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Swirls of Ink
By Geekgrrllurking


Nora Delany is lying naked in my bed. The covers have been pushed down in a jumbled heap barely covering the slope of her butt cheeks and I have a wonderful view of her back as she sleeps. I am struck once again by her beauty, constantly amazed that she is here with me, that she is mine, to have and to hold.

It's not lost on me how much Nora has had to change her life to be a part of mine. I need to find more patience as she still hides her life, our life together, from her family. But tonight is not for such heavy thoughts. I take a step into the bedroom, intent on joining her, her body calling to me, tempting me to touch her, to love her.

The glow from the bedside lamp falls across her body turning it golden and I watch the gentle motion of her breathing as she slumbers. I know the bed will still be warm from where I was laying only minutes ago and that sleep would be the wisest choice, since 7am is going to roll around pretty damn quickly. It's not my brain I'm listening to right now though.

Dropping my robe to the floor, I sink onto the edge of the bed longing to feel skin on skin. I'm distracted however by the dark lines of ink swirling innocently on Nora's lower back, the pattern stark against her skin. Irresistible, I dip my head and place lingering kisses down along her spine, and she stirs but doesn't quite wake. I trace the design with the tip of my tongue, up and around eventually ending with the heat in the middle, then kissing across her back teasing her from her dreams into wakefulness.

I move, hovering over her to kiss the opposite shoulder, my breasts pressing against her warm back. Pulling her long blonde hair to one side I nuzzle along Nora's delicate neck, finding the small patch that I know is so sensitive for her. She moans and moves beneath me, her feet pushing the covers completely off.

I smile into the salty hollows, thrilling at the small hitch in her breathing, her body arching into my touch. Nora spreads her legs slightly, inviting, and I know she's wet for me again. I trail my fingers across the inside of her thigh, tickling lightly across damp hair. She gasps and I brush against her, teasing.

"What do you want sweet thing, hmmm?" I whisper into her ear. She tries to push against me, needing more, needing me to increase the friction, but I pull away. A trail of moisture clings to my fingers, evidence of her desire and I smile. She writhes beneath me, growling slightly.

"Please Nikki…" Nora rasps, her hands bunching the bed sheets around her.

I move against her again, back to where I know she needs me to be. I slide into her, slow and deep, penetrating into her heat, claiming what has been given to me. She throbs against my hand, as I start to thrust, steadily building our tempo. Again and again I fill her, her body bucking beneath me. I bring her just to the edge and then keep her there, such sweet torment until finally it's too much for her and Nora comes, shuddering hard with a loud moan.

I come just listening to her.

Nora's death grip on the covers starts to loosen gasping, slowly calming, bodies relaxing. She rolls over, switching the lamp off before tugging the sheets back up around us and then we finally settle in each others arms. Slow sweet kisses and soft sighs, I adore these moments the most.

Soon her breathing grows deeper once more and I know she is sleeping, safe in my arms. I smile, fingers dangling along her bare back, idly tracing, memorizing the pattern found there. I nuzzle into her soft hair, content.

"I love you."

The End

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