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Surprise, surprise!!
By Calliope


Practically sprinting from her parent's house towards the dark SUV, Spencer couldn't remember a time when she wanted to get away so bad. She had had a lot of fights with her parents recently, especially her mother, but nothing like this. She had more or less defied them and left to go out with Ashley. Even though Spencer hadn't said it, she had a feeling that her relationship with Ashley had been confirmed with her parents. The realization frightened and freed her at the same time. A terrible weight had been lifted and she was ecstatic to see Ashley, even if it meant a good month of grounding from her folks.

Ashley gave her a curious look as Spencer bounded into the vehicle and blatantly kissed her in the driveway. Usually, they drive away a few blocks before pulling over to greet each other.

"Well, hi!"

"Mmmmm, hi yourself," Spencer still had her eyes closed and was grinning like a Cheshire cat as she licked the taste of Ashley off her lips.

"God, that mouth will be my undoing," Ashley stared unabashedly at her girlfriend's mouth.

"And you'll love every minute of it!" Spencer raised one eyebrow still furiously grinning.

Starting to pull out of the driveway and heading to no place in particular, Ashley was fascinated by this change in behavior. For months they had been so cautious because Spencer's mother openly disliked the rebellious brunette knowing Spencer's mom would be none to pleased that her daughter's virtue had been compromised, much less by a woman of a quite questionable reputation.

This fear didn't stop them. There was nothing that could keep the two girls from each other. They had crossed a line months ago from innocent, explorative kissing to full-on hot and heavy lovemaking. Ashley had tried to take it slow, wanting more from Spencer than sex, but Spencer had other things in mind. While a novice at loving women, Spencer wasted no time letting Ashley know that pushing the envelope with her was certainly acceptable. Given the green light, the dark-haired girl wasted no time gradually opening the bubbly blonde's eyes to everything she wished to know.

That's what made tonight especially exciting. She didn't know how or where, but she had intentions of making love to Spencer in a whole new way. The where of their adventure was going to be difficult though. Obviously, Spencer's house was a no-go, and Ashley had unceremoniously been told by her mother to find somewhere else to stay for the weekend…again.

"So, where we goin'?' Spencer was practically bouncing in her seat.

"What has gotten into you? You're as excited as a little kid on Christmas Eve!"

"Actually, I'm surprised that I'm as happy as I am." Ashley looked at her quizzically urging her with a hand gesture to tell her more.

"I had a fight with my parents, well, my mom actually," a flash of sadness flew across the young girl's face but it quickly vanished with the feel of Ashley's fingers on her thigh.

"Really??? I'm shocked!" the troublesome brunette feigned in her most horrible, fake feigned voice.

"I'll probably be grounded until I can vote!" Spencer laughed a bit at this thought.

"Then I guess we'll have to make the most of tonight," Ashley said with a knowing smirk.

"What have you got up your sleeve Ashley Davies!?" Ashley heartedly laughed at this. It wasn't her sleeve that was of concern here. The mere thought and images that came to the now no-so-naïve blonde's mind stirred a pit of pure wonton lust in her gut, making her squirm in her seat. That most innocent movement didn't help matters either.

With a long sigh, Ashley let her dark hair drop over her eye shielding her from Spencer's curious gaze. "Oh just a little surprise," she said evasively but with suggestion and teasing.

The deep, husky voice of her partner made a knot of longing start to build just below Spencer's stomach. She was learning what this sensation meant, what it foretold, and she welcomed it like a warm fire on a cold night. It heated her from the inside out and made her let all of her defenses down. Spencer had shocked even herself with the abandon she felt around Ashley. Never had she envisioned that she'd feel this way about anyone, especially another woman. Images of private moments with Ashley in the past flashed in her mind and made her shift position in her seat.

Trying to get her mind off of it, she decided to change the subject. "Are you hungry?"

"Not for food," Ashley sent a glance of unabashed desire over Spencer's body.

A moan escaped Spencer's lips. Well, that didn't work! Spencer thought to herself. "Okay, let's go to the beach then and watch the sunset."

"Excellent idea!" What the hell was Ash up to?! Spencer shook her head at the possible implications. The things that Spencer had learned from Ashley about how women make love had more than shocked her, but in a very pleasant way. Auugghh, there were those images again!

Ashley pulled the vehicle into a quiet and secluded parking lot that faced the beach as the sun was just beginning to set. They watched it until there was nothing but hues of reds and yellows edged with deep shades of blues in the sky. Spencer realized for the first time that they had sat in silence the whole time simply holding each other's hands. A sense of safety and peace had settled over her.

