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By allie


I stood and stalked to the replicator hoping that what I had just heard wasn't true. There was no way that something like that could be true.

I had heard the rumours a few days before doing the rounds of engineering but there was no credence to the scuttlebutt so I had ignored it as usual as it had no bearing on the ongoing repairs and it seemed to keep my engineers happy with their gossip. They seemed to work harder if they had something juicy to discuss.

I became concerned though when I was sitting in the mess hall with my P'taq of an ex and Harry trying to enjoy lunch. For once in my life I had managed to escape engineering during the day for a meal and had just settled nicely into a baked potato and some sort of filling which although it looked toxic was actually quite nice.

There was only one person, well; two actually, who could answer the rumours but there was no way in Gre'thor that I could ask either of them. That was the fastest way to oblivion courtesy of an airlock or a set of assimilation tubules.

I knew that Paris took great delight in tormenting me since we broke up but I really didn't think that he would stoop this low. He knows, or thinks he does, that I have feelings for our resident ex-Borg and would love to have more than the adversarial relationship than we do now. I apparently talk in my sleep and gave myself away just before Paris and I spilt up. I actually remember the dream I was having but I never told him that. I didn't want to give him any more ammunition to fire at me.

Oh, by Kahless' left love sac, that was some dream. I had been in full Klingon regalia and thoroughly enjoying myself at some diplomatic do Janeway forced us into attending. She'd managed to get Seven to dress in a conventional manner and forgo the bio-suits. The dress Seven wore made more than my mouth water. I don't think anyone in that room was able to breathe as she walked in.

I punched in my request to the replicator and grabbed my drink then stalked back to my seat plunking myself down and slamming the glass on the table. "You have got to be kidding me Paris! There is no truth to that! There is no way in Gre'thor that what you say is true! I should rip your arm off and beat you with it for disparaging a superior officer!" I hissed at him.

"Oh, it's true. I saw it with my own eyes. They were in a passionate "clinch" as you women would say and neither looked too unhappy about where they were." He taunted.

"You lie!" I howled as I toppled the table whilst rising and stormed from the mess hall. I pounded the padded corridor until I reached her favourite hangout and stormed into the cavernous room. Astrometrics was a place of wonder, the huge screen dominating the entire room, but doing little to overshadow the beauty who operated its controls. Seven looked glorious in her Silver blue biosuit. There was something about it which just set my hearts racing. Schooling my face and taking a deep breath I whispered her name.

"Can I help you Lieutenant?" Seven purred upon realising who was standing behind her.

"Answer one question for me?" I half asked half demanded.

"If I can," She replied.

"Are you dating Janeway?" I blurted.

"To use a very human phrase...." She paused to take a breath before kissing me senseless. As I recovered she answered my original question.

"That's A Frightening Thought."

The End

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