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Take My Hand and Show Me the Way
Part One

By mel



JJ took her eyes off the road for the briefest of moments as she reached across the console separating her from Emily to set her hand high on the brunette's thigh. The interior of the car was filled with the rich, spicy scent of Thai food they had just picked up and she smirked as she began to inch her way incrementally higher and higher up Emily's thigh until she felt the other woman's hand cover her own.

"Jennifer," Emily warned, her voice low and rich and absolutely sinful.

JJ licked her lips and grinned. "What?"

"You need to focus on the road."

"Psht," JJ scoffed. "I'll have you know I am an amazing multi-tasker. I can drive and do this," she retorted as she tried to move her hand again but Emily's grip held her still.

Emily laughed at the childish pout that creased JJ's face as her attempts were thwarted and looked out the windshield at the familiar landscape of the younger woman's neighborhood, more than a little thankful that they were practically at the blonde's house. She didn't know how much long she'd be able to resist JJ's advances.

Hell, she didn't know how much longer she wanted to resist JJ's advances.

A soft sigh tumbled from her lips as JJ finally steered the car into her driveway, and she only released the younger woman's hand to collect the bags of food that were piled around her feet once they were safely parked in the blonde's garage.

A decidedly impish grin tweaked JJ's lips as she felt Emily release her hand and she wasted no time resuming her earlier quest, siding her fingers higher and higher until she finally reached what had been her original goal all along.

"Jayj!" Emily squeaked as she felt the blonde's fingers press against the center seam of her trousers.

"Hmm?" JJ arched a brow innocently as she continued to stroke lightly up and down the line of fabric.

Emily's eyes rolled back in her head when JJ's fingers brushed over her clit and when she was able to pry her lids open enough to actually look at the smirking blonde, she decided that she was done holding back. She was done waiting.

She reached out to run her hand over JJ's jaw, slowly, tenuously tracing over thinly concealed bone before hooking her index finger under the point of the blonde's chin and pulling her in for a deep, ravenous kiss that left no doubt about exactly what she was thinking. She smiled into the kiss as she heard JJ moan, taking that uncensored utterance as her cue to pull back, not far, not far away at all, just far enough to breathe against the blonde's parted lips, "You know what I love more than Thai food?"

JJ groaned at the seemingly tangential question and opened her eyes to look at Emily. "What?"

Emily grinned wolfishly. "Reheated Thai food."

"Em," JJ sighed, her eyes fluttering closed again at the smooth silken sex of the brunette's voice.

Emily chuckled and pressed a quick kiss to JJ's lips before she pulled completely away, blindly gathering the loops of the plastic take-out bags in her left hand while her right was already busy opening her car door. Somehow, though she wasn't sure how, exactly, they managed to get inside the house and even deposit the food on the kitchen counter before they came together almost violently in a desperate collision of lips as their bodies pressed together tightly. They stumbled upstairs together, their hands hastily removing clothes as they went, their lips never breaking contact with each other, until, by the time they'd reached JJ's bedroom, they were both wearing nothing but their panties.

Emily smiled into the kiss as she slid her hands up over JJ's sides to cup the blonde's face in her palms as she purposefully slowed their kisses until they were nothing more than light, quick pecks. "Let me make love to you," she implored softly as she dropped her hands to JJ's hips to play lightly with the waistband of her underwear.

JJ moaned as her body reacted almost violently to the brunette's request. "Please," she gasped as she felt Emily's fingers slip under the thin material of her panties, gently tugging the flimsy fabric down over her hips until gravity took hold of them and she was able to kick them carelessly aside.

"Jennifer," Emily breathed as she slid her hands over JJ's naked hips, grasping the younger woman's ass and pulling her closer.

JJ lifted her chin and claimed Emily's mouth in a slow, deep, lingering kiss as she pushed the brunette's panties down over her hips. A low, breathy sigh spilled from her lips as Emily took a small step forward, pressing their naked bodies together.

"You feel so good," JJ murmured as she ran her hands over Emily's body, obligingly allowing the older woman to guide backwards onto the bed.

Emily smiled as she watched JJ move back onto the bed, her eyes raking up and down the blonde's trim form for a moment, just drinking her beauty in before finally acquiescing to the unspoken request in JJ's eyes and climbing onto the bed herself. She covered JJ's body with her own as she eagerly reclaimed the blonde's lips in another long, lingering kiss, pushing her tongue deep into JJ's mouth to slowly stroke against and around the blonde's tongue.

JJ whimpered as she felt Emily pull away and she was helpless to contain the low, almost feral growl that rumbled in her throat when she felt the brunette's lips begin working down the column of her neck in a series of slow, wet, heavy kisses. Her body was alive, tingling with anticipation from the feeling of Emily's mouth upon her skin, the electric silken sensation of the brunette's smooth skin sliding against her own, with the knowledge that tonight, tonight she would finally have Emily as she had so often dreamed.

"Em," she groaned as she both felt and saw Emily pause to hover promisingly over her breasts. Her heart skipped a beat as she watched the brunette's tongue peek out between bruised, kiss swollen lips to lightly trace the perimeter of her nipple, sending little currents of electricity thrumming through her body. "Shit," she groaned as she succumbed to sensation and let her eyes close, her back arching toward the ceiling as she gave herself and her body over to Emily.

Emily smiled as she watched JJ's eyes flutter closed, felt her own nipples tighten sympathetically as JJ cried out. She blew softly over the blonde's moistened nipple, watching it grow harder, delighting in the knowledge that she was the one eliciting such reactions before she leaned in to gather the tasty bud between her lips and suck against it gently. She took her time attending to JJ's breasts, more than content to suck, lick, kiss, and nip at the mounds – well and truly making love to them as she dreamed about doing for so long.

"You are gorgeous," she murmured as she balanced her weight on her elbows so she could cradle both of JJ's beautiful breasts in her hands, rolling them, squeezing them gently. "Exquisite."

JJ loved the attention Emily was showing her, but she needed more. Needed the brunette to move further down her body to where she was literally aching for her. "Emily," she whispered pleadingly, arching her hips up into the brunette's stomach, letting the older woman feel how ready she was for her touch. "Please."

Emily's eyes fluttered closed at the feeling of JJ's arousal coating her skin. "Jennifer," she murmured.

JJ's breath hitched at the timbre of the brunette's voice and she untangled one of her hands from the sheets it had wound itself in to slide her fingers through Emily's hair and press gently against the top of the brunette's head. "Please?" she repeated herself softly, again rocking her hips up into her lover, letting her voice and her eyes show the absolute depth of her need.

Emily licked her lips and nodded, laying one last kiss to the hollow between JJ's breasts before she began making her way down the younger woman's lithe, toned body with a string of licks, nips, and kisses, making sure to worship, to taste, every inch of skin she could reach. The further south she traveled, the stronger the smell of JJ's desire became and she found herself unable and unwilling to resist its call. She settled herself easily between open, welcoming thighs, and slid her hands under JJ's legs to trace up and down the blonde's sides as she rubbed her cheek against a toned thigh.

"Jennifer," Emily sighed as she leaned closer, letting her eyes fall shut in supplication as she breathed in deep the intoxicating aroma of the younger woman's desire.

"Emily, please," JJ groaned, rocking her hips upward and tightening her hold on Emily's hair, trying to draw the brunette's lips to where she so desperately needed her.

Emily opened her eyes and met JJ's gaze as she leaned in closer, slowly, incrementally closer until she was able to deliver the most intimate of kisses. She ran the tip of her tongue lightly through JJ's folds, collecting the blonde's essence on her tongue, tasting its sweetness, its tartness. It was familiar and different, and entirely, wholly Jennifer. It was like coming home.

JJ writhed under Emily's mouth as the brunette's tongue moved through her before brushing ever so softly over her clit. Electricity shot through her and she cried out, her hips rocking upwards for more contact as her hand left Emily's hair to re-tangle itself in the sheets. "Em!"

"You are so beautiful," Emily whispered reverently before she leaned in to lay another slow, light lick through JJ's lower lips.

"Em," JJ husked in response to the brunette's breathy, solemn words. "Baby," she moaned as she felt Emily's tongue, so firm and yet so soft running through her.

Emily smiled at the endearment and settled in to thoroughly make love to JJ with her lips, her tongue. She was meticulous in her ministrations, cataloguing every touch and the reaction it elicited from the younger woman until she was able to play JJ's body like a finely tuned instrument.

JJ's cries of pleasure were a symphony more beautiful, more engaging, more exquisite than the most heralded works of Chopin, Vivaldi, Beethoven, or Mozart. Emily had attended concerts put on by the most widely heralded symphonies of the world, and she knew she had never heard anything as beautiful as the sounds spilling from JJ's lips while she was trapped in the throes of passion.

