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By Skye

No words could ever be enough to express, what she was feeling. She had tried to convey her feelings through a poem. But it wouldn't suffice. Then she came up with the idea of a song. She looked all known songs, human and klingon, in the database up, as she had done with the poems, but again it just wasn't enough.

True, there were a lot of beautiful poems and songs, some even quite fitting for the one or the other or even both of them. But then it still wasn't enough. Something was always amiss. She was searching for perfection and wouldn't settle for less.

After hours of research she finally decided to make something up on her own. Seven was somewhat anxious when she took a padd and sat down on the dais to her alcoves and tried to come up with the right words for a poem.

Her research had at least taught her some things about poems in general. She knew that many poems had rhymes, but that wasn't mandatory. She could always come up with so called free rhymes or verses.

Love poems in particular often described the person one loves or the deepness of ones feelings often using metaphors. They could be long or short, with rhymes or not. That doesn't seem to matter as long as the love was truly conveyed. But she had also found out, that that sometimes lays in the eyes of the beholder. Although there were beautiful poems amongst klingon poetry, there were brutal and all in all little appealing ones as well.

In the end Seven came to the conclusion, that she somehow knew a little too much about poems to write one. She just wasn't able to decide on the words, length, composition, rhyme scheme and whatever else could be important, like the language.

So she tried something knew and thought about writing a song. Such a song not only required lyrics, which could resemble a poem a lot, but also music. She knew little about music, or songs for that matter. What little she knew, she had learned in her singing lessons with the Doctor. And that didn't even apply to her tastes very well.

That's why she came up with another detailed research for her new endeavour. Again she searched through the database and came up with even more data than for her earlier research. And again it was very interesting, very informative, but not very helpful.

Maybe the problem was, that seeking perfection wasn't helpful. Although that might be true, Seven remained adamant.

After a lot of more research into the matter of conveying ones feelings through something selfmade and of even more thinking, therefor delaying or even canceling her regeneration cycles, she finally came up with a new idea.

She had been right. Words just weren't enough. There are simply not enough words to describe feelings, especially love, properly. And she was certainly no poet, as hard as it might be to admit that. But music was another matter. Music was mathematical. She was a scientist. She knew everything about numbers and codes and compostion. And she knew she would be able to write a mathematical perfect little piece of music, a symphony. And if she was able to throw her feelings in her writing, it would suffice.

This time though, she didn't do a lengthy research. She just looked up some general things about symphonies and then sat down to work on her piece of perfection, which she actually called "Pieces of Love".

Three days later it was done. She had taken the time off, much to Captain Janeways surprise, and cancelled all her appointments, like her kadis kot game with Naomi, as well as her regeneration cycles.

She was quite over the edge of exhaustion. And as much as she wished to immediately run to B'Elanna and present the symphony to her, she realized that she first needed a regeneration cycle, or she would probably fall asleep somewhere on her way to the Lieutenant's quarters.

Reluctantly she programmed a ten-hour-cycle, which should replenish all her energies quite well, stepped into the alcove and delivered herself into a peaceful oblivion.

She was nervous as hell. She would never admit it, but she was. There was no denying that. The only thing that kept her from showing it, was her borg-mask. On her way to Lt. Torres' quarters it was no problem to appear like her usual borgself. But she was fairly certain, that it wouldn't be much appreciated when she confronted B'Elanna.

Seven had decided to load down her symphony into a holodeck programm. She then had created an environment that provided a piano player with the perfect sound effect. Her symphony was mostly written for a piano with an accompanying small orchestra. In the middle of the room she had ordered the computer to create a white "Steinway and Sons"-piano. The room was required to stay more or less plain, because of the better sound effect. The only other furniture was a single, comfortable chair some feet away from the piano.

Now that that was done, she was on her way to B'Elanna to deliver an invitation. Reaching her quarters, she pressed the admittance chime and was shortly after greeted by a grumpy half Klingon in her pajamas.

"What?" B'Elanna snapped.

"I am sorry. I was not aware that you were already asleep." Seven said somewhat embarrassed.

"Well at this time of the night I usually am." B'Elanna retorted sarcastically.

Checking her inner chronometer, Seven realized that it was indeed in the middle of the night. She then realized, that she should have checked time before disturbing the Lieutenant.

"I have to apologize. It seems, I have lost 'the track of time' as I was unaware of the lateness of the hour. I will return in the morning. You may go to sleep again."

Seven prepared to turn and leave, but was caught by a very angry B'Elanna.

"What the hell you think you're doing? Waking me up in the middle of the night, not telling me why and then just leaving? I don't think so. You better move your borgass in here and explain yourself."

With that she dragged the astonished ex-drone into her quarters and almost pushed her onto her couch.

