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Tall, Dark and Sexy
By ncruuk


"Your film collection is...interesting..." observed Nikki Wade, choosing her words with care. She was standing in Helen's living room, reading the names of the films that comprised Helen's rather small DVD collection.

"I only started it recently..." admitted Helen, coming through from the kitchen, a glass of wine in each hand, one of which Nikki gratefully accepted.

"How recently?" asked Nikki, enjoying the still unfamiliar luxury of alcohol. She'd been out of Larkhall now for two months - long enough for her new reality to sink in, but still short enough to be making daily discoveries about life on the outside, and certainly short enough to be making almost hourly discoveries about her lover, Helen Stewart.

"A couple of months...not long enough to have got sick of them yet..." explained Helen, wrapping her arm around Nikki's waist, still marvelling at how relaxed and open they could be in their affection.

"I've not seen many of them...but I've read about some of them in the papers..." observed Nikki, recalling some of the newspaper reviews she'd read when she'd been inside. It had been strangly satisfying to read all the reviews of the new films, plays and concerts that she'd missed owing to being in prison but that the critics slated.

"You've not gone for the critically acclaimed, have you babe?" she teased, her eyes catching on one particular title, a film which was very familiar to her, despite her prison stay.

"I bought what I liked..." protested Helen, fingering the cases and neatening them up so that all were squarely aligned.

"Tomb Raider?" queried Nikki, picking a title at random.

"Tall, dark and rather sexy..." summarised Helen, causing Nikki's eyes to widen.


"Women in fishnets..." explained Helen, taking a satisfying sip of her wine.

"The World is Not Enough?" Nikki, despite beginning to spot a theme in Helen's collection which was rather flattering to the tall brunette, was struggling to see how a Bond film fitted.

"The bad guy's girl is tall, dark and sexy..."

"The Matrix? No, let me guess, tall dark and sexy?" quipped Nikki, earning a smirk from Helen

"And she wears skin tight black leathers...." agreed Helen, wondering what Nikki would make of her final DVD.

"And your justification for owning the special collector's edition of Bound?" she teased, putting down her wine glass and drawing Helen into an embrace.

"Easy...tall, dark and sexy..." began Helen, putting down her wine glass and moving to kiss her lover, only to mutter "...not to mention some very hot sex..." before planting a kiss on Nikki's lips which could only suggest one thing....

DVDs all but forgotten, Helen lead Nikki through the flat to what was now their bedroom where her very own tall, dark and sexy lover proceeded to show her just how hot sex could really be.

The End

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