JJ bucked and writhed as her hips fell into a rhythm with Emily's mouth. Her hands gripped tighter at the sheets as Emily's began moving over her flushed, heated body. Her cries grew louder as Emily's fingertips dragged down her sides to grip her hips firmly, and she was helpless to contain the scream that was torn from her throat when the brunette's tongue finally thrust deep inside her. "Emily… god, yes… please, baby… please…," she panted as the heat in her belly spread outward, down her legs and up through her torso until she felt like she was literally throbbing with her building climax.

Emily could read the need in her lover's body and knew that no matter how much she would like to spend the rest of the evening taking her time enjoying her new playground, that JJ needed to be released. She tightened her grip on JJ's hips, lifting the blonde to her mouth as she thrust her tongue as deep as she could inside her once, twice, three more times before abandoning her opening to begin tracing firm figure-eights against the blonde's straining, pulsing clit.

"Mmm," JJ groaned as Emily's tongue began working determinedly against her clit at the exact tempo, with just the precise amount of force that she needed for the electric energy coiled within her to explode.

Emily felt JJ's body twitching under her mouth, under her fingertips, and knew that the blonde was so, so close. She wrapped her lips around JJ's clit and sucked against the sensitive nub as she began lashing it lightly with her tongue.

JJ was whimpering, pleading, and moaning incoherently as Emily worked her higher and higher until, with a final long, hard suck against her clit, the power, the energy coiled within her was unleashed on a scream as her orgasm ripped through her.

Emily moved so that she was able to use her fingers to rub light circles against JJ's clit, encouraging, drawing out the blonde's release for as long as possible as she moved up the body she had desired for so long to gaze lovingly into stormy blue eyes as JJ rode out her climax.

"Em," JJ gasped when she'd recovered enough to speak.

Emily smiled and kissed JJ's lips lightly. "Jennifer," she murmured, smiling warmly at her lover as she slipped the two fingers she'd been using to circle the blonde's clit down to press lightly against her opening.

JJ groaned at the taste of herself on Emily's lips and the feeling, the promise of the older woman's touch against her. She licked her lips as she stared into Emily's dark, nearly black eyes. "Em," she gasped as she felt the brunette's fingers push into her, her hips automatically rocking to meet the thrust as her hands shot up to grasp Emily's shoulders.

Emily smiled and leaned in to kiss JJ softly as she began a slow, thrusting tempo that played perfectly with JJ's already sensitized body. "Hmm?" she murmured, her eye twinkling with amusement as she watched JJ respond to her.

"Ooooh," JJ moaned as Emily's fingertips rubbed over that spot deep inside her that always made her see stars. Her eyes snapped shut and her grip on the brunette's shoulders tightened as her breath hitched in her chest. Her nipples grew painfully tighter as Emily set a steady tempo against her, in and out, curling, rubbing her perfectly until lights and stars began flashing in a kaleidoscope of colors behind her tightly closed eyes. She had barely begun to recapture her breath from her last orgasm and, yet, here she was, once again gasping for air as she rushed headlong into a second one.

"Look at me, Jennifer," Emily murmured as she felt JJ's body beginning to tense again. She wanted to watch, wanted to see that flash of ecstasy in JJ's beautiful blue eyes as she came.

"Christ, Em," JJ grunted as she forced her eyes to open. She immediately found Emily's smoldering, loving gaze and held onto it as their movements against each other grew slightly faster, slightly more demanding, until she felt herself slipping over the edge again.

Emily stared into JJ's desire darkened eyes and smiled encouragingly as she watched them cloud with the blonde's building climax. "That's it Jennifer," she murmured as she leaned in to press a quick, chaste kiss to the blonde's parted lips. "God you're beautiful," she breathed, her voice awed as she watched JJ's features soften.

"Emily," JJ moaned as she held Emily's gaze. Even if she had wanted to close her eyes, she would have been unable to tear herself away from the look of absolute love that Emily was giving her. She wanted to say the words, those three little words, but before they could form on her tongue the orgasm that had been building within her broke and she was lost to the waves of pleasurable ecstasy that were rolling through her.

Emily watched, entranced, as JJ rode out her second orgasm and couldn't help but think that she had never seen anything so beautiful in her life. She stalled her thrusts as the blonde's spasms eased, pulling out only when she felt JJ's body relax around her fingers. She leaned in to kiss JJ softly as she cleaned her fingers off on the sheet beneath them, before lifting her hand to lovingly trace the delicate lines of the younger woman's face as she let herself drink in the sight of her sated lover. JJ's hair was spread in a disheveled array over the bed, her normally honey-toned skin flushed and sweaty, her lips parted as she gasped for air, and she felt a staggering wave of affection for the younger woman roll through her. She had known she loved JJ long before tonight, but now she knew that she would never be able to love anyone else.

She smiled warmly as JJ's unfocused eyes became more and more focused until she knew that the blonde was actually seeing her. "Hi," she murmured teasingly as she leaned in to nuzzle JJ's cheek with her nose.

"Hi," JJ husked, her mind still hazy, her body still tingling with the aftereffects of her orgasms.

Emily's smile softened as she dipped her head down to claim the blonde's lips in a slow, languid kiss. "I love you, Jennifer," she murmured, surprising herself as the words spilled so easily over her lips. "I just… I just had to tell you."

JJ's answering smile was radiant as she moved to cradle the suddenly bashful brunette's face in her hands. "I love you too, Em," she murmured as she lifted her lips to kiss Emily sweetly.

Emily moaned into the kiss as she felt JJ push against her shoulder. She obliged the blonde and rolled smoothly onto her back, pulling the younger woman with her so that JJ's lithe form was pressed deliciously into her own. She opened her mouth under JJ's, inviting the blonde in the play as their tongues stroking against each other slowly in an unhurried display of affection.

"You… are… amazing," JJ husked as she trailed her lips over Emily's chin and began laying a line of slow, lingering kisses down the column of the brunette's throat as she let her hands begin to wander over the front of her lover's torso.

Emily whimpered and bucked as JJ's hand slid over her stomach in slow, teasing, random patterns. "Please, Jennifer," she murmured as she again rolled her hips up into her lover. She was already so painfully aroused from having made love to Jennifer that she was certain it would take only the slightest touch to set her off and, while she wanted it to last, she knew that this time she wasn't going to be able to.

JJ smiled against the hollow of Emily's throat as she slipped her hand over the brunette's hip to dip teasingly between her legs. She extended her tongue to lay a slow, heavy lick against the skin she'd been teasing as she trailed an equally slow, exploratory finger through Emily's folds. "Jesus, Em," she husked as she felt how wet the brunette was.

"Jennifer," Emily groaned as she felt JJ's finger abandon the very place she needed contact the most. "Baby."

"Shh," JJ shushed as she lifted her finger coated with Emily's arousal to paint the brunette's nipple with the wetness.

Emily moaned gutturally at the sight, the feeling of JJ's finger making slow, wet circles around her nipple.

JJ smiled at her handiwork before moving lower to lay a light, exploratory lick across the moist bud. "Mmm," she moaned appreciatively at the taste and eagerly took the tip between her lips to lick and suck against hungrily.

Emily writhed on the bed, her body on fire as JJ's extremely, extremely talented mouth played at her breast and she was helpless to contain the scream that tore from her throat when she felt the blonde's hand slip between her legs once again. She rolled her right leg out to the side, offering more of herself to the younger woman, silently pleading for her to take her now. She was so wet, so ready, so goddamn ready for JJ's touch.

JJ could tell that Emily was already close, so close and that, while she wanted to play, to draw things out, to truly explore her lover's body, she knew that first she needed to give Emily her release. She dipped her fingers lower to push lightly against the brunette's opening and moaned as she felt Emily's hips rock against her hand, seeking more contact, trying to draw her inside. She laid one last broad, flat lick across Emily's straining nipple before she ran her lips up Emily's body until she was hovering above the brunette, staring into lust darkened eyes.

"I love you," JJ breathed as she finally, finally pushed inside warm, welcoming heat and began stroking her lover slowly. "Mmm," she hummed encouragingly as she watched Emily's eyes flutter shut.

"Jen," Emily moaned as she felt JJ's fingers plunging into her and she reached up to pull the blonde down to her level so she could claim her lips in a deep, hungry, soul scorching kiss that had her seeing stars.

The kiss had JJ seeing stars too, and she became almost desperate to make Emily come, to see Emily come. She pulled back just far enough to really be able to see Emily as she brought her to the edge. Her eyes danced over the brunette's swollen, parted lips as she increased the force and tempo of her thrusts, and she smiled as she watched the way Emily's head rolled back into the pillows as she fought to drag more air into her body. She had never seen anything so beautiful in her life.

Emily's hands scrabbled across the sheets as she felt JJ's fingers curl deep inside her, stroking, massaging that hidden spot that sent shockwaves of pleasure coursing through her body. Her right hand found its way up to the pillow under her head and she dug her fingers into it as her left finally found purchase in the wrinkled sheets beneath her back. She cried out wordlessly as she felt her body racing toward release with every perfectly aimed thrust of JJ's fingers and when she finally hit that edge and flew over it into the abyss screaming Jennifer's name, she tightened her hold on the bedding, hoping her grip on the fabric would be enough to help her find her way back to earth.

