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By allie


Creeping stealthily along the corridor they headed towards engineering intent on finally doing something about the autocratic rule of the Klingon.

Noting no resistance to their progress, they quietly asked the computer to locate the Lieutenant and were gratified to find her, in engineering, in her office.

Carey, Vorik and two crewmen were also on duty working at the various consoles around the department, checking readings and updating repair schedules accordingly.

These people were silently removed from the department with a quiet request to the computer to transport them to Cargo Bay 2 and seal the door; using a Borg algorithm none of them had seen before to prevent them from returning and foiling the plot.

They silently slipped into the department and edged towards Lt. Torres' position desperately trying to keep their breathing even and their footsteps quiet. When two of them reached the door to her office they signalled the others to take their positions and prepare for the onslaught.

Raising her right hand, Seven closed her fist then slowly raised her fingers signalling three, two, one. They would move once her fist was closed again and all of her fingers hidden again. She knew this action was tantamount to mutiny, overthrowing the rule of a superior officer, but they had all agreed; something had to be done about Torres' behaviour.

As her hand closed into a fist again and the signal given to move, she watched as one of her crewmates tapped her com-badge. "Jones to Lt. Torres, could I arrange a meeting with you please?"

"Torres here Jones, I'm busy at the moment, if you schedule something for this afternoon I'll be free around 1600, Torres out." Torres growled at the interruption, her anger obvious in the tone of voice used during the com-link.

Seven grimaced, knowing that an angry Klingon was less than four feet away from her and the she was about to exacerbate the anger with her challenge to the Klingon's rule.

Knowing that there was no other option, Seven continued with the next part of the plan. Tapping her own com-badge she spoke quietly. "Seven of Nine to Lt. Torres."

"What is it Seven?" Torres growled again at the interruption. "I'm kinda busy here. Engineering doesn't run itself ya know."

"I am well aware of that Lt. Torres. I merely wish to speak with you regarding my request to upgrade the main computer console in Astrometrics."

"Seven, your request was denied two days ago. It isn't a vital upgrade and we don't have the resources at the moment to cope with non vital upgrades. We've had this argument already. Request denied. Torres out." The Lieutenant could be heard moving her chair from behind her desk and walking towards the door. Seven of Nine tensed, setting herself for the upcoming battle.

As soon as the door to her office opened Torres found herself staring straight into Seven's breasts. Startled, she tried to step back but was grabbed roughly, pulled to the side and body slammed into the wall at the side of her office.

"Lt. Torres, your behaviour is unacceptable and will no longer be tolerated." Seven stated imperiously, staring at the Klingon's ebony eyes, watching for the impending explosion of temper signalled by the change in the Klingon's pupil size.

"My behaviour?" Torres growled incredulously, "My behaviour? I have never before body slammed you into a wall just because you told me 'no' to a request. So how is my behaviour unacceptable?"

"I was not referring to your denial of my request, I am referring to your behaviour as Chief Engineer. Your complete lack of self-control and restraint on your temper when dealing with your staff is causing major distress within the department. With four exceptions your entire staff are terrified of you. None of them question you or your ability as an engineer yet you question their parentage, heritage and species when you 'let loose' at someone for a minor miscalculation. This is just one of the many examples of your unreasonable behaviour."

"Why are you here?" Torres asked the question seemingly out of the blue.

Puzzled by the somewhat unexpected question Seven raised her eyebrows and tilted her head in confusion. "Clarify?"

"Why you? Why not Chakotay? It's usually Chakotay who deals with staff disputes. Why not Janeway? She sticks her nose into everything. Why not one of them? Why are YOU here?"

"I was approached by several of your staff with the request to intervene. Since physically I am stronger than you Lieutenant it makes sense for me to be the one to challenge you..." Seven stated flatly. "I am also your wife."

"Seven, you know that I won't fight anyone, especially not you. Nor would I use force on a member of this crew. I'm not completely honourless. I would never use my Klingon strength on anyone on board. Why didn't they just come to me and discuss it?"

"You would have to ask them that question. You are being unreasonable and exceptionally temperamental, behaviour which is detrimental to the efficiency of this department. You need to 'lighten up a little' as your colleagues' request."

"Okay, I'll call a department meeting tonight and get this settled then. Maybe then I'll not have to endure being body slammed into the wall?" Torres laughed.

Leaning slightly into the Lieutenant's face Seven whispered, "I thought you liked it rough my love?"

Startled laughter followed her as she strode from engineering leaving behind a very grateful crew and a hugely flustered Klingon.

The End

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