brown eyes focused intently on blue as she felt a soft hand reach down between their bodies. A soft exhalation passed between them, but neither was really sure the source.

Spencer's eyes fluttered closed as she guided her lover inside of her with a low, breathless moan.


Ashley could live off those sounds alone.

Spencer's hand held on for just a moment more until her girlfriend was buried to the hilt inside. Her body let out a soft grimace of protest at the unusual intrusion, but she just took a deep breath and then released it slowly.

"You okay?" Ashley whispered softly. She moved to rest her weight on her forearms so she could reach over to brush her fingers through soft blonde locks.

Spencer slowly blinked her eyes open and then smiled with a soft breath. "Yeah."

The brunette smiled with a soft groan and slight shift of her hips. "Fuck..."

Spencer smiled with a slow lick of her lips as she reached up to place her left hands against her lover's cheeks. She locked eyes and held the gaze as she arched up against her lover. "Fuck me, Ash," she exhaled softly. "Fuck me."

Ashley barely had a chance to catch her breath before it was quickly stolen by the softly spoken words. It was rare that she could get a single dirty word to slip from those perfect lips, but when it did...

The brunette groaned as she leaned down to bury her face into her girlfriend's neck. She kissed the flesh softly as she started up a slow rhythm with her hips. She felt her lover's hands slip from her face to weave through her hair as she moved.

"Ashley," was the soft moan against her ear and it only fueled the motion of her hips.

Spencer lifted her thighs to wrap them tightly around her lover's waist as she moved her hands down to rest on soft hips. Her eyes popped open and she moaned loudly when her lover's motion hit in direct contact with her sensitive clit. "Oh God, baby..."

Ashley smiled as she pulled back from the blonde's throat with a harsh breath. She lifted up to gain more leverage behind her thrusts, groaning with each forward motion. She focused on the emotions passing across her girlfriend's face as she kept the slow, steady rhythm.

She knew that's how her girlfriend liked it.

Spencer heard that you never forget your 18th birthday, but this was turning out to be...


Forget sixteen.

Eighteen was turning out to be pretty sweet.

"Oh, Ash..."

The brunette pulled back, smiling through her heavy breathing. There really was nothing like seeing her lover like this.

Just like this.

Ashley blew a warm breath through her lips with a soft groan before leaning down to capture the blonde's lips in a tender, but passionate kiss. With a few more thrusts of her hips, she barely managed to pull away before her girlfriend screamed out her name.

Spencer's thighs clamped down hard in their grip around the other girl's hips and she clutched onto the rest of the brunette's body for dear life. Her stomach tensed and then white hot sparks shot off in front of her eyes as the orgasm hit her like a crashing wave.

"Ashley," she called out in desperation, struggling to remain conscious as the tremors jolted through her body.

"I got you," was whispered softly against her ear and then she felt the tender press of lips upon her. "And Spence?"

"Oh God...what?"

Ashley's lips upturned in a knowing smile as she whispered, "Surprise."

The End

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