JJ stayed buried deep inside Emily until the last of the brunette's spasms eased, taking the time to decadently lick her fingers clean as she watched Emily begin to come down from her high. Once clean, she pulled Emily to her and began pressing soft kisses to the gasping brunette's brow, cheeks, eyelids, and lips as she waited for her lover to come back to her. She smiled as she watched the haze of orgasm leave Emily's eyes and leaned in closer to lay a longer, sweeter kiss to the brunette's lips.

"Wow," Emily husked.

JJ chuckled as she moved to press a soft kiss to the hollow beneath Emily's ear. "I love you," she whispered against the sensitive skin.

"Mmm," Emily hummed as she wrapped her arms around JJ, pulling her in closer. "I love you."

JJ smiled and rolled more fully on top of Emily, slipping her hips between the brunette's legs to nestle comfortably atop her lover. "You know," she murmured as she brushed her lips over Emily's, "making love with you is so much better than I'd imagined it'd be."

Emily blushed and tried to look away but JJ slid a hand under her chin to hold her still. "Likewise, I assure you," Emily replied, her bashfulness causing her to slip into her more formal syntax.

JJ grinned and leaned down to lay a wet, playful smack-a-roo type kiss to Emily's lips. "You know what, though?"

"Hmm?" Emily enquired as she busied herself with running her hands up and down JJ's back, her eyes focused on the blonde's lips.

"For as amazing as it was to feel you coming around my fingers," JJ husked, "I want to taste you. I want to make love to you with my lips, my… tongue."

Emily groaned, her body responding to the blonde's words by arching up into her. "Jen."

"Mmm," JJ hummed with a smile before she began laying feather soft kisses over the ridge of Emily's jaw. "You are so beautiful, Em," she murmured as she slid down the brunette's body.

Emily was helpless to do more than watch as JJ slid slowly down her body pressing soft, almost reverent kisses to her already flushed and sweaty skin and when the blonde settled herself between her parted thighs she said a silent prayer of thanks to whatever deity had granted her this angel, and when JJ's tongue touched her so intimately for the first time she screamed her ecstasy to the ceiling and immediately lost awareness of anything and everything beyond the feeling of JJ mouth against her, and the sensations that touch created.



The next morning Emily was roused from sleep by the golden light of the morning sun streaming through the windows. She came aware slowly, her mind sluggish from too few hours of sleep, her body deliciously sore from the activities that had rendered sleep unimportant. She basked in the memories of their lovemaking as she lay in bed with her eyes closed, blocking out the unwanted return of day. She tightened her hold on the woman whose head was lying on her chest, whose leg was draped over her own, and whose arm was thrown possessively across her stomach. It was perfect and right and just as natural as their loving the night before had been.

She drew a deep breath in through her nose and smiled at the feeling of her companion burrowing herself deeper into her arms with a quiet, unintelligible murmur. She felt her heart stumble in her chest as she gazed down upon her sleeping lover, so young and beautiful and unguarded, and pressed a slow, soft kiss to her brow, delighting in the feeling of JJ's naked body draped over her own. "I love you so much," she whispered, her words no louder than a breath, as she began running her fingers lightly up and down the blonde's back, bumping over the knobs of her spine and tracing along the outline of her scapulas.

Another soft, indistinct murmur was her only response as she glanced over at the alarm clock on the bedside table. They had a little less than two hours until they were supposed to be back at the BAU for debriefing. She smiled as she once again ran her fingertips down JJ's spine, this time dipping under the sheet that was bunched at the younger woman's waist to trace the soft curve of a perfectly sculpted cheek and down, slowly down over a defined hamstring to come to a stop at the bend of the blonde's knee before making a return trip over the exact same path.

JJ came awake to the feeling of Emily's fingers tracing light lines up and down her ass and her leg that, she realized with a smirk, she'd thrown over the older woman while they'd slept. She smiled at the unusual yet entirely welcome sensation, and turned her head ever so slightly to press a soft, slow, lingering kiss to the skin under her cheek. She smirked as she extended her tongue to lay a light lick to her lover's skin and moaned appreciatively at the taste of salt and sweat and sex and something that was undeniably, purely Emily.

Emily groaned at the feeling of JJ's tongue against her skin and, as her fingers were mid-circuit on the blonde's ass anyways, squeezed the muscle under her hand playfully. "Good morning, beautiful," she greeted her lover as she released her grip on JJ's cheek to slide her hand down, over the line where the blonde's leg and ass met to dip her index finger between intimate lips.

JJ's hips bucked reflexively into the touch and she let out a low moan as she felt that questing finger begin to move through her. "Good morning yourself," she husked, lifting her head off of Emily's chest and claiming her lips in a slow, sweet good-morning kiss.

Emily moaned loudly into the kiss, lifting her head off her pillow to push against JJ, urging the younger woman over onto her back as she rolled on top of her. She nipped playfully at JJ's lip as their legs scissored together, her hip settling snugly against the blonde's center. She pushed herself into her lover, a devilish grin creasing her face at the feeling of JJ's desire coating her thigh, as she pulled back and grinned. "Hi."

JJ shook her head and laughed, rolling her eyes at Emily's antics. "Hello," she said, purposefully letting her voice drop low and deep as she took advantage of her position and ran her hands up the brunette's sides to cradle her breasts in her hands. She watched, entranced, at the way Emily's eyes fluttered closed as she brushed her thumbs over her nipples and felt her own nipples tighten sympathetically at the low, throaty moan the touch elicited from her lover.

Emily's hips surged forward from the electric current that shot through her body as JJ's hands manipulated her breasts. She opened her eyes to find JJ studying her intently, her lover's bright blue eyes growing steadily darker as her arousal grew. "I love you," Emily whispered, her voice awed and reverent as she dipped her head down to kiss JJ softly.

"Mmm," JJ hummed into the kiss, sliding her left hand down to Emily's hip to pull the brunette in tighter as she lifted her own thigh to press firmly against her lover.

Emily groaned at the feeling of JJ's leg against her, at the feeling of how wet the younger woman already was for her, and she began a slow, rhythmic thrusting tempo against the blonde as she slanted her head to the side to deepen their kiss. She pushed into JJ and held her position as she felt the blonde's mouth open under her own and when their tongues met between their parted lips, lightly flicking, stroking, tasting each other she began rocking her hips once more, this time matching her tempo to their kiss.

Hips rocked together in a synchronized rhythm, their movement slowing, growing harder, more demanding, as their kisses grew deeper, hotter, more intense. They gave themselves over to the simple intimacy of their connection, content to bask in the love of their kiss, the silent declarations of the other's touch. Hands roamed freely in a languid exploration of skin, stormy blue eyes staring deep into smoldering brown as with each touch, each kiss, each deliberate rock of hips they pushed themselves closer, slowly, steadily closer to bliss, to heaven, to euphoria. Soft sighs spilled from parted lips to mingle together in the finite space between them, brown eyes still locked lovingly onto blue as they fell over the edge together, hips stalling and hands grasping tighter as wave after gentle, loving wave of release rolled through them.

Warm, awestruck smiles were exchanged as they trembled in each other's arms. No words were spoken; none were required to convey the emotion, the undeniable weight of the moment. The look in each of their eyes, the reverence in every one of their touches, conveyed better than words ever could how much each of them felt, how deep their connection ran. Bodies shifted atop wrinkled sheets until they were each lying on their sides, mirror images of each other with an arm tucked under their head while their other hand touched, stroked, caressed as they shared soft, adoring kisses.

"I love you Jennifer," Emily husked, her voice low, quiet, almost as if she felt that by speaking in a voice louder than a hushed whisper the mood, their connection would be shattered.

JJ smiled and ran her fingers up the brunette's side, over a defined shoulder and across the regal expanse of the brunette's neck so that she was able to cradle the older woman's jaw in her hand as she leaned in to capture her lips in a slow, easy, adoring kiss. "As I love you," she whispered as she pulled away, her blue eyes twinkling with happiness. Habit had her glance over her companion at the clock on the bedside table and she groaned softly as she realized they had a little more than ninety minutes left to them before they needed to be back at the BAU.

"Getting late?" Emily guessed.

"Mmm," JJ nodded regretfully. "I'm sorry."

"For what?" Emily asked, a soft smile lifting her lips as her hand slid over the younger woman's hip and pulled her in tighter.

JJ groaned at the feeling of Emily's fingers pressing into her ass as the brunette tightened her grip. "Em," she husked.

Emily chuckled and claimed JJ's lips in a deep, hungry kiss. "Share a shower with me?"

JJ licked her lips and nodded. "Race you there," she said with a playful giggle as she rolled out of her lover's arms and strutted across her bedroom toward the bathroom.