Seven was speechless and even more embarrassed now. What was she supposed to explain? And how? After she will have explained herself, B'Elanna probably will declare her insane and throw her out of her quarters.

"What, has the cat caught your tongue?" B'Elanna slumped onto a chair nearby and was somehow satisfied to see Seven in her confused state.

"Well?" She demanded.

"I…I did not mean to disturb you." Seven finally managed.

"Too late. So spit it out. What do you want?"

Seven decided not to tell her, that she certainly won't 'spit it out'. But it seemded, that she indeed was pinned down.

"Very well, I came here to deliver this." She said and handed a small padd over.

B'Elanna took it and read it's content.

"An invitation? To the holodeck? For a performance? What performance?"

"Yes, yes and yes. Though what kind of performance it is, will be revealed when you show up."

B'Elanna had to admit that she was indeed very curious. It certainly never happened that Seven of Nine showed anywhere up, late in the night, with an invitation for a performance. That meant it was special.

"Will you at least tell me, who'll do the performance? 'Cuz if it's going to be the Doc, I won't show up."

Meanwhile Seven has regained her composure and was able to show some confidence. "I will do the performance."

Okay, now she was hooked. Nevertheless B'Elanna tried to give herself an appearance of doubt and not of eagerness. She wasn't sure about her success and after some moments she nodded. "Fine, I'll be there. And make sure, that I'm not going to regret it. Now get out of here. I still need my beauty sleep."

"Very well, I will leave you then and am looking forward to see you at my performance. But nevertheless you are in error. No amount of sleep can make you anymore beautiful than you already are."

That said, Seven quietly left the Lieutenant's quarters missing B'Elannas dumbfounded expression.

B'Elanna was unable to believe that she had heard, what she just had heard. Seven couldn't possibly have called her beautiful and that in all earnesty.

She stayed rooted in place for several more minutes until she finally managed to regain enough composure to make her way back to her bed. That Seven's words would haunt her for several hours, she certainly hadn't anticipated.

The invitation had been short but exact. B'Elanna had to show up at precisely 2000 hours infront of holodeck 2 in casual clothes. She hadn't been sure about that casual attire, but had finally settled for black pants and a silken dark red blouse. For some reason she wanted proof that Seven was right about her beauty, although she would never admit it and still doubted that she had heard right.

She was prompt. She knew that Seven hated tardiness, but didn't want to show up early, so she was prompt. And so it was, that as soon as she arrived, the holodeck doors rushed open to grant her admittance.

B'Elanna was a little confused. It was utterly quiet in the room and there were no other people. She had expected that there would be more people to attend Seven's performance, but obviously she had been wrong with her assumption. Well, she had never asked Seven about other guests. But then she hadn't guessed that she would be the only one.

Cautiously she decided to enter the holodeck.

"Lieutenant. I am glad you made it. You look wonderful. Please sit down." B'Elanna would have done as asked, but again she was dumbounded. There, infront of her, stood an astonishingly beautiful Seven of Nine, clad in an iceblue long silken dress, that hugged her like a second skin, but more subtle than her usual biosuits. Her blonde hair was down and framed her beautiful, slightly smiling face.

Seven turned around to make herself comfortable infront of the piano. She then looked expectantly towards B'Elanna, who eventually was able to set on foot infront of the other and hesitantly moved to the chair that was obviously meant for her. On the chair laid a small padd. She took it, settled herself and went through it's contents.

Program for the piano performance of Seven of Nine:

1. Allegro

2. Adagio

3. Presto

1. Allegro

2. Allegretto

3. Andante moderato

1. Allegro

2. Presto

3. Allegretto

1. Allegro

2. Molto vivace

3. Finale: Alegretto

As soon as B'Elanna has finished her reading, the piano slowly began to play. At first she was too distracted by her own thoughts, to really listen. Seven of Nine as a composer of a symphony? A symphony that on top of that was entitled with "Pieces of Love"? What could an e-drone possibly know of love? Seven was an emotionless machine, wasn't she? That at least was, what B'Elanna always had thought. Now she wasn't so sure anymore. She hasn't been for a while actually. And now seeing her like that…well…

Looking up, B'Elanna realized, that she had all forgotten about the last words. She was supposed to relax and listen. Suddenly mesmerized by the beautiful, elegant woman infront of her, that didn't seem to pose a problem any longer.

As a matter of fact, words not only fail to describe feelings, especially love, properly, but music as well. Love is a feeling and music is something to feel. So it seems natural to use music to describe love, to convey feelings.

Seven's symphony started with "Pieces of You". But who was "You"? Certainly not her, B'Elanna? That was quite doubtful, but it was the person one would think of, while hearing the music. It was powerful, strong, fast, fiery, but then it was almost sad, very quiet and shy.

