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Taking it Slow
By Outsidethebx


"So, do you really want to go back inside, or would you rather be someplace private?" Pressed against the cement column, Nikki tightened her arms around Helen and looked down in anticipation.

"Easy there, tiger, we said we'd take it slow, yeah?"

Nikki gently brushed loose strands of hair from Helen's face and kissed her on the forehead. "Yeah, all right. I just can't believe this is actually happening. I mean, I'm free, I have you—please don't wake me if this isn't real."

"Oh believe me, sweet'art, this is very real." Helen reached up for a quick kiss, and then eased herself out of the embrace. "So, do you want to come back to my place?"

Nikki grinned and began walking toward the car. "God, I hope you want to do more than just talk this time."

After arriving at Helen's flat, the two women opened a bottle of red and settled onto the couch.

"Feel nice to have a glass?"

"Even better to be here with you. I really thought it was over between us." Nikki sighed and put down her wine. "I actually wondered if I'd ever see you again. I was glad you were happy with Thomas and all, but I wanted you to be with me." She laid her head on Helen's shoulder and wiped away a single tear.

"I never could stay away, now could I? Even when you refused to cooperate, started riots, kissed other girls…"

"Hey, that's not fair." Nikki's face softened when she saw the twinkle in Helen's eyes. "Yeah well, least my ex fiancée didn't cause a scene." She ducked to avoid Helen's playful slap and grabbed the empty glass. "You want another?"

"Are you trying to get me pissed, Ms. Wade?"

"What?" She innocently avoided Helen's gaze. "Are you going to put me on report? Rule 105, section 16—attempting to seduce the wing governor…" She leaned down and whispered into Helen's ear: "By getting her drunk?"

Another bottle later, Helen and Nikki were comfortably resting in each other's arms when the telephone rang.

"Who could that be?" Helen reached over and answered. "Hello? Yeah, this is her. What?" Helen's jaw clenched and her face turned into a dark shade of red. "How dare you ask such a thing. Don't call here again, or I'll phone the police." She slammed the phone down with such force that Nikki jumped and spilled the remaining wine in her glass.

"Darling, you all right?"

"Oh, Nikki, I'm so sorry." She reached over to inspect the damage. "I think it's going to stain."

"I don't care. These clothes are leftover from Larkhall anyway." She placed her hand on Helen's shoulder. "Who was on the phone?"

"A reporter asking questions about you. I don't know how he got my name anyway."

"Probably Fenner, but I don't want to be thinking about him tonight. You have a shirt I can wear?"

Helen smiled. "In the bedroom."

Nikki stood but made no effort to leave.

"Don't act like you don't know where the bedroom is. You have been here before, you know."

"Right." Nikki traced the outline of Helen's lips and smiled. "You want me to wear my nurse's uniform, then?"

"I don't think it's really my color, but it'll do." Nikki emerged, wearing light pink t-shirt with a gray dolphin imprinted on the front. "Still fancy me?"

"I love it actually. Makes you look…I dunno…"


Helen grinned. "That wasn't exactly what I was going for, but sure. You look just like an angel."

She pulled Helen into her arms and whispered softly: "Then an angel I'll be."

Helen moaned softly as her lips were pressed into Nikki's. With her eyes closed, she placed her arms around Nikki's neck and sighed as their kiss deepened; allowing Nikki's probing tongue to enter her mouth.

Nikki's fingers traveled down Helen's spine, causing her to shiver closer into the former inmate's body. She smiled, gently lifted Helen on to the bed, and positioned her arm around Helen's small frame.

Nikki kissed her eyes, nose, cheeks, and ears, but stopped short of kissing her lips. She grinned at Helen's disapproving moan. "Do you need something?"

"Yes," Helen began. "You."

Helen reached over and brought Nikki's body closer, meeting her lips with a crushing kiss. She ran her fingers through Nikki's hair and gently tugged at the roots, causing Nikki to kiss harder and scratch down the base of Helen's neck. Helen moaned and her tongue began licking Nikki's neck while her hands found their way inside her shirt.

She ran her fingers across Nikki's flat stomach and grinned when her fingers reached upward.

"No bra, huh?"

"Yeah well, I didn't think you had a lot of practice with 'em."

Helen playfully slapped Nikki's breasts, and then sat up to remove the shirt.

"Tired of seeing dolphins?"

"Oh shut up and take it off."

Nikki slowly removed her right arm, left arm, and hesitated before taking it over her head. "Yes, Miss Stewart."

Helen lowered her mouth to Nikki's breasts, gently kissing the warm, delicate mound then leaned closer to swirl her tongue around Nikki's nipples, while focusing intently on watching every expression.

"It's not fair—me being the only one shirtless…"

"Fine." Helen sat up, took off her shirt and bra, and remained motionless for a moment for Nikki to admire the sight.

"Damn." Nikki reached out to touch, but Helen slapped away her hand and returned her mouth to Nikki's chest.

Nikki took hold of Helen's hair and held her in place while Helen kissed each breast and caressed each nipple until they were hard. Nikki groaned when Helen's tongue swirled around the peaks and clamped her mouth down, allowing her teeth to grace the edges of the nipples.

"My god, Helen…"

Helen reached down and unbuckled Nikki's trousers and slipped her fingers inside. Nikki opened her legs to accommodate and groaned when Helen located her wet undergarments. "You going to help me out here, or do you want me to just have my hand down your trousers all night?"

Helen grinned at Nikki's frustration as she sat up, removed her clothes and laid back down. "I never knew it was such a hassle, sweet'art." She shifted in between Nikki's legs and gently placed two fingers inside. She then leaned down and kissed her way from Nikki's thighs on up past her hips and settled on her swollen clit, while continuing to move her fingers inside Nikki.

The former inmate began to press her body closer to Helen's, and her hips bucked to meet each entry. Her breath came at short quick intervals and she began to shake uncontrollably. Nikki threw her head back, her eyes slammed shut, and she rode out the waves of her orgasm.

After Nikki caught her breath, she leaned over and kissed Helen's cheek.

"You ok?"

"God, Helen, I'm more than ok." She grinned. "I'm a bit confused though. Is that what you call taking it slow?"

The End

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