Emily grinned lasciviously as she watched the exaggerated sway the blonde was putting into her step and, when JJ stopped in the doorway to the bath and gave her a 'come hither' look along with a beckoning finger, she found herself stumbling clumsily out of the bed in her rush to catch up to her lover. A playful growl and a delighted giggle of laughter were cut off by the slamming of the door, and it was much later, when the mirrors were caked in what seemed like an inch of steam, that the two women managed to find their way out of the shower to begin getting ready for the day.

Emily leaned back against the counter in JJ's kitchen as she waited for the coffee to finish percolating. Two well-used travel mugs sat beside the appliance, ready and waiting to be filled. She looked up as the sound of JJ's heels clicking against the floor became louder and smiled as she watched the winsome blonde enter the small space. Her eyes trailed up JJ's legs, and her smile became decidedly wolfish as she took in the younger woman's attire. There were so many things she loved about skirts…

JJ blushed from the heat of Emily's stare and looked down at herself speculatively. "What? I didn't grab a black skirt and a navy blazer or something, did I?"

"You're as beautiful as ever, Agent Jareau," Emily assured her.

"Then why are you looking at me like that?" JJ challenged, crossing her arms over her chest defiantly.

"Like what?" A devious smirk accompanied the question as Emily pushed herself off of the counter and stalked slowly across the kitchen.

"Like you're analyzing my wardrobe."

The brunette's smirk grew as she arched a perfectly sculpted brow and nodded. "I am analyzing your wardrobe."

"So, again, I ask – why?"

Emily reached out to run her hands over JJ's hips, softly, slowly, teasingly up and down before latching on and drawing the blonde forcefully into her. "Maybe I'm trying to best decide how to get you out of these clothes later," she husked as she leaned in and claimed JJ's lips in a kiss that was deep and slow and full of longing, leaving no doubt in the younger woman's mind as to what she was envisioning doing once said clothes were removed.

"Ooooooh," JJ moaned breathily as Emily pulled away. "We should probably get going then, so that we… can…," her voice trailed off and she shook her head, trying to clear it of the thoughts and ideas about what, exactly, the brunette's kiss promised. "Ahem, yeah. Later?"

Emily grinned. "Absolutely."

"Good." JJ nodded jerkily. "Good."

Emily laughed and leaned in to lay a softer, sweeter kiss to JJ's lips, licking them playfully as she pulled away. "Go gather your things, Jen. I'll fill the mugs for us."

JJ nodded and leaned in to steal one last, lingering kiss, before turning on her heel and heading toward the foyer where the majority of their things were already gathered.

Emily took a moment to appreciate the view JJ presented as she left a room, the delicate curve of her calves from the heels she was wearing, the trim, ridiculously professional lines of her pencil skirt that hugged thighs toned from running to the delicious curves of the younger woman's behind.

"Stop looking at my ass, Prentiss," JJ called over her shoulder.

Emily laughed and nodded. "Busted," she muttered to herself, unable and unwilling to keep herself from grinning as she turned back to the coffee pot to fill their travel mugs for the ride in to work.

Emily met JJ at the door and smiled as the younger woman thanked her with a kiss that was more than likely meant to be short and sweet but ended up to be yet another lingering connection of lips that left both women feeling lightheaded and wanting more. She seriously considered, for the briefest of moments, just saying 'fuck it' to work and taking JJ back upstairs to bed, but she restrained herself with the thought that what they had wasn't a one-night deal, and that she would have plenty of time to indulge herself later. "Jen," she breathed.

JJ managed to hide the slow rolling frisson of desire that trickled down her spine as she watched Emily's eyes darken. "Later, Em," she murmured as she opened the door to the garage, knowing full well that if they did not get out of the house soon they wouldn't be leaving at all.

"Later," Emily echoed as she followed JJ out into the garage.

Emily busied her hands with the dials on the radio as JJ drove and sat back with a victorious laugh when she found the station she was searching for.

"Who's this?" JJ asked, glancing quickly at the display to see a station she didn't recognize.

"Kari, Grant, and Tory," Emily shared. "Best morning show I've found. These three are hilarious."

JJ shot the brunette a speculative look. "I figured you for more of a news in the morning kind of girl."

"I was, until a friend put me onto these three," Emily agreed as the commercial break came to an end and the morning show hosts came back on the air.

"So, here's a story for you," the female host, Kari, started. "Some guy down in Louisiana was out in the Bayou, hunting alligators or something equally stupid, and decided he needed to pee."

"Oh god," Emily chuckled. She was familiar enough with the show's formatting to know that whatever was going to come next was going to be good.

"What happened?" one of the male co-hosts asked.

"Well," Kari drawled, "so, there he was, taking a wiz, and an alligator pops up out of the water and bites him. Ends up taking the guy's, ahem, manhood with him and just swimming away."

"OOOOOOOOOH!" the two male hosts cried, and JJ and Emily laughed, easily picturing the two men sitting in their studio now holding themselves protectively.

"Does this genius have a name?" one of the men asked.

"Wait, yeah, there was a name…um, right, here it is," she announced over the sound of rustling pages, "William LaMontagne, Junior."

Emily's eyebrows practically shot off her forehead in surprise when she heard the name. She reached over to turn down the volume of the radio as she turned her full attention to JJ. "Jen, wasn't that the name of the detective who was trying to hit on you last time we were down there?"


Emily waved at the radio, which was now nothing more than a quiet hiss in the background. "Will LaMontagne?"

JJ shrugged dismissively as she glanced over at Emily. "I dunno, was it?"

"I think it was. Annoying little prick, horrible accent, looked kind of like a troll."

JJ laughed. "Oh, that's right. Now I remember."


JJ smirked. "No."

"I think that was him."

"Will… Will…" JJ murmured as she tried to picture the detective in question. "Oh, yeah! Now I remember. He did have a terrible accent. I'm surprised you remember him though."

Emily blushed and looked out the window.

"Em," JJ teased. "How come you remember some generic, completely forgettable, hick-detective who tried to hit on me?"

"He tried to hit on you!"

JJ just laughed and shook her head. "Baby."

Emily crossed her arms over her chest and refused to meet the laughing blonde's gaze.

"Aw, sweetie," JJ murmured, reaching across the console to place a comforting hand on Emily's thigh. She was actually rather touched by the brunette's little jealous streak. "There is nothing to be jealous about. You are the only person I'm interested in. You are the only person I've been interested in for quite a while."

Emily turned to look at JJ and gave the blonde a small smile as she reached down and set her hand atop her lover's. "Sorry."

"Don't be," JJ told her gently. "I think it's sweet."

JJ glanced at her watch as the elevator slowly climbed to the sixth floor. Even with their early-morning activities they'd managed to make it to the BAU with plenty of time to spare for their eleven o'clock debriefing. "You ready for this?" she asked with a smile as she turned to her lover.

"Mmm," Emily hummed, punctuating the unintelligible answer with a shrug as she turned toward the blonde.

JJ chuckled and reached out to run her hand down Emily's arm. "On the bright side, Pen will most likely come after me."

"That's true," Emily agreed, taking the younger woman's hand in her own and giving it a gentle squeeze. "But, I'll have to deal with both Morgan and Reid. So that's almost worse, really."


Emily grimaced. "I can handle the jokes, but you know Morgan will see fit to explain everything to Reid so I'll be suffering through it twice."

"Good thing I'm worth it then, huh?" JJ teased, rocking her weight onto her left foot so she could bump Emily's shoulder with her own.

Emily nodded. "More than worth it," she replied, both her tone and her gaze growing serious.

JJ felt her heart stumble in her chest at the pure honesty in the brunette's tone and felt an achingly familiar heat begin to build again low in her hips. "Mmm, stop that," she warned.

Emily bumped JJ back and grinned. "Stop what?"

"You know what," JJ retorted, giving the brunette's hand one last squeeze before releasing it. "I love you, you know."

Emily closed her eyes as she fought to keep from leaning over and kissing the blonde tenderly. "I love you too, Jen."

JJ took a deep breath and smiled tightly as the car stopped at the BAU's floor. "Let's do it then," she declared as she stepped brusquely out of the elevator and crossed the small lobby to the glass doors leading to the bullpen of the FBI's most respected profiling unit.

Emily hurried to keep up and just barely got to the door before the determined blonde. "Agent Jareau," she smirked as she pulled the door open for the younger woman.

JJ winked. "Agent Prentiss. Conference room in twenty. See you then."

Emily could only stare as JJ cut across the back of the bullpen to the stairs that led to the walkway above the floor and her office. "Wow," she muttered under her breath as she, too, entered the BAU and made her way quickly over to her desk.

"PRENTISS!" Morgan's booming voice greeted her.

Emily dropped her bag onto the floor beside her desk and turned to face her smirking partner. "Morgan."

The muscled agent leaned back in his chair and laced his fingers behind his head as he studied his partner. "How you feeling this morning?"



"Not at all," Emily lied. She actually was feeling a little tired, but who wouldn't after only getting a handful of hours of sleep? "Why?"