It unexpectedly resembled a Klingon opera, without the singing that was. But if it really was meant to describe a Klingon, it somehow could be expected. The music was strangely beautiful and it threatened to fill her very being.

B'Elanna suddenly felt, as if someone had looked right through her, as if she had been stripped off of her mask to reveal the scarred soul beneath. She was good in showing off the strong and confident Klingon, but failed when it comes to be a frail, yearning human.

Seven had managed to include both parts in her music and it was captivating. It was just unbelievable that she was so empathic.

When the music slowed down, B'Elanna realized that the next part was going to be played. "Pieces of Me." There could certainly be no doubt, that this part was about Seven herself. As it was, it started tenderly and peaceful, even with a little happiness. It was something, that served as a reminder for a long lost childhood. Considering Seven's history it soon became slow, quiet, dark and sad.

B'Elanna found herself carried away by the notes, just to be violently dropped in place again, when the music suddenly became a loud staccato. The following part was a smooth, but sullen row of notes, that was painful to ears and soul. It reflected Seven's time in the Collective very well. The music was certainly not pleasant and a part of B'Elanna just wanted to close her eyes and ears and run away.

Again the music changed. This time it became very fast, but incoherent and confusing, without any recognizeable order. Just the way Seven must have felt, when first severed from the Collective. But eventually it smoothed again, became calmer, with a sad tinge. From time to time it cheered up a bit, but it only gained a note of joy, when the next part "Pieces of Us" started.

The first impressions were almost tenderly, somehow curious, but cautious and tentively touching forward. But then the music went rampant again, repulsive and aggressive. It was fast and furious, but changed from violence to challenge. It was, as if two contradicting parts were challenging each other, but in a strange unexpected way they also completed each other. Both parts needed each other, one would have been nothing without the other.

This part brought a smile on B'Elanna's face. It was the perfect background music for her frequent run-ins with Seven in engineering. And it wasn't even offensive. It was…glorious.

To the end, in the last part "Pieces of…" it calmed down again, the music went tender, lively, sweet, sometimes slower, other times faster, then bold and daring, or shy and touching, always with a tinge of hope and, above all, love.

B'Elanna was caught off guard, when she realized, that tears were running down her face. This last part was certainly the most beautiful one. She wondered why Seven has given it a questioning, open title.

Lost in the music and in her thoughts, she failed to realize that Seven has come to an end with her play. The background orchestra has silenced as well and everything that was left, were the two of them.

Seven sat still. While playing, she had been lost in the music, without ever paying attention to her one-woman-audience. Now she dreaded B'Elanna's reaction. She sat still in front of the piano with her hands in her lap, starring into nothingness, but listening intently for even the tiniest noise.

When B'Elanna finally became aware of her surroundings, she looked up at Seven, who very much looked like a shy child, waiting for punishment. Honestly she didn't know what to do. Seven was supposed to be an emotionless ex-drone. Not a composer of strangely beautiful, captivating symphonies, able to perform them on a piano with the grace of a first class pianist and on top of that breathtakingly beautiful. No, she was supposed to be her enemy, an annoying, aloof, rude, curious, brilliant, stunning, creative, wonderful human being.

Those last thoughts were certainly unexpected. But then again, everything was. This evening, the performance, Seven, her play, her dress, her symphony, the "Pieces of Love".

B'Elanna sighed heavily.

For Seven it seemed as if an eternity has passed. She didn't know what to make out of the fact, that B'Elanna hasn't even stirred. But it was better than her running out of the holodeck, or shouting at her or, worse, hitting her. Instead she at least seemed to be calm, without a sign to become violent in the next moment. That gave her hope.

Finally B'Elanna made her decision. She raised herself from her seat and slowly walked over to where Seven was still sitting. The young woman, as of now she would never again be anything less to B'Elanna, flinched as if expecting the worst. But she stayed where she was, accepting every outcome.

B'Elanna took a deep, steadying breath, made a final step towards Seven and bent down to take the younger woman's hands. She then pulled her up from her seat and made her look into her eyes.

"Well, I'd suggest we find somewhere else, a little more comfortable, to find out about that last part of yours. I'd think it needs a little more happiness. Whaddaya say?" B'Elanna grinned openly to show her still shy companion, that she meant no harm, never again.

"I would like that very much" came the somewhat hoarse reply.

With that, B'Elanna resumed to take a firm hold on one of Seven's hands and led her out of the holodeck. Some of the crewmembers they encountered on their way looked rather confused about the two enemies holding hands, while others smiled.

Anyway, B'Elanna thought, it's something they'll have to get used to.

The End

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