Without words, she raised Ashley's hand to her lips and softly kissed the back of her hand. She caught a scent that was pure Ashley-soap, Jasmine shampoo, and baby powder-so deceptively innocent. Spencer's heart began to race. No matter how many times they touched or kissed, Ashley always had this affect on her. She closed her eyes and slowly slipped her tongue between the long, elegant digits before finally taking one into her mouth. She felt Ashley shudder and her breathing become shallower. Glancing up, she caught Ashley's eyes with hers. They were almost black with unrepentant desire.

Spencer hinted a glance towards the backseat inviting Ashley to join here there. Ashley held up her hand silently asking her to wait. She leaned between the seats while Spencer appreciatively appraised her lover's body. God, she has a great ass! She heard levers being tugged on before she heard the unmistakable sound of the back seat lowering. The lithe body moved forward and disappeared into the backset making Spencer pout. Then shapely, tapered fingers appeared outstretched before Spencer's eyes. The index finger curled, calling Spencer to follow, "Come hither, my dear." A blanket and an abundance of pillows were spread out in the back. Another blanket, thick and fluffy, sat in a far corner.

Spencer blushed and then let out a deep, sexy laugh, "Oh, yeah, excellent idea!" She took the hand and climbed into the back.

They arranged the pillows to be more comfortable lying next to each other. Ashley pushed a few stray strands of blonde hair from Spencer's face. She took a moment to look into the depths of Spencer's eyes before cupping her chin to guide their lips together in a slow, painfully exquisite kiss. She never quit marveling at how wonderful Spencer's lips felt. Both girls took their time breathing each other in and nuzzling along each other's jaw, neck and collarbone.

After being together for a few months, they had moved from frenzied moments of pleasure to long, slow makeout sessions that eventually ended in soul-seering lovemaking.

But Spencer could sense something in the air was different tonight. She couldn't put her finger on it, but there was an eroticism building that could possibly push them towards a totally different aspect of their relationship. The mere thought made her body surge forward, a tingling sensation moved out from her center to the tips of her extremities. The knot that had been in the pit of her stomach before was rapidly moving lower until she felt a deep throb begin to build between her legs. She absolutely had to get to Ashley's skin.

It took a few seconds for it to register with the brunette but her shirt had been unceremoniously dispensed of. That tended to happen when she was lost in kissing Spencer. There was something about her smell, the way her tasseled blonde hair felt falling through Ashley's fingers that drove her over the edge. She had almost forgotten the surprise she had planned until Spencer teased her fingers down Ashley's stomach before drifting lower.

"Nuh, uh…not yet," Ashley wagged a naughty finger at Spencer, who pouted then quickly perked up, raising an eyebrow knowingly as Ashley proceeded to unbutton the blonde's blouse achingly slow, "Lay on your stomach."

The blonde sighed but, knowing this would only lead to something much, much better, decided to comply.

Ashley slowly let her fingers travel over the soft skin of Spencer's back. Her touches were feather light when she came to the sides and the base of her spine then slide back up to apply slight pressure in a sensuous scratching motion across the blonde's strong shoulders. Spencer's breathing increased and caught with each pass of Ashley's fingers across her shoulders. God, she's driving me insane! As Ashley tilted her head down to place kisses in the wake of her hands, Spencer couldn't tell if her lightheadedness was from the hands or the lips on her skin. And, damn, if she cared!

Instinct drove Spencer's hips to rise and push back toward Ashley with each shudder that passed through her. Ashley's eyes were half-closed, but she became wide-eyed when she saw the jean clad hips start to sway back towards her.

"Oh yeah, baby…do you like that?" Ashley moaned into Spencer's ear.

Spencer looked over her shoulder and frantically reached out to kiss Ashley. Panting as they parted, "Yesss!"

"Do you want more?"


Ashley reached around Spencer's waist to undo her jeans, and after running her hands one more time down Spencer's back, she slipped the jeans down her tone legs. Tossing the remnants of clothes aside, Ashley couldn't take the loss of skin-to-skin contact. She spread Spencer's legs then leaned over just so her breasts barely touched the fair hairs on Spencer's back.

"Ummmm," Spencer's moan encouraged Ashley to lean down further, brush the blonde's hair aside and kiss the back of her neck, the muscle between her shoulder and neck, then back up to her ear. Her tongue caressed lightly the hallow behind Spencer's ear.

"Ugh," Spencer's hips jerked back into Ashley's. For a brief second, Spencer paused in confusion until Ashley's hips pressed hard into her. What the…? But she instinctually pushed back again, this time grinding herself into Ashley.