Morgan pursed his lips and shrugged. "Nothin'. You just looked like you were walking a little gingerly there."

Emily considered his jibe carefully before dismissing it. "You're so full of shit, Morgan."

Morgan laughed. "Maybe, but that is quite a hickey you got there, Princess."

Emily's hand reflexively snapped up to cover her neck before she remembered that she actually didn't have any marks – that showed, anyways. "You ass."

Morgan grinned. "Scale of one to ten?"

"Sorry pal, I already told you that I'm giving you nothing."

"I guess I can handle that, wouldn't want JJ to get jealous." Morgan waggled his brows.

Emily laughed and picked a pen up off her blotter to throw at him. "Shut up."

JJ did not even have to look from the file she was reading to know who the person responsible for her office door being thrown unceremoniously open was. "Hey Pen," she greeted her friend.

"Peaches!" Garcia cooed. "WOW! Talk about a hickey! Is our dear Agent Prentiss part vampire or something?!"

That comment was enough to get JJ to look at her friend properly. "What?"

Garcia just grinned and pointed.

JJ looked down and sighed as she tugged her shirt back up over her collarbone. "I'll have to remember to not lean over like this around the rest of the team today, I guess," she muttered, leaning back in her chair and eyeing her friend speculatively. "Did you need something?"

"Well, yeah," Garcia replied in her classic 'duh' tone of voice as she closed JJ's door and lowered herself into one of the chairs facing the Communications Liaison's desk. "Details!"

JJ rolled her eyes. "Like… what, exactly? And this is not me saying that I'll tell you anything, either, by the way."

"Oh please, you know you want to gush," Garcia drawled, crossing her legs as she leaned back in the chair and leveled a playful smirk at her friend. "Tell me!"

JJ just grinned and winked at the quirky technical analyst.

Garcia clapped her hands happily as she leaned forward in her chair. "So you two did have SEX!" she screeched.

"Shhh!" JJ hissed. "Geez, you want everyone on the floor hearing you?!"

"And it was good?" Penelope continued her interrogation as if JJ hadn't even spoken.

JJ blushed and looked down at her desk for a moment before looking back up at her friend and nodding. "Amazing."


"My house," JJ answered. "In bed… mostly. And that's all the details you're going to get. I have to be in the conference room in ten minutes for the debriefing."

"I'll let you escape me for now, my little blushing love-bug, but you and your delectable Agent Prentiss are coming out tonight for drinks."

JJ hiked a brow. "We are?"

Garcia nodded as she pushed herself to her feet so she was towering above the still sitting blonde. "The Oracle has spoken. I'll discuss details with my hunk of burning love and get back to you later on the time and the place, my blue-eyed girl."



The team let out a small, collective sigh of relief once the debriefing on the Fenbrook case was finished and Hotch had informed them that he'd met with Strauss earlier that morning and that the team was being given the next day, Friday, off as well as being taken off of rotation for the weekend. Either their two big cases solved in two weeks had somehow managed to break through the Dragon Lady's distaste for their Unit Chief, or else the order had come down from above her head. They were all willing to bet it was the latter, but nobody was complaining.

"So, after you finish up your reports on this case and the consults on your desks, turn them in to me and you are free to leave. Enjoy the extended weekend, you've earned it," Hotch finished up his announcement and, with a short nod at the team, left the room with Rossi only a few steps behind.

"Oh, I will most certainly enjoy the break," Morgan announced as he leaned back in his chair to stretch.

"Big plans?" JJ asked.

"Yeah. I'll be playing with water and electricity." He grinned. "New place I just bought needs some electrical work to be brought up to code and the bathrooms need some new copper pipes. Fun stuff."

"Sounds like a blast," Emily replied drolly.

"We all relax different ways, Prentiss," Morgan retorted, waggling his eyebrows suggestively.

Emily smirked and arched a brow suggestively. "I like my way better."

JJ blushed and busied herself with the mess of files spread across the table to avoid the curious glances that she could feel pointed her way.

Morgan watched JJ blush and decided to take pity on the Communications Liaison, for now. "But, before we get to the harassment and teasing that that comment basically demands, my Baby Girl said we're all going out for drinks tonight."

Emily, who'd been watching JJ and entertaining less than professional thoughts about the different ways she'd like to go about 'relaxing' with the blonde, snapped her head around to focus on her partner. "What?"

"Drinks," Morgan replied, grinning at the look of horror on Emily's face. "All of us. Garcia said she'd already talked to JJ and that you guys are in."

Emily turned to focus her attention on JJ, who had stopped fiddling with the paperwork she had been using as a shield and was now standing with her hands on her hips, looking up at the ceiling as if she were waiting for a bolt of lightning to strike her down. "We are?"

JJ dropped her gaze to Emily's and sucked her lower lip between her teeth as she nodded, her eyes saying quite clearly that she wasn't given much of a choice in the matter. She watched Emily's shoulders drop ever so slightly in defeat as the brunette muttered, "I guess we are."

Morgan chuckled and clapped her on the shoulder as he stood. "Right. Well, need to get this paperwork finished," he said as he pushed his chair in. "You coming, Doctor Reid?"

"Yeah," Reid replied as he stood and pushed in his chair.


Emily nodded, waving a hand at him to just go. "I'll be down in a minute."

JJ remained standing at the head of the table as Morgan and Reid filed out the door until it was just her and Emily left in the conference room. "I'm sorry. Pen came into my office earlier and, well, you know how she is."

Emily nodded. "I'm not mad, Jen. I just had a little bit different idea in mind for what we'd be doing later…"

JJ groaned and ran a hand through her hair as she nodded. "I know. Me too," she confessed softly. "But, look at it this way: the faster we finish up the paperwork, the sooner we can get out of here."

"Which means the sooner we get finished with drinks with the team," Emily continued as she pushed herself up from her chair and closed the distance separating her and JJ. "Which means," she murmured, reaching out to cradle the blonde's face in her palm, "the sooner we can get naked."

JJ's eyes fluttered closed and she nodded jerkily. "Exactly," she replied more than a little breathlessly.

Emily smiled. "Then I better get to work," she whispered, brushing the pad of her thumb over JJ's cheek.

"Mmm-hmm," JJ hummed as she turned her face into the brunette's palm and kissed it slowly. "Go, before we give Penelope one hell of a show," she husked.

Emily smiled and turned to look up at the camera, winking devilishly at the lens. "I wouldn't mind," she teased as she turned back to JJ and brushed the pad of her thumb over the blonde's lips.

JJ whimpered and wrapped her arms around herself to keep from reaching out for Emily as what little professionalism she had left began to crumble. "Please, Em."

Emily licked her lips and nodded as she released her lover and stepped back. "Later, Jennifer," she promised as she began to take slow, even steps backwards toward the door. She smiled as she watched JJ take a deep breath and let it out slowly as she opened her eyes. She gave her lover one last smile, one that was playful and wolfish and full of implicit promises before she turned on her heel and strode out of the room.

"So, here's the deal my lovelies," Garcia announced as she held court in the middle of the bullpen. "Dinner and drinks at Shenanigans."

"The new place in town?" Morgan asked, spinning around in his chair to face the technical analyst.

Garcia nodded, a bright, happy smile lining her face. "That would be the one. It's a one-stop-shop for all things fun – halfway decent bar food, plenty of alcohol, pool tables, dancing. It's perfect."

"Perfect," Emily muttered, still more than a little upset about the plans she had for spending the evening with JJ being delayed, and winced as the file folder Garcia was holding smacked her in the back of the head. "What was that for?!" she demanded as her right hand instinctively reached up to rub the spot that Garcia had just smacked.

"Just because I wanted to," Penelope replied airily.

"Still recovering from a concussion here," Emily grumbled. "Think you can lay off the Gibbs smack until I'm better?"

Garcia turned her full attention to the petulant profiler and grinned. "My dear, sweet Agent Prentiss," she began in a sickly-sweet voice that practically oozed trouble. "If you are well enough to show our JJ an 'amazing'-" she emphasized the word with little air finger quotes "-time at night – which I am still waiting for more details of, by the way, so don't think you're in the clear yet – you're more than healthy enough for a gentle tap from yours truly."

Emily blushed as Morgan started laughing maniacally and looked down at her desk. "So, Shenanigans?"

Garcia practically beamed in her victory. "Yes. Now, as I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted-" she glared playfully at Emily "-it's a quarter 'til five now – how much longer until you all are finished with your paperwork?"

"I'm done," Reid announced.

"Me too," Emily and Morgan echoed.

"Brilliant," Garcia squealed, clapping her hands and doing a little happy dance. "Then I shall go check in on our blue-eyed girl and see about getting this show on the road."

"I'll do it," Emily offered, eagerly jumping out of her chair and taking off for JJ's office without a backwards glance. She smiled as she neared the communication liaison's door and knocked lightly on the frame as she entered. "So, last night was 'amazing, huh?" she teased as she stepped into the small space and closed the door after herself.

JJ looked up from the file she'd been reading, a light blush tinting her cheeks. "It was," she confirmed in a low, sexy voice. "But you knew that. So I'm guessing the little air quotes mean that you've been harassed by Garcia?"

Emily smiled and nodded, tapping her index finger to her nose and then pointing it at the blonde. "The entire bullpen knows now, by the way," she shared as she gracefully lowered herself into one of the chairs facing the Communication Liaison's typically messy desk.

"Sorry?" JJ offered, a small smile tweaking her lips as she drank in the sight of her lover reclined so elegantly in the chair across from her.

"You'll just have to make it up to me later," Emily teased. "Anyways, the guys and I are all finished with our paperwork and Garcia wants to know if you're ready to go as well."

"Mmm," JJ replied as her gaze flicked back down to the open paperwork before her. "Yeah. Just, give me a minute to finish with this."

Emily nodded understandingly. "Bad one?"

"Looks like it has the potential to be. But right now it's going to have to go onto the wait-and-see pile," she replied as she tore a post-it note off the pad beside her phone and stuck it onto the file.


"Hmm?" JJ hummed as she scribbled a note onto the yellow square. "Oh, Spokane, Washington."


"So far? Two girls from the university there have gone missing. The local detective working the case believes they're connected, but until he can come up with a little bit more – there isn't enough evidence for us to go out there yet."


"Yeah," JJ nodded, tucking her hair behind her ears as she looked up at her lover. "But, if another goes missing…" her voice trailed off indicatively.

"Yeah," Emily sighed, running a tired hand over her face, wishing that the depravity could just stop – if only for a little while. "Well, since there's nothing we can do for them yet, you ready to go? Dinner, drinks, socializing?"

"Sounds like fun." JJ smirked as she got to her feet.

"Not as fun as what I had in mind," Emily replied as she mirrored the blonde's actions and also stood.

"What did you have in mind?" JJ teased as she picked up her purse.

Emily smiled and held JJ's gaze captive, her eyes twinkling with mischief, but her response was interrupted by an impatient knock on the door as it was thrown open to admit Garcia, who was wearing a playfully disappointed frown. "Damn, I thought I'd catch you doing something good," she chuckled.

"If you'd have waited two minutes you might have," Emily retorted as she turned away from JJ to retrieve the younger woman's go-bag out of the corner.

"Bummer," Garcia ho-hummed playfully. "Well, then, since the show is over – let's rock and roll, my beauties!"

Emily held the front door to the bar open for JJ and smiled as the blonde gave her a little wink as she walked inside, both of them pausing for a moment as the door closed behind them to take in the feel of the new place. The bar was surprisingly well lit and the music was loud, but not so loud that you couldn't hold a conversation. A large bar stretched across a good portion of the building, the perimeter was lined with large booths, and the space between was filled with little tables that would provide easy seating for smaller groups. A handful of widescreen LCD TVs were hung around the space, each showing the Capitals game that was currently in-progress. In the center of the large, rectangular space, there was a bustling dance floor, and beyond that looked to be a decent cluster of pool tables.

"No darts," Emily observed, giving JJ a playful bump with her hip.

"Mmm," JJ purred, smiling as she slid an arm around the brunette's waist. "But we can dance. Look, there they are." She pointed at Garcia, Morgan, and Reid who had gathered around one of the larger tables along the outer edge of the restaurant.

"I thought you two might have decided to ditch us," Morgan called out as the two women approached.

"Ran JJ's car back to her place so that way we only had one car," Emily said as she slid gracefully into the booth.

"Oooooh, one car," Morgan teased.

"Shut-up," JJ laughed as she looked around the table. "So, menus? I'm starving."

Morgan handed the blonde his. "Here ya go."

"Wow, it's big," JJ murmured as she hefted the leather bound book.

Morgan chuckled. "That's what she said."

"Oh my god," Emily groaned. "You did not just make a 'that's what she said' joke at JJ."

"Who's 'she'?" Reid piped up, causing his teammates to stop their childish bickering to look at him. "What?"

Emily laughed and smirked at Morgan. "You started it – you explain it."

Reid, for his part, looked even more confused as he watched the normally unflappable Derek Morgan search for words. "Guys?"

"It's a joke, Spence," JJ tried to explain.

Reid frowned. "I don't get it."

"Okay," Morgan said as he sat up straighter in his seat. "Look, this is how it works. Not that I know why I'm explaining this to you, but whatever. Whenever somebody says something could be construed as sexual, you respond with 'that's what she said'."

Reid considered what the other man had said, but it still wasn't making sense to him. "But JJ just said that the menu was big," he said. "How is that sexual?"

Morgan looked at JJ and Emily for help, but Garcia jumped in. "Reid, honey, just…" her voice trailed off as she tried to figure out how to explain to him that while JJ was in fact referring to the menu, Morgan had turned it into a reference to male anatomy without embarrassing everybody.

Emily laughed as she leaned across the table to steal the young man's menu. "Look, Boy Wonder, it's like this, while JJ was referring to the menu, Morgan pervertedly twisted it into a reference to his…"

"Manhood," JJ piped up helpfully.

"Oh," Reid murmured as he pondered the explanation that he was given. They all knew the moment he really understood what they were saying because his eyes widened and his jaw dropped. "Oh."

"There ya go buddy," Morgan chuckled. "Anyways-" he turned his attention to Emily and JJ, who had turned their attention to the menus "-so what are you two going to do with our newfound freedom this weekend?"

Garcia bounced happily in her seat. "Emily's taking Jayj on a date, which I know allllllll about."

"Remember what you promised," Emily warned.

"Yeah, yeah," Garcia grumbled. "But I can't tell. You're no fun."

"Now, I know for a fact that isn't true," JJ defended Emily's honor without bothering to look up from the menu she was perusing. "Oooh, okay, I know what I want," she announced as she snapped the menu shut.

"Perfect timing," Morgan drawled as their waitress approached with the spinach artichoke dip and the bruschetta that they had ordered while waiting on JJ and Emily.

"You two ready to order?" the waitress asked helpfully.

Emily nodded as she closed her menu and waved a hand at JJ to go first.

After dinner, the group found their way to the dance floor, just having a good time cutting loose. The floor was full but not so crowded that there wasn't room to actually dance and JJ and Garcia decided to take an active interest in Reid's moves and were valiantly trying to teach him how to dance. Their attempts, while comical and entertaining, did little to help the awkward genius find his rhythm; but, as the mood surrounding the group was laid back and fun, he played along, doing the best he could and just enjoying the feeling of camaraderie and being accepted.

Emily smiled and laughed with Morgan as they danced together, watching the two blondes with Reid. The night was turning out to be easy and relaxed, and, truthfully, exactly what they all needed after the last couple weeks. After the fourth song ended, Emily gave Morgan a playful wink before sashaying over to JJ, sliding in behind the blonde as she began to move in time with her.

JJ smiled as she moved back into Emily and felt the brunette's hands snake around her waist to hold onto her hips. She turned her head to look over her shoulder at her lover. "Hey you."

"Hey yourself," Emily replied playfully as she pulled JJ in even closer so that the blonde's ass was pressed tight to her zipper.

"Mmm," JJ purred as her attention shifted off of their friends and onto the way Emily's body felt moving against hers.

"Get a room," Garcia teased as she pantomimed whipping a lasso over her head to wrangle-in Morgan, who just laughed and danced over to the quirky blonde, more than happy to play along.

Emily laughed and rolled her hips forward into JJ teasingly as she turned her attention to their friend. "When the lady says it's time to go, we'll go."

JJ bit her lip to keep from moaning at the feeling of Emily pushing against her back. "The lady," she husked, spinning easily in Emily's grasp and looping her arms over the brunette's shoulders, "wants to dance."

Emily smiled and dipped her head to kiss JJ softly. "Whatever you want, my love," she whispered as she used her hold on the blonde's hips to guide them into an easy rhythm together.

JJ sighed happily and gave herself over to the feeling of Emily's body moving against her own, letting herself become lost in the erratic, playful beat of the music pumping down at them through the speakers in the ceiling. Her eyes never left Emily's as they danced, the rest of the bar, the rest of the world, for that matter, forgotten as her world, her entire focus narrowed to the woman in her arms and the way her body was reacting to her.

Emily smiled as she watched JJ's eyes darken and gave the blonde a playful wink as she shifted ever so slightly, sliding off to the side just enough that she was able to sneak a leg between her lover's.

"God," JJ gasped, her eyes darkening further as the feeling of the brunette's firm, toned thigh between her legs brought to mind their activities from earlier that morning.

"Emily is fine," the brunette teased as she slowed their movement, making their tempo less playful and much, much more seductive. Hands began to roam slowly over clothes, grasping, kneading, massaging as they danced, brown eyes locked onto blue as breaths sped and grew shallower, heartbeats falling into a synchronized beat as their bodies, their hearts, their minds became one.