The vision of Spencer, naked, writhing, and pushing against her, was too much for Ashley to take.

"Oh, baby, I want you!" Ashley whispered in a gravely, sexy voice into Spencer's ear. "I want to give you your surprise. Do you want it?"

Spencer couldn't find her voice. She was too overcome with some kind of unknown desire, something she didn't recognize. All she could do was nod her willingness.

The sound of jeans unzipping sent a shiver through Spencer and she knew she had become instantly wetter. The throb between her legs was so intense she thought she'd pass out. Please just touch me, Ash.

Spencer felt fingers graze the back of her legs and reach around to lift her hips. Exposed and waiting, she became even more aroused, knowing she was being opened and watched by her lover. One finger slipped effortlessly inside.

"Oh God, yes, Ash," relief flooded Spencer as she felt fingers fill her. First two, then three. Her hips began to rock again as she felt the pressure of the fingers move in and out of her.

"Are you ready, baby?" You mean this wasn't the surprise? Ashley's fingers had stopped moving. Logic went out the window. Spencer didn't care what the surprise was at that moment. She just didn't want the wonderful feeling to stop.

"Are you?" Ashley wanted to make sure she didn't push her before she was ready.

"Yes, yes, please."

The strong, slender fingers were gently removed. Spencer moaned at the loss, but quickly took in a sharp breath as she felt something else press into her. It was withdrawn then pushed into her again. At first she felt like trying to get away, but something in her snapped as once again her hips moved back seemingly without conscious thought. Oh, God…OH MY GOD! That feels SO good!

Raising all the way up on her hands and knees, she reached back for Ashley's hips and began pulling her hard towards her.

"Oh Jesus, Ash, yes! Oh my God!" The little bit of pain she felt at the object pressing inside of her was a far cry from the need she had for release. "Baby, I need to come." Spencer started to reach to do it herself but a strong feminine hand grabbed her wrist.

"Allow me," Ashley was mesmerized and felt her own climax building. She could feel the base of the dildo teasing her own clit. That, combined with the vision of a thoroughly captivated Spencer, was driving her to push harder and faster into Spencer.

Ashley slipped her fingers around and into the slippery folds. She was always amazed at how wonderful it felt to touch Spencer, to feel her get wetter with her touch. Spencer's whimpering brought her back and she couldn't continue to torture her partner. With knowing fingers, she released Spencer.

Spencer screamed Ashley's name as she pushed hard into Ashley taking her in deeply one last time. She shivered and shuddered as she rode out the last waves of her orgasm. The ache and throbbing gradually subsiding.

They lay together with Ashley spooned to Spencer's back. Occasionally, Spencer would move slightly and could feel Ashley still inside of her. Ummmm, I could definitely get used to this!

For nearly an hour, they quietly laid together. Spencer stroked the soft hairs on Ashley's forearm which was draped gently over the blonde's waist. Spencer was so quiet in fact that Ashley was becoming a bit concerned. She was hoping she didn't do too much or push her too far. Oh God, what if I hurt her?

Finally, she couldn't stand it. Ashley propped up on her elbow and looked over Spencer's shoulder. "Hey, you okay?" Spencer nodded her head but didn't speak. "Nuh, uh, speak to me. Did I hurt you, baby?"

A blush crept up Spencer's neck as the sudden movement from Ashley caused the toy to jerk ever so slightly. Spencer barely held back the moan that threatened to escape her lips.

"No, you definitely didn't hurt me!"

"Wha…OH!" In the darkness, Ashley had had difficulty seeing the now very visible blush on Spencer, not to mention the sly smirk becoming more pronounced on her lips. "Oh, you ARE a bad, bad girl, aren't you? You liked it, huh?" Spencer nodded enthusiastically.

"Ohhh, yeah!"

"Oh, great! I've created a monster!"

"Yeah, but you wouldn't have me any other way," Spencer clarified.

"True, I have a thing for good girls gone bad, especially when I made them bad!" Ashley leaned down and latched on firmly to Spencer's neck. Spencer pushed back into Ashley making the familiar stirrings in her belly start up all over again. She turned slightly and reached her hand behind Ashley's neck pulling her down into a deep kiss. Ashley broke away first, stroking Spencer's stomach and marveling at the muscles as they twitched under the hands.

Spencer gave Ashley a leering look and ran a finger along the brunette's jaw. "So, any other surprises up your sleeve, Ms. Davies?"

"Oh yeah, lots more where that came from, babe! No sleep for you tonight." Spencer's eyes went dark with desire. Oh yeah, I could definitely get used to this.

The End

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