They continued to dance, oblivious to the stares they were receiving from the other patrons in the bar. They didn't see the way Morgan and Garcia stared down the gawkers until curious, invasive eyes slid away embarrassedly, they didn't hear the amused comments from their friends as they turned back to them. They only became aware of the world outside themselves when a soft hand landed on Emily's shoulder and Garcia's apologetic voice whispered in JJ's ear, "Methinks the lady is ready to go."

JJ's eyes finally broke away from Emily's smoldering gaze to find Garcia smiling at them, Morgan standing beside her with his back to the pair, keeping an eye on the rest of the club. As the fog of obliviousness surrounding them dissipated, she saw that she and Emily were drawing quite a bit of attention and she felt her face flame with embarrassment. "Oh god."

"It's okay, pumpkin," Garcia assured the blushing blonde.

"Thank you," Emily said sincerely, catching Garcia's gaze and holding it – letting the analyst know exactly how much she appreciated her looking out for them. "Jennifer, are you ready to go home?"

JJ's eyes sifted from Penelope to Emily and she nodded. "Yes."

"Enjoy your weekend, and don't do anything I wouldn't do," Penelope told them cheerily. "Now, get out of here so that way my hunk of burning love pays attention to me instead of playing bodyguard for you two lovely ladies."

"Thanks guys, really," Emily said, a little bit louder.

Morgan turned and winked. "See you Monday, Prentiss. Jayj – take care of her."

"I will." JJ smiled. "Bye, Spence."

"Bye JJ," Reid replied from his position on the other side of Garcia. "See you later Emily."

"Reid," Emily gave the lanky man a genuine smile before turning her attention to JJ. "Shall we?"

JJ nodded, giving the brunette a small smile as she reached up to tuck her hair behind her ears. They each gave their friends a quick wave before they returned to their booth at the back of the bar and retrieved their coats, and minutes later they were securing themselves in the safe cocoon of Emily's car.

"Well, that was fun," JJ drawled as she snapped her seatbelt into place.

Emily smirked as she leaned across the center console to run a gentle hand over the blonde's brow and down her jaw. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean for us to get that… intense."

JJ licked her lips and leaned into Emily's touch. "We'll have to go dancing again soon," she stated, punctuating her words with a lingering kiss to the brunette's lips. "I really enjoyed that."

"Putting on a show?" Emily teased.

JJ shook her head as she made a small negating sound in the back of her throat. "Dancing with you, like that. I've never felt that way on a dance floor before."

"Like, what?"

JJ tipped her chin up and kissed the brunette again. "Like it was foreplay," she whispered. "Take me to bed, Agent Prentiss."

Emily bit her lip as her heart beat an irregular staccato in response to the blonde's words and nodded. "As the lady commands. Still want to go back to my place in the city?"

JJ nodded, her left hand dropping to the brunette's leg as she settled back into her seat. "Just, drive fast."

"I can do that," Emily assured her as she twisted the key in the ignition and the throaty rumble of the V8 under the hood of her Range Rover roared to life.



Emily groaned as she tried, once again, to angle her house key into the lock on her front door. Normally she could execute this particular maneuver with ease, but the feeling of JJ's hands on her hips and the blonde's lips, tongue, and teeth upon her neck had her more than a little distracted. "Dammit, Jennifer," she grunted as the blonde's teeth raked over the sensitive hollow beneath her ear. "Just let me get us inside."

JJ grinned and slipped her hands further around Emily's hips, her left hand sliding down over the brunette's fly to cup her through her clothes. She pushed her fingertips up into Emily and murmured, "I can't wait," as she used the fingers of her right hand to deftly slip the strap of Emily's belt out of its hook in a single, fluid motion.

Emily whimpered at the feeling of JJ's fingers busy working against her clothing and redoubled her efforts at unlocking and opening her door. She knew her building had security cameras in the hall, and she didn't want to give the night security officer any more of a show than he'd already gotten. With the way JJ was refusing to let up, she figured she had maybe another thirty seconds before the blonde's hand was in her pants. "Thank god," she groaned as she finally managed to slide her key into the lock and twist it open.

JJ hummed her agreement as she pushed against the brunette's back, urging them inside as she kicked her overnight bag into the condo. "Emily," she purred as she hooked the door shut with her heel, laying soft and not-so-soft nips to the side of the older woman's neck as her fingers worked at the button to her lover's slacks.

Emily moaned and leaned back into JJ, submitting to her touch with a sigh as she wrapped her right arm around the back of the blonde's neck, holding her close, holding her right there where her mouth was doing so many wonderful things.

JJ smiled against Emily's neck as she felt the older woman's submission. It was a powerful feeling, knowing that Emily trusted her so implicitly. "I love you," she murmured as she unhooked the button to Emily's pants and began sliding the zipper slowly, so slowly down its track, relishing the feeling of each tooth releasing, savoring the heat she could feel as her hand moved incrementally closer to her lover's center.

Emily whimpered at the feeling of her pants becoming looser around her hips. "Jen," she husked, sliding her left hand backwards, over the blonde's hip to dig her fingers encouragingly into the younger woman's ass. "Yes," she gasped as she felt JJ's left hand move up under her shirt to palm her breast possessively through the material of her bra.

"Oh Emily," JJ whispered adoringly as the zipper she'd been toying with hit the end of its track. She slipped her hand in through the flared fabric to dip an explorative finger between Emily's legs, lightly running that finger the length of her, feeling the heat, the want, the wetness that was barely contained by already sodden panties. "I want you," she murmured as she cupped Emily fully over her underwear.

She felt her own panties grow markedly wetter as Emily moaned and ground herself down onto her hand. The raspy, almost desperate, "Please!", that fell from the brunette's lips was equally arousing.

"You want me to take you?" she husked, slipping her hand upon Emily's breast enough to tweak the brunette's nipple between her thumb and forefinger as she eased a teasing finger under the flimsy elastic holding her lover's panties in place. A low moan tumbled from her lips when she felt, really felt, how wet and ready Emily was for her. "My god, Em."

"Jennifer, please," Emily whispered, trembling in JJ's possessive embrace as she felt the blonde's finger begin circling her clit in time with the light pinches that were being delivered to her nipple. She didn't care that they were both still fully dressed, she didn't care that they were standing in the middle of her foyer, she didn't care one whit that this encounter wasn't soft and loving and romantic – the only thing she cared about was feeling her lover's hands and what they were doing to her. "Please," she repeated her request, taking a small step outward with her right leg, opening herself up for the younger woman, hoping JJ would take the hint and touch her more firmly. "Please."

JJ groaned and gave in to both of their desires, slipping her left hand inside the cup of Emily's bra as she boldly pushed two fingers into the brunette with her other hand. "Ohh," she moaned as the warmth of Emily surrounded her, grasped at her, drawing her deeper. Emily felt different than any other woman she'd ever been inside, so much better, so much hotter, wetter, tighter, god so fucking tight as she pumped her fingers into her with long, steady strokes. "You feel so good," she purred, nipping at a particularly sensitive spot on the brunette's neck that she'd discovered the night before.

Emily whimpered, her tenuous grip on her lover tightening as she let loose a strangled, "Jen!"

"Mmm," JJ hummed, running the tip of her tongue down the length of Emily's neck, using her chin to pull the collar of the older woman's shirt out of the way enough for her to lay a wet, open-mouthed kiss at the spot where the brunette's neck and shoulder met.

"Fuck!" Emily gasped, turning her head almost painfully to the side as she sought JJ's mouth with her own.

JJ moaned approvingly and claimed the brunette's mouth in a kiss that was anything but gentle. It was hot and wet, a purely animalistic connection of lips and teeth and tongues as they tried to devour, to consume, each other whole. She sucked Emily's tongue deeper into her mouth as she rolled the heel of her hand into the brunette's clit, pressing hard against the bundle of nerves and causing Emily to cry out in pleasure even as her body rocked down into the contact.

"That's it," JJ encouraged as she pulled away to allow both of them to breathe, keeping the heel of her hand in place, grinding against Emily's sensitive point. Her thrusts stalled as she focused on stimulating the bundle and she instead curled her fingers forward, seeking and easily finding the telltale ridges that marked the brunette's g-spot.

"Jennifer," Emily groaned loudly as the blonde's precise touch caused her knees to buckle.

JJ smiled and licked the brunette's parted, kiss swollen lips as she once again rubbed her fingertips against the front of Emily's channel. She mewled sympathetically as she felt the tensing of Emily's sex around her fingers and knew that the brunette's release was imminent, so she wisely tightened her hold over her lover's torso, no longer teasing, tweaking, or rolling the nipple under her hand and instead using the breast as a handle to hold onto to keep Emily upright when her climax did finally overtake her.

Emily bit her lip to try and contain her screams, reducing the sounds of her pleasure to desperate, muffled cries. Her body was on fire, JJ was working her perfectly, so perfectly that it wasn't going to be long until the heat that was coiled low in her hips was unleashed and the liberating waves of her orgasm rolled through her.

"Mmm, that's it Em," JJ encouraged breathily as the velvet walls surrounding her fingers began to contract. "Let it go, baby. I love you so much. I've got you. Just let go," she whispered, brushing her lips against Emily's as she held the older woman tight to her chest and continued to thrust slowly into her, trying to draw out Emily's orgasm for as long as possible.

When the spasms racking her body eased, Emily reached down and gently eased JJ's fingers from inside her. She lifted the digits to her lips as she turned to face her lover and held her gaze captive as she began licking those wonderful, magical fingers clean.

"Fuck, Em," JJ husked as she watched Emily's tongue upon her, as she felt it sliding over and around her fingers before plunging between them, raking across back and forth across the webbing separating them in an undeniably erotic motion. She groaned as she pulled her way and attacked the brunette's mouth with her own, plunging her tongue into Emily's mouth, tasting the brunette on her tongue.

Emily moaned and reached down to grab hold of JJ's hips, pulling their bodies together roughly. "I want you in bed, Jennifer," she husked as she began kissing her way over the blonde's jaw to suck hungrily against the younger woman's pulse point. "I want to see all of you, feel all of you, taste…" her voice trailed off as she extended her tongue to lay a broad lick against the column of the blonde's throat, "all of you."

JJ moaned as her hips bucked into Emily. "Baby."

"Upstairs," Emily husked as she stepped backwards, further into her condo, pulling her younger lover with her. "Now."

They stumbled up the stairs in halting, ragged bursts as they focused the majority of their attention on getting the other undressed so that when they finally reached the top some minutes later, still partially clothed, they were both gasping for air and giggling at the utter ridiculousness of their actions.

"This would have been so much easier not on the stairs," Emily muttered as she slipped JJ's panties down over her hips and allowed gravity to take them the rest of the way to the floor.

"Mmm," JJ hummed as she ran the flats of her hands over the plane of Emily's chest to cup the brunette's naked breasts in her palms. "Perhaps," she agreed playfully as she massaged the mounds under her hands.

Emily smiled and reached up to wrap her hands around JJ's wrists, using that grasp to pull the younger woman's hands off of her. "I don't think so, Jareau," she teased as she began pushing the blonde backwards toward the bed. "You had your turn already."

JJ smiled cheekily and lifted her chin to kiss Emily quickly. "What if I wasn't done yet?"

"We have all night," Emily assured her.

"Not going to be nearly enough time," JJ replied as she allowed herself to be pushed back onto the bed.

"All weekend?" Emily offered as she stood at the edge of the bed and lifted JJ's ankle to her lips.

"Still not enough."

Emily smiled as she began laying a line of kisses up the inside of the blonde's leg. "How long do you think you'll need?"

JJ writhed under the brunette and gasped, "Dunno."

Emily smiled and licked behind JJ's knee. "A month? A year?" she teased as she resumed her path up JJ's leg, brushing her lips over the inside of the blonde's thigh, bending down to keep that contact as she neared her ultimate goal.

"Emily," JJ sighed as she reached down to thread her fingers through dark silk encouragingly.

"Jennifer," Emily breathed as she pressed a soft kiss to the blonde's lower lips, lashing the tip of her tongue lightly against JJ's clit before blowing gently against the pulsing bundle.

"God! Don't tease!" JJ yelped as she felt Emily's breath stream across her.

Emily obliged and laid a long, heavy lick through JJ's folds. "What do you want?" she asked as she moved in to capture the blonde's clit between her lips and suckle it.

JJ groaned. She was already so close, so, so incredibly, painfully aroused from their earlier encounter, that she just needed to come. "You. Inside me," she gasped as Emily's teeth raked over sensitive nerves.

Emily laid one last kiss, one last teasing swirl of her tongue over JJ's clit before she pulled back to stand at the edge of the bed, her body positioned perfectly between JJ's legs. She licked her lips and smiled as she reached down to trail two fingers through her lover, enjoying the feeling of the warmth of the blonde's desire as it coated her fingers.

"Emily, please," JJ whimpered, her hips lifting off of the mattress as she tried to force the brunette inside her.

Emily looked up from what her hand was doing to look, really look at JJ. "I love you," she whispered as she used her ring and middle fingers to tease the blonde's opening, feinting that definitive thrust that JJ wanted, stimulating the sensitive ring of muscle before she pushed inside.

"Fuck yes," JJ groaned at the feeling of fullness Emily's fingers created.

Emily moaned appreciatively as she watched JJ's head fall back onto the mattress, eyes closed, back arched in pleasure. She ran her left hand up JJ's torso to palm one of her breasts as she shuffled closer to the bed, resting the back of her wrist against her own damp curls, using her hips to help her thrust more powerfully into the blonde.

JJ gasped at the first, more forceful thrust, her eyes snapping open to find Emily between her legs, hips pumping as she drove herself into her. Her right hand wrapped itself around the brunette's left wrist while her right tangled itself in the sheets. "Em," she groaned. "Harder baby, please."

A low, decidedly feral growl tore itself from the blonde's lips as Emily acquiesced to her demand and began pumping into her harder, faster, the heel of the brunette's hand slapping against her clit and sending glorious waves of electricity through her. "Fuck yes," she moaned. "God Em, so good."

Emily could tell that JJ was riding the razor edge of her release, so on her next deep, powerful thrust she curled her fingers, raking them over the ribbed patch at the top of the blonde's channel as she withdrew. The scream that exploded from JJ urged her forward and she began to move even faster, making sure to that spot on every stroke until with a final thrust, a final slow, rotating grind against of the heel of her hand against the blonde's clit, JJ came apart with a scream.

Emily winced as JJ's nails dug into her arm but accepted the pain eagerly, too enamored with the sight of JJ's flushed, sweat covered torso spread out before her like a work of art. She slowed her thrusts as the blonde's spasms eased, eventually pulling out to climb onto the bed to cradle her gasping lover to her chest.

"Mmm," JJ moaned as she rolled onto her side, burying her face in the crook of Emily's neck.

Emily chuckled and pressed a soft kiss to the crown of JJ's head. "So…" she murmured as she rolled them back over so that she was lying half on top of her lover and was able to stare deep into her eyes, "how long do you think you'll need?" she asked, returning to their earlier half-conversation.

Still lost to the aftereffects of their lovemaking, JJ frowned. "For what?"

Emily smiled as she dipped her chin to kiss JJ softly. "You said the weekend wasn't going to be nearly long enough. So, I was wondering how long you think you'll need."

JJ blushed and tried to look away but was stopped by a firm but gentle finger under her chin and a quietly whispered plea, "Don't hide from me, Jennifer." She was helpless but to oblige the request and when she looked up at Emily she found the most amazing, smoldering mahogany eyes staring back at her, so full of love and tenderness that it quite literally took her breath away.

"A lifetime," JJ breathed as the look in Emily's eyes drove her past all evasiveness and straight into the truth. She watched a look of complete astonishment cross the brunette's face before she closed her eyes and waited for Emily to pull away, to run from the enormity of her feelings. Her heart raced in her chest as she feared she'd said too much, but before she could either amend or retract her statement she felt the now familiar sensation of Emily's lips wrapped around her own. She returned the kiss eagerly, hungrily, needing the warmth and reassurance that the caress promised.

"Sounds good to me," Emily murmured as she kissed JJ again, sweetly, softly, tenderly. Assuring the blonde with her words and her touch that she thought the same thing, that she felt the same way. She pulled back with a smile and watched as JJ's eyes fluttered open slowly, as if she were awaking from a dream. Her heart skipped a beat as a breathtakingly gorgeous smile lit the younger woman's face.

JJ's eyes danced over Emily's features as she reached up to cradle the older woman's face in her hands. "I love you," she whispered, her voice awed and resolute.

"I love you, Jennifer," Emily swore softly, dipping her head to kiss the blonde again tenderly.

The weight of the moment, of their declarations hung heavy in the air around them as they stared lovingly into each other's eyes. No more words were spoken, none were needed, as everything between them lay out in the open, accepted, received, and reciprocated. It was simple and beautiful and right, and, while it may have been too early in their relationship for such promises, neither felt compelled to back away from them. Seconds ticked by into minutes which, for all either of them knew, could have bled into hours as they laid in each other's arms, touching, kissing, holding tight to each other in silence, both content to simply exist in the moment.

Finally, as with all things, the serious mood enveloping them eased until light, loving caresses became playful, tickling touches dancing down sensitive sides, eliciting giggles and laughter and a sense of all-encompassing rightness.

"You know," Emily mused as she watched her fingers trace across JJ's brow and down, over her jaw to her lips, gliding back and forth over them thoughtfully. "I still need to take you on that date."

JJ couldn't help it, she laughed. Laughed, loud and long, until her sides hurt and tears streamed from her eyes as she gasped for air. "God, I love you," she said as she tangled her fingers in black silk and pulled Emily's mouth down for another kiss.

Part 21

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